madfoxkemnitz idr off the top of my head. I think its x11 but check the help for apt-get and there should be an option to list packages and you can output that to grep00:00
willi nautilus under program?00:00
jribwill: nautilus is the name of the default file browser00:00
kemnitzmadfox: k thanks. looking now....00:01
Gneaopr: weird. have you run sudo apt-get update?00:01
martian67|!danger Gnea00:01
zebastianortishey i have a problem00:01
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!00:01
* Gnea looks at martian67| 00:01
zebastianortisi thoguht i had changed the password but it turns out i didnt i typed sudo passwd root and changed the password00:01
zebastianortisbut my sudo pw is the same as before00:01
* Gnea looks HARD at martian67| 00:01
zebastianortisit didnt work00:01
almateralso will the startup disk creator wipe existing content of the specified mass storage device00:01
madfoxkemnitz try x11-common specifically00:02
crucialhoaxWhy wont AWN show open windows of icons not added to the dock?00:02
Blicken<zebastianortis> Hm, i was looking in the permisions, but i dont see it there, i think its how the shell interprets the request, which could mean youre answear is in the bash RC file. --Just guessing though00:02
willwhere is my default windows 7 ntfs partition00:03
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rodMOCP died in the upgrade to 10.10!!!!!00:03
madfoxwill its probably the only ntfs partition detected00:03
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willI'm in the file brower00:04
myrmidonhm interesting00:04
Gneaopr: did you say you're using a proxy?00:04
myrmidondoes anyone know how to use terminal to launch a program and close the terminal?00:04
madfoxwill well then get out of the file manager, open up a partition manager, and look at its mount point00:04
opryes, auto configuration url one00:04
jribecondudeawesome: move on to mpd!?00:04
oprgnea: ^00:04
Gneaopr: k, why can't you use direct connection?00:05
oprat university00:05
zacstoneanyone got to get ubuntu 10.10 at 120hz yet?00:05
kellnolamyrmidon, you can't. Why would you want to?00:05
Gneaso you can't load webpages on a uni computer?00:05
* Gnea can load webpages just fine at his uni00:05
oprgnea: i can, the proxy is working in my browser00:05
zacstonewith new 120hz gaming LCD monitors?00:05
lakcajHello.  I've tried google and the forums, but I'm having a problem.  I installed 10.10 on my desktop machine, and after installing the nvidia-current restricted driver, I get a blank screen after a reboot.  GDM does not come up at all.  Any suggestions?00:05
myrmidonso i can launch things from terminal00:05
zebastianortisBlicken, bash file?00:05
myrmidonand not have the terminal sitting there idle in the background00:05
oprgnea: everything works in windows too00:06
prappl93Anybody know if it is possible to get Evolution to run in the background so I can have it checking my e-mail constantly and be informed when I get new mail?00:06
zebastianortisby the way nobody answered my question, i thought i had changed my password by sudo passwd root but the password i use to login seems to be the same, can someone help me out00:06
kellnolamyrmidon, you can. But normally, when you close the terminal, or more properly the shell, it closes it's child processes00:06
Gneaopr: what steps have you taken, so far, to get the proxy to work with apt?00:06
Gneazacstone: because you typed in all caps.00:07
oprgnea: system > preferences > network proxy > auto-configuration URL > apply system wide00:07
jribzebastianortis: run « sudo passwd root -l », then run « passwd » (both as your user)00:07
scott_inozebastianortis, because you don't login under root do you? it's not roots password it's your admin password00:07
madfoxzebastianortis why are you loging in as root?00:07
RRU_SciguyzacstoneL may not be supported by your monitor00:07
jeff_mitchelli have the latest Linux Format magazine, and i'm trying to install handbrake from the LXF DVD. it keeps telling me to install more dev junk, and then i try "make". but every time it says i need to sudo apt-get more dev tools. what the heck gives?00:07
Smailas port forwarding in Ubuntu? in which files are configuration?00:07
willwhere is partition manager00:07
iflemazebastianortis you dont set a root password in Ubuntu nor use the root account at all! sudo passwd [username] sill change the sudo password and what are you doing and this is Ubuntu support...00:07
RRU_Sciguyzacstone, it may not be supported by your monitor00:08
zebastianortisok, now going back to my original request, how do i make a password prompt pop up when i click on a particular folder i created which only root can read/write?00:08
scott_inoSmail, have you tried UFW?00:08
jribzebastianortis: you probably want to look into some sort of encryption options00:08
jeff_mitchelladdendum on last post: is there a meta packages which installs all the dev stuff for me? build-essentials isn't enough.00:08
madfoxwill I dunno its your system.  I installed gparted and it shows up under administration00:08
Gneaopr: I see.... is there a result from this command:  echo $http_proxy00:08
kellnolazebastianortis, you would need to create a script for nautilus to do that00:08
vsd20cI'm setting up a network for a web server and a domain... I'm going to be running it off a older box but, not sure how i should run the base. If i installed ubuntu or puppy linux as a base would it be okay to virtualize the server machine on that base or should i directly install the server os on the machine.... or does it matter at all?00:08
willwhere is the partition manager00:08
scott_inoSmail, and no go? usually that does the trick for easy port forwarding00:08
zebastianortiskellnola, pcmanfm00:09
quietoneprappl93, edit->pref->mail accounts->edit->receiving options00:09
iflemazebastianortis alt+f2 gksudo [packgemanager] [path]00:09
madfoxzebastianortis we already told you. Make a wrapper with gksudo00:09
rwwjeff_mitchell: what sort of thing are you looking for that isn't in build-essentials?00:09
oprgnea: no it is blank :\00:09
zanusHow do you change the login splash screen00:09
oprgnea: must i restart the computer?00:09
Gneaopr: no.00:09
zanusI can't find it in Themes00:09
phirestalkeris there a way to get desktop effects to be enabled when my session starts so my cairo dock looks right?00:10
Gneaopr: okay, do you know how to use vim?00:10
jeff_mitchellrww: well, right now it says "E: Couldn't find package autoreconf". and before that it was a whole lot of other things.00:10
kemnitzmadfox: I told aptitude to reconfigure it, and there was a bunch of errors about an illegal character in the version string. I then tried startx|less to see the whole mess of errors it was saying and I think I may have noticed the culprit. "FATAL: Module nvidia not found" then "NVIDIA: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module."... What package is for that?00:10
kellnolazanus, gdm2 isn't very configurable in ubuntu yet00:10
zebastianortismadfox, how!?00:10
oprgnea: not very well, can i use nano instead?00:10
prappl93quietone, thanks, but I don't know if that will work as I am planning. I mean with Evolution closed entirely... is there a way to keep it running in the background sort of thing?00:10
blakkheimopr: vim would be a very useful thing to learn00:11
Gneaopr: sure, do this:  sudo nano /etc/bash.bashrc00:11
zebastianortisgksudo pcmanfm /Home/Desktop/Elegance/$ = DEBUG: FmJob error: No such file or directory00:11
madfoxkemnitz crap...not sure. I can try digging it up but idk if it would work or not. you may need to try a fresh install.00:11
oprgnea: roger00:11
Smailthank so you so much!00:11
Gneaopr: then add the following line:  export http_proxy=http://user:pass@your.proxy.server:port/00:11
rwwjeff_mitchell: Install the "autoconf" package to get autoreconf. I don't know of a metapackage that covers autoconf etc., though.00:11
madfoxzebastianortis muck around your menu configuration and look at how gksudo is used. Then make a new menu option that uses that for pcman.00:12
oprgnea: ok, standby00:12
ddilingerwhen doing nslookup on a domain of mine, i get 'no servers could be reached'  how can i find out what server its trying to get from(not the local named server, which is fine for all lookups besides this one, but whatever that server is connecting to that is timing out)00:12
scott_inoSmail, did you get it?00:12
kemnitzmadfox: I'll try installing nvidia-kernel-common, which I notice isn't installed, and see if it starts behaving.00:12
oprgnea: i don't have a username and password?00:12
dorindoes anyone know  how to get apt-get through ssh tunnel, like socks5 ?00:12
MonikaI have just upgraded to Kubuntu 10.10. When I now click links in Thunderbird, they open in Konqueror instead of Firefox, even though I have set Firefox as the default browser in the system settings and set the http and https handlers in Thunderbird's about:config to /usr/bin/firefox. Any thoughts?00:12
Gneaopr: then http://your.proxy.server:port/00:12
madfoxkemnitz sounds like a good idea. might need to reboot or even recompile the kernel though.00:12
oprgnea: ok, trying that00:13
Gneaopr: let me know when you've saved and quit00:13
kemnitzmadfox: oooh. that will be an adventure! ... crud. how do I connect to eth0 via DHCP from the command line?00:14
zebastianortismadfox, ok how do i muck around my menu config?00:14
zebastianortisi am a newb00:14
Gneaopr: you then need to run this command:  . /etc/bash.bashrc  before sudo apt-get update00:14
oprgnea: i fixed it now, i didn't need to nano it, i just set up the proxy manually rather than with the config url00:14
Gneaopr: oh?00:15
oprgnea: yeah everything seems to be working now, heh heh heh00:15
madfoxzebastianortis not sure. In gnome its under my administration00:15
Gneaopr: awesome00:15
=== hDy` is now known as hDy
oprgnea: thanks for your help and patience00:15
Gneaopr: cheers00:15
vsd20cSelf bump: Making ubuntu network - for base machine can i virtualize off of puppy linux or should i just install the server os directly00:15
zebastianortismadfox, what should i google for if i'm on lubuntu00:15
hDyis it possible to use diffrent wallpapers on each desktop without compiz?00:16
Gneazebastianortis: you should say that you're a noob in the first place, next time.00:16
madfoxkemnitz hmm...there was a link somewhere about that. I can try looking for it. Or if you are adventurous info ifconfig00:16
zebastianortisGnea, will do next time00:16
hiexponite all00:16
madfoxzebastianortis I havnt used LXDE but you can try googling LXDE menu config and seeing what pops up00:17
zebastianortismadfox, reading here currently http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=142286100:17
`3ShadesI can't open my terminal can someone help me?00:17
hiexposup Gnea00:17
Flare183`3Shades: Why can't you? Press Alt+f2 and type in gnome-terminal00:17
Monikawhat error do you get, `3Shades00:17
Gneahiexpo: sup00:17
hiexposame ole00:17
hiexpo^ Gnea00:18
Gneamy wubi went on me00:18
Gneawaiting on chkdsk to hopefully fix it00:18
recmajkemimy network apelet moved to right side and i cant move it00:18
`3ShadesFlare183, I was in vi under root and I closed it, and now it won't open..00:18
kemnitzmadfox: awesomesauce. ... actually, I think I'll try rebooting into recovery mode and choosing "drop to root shell with networking" :P00:18
suweidHowdy, I was wondering if someone could maybe help me with a weirdo problem. My ISP uses some kind of custom settings... I don't know what it is exacly, but internet basically works after about 3 minutes of inactivity, when I plug it into my stationary computer. On my laptop however, it does not work. My best guess is that some DHCP setting needs longer timeout. Could someone all knowning point me to the right direction?00:18
hiexpo< south Gnea00:18
Gneayeah, the system hardlocked 3 times in a row. finally it said "no more"00:18
Flare183`3Shades: you need to sudo kill vi00:18
BLZbubbais there a way to remove upstart from ubuntu 10.04?00:19
SmailI know you people in the know! Topic for consideration; tracert goes, but the host does not ping?  whats the problem?00:19
Flare183`3Shades: sudo killallvi00:19
BLZbubbait is infinitely l4me00:19
`3ShadesFlare183, how without a terminal00:19
Flare183`3Shades: oh there's a terminal00:19
econdudeawesomejrib: what is mpd?00:19
madfoxkemnitz K, good luck00:19
Flare183`3Shades: if all else fails, use xterm00:19
`3ShadesFlare183, where lol00:19
jagsmusic player daemon00:19
jribecondudeawesome: by "mocp" you meant the music player right?00:20
Flare183`3Shades: Run xterm via The Run window00:20
econdudeawesomejrib: yes. I haven't come across mpd.00:20
LateralusDoes anyone know where I can find a package of xserver-xorg-video-intel for lucid which has displayport support?00:20
hiexpoone must remember google is ones best friend00:20
Gneabetween ubottu and google, yeah00:20
LateralusOr where I can find instructions for building a package from the display-port branch of that driver's code00:20
jribecondudeawesome: http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/Music_Player_Daemon_Wiki It has tons of clients.  Many on the console.  For example, ncmpcpp00:20
Smail I know you people in the know! Topic for consideration; tracert goes, but the host does not ping?  whats the problem?00:20
zebastianortishow do you log in as root?00:21
KB1JWQSmail: Disabled ICMP Echo on the host.00:21
KB1JWQzebastianortis: sudo, generally.00:21
korisnik____hi. i have amd64 procesor and 10.04 version. problem is that i dont know do i have amd64 or i86 version of ubuntu. if i have amd version i would update normally on 10.10, but if i have 10.4 i86 is it possible to update on 10.10 amd64 without full reinstall00:21
GneaSmail: tracert is a windows program00:21
zebastianortisno i mean, how do you stay s root the whole time, i made a file that only root can write and its my journal00:21
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:21
zebastianortissometimes it takes me an hour writing an entry so00:21
KB1JWQsudo bash?:-)00:21
econdudeawesomejrib: but why isn't mocp working? That is the preferred one for our household, and just works typically00:21
Gneazebastianortis: it doesn't work like that.00:21
Datzany reason why gnome system monitor would be showing 7.8GB of RAM when 8 are installed00:21
Flare183korisnik____: open a terminal on the i386 version, and type in lshw00:21
MrSteinsudo su00:21
korisnik____man sudo, info sudo whatis sudo, apropos sudo00:22
Flare183korisnik____: and look for the CPU info, it'll tell you00:22
jribecondudeawesome: oh I have no idea.  Did you check bugs.ubuntu.com?  What happens now when you try to run mocp?00:22
GneaMrStein: bad. sudo -i is preferred00:22
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Flare183Datz: Your BIOS might be reserving some00:22
econdudeawesomejrib: major fail.00:22
jribecondudeawesome: huh?00:22
econdudeawesomejrib: it fails majorly00:22
econdudeawesomejrib: get the following00:22
DatzFlare183: I see... windows shows 8190 and free shows over 8 too00:23
MrSteinswitching to VT1 by ctrl-alt-F1 disconnects me from WLAN. Switching back to VT7 (X) makes it to reconnect. Is this by design?00:23
econdudeawesomejrib: FATAL_ERROR: Can't send() int to the server.00:23
`3Shadesthink a restart would work00:23
MonikaHow can I disable this horrible Netbook shell that made itself default after upgrading to Maverick and get back normal KDE?00:23
kemnitzmadfox: crud. this thing is having errors left and right... a fresh install is starting to sound like a great idea. Its still complaining about version strings. "error in Version string `3.0.147-586977_Ubuntu_karmic`: invalid character in revision number."00:24
scott_inoMrStein, just tried it, didn't disconnect me at all00:24
jribecondudeawesome: and did you check bugs.ubuntu.com?00:24
econdudeawesomejrib: No, cause this is a legacy error from the beta. Thought I'd be disgruntled ;-)00:25
rwwMonika: It's somewhere in System Settings. Workspace, perhaps? There should be a dropdown somewhere with "Netbook" and "Desktop" in it.00:25
jribecondudeawesome: http://moc.daper.net/node/599 looks promising00:25
karani eed help with wine00:25
MonikaI have searched for Netbook and Desktop in the system settings. No result for Netbook. None of the results for Desktop had such an option.00:25
Flare183!ask | karan00:25
ubottukaran: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:25
seanp2kjust submitted my issue to forums, re: 10.04 -> 10.10 upgrade broken packages won't let me upgrade http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159493300:25
madfoxkemnitz that does look like a bad version, especially since google turns 0 results for it o.o00:26
karani tried to install cod 4 but it didint work...so i tried to uninstall it...it wont not go away from the list in wine...so thn i deleted the whole cod 4 directory under my c drive...00:26
rwwMonika: hrm. I know it's there, because I've used it. I jsut can't remember the name...00:26
enteis rm -rf / dangerous?00:26
econdudeawesomejrib: worked like a charm00:26
karannow when i try to install combat amrs i get an invalid prameters error00:26
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!00:26
macoente: HECK YES00:26
recmajkemimy network apelet manager moved to right side all of the sudden and i cant move it back on default place00:26
edbianente, It deletes your entire hdd00:26
Flare183ente: You should NEVER do that00:27
MrSteinscott_ino: you're running 10.10 ?00:27
seanp2kente: lol, troll?00:27
karanwat is  rm -rf00:27
entekaran: remove recursively00:27
macokaran: remove, recursively, forced00:27
scott_inoMrStein, yes00:27
enteseanp2k: I was curious about the reactions00:27
edbiankaran, It deletes everything on your hdd00:27
KB1JWQente: Troll elsewhere.00:27
madfoxkaran rm -rf delete EVERYTHING if you do it to / you wipe your system00:27
Flare183karan: it would remove everything in your root filesystem deleting everything00:27
seanp2kente: I like umount -l / more00:28
seanp2kente: echo > /etc/fstab is also fun00:28
korisnik____why not just use some winxp shitty program for fixing partition table. that really messes things up, and doesnt delete anything00:28
MrSteinscott_ino: I tried it in LiveCD. On desktop I connect by clicking the NM applet (then enter WPA2 key...). If I go to VT1 (or VT2,...) the ifconfig shows the interface has no IP address assigned. pings fail etc...00:28
Flare183!language | korisnik____00:28
ubottukorisnik____: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:28
Pinakomay i ask for help here?00:28
jribmaco: well I had just helped that guy with some seemingly valid issue then he came back with a different nick and did that :/00:28
ScuniziIs there a way to fool an online app that checks to see if flash is installed?  The app was built for Mac & Windows but *of course* it doesn't know how to verify the presence of flash in Linux..00:28
Flare183!ask | Pinako00:28
ubottuPinako: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:28
Pinakok ^^00:29
entekorisnik____: you're not supposed to use the word "XP" in here ;)00:29
suweidHowdy, I was wondering if someone could maybe help me with a weirdo problem. My ISP uses some kind of custom settings... I don't know what it is exacly, but internet basically works after about 3 minutes of inactivity, when I plug it into my stationary computer. On my laptop however, it does not work. My best guess is that some DHCP setting needs longer timeout. Could someone all knowning point me to the right direction?00:29
macoente: why not?00:29
entemaco: to keep the channel family friendly!00:29
scott_inoMrStein, perhaps it's hardware specific?00:29
glaucousWhere are the Metacitiy/GTK themes located? I'd like to make some changes to it00:29
karanso can anyone help me with wine?00:29
Scunizisuweid: is this dsl?00:29
MrSteinscott_ino: no, I tried 2 PCs00:29
macoMonika: to switch between kde netbook & desktop, go to systemsettings -> workspace and change it there00:29
MrSteinit was the same on both00:30
korisnik____oh, that was bad word i used...00:30
korisnik____sorry ::D00:30
karanif i try to installa program i get an invalid prameters error00:30
suweidScunizi, ehternet jack from the wall.00:30
trismglaucous: /usr/share/themes00:30
Monikathere is no "workspace" entry in the system settings00:30
macoMonika: oh? well that's ...broken00:30
Scunizisuweid: ok.. is this in your house or a business setting?00:30
MrSteinscott_ino: do you have WLAN or wired?00:30
karanlike im still able to run my normal programs (ms word) but installin aint workin00:30
seanp2kecondudeawesome: check out 'cmus' too, sounds like the same kind of program (CLI mp3 player)00:30
scott_inoMrStein, so you're saying when you switch using Ctrl+Alt F1 it disconnects you?00:30
suweidScunizi, house.00:30
kemnitzmadfox: lol. It seems to be saying its related to `virtualbox-3.0` which I did have installed, but I uninstalled it now. Hay! Now I'm not getting complaints about it. <reboots again/>00:30
scott_inoMrStein, WLAN00:30
scott_inoI can test on lan if you'd like/00:30
Monikaat least I have tried every entry that could possibly translated to workspace00:31
korisnik____uname -e gives: 2.6.32-25-generic #44-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 17 20:26:08 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux . does that mean i have i86 version?00:31
glaucoustrism, thank you00:31
Monikano such setting anywhere00:31
Flare183korisnik____: Yes00:31
macoMonika: its icon is that yellow swirl?00:31
MrSteinscott_ino:  I described it here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159431800:31
suweidScunizi, other people in the house have the same problem. After connecting jack to computer it take a few minutes to connect. This time it doesn't work though. :/00:31
korisnik____can i do update from 32 to 64?00:31
MrSteinscott_ino: did you set you connection as a system connection?00:31
korisnik____without loosing data00:31
Scunizisuweid: well.. that jack in the wall goes someplace else in the house which interfaces to the cable line or phone line for internet access.. and has an internet "modem" attached.00:31
entewhy is rm -rf / still considered dangerous even though it does nothing unless you add --no-preserve-root?00:31
Scunizisuweid: that modem is for cable internet or DSL.. do you know which?00:32
seanp2kglaucous: look in your ~/.themes folder in00:32
madfoxkemnitz nice00:32
seanp2kglaucous: try this: http://library.gnome.org/admin/system-admin-guide/stable/themes-0.html.en00:32
scott_inoMrStein, just normal WLAN.... selected my SSID, entered in my WPA key (which is now saved in keyring) and away it goes00:32
Flare183korisnik____: No that I know of, what I had to do when I made that mistake with my laptop was back everything up and reinstall Ubuntu using the 64bit version00:32
rwwente: because 1) some currently-supported versions of Ubuntu don't have that patch, 2) generally people who say it are looking to cause damage.00:32
madfoxente cause you never know what strange things people do to their systems...00:32
=== WindPower is now known as Spacenet
znullhey any ideea why I can't mount my HDD ? mount: unknown filesystem type LVM2_member I'm getting00:32
suweidScunizi, I'm from sweden, we don't have DSL. Everyone has ethernet everywhere! No modems...00:32
enterww: which ones?00:33
bastidrazorente: you00:33
suweidScunizi, the connection is basically silent for a while, and then it starts to talk back.00:33
seanp2kente: i work for a hosting company and we have had people do stuff like recursively chown /var and other dumb things00:33
MrSteinscott_ino: well, if you ever feel bored, please try it in the Live environment and comment on that forum thread. ;)00:33
MrSteinthanks for now00:33
glaucousseanp2k, thanks, will take a look00:33
kemnitzmadfox: crud. still can't startx because it still claims the nvidia module is missing. You mentioned recompiling my kernel?00:33
rwwente: 8.0400:33
enteseanp2k: hey, that's nice00:33
seanp2kglaucous: NP, i modified my theme, it's not too hard00:33
enterww: wow, that's still supported?00:34
scott_inoMrStein, just tried it again, no issues.... even ran a few commands in VT100:34
Scunizisuweid: wow.. so it must come in via fiber or something.. well. I really don't know I'm sorry to say.. you might ask your ISP about that .. if others are having the same problems then it might be their issue and not yours00:34
Monikamaco: thanks, found it \o/00:34
korisnik____ok, im googleing long time now, Flare183 , gonna see there, but tbh, there was too much work into this install to do full reinstall00:34
rwwente: LTS, so supported for three years on desktop, five on server.00:34
madfoxkemnitz yeah. I havnt messed with that much but it seems that when you add a new kernel module you have to recompile it with that module. there are guides on the net.00:34
=== Spacenet is now known as WindPower
Scunizisuweid: their's meaning the ISP00:34
glaucousseanp2k, great. trying to figure  out a good mix between ambiance and clearlooks00:34
macoMonika: yay!00:34
MrSteinscott_ino: well the obivous thing is to run ping on VT1 to see if it works00:34
PinnaI am using freenet6's ipv6 tunnel because I want to party with the cool kids and all that. The 400ms+ latency is a bit unsuitable for some applications such as IRC... so I still want to use ipv4 by default, using ipv6 only when necessary. How do I configure this? (i might also randomly die because of this)00:34
Flare183korisnik____: Just takes a lot of patience00:34
Monikaand actually Arbeitsbereich could reasonably be translated to workspace ... not sure how I missed that#00:34
seanp2kglaucous: this might be of interest too:http://developer.gnome.org/doc/tutorials/metacity/metacity-themes.html00:34
madfoxkemnitz if that doesnt work or starts going over your head too much Id just say F it lol00:35
suweidScunizi, well, thanks anyway. I'm sure they are just doing something "clever". You don't happen to know if there is a DHCP ip aquisition timeout setting and how one would go about changing that value?00:35
rwwente: heck, 6.06 is also still supported on servers. LTS lasts a long time..00:35
mm3hi, is there a window with network services?00:35
rohancunable to connect to internet in Ubuntu 10.10 wired DSL connection, any ideas guys?00:35
glaucousseanp2k, perfect00:35
* madfox is away: Time for lunch!00:36
seanp2krohanc: is it PPPoE or .... ?00:36
Ryen!away | madfox00:36
ubottumadfox: You should avoid noisy away messages and -nicks in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»00:36
entedoes ubuntu have any advantages on a server over, let's say, debian?00:36
Scunizisuweid: I don't ... however you might try using network manager and "disconnect" the network.. pause.. then reconnect and the computer will request an IP again.00:36
edbianente, It's newer packages so there are more features.00:36
suweidScunizi, that's how i used to "fix it" before!00:36
RRU_Sciguyrohanc, should connect entirely.....00:36
karansomeone help ^.-00:36
suweidifup / ifdown00:36
edbianente, Other than that there is very little difference between Ubuntu server and Debian server.00:36
rohancseanp2k: in windows yes it is PPPoE00:36
scott_inoMrStein, yes it works... sorry.. wish i could give you my working setup as i don't ever switch00:36
karank atleast which is the best fps on ubuntu online?00:36
seanp2krohanc: check here first: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE00:37
kemnitzmadfox: heh. yeah. I was trying my hardest to keep my current install just so that I wouldn't have to reinstall all of the PPAs and stuff I've got, but I'm starting to think that that may be easier that all this.00:37
=== zz_sailerboy is now known as sailerboy
suweidScunizi, but now it doesn't work. Oh well. I'll google "internet not working" and die of old age. :)00:37
rohancRRU_Sciguy: i'm sorry, i couldn't get it00:37
rwwente: Ubuntu adds a bunch of cloud computing support and the option for commercial support from Canonical. Other than that, not really imho.00:37
Scunizisuweid: LOL!  what happens if your machine is off.. plugged into the network and is turned back on.. if it works immediately then it's a strange issue..00:37
seanp2krohanc: might be better to post all the details in a forum post because it's a complicated problem00:37
Pinnaoh well.00:37
entesounds reasonable00:37
rohancseanp2k: i've already connected and updated my system.. but them later after rebooting.. it doesn't connects00:37
entesupport from canonical was the main reason why ubuntu was so widely accepted, iirc00:38
rohancseanp2k: what details do I have to post?00:38
edbianente, Yeah that's probably true.00:38
suweidScunizi, no it would still take 3 minutes. Of course I had a router at some point and then everything would work right away, because it would hold the connection. It had an accident involving a plant and a lot of swearing so it's out of commision now.00:38
mm3should I repeat the question?00:38
PinnaSo... how do I configure my netbook to default to ipv4?00:39
edbianPinna, It already does00:39
edbianmm3, please do00:39
Scunizisuweid: does it happen when more than one machine is plugged into the network in the house at the same time? does it happen if only one machine is plugged in ?00:39
geckopunkGood evening everyone!00:39
mm3hi, is there a window with network services?00:39
waaadedoes anyone have time to help me with some wireless problems in 10.10?00:39
KB1JWQ!ask | waaade00:40
ubottuwaaade: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:40
edbianwaaade, yep00:40
Pinnaedbian: does it? it does not explain why all my irc clients use ipv6 when i tell them to connect to irc.freenode.net00:40
noob581849864where do i DL a stable version of Handbrake?00:40
mm3for example under SUSE there is a graphical app to enable services at startup00:40
Flare183noob581849864: You can't at the moment unless you build it00:40
suweidScunizi, it happens always, and there's only one jack so i'll go with "one machine".00:40
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:41
edbianPinna, oh, IDK it might be choosing ipv6 over ipv4.  I"m not sure.00:41
waaadeedbian, my wireless works perfectly when i first boot up.  (i'm running 10.10 on an MSI u100 netbook).  When i put it to sleep and wake it up again, i can see networks but can't connect.  it just keeps asking for the router's password00:41
edbianwaaade, Let's do it.  PM me if you want00:41
geckopunkSo I've been getting this error when I startup. My Screenlets says: "Internet connection is required to run this Screenlet"00:41
geckopunkSo I thought it was my ClearRss screenlet00:41
Pinnai had to explicitly kill gogoc (my tsp client for freenet6) to be able to use ipv4 now.00:41
Scunizisuweid: then you only have 3 choices.. reconnect the way you have been.. google ubuntu dhcp auto refresh timing or something.. or get a new router ..00:41
Pinnathis is my guess, edbian00:42
entewhatever, good night to all of you00:42
geckopunkI edited the code in /usr/shar/screenlets/ClearRssScreenlet.py to make __timeout = 15 to accomoated for my wireless to connect00:42
geckopunkbut I still get the error...00:42
Pinnawell, i would appreciate it if anyone could help. the original question is "I am using freenet6's ipv6 tunnel because I want to party with the cool kids and all that. The 400ms+ latency is a bit unsuitable for some applications such as IRC... so I still want to use ipv4 by default, using ipv6 only when necessary. How do I configure this?"00:43
geckopunkis there a code to only connect my ClearRSS screenlets to run when active connection is present?00:43
noob581849864Flare183: compiling from source gives me a deluge of errors. see here: http://pastebin.com/5DXCtAwF00:43
suweidScunizi, I'm going to google until I get gray hair, then I'll consider getting a router. :D00:43
edbianwaaade, Problems like that are common.  It is difficult to write open source software for things like suspend to disk and suspend to ram because they are poorly implemented and not well standardized.  The only suggestion I can make is try modprobe -r <moduleName> the module for the wifi card right before you suspend.  Then modprobe <moduleName> right after you come back from suspend to get it working again.00:43
suweidScunizi, thanks.00:43
KindOneAnyone know how to make Ubuntu NOT ask for my password every time i want to do something ???00:43
e01i had problem when watching movies on totem00:44
e01i see that pulseaudio uses 90% of cpu00:44
Flare183KindOne: you can't because its a security flaw if its not that way00:44
jribKindOne: it will only ask for a password for administrative tasks.  What exactly are you doing so often that requires a password?00:44
waaadeedbian, i'll give that a shot.  i appreciate your help!00:44
scott_inoKindOne, anything administrative you can't... however you can auto login and auto installs security updates00:44
edbianKindOne, It only asks for the password when you want to do something an administrator should do.  It's pretty much the core of Linux security that you're not root all the time.00:44
e01is it known problem or is just on my system00:44
noob581849864KindOne, you could run as root all the time (bad idea) or you could change the time delay, which is usually 15 mins. i have the same problem, but i put up with it!00:44
edbianwaaade, Yep.00:44
RRU_Sciguye01: shouldn't happen.......00:44
noob581849864KindOne, change the 15 min sudo period to 30 min... maybe?00:45
e01RRU_Sciguy, any idea?00:45
PinnaKindOne: do you mean sudo, or your keyring?00:45
recmajkemimy  apelet network manager moved to right side all of the sudden and i cant move it back on default place00:45
RRU_Sciguye01: not really, may be the sound decoders you are using......00:45
cxoWhat was the previous default font called?00:46
Monika<ente> "does ubuntu have any advantages on a server over, let's say, debian?" - In contrast to Debian, Ubuntu will say "please" and "thank you".00:46
test34all I need to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 is: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade right?00:46
jribtest34: nope00:46
jrib!upgrade | test3400:46
ubottutest34: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade00:46
test34thanks jrib00:46
edbiantest34, Go into software sources and make sure it's set to normal releases and not LTS only.  Other than that, yes00:46
test34ok edbian, thanks00:47
IanrI rebooted my machine today and now I can't resolve domain names.  I can ping ip's and connect to my wireless network.  Any ideas on where to look? I never had to set my name servers or anything like that before00:47
noob581849864compiling handbrake from source is useless. can't i just add another repo and DL the package?00:48
edbianIanr, The name servers are set in /etc/resolv.conf00:48
KindOneYeah, it asked for my password whenever i do stuff like Synaptic Package Manager.... I just want to turn that password asking thing off, and I know the risks00:48
CheetoIs there a way to download 10.10 directly onto my Ubuntu 10.04 machine?00:48
realubotHow do I set a password for the user ubuntu using a Ubuntu Live on USB? I know that sudo passwd ubuntu will set a password but it won't be stored at my persistent Ubuntu Live USB. How do I set a password for the user ubuntu that will prevent the use of sudo without having a password?00:48
Ianredbian: file doesn't exist00:49
edbianCheeto, Yes.  Go into software sources, change it from LTS to normal. Then start the update manager.  It does take a long time but it's in place00:49
edbianIanr, you don't have an /etc/resolv.conf   ?00:49
Scunizitest34: dist-upgrade *does not* take you to the next release.. it upgrades packages you already have within the release you're running00:49
Cheetoedbian, how do I change it?00:49
kemnitzmadfox: WOOOOOOO! :D Just tried booting with my old kernel, and it worked like a charm. At least now I can mess with this stuff through Synaptic :P00:49
edbianCheeto, ?  It's a drop down menu00:50
Ianredbian, whats wierd is that I have a resolve.conf.tmp00:50
Ianredbian, resolve.conf is empty00:50
edbianIanr, Very odd.  Change it.  Drop the .tmp00:50
edbianIanr, not resolve.conf, resolv.conf00:50
edbianIanr, no 300:50
edbianIanr, no e*00:50
korisnik____Cheeto: you go to software repository, and there look for long time support, swithc to normal00:50
Cheetoedbian, found it. Sorry. Couldn't find it for a sec. :S00:51
Cheetokorisnik____, found it. ;)00:51
virtuhi, I am back again... anyone knows if the audio interface behringer model UCA202 works nice on Ubuntu?00:51
korisnik____i did it my self just seconds before you asked00:51
edbianKindOne, use windows if you wanna be root all the time00:51
edbianCheeto, :)00:51
Ianredbian, what I try to move/copy it says "Input/output error"00:51
edbianKindOne, You said you were annoyed with the root password?00:51
korisnik____strange, im looking into update page, didnt gave that option...00:52
edbianIanr, Then you're doing it wrong?  sudo cp /etc/resolve.conf.tmp /etc/resolv.conf00:52
gilanialiI am running ubuntu on a VPS. Can I make an account that is space limited, i.e the user cant store more than X gb of data on it?00:52
Ianredbian, i'm already root00:52
edbianIanr, then do that same command without sudo.  What error does it give?00:52
KindOneedbian: if i open " Ubuntu Software Center " it wants the password, I want to disable the password asking thing entirely...00:52
Ianredbian, same error "Input/output error"00:53
edbianKindOne, The only way I know of to never enter a password is to be root all the time.  Being root all the time is a ridiculous security risk.  It is the same methodology of windows xp.00:53
sakekasihow do I turn on multitouch in ubuntu desktop 10.10?00:53
smmycan anyone tell me what this means when trying to add a key and how to fix it please? "gpg: no writable keyring found: eof"00:53
scott_inoKindOne, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-disable-password-prompts-in-ubuntu.html maybe??00:53
Ianredbian, maybe my USB is corrupt, this is live mode (persist)00:53
=== coryclaxon is now known as Cory`
korisnik____my mistake, it does say on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades to switch to normal.00:54
edbianIanr, It sounds that way to me.00:54
seyfarthUhh don't laugh, but are there solutions to the default Gbrainy puzzles anywhere?00:54
scott_inosakekasi, you can't yet,I think most of the multi-touch support is for devs though you can get  two finger scrolling easily00:54
=== mkaay_ is now known as mkaay
realubotDoes anyone have a clue how to store a password for user ubuntu using a persistent Ubuntu Live USB? The password will be lost each time I shutdown the computer so that the ubuntu user still will work without wntering the password. I want even the user ubuntu to enter a password executing sudo command.00:54
smmy!lol | blakkheim00:54
ubottublakkheim: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.00:54
blakkheimsmmy: don't think saying it once is "on a regular basis"00:55
Jordan_Urealubot: How big is the USB drive? You may just want to do a regular install.00:55
test34Scunizi, ok thanks, I followed instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades and upgrade is on the way00:55
bhsher_Hello all.  Can anyone help a "newbie" with a printer problem?00:55
Ianredbian, i can't even ls -l resolv.conf to read the permissions.  Is it possible network manager left it open or has it open?00:55
Ryen!anyone | bhsher_00:55
ubottubhsher_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:55
=== vxcvxcv is now known as DaZ
scott_inobhsher_, just ask00:55
