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Bob_just wondered if there's an estimated "back online" time for Ubuntu One Notes01:47
Bob_I see there is an update "status: In Progress → Fix Released" which sounds promising ... thx ...01:51
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lyt3310Any one know when will Note and Bookmark services be avilable?03:50
duanedesignhello lyt331003:52
duanedesignlyt3310: i dont think there is an estimate yet on how long the disruption will last.03:54
micheledoes anyone know what the issue with ubuntu one is right now?05:50
duanedesignhello michele05:53
duanedesignmorning all09:18
ryewow import appindicator "imports" 15Mb09:27
ryeduanedesign, morning!09:28
Xenios_where is the music store in ubuntuone, I read about?09:33
duanedesignhello Xenios_09:34
Xenios_hi duanedesign09:34
duanedesignXenios_: you can get to the music store using Rhythmbox09:34
Xenios_ah, only with rythmbox09:34
Xenios_I looked for it on the page.09:34
duanedesignand Banshee09:34
Xenios_any chance to use it with Amarok?09:34
duanedesignnot that i am aware of. that is a good idea though!09:35
Xenios_yes, I think so. :) I'm on #rokymotion, so I will suggest that09:35
Xenios_one more question: is it possible to share a folder without the guest has to create an ubuntuone account?09:36
duanedesignXenios_: files yes, folders no09:37
Xenios_so if I want to share a bunch of pictures for example, I will have to share each one seperately or the guest has to create an account?09:38
duanedesignright now folders can only be shared with other ubuntuone users. Files however can be shared with anyone through a public url09:38
Xenios_ok, thx very much :)09:38
duanedesignyour welcome :)09:38
diverse_izzuehi all. my U1 claims it's doing a local rescan, but i don't believe that, because it's been claiming that for a long time now.10:14
ryediverse_izzue, is that u1sdtool --status that says LOCAL_RESCAN ?10:18
diverse_izzuerye, yes10:19
ryediverse_izzue, could you please pastebin your ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log ?10:20
ryediverse_izzue, ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log10:20
diverse_izzuerye, http://pastebin.com/QQ1tTuSU10:21
ryediverse_izzue, maverick ?10:21
diverse_izzuerye, yes10:21
ryediverse_izzue, is /home/hunzikea/NBI a UDF ?10:21
ryediverse_izzue, basically it is stuck due to exception10:22
diverse_izzuerye, i am synching this folder, yes. since recently10:22
ryediverse_izzue, what does u1sdtool --list-folders say ?10:22
diverse_izzuerye, it says what i would expect it to say10:23
diverse_izzuethe folder NBI is subscribed=True10:23
ryediverse_izzue, i mean whether NBI folder is there ah ok10:23
ryediverse_izzue, looking into what can make the UDF to be rescanned10:27
diverse_izzuerye, thanks. let me know if you need any more info. should i check whether quitting and restarting the daemon helps?10:37
ryediverse_izzue, you could check, yes, but I don't feel it would help. I'll be glad to prove myself wrong though10:38
diverse_izzuerye, HAH!10:39
diverse_izzueit finishes the rescan10:40
diverse_izzueif i had to guess, i would guess that it fails after suspend/resume10:41
ryediverse_izzue, ?10:42
ryediverse_izzue, wow10:42
ryediverse_izzue, by suspend/resume you mean... were you syncing the data during suspend?10:42
diverse_izzuerye, what do you mean by syncing data during suspend?10:44
ryediverse_izzue, i mean whether you were syncing something and suspended your computer in the middle of sync, something like this10:45
diverse_izzuerye, i remember i waited for the queue to be empty when i first synced that folder before i suspended10:47
diverse_izzueso, no10:47
ryediverse_izzue, ok, i am adding this to TODO list and will ask verterok/facundobatista about it. I am also wondering about how it got recovered.10:48
diverse_izzuerye, it didn't recover really. just observed that some files that i added this morning are not uploaded even though u1sdtool says it's now idle10:50
ryediverse_izzue, i mean that it got past LOCAL_RESCAN after the restart10:51
ryediverse_izzue, were those files synchronized now?10:51
diverse_izzuerye, no they are not10:51
