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electrofreakHas anyone tried hibernation with an adaptec RAID card installed?00:47
uvirtbotNew bug: #661547 in openldap (main) "Existing patch gssapi.diff makes guess_service_principal produce garbage" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66154701:21
ReptoHi Can anyone suggest for me, I have a HP dc7100 box which seems to be fine hardware wise, e.g. mem tests pass and ubuntu desktop runs without apparent error.  I want to run Ubuntu Server on a 2 TB disk.   The basic problem is that the SSH sessions intermittently disconnect while the sever itself does not have any difficulty downloading its updates.  Same problem noted with 10.04 and 10.10.02:25
electrofreakRepto, what do you mean by intermittently?02:27
ReptoI mean it connects and you can do stuff for a bit, then it just freezes02:27
ReptoThen for some reason the freeze is released and it continues again....02:28
ReptoIts unuseable as it is though.02:28
ReptoI setup a mail server on it and sending stuff to it also suspends / disconnects02:28
ReptoOdd that I can still download mega direct from the machine for updates without the problem being apparent.02:29
electrofreakdoes 'dmesg' say anything about the network status?02:29
Reptook will fire up again02:29
pmatulisRepto: these symptoms sound like you may have an IP address conflict on your network02:31
electrofreakif the NIC is having intermitten issues, they might get mentioned in dmesg... other than that... are you sure the physical network connection is good?02:32
ReptoOK running again.  [   10.516229] tg3: eth0: Link is up at 1000 Mbps, full duplex.  [   10.516233] tg3: eth0: Flow control is on for TX and on for RX.   [   10.516387] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eth0: link   becomes ready  [   20.536007] eth0: no IPv6 routers present02:46
electrofreakthat's fine then...02:46
electrofreakI was just looking for messages about the NIC experiencing errors of some sort.02:47
ReptoPing works from the box itself fine, not aware of any IP conflicts but will check some more02:47
ReptoCan ping from the router without conflict, DHCP leases and ARP tables on the router appear good.02:49
Repto(router is pfsense.)02:50
ReptoCurrently running top in PuTTy to see if I can catch it again...02:50
electrofreakis the cat5 cable fine?02:50
ReptoHave already swapped different cables.02:51
ReptoAlso the updates would likely fail if a cable problem.02:52
electrofreakwonder if it's just killing idle connections?02:52
ReptoK its just done it again now.02:52
electrofreakcheck dmesg? how long does it drop out for?02:53
ReptoIt might have been triggered by a faulty command " man toptop -d0.5"02:53
Reptodmesg on the box is same02:53
electrofreakI don't see how a faulty command would cause a problem with the network connection02:54
ReptoAt a guess 10 seconds this time, I just logged back in again02:54
ReptoWell me neither....02:54
Reptomaybe it had gone down before it02:54
ReptoOdd as the box is not doing anything, CPU sitting <2% typ02:55
ReptoRunning "top -d0.5" to get see when it next goes down02:56
Adman65Hello, I have an Atheros wifi card that was not detected in the setup. How can I install this?02:57
ReptoActually pings prob better, running ping from puTTy and the main terminal02:58
ReptoK its done it again pinging.03:03
Repto180 seconds03:03
ReptoAnd can login again!03:04
electrofreakRepto, what if you ping it from another system?03:04
electrofreakI wonder if it's just ssh?03:04
ReptoTerminal still pinging router fine03:05
ReptoThe disconnect seems to affect SSH and IMAP03:05
Adman65hmm I have a fresh install of ubuntu server with no wifi sofware for my card. I configured apt to use CD as a source as well. What is my best option for getting madwifi?03:08
ReptoWeird  OK pinging has stopped from ssh and terminal this time, pings from outside on the LAN in still fine!!!!03:08
electrofreakwhy is a server running on wifi?03:09
electrofreakRepto, that's interesting.03:09
ReptoOdd Why pings in but not out?03:10
