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vishthorwil¦ huh! so fedora has gone flickr too!09:42
vishwell, they atleast  clearly mention the winner names ;)09:42
Nece228i have a question19:36
Nece228what engines other than murrine light themes uses19:36
Nece228also, why tooltips on my arch linux using light themes are squared and not transparent, while on ubuntu they are rounded and transparent19:37
Nece228and window titlebar buttons background is ugly: http://j.imagehost.org/view/0795/Screenshot19:38
Nece228altough same happens with ubuntu 10.10 themes19:38
Nece228i think ubuntu has some patches19:39
kwwiiNece228: the tooltip rounding and transparency is a patch from RH which probably didn't make it into ARCH, also there are some minor changes in ubuntu to include those settings in the theme itself (which is also probably missing) and in addition, you probably don't have the latest theme engine snapshot19:58
Nece228well i have installed latest murrine git packages19:59
thorwillooking for a term to describe someone who goes to a website because he needs an asset from it. needer/wanter is all i came up with, so far20:13
Nece228kwwii: where can i get those patches20:13
vishthorwil¦ if he is an artist,  'artist' should work ;)20:20
vishhe/she too20:20
vishand i dont think "needer/wanter" are english words20:21
vishthorwil¦ if you dont want to tie the person to a profession, you can just mention as "a person looking for assets..." :)20:22
kwwiiI think we should get away from the term "artist" as it really means more of a fine-art artist20:27
kwwiihi thorwil and vish, btw :-)20:27
thorwilvish: trying to define the roles of potential users of a design-hub. one is  a person that is not a contributor and does not issue a request, but just visits the site and looks for an asset20:28
vishkwwii¦ hey! :)20:28
thorwilkwwii: hi ken!20:28
thorwilyeah, if i was in charge, we'd close ubuntu-art(work) and start anew with a "design" label20:29
kwwiithorwil: well, I don't  think anyone else would really mind (and nobody is in charge now afaict)20:29
vishthorwil¦ just do it like how mizmo did for the personas, just pick someone or some person who is not an artist.. ;)20:29
thorwilvish: not working on a persona level. this is thinking on the system level20:30
vishthorwil¦ yep, got it, but its like saying "average joe/jane" …20:31
thorwilvish: one sometimes valuable thing to do when designing is to define the system20:31
thorwilthe environment, people and their roles and relations ...20:32
thorwilmpt brought those up. maybe this time i'll be in my element at uds :)20:34
vishhmm, i need to catch up on a lot of mails :(20:35
vishbtw, i think the web needs better dictionaries  http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/needer20:36
kwwiivish: well, it is not a real word in english20:36
kwwiithere is no such thing as a "needer" in the official language20:37
vish yea, i said so too, but freedictionary is misleading thorwil :(20:37
vish[00:56] <thorwil> http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Needer20:37
thorwili though needer was a perfectly cromulent!20:38
vish or Klingon!20:38
kwwiihrm, that is a very old phrase as well as the fact that needer is not used as any kind of pronoun but rather as an adverb20:38
vishthere is needier, and the sort.. but needer is odd20:39
kwwiilol, I am not a needer, I am an indeeder20:40
thorwilguess i have to go with Seeker, then20:41
thorwilbut i always will have to think of http://www.entertainmentwallpaper.com/images/desktops/movie/tv_legend_of_the_seeker01.jpg then20:45
vish heh, i thought of harry potter ;p20:46
thorwilharry potter lacks mord-sith: http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e372/Nomae/Kahlan-MordSith.jpg20:48
thorwilgood night!20:54
kwwiiso who is coming to Bamberg Germany on the 23rd to see my concert?21:09

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