diverse_izzuebut they are not in --waiting-content10:51
ryediverse_izzue, okay, could you please run u1sdtool --info on the path?10:51
ryediverse_izzue, in maverick no full path is required - cd $folder; u1sdtool --info $filename10:52
diverse_izzuerye, crashes http://pastebin.com/tg1xHGXT10:54
ryediverse_izzue, could you please ask it to try resyncing - u1sdtool --rescan-from-scratch=VOLUME_ID (for NBI folder)10:55
diverse_izzueis the volume_id this uuid like number?10:55
ryediverse_izzue, yes10:55
diverse_izzuerye, done, what is supposed to happen?10:57
ryediverse_izzue, could you please now run u1sdtool --info /home/hunzikea/NBI ?10:57
ryediverse_izzue, it should request server info about the share and perform a merge10:57
diverse_izzuerye, http://pastebin.com/XjkJWFr910:58
ryediverse_izzue, could you please run u1sdtool --waiting-content now?10:58
diverse_izzuerye, still empty10:58
ryediverse_izzue, and in u1sdtool --waiting-metadata ?10:59
diverse_izzuealso empty10:59
ryediverse_izzue, ok, u1sdtool --refresh-volumes11:01
ryediverse_izzue, and could you please re-run u1sdtool --info on that file ?11:01
diverse_izzuerye, still get a traceback11:02
ryediverse_izzue, ok, let's ask it to do a full rescan by restarting it, it should rescan that dir now - u1sdtool --quit; u1sdtool --start11:03
diverse_izzuerye, now i have the segfaults in the syncdaemon log again11:05
ryediverse_izzue, could you please pastebin it again?11:05
ryegreat, it removed metadata again11:08
ryediverse_izzue, could you please do find ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/trash -type f | wc -l ?11:09
ryediverse_izzue, is that folder showing up in the web ui?11:14
diverse_izzueit was originally successfully synced11:15
diverse_izzuerye, going for lunch, back in 30 minutes11:16
ryediverse_izzue, ok, in case I don't come up with anything I will poke chicharra guys11:16
ryewhen they appear here11:16
* pedronis lunch11:38
ryehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/FAQ#How%20do%20I%20remove%20a%20folder%20I%20previously%20selected%20to%20synchronize%20with%20Ubuntu%20One? - grrr, i hate %2012:24
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stuhi im trying to use my contacts in ubuntu one but it tells me thers a problem how long till this sorted12:43
duanedesignhello stu12:43
stuhi ya12:43
duanedesignstu: i havent heard an estimate yet on how long till they fix the Couch server.12:44
stuits not a big deal just wondered lol12:45
duanedesignstu: you can get the latest on the status at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Status12:45
stunice one many thx12:45
duanedesignstu: no problem :)12:45
stusee ya have a nice day12:45
duanedesignyou too o/12:46
jmcsI'm having problems synchronizing files with ubuntu one. It always says the quota was exceeded, but there wasn't any file on the account yet, and the files I'm attempting to sync don't even get close to the account quota.12:50
duanedesignhello jmcs12:52
duanedesignjmcs: let me look, i think there is a bug report on that.12:54
duanedesignjmcs: Are you using Maverick?12:54
jmcsduanedesign: yes.12:55
duanedesignbug #65067112:56
ubot4Launchpad bug 650671 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "UbuntuOne "out of space" dialog is broken (affects: 1) (heat: 487)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65067112:56
duanedesignoops thats not it12:57
jmcsWell now that I see it, I'm also having the same problem... 2 bugs in one day...12:57
duanedesignjmcs: can you open a terminal and run command: ubuntuone-preferences12:58
ryefacundobatista, hi, may I poke you about this - http://pastebin.com/FFWwZRQs12:59
ryegraphiclunarkid, hi12:59
graphiclunarkidrye: Hi! I have an odd problem with the new Ubuntu One sign-up wizard on Maverick Netbook edition: on an English (United Kingdom) keyboard layout with English (United Kingdom) as the system language, if I type '@' in the email address text-box it prints as Ω. This only happens in that particular text-field - elsewhere in the OS the correct character is printed.12:59
duanedesignjmcs: hopefully it will print something useful to the screen12:59
graphiclunarkidrye: It's preventing me from creating an account. Any ideas?13:00