ReptoHmmm terminal pings stopped on icmp_seq=15 and resumed on =64 = 59 sec break - or maybe a min?03:11
ReptoAgain terminal and putty stopped pinging out, pings in continue.03:12
ReptoAs Ubuntu desktop ran fro awhile without issue I tend to think the hardware is ok03:12
Adman65its a local fileserver03:12
Reptoicmp_seq stopped after 85 and resumed on 13103:13
Repto= ~ 56 sec break03:13
Repto206 stopped and resumed at 25203:14
Repto~ 48 sec break.03:14
ReptoDamn it seems I do have an Ip conflict.03:18
electrofreakclear it up and see if the problems go away03:19
ReptoLOL no encouragement needed!03:20
ReptoYeh please be gentle!03:22
electrofreakAdman65, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3897203:22
electrofreakbut I would suggest a wired connection.03:23
Reptoyeh me too.03:24
ReptoWifi <> reliable connection!03:24
Reptopmatulis:  Well diagnosed.  Can you explain to me why it goes down and then comes up again?  The conflicting device was a HDHomerun, both getting router assigned IP's to MAC addresses.03:28
electrofreakthe dhcp server assigned them the same IP?03:28
ReptopfSense is usually pretty good, and rejects mistakes, seems the logic does not catch that error though03:29
Repto= yes03:29
electrofreakthat's odd... it shouldn't do that...03:29
electrofreakthe only reason IP conflicts happen is usually because someone assigns a static IP within the dhcp range03:29
electrofreak... I should say the usual reason, rather03:30
electrofreakdo you have a shortage of IPs?03:30
ReptoI'll notify the pfSense guys, they'll prob want to check the checks03:31
electrofreaksounds like you're on a home network?03:31
electrofreakI run pfsense and have never had that happen03:31
ReptoYeah its  a full "home" LAN03:31
Reptoapprox 70 devices on it though.03:31
ReptoDo you serve up IPs also?03:32
electrofreakif IPs were short.... it's possible something weird happened where the DHCP gave it an IP from a system that was off at the time, then when it came back on it requested that IP again and somehow got it.03:32
electrofreakI run a dhcp server on it03:32
ReptoWhich version are you running?03:33
electrofreakare you running 2.0?03:33
Repto1.2.3-RELEASE  03:33
ReptoOK here's my guess what happens.  The HDHomerun sends somthing for a DHCP update, grabs IP X, then a little later the server does same and gets it back again03:35
Reptoelectorfreak: I was going to ask if you wanted to try assigning same IP to a 2nd device and see if you get an error also?  Can understand if you don't want to....03:40
ReptoActually one can change the IP using edit and there is no error reported.03:43
Adman65hmmm, have an realtek 8111 card. What could prevent it from coming up in ifconfig03:45
electrofreakRepto, I've seen IP conflicts in the past...03:46
electrofreakoh wait, are you saying that you assign IPs on your router? Why not use a dhcp server to do it for you?03:46
ReptoI'm using the DHCP server on the router.03:47
ReptoActually I split the range, some are served using DHCP and others are just assigned from the rest of the range. (where their MAC is not pre-assigned)03:49
ReptoIts pinging away for 24 mins now with no apparent break now, so that seems to have been the problem alright.  It would reliably happen within 10 mins before.03:51
ReptoThanks electorfreak and  pmatulis  I am much obliged.04:07
chrislabeardWhat do I need to set up so my server can send mail?04:18
ideopathicanybody using pure-ftpd?  I'm trying to figure out why pure-uploadscript is initiated by inetd04:47
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adamdvWho manages the repos? Minor problem with dovecot-common05:27
adamdvMinor as in its completely and totally un installable.05:27
Repto electrofreak:  There still?05:29
Reptohttp://blog.pfsense.org/?author=2&paged=3 says "Relax the ip address check and allow duplicate ip address entries which  allows fr example a wireless card and a ethernet card on a laptop to  share the same ip address"05:31
electrofreakRepto, oh... hmmm05:32
electrofreakthat is actually kinda cool..... I've always wanted my laptop's wireless and wired to have the same IP....05:32