edbianIanr, That file doesn't get locked.  Additionally you can ls -l a locked file.  Something is wrong the the FS on the flash drive.00:56
smmycan anyone tell me what this means when trying to add a key and how to fix it please? "gpg: no writable keyring found: eof"00:56
afallenhopeI'm having issues with my video driver running Lucid on amd64 ATI Technologies Inc M880G [Mobility Radeon HD 4200]00:56
test34Ryen, a question can also start with "Does anyone.." and be the real question00:56
afallenhoperight now I'm using the open source driver, but for whatever the reason I can't use tty terminal or press "logout"00:56
bhsher_I have a Canon mx 860 that I need help getting to work with Ubuntu.  So far, it will not print.00:56
LjLtest34: well that one wasn't00:57
Ryentest34: Look at the question, he is asking to ask a question. using either ask, or anyone triggers are permitted.00:57
scott_inobhsher_, http://forums.linux-foundation.org/read.php?25,9006,978600:58
scott_inomight be of help00:58
test34Ryen & LjL, this bot "fact" is wrong that's all.. I'm not saying that his question was not his real question00:58
meesebytemy MSI wind u160's wireless card is havin problems... It won't connect to networks and after trying it suddenly is just "disabled" and when I manually switch the wifi on/off ubuntu freezes up and I have to reboot00:58
KindOnescott_ino: thanks that worked !00:58
smmycan anyone tell me what this means when trying to add a key and how to fix it please? "gpg: no writable keyring found: eof"00:58
bhsher_Thanks Scott.  I'll give it a shot.00:58
scott_inoKindOne, np ;)00:59
LjLtest34: you can propose a new one by doing /msg ubottu !no anyone is <reply> blah00:59
Pinna'ello Dice-Man00:59
Dice-Manwhat ?01:00
Dice-Manhi Pinna01:00
hDyanyone know of a good webcam recording software for linux?01:00
Dice-Mancheese !01:00
realubotJordan_U: It's 4GB.01:01
hDycheese didn't work so well for me, same with wxcam :/01:01
benhdid the GUI upgrade tool suddently become dumber than an arse or did somebody at Canonical had a brain fart ? :-)01:01
scott_inohDy, you can also try guvcview01:01
test34hDy, do you need motion detection ? e.g.: starts recording when it detects motion01:01
korisnik____im doing the normal update now, but i have a feeling that i would download less if had gone with alternative? is my feeling right? coz im dowlnoading 900mb01:01
virtuhi, I am back again... anyone knows if the audio interface behringer model UCA202 works nice on Ubuntu?01:01
benhseriously ... doing an upgrae used to keep your sources and just rewrite them to change the distro name01:01
hDytest34, nah just youtube video stuff01:01
realubotJordan_U: And I will be able to use it on more than one computer so maybe I need to use the Live version then?01:01
benhbut the maverick one just removes everything and points you to the canonical servers unconditionally01:02
benhso gone the local mirrors, proxies etc...01:02
Jordan_Urealubot: You can use a normal install on more than one computer as well.01:02
test34hdy, if cheese doesnt work there might be a problem with your webcam driver01:02
meesebytemy MSI wind u160's wireless card is havin problems... It won't connect to networks and after trying it suddenly is just "disabled" and when I manually switch the wifi on/off ubuntu freezes up and I have to reboot01:02
hDytest34, the video output is fine.. just the audio/video sync is horrible01:02
hDyeeer wait cheese doesn't do audio lol01:02
hDywxcam had bad audio/video sync01:03
realubotJordan_U: Ok, I thought a normal installation somehow identified the computer architecture and installed (compiled) Ubuntu in a specific way or something.01:03
realubotJordan_U: But will it fit on a 4GB flash drive? I know it will work using a 8GB drive, but 4GB?01:04
realubotJordan_U: I don't need any storage at all, just a comple of MB.01:04
Jordan_Urealubot: Yes, the minimum requirement is 2.6 GIG01:04
realubotJordan_U: ok, that sounds very nice and you are sure it will work as a Ubuntu Live booting from USB?01:05
sakekasiwait so is there no way to enable multitouch? I have a multitouch touchpad01:05
test34hDy, not really sure what the problem is, but it could possibly be your computer/CPU is too slow01:05
realubotJordan_U: Even if I use it on a computer different that that I used to create the install?01:05
Jordan_Urealubot: Yes.01:06
realubotJordan_U: Ok, thank you very much. Then I will do a comlete installation instead of using the Live session. Thanks once again.01:06
Jordan_Urealubot: If you install any proprietary drivers then that will no longer be true though.01:06
Jordan_Urealubot: You're welcome.01:06
realubotJordan_U: Yes, I understand that, but I'll just install the default Ubuntu system, no other software.01:07
dugger5688realubot: Keep in mind that not all computers can boot from USB.01:07
MonikaI have just upgraded to Kubuntu 10.10 with Thunderbird 3.1. When I now click links, they open in Konqueror instead of Firefox, even though I have set Firefox as the default browser in the system settings and set the http and https handlers in Thunderbird's about:config to /usr/bin/firefox. Any thoughts?01:07
realubotdugger5688: Yes, I know. But the computers I'am going to use the flash drive are able to boot from USB. Thanks for warning me anyway.01:08
sakekasiI just got the following error from firefox while trying to download a fileThe file could not be saved because you do not have the proper permissions.  Choose another save directory.01:08
sakekasiI tried changing the permissions01:09
sakekasiit didn't help01:09
ninjaboxsakekasi: what are the perms of the folder right now, and what folder is it01:09
realubotsakekasi: Try changeing download direction to your Home directory?01:09
yoshican anyone help m,e get this atheros wifi card working please01:09
=== yoshi is now known as Guest72475
ninjaboxyoshi: ath5k, ath9k01:09
realubotsakekasi: maybe you are downloading it to a directory that you are not allowed to create the file in?01:09
ninjaboxGuest72475: ath5k, ath9k01:10
sakekasiit works in the default but i changed it to another partition with all my files in it. It says that root owns it01:10
Guest72475ninjabox, i dont know01:10
sakekasibut it also says that there ar rw perms for everyone01:10
realubotsakekasi: Yes, maybe it is.01:10
ninjaboxno, I'm saying those are the two modules you need to see which one works for your card01:10
ninjaboxGuest72475: lspci | grep Network will show you what card you have01:10
Guest72475ninjabox, thanks01:10
realubotsakekasi: Check who owns the directory by: ls -l /media/directory...01:10
Sorayahi guys01:11
sakekasiit says that root owns it realubot01:11
Guest72475ninja lspci |grep network didnt spit ouit anything01:11
Sorayahow can i enable a propietary driver,,i just install,,but i dont have tha enable option to choose01:11
Sorayais a wireless driver01:11
Guest72475ninjabox,  ah its an ar500101:11
sakekasirealubot it says that root owns it01:12
recmajkemican't move nm-applet, how can i do it? is ubuntu1 down?01:13
test34join #reddit01:13
Guest72475ninjabox, where do i get ath5k01:13
mtk31hi all01:13
realubotsakekasi: Well, then Firefox can't create a file in it? What's the problem?01:13
mtk31can anyone help me with my screen resolution?01:14
realubotsakekasi: You have to change download driectory OR change the owner of the download directory.01:14
Scunizisakekasi: is this a secondary drive or a usb drive?01:14
flowbeeis there a way with wget to AVOID a certain URL?  like a logout url?  link i want to avoid wget getting is "http://subdomain.domain.com/logout?destination=node%2F96"01:14
sakekasihow do I change the owner realubot?01:14
sakekasiScunizi its a partition on the same drive01:14
adwdadI'm trying to access my 2TB WD elements external drive but i get the error "Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 12: Failed to read last sector (3907027119): Invalid argument"01:14
SorayaJust installed Ubuntu 10.4 LTS and wireles propietary driver is installed,,,but in the wireless applet(pannel) i dont have the option to enable wireless01:14
blakkheimsakekasi: man chown;man chmod01:14
realubotsakekasi: Try change the owner by: sudo chown sakekasi:sakekasi /path/to/your/download/directory01:15
Sorayaany suggestions ?01:15
KindOnescott_ino: did not work...01:15
Scunizisakekasi: do you mount it manually? or does it mount automatically on boot? if it's on boot then check the permissions in the mount line in /etc/fstab01:15
realubotsakekasi: The you will change the owner AND the group sakekasi.01:15
sakekasiScunizi it mounts automattically01:15
Scunizisakekasi: then check /etc/fstab01:16
sakekasiScunizi how do I change the owner in fstab?01:16
billybigriggeradwdad: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=156994101:16
realubotSoraya: Maybe you have shut down the wireless using a switch at your laptop?01:16
billybigriggeradwdad: the answer, (and exact problem) is in that post01:16
Scunizisakekasi: you can also change the owner by .. sudo chown <your user name>:<your user name> /media/<mount point>01:16
adwdadbillybigrigger:  i found that aswell but i don't know how to do the things it says01:17
sakekasiScunizi here's the line in fstab: /dev/sda7   /media/Files   ntfs   defaults   0   0 what should I change?01:17
realubotSoraya: Some people have shut down wifi by misstake and have to turn it on manually.01:17
Sorayai need to enable it01:17
Scunizisakekasi: ah.. a ntfs partition.. that I don't know.. typically adding rw in the right spot of the line.. I'll have ubottu send a link on mount01:17
mtk31can anyone help me with my screen resolution?01:17
Scunizi!mount | sakekasi01:18
ubottusakekasi: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount01:18
Sorayahow can i do this ?01:18
Sorayai just installe ubuntu and wireless propietary driver01:18
Sorayai have done anything else01:18
Sorayais a fresh installation01:18
damien_chey guys im having some problems with my headphone jack01:18
Sorayarealubot: how i enable my wireless01:18
realubotsakekasi: Maybe this option in fstab will do any good: "user - Permit any user to mount the filesystem. This automatically implies noexec, nosuid,nodev unless overridden."01:19
dan__Is anyone else getting updates failing on fresh install of 10.10? I have failed on line "run-parts: executing /etc/kernel/header_postinst.d/nvidia-common 2.6.35-22-generic /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-22-generic". I am running a Toshiba Satellite Pro M200 with intel onboard graphics01:19
damien_cwhen i plug it in it still plays on my speakers...not very useful :P01:19
adwdadbillybigrigger:  how do i "give the hard drive the MS-DOS partition table and formatting it to NTFS" Will this delete my data?01:19
realubotsakekasi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab01:19
ROPENeny one her01:19
billybigriggeradwdad: yes you will most definitely loose your data...but if you can't mount it, there shouldn't be any data on it? correct?01:19
FreshPrinceROPEN, a lot as u can see01:20
adwdadno there is alot of data on it01:20
damien_clol FreshPrince01:20
adwdadi use it on windows01:20
mtk31can anyone please help me with my screen resolution?01:20
adwdadbillybigrigger:  there is data on it, i use it when on windows01:21
Scunizi!resolution | mtk3101:21
ubottumtk31: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution01:21
damien_cso any thoughts?01:22
billybigriggeradwdad: backup your data, and format it it to ntfs01:22
korisnik____adwdad: backup data on it, and reformat with suggested settings on that page01:22
mtk31ubottu I know about it, but I dont know how to change on my netbook using ubuntu 10.1001:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:22
adwdadbillybigrigger: i don't have anywhere to put it, is there anyway to do it without losing my data?01:23
realubotSoraya: Well, I think you may have problems with the wifi driver, BUT first you may try to switch the wifi on/off or off/on manually by using the switch that is located somewhere at your laptop chassis.01:23
geckopunkOkay, I'm still having issues with my Screenlets... The error "Internet connection is required to run this Screenlet" is still showing up on my desktop when I first start my computer. Even on http://screenlets.sourcearchive.com/documentation/0.1.2-7/WidgetScreenlet_8py-source.html I have removed the following lines: if sys.argv[0].endswith(myfile):# Makes Shure its not the manager running... through os.system('rm /tmp/index.html')01:23
billybigriggeradwdad: no im afraid not01:23
realubotSoraya: A button or something else.01:23
realubotSoraya: What laptop model number do you have?01:24
Sorayarealubot: Button is not activatin the wireless01:24
nkeyhey, guys... i have a problem with my sound driver.. hwinfo --short  shows me ATI SBx00 (Intel HDA)... but when i put "options snd-hda-intel model=ATI Sx00" in the alsa-base.conf nothing happned after reboot01:24
geckopunkHow can I remove the error "Internet connection is required to use this applet"01:24
nkeyi have no sound -.-01:24
nkeyanyone a idea ?01:24
Sorayarealubot: is a dell Inspiron 130001:24
realubotSoraya: What kind of laptop do you have?01:24
mtk31how can I use  bigger resolution on my netbook using ubuntu 10.10 ?01:25
adwdadalright, one more question. my contacts can see any messages i send them and i can't see theirs. this is on empathy using an MSN account.01:25
nkeymtk use the ubuntu netbook edition01:25
realubotSoraya: Here are the solution I think: "Easy fix. Connect to your network with an Ethernet cable. Let Ubuntu download and process the pending updates. Reboot. Then go to System - Administration - Hardware Drivers and let it search. It will Show "Broadcom B43 wireless driver". Activate it. "01:25
mtk31the highest is 1024*600 I want 1024*76801:25
realubotSoraya: From this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1470939&page=301:25
Sorayadriver is a broadcom corpotarion BCM4311 [AirForce 54g] 802.11a/b/g PCI01:25
nkeyhey, guys... i have a problem with my sound driver.. hwinfo --short  shows me ATI SBx00 (Intel HDA)... but when i put "options snd-hda-intel model=ATI Sx00" in the alsa-base.conf nothing happned after reboot01:26
mtk31nkey  Im using it01:26
nkeyanyone a idea ?01:26
Ryenmtk31: You cannot create a larger resolution. Your "monitor" or screen will only allow you what it says.01:26
Sorayarealubot: i just install ubuntu,,i updated first,,and then i install propietary internet wireless driver01:26
realubotSoraya: You have done that already.01:26
Sorayarealubot: i try all i can before come here pal01:27
Geert_WildersDoes anybody know how to jailbreak an ipod with the ios 4.1?01:27
Ryen!ot | Geert_Wilders01:27
ubottuGeert_Wilders: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:27
Geert_WildersDoes anybody know how to jailbreak an ipod with the ios 4.1?01:27
Sorayais there any command in terminal i can run to activate wireless01:27
realubotSoraya: Did you reboot after the installation of the proprietary wireless dirvet then?01:27
mtk31ryen I know it but in windows I can do it with atray soft01:27
realubotSoraya: Maybe it's not loaded into the kernel as it should?01:28
mtk31I though perhaps exit some soft or command in linux/ubuntu01:28
Geert_WildersRyen, it's offtopic but I need help.01:28
Geert_WildersAnd I can't send to #iphone.01:28
Ryenmtk31: To the best of my knowledge there is no program that can manipulate the maximum resolution.01:28
gardartrying to upgrade to 10.10 from 10.04, and I get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/512019/01:29
realubotSoraya: Strange. The I can't help you out here. I'm sorry, but the good news is that it should work at least so someway you may get it to.01:29
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mtk31ok ryen thanks anyway01:29
Geert_WildersSIEG HEIL!!!01:29
Ryen!guidelines > Geert_Wilders01:29
ubottuGeert_Wilders, please see my private message01:29
adwdadalright, one more question. my contacts can see any messages i send them and i can't see theirs. this is on empathy using an MSN account.01:29
gilanialiHow do I restrict users to a certain size of a harddrive? I mean that user A shouldnt be able to store more than X Gb of data01:29
Geert_WildersRyen, why that gay stuff of using a bot to send me messages?01:30
Ryen!language | Geert_Wilders01:30
ubottuGeert_Wilders: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:30
Geert_Wilders<Ryen> !language | Geert_Wilders01:30
Geert_WildersTotally absurd.01:30
realubotSoraya: I hope anyone else can help you out on this. Sorry I can't. Bye.01:31
Geert_WildersRyen, where are you from?01:31
ScuniziGeert_Wilders: you might try OT topics in #ubuntu-offtopic or maybe ##linux ..01:31
RyenGeert_Wilders: Please, read the topic. This is an Ubuntu Support channel. Read the guidelines please.01:31
scott_ino!ops | Geert_Wilders01:31
ubottuGeert_Wilders: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!01:31
ilovefairuzgilaniali: https://encrypted.google.com/search?q=linux+quota01:31
Geert_WildersRyen, yes, I understand that.01:31
gardaranyone that can help me out?01:32
sebikul!ask | gardar01:32
ubottugardar: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:32
gilanialiilovefairuz: any reason this is an encrypted search?01:32
Sorayadi i need to give permisison to a propietary driver to work ?01:32
blakkheimno reason not to use SSL01:33
scott_inoSoraya, only to install it01:33
aubreyHello, anyone good with sound and 'usb only' speakers ?01:33
Sorayai did,is not working01:33
gardaralready did ask sebikul :) │00:29:00          gardar | trying to upgrade to 10.10 from 10.04, and I get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/512019/01:33
Sorayais a wireless driver01:33
Sorayaand is activated01:33
sebikulgardar, people come and go every time...01:33
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic01:33
sakekasiI can't change the ownership of a folder in an ntfs partition in 10.1001:34
aubreyI can't get sound out of my USB speakers, they show up in logs though01:34
sebikulgardar, sorry, i have no idea why is that message stopping the upgrade01:34
adwdadMy contacts can't see any messages i send them and i can't see theirs. this is on empathy using an MSN account.01:34
gardarthanks anyways sebikul :)01:34
adwdadcan anyone help me?01:35
mgmuscarii'm trying to get a device to respond to ARP requests that are sent to it on an aliased ip... the aliased device has the same hardware address. any ideas?01:36
scott_inoadwdad, just ask01:36
blakkheimadwdad: try pidgin or finch01:36
geckopunkanyone know how to resolve the issue with Screenlets error on startup?01:36
adwdadok thanks01:36
fallenservanthello everyone01:36
=== Pilif12p|afk is now known as Pilif12p
geckopunkI'm still having issues with my Screenlets... The error "Internet connection is required to run this Screenlet" is still showing up on my desktop when I first start my computer. Even on http://screenlets.sourcearchive.com/documentation/0.1.2-7/WidgetScreenlet_8py-source.html I have removed the following lines: if sys.argv[0].endswith(myfile):# Makes Shure its not the manager running... through os.system('rm /tmp/index.html')01:36
gardar!hello | fallenservant01:36
fallenservantI just did a ubuntu minimal install, I can't find anything that's typically in the root folder, like the etc folder, bin etc etc01:36
fallenservantwhy is that?01:37
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fallenservantmaco: are you there?01:38
locoI have a suitbly stupid new person question, can anyone help me?01:38
Ryen!ask | loco01:38
ubottuloco: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:38
fallenservantI just did a ubuntu minimal install, I can't find anything that's typically in the root folder, like the etc folder, bin etc etc why is that? anyone here do a minimal before?01:38
octavio-rdzhi room I upgraded to 10.10 from 10.04 and I am having problems, I am not sure if is caused by  virtualbox, but I suppose it is.01:39
peeps[work]can i change from 32bit ubuntu to 64bit without a complete reformatting?01:39
locoOk, you know the little sound thingy by the clock? Where you can adjust the volume and the media players? Well, I deleted it by accident, and I dont know how to make it come back01:39
scott_inopeeps[work], no01:39
blakkheimpeeps[work]: you can't01:39
octavio-rdzthe problem is that the mouse just stop resping more or less01:39
octavio-rdzdoes any one has this problem?01:39
locoIs it wireless? And is it usb or ps/2?01:40
KnifeySpooneyHow do I report a problem on the ubuntu website? Their download mirrors page is way outdated - http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors01:41
Android_Nerdhow do i register my nickname?01:41
KnifeySpooneyShows the karmic download links01:41
albertoHi, good morning from Spain01:42
locoIs there a better ubuntu help channlel?01:42
locoHello alberto, my name is abert :)01:42
netbeastandriod_nerd... is this the channel to ask about that?01:42
albertoCan anybody help me with PulseAudio Jack module?01:42
octavio-rdzit is usb01:42
fallenservantthis channel used to be great01:42
fallenservantthen the people who helped got lazy or annoyed01:42
albertoI can't make it work, or at least I don't know how to make it work...01:42
netbeastloco, better? this is the official channel01:42
test34loco, right click on bar, click add to panel.. and then Indicator applet01:43
albertoI've read something on the internet, tutorials and stuff, but I still can't make it work.01:43
rhcp1253I have been trying 4 a few days to get this working.  I have a MacBook, and I finally got the bios_boot partition, and grubs working fine. Now when I boot ubuntu in normal mode, it shows tw boot splash, but it doesn't move, it freezes01:44
albertoloco Abert?01:44
Yusukehow to run AutoCAD in Ubuntu 10.1001:45
MarkTimTachHello I really need help01:45
MichaelBehanGood evening :)01:45
octavio-rdzYusuke: have you tried with wine?01:45
ScuniziYusuke: there's lots of CAD programs available .. some quite complete .. AutoCAD may never run in linux01:45
MarkTimTachcan I talk to an admin01:45
MichaelBehanI am installing Ubuntu inside windows from a USB key, and it seems that even though I downloaded the i386 ISO - it is installing a 64bit OS. Is this normal?01:46
Scunizi!ask | MarkTimTach01:46
ubottuMarkTimTach: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:46
MichaelBehanMy arc his intel i5 64, but I want to install the 32bit OS.01:46
quantMichaelBehan, no01:46
ScuniziMichaelBehan: you can do that with no problem01:46
MichaelBehanMainly because the RSA and Cisco software I need to use does not work in wine on a 64bit platform01:47
albertoCan anybody help me with PulseAudio Jack module?01:47
MarkTimTachI was installing Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop and my screen went blank and then shut off and now I can not boot it up it is just a blank screen i can't even recover it01:47
ScuniziMichaelBehan: if your machine is 64 bit you have the option of 64 or 32 bit OS.. if your machine was only 32 bit then you *would not* be able to run a 64 bit01:47
MichaelBehanScunizi, I don't recall that option. Is it offered when installing inside windows?01:47
MichaelBehanI'm about to try kubuntu01:47
ScuniziMarkTimTach: try Ctrl+Alt+F2 and see if that dumps you to a command prompt01:47
jagsMarkTimTach, same thing happened to me, I just wiped the disk and reinstalled lucid01:48
MarkTimTachno it don't01:48
albertoCan anybody help me with PulseAudio Jack module?01:48
ScuniziMichaelBehan: ah .. are you using Wubi? to install inside of windows? .. personally I wouldn't.. install Virtualbox in windows and then Ubuntu in that01:48
MarkTimTachI tryed that01:48
MichaelBehanLooking up virtualbox01:48
ScuniziMichaelBehan: virtualbox.org01:49
MichaelBehanthanks :)01:49
MichaelBehanI would think the performance would be less with that?01:49
MarkTimTachwhen I press any button on the keboard it just makes a really loud beep01:49
MichaelBehanMarkTimTach, Sounds like your system is locked up01:49
MichaelBehanCan you start with the failsafe mode?01:49
MarkTimTachhow do I fix that01:49
JDuke128hi , i m having trouble on nohup.out , my nohup.out grows so much and takes my all HDD , how can i put limit on nohup.out by nohup ?01:49
rhcp1253How do I connect to a wpa router with iwconfig?01:49
QuintinI can't get my external monitor to display correct resolution... help plz?01:50
QuintinIBM t60 laptop connected to 1080p monitor w vga cable01:50
MichaelBehanMarkTimTach, Actually it would be cool to run that inside of ubuntu so I can have email01:50
peeps[work]what app would be recommended to backup a whole hard drive?01:51
billybigriggerpeeps[work]: dd01:51
Quintinpeeps[work]: dd, cp01:51
MichaelBehaner sorry01:51
Quintinpeeps[work]: backup in what sense ?01:51
MichaelBehanI meant Scunizi01:51
MichaelBehanpeeps[work], dd if=/dev/sda of=/myEntireDrive.image01:51
MichaelBehan^^ example only01:51
ScuniziMichaelBehan: it allows you to create virtual machines inside of different OS's01:51
peeps[work]Quincy, backup so that i could restore my hard drive completely, since I plan on trying something crazy with it01:52
MichaelBehanScunizi, Pretty neat.. looks better than vmware01:52
MarkTimTachI cant even install windows now every thing is black what do I do01:52
MichaelBehanbut still that seems like a big performance hit. I'm trying to get away from windows. I just can't partition this machine because it's a work pc01:52
ScuniziMichaelBehan: yea.. I used Vmware for several years.. vbox is cleaner, lighter and easier.01:52
ilovefairuz!info duplicity | peeps[work]01:53
MichaelBehanSo I'm kind of forced to use wubi and install inside windows01:53
ubottupeeps[work]: duplicity (source: duplicity): encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.10-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 190 kB, installed size 924 kB01:53
scott_ino+1 for virtualbox ;) just my two cents01:53
ScuniziMichaelBehan: no. use vbox..01:53
Quintinpeeps[work]: yea, dd would work.  use a boot disk and dd one drive to another ... like... dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb .  or use ghost.  or the linux ghost clone01:53
MichaelBehanScunizi, ?01:53
MichaelBehanScunizi, Again it seems like running a vm inside windows would be a big performance hit01:53
peeps[work]hmm, i don't have a spare drive on this laptop, i guess i could dd to a file on a network share01:53
MichaelBehanAnd it would be defeating the purpose of trying to get away from windows UI01:54
blakkheimMichaelBehan: wubi is also a performance hit01:54
rhcp1253Ah, need help01:54
Quintinpeeps[work]: sure, though that's gonna be slower.  I'd connect a drive with a usb adapter01:54
MichaelBehanThis is a solidstate drive. I'm not as concerned with drive performance hits01:54
ScuniziMichaelBehan: wubi is kinda like a dual boot but will interfere with windows normal boot loader.. if you can't dual boot with a work machine then don't use wubi..  there really isn't much of a performance hit these days..01:54
ruihello everybody01:54
blakkheimMichaelBehan: why can't you do a real install?01:54
peeps[work]Quintin, i gotta work with what I've got, no usb adapter01:54
MichaelBehanblakkheim, It's a work laptop and that would make people angry01:55
MichaelBehanIf they found out01:55
billybigriggerpeeps[work]: depending on your network, dd over the network shouldn't be too bad01:55
MichaelBehanI work for Disney, so...01:55
blakkheimMichaelBehan: then maybe you shouldn't be installing linux at all on their computers01:55
peeps[work]i doubt my hard drive throughput can saturate gigabit LAN anyways01:55
erossheh mickey mouse01:55
ScuniziMichaelBehan: you can ctrl+f for full screen in vbox .. it'll totally cover the windows ui01:55
billybigriggerpeeps[work]: it can01:55
billybigriggerpeeps[work]: what kind of hard drive? rpms?01:55
MichaelBehanblakkheim, I'm in a department with a little more freedom01:56
MichaelBehanI don't think it will be an issue as long as I don't partition the drive.01:56
MichaelBehanbut this is digressing a lot.01:56
ruiplease who can helpe me i have ubuntu gnome 10.10 maverick meerkater and every time i try to send my video image to someone its crash and close the skype. Is there anyone to help me01:57
blakkheimMichaelBehan: do a real install but encrypt the partition, then when you have to return it you can get rid of it and regrow the ntfs partition01:57
ScuniziMichaelBehan: wubi will change the boot loader to Grub01:57
MichaelBehanScunizi, That's fine01:57
ScuniziMichaelBehan: live usb boot ? :D01:57
MichaelBehanyep that's an option.01:57
billybigriggerpeeps[work]: either way, dd will use ssh to transfer data, which is the bottleneck i'd be worried about, but still, unless you have a TB or higher drive, it's nothing a bag of popcorn can't handle...01:58
billybigriggerif it's your only option, it's your only option :P01:58
MichaelBehanthank you for your help :)01:58
jagsMichaelBehan, just get a cheap sata drive off newegg and swap out the work hd until you need to give it back01:58
ScuniziMichaelBehan: linux boot at home .. ssh in from work and run the desktop01:58
MichaelBehanThis is a sold state machine. Not sure what the connections are like01:58
blakkheimit's the same SATA connection..01:58
MichaelBehanOh cool01:58
MarkTimTachcan someone please help I can not do anything with my pc I was trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 and my screen went black and then it shut off and I could not do anything I cant even go back to windows or install ubuntu 10.04 or anything what do I do01:59
peeps[work]it's only 64GB drive01:59
blakkheimMarkTimTach: boot from a live cd and start over01:59
MarkTimTachI cant I have already tried that nothing works01:59
ruiplease who can helpe me i have ubuntu gnome 10.10 maverick meerkater and every time i try to send my video image to someone its crash and close the skype. Is there anyone to help me02:00
MichaelBehanthat seems so cheap it's scarey02:00
blakkheimMarkTimTach: maybe a bit more detail than "it doesnt work"02:00
=== sorah_off is now known as sora_h
Ken8521rui: 32 or 64bit?02:00
ScuniziMarkTimTach: sounds like you might have had a cooincendental hardware failure02:00
peeps[work]in an ubuntu install, is there an option to keep existing home data if it's not on a different partition?02:00
bluedoor_Why am I unable to log into my DSL router's network? should be the address for my router. I have done this before from my exact computer, but now I am having trouble. Any ideas?02:00
MichaelBehanthanks all! :)02:01
Ken8521peeps[work]: not to my knowledge.. easiest thing to do, is back your /home up to an external drive.. most /home configs are only around 2-3gigs tops(w/o any personal files) so you might have a thumb drive big enough to back it up02:01
albertoCan anybody help me with PulseAudio Jack module?02:01
Scunizibluedoor_: perhaps using https://<ip> instead of http://<ip>?02:01
nerdy_kidalberto I had it running02:01
bluedoor_Scunizi, i'll try, brb02:02
Ken8521alberto: what exact problem are you having?02:02
scott_inopeeps[work], that's why people used to put /home on a separate partition and re-mount it whne they upgrade, but since you can do a rolling upgrade now most don't do it02:02
MarkTimTachok I was installing Ubuntu 10.10 and my computer screen went black on me and then shut off so I turned it back on I put Ubuntu 10.04 in the cd drive and nothing happened then I tried to go back to windows thinking maybe that would help but nothing happed there eather so know if you press a button on the keyboard it makes a load beeping sound and then my computer shuts off again02:02
peeps[work]scott_ino, yeah i used to do it, but for some reason i chose not to this time.  i figured i never really needed it... until now02:04
bluedoor_Scunizi, that didn't make a difference02:04
scott_inopeeps[work], why can't you simply upgrade, what are you changing?02:04
Scunizibluedoor_: you using chromium or FF02:04
MarkTimTachis there a tech support number I can call I live in the U.S.A02:04
nerdy_kidalberto if i remember correctly you install the pulseaudio-module-jack and then all you have to do is run a script once you start jack02:04
Ken8521MarkTimTach: thats strange... so it won't boot any at all?02:04
ruiKen8521: Can you helpeme02:04
bluedoor_Scunizi, i've tried w/ both02:04
Ken8521MarkTimTach: this sounds hardware related, not software related, if it won't do anything02:05
peeps[work]scott_ino, changing from 32bit to 64bit02:05
MarkTimTachno it wont boot anything02:05
scott_inopeeps[work], ahhh that'll do it02:05
Ken8521rui: sorry, no i cannot... maybe try seeking support from skype.02:05
keith2could someone tell me the command to upgrade to 10.10 from terminal02:05
Ken8521MarkTimTach: make/model of the machine?02:05
Scunizibluedoor_: that's an unusual address.. typically they are or for the router.. try the first suggestion02:05
MarkTimTachI was running ubuntu 10.04 and then i wanted to upgrade it02:05
nerdy_kidalberto the script: http://pastebin.com/vRFppMwP02:05
ruiKen8521:ok thank you02:05
Ken8521rui: because this is really more of an application issue, than an ubuntu issue..02:05
MarkTimTachit is a Compaq cq6002:06
ruiKen8521:ok thank you02:06
bluedoor_Scunizi, neither worked02:06
Scunizibluedoor_: what is the address of the machine you're trying from?02:06
FreshPrincekeith2, "sudo apt-get dist-updgrade"02:06
FreshPrincekeith2, "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"02:06
bluedoor_Scunizi, local address?02:06
Ken8521MarkTimTach: any chance it's hot, and it's not booting due to heat? let it sit and cool for a while, etc?02:06
Scunizibluedoor_: yes02:06
Some_PersonI'm installing ubuntu using the alternate text-based installer, and I need to know if I should select yes or no to this prompt: "[?] Configuring checkbox: Default enabled state. Default Enabled"02:06
bluedoor_Scunizi, inet addr:
MarkTimTachnope it is cool and I had just turned it on02:07
Scunizibluedoor_: is that DHCP or static.. did you set it?02:07
RealOptywhen i try to upgrade to 10.10 i get this error "E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages."02:07
bluedoor_Scunizi, I'm not sure, i don't remember, how can i tell?02:07
aphidso.. i installed 10.10 via updated on my netbook.  now it boots up, pops up the authentication dialogue.  after I log in I get a pretty abstract desktop and a mouse cursor but no UI or menus02:07
Ken8521MarkTimTach: that really sounds like a hardware issue to me...02:07
Scunizibluedoor_: if you don't know then it's most likely DHCP.. you'd know if you set a static address... do you have a windows machine to test the router with?02:08
bluedoor_Scunizi, no i don't, just mac and android02:08
Ken8521can't you log in to the router?  most of the time it's in the router settings whether you're using DHCP or static02:08
bluedoor_Scunizi, I could try my roommate's comp, i guess02:08
MarkTimTachis there anything that conanical can do?02:09
Scunizibluedoor_: does it work on the android?02:09
Ken8521MarkTimTach: what would canonical have to do w/ a hardware problem?02:09
Ken8521MarkTimTach: honestly, i think it was just crappy luck it happened during an upgrade...02:09
MarkTimTachwell after all I was running Ubuntu when it happened02:09
Ken8521MarkTimTach: to my knowledge, canonical only has paid support.. but the days of Linux ruining hardware are long since past us...02:09
recmajkemican you guys tell me where could i find any system monitor that is diplayed on desktop02:10
Ken8521MarkTimTach: if you're running windows, and it shuts down, and will nto boot at all, and you hit the keys, and it just beeps, and you call Microsoft, what are they going to tell you?02:10
ScuniziMarkTimTach: that's like saying "I was in the white house when the astroid hit me.. the President is responsible"02:10
bluedoor_Scunizi, those don't work from android02:10
Ken8521MarkTimTach: i sympathize w/ your problem.. but you really need to contact Compaq from the sounds of it.. but from the looks of that laptop, i'm guessing it's out of warranty02:11
MarkTimTachI was not running windows I was running Ubuntu and I never had this problem with windows but then all of a sudden it happens in Ubuntu02:11
Scunizibluedoor_: try your roommates win machine.. It might be that the firmware in the modem expects IE or direct X for some ungodly reason.02:11
Ken8521MarkTimTach: i was making an analogy.. you apparently missed it.02:11
bluedoor_Scunizi, I've logged into the router from this machine, I haven't made changes to this machine either02:11
Ken8521MarkTimTach: regardless, id on't see why you think this is ubuntus fault... if you're driving a car, and you crash, is it the dealers fault?02:11
ScuniziMarkTimTach: have you checked your cabling? monitor etc..02:11
bluedoor_Scunizi, i'll try WIN02:12
Scunizibluedoor_: sounds like the address is changed02:12
MarkTimTachyes I have02:12
Ken8521Scunizi: it's a laptop, so i assume he's using the laptop screen02:12
MarkTimTachI am running Ubuntu on my desktop and nothing has ever happened02:12
ScuniziKen8521: which guy are you responding about.. I've been talking to a couple of people.02:12
Ken8521MarkTimTach: your desktop has likely never had a hardware failure...02:13
Ken8521Scunizi: MarkTimTach02:13
taomasterhello i 'm having issue with  the linksys usb network adapter wusb600n. did not have this issue with ubuntu 9.0402:13
Ken8521MarkTimTach: everything you're describing, strongly suggests hardware failure.02:13
ScuniziKen8521: ah.. ok.. didn't catch that before.02:13
recmajkemihow can i make windows title bar to be as one with tray when maximized02:14
recmajkemiin desktop edition02:14
MarkTimTachnever mind I got it \02:14
ScuniziMarkTimTach: Ken8521 maybe.. just maybe.. the Fn key and external monitor key02:14
Ken8521Scunizi: probably.. cuz he jus said he "got it".. which means it was something simple...02:14
kpj_Has anyone loaded driver for ubuntu using powerline connection?02:14
Ken8521kpj_: don't those typically hook up to a normal ethernet port?02:15
ScuniziKen8521: or he "got" what we were telling him about hardware failure.02:15
albertonerdy_kid Sorry02:15
Ken8521that coudl be to.. ;)02:15
albertonerdy_kid I wasn't here02:15
albertonerdy_kid Than you very much for everything.02:15
MarkTimTachit is the monitor that went bad I just plugged a cord into my laptop and connected the other end to my tv and now I can see stuff02:15
Ken8521MarkTimTach: ok.02:15
nerdy_kidalberto no prob.  Hope it helps, if you need more info I do have a link somewhere that i used, but i have to dig it up.02:15
ScuniziMarkTimTach: AH HA.. that's a tough one.. sorry that happened.02:15
MarkTimTachthanks for your time02:15
kpj_Ken8582 - It is a port which transmits over the power lines in the house - so a driver is needed02:15
albertonerdy_kid Have you got it running on Ubuntu 10.10?02:16
MarkTimTachwhere can you go to replace a monitor for the laptops02:16
Ken8521kpj_: isit a PCI card, or a USB card, or what?02:16
ScuniziMarkTimTach: just remember that if you can't / don't want to fix the screen, you can always us the machine as a headless server :)02:16
Ken8521kpj_: brb..02:17
MarkTimTachcan I run windows software in ubuntu 10.1002:17
kpj_I have a standard ethernet card but it requires a separate driver to communicate throught the powerline device02:17
ScuniziMarkTimTach: mostly screen replacements is more expensive than most machines.02:17
wakeupstickythe ubuntu .iso file is written up to the first 15 mb and then nti media maker freezes....:\02:17
nerdy_kidalberto no, that was in 10.04.  should be the same though02:17