ryegraphiclunarkid, let me start up the netbook with en_GB layout to test this. Another question - are you running within Unity ?13:00
duanedesignjmcs: could you post any result from that command http://pastebin.ca/13:00
jmcsduanedesign: I gives some error with dbus13:00
graphiclunarkidrye: Yes, I'm running the Unity interface.13:00
duanedesignjmcs: ok13:01
ryegraphiclunarkid, ok, give me 10 minutes, will update the netbook and test SSO dialog13:01
graphiclunarkidrye: Hang on a sec13:02
duanedesignjmcs: can you run this command.  killall ubuntu-sso-login; u1sdtool -q13:02
duanedesignjmcs: then open the Ubuntu One Preferences from the Me Menu13:03
graphiclunarkidrye: I think I'm about to feel like an idiot. I'm using synergy so I can use a bigger keyboard on my netbook. Typing over that interface produces Omega. Typing on the actual netbook produces @ symbol as expected!13:03
* graphiclunarkid is a bit slow today!13:03
ryegraphiclunarkid, aha, i got it13:04
graphiclunarkidrye: http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/13:04
graphiclunarkidrye: So short story is the character set being used by synergy doesn't work correctly for that particular text-field (but it does everywhere else). Probably not a bug in Ubuntu One, therefore, however still interesting!13:05
ryegraphiclunarkid, though i wonder about how did omega end up on the keyboard in en_GB... ok, let me see whether there is something interesting with the code for that field13:06
jmcsduanedesign: it only says "ubuntuone-syncdeamon still running"13:07
duanedesignjmcs: ok. can you run:   u1sdtool -s13:08
graphiclunarkidrye: Same happens if I type '@' in the captcha input field13:08
ryegraphiclunarkid, ok, nothing interesting in that field, it is processed the same way as others... Is that happening on both email entry fields?13:08
graphiclunarkidrye: And yes, it happens in both email entry fields. Just gonna go through the rest of the keyboard and see if there are any more interesting effects.13:09
duanedesignjmcs: and post what that returns.13:09
duanedesignjmcs: i think what you need to do is run the following command while the Ubuntu One Preferences window is open.13:11
duanedesigndbus-send --print-reply --dest=com.ubuntu.sso /credentials com.ubuntu.sso.ApplicationCredentials.login_to_get_credentials "string:Ubuntu One" "string:Workaround for LP:657850" int64:013:11
duanedesignif you have trouble copy and pasting out of irc client the command can also be found here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/657850/comments/313:12
ubot4Launchpad bug 657850 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Ubuntu One Preferences applet doesn't display info properly (affects: 2) (heat: 1731)" [High,Confirmed]13:12
graphiclunarkidrye: No other transposed characters on the local keyboard or via synergy. Just the omega13:14
jmcsduanedesign: I only got this:13:14
jmcsOops, an error ocurred:13:14
jmcsTraceback (most recent call last):13:14
jmcsFailure: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.13:14
duanedesignjmcs: that is what you got from running u1sdtool -s? or the second, long command?13:15
jmcswith u1sdtool -s.13:15
jmcsI hadn't seen the other one yet... I'll try it now13:16
duanedesignjmcs: run that long one with the U1 Preferences window open13:16
graphiclunarkidrye: OK, I've just managed to get Omega to print instead of @ in Gedit after flicking between the two keyboards a bit. I guess this is a Synergy bug not a problem with Ubuntu One.13:18
ryegraphiclunarkid, hm, do you have any greek layout?13:19
graphiclunarkidrye: No - all my machines are set to en_GB exclusively.13:19
jmcsI got this "method return sender=:1.182 -> dest=:1.190 reply_serial=2"13:20
jmcsduanedesign: it refreshed the information on the preference dialog but didn't solve the problem13:21
graphiclunarkidrye: Thanks very much for your help - I guess I should have a chat to the people behind Synergy to see if there's a bug in that code which could cause this sort of behaviour.13:26
ryegraphiclunarkid, you are welcome13:26
psypher246rye: yay to rye, no more catting logs and grepping for MARK to see how far my 10000 files are with indexing13:26
