Dingo_ausG'day all - trying to install Maverick on a SD card for BeagleBoard and the instructions on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OMAPMaverickInstall result in me getting a "bash /dev/sdc permision denied" error01:33
Dingo_ausanyone know how to fix this?01:33
Dingo_ausMy relevant terminal session is:01:34
Dingo_aussudo sh -c './ubuntu-netbook-10.10-preinstalled-netbook-armel+omap.img.gz' > /dev/sdc01:34
Dingo_ausbash: /dev/sdc: Permission denied01:34
persiaYou get the error at trying to write the SD card?01:34
persiaOh, right.  the redirect needs to be inside the quotation marks.01:34
persiaBecause you need the elevated permissions for > not for zcat.01:34
Dingo_ausThanks - yeah I usually use DD or other commands, not really familiar with this one - cheers01:35
persiazcat ./ubuntu-netbook-10.10-preinstalled-netbook-armel+omap.img.gz | sudo tee /dev/sdc > /dev/null` might do almost the same thing, but I'm not sure I trust tee that much.01:35
persiaOh, for dd, just unzip the image, and then `sudo dd if=${img} of=${SD} bs=1M` or something01:36
Dingo_ausThanks so much - my SD card is be written to as we type01:36
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daurnimatoranyone here got a beagleboard xm?06:17
persiadaurnimator, There's a few folk who reported they had them, and the omap3 images were reported to work on them.  It may be that you'll get a better response to a specific question.08:49
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dhiry2khi all while running apt-get install in chroot environment getting message as Unsupported ioctl: cmd=0xc020660b15:59
ogra_acyes, you can ignore that16:00
dhiry2kogra, but why this comes?16:00
dhiry2kany issue in my chroot environment?16:01
ogra_acbecause qemu-static hasnt implemented this ioctl16:01
ogra_acevery binary you run in your chroot is wrapped in qemu16:01
ogra_acits a qemu issue16:01
dhiry2kogra, oho then i can add bug for qemu16:01
ogra_accheck before ... i think there might be one already16:02
dhiry2kogra_ac, compiling and creating .deb for armel in chroot is feeling quite slower process16:02
dhiry2kogra_ac, is there any way to do cross compile for arm in x8616:02
ogra_acits faster than in a VM but yes, still slow16:02
ogra_acdhiry2k, yes if you run maverick (10.10) hrw|gone can give you info16:03
dhiry2kogra_ac, what is normally preferred way to creating deb for armel16:03
ogra_ac(he maintains the cross tools)16:03
ogra_acnative compilation is the preferred way16:03
dhiry2kogra_ac, native means compiling in armel os itself16:04
ogra_acthats how we build the whole distro16:04
dhiry2kogra_ac, i have created filesystem using rootstock for 10.1016:05
dhiry2kbut each time rootstock takes packages from repo16:05
dhiry2ki need to divert rootstock  to local directory where i kept almost all packages16:06
dhiry2kand remaining it should take from repository16:06
dhiry2kcan it possible?16:07
rcn-eecan't you copy and install them after you've created the image?16:08
dhiry2krcn-ee, first i created image with gnome not want to try with xfce then main basic packages already i have need not necessary to redownload16:09
dhiry2kjust downoad xfce416:09
dhiry2ki want to create different images of different display manager16:09
dhiry2kbut base packages for all are same16:09
rcn-eeuse a cache: like apt-cacher-ng ?16:09
dhiry2krcn-ee, can you elaborate it ..how to use this for rootstock16:10
ogra_acapprox ftw16:10
rcn-eedhiry2k, with ubuntu/debian there's lots of *.deb cache/proxy tools to save bandwidth, the one i use is "apt-cacher-ng"16:11
rcn-eewith rootstock i point to it with: "--mirror"16:12
rcn-eejust remember, your final image will have "" in the /etc/apt/source.list so if you give it to someone else, remembet to edit that..16:12
dhiry2kbut i am feeling if i give gdm or xfce,lxde either of this then rootstock takes many packages which i dont need16:14
dhiry2kso always needed to to remove packages manually16:14
dhiry2kafter creating filesystem16:14
rcn-eelast i tried lxde it brought in a lot of extra stuff, 'xfce' by itself is still pretty minimal...16:14
ogra_acjust use ubuntu-minimal then16:14
ogra_acsave that ... and then add on top of a copy16:15
dhiry2kogra_ac, ubuntu_minimal has any desktop environment or need to add manually16:15
rcn-eefor xfce, i use this to get a prety minimal desktop: "--seed xfce4,gdm,xubuntu-gdm-theme,xubuntu-artwork,xserver-xorg-video-omap3"16:15
ogra_acminimal is minimal console system16:15
dhiry2krcn-ee, lxde looks good diaplay manager16:16
dhiry2kbut i have seen my board gets heated after some time of running display manager16:17
rcn-eeyeah i used it by default with jaunty on my beagle..16:17
rcn-eeheated: wait till the pm changes in 2.6.37...16:17
dhiry2krcn-ee, have faced issue of heating16:17
dhiry2khave you  faced issue of heating16:18