albertonerdy_kid I got some errors.02:17
=== sm is now known as Guest90081
nerdy_kidalberto ok well let me pull the link for you02:18
=== Guest90081 is now known as smsm
ScuniziMarkTimTach: some win software.. like what?02:18
bluedoor_Scunizi, nothing works from the WIN machine. I have a 2wire router, and the manual suggests the IP to be either http://gateway.2wire.net/ or  , is there a way of finding out what the address is?02:18
jexmexany program to play acc files from audable?02:19
=== james is now known as Guest6086
albertonerdy_kid Thank you very much, once more.02:19
jexmexerr aax files02:19
wakeupstickyanyone know if there is a problem with the ubuntu .iso file or with nti mediamaker?02:19
Guest6086Can someone help me?....  whenever I restart my network manager ALWAYS forgets the networks key so I have to re-enter it every login02:19
Scunizibluedoor_: you can use nmap to go through all the IP's on your lan and report what is connected .. from that list you should be able to tell. you'll have to google for nmap instructions though.. I'm not well versed in it.  Some here might be able to direct you though.02:19
nerdy_kidalberto no problem :)  here is the link, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=843012.  the post is huge so im gonna pastebin the important part02:20
bluedoor_Scunizi, thank you02:20
Scunizibluedoor_: sure :)02:20
wakeupstickyError: the disc is incompatible with the current writing02:20
minimecGuest6086: You mean the encryption key to access your network? It should not do that. It should save it by default.02:21
wakeupstickydoes anyone here know anything about installing ubuntu on a windows machine?02:21
minimecGuest6086: Or are we talking about the 'keyring' password?02:21
Guest6086minimec: i am talking about the encryption key02:22
albertonerdy_kid http://pastebin.com/yM5JhZ3B <<-- The output02:22
Scuniziwakeupsticky: could be your burning program..02:22
FreshPrincewakeupsticky, so how u mean? dual-boot'02:22
Scunizi!burn | wakeupsticky02:22
ubottuwakeupsticky: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto02:22
nerdy_kidalberto http://pastebin.com/spam.php?i=rQFMBnUv one sec ill check your link out02:22
albertonerdy_kid Ok :)02:22
jexmexnobody knows a program to play aax files on linux?02:23
wakeupstickyis there a ubuntu installation channel?02:23
wakeupstickywhat is wubi.exe?02:23
minimecGuest6086: delete that connection once in the properties of the network-manager, and then connect again. It should save the password.02:23
Guest6086minimec: I have tried02:24
minimecGuest6086: That is strange...02:24
=== hif1 is now known as hifi
Scuniziwakeupsticky: if you boot the cd while windows is open then wubi allow for ubuntu install to happen in windows.. Personally I don't recommend it.. boot cold to a properly burned cd and dual boot or use virtualbox.org to create a vm of ubuntu02:24
wakeupstickynti mediaplayer is ruining my cds02:25
nerdy_kidalberto I think that the error is saying "connection refused"?  in that case is jackd running?  i was using qjackctl to control jack btw.02:25
IszakI recently completely remove google chrome in attempts to correct a problem which prevented it from loading profiles however as a side effect it no longer shows up in the repo only chromium.02:25
Guest6086minimec: is it possible there is a problem with my keyring? Anyway to reinstall it?02:25
wakeupstickyby writing 10% of ubuntu to them and then spitting out an error message02:25
IszakIs there any way to get it back into the repo?02:25
HaxXxoRcan anyone help me with a wireless problem02:25
tejaishoti have installed storage device manager02:25
tejaishotfrom then i cannot mount my partitions directly02:25
tejaishotalways i need to open device manager and do 13/10/10 02:23:2702:25
tejaishothow to reslove dis?02:25
FloodBot1tejaishot: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:25
chienhola tios se acabo la fiesta..?02:26
albertonerdy_kid mmm, no, jackd isn't running actually02:26
albertonerdy_kid Is qjackctl better?02:26
Ken8521kpj_: i don't really understand how a PCI card, requires a separate driver to communicate over a power line.02:26
nerdy_kidalberto qjackctl is a REALLY handy control app for jackd02:26
Ken8521kpj_: does this ethernet card, have cat5/6 cable connected to it?02:26
minimecGuest6086: Do you have a password for the keyring? You could set the keyring to run without password, or delete the entry for your network there too.02:27
islandfellowtrying to install ubuntu 10.10 on a laptop with trial version of windows 7 and it hangs every time at the ubuntu logo, any ideas why?02:27
xananax_Hello; I have issues with my wireless and I am completely new to ubuntu. How would I go about understanding where the problem is?02:27
xananax_I used ndiswrapper and it tells me everything went fine, but I still cant connect02:27
Ken8521xananax_: well first what type of wireless device are you using, and what chipset?02:27
albertonerdy_kid Oh, I see, that's the one I'm using.02:27
Dr_Willisislandfellow:  whats your video chipset? Tried teh Nomodeset option? You could alwo try the alternative installer cd.02:27
albertonerdy_kid The graphical user interface02:28
DavyCaveubuntu 10.04 support multi-monitor SLI?02:28
Guest6086minimec: It doesnt ask me for the password at startup anymore for some reason so it could be that02:28
taomasteri'm having issues with linksys wireless adapter wusb600n02:28
xananax_ken8521: I am using an old compaq presario c500; I tried to google it but apparently it's not even on hp's website anymore, so I dunnow what the chipset is02:28
kpj_ken8521 - It is most likely me, I installed the powerline where my windows system required to load a driver for the ethernet to be able to communicate with the powerline adapter02:28
kpj_I had assumed that I should do something similar for Ubuntu machine02:29
xananax_But following the advice in a thread, I loaded up bcmlw5 with ndiswrapper, that I built from source02:29
Ken8521xananax_: is it an internal wireless device on the machine, or a USB, etc?02:29
xananax_ken8521: internal02:29
Ken8521xananax_: ok, so it's a broadcom.. do you know which one?02:29
DavyCaveanyone know the Nvidia / Ubuntu channel?02:29
nerdy_kidalberto yeah02:29
chienddr3...ou 402:29
Ken8521xananax_: open a terminal and type "lspci"(no quotes, lower case L) and hit enter, and look through the output, and find yoru wireless device02:29
Dr_WillisDavyCave:  not sure there is one. You could check the forums.02:29
tonyyarussoDavyCave: there isn't an nvidia-specific one02:29
HaxXxoRcan anyone help me with a wireless problem02:29
xananax_ken8521: Yeah according to the thread it is broadcom, but I dunnow how to get more info...How would I go about knowing which one?02:30
DavyCaveim trying to find information on if 10.04 supports multi-monitor SLI mode?02:30
Dr_WillisDavyCave:  i dont use sli. but multi monitors work good here with my nvidia systems02:30
Ken8521xananax_: see the info i just sent you02:30
Ken8521DavyCave: same here..02:30
minimecGuest6086: I am not a guru when it comes to the keyring. I run it in 'unsave mode' whitout password. So I don't have the keyring questions. It could be that you allowed the keyring to always allow access to the network.02:30
DavyCaveDr_Willis: yea i use multi monitor now, but i saw nvidia finally enabled multi with SLI so i want it lol02:30
amikropHello. Since I installed the nVidia proprietary driver, my splash image disappeared. How can I fix that?02:30
Guest6086minimec: know anyone that might be able to assist me better?02:31
nerdy_kidamikrop by spash image you mean the nice "ubuntu" splash that pops up while the computer is booting?02:31
Dr_WillisDavyCave:  check the nvidia-settings tool i guess.. SLI with Multi Monitors. seems a bit of a contradiction.. but  I always found sli a thing.. that i never could justify. :)02:31
amikropnerdy_kid: yes02:31
islandfellow@dr_willis not sure of the  chipset, where would I find the alternative installer cd?02:31
Ken8521!alternate > islandfellow02:32
ubottuislandfellow, please see my private message02:32
Dr_Willisislandfellow:  its at the download sites. YOu could try the Nomode set option also. at the grub menys, you hit the space key, then F6, for other options, enable  the nomode set. then boot.02:32
xananax_ken8521: sorry sorry I was too busy typing the line passed me by...So as far as i can tell, it tells me it is Broadcom BCM431102:32
HaxXxoRCan anyone help me with a wireless issue on netbook edition02:32
DavyCaveDr_Willis: well i run 2 World of Warcraft's at the same time so if i cant get SLI turned on then my frames will increase cause ill be running 2 windows in 1 desktop vs. 2 games on 2 cards on 2 desktops02:32
Dr_Willisislandfellow:  for my Nvidia systems I have to use that - or else the systems hang.02:32
amikropnerdy_kid: so, any ideas?02:32
nerdy_kidamikrop yeah I think i might have a link for you one sec, gotta dig it up02:32
amikropnerdy_kid: sure02:33
xananax_ken8521: so I try to locate the drivers for that serie, download those and try again?02:33
minimecGuest6086: You can try to configure the keyring ->system->preferences->Passwords...02:33
Ken8521xananax_: PM?02:33
aphidafter I authenticate on 10.10 I get an abstract desktop background with no menu or UI.  i can cntrl-alt-f1 ok, and bring up the shutdown/restart options by hitting my power button.. but that's it02:34
pi3chany one ported GNOME Do for windows?02:34
xananax_ken8521: I mean since the output of lspci tells me BMC4311, I try to download the windoz drivers for that adapter and try with ndis again?02:34
Dr_Willispi3ch:  there are similer programs for windows.02:34
islandfellowthank you @ubottu @ Dr_Willis will try right away02:34
Dr_Willispi3ch:  i dont use any of them.02:35
Ken8521xananax_: no, there's a native way to do it.. first, uninstall ndiswrapper02:35
wakeupstickyis there an ubuntu installation channel?02:35
pi3chI tried Launchy and SlikRun02:35
pi3chbut GNOME Do is way better02:35
Dr_Willispi3ch:  been using Kupfer on ubuntu lately.02:35
pi3chbtw I m not windows user I just got windows in office so I would like to have Gnome do on it.02:36
Dr_Willis!info kupfer02:37
ubottukupfer (source: kupfer): fast and lightweight desktop summoner/launcher. In component universe, is optional. Version 0+v201-2 (maverick), package size 413 kB, installed size 1964 kB02:37
xananax_ken8521: I removed ndis-utils and ndis-common and ndisgtk using synaptic...But I don know if I should do anything more since I built ndiswrapper from source and it was the first time I tried something like that02:37
wakeupstickyis there an ubuntu installation channel?02:37
Dr_Williswakeupsticky:  not that ive ever seen.02:37
pi3chyeah any better than GNOME Do?02:37
Dr_Willispi3ch:  try it and decide for yourself. Gnome-do hasent been gettting alot of updates  from what i hear..02:37
Ken8521xananax_: ok.. is the machine connected to the internet right now02:38
nerdy_kidamikrop having trouble finding this link sorry, my bookmarks all seem to have vanished...02:38
wakeupstickydoes anyone on here know anything about getting ubuntu on a windows machine?02:38
twinkie_addicthow do i set apt to upgrade to 10.10 from 10.4 in the cli02:38
amikropnerdy_kid: hmm, ok...02:38
Dr_Williswakeupsticky:  burn the cd.. boot cd.. follow directions...02:38
DavyCaveshould i load my Asus M2n-SLI Deluxe chipset drivers from the Asus website or just use what ubuntu likes?02:38
xananax_ken8521: yeah I am typing from it, ethernet connection02:38
nerdy_kidamikrop still looking though02:38
Dr_Williswakeupsticky:  unless you want to be more clear on the problem02:39
wakeupstickyburn cd: error error error error02:39
Ken8521xananax_: in a terminal sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter02:39
Ken8521after that, restart02:39
Dr_Williswakeupsticky:   check the is0/msd5 or make a bootable flash drive.02:39
Chaos2358hi is there a multi account chat/im client similar to empathy but with voice and cam chat02:39
amikropnerdy_kid: alright :)02:39
Dr_Willismd5 | wakeupsticky02:39
wakeupsticky"check the iso/msd5" means?02:39
Dr_Willis!md5 | wakeupsticky02:39
ubottuwakeupsticky: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:39
GneaHey everyone, my WUBI isn't doing so good anymore... it was working just fine until it hardlocked 3 times in a row today, then proceeded to drop to the grub> interface at boottime. Booting to winXP told me that \ubuntu\disks\ was corrupted, so I ran chkdsk /r, did the reboot thing, watched it fix a bunch of errors on the c:\ drive, and upon reboot, the \ubuntu\disks\ directory is now *gone*. I have no idea what to do at this point, I fe02:39
wakeupstickyany way to undo burning a cd? nti mediamaker screwed up all my cd-rws02:40
wakeupstickyby burning part of ubuntu and then giving me an error message02:40
Jordan_UGnea: Your message was cut off at "no idea what to do at this point, I fe".02:41
GneaJordan_U: ah, thanks02:41
GneaI have no idea what to do at this point, I fear I have lost an entire OS and many important documents for school...02:41
Dr_Williswakeupsticky:  if they are 'rewriteables' you can erase them. You may want to check out some other cd buirning software for windows.02:41
ubottuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto02:42
wakeupstickyhow do i know if they're rewriteables? is the rw in cd-rw "rewriteable"?02:42
wakeupstickyubottu, that's not helpful02:42
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:42
scott_inowakeupsticky, yes02:42
Dr_Williswakeupsticky:  ubotu is a bot....02:42
scott_inogood times in here02:43
DavyCavebot seams pretty smart to me02:43
Dr_Williswakeupsticky:  Look at the disk and label.. if they are not 'rewriteable' then they cant be 'undone'02:43
DavyCaveat least it knows its a bot02:43
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=== The_Thing is now known as [Hypnotoad]
Dr_Williswakeupsticky:  theres always  the make a bootable flash drive option - if you dont have any more blank disks.02:43
=== Lynx is now known as Guest19673
twinkie_addicthow do i set apt to upgrade to 10.10 from 10.4 in the cli ?02:43
wakeupstickyfuck, they are cd-4s02:43
Jordan_UGnea: Is there any directory like "check#" in the root of your windows partition?02:44
scott_inotwinkie_addict, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:44
IdleOne!language | wakeupsticky02:44
ubottuwakeupsticky: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:44
Dr_WillisFor burning ISO files in windows - i tend to use Infra Recorder,  Theres many other free iso burning tools ouyt for windows.02:44
twinkie_addictsays no new upgrads02:44
Jordan_U!upgrade | twinkie_addict02:44
ubottutwinkie_addict: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:44
stealth191SERVER irc.dal.net02:44
DavyCavewell that was annoying02:44
Dr_Williswakeupsticky:  you must burn the iso as an Image also.. if you burn it to cd.. then look at the cd.. and see a single .iso file.. you burnt it wrong.02:44
Guest19673twinkie_addict: i just had that same issue, one sec02:44
GneaJordan_U: no02:44
scott_inotwinkie_addict, because your software sources are set to only look for LTS releases, you'll need to change this02:44
nerdy_kidamikrop here are some links.  you need to be able to RECOVER YOUR SYSTEM should it not boot after these hacks.  I.E. know how to use a terminal well.02:45
nerdy_kidamikrop the links http://www.sucka.net/2010/03/nvidia-drivers-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx/           http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146947502:45
Guest19673twinkie_addict: yeah, in settings, change under release upgrade to normal releases in update manager02:46
wakeupstickyok, looks like i have one good cd left02:46
twinkie_addictfigured it was somthing simple i even tryed do-release-upgrade02:46
nerdy_kidamikrop http://www.ubuntugeek.com/quick-tipplymouth-themes-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx.html  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=144613202:46
Dr_Williswakeupsticky:  check your md5sum of the iso file first.02:46
Chaos2358hi is there a multi account chat/im client similar to empathy but with voice and cam chat02:46
nerdy_kidamikrop I hope those help you, I have to go now02:46
Dr_Williswakeupsticky:  when you burn - set the program to burn at the lowest speed it can handle also.02:46
Ken8521HaxXxoR: what is your wireless device on the netbook?02:46
Ken8521it's probably a ralink02:46
twinkie_addicti dont have gui so i'll have to edit the file02:46
Guest19673twinkie_addict: ahh, nm then02:47
wakeupstickyrecommended burning software? nti mediamaker is what i've been using but so far it hasn't been working02:47
Dr_Williswakeupsticky:  imgburn is also good for windows -->  i think it can even check the md5's   http://www.imgburn.com/02:47
h00kwakeupsticky: Brasero workswell for me02:47
HaxXxoRhang on 1 sec ken02:47
Dr_Williswakeupsticky:  theres plenty of burning tools fo rwidnows :) http://www.thefreecountry.com/utilities/dvdcdburning.shtml02:47
ubottuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto02:47
Dr_Williswakeupsticky:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto02:48
cwraigwakeupsticky: 1+ imgburn02:48
Dr_Williswakeupsticky:  that reccomends some others.02:48
twinkie_addictso i edit apt.sourses ?02:48
Jordan_UGnea: You could try using "photorec" to recover the wubi .disk file.02:48
HaxXxoRok Ken dumb question whats the command in terminal to get system info02:48
=== dan__ is now known as Mossyfunk
cwraigimgburn is dvd decrypter without the dvd decrytping02:48
Ken8521HaxXxoR: lspci (lowercase L)02:48
HaxXxoRits just a intel pro wireless 2200bg02:49
Guest19673twinkie_addict: honestly not sure, i'll check mine, since i changed it in gui, i'll see if their is anyting usable02:49
Ken8521HaxXxoR: and that doesn't work out of the box?02:49
GneaJordan_U: was hoping to avoid that .... thanks02:49
HaxXxoRno i tried installing 10.10 and had to revert it back because of video issues02:49
HaxXxoRand now i cant connect to my wireless02:50
HaxXxoRi know the ssid is right and so is the passphrase02:50
HaxXxoRbut it keeps showing up as a red exclamation point02:50
Jordan_UGnea: Do you still see the "\ubuntu" directory?02:50
twinkie_addictthanks i looked at the help site but nut to about editng config file02:50
wakeupstickydoesn't it seem like useful, non-crippled free software for windows is almost guaranteed to have spyware on it?02:50
KB1JWQ!ot | wakeupsticky02:51
ubottuwakeupsticky: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:51
HaxXxoRwow just got it02:51
HaxXxoRfor some reason my network list wouldnt update02:51
Chaos2358hi is there a multi account chat/im client similar to empathy but with voice and cam chat02:51
twinkie_addictsorry typing is bad pills are kicking they make me a little off for a bit after taking them02:51
Ken8521HaxXxoR: ok.02:51
minimecHaxXxoR: You will kill me... ;) Did you suspend or hibernate once? Zhat may deactivate the wireless. You may have to activate it with the hardware button or in the network-manager.02:52
twinkie_addicti hate presription meds02:52
Guest19673twinkie_addict: i'm not finding anything in my conf files for changing that02:53
Datzhi, how do I install multiple packages with apt-get? -> install package1 && package2 && package4?02:53
Guest19673twinkie_addict: lemme try google02:53
blakkheimDatz: aptitude install pkg1 pkg2 pkg302:53
Datzblakkheim: I wish to use apt-get though02:53
virtuhi, I am back again... anyone knows if the audio interface behringer model UCA202 works nice on Ubuntu?02:54
blakkheimDatz: ..why02:54
Datzblakkheim: I really don't need to go into it now.02:54
Datzblakkheim: also, I don't think aptitude is installed by default in 10.1002:54
bluespotmousehi everybody! is there a way to restore ubuntu to defaults like if it was freshly installed?02:54
taomasterwhat wireless adapter usb is going to work in 10.4.1?02:55
mrji have a problem02:55
mrjhi all02:55
BeeBuuhow can i disable all usb devices but storage ?anyone help please.02:55
mrjI am using linuxice which is ubuntu based02:55
seyfarthK folks, I formatted my iPod classic with nautilus, and now although rhythmbox, gtkpod, and banshee swear they've synced, my iPod says "no music" :( help?02:55
mrjbut i decided to install ubuntu-desktop package02:55
Guest19673twinkie_addict: yeah in etc/apt/sources.list is where u need to edit according to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu02:56
wakeupstickyso using imgburn i want to write an image file to disc, not files/folders right?02:56
mrjhowever there are some Xorg configurations that cause my ubuntu to not be able to load my gnome desktop02:56
=== ank_ is now known as ank
mrjhow can I remove these automated login scripts (from linuxice config) and be able to log in into my ubuntu desktop02:56
usuariohi guys02:59
Datzhi, how do I install multiple packages with apt-get? -> install package1 && package2 && package4?02:59
Guest19673thats how02:59
GneaJordan_U: yeah02:59
recmajkemican anyone try run kradioripper for me in 10.10 mine wont even start02:59
FreshPrinceDatz, yes02:59
usuariojust install ubuntu an a dell and wireless is a propietary driver,i install the driver an activated,but steel not work02:59
quiescensdatz: just spaces will do, apt-get install package1 package2 package302:59
FreshPrinceDatz, sudo apt-get install package1 package2 etc..03:00
ix0 Hey, How do you set the FS type to "NTFS" with cfdisk?03:00
Ken8521usuario: what is the wireless device?03:00
usuarioKen8521, Yes is a wireles device03:00
usuarioa broadcom03:00
Ken8521usuario: well no kidding, what kind.03:00
ix0Never mind, I got it.03:00
Guest19673he means eth0 aeth0 etc03:00
Siph0nIs there a way to not hibernate (or suspend or shutdown), when the battery is critically low?03:00
Ken8521usuario: which broadcom, there's several.. if youd ont' know, lspci in a terminal03:00
Chaos2358could someone PLEASE tell me if ubuntu has a multi account chat/im client similar to empathy but with voice and video chat?03:01
Ken8521usuario: .. the chipset03:01
kreganyclue what it says this?      http://pastebin.org/16331403:01
AxionStileSo im in the process to switcing to mint now03:01
usuario02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX (rev 02)03:01
usuario02:03.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 [AirForce 54g] 802.11a/b/g PCI Express Transceiver (rev 02)03:01
mrjcan someone help me ?03:01
Ken8521usuario: what driver did you enable, the STA driver?03:01
=== ank__ is now known as ank
mrjwith X config?03:01
Datzquiescens FreshPrince, thanks03:02
scott_inoChaos2358, sort of... pidgin does do multi-client and has support for video chat for google-voice etc..03:02
usuarioi enable the broadcom driver i just installa,i restar my pc but wont work03:02
Ken8521usuario: there's a couple of broadcom drivers, which one.03:02
Chaos2358scott_ino does it do yahoo video?03:02
Ken8521Chaos2358: pidgin?.. don't think so.03:03
scott_inoChaos2358, no03:03
usuarioKen8521, i enable ,,Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 [AirForce 54g] 802.11a/b/g PCI Express Transceiver (rev 02)03:03
Ken8521usuario: i know.. what driver are you using?.. sys/admin/hardware drivers03:04
Chaos2358thats what i need my brother is still in afghanistan and we are trying to video conference03:04
Chaos2358is there anything that doea03:04
usuarioin the gnome applet wireless the option to enable wireless is dark gay03:04
Ken8521Chaos2358: only thing i'm aware of, is aMSN.. if you guys want to create MSN accounts03:04
Ken8521usuario: it's difficult to help you, when you won't listen03:04
Ken8521usuario: i've told you 3x03:05
Chaos2358ok thank you Ken852103:05
Ken8521Chaos2358: good luck...03:05
twinkie_addictahah!! got it03:05
Guest19673twinkie_addict: sweet, all is working?03:05
pjzanyone else having X crash on a laptop when power gets removed since meerkat?03:05
Guest19673pjz: dunno lemme check03:06
tortoise7hello folks, pointers Please,   how to make the backlight on the keyboard to function.....03:06
scott_inopjz, not for me03:06
bdragonslcan someone help with my wnda3100 on 10.04?  I can't get it to recognize.03:06
Guest19673pjz: nope mines fine, unplugged, battery discharging, screens dimmed 24 percent power03:06
twinkie_addictupgradeing now. it was /etc/upgrade-manager/release-upgrade that need to be set to normal03:06
scott_inopjz, my screen does however go black for a quick second03:07
Guest19673twinkie_addict: cool, i'll keep that in mind03:07
tazmaniaI have ubuntu-server 10.04 installed on an Atom netbook board.  I am using hostapd to setup my wireless as an AP/Master but I have to initiate hostapd manually.  Is there a way this can be done automatically every time when the atom is powered up?03:07
brian_when I boot up my ubuntu 10.10 i keep getting a message that says missing modules.deb, anyone know when this is?03:08
Guest19673brian_: no idea, thats all it says is missing modules.deb?03:09
Guest19673brian_: does it give an error code or anything?03:10
chek0vany nvidia mobile users notice brightness control stopped working after latest kernel update?03:10
pjzbrian_: probably part of the initrd.img03:10
pjzhow do I debug a system crash?03:11
chek0vpjz: core dump03:11
bdragonslcan someone help with my wnda3100 on 10.04?  I can't get it to recognize.03:11
pjzchek0v: where will that be?03:12
brian_pjz: I'm a newbie to ubuntu (and loving!), but what does that mean?03:12
chek0vpjz: 1sec03:13
bdragonslSomeone please??03:13
Ryen!patience | bdragonsl03:13
ubottubdragonsl: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com03:13
pjzbrian_: the kernel boots up the system part way, then a prebuilt micro-system unpacks itself and finishes configuring the system03:13
UmeaboyI was wondering.......... I'm not quite happy with the log-file that VirtualBox creates when you start an installation...... Is there any way to take all text from text-mode and put it in a text-file?03:13
pjzbrian_: the prebuilt micro-system image is initrg.img-* and is found in /boot03:13
=== Guest19673 is now known as Lynx_2
brian_pjz: my system seems to be running ok, is this something I need to worry about?03:14
pjzbrian_: if it seems okay, then it's probably fine.03:15
tazmaniadoes anybody know how I can start the hostapd for wifi automatically in ubuntu-server 10.04?03:15
recmajkemihow do i change the thickness of title bar03:15
brian_pjz: cool, thanks for help.03:16
Lynx_2brian_: have u tried reinstalling? i've gotten wierd errors before and reinstalling fixed it03:16
pjztazmania: check in /etc/init.d/ for a script that will start it03:16
recmajkemican anyone try run kradioripper for me in 10.10? mine wont even start03:16
pjztazmania: it might depend on some settings in /etc/default/ somewhere03:16
james296does anyone here know if its possible to make dragging multiple files and/or folders better looking? for example, showing the actual folders and/or files as transparent items, instead of ugly dotted borders03:16
Lynx_2james296: install windows. ;-)03:17
twinkie_addictits amazing how usefull a text based browser is when you have no guui lol03:17
james296I meant in linux, not Windows...03:17
brian_lynx_2: i was going to try that if this becomes a prob. Can I reinstall with out wiping the system>03:17
pjzjames296: check the System/Preferences/Appearance stuff03:17
james296that shows nothing about it03:18
pjzjames296: I'm presuming you're using default ubuntu? so gnome?03:18
Lynx_2brian_: not to my knowledge, but if its running ok, i would just leave it, i was assuming u were doing a fresh install to begin with.03:18
twinkie_addicti have a habbit of installing one text based irc client and browser just in case x craps on me IF im running x03:18
Lynx_2some of these other guys might know if u can reupdate a bad update though03:18
BeeBuuhow can i disable all usb devices but storage ?anyone help please.03:19
tazmaniapjz: found the hostapd in /etc/default.  Do I need to add in anything in /etc/network/interfaces for wireless hostapd AP?03:19
pjztazmania: no idea :)03:19
aphidafter updating to 10.10 using the updater, I now get a blank desktop graphic after authenticating.  no ui, no menu, nothing...03:20
Lynx_2BeeBuu: as noone has answered you question, i'll be unhelpful ;-) i don't think u can without doing a lot of scripting as the kernal is built to recognize the usb device on connection03:20
=== alfred is now known as Guest39201
pjzBeeBuu: you maybe can; you'll need to look into how udevd works03:21
Lynx_2BeeBuu: thats just the nature of usb devices bro... what are u trying to do exactly?03:21
mrandrzejak1ive been having problems with my system and panels after ctrl+alt+f5. ive got everything working again (i think) but is there any tests i can run on my system to see if all is OK?03:21
twinkie_addictwoot 8 min left on dowload then thigs will start to install :)03:22
Lynx_2twinkie_addict: yeah its a b*tch, wait till the install03:22
BeeBuuLynx_2:actualy,i want my PC just can use disk via USB03:22
twinkie_addictand ill stall have a cli base to buil up frome to my liking03:22
Lynx_2BeeBuu: why do you want to disable everyting else, u'll lose keybourd and mouse unless ps2, i was thinking u were doing HTPC (home theatre pc) or something03:23
tortoise7does ubuntu 10.04 support backlit keyboards?03:23
DavyCaveany OS should totoise03:23
Lynx_2i'm gonna say yeah03:23
BeeBuuLynx_2: something like that.03:24
RealOptywhen i try to upgrade to 10.10 i get this error "E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages." any suggestions?03:24
DavyCaveTortoise7: all back lit keyboards are just powered by the USB so its not even a OS deal03:24
BeeBuuLynx_2: any suggestion?03:24
Lynx_2BeeBuu: unless its a security issue i wouldn't worry about it then03:24
twinkie_addictLynx_2 judging from the 10.4 cli only install should only take about 20 min max and i only hve 370 megs of ram03:24
Lynx_2just unplug and leave it03:24
BeeBuuLynx_2: i don't want the others can conctorl that machine via USB03:25
Lynx_2twinkie_addict: nice!!!! 1:45 on dual core 2 gig03:25
tortoise7DavyCave: if that is the case.... how then to enable and disable it?  the former key control (Fn + z) no longer has an effect.03:25
Lynx_2BeeBuu: lol, i'd go the low end approach then... unplug external usb from mobo, calk to the hard wired mobo connections ;-)\03:26
twinkie_addictbut im not get the entire ubuntu destop crap only conanline stuff then i can install xorg xinit xfce4 and other aps that i want like seamonkey03:26
DavyCaveTortoise7: did you try it on another computer?03:26
BeeBuuthat's a way,but i need save something to a USB disk03:26
nobarkingwhat is the lightest desktop environment available for Ubuntu?03:26
Lynx_2twinkie_addict: nice bro, i might try all cli one day ;-)03:27
AndorinHi, my laptop, which runs 10.10, has stopped booting. I updated it this morning. After the BIOS screen I just see a blank black screen with a blinking white cursor. Any thoughts?03:27
twinkie_addictthe nice thing is by doing this way you boot to command line then just run startx :)03:27
Lynx_2BeeBuu: hmm, could try serial to usb adapter, i think on most bios their is a way to disable usb altogether, atleast their is on mine, then u could still use your usb stick03:28
twinkie_addicti dont have to run all of x to chat in irc03:28
BeeBuuLynx_2: no any easy ways?03:28
twinkie_addicti got used to cli from slack ware i just dont feel right doing any other way03:29
=== SuP|Lobby is now known as MePHiSTo1
Lynx_2BeeBuu: not to my knowledge, but i don't claim to be an expert either, i'm sure their is actually if u're good at coding, its all open source after all, but i don't think their is an easy way... a start is all storage is labeled hdx (hd0 hd1) etc, i would start their03:29
BeeBuuThanks, Lynx_203:30
Lynx_2Weems: np, good luck03:30
tortoise7DavyCave: this in on a new toshiba satellite notebook..... came with win7 and a bunch of toshiba s/w..... all components worked as expected.... formatted and made a fresh install of ubuntu... have gotten nearly everything to work Except the backlit function for the keyboard.... thougths?03:30
twinkie_addictwoot done dowloading now upgradeing03:31
Ken8521tortoise7: i had that problem on my Acer... a long time ago.. any chance it's a Intel graphics device?03:32
=== MePHiSTo1 is now known as SuP|Lobby
tortoise7Ken8521: nope... all AMD stuff on this unit03:32
mrandrzejak1ive been having problems with my system and panels after ctrl+alt+f5. ive got everything working again (i think) but is there any tests i can run on my system to see if all is OK?03:33
=== bryan is now known as Guest90889
mamece2anyone here use Vbox? i try to emulate BT4 and use a wireles usb adapter03:33
Ken8521tortoise7: hmm, do you know what the graphcis device is?03:33
thuongw cm how can i read system computer in ubuntu os same as command DXDIAG in MS windows ?03:33
blakkheimthuong: lshw03:33
blakkheimmamece2: this isn't a BT channel03:33
hDymamece2, could just boot in to it on a live cd..03:33
cipher_any idea why my server doesn' think it needs to upgrade?03:33
cipher_it keeps saying there isn't a new release03:34
Lynx_2are u graphical or cli cipher?03:34
mamece2blakkheim but the issue is related to ubuntu, its the host OS03:34
Lynx_2talk to twinkie_addict cipher03:34
Lynx_2he just went through it03:34
twinkie_addicti can help with i just did it03:34
cipher_what do i need to do03:36
Lynx_2its involved.... he's prolly looking03:36
twinkie_addictcipher check in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrade scroll down to default set it to normal03:36
twinkie_addictthen run do-release-upgrade03:36
tazmaniapjz: doesn't need anything in /etc/network/interfaces.  dnsmasq will take care of the rest like dhcp server etc.  hostapd is up automatically now.  thanks.03:36
cipher_yea i already looked and it's normal03:36
twinkie_addictweird it worked perfectly for me03:37
twinkie_addicti dont know then did you update first ?03:37
cipher_it's still 10.0403:38
Nolan_Hesteri recently upgraded to 10.10 from 10.04 and the new sound menu applet will not appear in my notification area03:38
cipher_how do you print the version?03:38
twinkie_addictmy 10.4 system was curent wen i started upgrade03:38
cipher_i know it's 10.04 because it didn't upgrade the kernel tho03:38
cipher_i'm still 2.6.3203:38
twinkie_addicttry useing aptitude for some reson apt-get dosent upgrade kernel in 10.403:39
Lynx_2have u done all other relevant upgrades to 10.04 before trying to upgrade to 10.1003:39
twinkie_addictat least not for me03:39
trismNolan_Hester: the sound applet is now in the indicator applet (it was in 10.04 too), if that is already in your panel, make sure indicator-sound is installed03:39
mrandrzejak1is there any programs to restore my system, but not remove any of my apps?03:39
xplo-Hey, is it possible to install a portable version of ubuntu on a 128G Usb stick ?03:40
xplo-or on a 320G portable HDD03:40
ubuntu_hello can someone please tell me how I can install ubuntu in a netbook with only2gigas of hd?03:40
=== xplo- is now known as xplo
blakkheim!mini > ubuntu_03:40
ubottuubuntu_, please see my private message03:40
Xuzz!seen LordElph03:40
ubottuI have no seen command03:40
cipher_it says i don't need to upgrade anything03:40
cipher_killin me03:40
xplo<blakkheim> !mini > ubuntu_03:40
xplotalking to me ?03:40
tortoise7Ken8521: ati  mobility radeon hd5145 with a Gb of discrete ram.... not sure how this applies to the keyboard backlit problem.03:41
blakkheimobviously not03:41
xploah ok03:41
Nisstyre65what's discrete RAM? : |03:41
Lynx_2cipher_ i would think that its not set to normal releases in relase upgrades. try a reboot, double verify, make sure its not a temp file etc... prolly something stupid03:42
twinkie_addicti wish i knew i ham haveing great sucess useing the same info i gave you03:42
gbshi, there is a unity channel in freenode?03:42
xplois there a portable version of ubuntu available?03:42
twinkie_addictmy upgrade is almost done03:42
twinkie_addict5 10 min max03:43
Lynx_2xplo: i've never heard of one03:43
xploor any other distro ?03:43
Lynx_2xplo: yes their are, what are u looking for?03:43
xplojust something to play around with03:44
cipher_this is killin me03:44
xploi got a new 320G external and a 128G flash key03:44
Lynx_2xplo: u can play around with ubuntu as a live cd03:44
zebastianortislet me put it this way, i recently upgroud to 10.10 from 10.04 and now when i plug in the logitech speakers 1 8th jack into the headphone thingy there's no sound, the laptop keeps playing it from its own internal mic, how do i fix this03:44
gr8m8xplo: you can put the standard ubuntu on a usb stick03:44
xploi want it to be portable on my external03:44
Lynx_2xplo: u can install it in windows even, but its not really portable as i think u're speaking as every computer has different hardware03:44
twinkie_addictxplo a great distro to play with is slakware03:45
xplogr8m8 seriousely ?03:45
gr8m8!unetbootin | xplo03:45
ubottuxplo: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent03:45
RoastedI created a folder in /var/www that I own and have 7 permissions to. Why is it within that folder if I delete something, it warns me itll be deleted RIGHT away, whereas if I delete something from my home dir, it goes to the trash bin? Just curious on why theres a difference.03:45
Lynx_2xplo-it doesn't work like that, if u try to boot a linux distro on another computer graphically it will most likely crash03:45
gr8m8xplo: the second link03:45
xploty gr8m803:45
zebastianortisok problem solved, next03:45
gr8m8Lynx_2: nope - you can swap hdds between comps no prob03:46
mslRoasted, is the directory setguid?03:46
Lynx_2yeah u can, but not a bootable HD, with a totally dif os for another computer03:46
Lynx_2maybe i misunderstood the question03:46
Roastedmsl, I have no idea what you just asked me...03:47
gr8m8Lynx_2: if it has its' own bootloader sure you can03:47
virtueHello. Does anyone know anything about sound?03:47
xplothe thing is i want to install a linux environment on my huge external, so i could use it AT THE SAME TIME i use my vista lappy03:47
xplopossible right ?03:47
Lynx_2ok, so if i install ubuntu on my HD for my comp, my gfx card, etc etc, and bring my HD to your computer, u're saying their is a way the OS will successfully load?03:47
xplobut, ubuntu on the portable, and vista in his pc03:48
un214it should boot03:48
un214it might boot to command prompt03:48
zebastianortison additional drivers, i am on lubuntu 10.10, upgraded from 10.04 and it works smooth, i noticed though, on the additional drivers it mentions broadcom b43 wireless driver and broadcom sta wireless driver and ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver, now, i am connected through the wireless right now and it works fine, screen resolution also seems to work fine so should i leave it and take the not broken don't fix it approach or not?03:48
xplobut, both at the same time ?03:48
mslRoasted, or maybe sticky bit03:48
Lynx_2exactly, i won't load03:48
mslI mix them up sometimes03:48
gr8m8xplo: you need a vm to run two os's at the same time03:48
xploone says yes, and the other says no03:48
gr8m8!vbox | xplo03:49
ubottuxplo: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox03:49
zebastianortisnone of these are activated03:49
Roastedmsl, is this just because /var/www is within the root directory and separated partitioned wise from my home dir?03:49
pjzaugh, it's got to do with the !@#$%^& wifi drivers03:50