psypher246indicator applet ftw!13:26
graphiclunarkidrye: I'll continue to lurk here for a while in case any other thoughts or questions occur. Nice chatting with you :)13:26
ryeduanedesign, i suspect there is "available = None"  in the log somewhere for jmcs - that means client has not connected to the server and does not know whether there is any free space or not13:26
diverse_izzuerye, any news?13:28
ryefacundobatista, ^13:28
ryefacundobatista, here's the log - http://paste.ubuntu.com/512349/13:29
duanedesignjmcs: can you run:  killall ubuntuone-syncdaemon; u1sdtool -c13:30
facundobatistarye, a ver...13:31
ryefacundobatista, maverick13:31
ryefacundobatista, ah, verterok, well, will wait for him...13:31
facundobatistarye, which conversation should I follow?13:32
ryefacundobatista, diverse_izzue and rye13:32
facundobatistarye, ah, the log you said is the conversation log, not the syncdaemon log :p13:32
* facundobatista reads13:32
ryefacundobatista, yes :)13:32
jmcsduanedesign: it gives the same dbus error as before13:33
facundobatistarye, diverse_izzue: I'd need debug logs13:36
facundobatistadiverse_izzue, please, after setting the logs in DEBUG, restart the client, wait for it to finish doing whatever it needs to do, and give me the logs, please13:37
ryediverse_izzue, u1sdtoo --quit; wait for it to finish, then run /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon --debug 2>&1 | tee ~/syncdaemon-debug.log13:38
duanedesignjmcs: ok can you run:  killall ubuntuone-syncdaemon    then: ps aux | grep ubu13:39
graphiclunarkidrye: FYI re omega / @ bug: definitely Synergy. Sorry for going off half-cocked earlier! http://synergy-foss.org/pm/issues/7213:39
ryegraphiclunarkid, well, thanks for the info, now i know something more so in case this happens again we will have a definite answer13:40
duanedesignjmcs: when you run the 2nd command look to see if  ubuntuone-syncdaemon still shows up13:40
graphiclunarkidrye: Indeed :o)13:41
* graphiclunarkid must stop using that emoticon in Empathy!13:42
jmcsduanedesign: no it doesn't show up13:44
duanedesignjmcs: ok13:45
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duanedesignjmcs: can you run:  u1sdtool --start13:46
duanedesignjmcs: if that doesn't give a dbus error, then run:  u1sdtool --connect13:47
jmcsduanedesign: it still gives the dbus error13:49
duanedesignjml: is the preferences window open?13:51
jmcsduanedesign: not right now13:53
duanedesignrye: ping13:53
ryeduanedesign, pong13:54
duanedesignrye: cant seem to get syncdaemon restarted13:54
duanedesignrye: always dbus error for all u1sdtool commands13:54
duanedesignmattgriffin: good morning13:55
crappingtacoHey quick question for anyone that can help. Does anyone know the ubuntu one streaming address for using another client like iSub or Subsonic for Android? I can't find the address after checking all the support info.13:57
duanedesignhello crappingtaco13:57
duanedesigncrappingtaco: i do13:57
ryeduanedesign, is is running? ps aux | grep [u]buntuone-syncdaemon ?13:57
crappingtacoAwesome, what is it good sir?13:57
duanedesignjmcs: is syncdaemon running?     ps aux | grep [u]buntuone-syncdaemon13:58
jmcsduanedesign: not right now. I killed because the "out of space" dialog was getting annoying.13:59
duanedesignrapha: seems strange that it is not running but u1sdtool -c still gives dbus error14:00
crappingtacoduanedesign: thanks14:00
mattgriffinduanedesign: good morning!14:01
duanedesigncrappingtaco: https://streaming.one.ubuntu.com14:01
duanedesignmattgriffin: i was going over my toDo list. I noticed i had helped a user over the weekend with a music store issue. I was not able to resolve it.14:02
duanedesignmattgriffin: i had them file a bug so I could follow up and get them some help14:03
crappingtacoduanedesign: thanks, now testing connection works, but I'm getting a user name issue. Do you know what format it uses? I'm using email@domain.com and my ubuntu one password14:04
jblountcrappingtaco: You'll want to use the credentials at https://one.ubuntu.com/phones I think14:04
mattgriffinduanedesign: ok. cool.14:04
duanedesigncrappingtaco: heh, sounds like you did the same thing  i did14:04
