* RAOF has discovered that his laptop has a “coffee” button.02:57
* hyperair wonders if some library in xorg-edgers is leaking memory11:09
maxbHmm, jockey is broken in maverick - tell it to enable fglrx, and it claims to, but you load radeon instead11:27
tjaaltonit's broken if it offers fglrx, which doesn't work with xserver 1.9 aiui11:28
maxbno, it got updated11:31
tjaaltonoh ok, misread the phoronix article then11:32
tseliotmaxb: what's the problem with jockey? Can you explain it in detail, please?12:43
maxbI asked Jockey to enable fglrx. It said it did. I rebooted. I was still in actuality being given the radeon driver12:44
tseliotmaxb: ok, can you show me jockey's log, please?12:44
tseliotmaxb: /var/log/jockey.log12:45
maxbI think the problem could be that jockey didn't write an xorg.conf to actually tell X to load fglrx12:48
* tseliot -> lunch12:48
tseliotmaxb: please make sure that nvidia-common is installed13:51
tseliotmaxb: that's required even for fglrx13:51
tseliototherwise you get this: ImportError: No module named NvidiaDetector.alternatives13:51
maxbtseliot: um, ok. Intuitive, that is not :-)13:58
tseliotjockey recommends nvidia-common. I don't know why it wasn't installed though14:08
seb128bryceh, hey14:23
seb128bryceh, you are back to the desktop team next cycle? it seems you didn't register any blueprints yet, now is about time if you have some you want for UDS ;-)14:23
ScottKRAOF or Sarvatt: I'd appreciate it if you would have a look at Bug 660152.  It's from a user I have to support (middle daughter).20:51
ubot4Launchpad bug 660152 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "The computer logged me out without my permission. (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66015220:51
cndSarvatt, I've got two changes for the xorg-pkg-tools20:54
cndI'm wondering what development process you have for it?20:54
cndis it free for all committing?20:55
cndor some sort of review process?20:55
cndRAOF, if you happen to be up, do you know ^^?20:56
RAOFScottK: Just as soon as launchpad stopps Oopsing on that bug :)23:24
RAOFcnd: I actually haven't touched xorg-pkg-tools _that_ much; when I did, I recall just committing.23:24
cndRAOF, ok, thanks23:30

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