rcn-eeyes... even in mainline, only the cpu idle bits are their, the core other wise runs at what ever clock speed you give it..16:18
rcn-eelooking at what's going in 2.6.37 it'll get a lot better...16:19
dhiry2khow to improve performance on beagle for display manager and running different application at same time16:19
ogra_acupgrade the HW to a pandaboard ;)16:20
dhiry2kogra_ac, you mean pandaboard has more ram and better CPU?16:20
rcn-eejust on the beagle? make sure your running it as fast as it can.. bx/cx = 600, c4 = 720, xm (800, 1Ghz with 2.6.37).. lots of swap.. really fast usb-harddrives as rootfs..16:20
ogra_acdual core 1GHz and 1GB ram, yes16:21
dhiry2krcn-ee, i not created swap16:22
dhiry2khow to swap ?16:22
rcn-eethat'll kill the desktop experience..16:22
dhiry2khow to add swap16:22
rcn-eesince you've allready partition, used the swap file option: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq16:23
ogra_acyeah, you should use swap files in any case16:23
ogra_acdont use swap partitions on SD16:24
rcn-eebut sometimes you just have to. ;)16:24
dhiry2kogra_ac, rcn-ee thanks it worked16:42
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Nekoogra, oem-config still doesn't work because gdm starts instead as usual21:01
Nekothe permissions are fine now I fixed rootstock but gdm is still in the way21:02
ogra_acwell, doesnt happen for anyone else21:02
ogra_acmust ne necause you touch the rootfs21:02
Nekocould it be 100% down to lack of initramfs?21:02
Nekookay so ruling that out what on earth makes it so that gdm starts and then ubiquity-dm just complains and complains in the background that it cannot start X?21:03
ogra_aclikely still permissions for dbus21:03
Nekobut they're fine21:03
Nekothat gdm starts at all means the tar fix in rootstock worked21:04
Neko(otherwise /var/lib/gdm is owned by hplip on  my system :)21:04
Nekocould it be that rootstock simply fails to set up dbus properly when doing the chroot and this is the problem not so much the correct permissions but lack of actually setting permissions21:05
ogra_acmight be21:07
ogra_acno idea, really, i just know it works for others that dont touch the filesystem21:07
Nekorootstock-201010121152.log:WARNING:root:Failed to setup dbus (ignoring)21:08
Nekofor instance :)21:08
Nekowe don't touch it either21:08
NekoI extracted a rootstock directly to an SD card21:08
NekoI even tried leaving the image there, mounting it, and rsyncing to sd card21:08
ogra_acFailed to setup dbus is expected in a chroot21:09
ogra_acthats what its supposed to do21:09
Nekoqemu should fix it?21:09
Nekoor firstboot?21:09
ogra_acdbus sets up itself on first start, right21:09
ogra_acsee its init script21:09
Nekoso frustrating21:15
Nekoanyway I really popped in here to ask since I noticed.. linux-headers-linaro-imx51??21:15
ogra_acwrong channel ;)21:17
* ogra_ac points to #linaro21:17
Nekoyeah I guessed as much :D21:17
ogra_acits plain upstream afaik21:18
zumbi_i am trying to run unity, but I get a message on required driver missing.. any ideas?21:40
ogra_acget a driver ?21:41
zumbi_ogra_ac: what driver?21:41
ogra_acone that supports 3D21:41
ogra_acunity makes heavy use of GL21:41
zumbi_uhm.. that might be tricky as i am on a imx51 netbook21:42
zumbi_not sure if that is supported21:42
ogra_acask Neko :)21:42
ogra_acbut its unlikely that even if you have a driver it will work21:43
ogra_acon ARM GL usually means GLES21:43
ogra_acwhich is only a subset of GL and parts of unity are still not supporting it fully21:43
zumbi_I believe GLES is supported by omaps21:43
zumbi_oh! so, unity not for ARM?21:44
zumbi_linrao might need to fiix that :)21:45
ogra_acnot yet21:45
ogra_acthere is work going on for it21:45
ogra_acin linaro21:45
ogra_acand the canonical DX team21:45
ogra_acand in TI21:45
ogra_acbut its not there yet21:45
zumbi_not FSL?21:45
ogra_aci saw unity running for a few mins on a pandaboard21:45
ogra_acbut it still locks up often21:46
ogra_aczumbi_, no idea ubuntu-arm doesnt do anything with FSL anymore21:46
ogra_acthey dropped out21:46
zumbi_uhm.. bad for them21:46
Nekowe will be supporting it soooooon21:46
ogra_acNeko, lol21:47
zumbi_Neko: what will we be supporting soon?21:47
Nekothere are some things we want to fix first and building other packages takes precedence21:47
ogra_acso you plan to rewirite clutter alone ?21:47
Nekowe did ship GL libs one time but.. they are buggy :D21:47
ogra_acah, GL21:47
Nekonot clutter, just shipping GLES21:47
ogra_aci thought unity21:47
zumbi_ogra_ac: out of curiosity, is unity related to Erlang programming language?21:48
ogra_acmight be21:48
zumbi_i saw some erlang dependencies, but i was not sure if it is related21:48
ogra_aci think something is using erlang in the default install nowadays, might be ubuntu-one though21:49
NekoI thought ubuntu-one used python21:49
zumbi_Erlang is quite impressive21:49
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