electrofreakwhere is that option?05:32
ReptoI guess its done by assigning the same IP to the differing MAC's05:33
adamdv*facepalm* nevermind.05:33
ReptoLike I effectively did05:33
ReptoI suppose its OK to have them both assigned to the same IP.....in that case....05:35
magedragon25I need some help here with some vmware server installation issues05:41
* Datz is curious05:43
magedragon25is that a curious as to what the problem is?05:45
DatzI don't know if you have already mentioned it, as I have cleared the scrollback text05:56
magedragon25I am running 10.10 server kernel with proper headers, I get an error about headers don't match running kernel, which they do, and it won't install....tried generic kernel initially, then installed server kernel.....had same error with both05:57
Datzhumm, this is a fresh install?05:58
Datzwell, wipe the drive, and try again I guess.05:59
DatzI'm on 10.04 myself05:59
magedragon25don't wanna do that...spent hours getting my extra stuff installed05:59
Datzcan you try installing an older kernel?06:00
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magedragon25I can...didn't think to try an older kernel06:00
DatzI guess I'd try that myself, unless a newer one was availiable.06:01
magedragon25no...have the latest stable kernel06:02
Datzwhich version?06:02
magedragon2535-22 server06:02
DatzI guess you could always try the -virtual kernel too06:03
magedragon25this is the error I get    the directory of kernel headers (version @@VMWARE@@ UTS_RELEASE) does not match06:03
magedragon25your running kernel (version 2.6.35-22-server).  Even if the module were to06:03
magedragon25compile successfully, it would not load into the running kernel.06:03
magedragon25I have tried every directory with header info I could find....06:04
Datzthat is a strange error06:05
Datzalthough I'm not a seasoned ubuntu-server user06:05
magedragon25it's actually just a generic desktop with the server kernel added06:06
Adman65hey guys, how can I enable my network card? When I do lshw -C network i see it's disabled06:06
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DatzAdman65: you're sure it's not something that's enabled in bios?06:09
Adman65as far as I know, you can't disable the networking card from bios06:09
Adman65(on my motherboard)06:09
Adman65is that what that usually means?06:12
DatzI don't know :p06:12
Adman65maybe I have to install a package with a kernel module?06:15
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i2v8anhey, does anyone else here have multiple vps06:34
i2v8an-'s that are offline?06:35
LowValueTargetCan someone help with this?07:17
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amarcolinoMorning currently implementing an Ubuntu cluster install based on information found on this link http://goo.gl/WzA. Just wished to know if their is any actual advantage of spliting CLC/Walrus and CC/SC components into two machines instead of leaving them in one machine.09:27
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uvirtbotNew bug: #661700 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-common (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: パッケージ `bacula-director-common' はインストールされていないので、設定できません" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66170013:31
_DGM_i how can i change the motd in ubuntu server 10.10. Writing to /etc/motd has no effect since something just overwrites it again14:04
_DGM_i found something about /etc/motd.tail but i dont even have that file so its not that14:05
_DGM_bleh i did it the forced way by just removing the link to /var/run/motd.. that does it for me :P14:10
amarcolinoHi just setting up ubuntu cloud, doing the node install, however, I don't get how to partition it, do I make a /home, /root, /swap, /boot etc or its different?15:05
amarcolinoI thought the node acted as a storage area so would most of th15:09
amarcolinoI thought the node acted as a storage area so would most of my hd space go to home?15:09
qman___DGM_, see /etc/update-motd.d/15:42