jjman6_I have partition that claims its full (i did a du -h ) but there should be nearly 15Gb free. Trash is empty. i can't figure out why its full reporting its full but its not. It is also being shared via NFS & i was deleting/copying files remotely i think it has to do with this...03:50
=== cs278| is now known as cs278
RedSingularityHere is a question.  Why the hell doesnt skype for linux update its news section?03:51
KB1JWQjjman6_: Stale file handles, if you deleted something that's a process is hoding open.03:51
grub2sucksI think I'm having trouble  with grub2.  Can anyone help?03:51
jjman6_KB1JWQ: how can i clear that out!03:52
bonez2046grub2sucks: what's it doing or not doing?03:52
virtueThink anyone can explain to me why my mp3s I play are all sped up in any player?03:52
spidyos[Linux 2.6.32-25-generic-pae i686] distro[Ubuntu "lucid" 10.04] cpu[8 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU         860  @ 2.80GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1.20GHz] mem[Physical: 7.8GB, 95.6% free] disk[Total: 1.4TB, 92.9% free] video[10de:05ea] sound[HDA-Intel - HDA Intel]03:52
KB1JWQjjman6_: Figure out what's being held open via LSOF? :-)03:52
FloodBot1spidy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:52
FlynsarmyAnyone here running pidgin? Notice the taskbar doesn't blink on default maverick theme?03:52
twinkie_addictneed to reboot bb03:53
bonez2046Flynsarmy: I used to use pidgin.. now I run bitlbee on localhost.. and it works great...03:53
Flynsarmybonez2046: that was completely unhelpful :) haha03:53
AndorinFlynsarmy: I don't recall the panel icon for Pidgin ever blinking03:53
mslRoasted, Being in a different part of the directory tree shouldn't be an issue.  Likely the perms on the directory are causing this (I think).03:53
FlynsarmyAndorin: it blinks bright orange on unread messages the way the windows one does03:54
bonez2046Flynsarmy: I never claimed that I was being HELPFUL.. just sharing my thought on the issue03:54
mslstat /var/www | grep Access03:54
virtueThink anyone can explain to me why the mp3s I play are all sped up in any player?03:55
KB1JWQCrap encoding, virtue?03:55
FlynsarmyIf your FTP/SFTP transfer times out and just sits on 'preparing' and never goes away, whats the best way to remove it? Why doesn't it ever time out and go away on its own?03:55
AndorinFlynsarmy: What mine does is change the green circle to a yellow smiley-face... which is what it was doing in Lucid as well, and at least Karmic if I recall03:55
virtueKB1JWQ: Youtube too. Any Mp3/music file.03:55
FlynsarmyAndorin: oh, not up there, i mean in the window list at the bottom03:56
virtueand any*03:56
AndorinFlynsarmy: Oh, I see what you mean03:56
grub2sucksI just downloaded 10.10, and rather than upgrade again, I formatted via the live cd and did a new install.  Now instead of showing the grub menu, the word "GRUB" appears and my computer hangs.  What did I do wrong?03:56
=== SolidLiq is now known as solid_liq
AndorinFlynsarmy: Yep, you're right, the text just bolds, no blinking.03:56
FlynsarmyAndorin: hmm. I'm wondering if its a bug with pidgin or if none down there can blink in any app anymore - bug with maverick maybe?03:57
mgmuscaridoes anyone have ideas why a tap interface wouldn't be responding to arp requests?03:57
wakeupstickyso i got the .iso burned to a cd and booted from it. ubuntu took like 10 minutes (literally) to load and when it loaded, it started the file manager over and over creating an infinite loop (the taskbar was full of "Starting file manager" windows which kept popping up03:57
twinkie_addictwell i rebooted ok :)03:57
AndorinFlynsarmy: You said it won't do it in the default theme. Does that mean you tried other themes?03:58
mgmuscariit seems to be dropping all packets03:58
FlynsarmyAndorin: haven't tried others. This is the first time i've ever actually LIKED the default theme. don't want to change it :)03:58
Loshkijjman6: sometimes, nfs renames files instead of deleting them (I forget why). Check your disks for leftover filenames beginning with .nfs...  Note: You need to run 'ls -a' in a terminal to see such files...03:58
Lynx_2everything working ok twinkie?03:58
virtueSo nobody knows why all .mp3s would be sped up for someone?03:59
jjman6_Loshki: yea i looked for hidden files.  nothing03:59
Lynx_2virtue- have utried running it in multiple programs? sorry if u've already stated that, i just got back on.04:00
RabidLockerGnomeHi all, my laptop will only output sound via HDMI. any ideas? it has an ALC888 Analog and Intel HDMI built in04:01
Lynx_2laptop with HDMI is out of my price range ;-)04:01
RabidLockerGnomecost me $500 ;-)04:02
Lynx_2nice find, where ;-)04:02
tioxIs there a way to set sound source?04:02
RabidLockerGnomewalmart, back in january04:02
grub2sucksack, my computer just spontaneously rebooted04:02
virtueLynx_2: Yes, multiple players. Even youtube audio is sped up.04:02
wakeupstickyi just ran the checksums and they are the same04:03
grub2sucksso does anyone know how to troubleshoot booting problems?04:03
Lynx_2virtue: hmmm, might be a flash problem if u're on 10.04 get rid of it, biggest peice of garbage canonical has ever turned out, 10.10 fixed all of my probs04:03
Lynx_2then again, if its just mp3's its not just flash04:03
Jordan_Uvirtue: Is video fast as well?04:03
wakeupstickyso i got the .iso burned to a cd and booted from it. ubuntu took like 10 minutes (literally) to load and when it loaded, it started the file manager over and over creating an infinite loop (the taskbar was full of "Starting file manager" windows which kept popping up)04:04
wakeupsticky^^ any idea what this is about?04:04
virtueLynx_2: It's flash and all mp3s in all players. Running 10.10 final.04:04
virtueJordan_U: I'll test a video file now.04:04
Lynx_2wakeupsticky: had that prob one time, beleive it or not, it was the cd-rom/dvd-rom, was the culprit, swap em out if u have a spare04:04
wakeupstickyyou mean the drive, not the cd itself?04:05
Lynx_2yup, i know, wierd04:05
virtueJordan_U: I played a .mkv and it ran at normal speed, with no sound.04:05
Lynx_2yeah the drive itself04:05
wakeupstickyalso, how do i install ubuntu alongside windows rather than just run it from the cd?04:06
histo!dualboot | wakeupsticky04:06
ubottuwakeupsticky: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot04:06
Jordan_Uwakeupsticky: If you press any key during the first 5 seconds of boot you can do a CD integrity check, which will fail if there is any probalem with the media or the drive.04:06
Lynx_2virtue-i get wierd sh*t when i don't have mencoder installed, just random crap, i can't explain it, but everytime i do a fresh install, i get wierd crap untill i install it, try sudo apt-get install mencoder04:07
korn788hello i have a question about the new 10.1004:07
DanteCan anyone help me with setting up the internet on the new 10.10 unbuntu04:07
DelvienAnyone else having an issue booting to the liveCD of 10.10 RC1 from usb?04:07
Ryen!ask | korn78804:07
ubottukorn788: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:07
korn788can i use wubi to install it04:08
Jordan_Uvirtue: Can you play any videos with audio? Is it literally only mp3 files or all audio files?04:08
grub2sucksbooting problems. I have them. help. I need it. pretty please with sugar on top04:08
tortoise7dark screen..... blinking cursor upper left.....  no boot from hd nor cd drive..... solution?04:08
korn788!ask can i install 10.10 with wubi04:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:08
BOZZYIs anyone noticing when they boot into 10.10 (at the very least in a virtual machine environment) that your wallpaper appears tiled before you finally hit the desktop?04:09
grub2suckstortoise7: you talking to me?04:09
DanteCan some help with setting up an internet connetion in 10.10?04:09
Lynx_2anyone have a specific question?04:09
GneaDante: plug it in?04:10
korn788can you install ubuntu 10.10 from wubi04:10
stanley_robertsohi folks .. i am facing a weird proble m..04:10
stanley_robertsowhen i use ubuntu 10.10 on vmware server..04:10
tortoise7system was previously running.... did install  an updated graphics driver.....thoughts anyone?04:10
DanteIt is but 10.10 isnt recognizing the contion04:10
=== wc is now known as Guest15881
stanley_robertsoand after isnbtalling guestaddins .. ubuntu crashes04:10
stanley_robertsoany idea about it04:10
mattcodesokay, I downloaded Ubuntu VTC Certification (need something to watch whilst the girlfriend is watching thai tv), yes I know certs are like "macdonalds fine cuisine specialist04:10
GneaDante: what kind?04:10
mattcodeshow do I open .bin on Ubuntu, on windoze I'd use virtual cd or something04:11
=== v-himanshu is now known as himanshu
DanteI have tried both ethernet to wireless and also a usb to a wireless04:11
mattcodespresumably the bin is an image of the cd/dvd and inside are avis04:11
Jordan_Ugrub2sucks: Extra commentary won't get you support sooner, please avoid it in the future. Can you run boot info script as explained here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and pastebin the RESULTS.txt?04:11
Dantethe usb to a wire is a module WUSB300N04:11
RabidLockerGnomeOkay, so since all the sound goes through one card, ubuntu is for whatever reason only working with one device. and there's no way to make it use the other one04:11
mslmattcodes, mount -o loop yourdisk.iso /some/mount04:12
mslsomething like that04:12
wakeupstickywhen i try to shrink my c drive i'm told that i can only shrink it by like 1600 MB o_O04:12
virtueLynx_2: Installed mencoder. No apparent changes. :/04:12
DanteAny help with getting a WUSB300N to work with 10.10?04:13
virtueJordan_U: I've only tried mp3s. System sounds seem fine though, just a bit staticy.04:13
wakeupstickyTotal size before shrink in MB: 142492; Size of available shrink space in MB: 164704:13
kgunpowderHelp me out here please?04:13
wakeupstickyThat's crazy...i have much more free space than that04:14
Ken8521Dante, whats the chipset on it?04:14
DanteWhat do you mean by chipset04:14
Jordan_Uvirtue: You said there is a problem with youtube, does the video play fast as well?04:14
Lynx_2wakeupsticky: goto the manual option, its proabably trying to maximize your swap space04:14
Aemaethwakeupsticky, did you defrag first? i'm guessing that if there are chunks of files everywhere that might have an effect?04:14
Aemaethor what Lynx_2 said04:15
virtueJordan_U: Yes. The little seconds on the youtube timeline move about 3x as fast. It's the same thing with any application audip player too.04:15
grub2sucksJordan_U: understood, but given the volume of this channel, it's hard to tell if people have actually seen what gets typed before it's 10 pages into oblivion and/or if they are interested. I'm checking out your link now.04:15
wakeupstickyThere's no manual option unless you mean where you can arrow up/down the amount of space to shrink, but I'm not allowed to increase that04:15
j1trying to upgrade, its telling me not enough disk space, i know there is enough free space, but i think it is looking on the wrong partition, how do i get it to look on the partition that i want04:15
wakeupstickyAnd no, I didn't defrag...04:15
Gnurduxcan someone help me downgrade X, as the version in Maverick breaks lots of things for me?04:15
kgunpowderEXCUSE ME, I have a simple question.04:16
Jordan_Ugrub2sucks: Then just repeat your question, without the commentary.04:16
Proculehello, how do I revert an upgraded package ? the new flashplayer for 10.04 is terrible (in the bad sense)04:16
Ken8521Dante, wireless devices have a chipset on them(most common are Intel, broadcom, atheros, ralink)04:16
Lynx_2wakeupsticky: u actually are allowed too, its kinda hard to find, i was puzzled by that before but unfortunately i don't remember how i bypassed it ;-)04:16
Aemaeth!ask | kgunpowder04:16
ubottukgunpowder: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:16
Ken8521Dante, did you say it's USB?04:16
jadariteI have tried to use a USB to install ubuntu and edubuntu, but when it boots up, it just lists "Syslinux 3.86.......Peter Anvin et al"  and stalls.  I used the universal USB program as instructed.  Can someone help me try to find the solution to getting this installed?  I have been working on this for 2 days.04:16
mattcodeshow can I change the default editor to gvim in ubuntu 10.04?04:16
kgunpowderI just installed Ubuntu 10.10 works fine, but as soon as it boots I lose my desktop, no detected input.04:16
kgunpowderWhat's wrong here? I'm new to Ubuntu so I'm a little clueless.04:17
Lynx_2wakeupsticky: its a tab or something wierd, but read the screen it tells u what to do, once u find it u'll feel like an idiot (or at least i did)04:17
mikeruI'm having trouble with a HP Pavilion dv504:17
Jordan_Ujadarite: If you're making the USB from 10.04 you need to use Ubuntu's "Startup Disk Creator", not unetbootin.04:17
Ken8521mikeru, what type of trouble?04:18
Lynx_2off to bed, night all04:18
mikeruI accidentally turned off the touchpad with the touchpad switch button04:18
mikeruso I turned it on again04:18
jadariteJordan, it's 10.10.  Assume everything is most recent.04:18
mikeruand the touchpad was working again, but the keyboard wasn't04:18
mikeruso I turned it off and on again04:18
mikeruand then the touchpad wasn't working but the keyboard was04:18
kgunpowderStuck in Limbo then?04:19
Jordan_Ujadarite: Then you're trying to make a 10.04 USB from 10.10?04:19
mikeruand again and the touchpad has not worked since then04:19
jadariteJordan, I am on Windows, not using previous ubuntu versions.04:19
McEnroeHey guys, I want to install 10.10. I don't have wired internet and a broadcom wireless recognized by restricted drivers thingy. Since I don't have wired I can't download the wireless driver. I have a usb stick I could use to transfer it, but I need to know what to download first ... Any prior experience with that?04:19
jadariteJordan, nothing to do with 10.404:19
mikeruI went to a VT and killed X04:19
Jordan_Ujadarite: Are you using the latest version of unetbootin?04:19
mikeru(sudo killall Xorg)04:19
wakeupstickyAlso, the instructions for installing ubuntu say to just enter the cd, start up, and follow the instructions...but i don't get installation instructions, i just get ubuntu from the disc04:19
jadariteJordan, I have Windows 7 and I want unbuntu 10.10.  EVERYTHING IS MOST RECENT.04:19
mikeruthen both were working again...04:19
mikerubut new every time I log in, the touchpad GETS TURNED OFF !04:20
jadariteJordan, how do I check that?04:20
seidosanyone help give me some ideas to get sound working in totem and/or rhythmbox?  sounds works currently in chrome, and the login sound works.04:20
mikerulike, I'm moving the cursor and it stops moving as soon as the login sound is heard04:20
zacstonehey have anyone figured out how to get ubuntu desktop at refresh rate of 120hz?04:20
semitoneswakeupsticky, hmm that's odd. Do you see any icons on the desktop when you start ubuntu from the cd?04:20
mikeruKen8521, lookabove04:20
grub2sucksJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/Ph6GuxVs04:20
Aemaethwakeupsticky, as far as the install, you didn't get a choice of 'Try ubuntu' or 'Install' at the very beginning? its the same point it asks for your language, if you used the regular install cd you should have seen this?04:20
zacstoneI am on lastest nvidia drivers for ubuntu04:21
Ken8521mikeru, i was following04:21
wakeupstickyi used the .iso cd04:21
izinucszacstone: trying to hook it up to your big scree04:21
wakeupstickyi burned it04:21
Jordan_Uvirtue: I think it may be a problem with your computer's clock.04:21
Ken8521wow, never heard of anything like that04:21
izinucszacstone: screen?04:21
mikeruKen8521, oh, so do you have any idea :( ?04:21
semitoneswakeupsticky, please be more specific than .iso...04:21
Ken8521mikeru, sorry, i don't....04:21
zacstoneizinucs: not big screen, just my 120hz LCD monitor04:21
zacstoneizinucs: its stuck at 60hz. I hate that.04:22
jadariteJordan, I think you are recommending I use another program instead of the USB universal installer?04:22
kgunpowderWhat am I to do about my screen? When Ubuntu 10.10 boots, my desktop goes to sleep and I hear a notification sound (assuming it's a welcome one).  How can I fix this?04:22
zacstoneizinucs: even the in xconfg i set it to 120hz but my monitor still said its in 60hz mode04:22
izinucszacstone: google your card first and see if it's capable.. if it is.. then did you install nvidia drivers from the hardware drivers appelate or the binary from nvidia?04:22
Jordan_Ugrub2sucks: What you are seeing at boot is not grub2 but grub legacy. Change the boot order in your BIOS.04:22
wakeupstickyubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386 is the image file i burned04:23
sanduz2how can you hear a sound if it goes to sleep?04:23
ZGHirczacstone: my nvidia drivers is the beta version.04:23
zacstoneizinucs: I know my card, my card supports more than 120hz for sure, its geforce 9800gt04:23
kgunpowderMy moniter goes to sleep, but I have speakers...04:23
izinucszacstone: so which way did you install the driver?04:23
Jordan_Ujadarite: Yes (I am not familiar with that particular program, and unetbootin is known to work).04:23
zacstoneZGHirc: i even roll back drivers, it won't even help04:23
jadariteJordan, thanks, I will try now04:23
sanduz2kgunpowder, your video card driver probably isnt working. press alt+f1 on your keyboard and login and from there you can work04:23
zacstoneizinucs: from the ubuntu software04:24
Jordan_Ujadarite: You're welcome.04:24
kgunpowderSo just boot it and see if alt+f1 will fix it?04:24
kgunpowderI mean, after I go to sleep hit that?04:24
zacstoneizinucs: is there command to FORCE 120hz no matter what..04:24
ZGHirczacstone: Though it is the beta version .It 's just work well.04:24
izinucszacstone: xrandr will adjust the hz..04:24
virtueJordan_U: .avi video is sped up as well. I enabled the clock applet gnome panel to show system time with seconds. It seems to be functioning normally except that it jumps 2 seconds really often with a small pause, but the pause still keeps it on time exactly.04:24
ABGDis it normal to have CPU usage hovering around 54%? i have a intel core 2 duo04:24
sanduz2kgunpowder, alt+f1 wont fix it, but you will be able to log in and type commands and stuff, thats what you need to start fixing it04:24
izinucs!xrandr | zacstone04:24
ubottuzacstone: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1204:24
izinucszacstone: despite that the link says it's for dual monitors04:25
sanduz2if its a driver problem anyway04:25
zacstoneubottu: i don't want dual monitor!04:25
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:25
kgunpowdersanduz2: I'm a complete newbie to Ubuntu, I wouldn't know where to start or how. I'm not exactly the best with video drivers to boot.04:25
sanduz2kgunpowder, but thats the first step no matter what you do so see if it works04:26
McEnroeHey guys, I want to install 10.10. I don't have wired internet and a broadcom wireless recognized by restricted drivers thingy. Since I don't have wired I can't download the wireless driver. I have a usb stick I could use to transfer it, but I need to know what to download first ... Any prior experience with that?04:26
kgunpowdersanduz2 if it works I won't be back.04:26
Jordan_Uvirtue: There are two different clocks, the real time clock which is used for pausing for X number of miliseconds, to keep a program running at a given speed, and the calender clock which keeps the date and time.04:27
BOZZYErrr... I got a quick question here too :)04:27
zacstoneizinucs: ok i'll reboot into ubuntu. i'll be right back04:27
ActionParsnipBOZZY: ask away, no need to announce first :)04:27
Jordan_Uvirtue: One can be working correctly while the other is going too fast, and that appears to be what's happening.04:27
BOZZYHehe... So my question is if I am coming across a bug in 10.1004:27
wakeupstickyubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386 is the image file i burned04:27
wakeupsticky^ is that right?04:27
semitonesyes that's right04:27
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
semitoneswakeupsticky, what are you trying to do?04:28
ActionParsnipwakeupsticky: remember to MD5 test the ISO before burning it04:28
BOZZYWhenever I boot up into 10.10 I notice that my wallpaper (current one and default one) would appear tiled before I finally get to my desktop... Is this normal behaviour?>04:28
DanteKen8521: yes its a Linksys usb network adapter04:28
wakeupstickyi md5 tested it and it checked out. i'm trying to install ubuntu alongside windows04:28
ActionParsnipBOZZY: funnily enough I just answered this on launchpad: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/12917004:28
ActionParsnipwakeupsticky: good, many don't :)04:29
aezaerthHi the world!04:29
Ken8521Dante, plug the adapter in, give it a second to load, open a terminal, and type lsusb(thats a lowercase L).. hit enter, and find the wireless device in the output04:29
aezaerthI asked a quick question. If you want to export the history of your clipboard (like Parcellite) how would you? The purpose of the maneuver is to copy full link without a switcher from a window to another (Web / Notepad) and have a whole series of linked web column04:29
Dantehow do i open a terminal?04:29
aocoderHowdy! I tried to install something, but instead broke Synpatic. I'm not really sure what I should do... error message follows; what should my next step be? It seems like I have a blank sources.list.04:29
aocoderE: Type 'wget' is not known on line 55 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list04:29
ActionParsnipDante: CTRL+ALT+T04:29
aocoderE: The list of sources could not be read.04:29
Jordan_U!terminal | Dante04:30
aocoderGo to the repository dialog to correct the problem.04:30
ubottuDante: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:30
aocoderE: _cache->open() failed, please report.04:30
FloodBot1aocoder: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:30
wakeupstickyshould i try re-burning the file?04:30
virtueJordan_U: That makes sense. Any ideas on how to access the clock that programs run on?04:30
semitoneswakeupsticky, what happened when you booted from cd?04:30
ssbrI want to install Wine without having internet on the computer I'm installing it on. How would I do this?04:30
BOZZYHehe... That was actually my question ActionParsnip04:30
aphidSince upgrading to 10.10, after authenticating I get an empty desktop background and a mouse cursor but nothing to click...04:30
ActionParsnipaocoder: can you give the output of: cat /etc/apt/sources.list | head -n 55 | tail -n 1      thanks, don't paste like that either please04:30
BOZZYthanks for answering my question :)04:30
ActionParsnipBOZZY: zing!04:30
Jordan_Uvirtue: No, you might want to ask in ##hardware.04:30
wakeupstickywhen i booted from cd i got the screen with "ubuntu" and the five white dots (turning red) for about five minutes (literally). then ubuntu just started up, but "Starting file manager" windows kept popping up over and over (but just in the taskbar)04:30
wakeupstickyfirefox worked for a minute but then kept crashing04:31
zacstone_izinucs: how do i know if i'm on kdm or kde?04:31
aocoderActionParsnip, sorry about the pasting04:31
izinucszacstone_: kdm is kde.. like gdm is gnome..04:31
DanteKen: alright i hout which usb it is in what do i do with it?04:32
Dantei found out*04:32
semitoneswakeupsticky, hmm... what kind of computer is it?04:32
zacstone_izinucs: so i'm on gdm if i'm on ubuntu?04:32
blakkheimActionParsnip: why cat | head when you can just head file04:32
ActionParsnipssbr: you will need to grab all the dependancies from the web, you could start with wine then see what the packages moan about, then go grab that package and so on, very messy04:32
Ken8521Dante, you found out what?04:32
wakeupstickyacer aspire04:32
izinucszacstone_: yes.. unless you're on kubuntu.. but you should have to stop X to make the change04:32
ssbrActionParsnip: Oh. Well. The other part is that strictly speaking I haven't installed ubuntu yet, either04:32
ActionParsnipblakkheim: true but it's what came to mind so I flew with it04:32
AshyIsMeis there an ubuntu package for vim 7.3 somewhere?04:33
AshyIsMei cant seem to find one in synaptic04:33
semitoneswakeupsticky, usually when you boot from the cd04:33
semitoneswakeupsticky, you get a splash screen asking if you want to try ubuntu, run a memory test, etc.04:33
Danteon the terminal it came up with the devices pluged in to each usb is that all i was suppose to get?04:33
aocoderActionParsnip: "cat: /etc/apt/sources.list: No such file or directory"04:33
blakkheimAshyIsMe: ubuntu usually has outdated packages, if the "vim" package is too old then you should compile it yourself04:33
ActionParsnipAshyIsMe: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=155828804:33
blakkheim!info vim04:33
wakeupstickyi'm going to reburn the image onto a dvd-r04:33
ubottuvim (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor. In component main, is optional. Version 2:7.2.330-1ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 836 kB, installed size 1656 kB04:33
semitoneswakeupsticky, and when you "try ubuntu," it gives you a chance to install later on.04:33
semitoneswakeupsticky, so I'd try doing that again, and have IRC open while you do it if you can04:34
AshyIsMeblakkheim, fair enough, guess im getting lazy in my old age04:34
Ken8521!who | Dante04:34
ubottuDante: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:34
HOLOGRAPHICpizzaDoes anyone know if the Alternate Install CD for Maverick has an option for a command-line install? (no desktop environment)04:34
Ken8521Dante, yes... do you see your wireless device in the list?04:34
wakeupstickycan't have irc open while i try to boot, cause i only have one computer04:34
histoHOLOGRAPHICpizza: thats all it does04:34
blakkheim!mini > HOLOGRAPHICpizza04:34
ubottuHOLOGRAPHICpizza, please see my private message04:34
ActionParsnipaocoder: ok then use nautilus to open /etc/apt   find sources.list and open it, you must have that file as it not only relates to your error (there is a bad line 55) but it's also needed04:34
mikeruKen8521, fixed it04:34
wakeupstickybut i will have it open while i'm reburning and i'll come back after i try to boot again04:35
Ken8521mikeru, great04:35
izinucsHOLOGRAPHICpizza: nope.. server does04:35
mikeruKen8521, I guessed there was something wrong on my session, so I logged in04:35
mikeruthe touchpad got disabled04:35
mikeruKen8521, so I started gnome-do with windows+R04:35
Tac_Homeso, I have 10.10 on my netbook and now I am having trouble with my attached monitor.  The settings window shows everything correctly, but my netbook screen is blank, and I just have a netbook sized portion of my LCD active, and showing what I'd normally see on just the netbook screen.... any thoughts?04:35
semitoneswakeupsticky: ok. You might also like to grab the -alternate cd image while you're at it.04:35
mikeruwent to desktop/gnome/peripherals/touchpad04:35
mikeruand touchpad_enabled was disabled04:36
jadariteJordan, in UNetbootin, what do I choose to install edubuntu 10.10?  They have several options for ubuntu 10.10 but nothing for edubuntu04:36
wakeupstickyis that an image to try if the normal one doesn't work properly?04:36
Kibamy bootloader is broke04:36
semitoneswakeupsticky, exactly04:36
ActionParsnipTac_Home: try the shortcut key to modify the display, possibly some F-key + fn04:36
kgunpowderI'm back.04:36
kgunpowderAlt+F1 was only a second route to the problem.04:36
DanteKen: yea i says linksys for one of the devices04:36
HOLOGRAPHICpizzaizinucs: I remember the old alternate CDs did, I don't want to have a sever kernel though, which is why I don't just use the server edition.04:36
jadariteIn UNetbootin, what do I choose to install edubuntu 10.10?  They have several options for ubuntu 10.10 but nothing for edubuntu04:37
Ken8521jadarite, have you already dowbnloaded the isO?04:37
histojadarite: edubuntu-desktop04:37
jadariteken, yes04:37
izinucsHOLOGRAPHICpizza: so once installed install the kernel you want and uninstlal the server kernel :)04:37
ActionParsnipKen8521: if you run: sudo lshw -C network   you will see the chip it uses (the make is moot) and can websearch on how to make that chip work04:37
histojadarite: nvm ignore me04:37
Ken8521ActionParsnip, lsusb should show the same thing04:37
Kibamy boatloader is broke04:38
ActionParsnipKen8521: no, it shows different stuff, although the 8 character hex ID is also useful for finding guides04:38
kgunpowderI still get a sound that's akin to three sixteenth-notes on a drum of some sort, but my monitor always goes to sleep.04:38
Kibaand I forgot my window password :(04:38
HOLOGRAPHICpizzaizinucs: That's a pain in the butt but I guess I'll do it anyway. :/ lol04:38
jadariteI have both ubuntu 10.10 and edubuntu 10.10.  I don't know the answer to either.  I just see live and net listed04:38
Kibagrub is broke :(04:38
Ken8521jadarite, if you've already downloaded it.. click the option below.. and use the button beside it to navigate to the ISO you downloaded04:38
ActionParsnipKiba: can you expand on "broke", it doesn't tell us anything at all04:38
KibaActionParsnip: I cannot boot into linux04:38
Kibathere is no options04:38
jadariteken, WHAT OPTION BELOW?  BELOW WHAT?  I am confused04:39
wakeupstickyi think maybe i stopped the burn process prematurely last time04:39
wakeupstickyit just popped the cd out but then sucked it back in04:39
Tac_HomeActionParsnip, I don't get what you're asking me to do....04:39
ActionParsnipKiba: ok and what actually happens when you try to boot, what happens onscreen....04:39
histoKiba: doyou still have the instal cd?04:39
wakeupstickyi think i took it out at this point last time04:39
Kibaboot me into a grub terminal04:39
wakeupstickybut it's doing something else now04:39
Kibahisto: can't install via CD04:39
Kibadoesn't even have a CD drive04:39
=== Pilif12p is now known as Pilif12p|afk
RabidLockerGnomeman, this is disheartening. There is not one snd-hda-intel model that works, not one setting that helps. My laptop will not output sound no matter what, unless its going through HDMI. major wtf04:39
histoRabidLockerGnome: its a bug04:40
RabidLockerGnomeand how do i work around it histo ?04:40
semitonesActionParsnip, this may be of interest to someone you were helping: http://www.planetoss.com/detail.php?id=1304:40
histoRabidLockerGnome: there is a fix you can isntall let me get the buglink04:40
aocoderActionParsnip:line 55 =  wget -q http://repository.glx-dock.org/cairo-dock.gpg -0-04:40
kgunpowderI've installed it, but I can't get any visual on Ubuntu at all.  Alt+F1 hasn't helped, it only leads to the same problem.04:40
kgunpowderUsing 10.1004:40
histoRabidLockerGnome: what type of machine do you have04:40
RabidLockerGnomeAcer Aspire 7736Z04:40
ActionParsnipTac_Home: look at your keyboard and you will most likely have one labelled 'Fn' in the bottom left, if you look at the F-keys (F1, F2, F3 etc) you may see a little image of a monitor, maybe with an arrow. it varys from system to system so I cannot describe it exactly, if you press them together it should switch the vga output mode and show a split view or a cloned view and such04:40
CSSnubI'm getting a gconf error when I try to run firefox: http://paste.ubuntu.com/512100/04:40
histoRabidLockerGnome: yeap04:40
Ken8521RabidLockerGnome, what was your codec output?04:41
CSSnubAs near as I can tell I don't have gconf04:41
histoKen8521: its a bug04:41
Kibashit shit shit04:41
CSSnuband I don't have any lock files04:41
[Hypnotoad]13 critical updates in Windoze update.04:41
DanteKen: what do I do now? I have a terminal up with the devices in each usb04:41
Ken8521histo, i know... had the same prob on my laptop04:41
Kibacan't access window since I forgot password, no USB drive, etc04:41
histoKen8521: well there is a fix someone made04:41
KibaI am in the worst position04:41
Ken8521Dante, if you're going to say my name, say all of it, otherwise, it doesn't alert me you're talking to me.. and w/ 1600 people here, i don't read every line04:41
Kibaunless I can fix it in grub04:41
Gisellehello all, i need help, someone can tell me how install HideMyIP 2009 in ubuntu please04:41
Ken8521Dante, what chipset is it?04:41
semitoneskgunpowder, did you try ctrl-alt-f1?04:41
ActionParsnipaocoder: thats why, that is a command, not an entry in the sources file. If you run:  gksudo gedit     then open the file then you will have write access and can delete the line, save the new file then run: sudo apt-get update04:41
kgunpowderNo, may I ask what that would do?04:42
Ken8521histo, yeah, adding something to alsa-conf?.. thats what i did, worked on mine04:42
semitoneskgunpowder, that command switches you to a virtual console, which is like a terminal that lets you imput commands.04:42
histoKen8521: different issue different card04:42
CSSnubShould I install gconf?04:42
histoRabidLockerGnome: bug #61764704:42
Ken8521hmm, i thougth he said intel04:42
histoRabidLockerGnome: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/61764704:42
kgunpowdersemitones, what commands do I input? I've no experience with Ubuntu04:42
semitoneskgunpowder, sometimes those are working when graphics aren't working for whatever reason04:42
histoRabidLockerGnome: basically install dkms and the deb that the one guy links at near the bottom04:43
semitoneskgunpowder, lets do it one step at a time :) first see if that works.04:43
DanteKen8521: how do i tell? it doesnt say in the terminal and the only thing i can say is that it was made 12/200704:43
aocoderActionParsnip - okay, that makes sense04:43
ActionParsnipKiba: make a bootable usb using a different system and you can reinstall grub. I am not conversant with grub but you CAN boot if you type certain commands at the prompt04:43
aocoderActionParsnip: thanks04:43
RabidLockerGnomehisto, excellent, thanks04:43
histoRabidLockerGnome: its a problem with the detection of the card. Problem is across architecture and distros it's a problem with the 2.6.35 kernel04:43
kgunpowdersemitones I'm booting to it, other than that (which takes a little bit) is there another way to do this side-by-side?04:43
histoRabidLockerGnome: please mark the bug as effecting you also04:43
RabidLockerGnomehisto: what an annoyance!04:43
Ken8521Dante, try this in a terminal see if it tells you more.. sudo lshw -C network04:43
ActionParsnipaocoder: you need gksudo to run gedit with elevated access, just opening the file only opens it as user whic doesn't have write access the file04:43
histoRabidLockerGnome: yeah its not a problem on anything running earlier kernels like 2.6.3204:43
semitoneskgunpowder, is your problem that you can't see anything when you boot up ubuntu?04:44
Chaos2358can some one help me? i found a way to install yahoo messenger on ubuntu on http://www.technixupdate.com/download-yahoo-messenger-for-ubuntu-linux-with-webcam-voice-chat-photo-sharing-support/ but my terminal cannot find libssl0.9.6" any ideas????04:44
grub2sucksJordan_U: Hmmm  It looks like I have grub2 installed on my ubuntu partition, and grub 0.97 on my windows partition.  Is that a problem?04:44
ActionParsnipChaos2358: which release?04:44
kgunpowdersemitones yes, I get a welcome sound (three beats on a drum) and my monitor goes to sleep shortly beforehand.  After that, I'm screwed.04:44
Tac_HomeActionParsnip, Nothing happened good... aside from now whenever I type it switches monitor configurations on it's own.....04:44
RabidLockerGnomeNow if only my computer wouldn't slow to a crawl when I tried to use HDMI, i'd be set!04:44
ActionParsnip!info libssl lucid04:44
semitoneskgunpowder, funny story, that happened to me the very first time I tried ubuntu, 4 years ago :)04:44
ubottuPackage libssl does not exist in lucid04:45
sin_taxWhat's a good size for an ubuntu partition on a dual boot system (128GB primary HDD)04:45
sin_tax30GB? 20?04:45
kgunpowdersemitones, great, then you should know the answer?04:45
histosin_tax: yeah04:45
hmmmmmmmmi'm having the wonderful ubuntu black screen problem, if anyone can help me, that'd be greate ...adding nomodeset to grub on bootup doesn't work for me either : (04:45
ActionParsnipsin_tax: the system partition can be 10Gb and be very happy, use the rest for swap and /home04:45
Chaos2358ActionParsnip wow that really sucks. thank you though04:45
histosin_tax: I split my drive in half when I was dual booting back in teh day but it's really up to you.04:45
izinucssin_tax: safe side 3 partitions.. root "/" 8-12 gigs.... swap 1-2gigs... /home the rest (it's where your data lives)04:45
ActionParsnipChaos2358: its in there dude, sec04:45
goo__ActionParsnip: libssl-dev ?04:46
Chaos2358ActionParsnip oh ok cool04:46
sin_taxdo I need swap with 8GB of RAM and SSD?04:46
semitoneskgunpowder, I know what my answer was, for ubuntu 4 years ago :P04:46
sin_taxAlso, is EXT4 fine for SSD?04:46
DanteKen8521: which part are you asking for from what came up? it looks like it looking at the ethernet port and not the usb04:46
kgunpowdersemitones, ?04:46
semitoneskgunpowder, but I can show you what I did. What kind of monitor and graphics card are you using?04:46
UbuntuLilyI have Maverick and for some reason everytime I reboot i lose my nvidia video settings (keeps reverting to 800x600 but I want to use 1024 x 768)04:46
Ken8521!wireless | Dante04:46
ubottuDante: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:46
UbuntuLilyAnyone have an idea how to deal with this?04:46
Ken8521Dante, i don't think i'm gonna be able to help you, maybe you'll havve some luck w/ that04:47
ActionParsnipsin_tax: shouldnt do04:47
izinucsUbuntuLily: start nvidia-settings from terminal using sudo and save the changes to xorg.conf..(it's an option)04:47
ActionParsnip!info libssl0.9.8 | Chaos235804:47
ubottuChaos2358: libssl0.9.8 (source: openssl): SSL shared libraries. In component main, is important. Version 0.9.8o-1ubuntu4.1 (maverick), package size 845 kB, installed size 1844 kB04:47
kgunpowdersemitones, I'm using an old HP with some nVidia chip set and an HP monitor04:47
sin_taxActionParsnip, shouldn't do what? sorry..04:47
ActionParsnipChaos2358: you may need to symlink the file to libssl0.9.7 in /lib04:47
kgunpowdersemitones excuse me while I get the specs04:47
hmmmmmmmmizinucs: any idea how to handle the black screen on bootup? have m33004:47
ActionParsnipsin_tax: shouldn't need swap, whats the PC for?04:48
chris8Hey room... got a newer tower and wondering about connecting my old tower in some sort of LAN or cluster to maximize efficiency... is this worth it? Mosix?04:48
Giselle!wireless | Giselle04:48
Chaos2358actionparsnip great thanks04:48
ubottuGiselle, please see my private message04:48
semitoneskgunpowder, ok, you may need to have those handy :)04:48
izinucshmmmmmmmm: did you build the computer? or does it have a gforce motherboard that might be 2 years old?04:48
sin_taxActionParsnip, everything, it is my main desktop04:48
hmmmmmmmmizinucs: brand new sony vaio f series (new as of May 10)04:48
ActionParsnipsin_tax: yes, but what activities do you do?04:48
izinucshmmmmmmmm: gforce motherboard chipset that is.. not specifically a gforce board04:48
kgunpowdersemitones, I'm using an NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE chipset with about 800mb of vram on a 1280 * 1024 resolution04:49
zhengshiGoogle Desktop or Beagle ? Which is better?04:49
kgunpowdersemitones using an HP f1905e monitor04:49
ActionParsnipsin_tax: 3D modelling, music mixing and mastering, sound composin, cad, dtp, chat, compiling.....04:49
RabidLockerGnomehisto: its working now. Thanks!!!!!!!!04:49
