dhevilubuntu studio hangs on hd video playback. 2gb ram amd 64 bit. nvidia geforce 8599 1 gb. ideas?21:58
dhevilwell hangs even on youtube full screen. thought it was evil flash21:58
zthanyone upgraded yet?22:02
dhevilok. ubuntu studio keeps crashing on decent Amd 64 bit: 2 gb ram: nvidia geforce 8500 1 gb ram22:08
holsteindhevil: not sure22:09
holsteini think the nvidia hardware is a good place to start though22:09
holsteinmaybe search launchpad for that specific card and see what you find22:10
dhevilwell migrating from opensuse gnome desktop. It never crashed.22:10
* holstein is going to stay on 10.04 zth 22:10
dhevilok will check. thanks22:10
holsteindhevil: what driver did you use?22:10
holsteinin SUSE ?22:10
dhevilnvidia current propreity driver22:11
holsteinyou might want to look at your old xorg.conf22:11
holsteinfrom suse22:11
holsteinsee if there is anything specific22:11
zthholstein, i'm retarded so i upgraded before i checked out the real issues.... is there a way to downgrade?22:11
dhevilhmmm. well suse is gone. wiped out. :)22:11
dhevilnvidia driver settings look similar i think...22:42
zthwhat's the default kernel in ubu 10.10?22:58
dhevil_ubuntu studeio keeps crashing randomly. amd 64bit- 2gb ram- 1gb nvidia geforce 8500. system fine on windows xp & opensuse. ideas?23:10
dhevil_crashing studio. help help!23:15
dhevil_ubuntustudio crashing randomly!23:35

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