duanedesignmattgriffin: https://bugs.launchpad.net/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store/+bug/65782414:04
ubot4Launchpad bug 657824 in rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store "some music transferred to u1 storage, some not (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]14:04
mattgriffincrappingtaco, duanedesign: i'm adding an item to our FAQ that covers how to use an unsupported app like iSub14:05
duanedesigncrappingtaco: it is your mobile username and password14:05
crappingtacoduanedesign, matgriffin: awesome, I guess i was thinking logically, how silly of me :D14:05
duanedesigncrappingtaco: you can get your mobile username and password here https://one.ubuntu.com/phones/14:06
crappingtacoduanedesign: thanks, its working now. I wanted to use a second app to see if i'm still having an issue with songs i deleted still showing, and they do. They don't play though so its weird, like just a link was left not the file, guess i'll keep tinkering away. Thanks for the help though.14:08
ryejmcs, could you please pastebin your ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log ?14:08
duanedesigncrappingtaco: yeah i just installed isub a couple days ago so i am still new to it myself14:09
jblountcrappingtaco: There is a service that goes throw and identifies .mp3 files, so it's possible that service hasn't come through and removed the ones you deleted yet.14:11
crappingtacojblount: Hmmm, anyway to manually trigger the service?14:12
jblountcrappingtaco: Do you see the 'Scan my files' button here? https://one.ubuntu.com/files/ You could try clicking that (I'm not sure if it'll work for this though)14:13
crappingtacojblount: No I don't see any scan my files button. I have a lot of files, looks like it is still syncing them, maybe it needs to finish all of the files before it goes and cleans old ones out. I'll give it some time to finish, thanks though.14:15
crappingtacojblount: maybe thats also why album artwork isn't showing either14:16
jmcsnye: the current version is this: http://pastebin.com/upX6wdai14:19
jmcsI've also made a copy of an earlier log: http://pastebin.com/AYWDfXSW14:19
ryeavailable: None14:22
ryei like it so much14:23
ryejmcs, ok, is syncdaemon running now?14:23
jmcsrye: ye14:24
ryejmcs, ok, whenever you try to run u1sdtool --status it throws a DBus timeout, right?14:24
jmcsi've moved the files to another folder to stop the dialog and now it doesn't give an error, it only says:14:27
jmcsState: READY14:27
jmcs    connection: Not User With Network14:27
jmcs    description: ready to connect14:27
jmcs    is_connected: False14:27
jmcs    is_error: False14:27
jmcs    is_online: False14:27
jmcs    queues: WORKING_ON_BOTH14:27
ryejmcs, ok, could you please open seahorse (System / Preferences / Passwords and Encryption Keys). Do you see the entries such as 'UbuntuOne token for http://ubuntuone.com' or 'Ubuntu One' ?14:32
jmcsrye: yes14:34
ryejmcs, could you please remove these tokens, then run killall ubuntu-sso-client in the terminal and then run u1sdtool --connect ?14:35
jmcsShould I also remove the desktopcouch ones?14:35
duanedesignjmcs: no14:36
jmcsrye: duanedesign: it's working now. thank you. Do you have any idea why I had the problem?14:38
duanedesignjmcs: did this happen after you upgraded to Maverick?14:40
ryejmcs, it looks like you were using older package previously that did not update metadata info for the storage. I am not sure what version it is and what causes such behavior. Since you managed to get to READY state it means that subsequent connection attempt would fix the metadata and it will be synchronized with the server's info on available storage. Removing of the tokens just saved us from tracking OAuth-related issues.14:40
jmcsduanedesign: Yes, but on that particular computer I had never used ubuntu one14:41
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raphaduanedesign: what is not running?16:58
duanedesignhello rapha17:01
duanedesignrapha:i am sorry, what is your question17:03
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raphaduanedesign: hi ... you said "15:00 < duanedesign> rapha: seems strange that it is not running but u1sdtool -c still gives dbus error" - I don't understand...17:15
