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peitschiemornin everyone :)01:02
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_spm_DragetI have setup sftp on my server. Since configuring all rights is possible but prone to errors, I have the sftp-only user chrooted to directory X which is currently his homedirectory. Now, the bzr repository has to be under X for him to access. Symlinks do not work. But if others want to use it, they need to be able to access X too. Basically meaning I need the same chroot folder for all people using the repo.14:47
_spm_DragetOr I have just one dedicated user that is for accessing that one bzr repositories and all teammembers share the same user/password.14:48
_spm_DragetCAn anyone think of a more elegant solution?14:48
fullermdIf symlinks broke a chroot, it would kinda defeat the purpose   8-}15:35
_spm_DragetYeah, I know :P15:47
_spm_DragetBut I have configured webdav and sftp... sftp giving me a headache to make a flexibe authentification system on a shared repository as I explained above and webdav only working as an addition plugin that is not available some large distributions =(15:48
fullermdWell, if you need multiple people to access something, they all need access to it.  That means they need to not chroot somewhere that doesn't contain it.  Not really a shortcut to that...15:53
_spm_Dragetfullermd: I thought about it... but using a shared chroot would break the concept of home-folder... I would have to chroot them to /srv or /srv/bzr… ofcourse all other /srv services have the appropiate userrights but I am still not completly happy with this. Hmm… ssh allows public key infrastructure. I never tried it, but maybe I can generate key for all users and if I want to disallow access I can block single keys, instead of16:12
_spm_Dragethaving to change the password.16:12
vila_spm_Draget: yup, that's the way to go16:30
vila_spm_Draget: and disallow password for the login16:30
gthorslundvila: thx for fix in 661490. I somehow thought it was the >= instead of <= first, but got confused trying to understand how versions was supposed to be compared.19:53
vilagthorslund: np, obviously this haven't been tested for a long time :-/ So, kudos for raising the issue !20:23
gthorslundvila: I actually tried it since I wanted to test 539937. revno 75 said it fixed some issue like that.20:29
vilagthorslund: yeah, I wondered about that too, but I don't use the plugin myself, so I just fixed the obvious20:30
vilagthorslund: so any light you can shed on the subject will certainly be appreciated20:30
fullermdPhew.  Finally got my website rework done and live.  It only took a year.20:37
* fullermd scratches off one more thing that used to be in CVS...20:37
vilafullermd: that still leave this ftp server...20:41
* fullermd notes that he does NOT run ftpd :p20:41
vilathey all say that20:42
fullermdOh, not true.  Some of them say "Why yes, I am running ft...   AAUGH!  Why are you stabbing me??  *sputter*  *bleed*"20:42
vilaHaaaaaa, 10 not 11 and the Ubuntu font becomes so more enjoyable....20:49
vilafullermd: yeah, there is still a lot of  education to be done to fully switch to ssh... Generating and handling keys is still seen as arcane...20:51
fullermdLet 'em use passwords.  That's fine.20:52
fullermdHeck, let 'em use TFTP, come to that.  I just want to kill FTP, burn the body, eat the ashes, crap them into a shallow grave, and dance on it.  Is that so much to ask?20:52
vilacertainly not :)20:52
* vila takes some distance just in case :)20:53
fullermd'till then, I'll just sit around watching my web log to see what I broke in redoing everything.  Great excitement...20:55

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