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hannieping godbyk10:00
hanniegodbyk ping10:00
hannieA static copy of the translated manual is created: make ubuntu-manual-LANG.tex.10:02
hannieHow do I make a tex.-file10:02
dutchiehannie: you have to just type "make" to build the main manual first iirc10:13
dutchieor that could be something else10:13
hanniewait a minute, I am trying to understand this10:14
hannieWhere do I type "make"10:14
hannieWhat is iirc?10:14
hanniebtw, are you Dutch?10:15
nigelbIf I recall correctly - IIRC10:15
dutchieiirc == if i remember correctly10:15
nigelbyou type make in the terminal10:15
hannieiirc ==?10:17
dutchieis the same as, it's a programming language thing10:17
nisshhdutchie, now your just confusing poor hannie :)10:18
hannieYes, poor me10:18
dutchieyes, sorry hannie10:18
* dutchie goes off to do important University Stuff10:18
nisshhhannie, so what is the issue?10:18
hannieLet me try to follow you:10:18
hannieIn the terminal I type:10:19
hanniemake naam.tex (but from what? The saved Dutch .po file on my pc?)10:20
nisshhhannie, you want to create a pdf of the manual in dutch, am i right?10:20
hannienisshh, right10:20
nisshhhannie, one moment, ill check the website10:21
hannienisshh, I will send you a link in a moment10:21
hannieStep 710:22
nisshhhannie, ah, that is when the final PDF's are generated10:23
nisshhhannie, what you want to do in a terminal is: make ubuntu-manual-LANG.pdf10:23
hannieOk, I went through steps 1-310:23
hannieI corrected all the mistakes I could find10:23
hannieMy collegue will do the screenshots, so I cannot say when those are ready10:24
nisshhhannie, if you want to generate a PDF of your current dutch translation run in a terminal: make ubuntu-manual-LANG.pdf10:25
nisshhthat SHOULD work10:25
hannieThanks, nisshh, I will try it in a moment and let you know the result10:25
nisshhhannie, you have installed latex/tex already right?10:26
nisshhoh, then it wont work10:26
hannieI will try to install it via Software centre10:27
nisshhhannie, no, wait10:27
nisshhhannie, there is a better way10:27
hannieI wait10:27
hannieThe translation is on Launchpad10:27
nisshhhannie, and i don't think the version in maverick (or lucid, if that's what your using) works10:27
nisshhhannie, oh, i see, so the dutch translation is not in the bzr branch?10:28
hannieI have no idea what the bzr branch is :'(10:28
nisshhhannie, i see, best if you talk to godbyk then10:29
nisshhgodbyk, ping, see above10:29
hannieShould it be ping godbyk or godbyk ping?10:30
hannieI tried both, but there was no answer10:30
nisshhhannie, well, he needs to see it on his screen, he might be asleep or something :)10:31
nisshhor just afk10:31
hannieYes, if he lives in the US he will still be sleeping10:31
godbykI was just about to head to bed. (My sound wasn't turned on, sorry.)10:31
hannieThank you for your help, nisshh10:31
nisshhhannie, just hang out in the channel here for a while, he will get it eventually10:31
godbykhannie: You'll have to install TeX Live first.10:32
nisshhno probs :)10:32
nisshhah, the beat is awake!10:32
hannieok, godbyk, I have sent an e-mail to the list10:32
godbykYou can follow the instructions here: http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved/authors#install-tl200910:32
hannieI will, good night to you10:33
godbyk(The latest version is 2010, but those same instructions should still work.)10:33
hanniegodbyk, I have corrected all the !'s from the log10:34
nisshhgodbyk, something i have been meaning to ask you, does the maverick version of tex live let you compile the manual? or should the script to grab the latest still be used?10:34
godbykhannie: Ping me again tomorrow and I'll walk you through fixing the errors.10:34
godbykhannie: ah, great!  I'll download your new translation from Launchpad when I wake up and build a new PDF for you.10:34
godbyknisshh: I think the Maverick versions are still missing some of the tex packages we need.10:34
hannieHow many hours difference between your country and France (where I live?)10:35
godbyknisshh: So for now, I'd stick with the script.10:35
nisshhgodbyk, right, thanks10:35
godbykhannie: I'm in the US/Central time zone (UTC -0500).10:35
godbyk(it's 04:35 here.)10:35
hannieOk, I will keep that in mind. Thanks so far. email works as well10:35
godbykhannie: Thanks for your help with the translation!10:36
godbykGood night, everyone.10:36
hanniegood night10:36
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InfosoftHey, everyone! :)20:38

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