duanedesignrapha: i am sorry that was supposed to be for someone else :P17:20
duanedesigni should be a bit more careful with those Tab-Completes17:20
raphaduanedesign: oh sorry then :P17:23
duanedesignrapha: np :)17:24
commodoorHi everyone17:55
commodoorI have a question about U117:56
commodoorcan someone please help me?17:56
raphacommodoor: it's probably best if you just ask away, so the right person can get back to you once they see it.17:57
commodoorI have now U1 + 20Gb so i started uploading my files (slowly). but now it's stuck17:58
commodoorit doesn't upload anything17:58
commodoorit's stuck with meta17:58
commodooris there a way to reset the metacheck?17:58
commodooror can it be something else?18:00
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commodoori t searched the net but couldn't find anything. i tried (i think) everything18:01
ryecommodoor, could you please tell me what is u1sdtool --status?18:01
commodoorState: QUEUE_MANAGER18:02
commodoor    connection: With User With Network18:02
commodoor    description: processing queues18:02
commodoor    is_connected: True18:02
commodoor    is_error: False18:02
commodoor    is_online: True18:02
commodoor    queues: WORKING_ON_BOTH18:02
ryecommodoor, please wait18:04
ryecommodoor, ok, are you running Maverick?18:05
commodooryes, upgrade18:05
ryecommodoor, ok, could you please pastebin the output of grep MARK ~/.cache/ubuntuone/logs/syncdaemon.log to http://paste.ubuntu.com ?18:07
raphabtw rye, are you the one who wrote the ubuntuone-indicator?18:08
ryerapha, yes, "hacked up" is a better term for the time being18:08
commodooryhe find it :P18:08
ryeduanedesign, thanks!18:09
ryecommodoor, could you please pastebin the whole log?18:10
ryecommodoor, hm, let me re-check the service state18:11
ryecommodoor, based on "failure: TRY_AGAIN" the service replies that it could not have processed the file and client retries18:14
commodoorso what can i do about it18:15
commodoori tried removing the folder18:15
ryecommodoor, have you tried shutting down syncdaemon and starting it again when you said "i tried (i think) everything" ?18:16
commodooryes i tried18:16
commodoori used u1sdtool --quit18:16
rapharye: well, hacked up or not, I've never felt comfy using U1 until now. So thanks a lot for it!18:17
ryerapha, when it is awesome and i am happy about the code completely it will get a big number, like 1.0. Thanks. Frankly speaking i did not expect such kind of an interest to the thing that enabled me to post public links faster :)18:18
commodoori'ts really weird that it's stuck18:19
commodoori also read somewhere that it won't start updating till meta is 018:21
commodoorupdating = uploading18:21
ryecommodoor, yes, trying to summon somebody18:21
ryecommodoor, meta is 0, it's the content that's stuck18:21
ryecommodoor, ok, let's try to debug it the hard way18:22
ryecommodoor, u1sdtool --quit18:22
commodooryour indicator says meta 118:22
ryecommodoor, /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon --debug 2>&1 | tee ~/syncdaemon-debug.log18:22
ryecommodoor, are you running the indicator from ppa ?18:23
ryecommodoor, ok, now in another terminal please run u1sdtool --connect18:24
ryecommodoor, now you should start seeing some output in the terminal where syncdaemo is running in debug mode18:24
ryecommodoor, is there anything with TRY_AGAIN too ?18:25
commodoorlet me look18:25
ryecommodoor, actually could you please pastebin the ~/syncdaemon-debug.log ?18:26
ryecommodoor, ok, let's actually wait for it to do something useful...18:29
commodoorit says synchronizing metadata and content18:30
ryecommodoor, ok, could you please re-paste the log?18:31
commodoorok, debug was already on, so have 12240 lines :P18:32
ryecommodoor, wow, but I am ready to read that :)18:32
commodoorhaha a little too much for me "{18:33
commodooru1sdtool --waiting-metadata < shows one entry18:35
ryecommodoor, btw, to paste these things faster - install pastebinit application and configure it like http://blog.rtg.in.ua/2009/11/pastebinit-defaults.html18:36
commodoorok pastebinit is setup18:39
