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vishkenvandineĀ¦ wow! i think that gwibber locale bug might be the cause of a lot of issues! .. ever since that was fixed i do *not* see a lot of problems in gwibber05:56
vishpreviously it would just hang if i dint use gwibber daily, or for seemingly no reason..05:57
kenvandinevish,  :)05:57
kenvandinevish, yeah, i think it was05:57
vishkenvandineĀ¦ thx for making gwibber awesome [again] ;)05:59
kenvandinei have fixed a ton more bugs in the past 2 weeks too06:00
kenvandinemost are in gwibber-proposed now06:00
kenvandineoh, not yet06:00
kenvandinestill in the queue06:00
kenvandinegood night all!06:01
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