ActionParsnipzhengshi: neither is better, nor worse04:49
sin_taxGraphic design, light gaming, programming, IRC, lots of browsing04:49
UbuntuLilyHere?    /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:49
aphidsince updating to 10.10, after I authenticate all I get is a blank desktop-background artsy abstract graphic and a cursor.. but I can't do anything04:49
ActionParsnipsin_tax: should be fine04:49
semitoneskgunpowder, alright great. We may have to look up some specs about that monitor later, but right now lets see if we can get that virtual terminal working04:49
AndChathow do i entwr my wpa password in text mode?04:50
izinucshmmmmmmmm: could be many things.. maybe turn off acpi on the kernel line.. pci=nomsi on the kernel line... plymouth (boot splash screen) messing up.. nvidia bug.. hard to tell.04:50
ActionParsnipzhengshi: a better implies a best which simply doesn't exist. Use both for a while and see which YOU like04:50
=== Aaron5367 is now known as Aaron5367|detach
DanteKen8521: If i have a driver for it for linux how can I install it?04:50
KibaI can't boot :(04:50
Ken8521Dante, well it depends on the driver.04:50
Ken8521Dante, install it per the instructions04:50
ActionParsnipKiba: i'd put more text than that in your question like the stuff I had to get out of you earlier, people are more likely to reply04:51
DanteKen8521: the only instructions i have is the ones from here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=53077204:51
KibaActionParsnip: well, I am dropped into grub rescue prompt04:51
Ken8521Dante, ok, so follow those.04:51
* Kiba is in general panic04:51
mattcodesanyone suggest a password manager (for outside of browser) - should have sync ability or at least be dropbox compatible?04:51
sin_taxThe 10.10 installer is very slick, I like that it starts the file loading while you do timezone, etc.04:51
DanteKen8521: I was trying to get to that but the folders werent there04:51
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
ActionParsnipKiba: yes you told me earlier, but if you must repeat then if you give some details right off the bat then you will most likely be helped more04:52
kgunpowdersemitones, you there?04:52
KibaActionParsnip: what information do you want?04:52
semitonesstill here04:52
chris8Hey room... wondering about creating a LAN or cluster with my old tower and my newer one... is this worth it? Mosix?04:52
RabidLockerGnomeBig problem #2: Ubuntu is becoming totally unresponsive when I plug in HDMI. The second I unplug it, it's fine. Any ideas???04:53
Chaos2358 ok one more question. is ubuntu 10.04 "Debian Sid" or "Debian Woody"??04:53
ActionParsnipKiba: no, when you type a question in here add detail. Instead of "My system won't boot" you could try adding at least some details. You will get more help04:53
Ken8521Chaos2358, ? neither? it's ubuntu 10.0404:53
KibaActionParsnip: I am using wubi ubuntu04:53
semitoneskgunpowder, after you hear the login drums, try going into the virtual terminal by pressing 'ctrl-alt-f1'04:53
Kibaand recently upgraded to 10.1004:53
ActionParsnipKiba: my suggestion is to use a different PC to make a bootable USB device / SD card and boot that, or websearch how to give raw commands to grub to make it boot04:53
izinucsRabidLockerGnome: research xrandr.. it will help redirect video output to the hdmi04:54
Kibawhich um...created a mess out of grub04:54
ActionParsnipKiba: oh dear, wubi really sucks04:54
kgunpowdersemitones I'll give that a shot, this will take me about five minutes or so to boot my PC about three times. So don't leave me here.04:54
Chaos2358Ken8521 ok sorry for the dumb question i didn't know as i'm only three weeks into using linux/ubuntu04:54
ActionParsnipKiba: may help: http://calamari.wordpress.com/2009/12/01/fixing-a-broken-wubi-grub-after-ubuntu-updates/04:54
Ken8521Chaos2358, well what exactly are you trying to download?... you should really try to use the package manager04:54
semitoneskgunpowder, alright i'll be here04:54
KibaActionParsnip: the only problem is that I forgot my window password :(04:55
ActionParsnipKiba: ask about that in ##windows then04:55
DanteHow do I log in as root?04:55
Chaos2358Ken8521 package manager doesnt have what i'm looking for. http://www.technixupdate.com/download-yahoo-messenger-for-ubuntu-linux-with-webcam-voice-chat-photo-sharing-support/ it's supposed to be yahoo messenger04:55
ActionParsnipDante: you don't04:55
ActionParsnip!noroot | Dante04:55
ubottuDante: We do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.04:55
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:56
ActionParsnipDante: you dont need to either, you are a member of admin so you can use sudo and gksudo to get admin access04:56
RabidLockerGnomeizinucs: Thanks!04:56
semitonesum guys, do you know if dkpg-reconfigure xservers-xorg is still a viable command for manually configuring graphics?04:56
ActionParsnipDante: it makes the system a whole tonne more secure04:56
izinucsRabidLockerGnome: work?04:56
RabidLockerGnomegoogling now, izinucs04:56
ActionParsnipsemitones: not anymore, not since gutsy I believe04:56
izinucsRabidLockerGnome: good luck..04:56
Ken8521Chaos2358, hmm, i guess if i was gonna try one of those, I'd try the Jaunty package04:56
RabidLockerGnomeizinucs: Thanks again.04:57
chris8Hi room... can anyone give me some advice on combining towers? is it worth it? what program to use? Mosix?04:57
Chaos2358Ken8521 ok thank you04:57
izinucsRabidLockerGnome: np :)04:57
Ken8521Chaos2358, hang on a sec...04:57
semitonesActionParsnip, ok, in that case, what should I do to help someone who hears the login drums but doesn't see any picture?04:57
Chaos2358Ken8521 ok04:57
ActionParsnipsemitones: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-ubuntu-10-04-lts-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup.html04:58
izinucssemitones: drop to a tty (ctrl+alt+F2).. log in .. and do a full update with .. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ..04:58
ActionParsnipchris8: can you expand on "combining towers" please04:58
izinucssemitones: then .. sudo reboot now ..04:58
Ken8521Chaos2358, hmm, seems the jaunty packages ar emissing.04:58
semitonesizinucs, how much will that help if they're using 10.10?04:59
chris8Action: through a LAN or cluster... apparently Mosix is one of a few different programs that can sync up different nodes in a cluster04:59
semitonesActionParsnip, thanks :)04:59
Chaos2358Ken8521 so i'm guessing there is going to be no way i can get yahoo voice and video chat on ubuntu then04:59
Ken8521Chaos2358, there has to be an ubuntu package around somewhere04:59
izinucssemitones: dist-upgrade doesn't upgrade to the next release.. just upgrades current packages to more recent ones if they are available.04:59
mattcodesI have ~/Dropbox/Books , how I can add this to gnome file manager shortcuts so I dont have to find the folder everytime I want to save this this directory?05:00
obj-cWhat's the objective C channel on freenode05:00
Chaos2358Ken8521 Reason it's so important is my brother and alot of my old squad are still in afghan and all use yahoo vid chat05:00
izinucssemitones: it's the first think I do to make sure the system is up to date05:00
semitonesizinucs, ok05:00
Ken8521Chaos2358, yeah, i understand05:00
DavyCavehello all05:01
chris8ActionParsnip: guess i'm looking for feedback on running a micro-cluster: forseeable problems and a measure of utility05:01
Chaos2358Ken8521 i've been searching for two weeks and thats all i can find though. any ideas on where else to look?05:01
DavyCavecan you run an Nvidia 8600GT and a Radeon HD card together on ubuntu 10.04 with full driver support?05:01
Aemaethwhy does xchat for windows ask for $20?05:01
semitoneskgunpowder, are you here now?05:01
grub2sucksJordan_U: that worked, thanks!05:01
kgunpowdersemitones, if I press the said keys BEFORE the drums (ie: at a three choice boot selection screen) I get the same as I would in the recovery option, but it only scrolls down as far as kernel_thread_helper or something. AFTER the drums, nothing happens at all.05:01
ActionParsnipchris8: may help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSP-Cluster05:02
Ken8521Chaos2358, https://launchpad.net/~loell/+archive/ppa05:02
chris8ActionParsnip: Thanks man! Take it easy!05:02
semitoneskgunpowder, ok... hmm... try ctrl-alt-f2, ctrl alt-f3, etc... and see if any of those will give you a virtual terminal and a place to login05:02
izinucsDavyCave: as long as you hand write the xorg.conf file.. suggestion.. put one card in. install drivers and with nvidia-settings you can get it to write it's info to xorg.conf.. then install the ati and do the same.. combine the two in the correct fashion and you should be good to go.. it won't be easy though..05:03
Danteis there a default password for su?05:03
semitoneskgunpowder, are you running ubuntu from the live cd by the way?05:03
Aemaethmattcodes, can you drag the directory to the bar on the left side of nautilus?05:03
Chaos2358Ken8521 ok i'm not exactlly sure what that is?05:03
Ken8521Dante, stop using SU05:03
mattcodesAemaeth will try now05:03
ActionParsnipDante: no, you can use: sudo -i    and get a root terminal05:03
Ken8521Chaos2358, PPA repository for gyachi...05:03
kgunpowderThis terminal would look like? Semitones I downloaded 10.10 onto a CD , wouldn't work, so by putting the CD in while running win7, it prompted for an installation apart from the win7 OS, so I took that option.05:03
Chaos2358ken8521 ok i just saw the gyachi at the bottom05:04
chris8ActionParsnip: hmmm... not too sure if tha's what I'm looking for... the clusters don't have servers05:04
histoHow do you upgrade 10.04 to 10.10 from cd?05:04
ActionParsnipDante: there is no root password and the account is disabled. I can't be any clearer05:04
mattcodesAemeath, FFS, it was that simple :) thanks05:04
DavyCave izinucs: thanks for the input. Yea its never easy :-\05:04
Chaos2358Ken8521 thank you so much. you seriouslly dont know how much that means05:04
virtueJordan_U: Thanks. I adjusted this internal clock via appending "noapic acpi=off" to the grub boot entry for this OS.05:04
DanteKen8521: How do you install NDISWrapper05:04
Aemaethmattcodes, i also use dropbox, and i moved a shortcut to the entire dropbox folder to there on nautilus, so that should help you out05:04
Ken8521Chaos2358, no problem05:04
Aemaethmattcodes, great05:04
ActionParsnipchris8: you can run the system on desktop systems, you will just have X taking up various amounts of ram and cpu05:05
hmmmmmmmmizinucs: i think this may help, http://code.google.com/p/vaio-f11-linux/wiki/NVIDIASetup however, don't have anything in the proc folder ... any ideas?  thanks btw05:05
Aemaeththat link should also make one in your "places" bar on top, but doesn't always show up in every program05:05
semitoneskgunpowder, ok, so when you boot up, do you have a bootloader that lets you choose between windows and ubuntu?05:05
ActionParsnipchris8: http://fghaas.wordpress.com/2010/05/03/ubuntu-10-04-with-full-cluster-stack-support/05:05
NetUserhey guys i have a e1550 i did the mode switch and everything worked fine for about 2 hours, now ever time i plug in my device i get the message network dissconnected, even before i try and connect to the network and the internet has stop working05:05
NetUserany ideas?05:05
chris8ActionParsnip: gah! totally! thanks!05:05
kgunpowdersemitones, yes, then on the choice of ubuntu I have three other options, normal, recovery, or back to square one05:05
ActionParsnipchris8: a server is simply a system offering services to other systems05:05
izinucshmmmmmmmm: the post says it all.05:06
semitoneskgunpowder, ok... well the virtual terminal would look something like a DOS interface -- just white/gray text on a black screen05:06
chris8ActionParsnip: i thought in a cluster that all the nodes were "equal"05:06
ActionParsnipchris8: true, afaik05:06
kgunpowdersemitones, anything to put into that?05:06
mattcodesclipboard manager? on windoze I use arsclips which stores the last 10 entries, i can do ctrl+alt+z (1..10) and see last ten, recommendation/05:06
histough you can't upgrade from desktop cd05:06
semitoneskgunpowder, possibly :D first lets see if you can get one05:06
chris8ActionParsnip: so does one fuction as a server? or do they all do a little bit? :P05:07
semitoneskgunpowder, if not, ActionParsnip found me a link that will help: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-ubuntu-10-04-lts-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup.html05:07
kgunpowdersemitones, ....taking me step by step I may be new to ubuntu, but not to software! *leaves to do as is told*05:07
chris8ActionParsnip: thanks for the headsup and the directions! i'm outtie!05:07
Doc1987I have a aspire 1 532h netbook that had bluetooth capablities when I had windows installed. Now with ubuntu netbook the computer tells me that I don't have a bluetooth adapter installed.05:07
etyrnal_how do i create a user who can NOT change their password using the GIU?05:07
Aemaethmattcodes, screenlets has something like that, and another more native approach i can't remember just now05:08
blakkheimwhy would you do that to your poor user :(05:08
etyrnal_i am a parent05:08
sin_taxIs there any reason to install 10.04 x64 instead of 10.10 or should I got ahead with maverick?05:08
kgunpowdersemitones, save that, I'm going to try one solution at a time.05:08
kgunpowderbrb semitones05:08
blakkheimetyrnal_: you can always reset it as root05:08
semitoneskgunpowder, gotcha, good luck05:08
blakkheimetyrnal_: or even have a cron job that resets it every night05:09
etyrnal_i don't want to have to05:09
semitonesoh snap05:09
semitonesI didn't realize he couldn't do it at the same time as irc...05:09
killawat-313is enlightenment considered a desktop environment or a windows manager?05:09
blakkheimkillawat-313: a window manager05:09
etyrnal_How do i set a user up so that their password can not e changed?05:10
etyrnal_(by the user that is)05:10
ActionParsnipkillawat-313: sounds like a WM to me: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Enlightenment05:10
Aemaethmattcodes, the screenlet thing i'm talking about is called "Copystack" within that program, but i KNOW there's one that you can put just by your clock, someone else in the room will probably know it05:11
killawat-313so then i would need to install it over and environment right?05:11
etyrnal_another reason, is because it's a shared account...  a family account...  and i do not want child A being able to accidentally/purposefully change the password05:11
mattcodesAemaeth will take a look thanks05:11
etyrnal_and i don't see why i should have to pass my request for help past an evaluation just to get help?05:11
blakkheimkillawat-313: it usually runs standalone05:12
beilabsjust installed redis on ubuntu 10.04.....server is started, when I go to the web console on http://localhost:6379/ I get -ERR wrong number of arguments-ERR unknown command a number of times, any tips?05:12
Aemaethmattcodes, the only reason you wouldn't like the screenlets is 1) it puts it on the desktop  2) it takes a whole nother program just to run05:12
killawat-313ok thanks05:12
etyrnal_so, is there a way to set a user's password, and then make it so that user can not change the password?05:12
blakkheim!repeat | etyrnal_05:12
ubottuetyrnal_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com05:12
troy-if a virtual machine is whole disk encrypted setup in an LVM container - how can i mount the /boot partition without decrypting?05:12
ActionParsnipkillawat-313: it may be able to stand on its own, fluxbox and openbox can do this but from that wiki it sounds like it needs a DE. I've not used E before though05:12
mattcodesone more question is there an alt+tab (fast) between apps running in different windows, I know I have winkey+A which is pretty fast but quick switching between a and b a global alt+tab?05:13
etyrnal_i love how people will question my motives for asking for help, but then won't help05:13
meeehow do i install a game thats on a disc?05:13
blakkheimmeee: is it a linux game?05:13
Aemaethmattcodes, if you're using compiz, there's all sorts of bindings you can make to do different things, if you are and want more info just ask05:14
izinucsetyrnal_: not sure exactly how but it has to do with what group the user belongs to..05:14
spotterupdated to maverick, ssh doesn't come up on boot05:14
meee<blakkheim> its CSS05:14
spotterthis is annoyting as it's a headless box05:14
spottercan blindly login as root w/ keyboard attached and start /etc/init.d/ssh start05:14
Gneaspotter: was sshd selected during installation?05:14
spotterbut upstart isn't starting it05:14
spotterGnea, upgrade from lucid to maverick05:14
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etyrnal_izinucs: thanks!  a least that's a start...  so You are saying, that as far as You know, it is/may be possible tho?05:14
Digital_1No don't05:15
Digital_1Maverick is bumpy05:15
Gneaspotter: weird. did you check to make sure it's in the runlevels?05:15
zhengshi_chrome 8.0!05:15
Digital_1LTS ftw05:15
meee<blakkheim> ya i think so05:15
doc1987_can anyone help me with a bluetooth issue im having with ubuntu netbook05:15
ActionParsnipspotter: log a bug and you can add the command in /etc/rc.local   as a hacky workaround (or mess with the bootup if you wish)05:15
spotterGnea, it was uninstalled from /etc/rc2.d05:15
izinucsetyrnal_: I know it's possible.. user settings are very flexable05:15
mattcodesi see there is a compiz process running, im on 10.04 ubuntu (gnome) pretty default setup at the moment?05:15
Gneaspotter: why?05:15
spotterI have no idea05:15
spotterI manually update-rc.d it into place05:15
spotterthen dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server05:15
Digital_1Anyone get Gwibber to work with Facebook?05:15
spotterand it was removed again05:15
ActionParsnipspotter: log a bug05:15
semitonesDigital_1, yep05:15
Prohibitedhello =P05:15
Gneaspotter: I would just update-rc.d it and leave it at that05:16
Pinnamaverick is bumpy and i'm jumpy for natty.05:16
Gneaspotter: and file a bug while you're at it05:16
etyrnal_izinucs: thanks -- that right there is a big help - no i know where to start looking - much appreciated05:16
izinucsetyrnal_: good luck.. nice project05:16
Digital_1@semitones Mine just has an authorize button and it does authorize but afterwards  I can't find anything to actually add the account.  Did you have any such troubles with yours?05:16
etyrnal_so maybe create a group, put that user in it, and then set that group to be unable to change it's pw -- essentially, right?05:16
spotterGnea, not a "bug"05:16
spotterfrom it's postinst05:16
spotteremove_old_init_links() {05:16
spotterit actively does this05:16
FloodBot1spotter: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:16
Gneaspotter: if it's not working like it's supposed to be working, it's got a bug05:17
sacarlsonspotter: you can just make a work around untill you find the real problem.  setup a cron @reboot to start a script that waits 30 secounds before it starts it.  I asume it tries to start before the networks is up05:17
spotterbut its doing what it means to do05:17
Aemaethmattcodes, alright then, you can install the "compizconfig-settings-manager" and "fusion-icon"  and then open in applications > system tools > the fusion icon for compiz05:17
izinucsetyrnal_: maybe.. but more like remove membership in the group that allows password changes.05:17
doc1987_can anyone help me with a bluetooth issue im having with ubuntu netbook05:17
kgunpowdersemitones, I'm on, this has worked so far.05:17
zhengshi_Will Firefox 4.0 enter 10.10 ?05:17
ActionParsnip!details | doc1987_05:17
ubottudoc1987_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:17
mattcodeszhengshi, its not out of beta yet so unlikely05:17
ActionParsnipzhengshi_: if you add the mozilla ppa you can have it now05:17
Gneaspotter: right, but for a server, I would expect sshd to be working out of the box, particularly if I explicitly told it to be installed at install time05:18
etyrnal_hmm - the user is in a group named after their own name05:18
ActionParsnipetyrnal_: thats normal05:18
meeehow do i install an iso file05:18
izinucsetyrnal_: no.. there are several/many groups that a user belongs to "out of the box"05:18
zhengshi_I had.. But I doesn't feel it good..05:18
ActionParsnipetyrnal_: you will also notice the group ownership of $HOME is the username05:18
Aemaethmattcodes, i'm on a fresh install too, so we both need to do this..hah05:18
ActionParsnipmeee: you need to mount it then install whatever is inside05:18
sacarlsonspotter: or just modify the ssh-server script to wait some time after boot before it starts05:18
mattcodessudo meee, mount -o loop /home/me/download.iso /mount/mydownload05:18
mattcodesif mount/mydownload doesnt exist do mkdir -p /mount/mydownload05:19
etyrnal_ActionParsnip: i see that05:19
LowweAnyone know of some virtual machine software that will actually let me use my video card and install drivers for it?05:19
ActionParsnipmattcodes: meee: the mount point must exist (a mount point will be an empty folder)05:19
etyrnal_hmmm - not seeing a way to control groups, except for membership05:19
CSSnubHow do I reinstall gconf?05:19
meee<ActionParsnip> i mounted it and theres a lot of stuff inside05:19
izinucsLowwe: nope.. vm implies vm hardware05:19
ActionParsnipetyrnal_: why do you prefix stuff with 'hmmm'?05:19
ActionParsnipmeee: cool then do what you need to do with it05:20
mattcodesAeamoth, wow. sweet,  loads of things to tweet... :) thanks05:20
meee<ActionParsnip> what05:20
mattcodestweet -> tweak05:20
Jordan_ULowwe: What is your end goal?05:20
twinkie_addicti noticed like 5 errors when i loged in to cli seem update-notifier was not installed an cpu checker . i installed update-notifier and that fix erros05:20
Lowweizinucs: I was planning on having Ubuntu as my main OS, and run Windows in VM for games... I guess i'm screwed here?05:20
izinucsLowwe: because the guest doesn't see the actual hardware in the machine but the virtualized hardware provided by the vm software05:20
LowweJordan_U: ^05:20
AndChathow do i entwr my wpa password in text mode?05:20
meee<ActionParsnip> what do i do with it?05:20
lucentUSB stick creation is hosed due to syslinux incompatibilities, how lovely.05:20
tonysanhow do I execute command in existing desktop session with only cli?05:21
lucentAndChat: I'm not aware of a way to do this through network-manager and cli05:21
crankharderafter updating all of my packages (including grub), I rebooted and "the symbol grub_puts_ not found"  and I get a grub rescue prompt -- any ideas?05:21
ActionParsnipetyrnal_: you have an owner with some access, the group ownershi pwith access. You can change the group ownershi pto give different people access to the data, the last access is the rest of the world05:21
spotterbug filed05:21
Aemaethmattcodes, oh yea, my favorite are using the "shift switcher" bound to my left click button at the bottom of the screen to cycle windows in that immediate desktop, and right click for all workspaces,05:21
lucenttonysan: you need to set SCREEN environment variable05:21
izinucsLowwe: well.. 3d with virtualbox is still experimental.. so yea.. most likely05:21
ActionParsnipmeee: well I have no idea what file the iso relates to. "an ISO file" could be the iso of ANYTHING05:21
Jordan_ULowwe: You can enable 3D acceleration in VirtualBox, it just doesn't work the way you think / explained.05:21
meee<ActionParsnip> its diablo 205:21
izinucsLowwe: dual boot05:21
tonysanlucent: more hint? my vncserver is not working well...05:21
LowweHate dual boot05:21
ActionParsnipLowwe: you arent going to get full gaming in a VM05:22
lucenttonysan: trying to remember how to do it, hang on05:22
tonysanso I need a VNC-less solution05:22
ActionParsnipmeee: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=7405:22
joej323can anyone provide assistance with install of 10.10 desktop? I keep running into an initramfs error05:22
Jordan_Utonysan: DISPLAY=:0.0 some-command05:22
LowweActionParsnip: I've seen it done on a mac05:22
ActionParsnipmeee: it runs in wine05:22
_joeanyone else have trouble with maverick becoming "theme-less" after installing the binary nvidia drivers?05:22
izinucstonysan: remote X?05:22
ActionParsnipLowwe: tats mac, it has different support to linux05:22
etyrnal_ActionParsnip: can i do this through. /System/Administration/Users and Groups?05:23
ActionParsnipLowwe: we arent talking about mac here05:23
Aemaethmattcodes, with compiz you can make your system as pretty or as dull as you feel fits your needs, obviously a professional setting doesn't need fancy things but you show a non *nix user the cube and they're normally impressed,  although i love my sphere <305:23
ActionParsnipetyrnal_: if you like, sure05:23
lucenttonysan: I messed up, okay it's DISPLAY environment variable05:23
tioxFunny! I just watched something about WINE-based services online.05:23
LowweActionParsnip: I know, just stating the fact. It was a mac emulating windows05:23
FyreFoXhi is upgrading from 9.10 to 10.10 a supported path?05:23
spotteradding ssh to rc2.d didn't help05:23
spotterstill not coming up05:23
lucenttonysan: your first X11 session will be ':0' which is a shortcut for localhost:0 I think05:23
tonysanizinucs: well, I use windoze in my office...05:23
lucenttonysan: export DISPLAY=:0; gedit05:23
spotteroff to login again05:23
lucentthat would run gedit05:23
ActionParsnipLowwe: as far as I know you won't get great 3d performance in a VM under linux05:23
LowweActionParsnip: damn05:24
mattcodesAemaeth, probably just for shortcut setup for now although visual aids can definitely help productivity in many circumstances05:24
tioxCedega's the best option, paid, CodeWeavers makes CXGames, a good alternative that supports the WINE effort more than Cedega does. PlayOnLinux's free, and if you wanna be ambitious, just go nuts and get WINE.05:24
ActionParsnipLowwe: you could ask in ##vbox05:24
lucenttonysan: requires that your Xauthority file is created and that you have magic MIT cookies set up properly, which they may or may not be05:24
doc1987_im running ubuntu netbook version 10.04 and when i start up my bluetooth applet does not start. How do I get it to start up?05:24
meee<ActionParsnip> i already have the game mounted on my desktop05:24
izinucstonysan: remote X over ssh using putty on windows with gtk loaded.. I saw a post once about it after googling05:24
lucentdoc1987_: there's a switch to make it always display or only when connected, are you wanting that?05:24
ActionParsnipmeee: thats fine, launch the setup binary with wine05:24
mattcodesshortcut to restore a minimized app?05:24
meee<ActionParsnip> whats that05:25
ActionParsnip!wine | meee05:25
ubottumeee: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:25
FreshPrincei recently upgrade to  maverick.. is it normal that the font have changed?05:25
doc1987_lucent: im wanting it to always display05:25
lucentFreshPrince: I've heard reports that fonts are changed here and there, it's not "normal" but also it is well known05:25
Jordan_UFreshPrince: Yes, it's the new font made specifically for Ubuntu.05:25
ActionParsnipmattcodes: could use alt+tab05:25
FreshPrinceok cool :>05:25
AemaethFreshPrince, it changed for me from 10.0405:25
FreshPrincemine too yes05:25
FreshPrincewell it looks great05:26
lucentdoc1987_: okay, the way I would do it is different than the sane way05:26
tioxSince the frivolous questions are being asked now, I wanna know: Is there a way to rename the menus in Ubuntu?05:26
mattcodesActionParsnip, doh! of course... too much beer last night05:26
AemaethActionParsnip, now he can make alt-tab do all sorts of neat things :305:26
ActionParsnipizinucs: you'll need xming running for the app to stick to05:26
tonysanizinucs: cygwin/X is pretty old, and I have a very hard time configuring it.05:26
meee<ActionParsnip> i have wine and every time i try to run the setup.exe it tells me to insert disc05:26
Jordan_Utiox: Right click > Edit Menus05:26
lucentdoc1987_: sane way is System > Preferences > Bluetooth [x] Show Bluetooth icon05:26
jferhi i was wondering how to select what packages are installed using a preseed file for ubuntu server05:26
tioxNo no, the top-level menu names.05:26
spotterGnea, the strangest thing about this05:26
lucentdoc1987_: insane way is install 'dconf-tools' and run dconf-editor to edit the GSettings value manually05:27
spotterGnea, the strangest thing about this05:27
tioxLike, renaming Applications to Start for instance.05:27
ActionParsnipdoc1987_: simply add the command "bluetooth-applet" to your Sessions, log out and log in again05:27
tonysanlucent: so it is export DISPLAY=:0; gedit05:27
spotterwhen I nmap the box b4 I login as root and start ssh, no ports are open05:27
doc1987_lucent: ok...i dont really know if my laptop is supporting bluetooth honestly. it tells me no adapters but when i had windows on this thing it had bluetooth05:27
MACscris it easy to upgrade from ubuntu 8.04 to 10.04?05:27
spotterno services available05:27
Jordan_UMACscr: Yes.05:27
histo!upgrade | MACscr05:27
ubottuMACscr: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade05:27
spotteras soon as I start it up and ssh in, a lot of ports become visible05:27
ActionParsnipmattcodes: alt+tab is sweet :)05:27
KibaI am in initramfs05:27
spotteras one would expect05:27
tonysanlucent: export DISPLAY=:0; (some command I want to run) ?05:27
spotterso weird05:27
spotterguessing upstart dependencies05:27
spotterbut have no idea05:27
tioxMACser: Don't try it -- Update chronologically for best results.05:27
FloodBot1spotter: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:27
lucenttonysan: you need to set DISPLAY env variable so the program knows which X11 session to connect to05:28
spottersorry FloodBot105:28
tioxAt least that's what I read.05:28
Gneaspotter: are you nmapping locally or remotely?05:28
ActionParsnipmeee: then i'd ask in #winehq  and/or check the link I gave. You may need to mess with winecfg to make it work nice05:28
histotiox: MACscr no upgrading from LTS to LTS is find05:28
spotterremotely (same home lan)05:28
histotiox: MACscr s/find/fine05:28
tioxOh, LTS to LTS.05:28
Jordan_Utiox: LTS to LTS is the exception.05:28
lucenttonysan: in bash commandline the way to do this is 'export DISPLAY=:0'05:28
Gneaspotter: that's just plain weird.05:28
yoooanyone know how to permanently change the MAC address of wlan0?05:28
lucentsemi-colon is just saying end of statement05:28
doogie_Hi. Can you tell me support channel in russian?05:28
blakkheimyooo: you can't05:28
tonysanlucent: oh, it works well, thanks!05:28
histo!ru | doogie_05:28
ubottudoogie_: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke05:28
spottermy laptop upgraded fine05:28
blakkheimyooo: you can only mask it temporarily05:28
Gneaspotter: have you asked anyone in #ubuntu-server about it yet?05:28
yoooanyone know how to pseudo-permanently change the MAC address of wlan0?05:29
crankharderby default does grub get installed to /dev/sda1?05:29
Aemaethyooo, i think it resets when you power down, i thought that was kind of hardwired05:29
MACscrhisto: it is easy or it isnt easy. me confused =P05:29
spotterasking now05:29
histoMACscr: it is easy05:29
Aemaethyooo, you could make a script that sets it every time you boot up though05:29
lucentyooo: "permanently" ?   would require changing the firmware code on the device, or you can create a udev.d rule which runs mac changing command at boot time05:29
histoMACscr: you just use the upgrade manager and it will handle it. Or you can download the alternate iso and use that.05:29
tioxJust gonna make my request clear: How can I rename the top level menus, Applications, Places and System?05:29
yooolucent, note my second message05:29
Jordan_Ucrankharder: No, by default it gets installed to the mbr, i.e. /dev/sda.05:29
joej323trying to do a fresh install of 10.10 desktop but keep getting this error: (initramfs) mount: mounting /dev/loop0 on //filesystem.squashfs failed: invalid argument    Can no mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs) on filesystem.squashfs    any help?05:29
Jordan_Ucrankharder: You should never install grub to a partition.05:29
lucentyooo: :)05:29
tioxBecause I highlight it and no option is there.05:30
yoooAemaeth, unfortunately I can't write scripts05:30
histojoej323: did you check the cd to make sure it burned correctly?05:30
tioxJust new menu or new item.05:30
ActionParsnipjoej323: did you md5 test the iso you downloaded?05:30
doc1987_lucent: it is telling me i have no adapters installed but when i had windows i had bluetooth on my laptop?05:30
Aemaethits not much code...can probably find it on the google05:30
lucentjoej323: sounds like corrupt data on a CD05:30
histo!md5sum > joej32305:30
ubottujoej323, please see my private message05:30
spotterGnea, one can hear a pindrop there05:30
lucentdoc1987_: too bad about that05:30
ActionParsnipjoej323: did you burn the CD slowly? Did you check the CD for defects?05:30
joej323i'm installing from a pen drive, previously tried 3 cd's all had same error, md5sum is clean05:30
izinucsJordan_U: I think he means like sda vs sdb .. always at the beginning of the drive05:30
lucentdoc1987_: I only know how to tell the bluetooth applet software to be there when a supported bluetooth device is there05:31
Gneaspotter: yeah, it's like that at sometimes, gotta be patient to get anywhere05:31
lucentjoej323: oh...05:31
ActionParsnipjoej323: check USB consistancy then as well as test ram05:31
yoooAemaeth, find what on google? what specifically/05:31
doc1987_lucent: ah ok..thanks tho05:31
lucentjoej323: what method are you using to make the USB bootable?05:31
histokillawat-313: it's a window manager05:32
histojoej323: you can still perform an checksum on usb05:32
Aemaethyooo, there are many ways i'm sure, but here's one, http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=security/changemac05:32
joej323used a program to make it bootable, just a moment i'll give you the name... ActionParsnip: already did memtest86+ also came back clean... what do you mean check usb consistancy?05:32
lucentdoc1987_: the output of 'hcitool dev' can show you any supported hci (bluetooth)05:32
spottermy nfs isn't working05:32
histoyooo: macchanger will work05:33
spottercan mount, but nothing visible on mounted side05:33
lucentdoc1987_: you need to make it so that your bluetooth is working before the software can interact05:33
ActionParsnipjoej323: when the USB boots and you see the stickman screen (just like ytou did for the ram test) you can check USB consistancy there05:33
semitonesActionParsnip, why is it called the stickman screen?05:33
spotterhmm, this upgrade was a major failure05:33
doc1987_lucent: ok05:33
ActionParsnipsemitones: I call it that as there is a little stickman at the bottom of the screen05:34
joej323ok, program used to make usb bootable was universal usb installer 1.8.0505:34
semitonesoh yeah --- a man and a keyboard?05:34
doc1987_lucent: so if it comes up blank my guess is its not supported05:34
ActionParsnipsemitones: http://s.linux-mag.com/i/articles/7740/lucid-boot.jpg05:34
lucentjoej323: okay. well, I am discovering problems with bootable USB methods since after 9.04 ISO05:34
semitonesActionParsnip, yeah -- I assume that's a keyboard next to him :P05:35
Kibaso my installation is runined05:35
lucentjoej323: that's my project for today too is make it boot from USB05:35
joej323ActionParsnip: just a note, the memtest was the windows memtest not ubuntu05:35
ActionParsnipsemitones: indeed ;)05:35
Kibatime for me to get a USB drive05:35
lucentdoc1987_: correct !05:35
ActionParsnipjoej323: i'd try the ubuntu memtest05:35
Jordan_Usemitones: ActionParsnip: It's supposed to mean "Press any key for accessability options", but It took me a few boots to realize that so I guess they didn't do a good job conveying that :)05:35
yooohisto, permanently?05:35
Kiba(thankfully, the most improtant part are already somewhere else05:35
doc1987_lucent: ok thanks...i was hoping that it had bluetooth wanted to play around with that05:35
peepsaloti formatted a usb stick for ext4, and now it mounts with root permissions.  how can i make it give me write permission on the root of this drive?05:35
joej323i don't think it's allowing me to get that far, Action05:35
histoyooo: not sure you'd have to take a look and try. I don't use it.05:35
semitonesJordan_U, oh that's what it means :P you cleared up a lot of mystery just there!05:35
jferis it possible to select which packages are installed using a preseed file for ubuntu server?05:35
ActionParsnipJordan_U: yeah, cool huh most people say "oh yeah" when you tell em05:36
jonathannautilus search isn't working in maverick :-(05:36
lucentdoc1987_: some laptops disable wifi to enable bluetooth, or they are switched on and off together05:36
lucentdoc1987_: try your switches on your laptop's surface05:36
ActionParsnipJordan_U: your witness ;)05:36
zebastianortisi am on lunbuntu05:36
zebastianortishow do i make nautilus my default manager?05:36
doc1987_lucent: its a netbook and has no switches05:36
ActionParsnipzebastianortis: lubuntu, not lunbuntu05:37
zebastianortisnobody responded to that on lubuntu channel05:37
zebastianortisActionParsnip, thanks05:37
ActionParsnipzebastianortis: lubuntu doesn't ship with nautilus but it can be installed05:37
lucentdoc1987_: you can make a switch with a sharp bowie knife, and repeated stabbing motions? >:-)05:37
ActionParsnipzebastianortis: pcmanfm is much sleeker05:37
zebastianortisif i type nautilus on the terminal it works05:37
semitoneszebastianortis, why would you install nautilus on lubuntu though? pcmanfm is so much nicer05:37
histozebastianortis: sta I thouht was for the 3g broadcom stuff05:37
histozebastianortis: and yes if it aint broke don't fix it05:37
doc1987_lucent: lol this is true05:38
zebastianortisnautilus works but it's not default05:38
chandanhow can i install adobe photoshope cs2 in linux05:38
histochandan: maybe with wine05:39
histo!wine > chandan05:39
ubottuchandan, please see my private message05:39
ActionParsnipsemitones: it doesnt have a lot of the guff which users like (setting up shares) but i think pcmanfm is awesome too05:39
Aemaethmaybe with virtualbox, histo?05:39
lucentchandan: 'adobe photoshope cs2' is not supported Ubuntu software05:39
lucentso... try WINE forums05:39
lucentand good luck05:39
izinucschandan: perhaps using wine.. if you're shooting RAW then look for Darktable .. they have  a PPA to make it easy to install... It's like Lightroom05:39
histolucent: or #wine-hq05:39
tortoise7any of you folks have a working backlight on your keyboard..... and if so, how did you do it?05:39
icarus-clucent, in fact, probably no one would support that, not even adobe :P05:39
histolucent: or whatever there channel is05:40
icarus-cadobe says "oh ubuntu? we don't support ubuntu"05:40
semitonesActionParsnip, yeah that's true... I guess it's still more lightweight to have lxde and nautillus than gnome and nautillus05:40
lucenticarus-c: you make me laugh in recognition of the truth. :)05:40
ActionParsnipzebastianortis: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1463008&page=205:40
icarus-cubuntu says "oh adobe*? we don't support adobe software"05:40
Jordan_Utortoise7: Yes, and it Just Worked™ for me.05:40
Aemaethadobe should /mostly/ be supported05:40
histoAemaeth: not in linux05:40
ActionParsnipAemaeth: adobe are evil05:40
Aemaethwhy do i have adobe air? i'm confused05:40
icarus-cAemaeth, does ubuntu support microsoft?05:40