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aliveriusis ubuntu server ready to work inside a kvm with virtio and everything?17:48
cordoval_I am getting a 403 error17:53
cordoval_my folder is outside var/www17:53
cordoval_and it is owned all by cordoval cordoval17:53
cordoval_am I doing something wrong?17:53
Nafallocordoval_: make it readable by all.17:54
afok9should I chroot apache and php for added security?17:55
cordoval_I can't make it readable by all chmod 777 ??17:56
cordoval_also the files are synced to another folder in another live server, so I can't mess up with the permissions17:57
cordoval_this should work as it works on hostings with suphp17:57
cordoval_I even have suphp installed here17:57
cordoval_but it seems I am doing something wrong17:57
cordoval_the same code running in a hosting server is reading the same files just different database17:57
cordoval_and it is working like a charm17:57
cordoval_the same files read by my apache are giving this 403 problem17:58
* Nafallo shrugs17:58
cordoval_I am reading here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1327157   perhaps I need to change the Document Root?17:58
cordoval_but I think this should work right?17:59
Nafallojust for the logs... I never said to make it writeable by all...17:59
cordoval_(13)Permission denied: /home/cordoval/sites/wp3/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable18:00
cordoval_wonder why it can't have access to the htaccess file?18:00
cordoval_that file is the same file that is on the live server18:00
cordoval_I mean the folder is being shared by both servers at the same time18:01
cordoval_reading now on here http://www.techiecorner.com/172/how-to-solve-htaccess-pcfg_openfile-unable-to-check-htaccess-file-ensure-it-is-readable/18:01
cordoval_do I have to have a .htaccess set to 777?18:03
cordoval_now here http://gallery.menalto.com/node/2798618:03
cordoval_Is the file & directory readable by the web daemon? .htaccess should be chmod'ed to 777, and the directory it's in will need to be readable by the user the httpd runs as.18:03
cordoval_are the permissions unique to each machine?18:08
cordoval_do they get transferred ?18:09
frankstervillelooking for some suphp help for a nob (me)18:12
cordoval_me too18:14
cordoval_need suphp18:14
frankstervillelol well i know this.  it uses php_cgi instead of mod_php18:15
ne7workHello all, please someone tell me how to copy/paste folder?18:17
ne7workHello all, please someone tell me how to copy/paste folder with terminal?18:17
AstralStormne7work: ... #ubuntu, but other than that, wth is "copy/paste"18:18
frankstervillecp /1st location /2nd location18:18
AstralStormyou can copy a folder with cp -a18:18
AstralStormfranksterville: no, that won't work. :)18:18
frankstervilleoh yeah need -a18:18
frankstervillefolder duh18:18
AstralStormor -R18:19
frankstervilleor -Rv if u want to watch18:19
ruben23hi guys any help this ethernet card is not detected on ubuntu-server ------> Intel® PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter18:19
AstralStorm-a copies more than just files, also owner, group, device nodes...18:19
ne7workAstralStorm, for what is cp -a?18:19
ne7workAstralStorm, for what is cp -r18:20
ne7workAstralStorm, how more than just files?18:21
franksterville-r is recursive18:21
AstralStormcp -a is archive mode. read what that means18:21
AstralStormcp -r is like you've called cp for everything inside and created directories18:21
ne7workwell I need cp -r18:21
AstralStormno, cp -a also copies directories and more18:21
ne7workto copy folder from where to anywhere18:21
ne7workwith all folders in this folder and all files18:22
frankstervilleAstralStorm:  any experience with suphp and phpmyadmin?18:22
AstralStormfranksterville: almost none with suphp, some with phpmyadmin.18:22
AstralStormne7work: again, run: man cp and read that18:22
AstralStormfranksterville: see, I prefer wsgi nowadays18:23
X-Sleepy-XPerhaps not the right channel for this, but what server OS would you use if you were unable to use Ubuntu Server?18:24
