noob581849864im having trouble installing handbrake. what the heck does this mean? --> http://pastebin.com/5DXCtAwF00:51
viddnoob581849864, you may want to consider installing it by adding the PPA to your apt sources00:58
noob581849864ok, i'll try that if nothing else works. but why can't the MOTU team just make a package of the stable version? handbrake is too good to have a snapshot of.01:00
charlie-tcaProbably better to ask them?01:01
noob581849864good idea :-)01:01
* vidd has never heard of handbrake before your question01:01
noob581849864Linux Format magazine has a good section in their November issue: "24 changes we'd make to linux". if there's one change i'd make... it'd be a packaged handbrake. i'll email MOTU now.01:02
ubottuhandbrake is a an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. - http://handbrake.fr01:12
noob581849864well, here's me email to the MOTU team, re the Handbrake issue: http://pastebin.com/RJwBRr0d01:22
noob581849864they probably won't like me very much, but who cares. if it pesters people into fixing things then it's a good thing.01:23
noob581849864if they won't fix it then maybe i'll take a shot. in the meanwhile, handbrake has installed just fine, from the snapshot. mission accomplished! thanks.01:24
Steristhas anyone seen a method to get hibernate back ?03:06
gr8m8there is a script I saw on the arclinux wiki - but it seems convoluted...03:14
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jrmyhow can i mount my harddrive if X cant load?04:58
gr8m8what's the partition? sda1?04:59
jrmyhow do i check04:59
jrmyi think it is04:59
gr8m8sudo fdisk -l04:59
jrmyyeah it is sda105:01
gr8m8make a dir to mount it to with   sudo mkdir /mnt/somename05:02
jrmyi already figured it i guess not remembering the name correctly doesnt help05:02
jrmyits already mounted though05:03
ko2does anyone know how to suspend to disk on xubuntu 10.10 ?05:26
gr8m8fail xubuntu24906:55
xubuntu249why fail06:55
gr8m8standard answer when someone does   tset06:55
xubuntu249i know )06:55
xubuntu249never used irc06:56
gr8m8there are some rules06:56
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines06:56
gr8m8keep it polite and you'll be fine tho06:57
Kraken__damn... xubuntu turned my 3 years old laptop into a bullet..  i'm using this forever ;)07:55
xko2how to suspend to disk using xubuntu 10.10 ?10:25
xharxi have a problem watching videos with 10.10. i have installed the restricted extras from http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/codecs what else do i have to install?11:21
linuxarrow_Are we talking dvd videos?11:22
xharxno, from the net11:23
linuxarrow_streaming videos or flash videos11:24
xharxnon flash11:24
xharxeg http://www.3sat.de/mediathek/mediathek.php?obj=2095211:25
linuxarrow_that would be the mozillla plugins i find totem-mozilla to work the best11:25
xharxwhen i try to watch it i just can see the parole logo, but clip doesnt start11:26
xharxis it a problem with parole?11:26
linuxarrow_maybe is the gecko- media player which doesn't always work and runs on top of the gnome media-player go to synaptic and look up totem and you will see totem-mozilla11:28
linuxarrow_keep in mind that no media-player plugin plays everything but totem-mozilla plays the widest range but cannot have any other mozilla-video plugins installed at the same time11:32
xharxso i should deinstall parole?11:33
linuxarrow_No I think just look to see if it is a mozilla-plugin, uninstall that, then install totem and totem mozilla.11:35
linuxarrow_You can have multiple media players but not too many mozilla plugins since for video mozilla usually defers to one plug-in to play videos.11:39
xharxdo i have to deinstall the plugins in firefox manually?11:42
xharxi see in synaptic, i have totem-mozilla installed11:46
linuxarrow_ are there any other mozilla plugins11:48
xharxmost likely, because parole stil starts with these contents11:49
xharxremove the parole browser plugin?11:51
linuxarrow_then there should be a parole mozilla  or mozilla parole plugin which should be removed or disabled fom firefox in the addons plugins  when you click on the top of firefox menu11:51
linuxarrow_yes that's the one11:52
xharxok, i deinstall that one11:53
linuxarrow_yeah try that and see if video will play in totem11:54
xharxits stil starting with parole :|11:56
linuxarrow_I guess try deinstalling parole altogether if it is causing a problem, totem can play movies and everything,11:59
linuxarrow_but make sure you have complete totem installed and you can install vlc as a second media player12:00
xharxrestarted firefox, works now12:02
xharxthere must have been stil some firefox in the background12:02
xharxthx a lot12:03
xharxmost likely the problem was parole12:03
linuxarrow_you are welcome, and keep in mind that you may come across some videos that won't play like ones that are in ms silverlight which only play in linux properly on suse and don't really work in buntu12:06
linuxarrow_I hvae sometimes installed and reinstalled for hours and hours and have found that there is no media player that will play everything but I think totem has the widest range of video and radio possibilities.12:09
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telitiHello. How to generate a new locale (e.g. de_DE.ISO8859-1)?16:18
PSeykonhi, is there an possibility to use xubuntu 10.10 with a geforce 4 ti ?18:58
charlie-tcaI would think so. I use it with a couple of older geforce 4 cards19:03
charlie-tcaTry running the live cd and see if it detects the card?19:03
PSeykon^^ i already upgraded from 10.4 to 10.10 and now trying to restore X^19:07
rooliganHi, where can I choose the microphone I want to use?20:32
rooliganNever mind, I have installed pavucontrol, it works fine.20:36
BlueEagleI have gotten myself in a bit of a bind here. I have managed to associate .desktop files with gedit and that makes launching apps from the desktop kind of hard. How do I "unassociate" this extention?21:05
twinkie_addictwhats that coomand to completely kill x so i can install nvidia drivers ?21:07
BlueEagletwinkie_addict: sudo /etc/init.d/xdm stop21:08
Sysiservice gdm stop21:08
SysiBlueEagle: you can't set it in properties?21:08
BlueEagleSysi: Not sure what I would set it to tbh.21:09
SysiBlueEagle: right click → properties21:10
BlueEagleSysi: It would be right click and "open with other application" I assume.21:10
Sysino, properties21:11
Sysii'm not sure, i don't want single item to my desktop21:11
BlueEagleWell yes, I can set the application there as well.21:12
BlueEagleSysi: But which application should I use to open the .desktop file to actually have the application launched? In this case it's a .sh file21:12
Sysiis there option of running or something?21:13
BlueEagleSysi: I found it. It's apperantly xdg-open21:13
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djordjehi, i have problem with splash screen when xubuntu starts regular fsck, i see his console output and spash screen blinking, how can i fix it? just to see spash screen, or terminal output22:50
djordjeim using xubuntu 10.04 on dell inspirion 265022:52
charlie-tcaDo you see any errors in the text?22:53
charlie-tcaor is it just telling you it is doing the check?22:54
djordjemostly that its doing check22:54
djordjebut i had one error22:54
charlie-tcaThe error is the reason it blinks. It wants you to know something is wrong22:54
djordjemy script couldnt execute ok22:54
djordjeoh ok22:54
djordjeit doesnt have separete terminal for output on start up22:55
djordjeidk how to explain it22:55
charlie-tcaThat should be a separate terminal. It gives the GDM screen on F7.22:55
djordjebut where is log22:56
charlie-tcaThat text should be on F1, I think22:56
djordjei gives me clear login22:56
djordjeon ubuntu it was F8 if f7 is gdm, if i remember22:57
charlie-tcahm, I show the text on F7, and gdm on F823:02
Sysiif you can login, dmesg ?23:03
djordje1 sec23:04
djordjei cant find any problems there23:05

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