aboganiScottL: Yes the matrix is really nice now.07:04
aboganiTheMuso: Are you around?07:05
scott-workabogani: yes, the kernel matrix filling up is nice, HOWEVER, i am very, very startled that few people are signing up for -realtime kernel testing, support, triage, etc :(13:58
scott-workespecially for lucid13:59
scott-workespecially since we dropped support for the maverick -realtime kernel :?13:59
scott-workoh, my bad, there is some support there in testing, i was looking at the -lowlatency, but it's still pretty sparce compared to the natty stuff though14:00
scott-workabogani: i'm wondering if we shouldn't really should break the kernel testing into two teams, one for -lowlatency and the other for -realtime14:16
scott-workabogani: we could hopefully focus the people with firewire audio interfaces into the -realtime kernel testing since they would be the ones to need it most likely14:16
aboganiscott-work: I don't have opinion about that. In any case if you think that could help please write an email to ml and hear replies.14:31
scott-workabogani: let me think about it more, if i can develop what i believe to be a clear, definitive, and hopefully useful path then i'll mail the list14:35
falktxhi there16:22
falktxis the development for 11.04 already started?16:22
falktxI see that 'natty' is now available for PPAs...16:23
astraljavaLooks like the archive is there.16:28
scott-workpersia: i believe we will need to update the update.cfg file from ubuntustudio-meta as well to include the new seed files: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio-meta/UbuntuStudio/annotate/head%3A/update.cfg16:31
scott-workpersia: and shouldn't we moderate the 'dist: gusty'  as well ?16:32
scott-workabogani: i noticed that you changed the -rt kernels to -realtime, which implies that they will be based on the vanilla kernel source tree, i.e. not a ubuntu kernel19:47
scott-workabogani: is this correct?  we will be providing a non-ubuntu -realtime kernel ?19:47
TheMusoabogani: I am now, but only for a short while.22:29
scott-workTheMuso: if we add seeds as previously discussed, i believe we will need to update the update.cfg file in the ubuntustudio-meta.  Is this correct?22:55
scott-worki'm going hope but do not let that stop you from asnwering ;)   I'll catch the answer on my home account22:55
ScottLerrr that should have been "I'm going home"23:34

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