frankstervilleAstralStorm:  not familiar at all.  does it play nice with standard LAMP18:24
X-Sleepy-XDue to hardware specs...18:24
AstralStormfranksterville: ... it's not yet a standard setup18:24
AstralStormX-Sleepy-X: I'd prefer 1) Gentoo 2) you can always replace whatever is there with what you want18:24
frankstervilleAstralStorm:  trying not to compile to much so I can update without having to recompile18:24
AstralStormfranksterville: take a look at mod_wsgi and similar18:25
AstralStormsee what it does. it's like php CGI, but better18:25
frankstervilleAstralStorm:  rgr i will18:25
X-Sleepy-XAstralStorm: I'm not sure if I would have the patience with Gentoo on the old hardware I have in mind...18:25
ne7workAstralStorm, how to left from man cp18:25
AstralStormX-Sleepy-X: of course. now then, you can drop in your own Ubuntu Server on a partition18:26
AstralStormor in a chroot if you can't touch partitions18:26
ne7workX-Sleepy-X, thanks ;p18:26
X-Sleepy-XAstralStorm: How do you mean?18:26
AstralStormX-Sleepy-X: see, you can just unpack your ubuntu of choice, mount --bind /dev, /proc, /sys and most everything else18:27
AstralStormthe only thing you won't be able to try out that way is the init system18:27
X-Sleepy-XOh, and that would install everything just as if I tried to run a normal installation?18:28
X-Sleepy-XExcept for some settings I guess.18:28
frankstervilleAstralStorm:  can wsgi run php on a per user basis,  i use suphp to keep sites on the same server as their own user18:30
AstralStormfranksterville: it's the other way around18:33
AstralStormwith wsgi, the php runs in its own server18:33
AstralStormwhich can obviously run as any user you want18:33
AstralStorms/the php/the php app/18:33
frankstervilleAstralStorm:   soz you are running an instance per site?18:33
AstralStormhmm, more like per application, not site18:34
AstralStormuser sites have their own instance18:34
AstralStormfor each user18:34
frankstervilleAstralStorm:  ye thats the impass,  I want php from site a not to be able to talk to site b18:34
AstralStormobviously, separate servers work for that18:35
AstralStormmod_php is a hack anyway18:35
frankstervilleAstralStorm:  each site is under a diff user18:35
AstralStormspeedup hack, but still a hack18:35
frankstervilleAstralStorm:  ye totally18:35
AstralStormsee, suphp is the other way around, apache starts php18:35
AstralStormwsgi is like, you start that wsgi server then apache only forwards request to it and possibly caches18:36
frankstervilleAstralStorm:  yes basically suphp takes over instead of mod_php18:36
AstralStormyes, it's easy to set up18:36
AstralStormI wonder why do you ask me about that then :)18:36
AstralStormwsgi is more involved to set up18:37
frankstervilleAstralStorm:  4 diff users quarntined + 1 server = headache sigh18:37
AstralStormfeel free to run light subservers18:37
frankstervillewell suphp runs virtual hosts18:37
frankstervilleuses rather*18:37
AstralStormagain, it's easier to set up18:38
AstralStormwhy do you ask me about it then? the docs are on the site18:38
AstralStormphpmyadmin is a separate app that should be installed as a separate user18:38
AstralStormbut the issue of course is whether you can trust it to not mess up18:38
AstralStormif you can't, then install one phpmyadmin for each user18:38
frankstervilleAstralStorm:  because sometimes people with experience can quickly say "look at blah blah blah"18:38
AstralStorm(or symlink)18:39
oalHmm, how do I add a ppa in ubuntu server?18:39
oaladd-apt-repository returns command not found18:39
frankstervilleAstralStorm: oh thats an idea phpmy admin per suer18:39
frankstervilleuser * sigh18:39
afok9suer haha18:39
frankstervillelol what happens when u let noobs in here like me18:40
cordoval_anyone can help me work out my apache setup?18:48
cordoval_I am able to load the front page of the sites only18:48
cordoval_but then when I go into other pages it shows up a 403 error18:49
cordoval_just found that part of my problem is permissions18:53
cordoval_how to set recursively 755 and 644 for folders and files respectively18:53