GwarHow can i remove certain programs from the Indicator Applet in the pannel? Atm I have Sound, Transmission and Rhythembox that I want to keep but an Envelope thing with pidgin that I don't.05:40
doc1987_lucent: maybe you can help me...im taking a networking class in school and looking for cool and useful networking programs for ubuntu...any you know of?05:41
zhengshi_Where to download default Windows 7 theme file?05:41
ActionParsnipAemaeth: its closd source proprietary stuff05:41
semitonesGwar, nobody likes the envelope thing :P05:41
tortoise7Jordan_U: works for me at preboot.... but NOT after..... toshiba satellite laptop05:41
Gwarsemitones: HOW DO I KILL IT! :'(05:41
semitonesGwar, if somebody tells you how, I will be all ears :D05:41
ActionParsnipzhengshi_: http://www.redmondpie.com/windows-7-transformation-pack-for-ubuntu-linux-cid346/05:41
lucenthey, right click "Remove From Panel" No?05:41
icarus-cGwar, indicator applet? you mean  "notification area" where some tray icons of apps are displayed?05:41
semitoneslucent, that also removes other stuff though05:41
lucentoh and so you're right05:42
histoGwar: exit the apps.  also go to system > preferences > session to stop them from starting on log in05:42
AemaethActionParsnip, i know it's evil, but i was pretty sure i had something...maybe that's a different company i'm thinking of05:42
icarus-cGwar, you need to dig into the particular app to make it not to show a tray icon05:42
zhengshi_ActionParsnip Thank you:)05:42
joej323just out of curiosity: who is here trying to install linux because they're fed up with windows? lol05:42
Gwaricarus-c: There are two. One has things like Pidgin, Skype and Teamspeak. And the other has Transmission Sound Preffs and the Envelope thing05:42
ActionParsnipzhengshi_: all I did was websearch (good ol bing)05:42
GwarThe tray thing is not the same as the one transmission uses05:42
histojoej323: I was about 6 years ago05:42
lucentjoej323: 10+ years ago I did05:42
Aemaethbing's not old!05:42
icarus-cGwar, mind to post a screenshot?05:42
GwarI cant remove the one transmission uses without remnoving transmission!05:42
histoGwar: it's the ntofication area05:42
ActionParsnipAemaeth: they make some linux apps but their product range is aimed mainly at windows and max05:42
Tac_Homeunder 10.04 on my netbook, my additional LCD always worked fine to span both.... now it seems I can only get one to work at a time with 10.10 after upgrading.  is there anything I can do?05:43
ActionParsnipTac_Home: log a bug05:43
joej323histo, lucent, you guys moved at the right time lol05:43
Gwarhisto: There are two kinds. One is Notification area, and one is Indicator Applet05:43
histo!dualview | Tac_Home05:43
lucentTac_Home: play with 'xrandr' on the commandline?05:43
=== totem is now known as Guest75652
histoTac_Home: is it an nvidia card?05:43
GwarPidgin is showing under this envelope thing in the indicator applet and I don't want it too :'( but there is only an option to remove it from the notification area in pidgin05:43
icarus-cGwar, in Transmission : Edit -> Desktop -> untick Show transmission icon in the notification area05:44
Tac_Homehisto, I got no message05:44
Tac_Homelucent, no05:44
Tac_Homehisto, checking05:44
histoTac_Home: yeah I know wrong trigger05:44
histoTac_Home: lspci | grep VGA05:44
Gwaricarus-c: I WANT transmission there. I want to get rid of this envelope thing, and Pidgin has no option for it so It has to be an option for the indicator05:44
Tac_Homehisto, intel05:44
Tac_Homehisto, it's an acer aspire one05:45
histoGwar: the enelope is empathy05:45
semitonesGwar, try opening up evolution and seeing if there's an option there05:45
Tac_Homehisto, everything was fine in 10.04, and I never needed to do anything ....05:45
semitonesGwar, because afaik, the envelope belongs to the evolution mail suite05:45
histoTac_Home: ughh yeah you'd have to play with xrandr or something to see what works05:45
GwarAha! KILL IT WITH FIRE!05:45
Ken8521Gwar, i believe.. it's called indicator-me...05:45
histoTac_Home: the intel video drivers change then probably05:45
Ken8521in synaptic05:45
Aemaethpidgin shows up in my notification area05:45
Guest75652sh: inxi: not found05:45
zebastianortisyeah thats a link to choose how you log in05:45
zebastianortisi only have lubuntu and i have nautilus05:46
Tac_Homehisto, that's a pretty big suck, eh?05:46
zebastianortisi want nautilus to be the default  fm05:46
Tac_Homehisto, what's xrandr05:46
=== nyjel is now known as Nyjel
Ken8521Gwar, sorry, i just checked, it's indicator-messages05:46
=== bruno is now known as Guest26494
histoTac_Home: well i'm sure there is a way to get it working. I don't ahve the same card to test.  xrandr allows you to apply settings on the fly05:46
GwarKen8521: Thank you so much!05:46
Ken8521Gwar, no prob.05:46
histo!xrandr | Tac_Home05:46
ubottuTac_Home: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1205:46
Gwarsemitones: I HAVE t3h ANSWER! :P05:46
Ken8521and to get Pidgin in the panel, is in the tools/preferences on your buddy list05:47
Gwarsemitones: remove indicator-messages :P05:47
icarus-czebastianortis, i have a feeling that by the time you run nautilus on lxde, you are using more resources than a plain GNOME05:47
Ken8521one of hte tabs is "show pidgin in system tray... change to always"05:47
Gwarya I have it there already :)05:47
GwarI just coulnt get rid of the stupid envelope! :P05:47
zebastianortisicarus-c, i am running nautilus on lxde and it's working05:47
zebastianortisit works well that is05:47
icarus-czebastianortis, i'm talking about resource consumption, not work or not05:48
Ken8521Gwar, it used to belong to evolution, but that changed when Ubuntu tried to integrate everything05:48
AemaethGwar, i used to hate it too, but then pidgin started crashing on me, so i like it through necessity05:48
Ken8521Aemaeth, really? no probs at all w/ pidgin here05:48
AemaethKen8521, yea, it might have been my setup, or it was conflicting, i'm sure it's not worldwide or anything05:48
icarus-czebastianortis, nautilus would load lots of gnome stuff, on top of lxde05:48
ActionParsnipAemaeth: tried the pidgin ppa?05:49
besson3cGuys, I installed a bunch of standard updates on my Ubuntu 10.04 system, and now when I boot I get errors about the UUID not being found... The UUID in my menu.lst file was not set to the UUID of my /boot partition for some reason, but even when making this switch I'm still getting this error. Why would an update mess around with Grub this way, and do you have any suggestions for restoring my ability to boot the system?05:49
AemaethActionParsnip, i might do that later, but now i'm on the empathy train05:49
icarus-cbesson3c, menu.lst ?..05:49
Ken8521Aemaeth, ugh.. i just can't get on that train..05:49
besson3cicarus: my /boot/grub/menu.lst05:50
Sam_FisherHowdy ya'll!05:50
=== Sam_Fisher is now known as Guest23598
Aemaethand could it have been something like the facebook plugin slowing it down? that always seems to be buggy anyhow, what you get for using facebook to chat05:50
joej323ok so i haven't tried it yet, but it seems that the universal usb installer was automatically loading the corrupt download (that i didn't delete for some reason) onto the pen drive which is why i was getting that error... about to give it another shot... wish me luck!!!05:50
icarus-cbesson3c, so you have been using grub 0.97 instead of grub2 ?05:50
Aemaethjoej323, that sounds like the reason it would be corrupt05:50
kevin_does anyone have the link of .debs for the different wine packages? I can't find it05:50
Ken8521kevin_, why not use synaptic or apt-get?05:51
joej323Aemath, I know, right? windows is starting to make me look like an idiot.... LOL05:51
ActionParsnipbesson3c: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=644773    shows how you can chroot and remove the UUIDs and change them to raw devices instead05:51
=== Guest22033 is now known as MohammadAG51
Tac_Homehisto, ubottu, xrandr got both screens showing stuff.... so I might be getting somewhere... is there a GUI available to help configure it? right now it lays each display on top of the other, so I don't really have an expanded desktop and all the options look painful05:51
kevin_Ken8521, can't get 1.3.3 on synaptic. only lets me do 1.205:51
Aemaethjoej323, for future reference, unetbootin can download the image for you (not 10.10 last i saw though)05:51
besson3cicarus: evidently... I've been using this system for a while now w/o a clean install - several versions of Ubuntu. Did an update break grub 0.97? How do I replace the old grub with teh new one?05:51
ActionParsnipkevin_: add the wine ppa05:51
kevin_ActionParsnip, I did that as well05:51
ActionParsnipkevin_: then if you run: sudo apt-get update; apt-cache search wine   you should see it05:52
Aemaethwith windows i have no problem booting, everything else is disgusting, in linux everything's great, but often have boot issues...05:52
Jordan_Ubesson3c: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide05:52
Ken8521kevin_, i just added the wine ppa repository to ubuntu, and it installed 1.3 just fine05:52
kevin_ha, forgot to do the update. thank you ActionParsnip05:52
Aemaethi dont' even have a windows partition anymore, but it seems like they got that one part correct05:52
kevin_Ken8521, got it, thx ;)05:53
histoTac_Home: I'm not too familiar with xrandr but youc an apt-cache search xrandr  see if there is anything else like a gui availible05:53
joej323Aemath: yeah i've heard about it but I'm deployed in Afghanistan right now, so the internet blows... i can only do a direct download with flashget for some reason... but I'm off to try the "new" pen drive05:53
ActionParsnipkevin_: yep you need to tell the package system to refresh the lists ;)05:53
icarus-cbesson3c, we have been using grub2 for a while. it wouldn't be surprising if newer updates break grub1.   you may use grub2 instead, or simply just fix the existing grub05:53
kevin_ActionParsnip, learn something new everyday ;)05:53
mikeruhey, I installed maverick on a hp pavilion dv505:53
ActionParsnipkevin_: every day is a school day05:53
mikeruit was good seeing that ethernet and wifi work out of the box now05:53
ActionParsnipmikeru: no sound though?05:54
Aemaethwow, resorting to flashget is brave enough, and plus he's in afghanistan05:54
mikeruActionParsnip, no. It's actually a very minor problem05:54
jonathanhow do I disable the gnome keyring asking me to re-enter my password every login??05:54
mikeruthat is, if you're not epileptic05:54
Ken8521mikeru, what sound device does the HP have?05:54
ActionParsnipmikeru: nice, ive seen no end of hp dv5 owners with sound badness05:54
mikeruNO SOUND ISSUES05:54
kevin_ActionParsnip, yup05:54
icarus-cbesson3c, boot up from livecd, run command "blkid"  to find out the UUID of your root file system (or other as well).  then match it with /etc/fstab & the grub entry05:54
Ken8521mikeru, oh ok.05:54
izinucsbesson3c: blkid needs sudo to run.. so .. sudo blkid05:55
ActionParsnipjonathan: if you set a blank password for the key it will go, or you can mess with some extra packages and pam05:55
mikeruKen8521, ATI Technologies Inc RS780 Azalia controller05:55
histoKen8521: did yuou get your sound working?05:55
ActionParsnipmikeru: ok, whats up with your ATi?05:55
mikeruthing is, the wifi drivers are mistaking the wifi toggle for a wifi indicator of the sorts05:55
Ken8521histo, i had my sound working in alpha3...lol... just took a little googling05:55
mikeruit's supposed to be blue when on and red when off05:55
mikeruand touching it would toggle it05:55
Ken8521histo, not to mention, resorting to an old gutsy gibbon trick05:55
mikerubut instead touching it nothing happens05:56
sweetpiizinucs: since when does blkid need sudo?05:56
histoKen8521: Oh nvm I thought you were the one experiencing the bug before. Didn't mean to get you confused with someone else05:56
jonathanActionParsnip: how do I change the password?05:56
mikeruand it constantly changes between blue and red when there's traffic!05:56
Ken8521histo, nope, was trying to get some info to give some suggestions05:56
mikerulike a HDD light, wifi style05:56
ActionParsnipsweetpi: try it without, noting will be output05:56
ActionParsnipsweetpi: its always been like that05:56
=== aperson is now known as darkhazard
mikerunow, it's incredibly distracting and it alternates extremely fast05:56
mikerugives me headaches05:56
sweetpiActionParsnip: I just did, and it listed everything as normal05:57
llutz_ActionParsnip: no, blkid never needed sudo before05:57
besson3cicarus: how do I fix grub 0.97, just so that I have enough info to make that decision? The other error I'm getting is "udevadm trigger is not permitted while udev is unconfigured". Is this related? I just replaced the UUID reference in my grub menu.lst file with /dev/sda1, and now at boot I'm getting "alert /dev/sda1 does not exist. Dropping to a shell". This isn't true - I can mount /dev/sda1 from my rescue CD05:57
n-iCe_hello, there are no sources.lists in 10.10?05:57
furiis there a support channel for wine, or should i ask here?05:57
Ken8521!wine | furi05:57
ubottufuri: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:57
ActionParsnipsweetpi:  llutz_: http://pastie.org/121742505:58
furiKen8521: thanks.05:58
Ken8521furi, your best bet is #wine05:58
furiKen8521: alright. thanks again.05:58
n-iCe_hello, there are no sources.lists in 10.10?05:58
ActionParsnipn-iCe_: i have one in my clean install05:58
mikeruKen8521, #winehq.05:58
mattcodesis virtualbox the best performance for hosting a windows vm? host: ubuntu 10.04 guest (probably): win7 32bit 1.5gb memory with vs 2010 / resharper05:58
ActionParsnipn-iCe_: want mine?05:58
Jordan_Ubesson3c: Can you mount /dev/sda1 from the busybox shell?05:58
mikeruKen8521, #wine is invite only anyway05:58
n-iCe_/etc/apt/sources.lists right?05:58
llutz_ActionParsnip: yes starting with 10.10 , blkid never needed sudo before05:58
ActionParsnipn-iCe_: yes05:58
besson3cJordan_U: how would I do that from the busybox shell? mount /dev/sda1?05:59
Ken8521mikeru, usually it redirects to winehq05:59
ActionParsnipllutz_: this is a clean install with the beta, upgraded to RC05:59
n-iCe_i hae nothing there05:59
Jordan_Ubesson3c: mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/05:59
sweetpiActionParsnip: "ls -al /sbin/blkid" ?05:59
ActionParsnipn-iCe_: http://pastebin.com/TbVzkN7U05:59
llutz_ActionParsnip: listen: there was no need for sudo before.05:59
besson3cJordan_U: I'll try that... If I can't, what woudl that tell me?05:59
icarus-cbesson3c, i would try a update-initramfs -u  in chroot using livecd05:59
ActionParsnipsweetpi: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 22164 2010-03-22 17:51 /sbin/blkid05:59
llutz_ActionParsnip: before 10.1005:59
Firartixgot a question06:00
ActionParsnipllutz_: i can only show what my system says. I call it as I see it06:00
ActionParsnipFirartix: ask away06:00
llutz_ActionParsnip: you don't get me06:00
besson3cicarus: what does that command do?06:00
Firartixi'm trying to upgrade, and the installer wanna remove 25 packets + 40 "unneeded" ones06:00
Firartixassuming i click on "Keep" instead of "Remove"06:00
Jordan_Ubesson3c: That it's a kernel problem, more specifically than that it's hard to tell without more info.06:00
Alagar1any one can help me. how to receive emails from multiple domain in sendmail and postfix06:00
Firartixwill it only remove the 25 and keep the 40 others ?06:01
Firartixor will it instead not remove any and cause stuff to break :/06:01
besson3cJordan: the error I'm getting is "mounting /dev/sda1 on /mnt failed: no such file or directory"06:01
sweetpiActionParsnip: I've never needed sudo to use blkid, maybe its new on 10.10?06:02
llutz_Alagar1: read the fine documentation at postfix.org, ask at #postfix for more info after you've done it06:02
llutz_sweetpi: it is new on 10.1006:02
ActionParsnipFirartix: its just cleaning up the old obsoleted packages for you. I'd go for it. You can always reinstall stuff once you reboot06:02
=== Pinako is now known as Pinna
icarus-cbesson3c, the kernel couldn't find your disk, maybe missing some modules/drivers in the early boot stage. initramfs provides modules to kernel at early boot06:02
sweetpillutz_: ah ok06:02
ActionParsnipsweetpi: no idea, had to do it in lucid, its no biggy06:02
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)06:02
Kraken__just after the boot in, the kde is already occupying 600 mb of my 1gb.. is gnome lighter?06:02
llutz_sweetpi: whyever they changed that06:02
bazhangthat predates 10.1006:02
FirartixAction: yea that's what i thought too but there's stuff that seem "useful" too :s06:02
ActionParsnipbazhang: thanks06:02
icarus-cKraken__, i think yes06:02
Firartixlike uh06:03
Firartixwell nvm XD06:03
AK3can you mask root filesystem as something else while at the same time use true crypt ?06:03
sweetpibazhang: I'm not trying to pick.. just saying every box I've used with ubuntu on it has never needed sudo for blkid06:03
Kraken__ok... icarus-c, thanks... but i think i will install xubuntu instead06:04
ActionParsnipsweetpi: http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi?search=blkid   shows it last modified in 2007 which is gutsy06:04
besson3cOn a totally different note, not to derail my own solution seeking, but while I wait for the liveCD to boot, I've struggled for ages with my VIA ethernet controller and various Ubuntu kernels (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/454747)... I see some of you are running 10.10... Is this problem fixed there? :)06:04
semitonesthanks Gwar06:04
icarus-cAK3, linux got an infrastructure called LUKS. it support encrypted rootfs06:04
ActionParsniphi kevingp1706:06
kevingp17this is a ubuntu chat room for help right?06:07
Firartixughhh that new launcher bar is kind of odd06:07
Ryenkevingp17: Yes.06:08
kevingp17ok then ill come by tom and as a question06:08
doc1987_anyone know any good internet browsers?06:08
kevingp17im kind of sleepy right now06:08
kevingp17opera and frefox06:08
icarus-cdoc1987_, firefox, opera, chromium06:08
ubottuBrowsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Gecko engine), Dillo (GTK), w3m (terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt, proprietary)06:08
mattcodesdoc1987_ firefox06:08
ChingalinkBUN BOONTOO06:08
ActionParsnipalso arora is groovy06:08
icarus-cand midori :D06:09
Firartixchrome can't run?06:09
icarus-cFirartix, your problem?06:09
mattcodeschronium I think its call on linux06:09
icarus-cmattcodes, nah06:09
icarus-cchromium is the project.    chrome is the product from google06:09
icarus-clike Namorako  vs  Mozilla firefox 3.606:10
mattcodessorry, my bad, I seen a screencast with Chronmium Web Browser in Ubuntu the other day that was all06:10
llutz_!info chromium-browser06:10
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.0.472.63~r59945-0ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 13479 kB, installed size 45740 kB06:10
icarus-ctechnically similar (if not same code),  but different brand name & trademark06:10
replicasexicarus-c, would chromium be able to do the bookmark syncing?06:11
ActionParsnipicarus-c: chromium is the bleeding edge browser name06:11
icarus-creplicasex, yes.06:11
icarus-cActionParsnip, that is because it is where chrome development lies in?06:11
MossyfunkHow do i find out from CLI when a file was created?06:11
replicasexicarus-c, any particular pluses to using chromium over chrome?06:11
AK3icarus -c : How do you protect your code ?06:11
ActionParsnipicarus-c: Chromium is the open source web browser project from which Google Chrome draws its source code   so yep :)06:11
icarus-capparently chrome take a snapshot from chromium from time to time06:12
quiescensthere isn't technically a creation date06:12
morpheusprwhat r the main diferences between lucid and maverick??06:12
llutz_Mossyfunk: you can't on ext-fs (yet)06:12
icarus-cAK3, what do you mean?06:12
replicasexmorpheuspr, sound menu is different, I think someone said X was different, not much really.06:12
ActionParsnipmorpheuspr: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/ubuntu-1010-maverick-meerkat-has-been.html06:12
morpheusprActionParsnip, thanks :)06:13
Mossyfunkllutz, bummer =(06:13
icarus-cubuntu 10.10 uses xorg 1.9 right?06:13
AK3icarus -c : Do you code if you do how do you protect your code from others stealing it ?06:13
AK3icarus -c : What Crypto ?06:13
icarus-ccurrent nvidia driver is unhappy with xorg 1.9 :(06:13
icarus-cAK3, you mean after you compile or the original source code?06:14
besson3cthanks for your help, guys... I fixed things by upgrading to grub206:14
morpheuspri think im staying with lucid06:14
MossyfunkWhat about ufs?06:14
AK3icarus -c : Correct06:14
replicasexicarus-c, my system has been randomly freezing, going to put it up to nvidia.06:14
AK3icarus -c : compile your own work06:14
icarus-cAK3, no idea. i don't do commercial software development,06:15
icarus-cAK3, maybe use a obfuscator?06:15
levi_hi and good morning06:15
ActionParsniphi levi_06:15
mtk31anybody knows how can I use  bigger resolution on my netbook using ubuntu 10.10 ?06:15
levi_i'm trying to build up a connection to a vpn with openvpn on ubuntu 10.04 . this is my command on the commandline and i'm getting the following output... http://privatepaste.com/b38b9aa16a    on windows i use the astaro vpn-client... i've got an .ovpn file too, but i don't know how to use it or even if i can use it in openvpn06:15
AK3icarus -c : no clue what that is06:15
ActionParsnipmtk31: depends on the video chip06:15
AK3icarus -c : sounds like the flux capacitor06:16
ActionParsnip!vpn | levi06:16
ubottulevi: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN06:16
mtk31ak3 I know it but in windows I can do it with atray soft06:16
ActionParsnipmtk31: lspci | grep -i vga     will show what it is06:16
levi_ActionParsnip: do you know if i can use the astaro vpn files ?06:16
icarus-cAK3, to protect the compiled code. i heard that to obfuscate the code, then compile.  it will make the binary soo hard for human to understand06:17
ActionParsniplevi_: no idea, i dont use vpn06:17
llutz_AK3: why should one protect source-code? go and read a bit about open-source software and some licenses06:17
Lanksi installed some packages in synaptic package manager and it seems to be stuck in the "installing software" window. How can I force it to close or finish safely?06:17
mtk31it have 1024*600 but in windows i use atray soft and i can change the resolution to 1024*76806:17
ActionParsnipLanks: if you open a terminal and run:  top     you can see if its working06:17
chriswaterguyMy friend here is trying to run/install Lucid from USB on a netbook. Getting a "can not mount" error. Any tips on next steps?06:17
icarus-cAK3, and to protect the uncompiled/unpublished source, disk/file encryption and if possible avoid local storage and  use remote file server instead06:18
AK3llutz_: your not that cool guy06:18
ActionParsnipmtk31: those are windows things so don't matter here06:18
morpheusprthe 10.10 Unity for netbooks looks amazing06:18
AK3icarus-c: thx06:18
ActionParsnipmtk31: if you can give the output of the command we can progress06:18
killawat-313Lanks; type xkill in a terminal06:18
icarus-cllutz_, there are just so many reasons to be close source .. especially in commercial software dev06:18
AK3icarus-c: ok let re phrase06:18
=== darkhazard is now known as aperson
morpheuspranyone using compiz what settings r the ones on compiz that u can with one button get all your open windows in one workspace??06:19
AK3icarus-c: If you did your own designs you would intrust another re4mote server ?06:19
Lankskillawat-313: didnt work...06:19
mtk31mtk31@mtk31-laptop:~$ lspci | grep -i vga06:19
mtk3100:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)06:19
=== lol25432 is now known as Screamo_Smurf
LanksActionParsnip: synaptic is in there but what am I looking for in particular?06:20
soreaumorpheuspr: #compiz06:20
soreau! u | morpheuspr06:20
ubottumorpheuspr: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.06:20
icarus-cAK3, assuming the server is trusted and secure of course. that protect your code if your computer is stolen06:20
killawat-313Lanks:i would just logout and log back in then06:20
=== Screamo_Smurf is now known as lol569078
mtk31I looking for some soft like astray for linux or any command ...06:20
=== cmdshftn_ is now known as cmdshftn
icarus-cdisk encryption is probably sufficient, but just being paranoid06:20
AK3mtk31: atray soft ? Encryption better than PGP or true crypt ?06:20
icarus-cmtk31, what does atray do06:20
Lankskillawat-313: ok06:20
sin_taxI went from this http://i.imgur.com/S4ibu.jpg to this http://i.imgur.com/gd3fp.png - I should be in an Ubuntu commercial.06:21
levi_hi again06:21
levi_where does the network-manager saves his configuration files?06:21
replicasexsigh, I thin I'm subject to the horrible nvidia driver clash in maverick06:21
besson3cguys, what is the latest kernel version in 10.04? 2.6.32-25-generic?06:21
icarus-csin_tax, eh... my friend, your IE being like that is because you install toolbars blindly :-o06:21
mtk31icarus-c atray soft help me to change resolution from 1024*600 to 1024*76806:21
sin_taxicarus-c, nah, I bought a used laptop06:22
icarus-cmtk31, xrandr command,  or resolution/montor settings somewhere in System06:22
icarus-csin_tax, lol it got a great ex-user06:22
sin_tax$150 for a 17" dual core 2.0 / 2GB... good deal imo.  She said it was slow ;-)06:22
icarus-csin_tax, what cpu model ?06:23
sin_taxAMD 64 X206:23
icarus-csin_tax, damn... it is like a good warrior06:23
=== thididawarning is now known as Screamo_Smurf
furanis there a known issue with vaio P's and EHCI setup not going well on 10.10?06:24
icarus-csin_tax, isn't it like flying?06:24
Sayohey everyone06:24
killawat-313Sayo: hey06:25
Lankskillawat-313: hey i logged out and now when I try to start synaptic package mgr I get "Unable to get exclusive lock"06:25
sin_taxicarus-c, yeah. It is running very nicely on 10.1006:25
killawat-313Lanks: use the terminal and type top06:26
icarus-csin_tax, oh wait. did she NOT purging her data before selling to you :-o06:26
sin_taxicarus-c, nope06:27
peepsalotso, i just installed 64bit to replace 32bit maverick, and tried to keep my home data.  the weird thing is, i did an update, installed a few packages, rebooted and now my interface is really ugly, it's not using the correct icons for the set theme, etc06:27
sin_taxTax returns and everything were on there.06:27
killawat-313Lanks: tell me if you see synaptic in the list provided06:27
peepsalotchanging the theme won't even change the icons06:27
doc1987_how do i change the name that appears on networks for my linux laptop06:27
icarus-cpeepsalot, do you have the theme you were using installed?06:27
Lankskillawat-313: no it isnt...06:27
AK3Nvidia ? Is that the r00t h00k06:27
solidus-riveri need to reconfigure proftp but dpkg-reconfigure proftpd isn't working.. :\06:28
peepsaloticarus-c, i'm pretty sure i was using the default stuff06:28
icarus-cdoc1987_, edit /etc/hostname  &  hostname command06:28
doc1987_icarus-c: thanks06:28
icarus-cdoc1987_, and edit /etc/hosts  to map the new hostname to too06:29
killawat-313Lanks: because the program might be stuck u might have to wait a while before it shows up06:29
h00kAK3: what06:29
Tac_Homehisto, ubottu, no amount of tweaking is getting me past both desktops laying on top of one another.... something maybe about a virtual desktop size?  I just wish I could go back to 10.04 so this all worked :-/  I can't work on just my netbook screen like this06:29
peepsalotthe gnome ui is defaulting to some really really basic square looking stuff, not smooth looking at all.06:29
AK3h00k: Captain06:29
histoTac_Home: you can go back to 10.04 it's free just like 10.1006:30
doc1987_icarus-c: thanks06:30
icarus-cpeepsalot, GNOME's default? that leaf background, and clear looks ? :-S06:30
replicasexIs canonical really considering using gnome-shell as the default soon?06:30
peepsalotthe wallpaper is the purple ubuntu one, but maybe it is clear looks, let me see06:30
Tac_Homehisto, is there an easy way to do that?06:31
Firartixhey guys got a silly question about the new notebook sidebar06:31
Firartixassuming i got something running already and i wanna launch a separate instance06:31
Tac_Homehisto, or is this potentially something that will work again soon like it used to?06:31
icarus-cpeepsalot, well the default you see on ubuntu is not GNOME's original default06:31
Firartixwell, how to do it XD ?06:31
=== totem is now known as Guest91145
Firartixi mean06:32
Firartixis there any other way to do this06:32
peepsaloticarus-c, i know how it's supposed to look, i have another computer with ubuntu installed, something got messed up somehow06:32
Firartixthan using in-app "create new window/terminal/whatever" ?06:32
icarus-cFirartix, hit alt-f2  and enter the app name06:32
krogers0001is there an irc channel for beginners?06:32
icarus-ckrogers0001, of what06:32
joej323ok, folks, i'm on the live disk right now... have a few questions about installing alongside windows 706:33
Guest91145sh: inxi: not found06:33
icarus-ckrogers0001, this channel is fine06:33
AK3krogers0001: yea irc.distrust.us #r00tsecurity06:33
icarus-cjoej323, ubuntu should automatically detect windows and setup dual boot06:33
joej323first, what file system do i use. second, where do i need to install the boot loader?06:33
SayoAK3, lol06:34
icarus-cjoej323, install boot loader to MBR06:34
icarus-cjoej323, and make sure you don't overwrite windows partition wrongly06:34
joej323icaru-c: i chose manual because it wasn't detecting the partition i wanted to install to06:34
Sayoso i just installed linux06:34
Sayoit looks like i don't even have to learn bash anymore06:34
icarus-cSayo, you mean ubuntu ?06:34
Sayothe hell happened06:34
AK3Sayo: just saying , you know that its a real irc old school channel ;)06:34
Sayoicarus-c, no i mean linux. period.06:34
coppromy sound broke when upgrading. What's the form response this time around?06:35
joej323i assume that i would install boot loader to /dev/sda1 Windows 7 (loader)?06:35
icarus-cSayo, if you just boot linux, it will go kernel panic right after init :P06:35
icarus-clinux is just the kernel06:35
Sayoicarus-c, lol fair point06:35
Sayoi meant to differentiate between this not only being a fresh unr install,06:35
replicasexjoej323, what do you mean?  I've never needed to think abotu boot loaders when installing.  Are you using more than one HD?06:36
icarus-cjoej323, no, install to MBR. which means  /dev/sda  (no partition number)06:36
Sayobut my first fully working linux installation.06:36
joej323ok, cool, thanks icarus-c06:36
AK3Sayo: Where is the A|pha Script for ubuntu IRC ? 0_006:36
aphidI updated ubuntu to 10.10 -- now after I authenticate it dumps me to a pretty abstract desktop background but no menu or UI.. basically stuck there06:36
icarus-cjoej323, that is overwriting windows' boot loader in MBR06:36
peepsaloti can't change my icons to humanity dark, they are stuck on something ugly06:36
icarus-cjoej323, and it will configure chainload to pass to windows' bootloader to boot itself06:37
Sayono club06:37
joej323sweet... i'm glad i have you guys, it's been way too long since i did this LOL06:37
joej323also i have a 2TB external drive that's NTFS will Ubuntu recognize it?06:38
icarus-cSayo, in terms of ease of use, linux itself has no change at all in all these years. but there are plenty decent user-friendly linux distribution out there06:38
AndChati'm still hanging on a the coloured background screen. any ideas?06:38
aphidAndChat -- i've got the same problem06:38
icarus-cjoej323, yes. linux can read/write NTFS  using NTFS-3G driver06:38
AndChataphid, nvidia?06:38
icarus-cjoej323, which should come preinstalled with ubuntu06:39
aphidAndChat - don't think so, it's a crappy netbook06:39
Kraken__damn.. this xfce is amazing... it looks like i upgraded my laptop :)06:39
AK3nvidia is the devil06:39
joej323awesome... I love you guys... in a totally platonic way of course...06:39
replicasexThey say the nvidia drivers are better than ATI's - I'd hate to see what that looks like.06:39
AK3Nvidia = Kieser Soyse06:39
icarus-cKraken__, it gets even better if you don't use DE and  use a window manager based setup :P06:39
Sayoicarus-c, i mean, i noticed there are finally gui's for everything, installing, uninstalling, advanced system maintenance. i gotta say, they really upped there game around here, i'm impressed.06:39
aphidintel integrated graphics :S06:40
icarus-cSayo, credits to that linux distribution :)06:40
=== zz_rubydiamond is now known as rubydiamond
Kraken__can i run apps like quassel or chrome in such enviroments, icarus-c?06:40
AK3ROFL , Dam sli haters06:40
icarus-cKraken__, why not06:40
AndChatak3, buy me a new laptop and i'll stop using this nvidia card :-P06:40
AK3Im going back to cross fire06:40
rubydiamondhi guys06:40
Kraken__that's nice... i will try it then :)06:40
Sayolol indeed06:41
rubydiamondwhat is md5 checksum of Ubuntu 10.10 (32bit) desktop version06:41
ActionParsnip!hashes | rubydiamond06:41
ubotturubydiamond: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.06:41
copproI repeat, sound issues with upgrade - any ideas?06:41
AK3Anyone played the new call of dutyon nvidia cards yet ?06:41
icarus-cKraken__, a DE ships with every application from window manager to file manager, panel, screensaver...etc  they are all individual applications06:42
ActionParsnipcoppro: killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*   then press ALT+F2 and run: pulseaudio   may help06:42
=== joel is now known as Guest26830
AK3Action: !Nic306:42
icarus-cKraken__, that is, you could run nautilus on xfce,    use kwin instead of metacity on gnome,  run amarok on lxde...etc  but using components from different DE at the same time is just lame :P06:42
sin_taxAnyone know how to fix the problem where pressing the 'off' button on a synaptics touchpad will cause problems in 10.04 and .10?  Keyboard stops responding (except for CTRL+ALT+DEL, menus don't work, etc.)?06:42
RoyallI can access the files on my external HDD using sudo nautilus, but not normal nautilus.. on my nautilus it's just an empty folder06:43
copproE: module-alsa-card.c: Failed to find a working profile.06:43
copproE: module.c: Failed to load  module "module-alsa-card" (argument: "device_id="29" name="platform-thinkpad_acpi" card_name="alsa_card.platform-thinkpad_acpi" tsched=yes ignore_dB=no card_properties="module-udev-detect.discovered=1""): initialization failed.06:43
copproE: alsa-util.c: snd_pcm_avail_delay() returned strange values: delay 0 is less than avail 24.06:43
FloodBot1coppro: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:43
copproE: alsa-util.c: Most likely this is a bug in the ALSA driver 'snd_hda_intel'. Please report this issue to the ALSA developers.06:43
ActionParsnipRoyall: dont run nautilus with sudo06:43
RoyallActionParsnip: I don't do that normally06:43
AK3dam i thought this was a warez channel06:43
Guest26830hey guys I have a weird problem, my ubuntu desktop has just started doing some odd things 1)all menus are gone from the top panel, 2) messing around with the panels has gotten me 3 invisible panels that still take up space ( i cant right click to 'delete this panel' or anyting)06:43
ActionParsnipRoyall: you should use gksudo, sudo is NOT for gui apps06:43
RoyallActionParsnip: I just used it to discover I can access my external HDD with root06:44
copproooh, sorry06:44
ActionParsnipcoppro: you could add the alsa ppa and get 1.0.2306:44
copprowill try; ppa?06:44
icarus-cAK3, didnt you read /topic06:44
ActionParsnipRoyall: then you may need to add it to /etc/fstab06:44
coppro(and by ppa? I mean what's the PPA url)06:44
RoyallActionParsnip: I'm not sure what to add in the way of options06:44
Guest26830also there is no .config/menu directory06:44
ActionParsnipcoppro: https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/unstable06:44
AK3icarus-c : I do not know to read06:44
momentumwhat does /var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs stanfd for?06:45
icarus-cRoyall, do you have an entry of your external HHD in /etc/fstab and it doesn't allow ordinary users to mount it?06:45
AK3icarus-c : only speak 133706:45
Kraken__lol icarus-c  ... just discovered that now, since i run kdevelop on xfce :p    i'm going to install blackbox now... just discovering the amazing linux world :)06:45
momentumit's taking up 27% of /, which is the entireity of / in use06:45
bazhangAK3, stop that06:45
momentum(this is on a ssd)06:45
AK3icarus-c : Uber06:45
Royallicarus-c: I do, I've tried this: /dev/sdb1 /media/[re]drive_   ext3     rw,user,noauto 0   006:45
Royallneither that nor defaults works06:45
sin_taxIs there anywhere that offers a 'how to use' tutorial for Linux / Ubuntu?  I'm pretty savvy but I've been on Windows / DOS based systems for 20+ years and am not sure about all the paradigms that Linux has (like how the filesystem works, etc.)06:46
ActionParsnipRoyall: i don't think you should have the brackets in the line, i suggest you change the mount point06:46
aphidAndChat - did you install from cd/usb or upgrade?06:46
sin_taxI'd like to know more about bash scripting, etc, too.06:46
ActionParsnipsin_tax: ask in #bash then06:46
bazhang!filesystems > sin_tax06:46
ubottusin_tax, please see my private message06:46
RoyallActionParsnip: the brackets have worked for a while.. but how would I change the mount point06:46
Royallwait, no06:46
agronholmmy visuals just went to sh** with the latest bunch of updates (looks almost like motif now) -- anyone know how to fix this?06:46
llutz_Royall: your external is a ext3? then use chown/chmod to set permissions06:46
RoyallI need the brackets, that drive has my music which is on rhythmbox06:47
ActionParsnipRoyall: make a new empty folder with a simple name and then edit fstab to mirror the new folder06:47
agronholmand yes, using ubuntu maverick06:47
kevin_my friend just tried updating from 10.04 to 10.10, and it doesn't load Ubuntu. He gets this error: http://pastebin.com/DcXe8AnZ help please06:47
icarus-csin_tax, my advice: don't bother to read those how to use linux books at first. just use it, explore!  and google for howto or read man page when you don't know how to perform certain task06:47
ActionParsnipagronholm: can you expand on "visuals"06:47
agronholmActionParsnip: toolbars, firefox tabbar etc06:47
sin_taxThanks, I've already learned a lot, I just don't want to miss basic stuff if I can help it.06:47
icarus-csin_tax, as time passes, you will know a lot06:47
agronholmActionParsnip: looks damn ugly now06:48
ActionParsnipagronholm: do you use nvidia / ati video chip?06:48
copproActionParsnip: did not help; alsa is 1.0.17 according to apt-cache show alsa-oss06:48
bazhang!abs > sin_tax06:48
ubottusin_tax, please see my private message06:48
Royallllutz_: chmod did it, thanks!06:48
bazhangsin_tax, check the ubuntu manual as well06:48
ActionParsnipagronholm: the nvidia drivers dont play well with the xorg in maverick yet06:48
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:48
Royall(and thanks to everyone else)06:48
copprooh wait, 1.0.23 according to alsa-base06:48
icarus-csin_tax, i found that trying to host your own server is a great learning experience06:48
ActionParsnipcoppro: thats old dude, the ppa should ramp you up to 1.0.2306:48
agronholmActionParsnip: I use the proprietary driver since the open source drivers tend to hang my machine06:48
agronholmfrom time to time06:49