verterokrye: hi18:40
ryecommodoor, after you add that xml config you will be simply running pastebinit ~/syncdaemon-debug.log and it will return you the URL18:40
commodoorhere you go http://paste.ubuntu.com/512531/18:41
ryeverterok, hi and thanks for joining us. commodoor's syncdaemon is stuck at file uploading. My 2 vm and current account do not exhibit any issues of such kind - http://paste.ubuntu.com/512531/18:42
verterokrye: it might be the server being stuck :(18:44
verterokrye: I don't see any errors in the log18:44
verterokrye: getting server logs, will try to chase it down there18:46
ryeverterok, thanks18:48
commodoorso i have to wait18:49
ryeverterok, what does TRY_AGAIN in Move mean? It cannot move somewhere?18:49
ryecommodoor, you may want to send the message to ubuntuone-support@canonical.com if you are unable to stay online so that when we find out what's wrong we will be able to keep you updated18:50
verterokrye: the server failed to do move, and request the client to try again (might be a load or locking issue)18:50
ryecommodoor, though we may need some client debug still18:50
verterokrye, commodoor: you can try restaring the client18:50
ryeverterok, we already tried that18:51
verterokhmm, weird18:51
commodoori don't have much time left i have to got, so what do i do should i mail support?18:53
spilakhi guy18:54
ryecommodoor, yes, please, this way we will be able to track this issue18:54
commodoorok i will send the debug log and describe the problem18:55
rapharye: The amount of interest is probably explained by the fear humans have of things they don't feel in control over ... if I knew how to do it, I'd make it so that the little cloud icon shows the percentage of the sync by "filling up" with a sort of progress bar :)18:55
commodoorok thnx guys18:56
commodoori'm off, later i will send a mail to support and hope it will get fixed.18:57
reya276How can I get my Ubuntu one contacts sync to my Evolution contacts?19:04
reya276for some reason my Ubuntu One contacts do not show19:05
ryereya276, Please see the current status on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Status#Contacts19:06
reya276rye, I don't have Maverick, I'm still on lucid but this has always been an issue.19:08
ryereya276, we are now searching for a way to get updated couchdb into lucid (or backport a pretty big ssl-related fix) that would allow lucid lynx users to synchronize their data. Replication has been down for several months.19:10
reya276oh I see, thanks I will wait until this is fix then, awesome stuff you guys got going19:11
ryeverterok, am I able to assist anyhow in searching for relevant data for that TRY_AGAIN issue?19:19
verterokrye: logs just finished syncing, running grep ATM to find the server :)19:19
verterokrye: once I get the logs filtered I'll check if it was the server being stuck19:21
verterokrye: I don't see any hung requests on the server, it might be a syncdaemon issue after all :(19:24
verterokrye: looking at the client logs, I don't see syncdaemon being stuck, it's just failing to move the file19:29
verterokrye: or I'm missing something :)19:29
ryeverterok, well, TRY_AGAIN is the server response, right?19:36
verterokrye: yes19:37
verterokrye: but that's for the move19:37
michael__can anyone help me with ubuntu one21:18
ryeverterok, if that's client, should I poken facund0batista ?21:25
verterokrye: probably, he know more about action queue21:25
ryefacundobatista, ping, what can you say about http://paste.ubuntu.com/512531/21:26
facundobatistarye, it's a nice log! why?21:33
facundobatistarye, I see a Move retried21:33
ryefacundobatista, we have earlier log which shows that it has been retrying to move the file for a while21:36
kashany female21:54
kashcan anyone here me?21:54
kashsorry hear21:54
kashi m new for ubuntu21:55
kashplease help me21:55
mattgriffinjoshuahoover, duanedesign, beuno: added a new FAQ about listening to music streaming with an app other than Ubuntu One Music.21:55
beunomattgriffin, ta21:56
joshuahoovermattgriffin: great! thank you!22:01
mattgriffinjoshuahoover, beuno: np. hope it's not too harsh but i wanted to be clear22:01
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