sin_taxicarus-c, I am probably going to try setting up a minecraft server, with automated backups via bash, etc., so that should be fun.06:49
icarus-csin_tax, you will learn linux, apache, how php/perl works, mysql setup,  networking... and much more06:49
ActionParsnipagronholm: then you'll have to wait while nvidia catch up06:49
sin_taxRDP, too06:49
replicasexok, so I added the wine dev ppa, can I just type sudo apt-get install wine1.3?06:49
ActionParsnipreplicasex: yes06:49
agronholmActionParsnip: how can this be a driver problem? the visuals were just fine before the update06:49
robojakeIs there a way to make ubuntu login automatically without a password and not require one for sudo like the live cd?  I'm making a custom live cd with some HD diagnostics tools on it, but I'd like to remove the password06:49
sin_taxbazhang, great links/info, thanks06:49
agronholmand it's not like the graphics are corrupted or anything06:49
ActionParsnipagronholm: were you on maverick before the "update"?06:50
replicasexActionParsnip, thanks :P06:50
agronholmActionParsnip: yes06:50
ActionParsnipagronholm: and what did the update install?06:50
Jordan_U!remaster | robojake06:50
ubotturobojake: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility06:50
icarus-crobojake, you mean sudo without entering password? that comes at serious security risk06:50
agronholmActionParsnip: I don't remember -- how do I find out?06:50
copproActionParsnip: the maverick default is 1.0.2306:50
ActionParsnipagronholm: you can look in /var/cache/apt/archives06:50
robojakeicarus-c: It doesn't really matter on a live cd06:50
kevin_my friend just tried updating from 10.04 to 10.10, and it doesn't want load Ubuntu. I think it has to do with grub. He gets this error: http://pastebin.com/DcXe8AnZ help please06:51
ActionParsnip!sound | coppro06:51
ubottucoppro: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.06:51
icarus-crobojake, oh i didn't read the "making a custom live cd" part :P06:51
Jordan_Ukevin_: Was he using wubi?06:51
kevin_Jordan_U, I believe not.06:51
aphidWhen I boot 10.10, after authenticating I am stuck at a blank desktop screen.  Cursor works.06:52
Jordan_Ukevin_: Do you have access to the computer currently for troubleshooting?06:52
kevin_No i do not :/06:52
replicasexi have a 5.1 setup, but ubuntu's sound default was stereo duplex or whatever, it gives a load of options, can ubuntu handle 5.1 output?06:52
agronholmActionParsnip: litvte, python-vte, tzdata, linux-libc, new kernel06:52
agronholmnothing that should break the looks06:52
ActionParsnipagronholm: possibly the new kerel then, if you remove the proprietary driver then reinstall it, it may help06:52
ActionParsnipagronholm: the kernel module for the nvidia driver needs compiling for the updated kernel so is likely that is the cause06:53
agronholmActionParsnip: I'll try that06:53
ActionParsnipagronholm: and can easily break the looks06:53
kevin_Jordan_U, is it a grub problem?06:54
kevin_based on the error?06:54
Jordan_Ukevin_: It's hard to diagnose without access to the computer, if you need to get the computer booted you can use Super GRUB2 Disk as it's bascially automatic, but you'll need to have him come here / post in the forums and respond to figure out what's wrong and fix it permanently.06:54
Jordan_Ukevin_: Yes.06:54
agronholmActionParsnip: http://yfrog.com/2oscreenshotwup06:55
agronholmthis is what it looks now06:55
robojakeI have everything setup in a virtual machine drive the way I want it and I'm creating a live cd with remastersys but I don't want it to have any passwords. I've already looked over those links ubottu06:55
=== rubydiamond is now known as zz_rubydiamond
agronholmI'll go reinstall the driver and come back then06:55
Jordan_Ukevin_: If he could run boot info script that will likely give any information needed: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129128006:55
kevin_Jordan_U, I can get him to connect to the IRC, he's on a live cd right now06:55
Jordan_Ukevin_: Please do then.06:55
ActionParsnipagronholm: looks fine to me06:55
kevin_ok, one minute. thank you06:55
Sayodog hook me up wit a bash guide06:56
agronholmActionParsnip: no, it's ugly as hell, and totally different from what it was before the update06:56
bazhang!abs > Sayo06:56
ubottuSayo, please see my private message06:56
ActionParsnipagronholm: like i said, remove the driver then reinstall it06:56
agronholmtrying that now06:56
=== Elaine is now known as Guest75502
mrandrzejakCan someone please recommend another ubuntu distro for a computer that has: 1.5ghtz ram, 100gb hd, with a via C7-D processor?  Ubuntu 10.04 is a bit sluggish. Thanks!06:56
Sayoi need to l3a4n m3 s0m3 s(4p71|\|506:56
MACscrok, i upgraded my ubuntu 8.04 system to 10.04 using the update manager, then it prompted me to reboot. Did it maybe not modify the boot menu? http://pastebin.com/VAzWqiZW06:56
mrandrzejakim thinking xubuntu or lubuntu, but cant decide06:57
bazhangmrandrzejak, lubuntu06:57
MACscranyway, it fails to boot as you can see in that output06:57
bazhangSayo, english only here06:57
[thor]woo.. rockin 10.10, high five guys!06:57
robojakeHow does the official install/live cd not have any passwords?06:57
ActionParsnipmrandrzejak: i'd say Lubuntu, its light and responsive but you may have to do some stuff the old school way sometimes06:57
Sayobazhang, omg seriously that's exactly what i wanted, thank you so much06:57
mrandrzejakbazhang - but why lubuntu? and can i run Cheese on it?06:57
[Screamo]people still use ubuntu?06:57
ActionParsnipmrandrzejak: you can run cheese on any buntu you can find06:58
Sayoalso forgive my social commentary aheh aheh aheh06:58
bazhangmrandrzejak, its very light. cheese should run fine06:58
ActionParsnip[Screamo]: yep, its the fastest growing distro available06:58
mrandrzejakcan i switch lubuntu so it feels more like ubuntu? top and bottom panels?06:58
bazhangSayo, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please06:58
[Screamo]ActionParsnip, what a pity06:58
ActionParsnip[Screamo]: you dont have to use it06:58
kevin_Jordan_U, does the livecd bring xchat by default?06:58
[Screamo]ActionParsnip, oh i dont06:59
mrandrzejaklubuntu lighter than xubuntu?06:59
ActionParsnipmrandrzejak: you can add an extra panel if you wish. I find it a bit excessive personally06:59
ActionParsnip[Screamo]: problem solved06:59
Jordan_Ukevin_: No, it contains empathy (which is pretty poor as an IRC client, but works).06:59
kevin_Jordan_U, ok, ill just tell him to install schat06:59
tioxYay, I did it, awesome.06:59
[Screamo]ActionParsnip, but what about all the poor little noobs that are content with a bloated slow system and know no better06:59
FritzyHaving trouble installing Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook on Dell Mini 9. I selected the "use entire disk" option, and towards the end of the install I get a "Bootloader install failed" dialog. And no amount of selecting options and clicking OK gets me anywhere... the OK button depresses, but the dialog stays up.06:59
kevin_Jordan_U, btw, he can't find his ubuntu partition.06:59
tioxFound a guide that worked. If you wanna change the names of the main menu items...07:00
ActionParsnip[Screamo]: you can install the minimal and get an unbloated OS07:00
ActionParsniptiox: I'd post it on ubuntuforums  to share :)07:00
easy_enemyMy screen keeps on freezing and im just using built in video card, I cant find a driver compatible with ubuntu, what should I do?07:00
tioxWell it already exists.07:00
Fritzyeasy_enemy: try the vesa driver.07:01
Jordan_Ukevin_: Is he fairly inexperienced with Ubuntu?07:01
agronholmActionParsnip: this is how it _should_ look like (now that I removed the proprietary driver): http://yfrog.com/45screenshot2bap07:01
kevin_Jordan_U, unfortunately yes.07:01
tioxBut you have to get a couple of things.07:01
AndChatok, last line in my xorg log says it's waiting for xserver to accept connections. then nothing.07:01
agronholmI'll see what happens when I reinstall it07:01
[Screamo]ActionParsnip, nah bad ubuntu is bad07:01
ActionParsnipagronholm: the WM is a different colour scheme is all I can see there dude07:02
tioxFollow this guide (http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5043898&postcount=11) but before you do, first get liblocale-msgftm-perl and gettext.07:02
DiverdudeAnybody here knows a good a good IRC channel for discussing music?07:02
histoWow upgrade is failing horrible07:02
ActionParsnipagronholm: and the buttons are mildly different07:02
bazhangDiverdude, /msg alis list *music*07:02
ActionParsnipDiverdude: #ubuntu-offtopic  may know07:02
FritzyCan someone please help me? Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook on Dell Mini 9 Bootloader install failed?07:02
tioxAfter that, the rest is easy. Tell msgmft where the file with the modifications are, then use the rest of the commands in the guide to change the menu items.07:03
kevin_Mike, eres tu?07:03
agronholmActionParsnip: buttons, toolbars..plenty of ui elements looked horrible07:03
=== Mike is now known as Guest30358
kevin_Jordan_U, Mike is the friend I was talking to you about07:03
rwwjpds: you may want *!wearethesi@*shellium.org instead.07:03
kevin_erm, Guest30358 now07:03
ActionParsnipagronholm: i dont dig eyecandy dude, looked fine before07:03
kevin_mike your name change to Guest3035807:03
kevin_dont worry07:03
agronholmnow it's not entering X anymore07:03
Guest30358Yeah i read it -.-07:03
tioxI have Applications Places System set up as Start Computer Ubuntu. :P07:03
tiox(Windows Vista/7 user, whadda ya want?)07:04
agronholmand now my laptop hung completely07:04
kevin_Jordan_U, should I tell him to try that boot info script?07:04
ActionParsnipagronholm: http://s270.photobucket.com/albums/jj93/andrew_woodhead666/?action=view&current=Screenshot.png  pretty simple07:04
kevin_Mike, vete a http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/ y baja ese script07:04
robojakesolved my own answer http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=513820&highlight=shadow07:05
rwwjpds: original ban was against *!*@should.have.tried.shellium.org, not *!wearethesi@should.have.tried.shellium.org07:05
Jordan_UGuest30358: We need some information to debug your problem. Could you follow this guide to run boot info script as explained here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280, then give us a link to the RESULTS.txt using http://pastebin.ubuntu.com ?07:05
rwwstupid shell hosts, make everything complicated :(07:05
Fritzyhelp -- can't get passed "Bootloader install failed" dialog in install.. can't even cancel installation.07:05
robojakecan I add this to ubotto?07:05
FritzyHow do I pull up a shell during install?07:06
ActionParsniprobojake: yikes editting the shadow file, scary07:06
Guest30358ok I download it it07:06
robojakeyeah but I'm doing it on a virtual machine and making a live disk out of it07:06
Jordan_UFritzy: There should be a drop down area for looking at detailed error messages.07:06
ActionParsniprobojake: like this:   /msg ubottu !thing is description07:06
robojakeI wouldn't do it on my own machine07:06
ActionParsniprobojake: e.g.   /msg ubottu !jackdaniels is JD is a tasty tasty bournon07:06
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agronholmActionParsnip: it won't enter X anymore after I installed the proprietary drivers, any pointers on what to do?07:07
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=== ` is now known as ``
ActionParsnipagronholm: could try: sudo apt-get --reinstall install dkms     then reboot to get X (maybe). You may have to remove them again and get a desktop then fight from there07:07
=== `` is now known as ^
chandanis there is any role of graphics in linux?07:07
=== ^ is now known as ^^
FritzyJordan_U: Not that I can see. "How would you like to proceed?" followed by the options of choosing a different device, continuing, or cancelling. Selecting any of these options and hitting ok does not close the dialog and doesn't appear to do anything other than depressing the OK button.07:08
=== ^^ is now known as Turk
ActionParsnipchandan: sure, games for one07:08
Jordan_UFritzy: How comfortable are you with the terminal?07:08
FritzyJordan_U: quite comfortable07:08
easy_enemyDo I need to download the vesa driver?07:09
Eryn_1983_FLhey peeps what does it mean when your data led  just  blinks slowly?07:09
mcKittehI put all of the files from my cd to my usb stick07:09
Eryn_1983_FLi can't fnd my manual or i would check..07:09
FritzyJordan_U: not sure how to open a terminal from this view though.  :)07:09
mcKittehhow do I make that usb stick bootable now?07:09
Eryn_1983_FLthe pc won't boot up07:09
FritzyJordan_U: else I'd run grub-install myself07:09
bazhangmcKitteh, use unetbootin07:09
sin_taxmcKitteh, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/ ?07:10
mcKittehnot what I'm asking bazhang07:10
robojake!passwordless > robojake07:10
mcKittehor that07:10
Ryen!usb | mcKitteh07:10
ubottumcKitteh: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:10
Jordan_UFritzy: Ok, then press ctrl+alt+F1 to get to a terminal (ctrl+alt+F7 to get back to X) then run "DISPLAY=:0.0 gnome-terminal" to start a terminal within X. From there please use gnome-screenshot to create a screenshot.07:10
Jordan_U!screenshot | Fritzy07:10
ubottuFritzy: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.07:10
[thor]derr... what is the CLI command for triggering the gnome-screensaver config gui?07:10
mcKittehthe files are already on the USB stick, so I  want a tool just to make it bootable07:10
mcKittehunetbootin and the pendrive linux ones put the files there07:11
bazhangmcKitteh, put there how07:11
mcKittehthey are already there07:11
Jordan_UFritzy: It sounds like you can probably trick the installer into thinking it installed grub successfully by making /usr/bin/grub-install a symlink to /bin/true, but I'd like to see the exact error/dialog first.07:11
easy_enemyMy screen keeps on freezing and im just using built in video card, I cant find a driver compatible with ubuntu, what should I do? Do I need to download the vesa driver? Im using ubuntu 9.0407:11
agronholmActionParsnip: I can't get to X no matter what I do07:11
mcKittehbazhang, the linux files are already on the usb drive07:12
hellslingerdoes anyone know if /etc/init.d/networking can be made to work anymore???07:12
hellslingerfor ubuntu 10.0407:12
agronholmdid apt-get remove nvidia-current, and got o the screen where it shows the ubuntu logo but doesn't go past that07:12
robojakeubottu doesnt like me07:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:12
bazhang!upstart > hellslinger07:12
ubottuhellslinger, please see my private message07:12
FritzyJordan_U: ok, let me get this uploaded somewhere07:12
Jordan_U!screenshot | Fritzy07:13
ubottuFritzy: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.07:13
ActionParsnipagronholm: if you run:   sudo nvidia-xconfig   it should make an xorg.conf using the proprietary driver07:13
PeppiSHur installerar jag Amsn?07:13
bazhang!se | PeppiS07:13
ubottuPeppiS: Svensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se07:14
agronholmI really hate it when ubuntu hangs when I close my laptop screen07:14
mcKittehbazhang, I came in here just wondering if I needed to do anything else..07:14
agronholmI think it's trying to enter sleep mode, and fails07:14
mcKittehlike do I need to add any files to make the usb bootable?07:15
PeppiSubottu tack07:15
bazhangmcKitteh, copied how; please clarify07:15
FritzyJordan_U: http://play.brokt.com/~fritzy/images/ubuntu-install-fail.png07:15
mcKittehactually with grsync from a cd07:15
robojakeubottu !nopassword How To Create a Passwordless / Guest Login see - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=513820&highlight=shadow - BEWARE USER! DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!07:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:16
kevin_Jordan_U, ok, he's about to post the contents to pastebin. give us a minute lol07:16
bazhangrobojake, /msg ubottu07:16
robojakeI tried msg that but it said the same thing07:16
bazhang!usage > robojake07:17
ubotturobojake, please see my private message07:17
kiethssudo problem on USB pendrive with persistence enabled07:17
kevin_Jordan_U, okay here is the pastebin http://pastebin.com/eggY6nhm07:17
kevin_what are wee looking for?07:17
Jordan_UFritzy: Can you continue with the "continue without bootloader" option?07:17
rwwrobojake: try /msg ubottu !nopassword is <reply> How to create etc...07:17
mcKittehbazhang, is it possible to make the usb bootable if I just copied the files from a cd with rsync to the usb device?07:18
FritzyJordan_U: no, regardless of which of the 3 radio options I select, when I click Ok or hit enter or anything else, the button depresses, but the dialog stays up07:18
bazhangmcKitteh, don't think so07:18
Sayooh ok, super n00b question, how do i add/remove things from the launcher bar in UNR?07:18
mcKittehthere has to be07:18
mcKittehlinux isn't like that07:18
icarus-cSayo, does drag/drop work?07:18
kevin_Jordan_U, yes, I was mistaken, he used Wubi. How does that impact the problem?07:19
rwwSayo: open it, right-click the icon, click the relevant menu option07:19
* icarus-c has never used netbook remix07:19
Sayoironically though i tried07:19
rww(not ironic)07:19
Sayorww, that doesn't work either07:19
robojakeit worked yeah07:19
mcKittehJordan_U, you are extremely smart - will you assist me?07:19
robojakeYou need the is07:19
Jordan_Ukevin_: There is a known but with wubi that I am ashed still exists.07:19
Sayorww, i know  :/07:19
robojake!nopassword > robojake07:19
kevin_Jordan_U, and what would that be?07:20
kiethsQuestion: Lost sudo access on Pendrive installation with persistence enabled due to sudoers mode being changed.  Being USB, there is no recovery mode.  How to access sudo to fix the problem?07:20
FritzyJordan_U: I can't get past the dialog. :S  grub-install generally errors out with "grub-probe error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev/ mounted?)07:20
icarus-cFritzy, in chroot?07:20
Fritzyicarus-c: no, just sudo07:20
xrfanghow to downgrade video card driver in kubuntu 10.10? after upgrade I periodically get "GPU hung" error (found in console as the X environment does not respond)07:20
Jordan_Ukevin_: When wubi is installed to a disk other than "C:" on upgrades grub is installed to the mbr, rather than to an image file within the windows partition, making the computer unbootable.07:20
Jordan_UFritzy: You need to "sudp chroot /target" first.07:21
kevin_Jordan_U, oh no...and I'm guessing there's no way to fix it?07:22
FritzyJordan_U: /target is empty.... sudo chroot fails with "/bin/bash : No such file ..."07:22
=== zook is now known as zook2
Jordan_Ukevin_: No, it can actually be fixed fairly easily. "sudo apt-get install mbr && sudo install-mbr /dev/sda" should do it, but the problem will come back next time the grub-pc package is upgraded.07:23
FritzyJordan_U: mounted it... trying now07:24
kevin_Jordan_U, ok, but can he do that from the LiveCD?07:24
Jordan_Ukevin_: Yes.07:24
kevin_and then he should be able to boot normally, Jordan_U ?07:25
Jordan_UGuest30358: Open a terminal then run "sudo apt-get install mbr && sudo install-mbr /dev/sda", make sure you copy that command exactly (without the quotes).07:25
Jordan_Ukevin_: Yes.07:25
kevin_Jordan_U, GREAT!07:25
FritzyJordan_U: now that I did sudo mount /dev/sda1 /target && sudo chroot /target ... my /dev/ seems incomplete.. and grub-install still cannot find a device07:26
homecablehow do i add eth1 ip
kiethsAnyone familiar with accessing root access for repairs on a USB Pendrive installation?07:26
histohomecable: /etc/network/interfaces07:26
Jordan_UFritzy: You need to bind mount /dev/ /proc/ and /sys/ into the chroot first.07:26
histo!sudo > kieths07:27
ubottukieths, please see my private message07:27
Jordan_UFritzy: sudo mount -o bind /sys/ /target/sys; sudo mount -o bind /dev/ /target/dev/; sudo mount -o /proc /targed/proc07:27
Jordan_U*-o bind on the last one as well.07:27
FritzyJordan_U: cool, now I have grub installed on /dev/sda how do I continue past the locked dialog?07:27
IpSe_DiXiThi, after upgrading to 10.04 im stuck in spashscreen, can anyone help?07:28
kevin_Jordan_U, he got this problem "Guest30358> install: missing destination file operand after `/dev/sda'07:28
kevin_<Guest30358> Try `install --help' for more information."07:28
GreyGhosthey ..07:28
histoIpSe_DiXiT: did you try recover mode?07:28
=== rajesh is now known as Guest98009
histoIpSe_DiXiT: or hit e and disable splash and quiet so you can see what's going on.07:29
IpSe_DiXiThisto: i cant even get into recovery mode, plus im a noob and i wouldn't know what to do07:29
Jordan_UFritzy: Try adding "echo grub-install has been temporarily disabled, FIX THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE; exit 0" as the second line of /usr/sbin/grub-install07:29
histoIpSe_DiXiT: hold shift to get to the grub menu07:29
histoIpSe_DiXiT: as the computer is booting07:29
GreyGhostanyone else has firefox crashing over and ver again with ubuntu 10.10?07:29
IpSe_DiXiThisto: ok let me try, brb, dont leave me plz, im like this since yesterday...07:29
Jordan_UFritzy: Then hopefully the installer will think grub-install ran successfully, as it will just exit with success.07:30
histoIpSe_DiXiT: there are others that can help as well i'm sure07:30
IpSe_DiXiThisto: yesterday i was here the whole afternoon and nobody helped...07:30
ActionParsnipGreyGhost: no as I dont use it07:31
kevin_Jordan_U, was there something missing after "/dev/sda" ?07:32
GreyGhostIpSe_DiXiT, do ctrl+alt +f1 when stuck at splash .. see wht it says ..07:32
IpSe_DiXiThisto: ok i pressed shift and entered the GRUB menu, selected recovery mode, finally it seems like itz loading07:32
=== Gabbie|AFK is now known as Gabbie
GreyGhostActionParsnip, hehe .. addons keep me with firefox..07:32
ActionParsnipGreyGhost: if you close the browser, rename ~/.mozilla then rerun it, does it work ok?07:32
FritzyJordan_U: no dice.. tried within chroot and outside of it. :S07:32
Jordan_UFritzy: And before you reboot, make sure you run "update-grub" within the chroot.07:32
IpSe_DiXiTGreyGhost: already tried it, it says nothing07:32
Jordan_Ukevin_: No.07:32
ActionParsnipGreyGhost: many browsers have addons07:32
kiethsIs histo a bot?07:32
bazhangkieths, no07:32
IpSe_DiXiThisto: im in recovery mode what do i do?07:33
kevin_Jordan_U, http://pastebin.com/Nf7mSAhd07:33
kevin_that's what came up07:33
kevin_is that correct then?07:33
Jordan_Ukevin_: Ahh, shame on me. I hadn't actually read the boot info script output yet, his problem was not the one I was thinking of (though install-mbr shouldn't have done any harm).07:33
=== ChrisBuc1holz is now known as chrisbuchholz
GreyGhostActionParsnip, nope.. crashes even if go to my add ons tab now ..07:33
kevin_Jordan_U, Oh. hehe, still fixable though?07:33
shiweiis hacker use it to communicate?i am a freshman for ubuntu07:34
histoIpSe_DiXiT: well lets try this first07:34
ActionParsnipGreyGhost: ok then delete the new profile and rename your original one back in07:34
histoIpSe_DiXiT: reboot and get to the grub menu07:34
GreyGhostyep .. done that07:34
histoIpSe_DiXiT: then hit e to edit your mainline07:34
Jordan_Ukevin_: The command was supposed to be "install-mbr" not "install -mbr" (not that that matters now). Looking at the output further now.07:34
IpSe_DiXiThisto: i just did, and in the grub menu i had 4 opts07:34
ActionParsnipGreyGhost: could try the mozilla ppa, see if the later build helps07:34
RudyValenciaMy server offers Ubuntu installation via PXE booting and approx apt package caching - how cool is that? :D07:34
IpSe_DiXiThisto: ah ok07:34
IpSe_DiXiTwill do07:34
kevin_Jordan_U, Oh, okay. thank you.07:34
histoIpSe_DiXiT: then delete the quiet and splash portions and hit enter to boot that kernel07:34
ActionParsnipRudyValencia: nice07:34
GreyGhostActionParsnip, yeah .. was plannin on installing the mozilla builds now .. thanks07:35
ActionParsnipGreyGhost: try chromium daily, it has some sweet extensions and is better than firefox with flash (well, is here)07:35
GreyGhostActionParsnip, oki .. :D07:36
IpSe_DiXiThisto: done07:37
felonhow do i lock a folder to where anyone else gets on here they have to have a password to to open it.07:37
blakkheimfelon: you can encrypt it, there are many programs for doing this07:37
histoIpSe_DiXiT: did you remove quiet and splash and hit enter?07:37
tioxfelon: For Windows, TrueCrypt.07:37
Jordan_Ukevin_: I can't see anything wrong in that output. Can he be on IRC while rebooted at the grub shell (or can you be and talk to him over the phone)?07:37
tioxSmall, free, restricts access and modification.07:38
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.07:38
IpSe_DiXiThisto: yeah and then i boot, i could read a couple of things like it was mounting drives starting apparmor, firefox, etc then it went blank screen like before07:38
AndChatok, last line in my xorg log says it's waiting for xserver to accept connections. then nothing.07:38
felonim not on windows07:38
kevin_Jordan_U, one second07:38
tioxbah. What OS?07:38
histoIpSe_DiXiT: firefox?07:38
histoIpSe_DiXiT: what did you upgrade from?07:38
blakkheimtiox: do you know what channel you are in?07:38
kevin_ok Jordan_U, he'll call me now07:38
Jordan_UFritzy: Tried what exactly? Modifying the script or update-grub?07:39
IpSe_DiXiThisto: 9.10>10.0407:39
histoIpSe_DiXiT: hrm... No idea man should just work. maybe check logs in recovery mode07:39
histoIpSe_DiXiT: they are in /var/log07:39
tioxYeah, sorry.07:39
kennethsimeI'm dual-booting, and want Ubuntu to mount my other partition at startup. Ideas?07:39
tioxI thought I was in another channel, wasn't paying attention.07:39
IpSe_DiXiThisto: will do right away07:39
FritzyJordan_U: modifying grub-install in chroot and outside07:40
histoIpSe_DiXiT: what screen is it hanging exactly?07:40
tioxAlso, I changed the top bar to say Start  User  Ubuntu07:40
FritzyJordan_U: to echo and exit 0 as you said07:40
=== zero is now known as Guest26797
IpSe_DiXiThisto: im in recovery mode, what do i do?07:40
histoIpSe_DiXiT: cd /var/log07:40
FritzyJordan_U: doesn't help me get passed the dialog07:40
histoIpSe_DiXiT: and start looking at various logs like cat syslog07:41
Jordan_UFritzy: Try doing the same with /usr/sbin/update-grub.07:41
FritzyJordan_U: in chroot or out?07:41
Jordan_UFritzy: In.07:41
AndChatkennethsime: won't the fstab do that?07:41
IpSe_DiXiThisto: ok07:41
IpSe_DiXiThisto: how do i open the logs?07:42
kevin_Jordan_U, ok...now it's not even letting him get into Windows07:42
IpSe_DiXiTim in var/log07:42
Jordan_UFritzy: And confirm that it worked with "grub-install; echo $?" and "update-grub; echo $?" (should print the message then "0" for successfull completion).07:42
kiethshisto: !sudo fails.  /etc/sudoers mode 0644, should be 0440.  No Recovery mode (USB Pendrive with persistence).07:42
histoIpSe_DiXiT: cat logname  will put the output on teh terminal. Or you can open them with nano.   nano logname07:42
histokieths: what are you trying to do exactly?07:43
Jordan_Ukevin_: What happens when he tries to boot? He hasn't done anything that should have changed anything.07:43
FritzyJordan_U: both echo the message and then echo's 0 within chroot /target07:43
ActionParsnipkieths: then boot to an alternative Linux OS and chmod the file properly07:43
kiethshisto: fix sudo07:44
Jordan_UFritzy: Can you continue now?07:44
histokieths: what groups is your user in?07:44
FritzyJordan_U: no, the button depresses, but nothing else changes07:44
kevin_he's saying that its comes up MBR to choose Ubuntu or Windows 7, and then when he chooses either of them it tells him to restart the computer. Something about using the Windows CD to repair.07:45
kiethshisto: single user, ubuntu, not under a group07:45
kevin_Jordan_U, that's what he's telling me07:45
* GreyGhost kicks firefox..07:45
IpSe_DiXiThisto: the last thing i read in "dmesg" is "padlock: VIA PadLock not detected" ???07:45
Jordan_Ukevin_: What exactly does happen? Error message, blinking cursor on a black screen?07:45
histokieths: who are you logged in now as?07:46
* GreyGhost kicks firefox07:46
bazhangGreyGhost, stop that07:46
* GreyGhost starts up opera to download chrome ..07:46
histoIpSe_DiXiT: well dmesg will only be for the current boot you'd have to look at the saved ones07:46
ActionParsnipGreyGhost: please dont spam like that07:46
kiethshisto: auto-login to user ubuntu (only the one account, admin)07:46
GreyGhostActionParsnip, bazhang sorry07:46
kevin_Jordan_U, no blinking cursor, just a black screen. When he goes into either options, it's Enter to continue or escape, and they both restart the computer07:46
Jordan_Ukevin_: Maybe it's a bug in the installer UI rather than in the installation /dpkg scripts themselves.07:46
IpSe_DiXiThisto: shall i look at "boot.log"?07:47
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
Jordan_Ukevin_: What happens if you try to close the window?07:47
DalaristHello everyone.  I've run into a sticky issue, and didn't know if this is the right place to ask?07:47
histokieths: type groups in a terminal and see if you are a member of the admin group07:47
histoIpSe_DiXiT: i'd look at that and syslog07:47
FritzyJordan_U: confusing me with kevin_? I can't close the window either... no reaction.07:47
ActionParsnipGreyGhost: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y install chromium-browser07:47
Jordan_Ukevin_: So he is seeing options?07:47
FritzyJordan_U: I can go to the right-click menu and close07:47
GreyGhostActionParsnip, thanks07:47
ActionParsniphi starn07:47
histoIpSe_DiXiT: another option maybe something with power management is buggy try booting with acpi=off07:47
FritzyJordan_U: but that doesn't do anything either07:47
histoIpSe_DiXiT: you would do that by hitting e and adding that to the line07:48
kevin_Jordan_U, there's no window. It's just the MBR telling him those two choices, and when he goes to either of them it gives the same problem for each choice07:48
Jordan_Ukevin_: Ahh, discard my comment about the closing the window and the installer UI, that was meant for Fritzy07:48
kevin_lol no problem Jordan_U07:48
kiethshisto: long list of groups (surprised), and admin and adm are in the list07:48
ActionParsnipGreyGhost: chromium does pre DNS caching for the links on pages, makes the web faster :)07:48
starncan anyone help me with dual monitors? i got it setup for two separate displays but it treats them like they are not connected  i can not drag stuff over to the other monitor like in windows :(07:48
histokieths: check out the psychocats link from ubottu07:48
kevin_The problem is he can't even load into Windows 7, and he doesn't have a windows cd to repair07:48
histo!sudo > kieths07:48
ubottukieths, please see my private message07:48
FritzyJordan_U: sorry to make you juggle.. if I reboot, I imagine it'll boot to an uncompleted install. Is there some way I can finish the install?07:49
Jordan_UFritzy: You may just have to use the alternate install CD, or "sudo pkill dpkg" and hope the install then completes in a usefull state ( I doubt it will ).07:49
ActionParsnipkieths: its how you can control access, if you remove your user from the cdrom group for example, it will not have access to optical media07:49
FritzyJordan_U: ok07:49
FritzyJordan_U: thanks for your help.  :)07:49
Jordan_U!alternate | Fritzy07:49
ubottuFritzy: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can  also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal07:49
FritzyJordan_U: have a good one07:49
Jordan_UFritzy: You're welcome.07:49
GreyGhostActionParsnip, yaeh .. heard bout that :) i usually need plugins sqlite manager (for editing sqlitedbs), ftp etc. so stuck to firefox all thesse years .. will try chrome now ..07:49
IpSe_DiXiThisto: boot.log starts with "Loading essential drivers" and it ends with "fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2 /dev/sda1: clean, 124883/2312422 files 692345/95647389 blocks"07:49
IpSe_DiXiThisto: ok i'll try adding the acpi = off07:50
histoIpSe_DiXiT: yeah see if that helps07:50
kevin_Jordan_U, Ahhhh hahaha he was able to fix it with a VISTA cd07:50
albadaI am using Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS and it is oftenly freezed. There is no sign in messages file. Is there anyone who has an idea?07:50
kiethshisto: psycocats talks about the exact problem, but, the repair requires a recovery mode, not availale to the USB Pendrive with persistence installation.07:50
brorjonasWhen i switch workspace, the whole background and menu bar moves. What's the setting to change to keep them still and only the windows to move?07:50
=== Guest26797 is now known as zerodefender
brorjonasin compiz that is07:50
IpSe_DiXiThisto: how do i go to the grub menu from here? dop i have to reboot and hit shift again?07:50
Jordan_Ukevin_: Now both windows and Ubuntu are booting, or just windows?07:50
agreimannHello. I'm having a problem with a shell script. Seriously--I'm looking for help on this.07:50
kevin_is there anyway he can fix the wubi problem within the windows?07:51
bazhangagreimann, tried #bash07:51
starncan anyone help me with my dual monitors? nvidia geforce 8600 gt...07:51
kevin_Jordan_U, let me verify07:51
agreimannYes--I did. Specially, I can't get the --yesno function in dialog to work properly for a reboot script.07:51
nickmoeckstarn: What is the issue that you're having?07:52
histoIpSe_DiXiT: yeah reboot shift07:52
agreimannIt shuts down no matter what I do.07:52
Jordan_Ukevin_: I'm going to be gone for a few minutes, but I'm coming back.07:52
kevin_Ok Jordan_U07:52
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agreimannIs there any way I can assign a command to a button in the script?07:53
IpSe_DiXiThisto: when i gave "sudo reboot" i read the same line that i read in the boot.log "fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2 /dev/sda1: clean, 124883/2312422 files 692345/95647389 blocks" followed by this "disconnecting from plymouth"07:53
histokieths: why can't you boot recovery mode?07:53
starnnickmoeck: it is not functioning correctly i have it setup for two separate monitors and it displays two separate desktops and i can not click and drag windows into the other screen. and i can not open programs onto other monitor..07:53
agreimannI'm hoping someone knows how this can be done. :)07:53
ActionParsnipstarn: once you install the proprietary drive you can use the nvidia config app in the menus to set it up07:53
histokieths: hold shift while booting and  it will bring up the grub menu07:53
sanduz2i added a ppa so there is now two packages with the same name. how do i make sure that apt-get install will choose the newest version07:54
histoIpSe_DiXiT: okay07:54
ActionParsnipsanduz2: its automatic07:54
sanduz2oh ok thanks07:54
nickmoecksanduz2: apt will automatically install the one with the highest version number07:54
histoAre the repos just getting hammered or is my connection jacked?07:54
ActionParsniphisto: i'd say hammered07:54
starnActionParsnip: that is what i tried using and is what made things more complex.. at least before i did i could click and drag windows into other monitor. and treat it like an extension to my desktop. now i can not and before all i wanted was to choose my LCD to be my default primary monitor.07:55
histoActionParsnip: i'm only pulling 60k/sec07:55
nickmoeckstarn: to elaborate on ActionParsnip's advice, in nvidia-settings, make sure to choose TwinView instead of having separate X displays07:55
rwwhisto: Update servers tend to be pretty bad for a week or two after release07:55
agreimannAgain, I'm having trouble with a shell script on two computers that work to power down and reboot the PCs. I used dialog in the scripts with the --yesno flag, and the No button still causes them to turn off! I'm wondering if anyone can help. :)07:55
kiethshisto: Recovery mode is not included in the build.  lubunto 10.04 lts, innstalled to USB Pendrive using Universal USB Installer, 3GB persistence using casper.07:55
ActionParsniphisto: time for ntop and see what your router knows'07:55
agreimannPlease... I don't mean to be rude, but any ideas?07:55
histokieths: well then perhaps the lubuntu people may be able to help. The only other way would be booting a live cd and mounting the pendrive and fixing07:56
histoActionParsnip: can't install ntop now while i'm dl'ing07:56
DalaristHello,  I've been having a devil of a time getting eth0 to actually pick up an IP address on boot.  After looking though threads new and old I'm no closer to a solution, anyone happen to be able to help me?07:56
starnwhy twin view? ain't that just one screen being displayed onto both monitors? i do want them separate but i want to be able to click and drag windows and stuff in between them07:56
histoDalarist: /etc/network/interfaces07:57
histoDalarist: that's if you don't want to use network -manager07:57
IpSe_DiXiThisto: cant type "=" in order to add acpi=off, the button with = on my board gives another symbol... uff07:57
Dalarist@histo : network-manager is uninstalled, and /et/network/interfaces has been set to auto up eth0 and dhcp and still no go07:58
kiethshisto: I've got Ubuntu 10.04 installed to HDD (full install) on the system which is booting the USB.  I would be happy to mount it, but don't see how using Ubuntu.  Which program?07:58
histoIpSe_DiXiT: try a different symbol key ...07:58
IpSe_DiXiThisto: i tried them all, im a noob, not an idiot :D07:58
histokieths: let me see if I can find a way to mount the casper system07:58
nickmoeckstarn: twinview allows you to drag and drop windows between two monitors07:58
kiethshisto: thank you VERY much!07:59
histo!init > homecable07:59
ubottuhomecable, please see my private message07:59
histokieths: one sec08:00
pLrIpSe_DiXiT: edit it once youve booted, or instead go into single user mode by putting s instead08:00
histokieths: plug in the usb drive and find the casper-rw file08:00
kiethshisto: got it08:01
histokieths: sudo mkdir /media/casper && sudo mount -o loop casper-rw /media/casper08:01
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FritzyJordan_U: my first boot involved manually specifying the kernel (then running fixing and running grub-update after boot) and remarking out the cdrom line in /etc/apt/sources.list ... other than that seems fine so far.  :)08:02
=== fif0_afk is now known as fif0
histoIpSe_DiXiT: try F keys as well08:02
MACscrwhats the root UUID in menu.1st?08:02
kiethshisto: copied command.... will try on the system now... typing...08:02
histoIpSe_DiXiT: like F1-F6 etcc..08:02
MACscrer, lst08:02
histokieths: well it will only work if the terminal is in the directory where casper-rw is08:02
=== zerodefender is now known as zero-ubuntu
=== Mas0ne is now known as BJMA
histokieths: so you'd have to open a terminal then cd /wherever/usb/drive/is/    first then do the command08:03
kiethshisto: clear... will be great if I can repair rather than rebuild..08:03
rwwMACscr: the UUID of the relevant partition. You can see partition UUIDs with "sudo blkid"08:03
HooberTesting linux 1 2 308:03
tazmaniahow do I add a service into init.d or rc.d in ubuntu server?08:03
IpSe_DiXiThisto: the f keys wouldn't work....08:03
histokieths: you should be able to you just need to chmod the file it sounds like08:03
tazmaniaI want my coovachilli to start up automatically08:03
IpSe_DiXiTpLr: i cant boot, thatz the prob08:03
histotazmania: update-rc.d08:03
histoIpSe_DiXiT: ughhh.08:04
pLrIpSe_DiXiT: did you try s?08:04
MACscrrww: whats the point of the UUID? can i remove it? seems like it could be a pain in the but when doing recoveries08:04
histoy keyboard?08:04
IpSe_DiXiTpLr: when i press S it only shows me what its doint and then it crashes like always08:04
histoIpSe_DiXiT: do you have some goofy foreign keyboard?08:04
rwwMACscr: UUIDs stay the same if your hard drive ordering changes, /dev/sda (or whatever) notation doesn't08:04
IpSe_DiXiThisto, no i dont :D08:04
rwwMACscr: if that's not an issue, and you're trying to get things working, you don't have to use them. I don't remember enough grub1 to know how to set up the alternative, though.08:05
kevin_hey Jordan_U, thanks for the help you had given me. He was at least able to get back on windows. That's good enough for us now. I'll just show him how to do it without Wubi next time. Thank you! Good night!08:06
histoMACscr: you can remove it and just use device names if you want.08:06
shazzrI got a Nvidia NV25 (Geforce4 Ti 4400) graphic card that won't work on 10.10. I had it working on 9.10...does anyone know which driver to install?08:06
IpSe_DiXiThisto: since there are many = in those line i even tried copy and paste one of em but ctrl+c gives me a command line instead :D08:06
MACscrrww: why im worried is that i just upgraded from 8.04 LTS to 10.4 LTS and last time i tried, it wouldnt reboot and had issues finding the partition for some odd reason. This is grub2 obviously.08:06
histoIpSe_DiXiT: yeah ctrl+c is a kill signal08:06
rwwMACscr: As I understand it, 8.04 to 10.04 upgrades stick with GRUB1. I don't have a web browser handy to look at your pastebin, so if it says otherwise, never mind.08:06
MACscrrww: more specifically, this is the error i got last time: http://pastebin.com/VAzWqiZW08:06
MACscrrww: really? i swear its grub two since its uses menu.lst. I always used grub.conf with grub108:07
nickmoeckMACscr: you've got that backwards.  menu.lst is grub108:07
histoIpSe_DiXiT: I don't know how else you can type a =08:08
rwwMACscr: umm. GRUB2 uses grub.cfg and GRUB1 uses menu.lst...08:08
IpSe_DiXiThisto: after ctrl+c i had grub> and typed "ls" it gives me (hd0) (hd0,5) (hd0,1) but i only have one hd, and shouldn't it be partitioned only in 2? one for everything and one for swap? o_O08:08
Dalaristso network-manager and network-manager-gnome are gone, /etc/network/interfaces contains (other than the loopback):08:08
Dalaristauto eth008:08
Dalaristiface eth0  inet dhcp08:08
Dalaristyet still no address is being pulled for eth008:08
FloodBot1Dalarist: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:08
MACscrrww: since you know what your talking about, mind checking out that pastebin to save me from myself? =P08:08
histoIpSe_DiXiT: hd0 is the drive hd0,1 and hd0,5 are the partitions08:09
histoIpSe_DiXiT: your in the grub command prompt08:09
rwwMACscr: as I said, I don't have a web browser handy to do so.08:09
ActionParsnipDalarist: if you set static, does it work08:09
etherealiteI'm on 32bit etch and firefox is sucking really badly for me. Am I doing something wrong or does firefox just suck?08:09
ActionParsnipDalarist: are  the lights flashing on the interface?08:09
vivek40hi does anyone have any experience here of using the multitouch features of maverick08:09
MACscrrww: ah, np, thanks08:09
Dalaristafter a /etc/init.d/networking restart or an ifup ifdown it'll work, but not on the initial boot08:09
Dalaristthat is in either dhcp or static08:09
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vivek40etherealite: firefox should not suck, could you please elaborate08:09
rwwetherealite: "32bit etch" --> try #debian.08:10
ActionParsnipetherealite: debian isnt supported here08:10
gr8m8etherealite: debian etch?08:10
=== zero-linux is now known as zero-ubuntu
IpSe_DiXiThisto: itz weird how in the grub command prompt i cant write = and most of the symbols are mixed up but in the root shell prompt of recovery mode my keyboard works perfectly08:10
bazhangetherealite, #debian08:10
etherealiteI'm using 10.408:10
ActionParsnipetherealite: not if you are using etch08:10
DalaristAction: to directly answer your question, yes, the lights do flash, and it does work, but doesn't pull an IP on boot.08:10
etherealiteits not etch08:10
etherealiteI'm wrong08:11
bazhangetherealite, pastebin sources.list please08:11
vivek40if it is 10.04 then firefox does not suck..:-)08:11
ActionParsnipetherealite: can you give the output of: sudo apt-get -y install pastebinit; lsb_release -a | pastebinnit08:11
histoetherealite: whats the output of cat /etc/issue08:11
ActionParsnipfirefox sucks, too slow and chews ram like a fat kid at a free pie stall08:12
etherealite cat /etc/issue08:12
etherealiteUbuntu 10.04.1 LTS \n \l08:12
=== thter_ is now known as wd2p
pLrIpSe_DiXiT: plug a usb keyboard to get the =08:12
lyteany ideas why my apt package isn't installing a /etc/cron.d/apt file and how i might get that file back?08:12
ActionParsnipDalarist: if you run:  sudo dhclient3 eth0     doesit get an IP?08:12
etherealiteFirefox works fine for the first 12 hours of use, then starts sucking until I restart it08:12
histoetherealite: you ahve your browser open for more than 12 hours at a time?08:13
DalaristAction: yup.08:13
ActionParsniphisto: i do but i use chromium, works great08:13
vivek40ya 12 hours is awesome08:13
etherealitehisto yes, it is open weeks at time08:13
lyteetherealite: checked top for the flash wrapper? I can keep firefox open for months at a time as long as i kill flash quite often.08:13
noisewaterphdI use chrome on ubuntu, but I havent closed it in months08:13
histoActionParsnip: etherealite sounds like you guys need to go outside.08:13
etherealitei have to kill flash multiple times a day08:13
kiethshisto: success and not, both.  The chmod worked perfectly.  Looks like the sudoers file may be corrupted (which is likely happened at the same time as it changed to the wrong mode).  Will re-edit / replace the file, and go from there, armed with your casper mount command.  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!08:14
vivek40I dont know but i dont like chrome much08:14
ActionParsnipetherealite: what is the output of: uname -m   ?08:14
etherealitekillall plugin-container is the most used command in my history08:14
Laurenceb http://pastebin.com/em07GxnQ <-any idea what could casue that?08:14
histokieths: np08:14
etherealiteActionParsnip i68608:14
IpSe_DiXiTpLr: dont get what u mean?08:14
aphidhave an update to the blank desktop I've been stuck at08:14
lyteetherealite: the process i see is nt<something>.bin.. i'm not on the box that experiences the problem at the moment08:14
ActionParsnipetherealite: ok and does flash work?08:14
MACscrif my system did indeed update from 8.04 to 10.04, why does it still say 'Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS, kernel 2.6.24-25-xen' in menu.lst?08:15
aphidi put in a usb drive to try to back up my home directory... and it popped up a file browser for it :O08:15
lyteanyone know how i get my /etc/cron.d/apt file back?08:15
etherealiteflash works as long as you don't keep any vids paused for more than an hour08:15
lytea simple "aptitude reinstall apt" didn't help08:15
ActionParsniplyte: i dont have that file here08:15
etherealiteelse flash sound stops working.08:15
pLrIpSe_DiXiT: you need to press = to resolve ur problem, plug a different keyboard to your comptuer08:15
lyteActionParsnip: "dpkg -L apt" lists it as being part of that package :(08:15
noisewaterphdetherealite: what version of flash?08:15
histolyte: there is apt-file08:15
IpSe_DiXiThisto,pLr: i just found out the UUID of my swap its different from the one on my fstab08:15
etherealitenoisewaterphd the newest flash in the repos08:16
histolyte: that would just be a cron job for auto updates maybe?08:16
histolyte: the one you want back08:16
pLrIpSe_DiXiT: that is normal08:16
ActionParsniplyte: dpkg -S   shows it in the apt package, if you reinstall that package you can get it, or extract the deb and manually copy the file in place08:16
DalaristAction : in summary it looks like the hardware is working fine, the dhcp server is fine, the dhcpclient is fine, and in fact if I force a dhcp request it all works together, but nothing during boot is making that request.08:16
lytehisto: yeh basically, but i'd rather use the one from the package than right it myself08:16
lyteActionParsnip: I have reinstalled the package :(08:16
histolyte: I dunno how you got the cron job in the first place08:16
aphidAndChat - you still around?08:17
ActionParsniplyte: then the deb will be in /var/cache/apt/archives   copy it to $HOME and extract it, you will then get the file08:17
lytedon't know if I ever have... just investigating why my apt cache never updates automatically08:17
lyteActionParsnip: yeh i might do it08:17
etherealiteSo whats the deal? Do I have to restart firefox as soon as it gets slow?08:17
histolyte: because it doesn't oon anyones system.08:17
vivek40hi has anyone here used the touchscreen functionalities of maverick08:17
ActionParsnipDalarist: if you press tab after typing action it will highlight me like I am doing to you08:17
lytehisto: documentation says it will08:17
lytehisto: hence looking for that file08:17
histolyte: what documentation?08:18
ActionParsnipDalarist: sounds like a bug, you can add the command in /etc/rc.local to run the command after stuff happens as a work around, add it above the exit 0 line08:18
lytehisto: the googled and now lost in teh tab abyss kind :p08:18
lytehisto: i'll try a few things like apt-file first08:18
etherealiteActionParsnip So whats the deal? Do I have to restart firefox as soon as it gets slow?08:18
histolyte: okay well ubuntu isn't set up that way08:18
noisewaterphdetherealite: the last stable flash for 64bit linux was 10.0, which I do not believe is i the repos. There is no 64bit 10.1. The repos must contain 10.2, which is really just a developer preview released by Adobe Labs. Expect a few bugs, and do them a favor by reporting them.08:18
ActionParsnipetherealite: i suggest you remove or disable addons to see what is making it slow08:18
ActionParsnipetherealite: thats all I got, I think firefox stinks08:19
plumhey guys08:19
lytehisto: also "man apt.conf"08:19
plumdoes the upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 automatically restart the computer?08:19
histolyte: lyte are you talking about the cron-apt package?08:19
ActionParsnipplum: it will require a manual reboot08:19
lytehisto: ahh damn it's cron.daily :(08:19
plumah sweet, thanks ActionParsnip08:19
etherealiteActionParsnip I removed myself from the admin group now I can't sudo, do i have to go to init level 1 to get myself backon?08:19
lytehisto: no not cron-apt08:19
plumi've got some partitions i'm moving around and growing/shrinking with gparted. don't want them to die in the middle of it08:20
ActionParsnipetherealite: boot to root recovery console and add yourself to the group there08:20
histolyte: there is /etc/cron.daily/apt08:20
ActionParsnipplum: make sure your backups are sufficiently recent and you have less to worry about08:20
lytehisto: found the file, now. confusing cron.d and cron.daily... pebkac.08:20
noisewaterphdwhat are these "backups" you speak of?08:21
histolyte: how about locate have you ever used that?08:21
ActionParsnipnoisewaterphd: ?08:21
plumthey aren't very recent, :(  but i don't really have much to lose on these partitions. just don't want them to become un-recoverable08:21
aphidSo.. After updating to 10.10 I get a blank desktop after authentication.    after putting in a usb thumb drive, a browser for that showed up on the screen.. so it's not completely broken, but I have no menus08:21
noisewaterphdoh come on, that one was an obvious joke08:21
ActionParsnipplum: then tread carefully, backups before messing with partitions is a real smart move08:21
lytehisto: yeh, next time... issue is bad permissions (no +x) on the file08:21
histolyte: seems like the default way they do it08:22
ActionParsnipnoisewaterphd: i've been up too long as I ave a nightshift to work so I have to jig my body clock08:22
plumbtw... i have two linux-swap partitions on my /dev/sdb, should i delete one or both of them?08:22
ActionParsnipnoisewaterphd: so humour is lost on me right now08:22
noisewaterphdActionParsnip: no worries08:22
ActionParsnipplum: i think you can only have one, you can raid them though to get more swap space speed08:23
farciarz84hi, would you recommend me some tool to download/upload speed of my internet connection?08:23
farciarz84*to limit*08:23
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: www.speedtest.net/08:24
plumActionParsnip: they're both swapped on whenever i boot up my computer, but i don't know which one i should turn off / delete. do you have any suggestions? i sort of distrust swap in the first place...08:24
lytefarciarz84: i like trickle08:24
farciarz84ActionParsnip: to limit connection08:24
ActionParsnipplum: its like thepage file in windows except its on its own partition so it doesnt stick the place up08:24
plumahh gotcha08:24
plumActionParsnip: do you know how i would figure out which one of those is safe to remove? i could use the extra space08:25
gilanialiis it possible to have a set of command execute everytime a user logs in using ssh?08:25
ActionParsnipplum: i'd just remove whichever is smallest, ideal for swap is 1xRAM for 2Gb RAM or more and 2xRAM for less than 2Gb RAM08:25
ActionParsnipplum: whichever, I suggest you consult your /etc/fstab   to see whats going on08:25
richardcavellIs there a program that will allow me to record my voice stop and start, like a dictaphone?08:25
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: you could use trickle maybe08:25
ActionParsnip!info trickle08:26
ubottutrickle (source: trickle): user-space bandwidth shaper. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.07-9 (maverick), package size 36 kB, installed size 168 kB08:26
lyteplum: "swapon -s"08:26
plumlyte: that'll show which /dev/sdb is in use?08:26
plum(i unmounted them both to move them around, i can't access now to check)08:27
lyteplum: yep, pretty sure you can have two at once though so i think it'll just show both08:27
plumso i should just leave them?08:27
lyteplum: you can always "swapoff /dev/whatever"08:27
farciarz84lyte: thx08:27
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lyteplum: dunno, i actually only have a couple of machines that even have a swap partition...08:27
=== Mas0ne is now known as BJMA
kiethshisto: Thanks again.  Looks like it will require some deep editing.  Calling it a night.  Will pick up the torch in the morning.  Sincere thank, Kieths08:28
plumlyte: one of them i'm pretty sure was left over, i had some trouble getting ubuntu installed once & reinstalled08:28
plumso i think the one from that installation is still there08:28
lyteplum: yeh well "swapon -s" shows active swap parititions, "free" shows memory/swap usage. You have to decide based on your usage patterns what's good08:29
lyteplum: i doubt it will hurt having two, i doubt you can _badly_ break it by removing one (as long as you "swapoff" first)08:29
dalaristmobileActionParsnip you still here?08:30
plumlyte: i'll check next reboot to see which one is active then. thanks for the swapon -s command :)08:30
lyteplum: no worries.08:31
llutz_plum: grep swap /etc/fstab         will tell you08:31
plumalso... i have 4gb of ram, so i don't know even why i would need swap...?08:31
tensorpuddingplum: Hibernate.08:31
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=== zero is now known as Guest41418
plumahh i see08:32
=== Guest41418 is now known as zero-ubuntu
tensorpuddingplum: Also, if you're really taxing your system it can be beneficial for it to use a small amount of swap08:32
llutz_plum: if you don't need to hibernate you don't need a swap-partition at all. if you really need some swap, you always can add a swapfile later08:32
Laurencebhttp://pastebin.com/UjG19sQz can anyone suggest whats causing that?08:33
Laurencebits the main branch of fldigi from the site08:33
plumi rarely, perhaps never, use hibernation anyway :s08:33
Laurencebi compiled on my x64 system08:33
Laurenceball the libraries seem ok08:33
=== MinusSeven is now known as IceBlue
dalaristmobileAlright, looks like Action is gone.  so if anyone can help me along toward a solution it would be great.  My desktop's eth0 (the only network connection) isn't pulling an ip address.  Turns out that dhclient3 doesn't pull an ip address but if i use /etc/init.d/netwroking restart it grabs an ip address and works fine.  I don't want to have to type this in every time, so we tried adding it to /etc/rc.local but no luck there.08:34
blahsphemerMy professor said that linux uses a _fair_ _credit_ based scheduler for scheduling Timesharing classes. I'd like to see the code for that.08:34
blahsphemerI don't seem to have any luck finding it on google08:34
tensorpuddingblahsphemer: the people at ##linux might know08:35
=== totem is now known as Guest50736
blahsphemertensorpudding, oh okay, thanks a lot08:35
plumalright guys, i'm gonna go get some sleep while this thing works08:35
Jordan_Ublahsphemer: git clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.608:36
plumthanks for the help :)08:36
tensorpuddingLaurenceb: It could be a bug.08:36
Laurencebtensorpudding: yeah :S08:38
Laurencebbut how come it only effects my machine?08:38
lyteLaurenceb: different fonts on your machine?08:39
lytethe bit before the stack trace even says who to contact08:39
Laurencebheh yeah, but theyll take ages rto respond08:39
icarus-cblahsphemer, kernel/sched_fair.c08:39
Laurencebshould i try installing different fonts or something?08:39
blahsphemericarus-c, oh great. Thanks, i'll look into it right away08:40
lyteLaurenceb: nfi.. it's dying during font handling code, that's all i can tell08:40
Laurencebi have lbfltk 1.1.7-6 and thats actually listed as compatible in the install notes08:40
lytemaybe you have too many, maybe you don't have enough, maybe the guy with the email in the stack trace can make a better educated guess... who knows?08:41
icarus-cblahsphemer, http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-2.6.35.y.git;a=blob;f=kernel/sched_fair.c;h=a878b5332daad5d7db16625f298a4e963edac909;hb=HEAD08:41
Laurencebyeah, the fldigi developers are rather slow.. but looks like the only option :(08:41
realubotI tried to install Ubuntu on a usb flash drive and now Grub2 seem to be damaged at my laptop. There is some bug that installs some part of Grub2 onto the USB and another part to the hhd. Now I need to somehow fix my broken Grub2 at my hdd and install i correctly on my flash drive too. I CAN boot in my system having the USB flash drive inserted because somehow they flash drive AND hdd let me boot into my original Ubuntu08:42
blahsphemericarus-c, beautiful, if you were right next to me I'd kiss you right away :). Thank you so much08:42
realubotHow do I fix a broken Grub2 within a booted Ubuntu system (no need for a Live CD here).08:42
historealubot: you probably install grub to your hard drive instead of the flash drive08:42
inoob_realubot, if you are a member of linux magazine08:42
histo!grub | realubot08:42
ubotturealubot: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.08:42
inoob_i saw an article on that08:42
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realubothisto: YEs, a part of it, but not all of it... Well, I have read a bug about it. Some part of Grub2 installed at my hdd and some part at the USB so now I need to have the USB flash drive inserted to boot my original system at the laptop hdd.08:43
dalaristmobileSo dhclient won't grab an ip address but networking restart will.  What's happening here, and is it related to not getting an ipaddress on boot.08:43
deftone7How do I install my wireless drivers on ubuntu remix usb?08:44
lytedalaristmobile: do you have hard coded ip addresses in your config? that would *set* an ip during network restart, but not from dhcp...08:44
sin_taxI have a feeling that the ribbon on my touchpad may be crooked... has that every happened to anyone else?  Left click does both buttons, right click does nothing08:45
sin_taxwrong channel, sorry08:45
realubothisto: I have read the tip at Ubuntu Documentation, but I CAN boot into the system so I thought I could reinstall or somehow fix the Grub2 WITHIN the booted system without using the Live CD. I get into my system, so I have to somehow fix the Grub2, like reinstalling it from Terminal.08:45
dalaristmobileLyte: nope, networkmanager is removed, so it should be using /etc/network/interfaces right?  Which is set for dhcp08:45
seidoslink to ubuntu with md5 checksums?08:45
realubothisto: Like sudo grub-insall or smoething from Terminal.08:46
lytedalaristmobile: sounds right to me. is the interface up or down when you run dhclient ?08:46
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Pr3nt1c3I'm having trouble getting my soundcard recognised (onboard), neither the rear, or front jacks work.08:46
deftone7can anyone tell me how to install my wireless driver on my ubuntu remix i installed to my usb stick with a 1GB persistance?08:46
dalaristmobilelyte: it's up, i think.  You mean listed under an ifconfig without any parameters08:46
realubothisto: This is what happened: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/41499608:47
lytedalaristmobile: yeh i think that's good enough. You freshly off an install? One of the recent installs had a broken dhclient for me when using wireless. I used ethernet, upgraded, rebooted and everything was fine...08:48
lytedalaristmobile: otherwise, no idea.08:48
smalltown_boy345hi room.. i am planning to run studiobuntu on my eepc.. do you have any idea what all i would need?08:48
dalaristmobilefresh install of ubuntu 10.10 64-bit08:48
smalltown_boy345i know that there is a distro called eeuserbuntu or something..08:48
Pr3nt1c3the netbook version should install fine on the eepc08:49
lytedalaristmobile: i reckon see if you can get temporary network working, do apt-get upgrade (or whatever upgrade path floats your boat) and if it still doesn't work, lodge a bug08:49
peppajiggapuffSo I just upgraded my server from 10.04 to 10.10 but on logging in it still says there's a bunch of packages to update and a new release available. What's up with that?08:49
deftone7Can anyone help me with my wireless??08:49
seidosmount command?  i've tried sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/usbstick that didn't work08:50
HooberAnyone know how to get the packages from the soft-ware sources i added to show up in the software center?08:51
llutz_!dontwork > seidos08:51
ubottuseidos, please see my private message08:51
seidosHoober, no, sorry.  i don't use the software center, i tend to always use apt-get or aptitude :/08:51
deftone7Does anyone hear what i'm saying in here? lol am I getting through??08:51
rwwdeftone7: yes08:51
lytedeftone7: usually i search for the chipset with "lspci" and then google for "ubuntu <chipset>"08:51
seidosllutz_, mount: mount point /media/sdb1 does not exist08:52
llutz_seidos: create it08:52
blahsphemericarus-c, where are the initial credits assigned here in the sched_fair.c?08:52
nitneihtubuntu 10.10 was released that so cool but any one can tell me the difference thing about long time support08:52
deftone7i know exactly what chipset it is but i'm using a usb stick with 1gb persistance.....i can't download it from sanaptic packager08:52
dalaristmobilelyte: as a follow up, apt-get and the update manager contain no update for me.  so just log a bug?08:53
pavanhello everyone08:53
rwwnitneiht: LTS releases are supported for 3 years on desktops; normal releases are supported for 1.5 years. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is thus supported until April 2013, and Ubuntu 10.10 (not LTS) is supported until April 2012.08:53
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)08:53
seidosllutz_, actually, wrong error.  it was this:  mount: mount point /media/usbstick does not exist08:53
llutz_seidos: create it (sudo mkdir /media/usbstick)08:53
MoopzHey. Was wondering if anyone know an RSS Applet for Gnome?  I want it to show the actual headline on the top panel and then cycle through the most recent ones. I tried grss but it wasn't really what I was looking for.08:54
pavanI have installed ubuntu netbook remix, it was working fine today morning now its leading to a blank screen, only desktop session is working08:54
pavanplz help08:54
nitneihti dont need to be supported after 2012 , joking08:54
llutz_seidos: if you manually mount something, you have to make sure the mountpoint exists08:54
lytedalaristmobile: that's what i'd do.08:54
seidosllutz_, /dev/sdb1 exists in /dev08:55
dalaristmobilelyte: crap...well thanks for all your help.08:55
seidosllutz_, this is what i am typing at cli:  sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb108:55
llutz_seidos: create the mountpoint as the error told you (sudo mkdir /media/usbstick)08:55
nitneihtif i upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 how about my document for example what happen with my download folder08:55
rwwnitneiht: Upgrades shouldn't affect your documents or anything like that, but you should backup beforehand anyway, as with any other major change.08:56
llutz_seidos: 3 lines above you wrote /media/usbstick? what command do you really use and what error do you get exactly?08:56
seidosllutz_, done (but the error didn't tell me to make a directory)08:56
lytenitneiht: it will stay. a release upgrade is *basically* just a bunch of apt-gets08:56
dtohi. finally tried the realtime kernel, it dies during boot (and drops to textmode prompt)08:56
nitneihtthanx lyte rww08:56
deftone7wow getting no luck...lol08:56
dtoafter trying to recompile the nvidia driver under that, it says headers for realtime kernel arent installed so it skips that module build. but now i can't boot either kernel, hangs on purple high-res ubuntu loading screen with 5 orange dots that don't change08:57
lytedeftone7: if you know the chipset and have google there is likely to be some documentation somewhere that will tell you packages to install and how to enabled the modules... we're not in front of your computer though08:57
ljsoftnethow do i disable wireless at startup?08:58
deftone7lyte: its the BCM 431208:58
ljsoftnethow do i disable wireless network at startup?08:58
furiinstalling mesa results in "configure: error: X11 development libraries needed for dri driver" on ubuntu 10.10. what should i do?08:58
deftone7i'm just wondering how to put it on my usb stick and keep it there so i can use it08:58
seidosllutz_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/512212/08:58
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lytedeftone7: i don't know about others, but i don't get what you mean08:59
rww!bcm43xx | deftone708:59
ubottudeftone7: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx08:59
deftone7lyte: it won't let me activate the driver when i lick additional drivers08:59
lytedeftone7: ok, try the link you have been sent, or http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130976008:59
llutz_seidos: "sudo fdisk -l" to get the correct partition and "sudo blkid" to get the used filesystem08:59
rww(you want the Broadcom STA drivers)08:59
deftone7Broadcom BCM 4312 ....the driver that shows up is the Broadcom STA Wireless driver09:00
Pr3nt1c3can anyone tell me how to access compiz in 10.10? It's no longer under: System -> Preferences -> compiz09:00
rww!ccsm | Pr3nt1c309:00
ubottuPr3nt1c3: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz09:00
Pr3nt1c3cheers rww09:00
seidosllutz_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/512215/09:01
seidosllutz_, what filesystem type should i specify in my mount command?09:01
llutz_seidos: vfat09:01
ljsoftnethow do i disable wireless network at startup?09:02
furiinstalling mesa results in "configure: error: X11 development libraries needed for dri driver" on ubuntu 10.10. what should i do?09:02
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seidosllutz_, vfat failed.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/512216/09:03
inoob_can you recommend sources to read about Linux filesystem?09:04
llutz_seidos: are you sure the stick contains a valid filesystem?09:04
pisihello. 10.4 used to auto-detect my usb cdrom (ironkey) when inserted but 10.10 does not. any tips ?09:04
AlHafoudhhi all09:04
bazhang!filesystem > inoob_09:04
ubottuinoob_, please see my private message09:04
AlHafoudhi am sharing ubuntu server with co-workers but they are beginners in linux. which webui/webadmin should i use?09:05
HooberWhere is BloodShed Dev C++ in the software library?09:05
bazhang!ebox | AlHafoudh09:05
ubottuAlHafoudh: ebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox09:05
seidosllutz_, i am trying to format it.  but it should be fine.  perhaps i should just try reformatting in gparted09:06
seidosllutz_, it was auto-mounting just fine earlier, until i tried formatting it.  trying to make live usb to test 10.1009:06
llutz_seidos: reads to me more like a broken fs or no fs at all09:06
llutz_seidos: sudo mkfs.vfat -F32 /dev/sdb109:06
MossyfunkWhen I insert a flash drive what makes the icon appear on the desktop? how can I change this?09:07
ljsoftnethow do i disable wireless network on startup?09:07
llutz_ljsoftnet: blacklist your wifi-module09:07
cros13Anyone here use the Apple Magic Trackpad on Maverick?09:07
ljsoftnetllutz_ how?09:07
llutz_ljsoftnet: add it to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist09:08
ljsoftnetllutz_ where do i start?09:08
seidosllutz_, testing further.  thanks for now.09:08
bazhang!blacklist > ljsoftnet09:08
ubottuljsoftnet, please see my private message09:08
MoopzHey, does anyone know how to integrate Liferea with Gpanel? I want it to be able to display the headlines on the panel. I heard it was possible but cannot find out how.09:09
llutz_ljsoftnet: "lscpi -v"  search for your wifi-adaptor, look what module is used, add to file i said09:09
blackshellI'm just downloaded the xfce  's .tar.bz2 file,how do i install it from that?09:10
bazhangblackshell, you dont. use the package manager09:10
rwwsudo apt-get install xfce409:10
travkinsudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop09:10
rwwor xubuntu-desktop, if you want additional xubuntuy things09:11
icarus-cblahsphemer, sorry i was away. i'm no kernel hacker so i don't know. but i suppose it is well documented.  http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-2.6.35.y.git;a=blob;f=Documentation/scheduler/sched-design-CFS.txt;h=8239ebbcddce1d9b84689b8e1be530243bee5f83;hb=HEAD09:11
bazhangblackshell, see above09:11
blackshelltravkin:i already downloaded a tar file09:11
travkinblackshell, type sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop in your terminal09:11
travkinno need in tar file09:11
ljsoftnetllutz_ is that lspci or lscpi?09:11
tioxAaaagh, someone help me.09:11
furiinstalling mesa results in "configure: error: X11 development libraries needed for dri driver" on ubuntu 10.10. what should i do?09:11
blackshelltarvkin:as a matter of fact i downloaded the tar file from xfce website itself only09:11
aubreyQuestion: I can't change the volume on my pure USB Speakers, it can be either max or zero.09:11
tioxI am trying to use the command tar -zxvf hamachi- but it fails. Is there a specific place I should put the file?09:12
aubreyjaunty 9.0409:12
travkinblackshell, if you want to install XFCE from sources, you have to use another distro, like Gentoo. Ubuntu is based for binary packages09:12
travkininstalling XFCE from sources is incorrect way and may lead to some conflicts in future09:12
travkinso just follow the tips09:12
deftone7wow having no luck....last time did this was with fedora and it was 2 years ago09:13
MoopzDoes anyone know any RSS applet for Gpanel that acts like ticker tape?09:13
seidosllutz_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/512222/ any ideas?  now won't umount.09:13
blackshelland one more thing,i prevously insatlled kde from terminal and then ran "sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop",but still most of the kde applicaton are still there?how do i remove that?09:13
aubreyMossyfunk: you meant me and my USB speakers with lspci ?09:13
bazhang!puregnome > blackshell09:13
ubottublackshell, please see my private message09:14
deftone7i need to activate the Broadcom STA Wireless drivers on my ubuntu remix usb stick09:14
travkin!purekde > blackshell09:14
travkinnot gnome09:14
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Mossyfunkaubrey, srry was referring to ljsoftnet's question09:15
llutz_seidos: read carefully, its not mounted ("mount" to check)09:15
ljsoftnetllutz_ is this the module name "02:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)"09:16
seidosllutz_, it is listed in /media ?09:16
llutz_seidos: the presence of a mountpoint doesn't mean its mounted09:16
seidosllutz_, affirmative09:16
aubreyMossyfunk: perhaps you know something about pre USB speakers in Ubuntu ?09:16
MoopzDoes anyone know any RSS applet for Gpanel that acts like ticker tape?09:16
llutz_ljsoftnet: some lines down, theres "kernel module". thats the one you need09:17
Mossyfunkaubrey, I don't sorry.... very new to linux myself.09:17
aubreyMossyfunk: aye, thanks09:17
ljsoftnetllutz_ ok09:17
llutz_ljsoftnet: "kernel driver ...." and "kernel module"    should contain a module name (ath5k most likely)09:18
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aantihi there09:21
aantiwhere can i download latest iso from daily kubuntu-live/installation iso, preferrably somethinh for an usb stick ?09:22
MoopzIs it because no one knows an applet that does that or because no one cares enough to respond?09:22
DesiArnez6Wondering if anyone knows how I can remove the streaming program "HQTube"?09:22
inoob_What is the best SVN for a newbie to use?09:23
llutz_DesiArnez6: how did you install it?09:23
aantiwhere can i download latest kubuntu daily snapshot ?09:24
aantipreferrably in ISO format or something for my usb stick ?09:24
aantierm HI btw09:24
llutz_aanti: cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily09:25
rwwaanti: There isn't a "latest Kubuntu daily snapshot". Kubuntu 10.10 was just released, and development of Kubuntu 11.04 hasn't started yet.09:25
rwwjust use a 10.10 ISO.09:25
agronholmanyone here using the nouveau display driver and getting intermittent "pauses"?09:26
agronholmlike every 10 seconds or so09:26
agronholmmouse does not move, graphics freeze09:26
DesiArnez6llutz_: I downloaded it by first going here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=873344 and then going here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/24999 and clicking install09:27
llachow can I type vietnamese on ubuntu 10.10? I can type it on 10.04, but not on 10.10? why?09:27
peppajiggapuffllac: Are you sure you have your keyboard set up properly?09:28
llacpeppajiggapuff: yes. Because i type it normally on 10.04, but after I upgrade, it does not work09:28
furiinstalling mesa results in "configure: error: X11 development libraries needed for dri driver" on ubuntu 10.10. what should i do?09:29
momentum_Is there any ubuntu package for composition of music / or creation of rap beats?09:30
peppajiggapuffllac: Where are you trying to type text? A tty?09:30
Dan```i killed fullscreen application by killall X09:30
Dan```and now my screen resolution is screwed09:31
Dan```how can i reset it?09:31
llacpeppajiggapuff: no. type in gedit or oo09:31
blackshellwhats the difference between apt-get and aptitude?09:31
Dan```xrandr is saying that it's currently 1280x800 (which is what is *should* be)09:31
Dan```but it isn't09:31
ljsoftnetllutz_ is there another way, i just want it disabled at startup09:31
llacpeppajiggapuff: it works well on 10.04, but on 10.10 it does not09:32
MoopzDoes anyone know any RSS applet for Gnome that acts like ticker tape?09:32
MrokiiDan```: What if you use xrandr to switch to another resolution and then switch back?09:32
netwerkhello room09:32
Dan```Mrokii: never thought of that09:33
Dan```how can i get bash to return the current screen res?09:34
netwerkin 10.10 is it safe to edit /boot/grub.conf directly using pico ?09:34
BJMAnetwerk: I'ts doable but NOT recommended09:35
MrokiiDan```: yw09:35
Dan```Mrokii: :)09:35
aapzakhey guys, I'm checking out metacontacts in empathy but can't figure out how it handles protocol priority, any of you know?09:35
tomoldsI'm trying to install but the live CD shits out: 'General error mounting filesystems, any idea?'09:36
blackshell whats the difference between apt-get and aptitude?09:36
llaccan anyone show me how to type vietnamese on 10.10? I can do it on 10.04, but can not on 10.10.09:36
agronholmblackshell: different tools for the same purpose09:36
netwerkaptitude is a friendlier interface09:36
dbruce77hello everyone I am having an issue with a lenovo netbook s-10 I am trying to install and I get to [drm] initialized drm 1.1.0 20060810 and the computer hangs.  I have tried with quiet splash intel_idle.maz_cstate=0 on boot and that will get past the error but boot me to a blank screen....anyone have any ideas?09:37
Pr3nt1c3last question for the night: do I need ALSA instead of PULSE-audio to get my front and rear mic-jacks recognised?09:37
RudyValenciaHey, anyone know why my Network Manager icon is missing from my Notification Area? I'm using09:38
netwerkdbruce77,  last time that happened to me it was a bad xorg.conf entry09:38
MrokiiDan```: Not sure, if that is the same for everyone, but for me "xrandr -s 0" alwas brings me back to the "supposed" resolution, after swichting to another one.09:38
RudyValenciaOops, I'm using Ubuntu 10.0409:38
tomoldsCan I somehow boot in safe mode or something from the live CD, before I'm presented any options I'm told 'General error mounting filesystems'09:38
tomolds10.10 btw09:38
dotblank-laptopcan't seem to get ubuntu minimal to run crontab correctly09:38
xk0beda1On Ubuntu as soon as the CD boots it shows an orange screen with some small icon at the bottom center for a few seconds, then it shows the black screen with a flashing underscore. I was told to try and install using safe graphics mode, turn off acpi and or EDD. or remove qiuet splash from some command line. I can't try tonight though so if anyone can let me know the chances of those working or if there's a different solution please let 09:38
MoopzDoes anyone know any RSS applet for Gnome that acts like ticker tape?09:38
dbruce77netwerk, any idea what that was...I am looking now...09:39
llacdoesn't anyone know?!09:40
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netwerkfor me it was a vert xync setting out side of my testing monitors range09:40
agronholmllac: at least no one that is currently watching this channel now09:40
xk0beda1my question!09:41
llaccan anyone show me how to type vietnamese on 10.10? I can do it on09:41
llac       10.04, but can not on 10.10.09:41
pLr!viet | llac09:41
xk0beda1llac I asked first I think so it'd be pretty curteous09:41
pLr!vt | llac09:41
RudyValenciaHm, and now my panels are also missing.09:41
xk0beda1of you to let me get the answer first09:41
pLrmy bad09:41
netwerksorry im on an uber ancient TP 600e so im a lil lagged with this update running09:41
llutz_ljsoftnet: sorry i don't know any other way to disable it (which does not mean, there's no)09:41
dbruce77netwerk, I will look around and see what I can find....it will run 10.04 but not this...really lame09:42
llutz_DesiArnez6: check that script for an "uninstall" option or check what it installed and remove that manually.09:42