AstralStormchmod -R18:54
cordoval_chmod -R 755 *.*18:54
AstralStormthat's for all, set them to 75518:54
cordoval_chmod -R 755 *18:54
AstralStormyes, and later:18:54
AstralStormor rather, better to start with the lower18:54
AstralStormchmod -R 644 *18:54
AstralStormand afterwards: find <where> -type f -exec chmod 755 \{} +18:55
AstralStormuh, -type d18:55
AstralStormfor directory :)18:55
frankstervillefind /home/ -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;18:57
frankstervillefind /home/ -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;18:57
frankstervillereplace home with your dir18:57
frankstervilleor what he said lol18:58
cordoval_it worked out, I am checking now...18:58
cordoval_is not actually files  drwxr-xr-x and directories -rw-r--r-- ?18:59
cordoval_it is switched18:59
frankstervillef = file d = directory19:00
frankstervillefiles 644 dir 75519:00
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cordoval_how do i list to see it in numbers ls -la..?19:01
cordoval_ls -la only displays letters19:01
cordoval_it is working but i want to doublecheck19:02
cordoval_yes it did the job correctly19:02
cordoval_thanks a lot19:03
frankstervillenice i love it when stuff works19:03
cordoval_it loads the first page19:05
cordoval_but then any other page gives a 40419:05
cordoval_but it is there19:05
ruben23hi guys any help this ethernet card is not detected on ubuntu-server ------> Intel® PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter19:06
cordoval_I wonder if it has to do with the .htaccess19:07
cordoval_# Use PHP5 Single php.ini as default19:07
cordoval_AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5s .php19:07
cordoval_# BEGIN WordPress19:07
cordoval_<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>19:07
cordoval_RewriteEngine On19:07
cordoval_RewriteBase /19:07
cordoval_RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]19:07
cordoval_RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f19:07
cordoval_RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d19:07
cordoval_RewriteRule . /index.php [L]19:07
cordoval_# END WordPress19:08
qman__!pastebin | cordoval_19:08
ubottucordoval_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:08
cordoval_that php.ini line sounds suspicious19:08
ruben23guys any idea please19:09
ruben23hi guys any help this ethernet card is not detected on ubuntu-server ------> Intel® PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter19:09
cordoval_for wireless cards try the wrap or try ubuntuforums19:10
cordoval_[Sat Oct 16 13:05:48 2010] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/cordoval/sites/susu/sms-marketing, referer: http://susu.local/19:12
cordoval_that is the error, it seems apache is not able to parse that?19:13
cordoval_maybe I am in the wrong place19:13
cordoval_I try to look for a channel for ubuntu apache19:13
cordoval_where do I go?19:13
Datztry #httpd19:13
afok9should I chroot apache and php for added security?19:14
cordoval_how to add a nick with nickservice?19:15
cordoval_register I mean19:15
afok9with: /msg NickServ REGISTER password email@domain.com19:16
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com19:24
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cordoval_httpd does not seem to help19:27
afok9cordoval_: you must be more patient, sometimes people wait hours for an answer. people are not paid to help...19:36
cordoval_afok9: sorry yes i agree19:41
keesafok9: chroots tend not to add security, just isolation. if you want easier to manage isolation, I'd recommend looking at apparmor and the apparmor apache module19:43
AstralStormyeah, apparmor is good enough for that19:44
AstralStormpity its network capabilities suck19:44
AstralStorm(compared to SELinux or Tomoyo 1.x)19:45
AstralStorm(or grSecurity or RSBAC)19:45
afok9oh ok! thanks for the tip. I'll look into that.19:45
AstralStormbut of course you could use netfilter with an owner match instead19:46
AstralStormdoesn't stop someone from hogging the ports for listening19:47
afok9hmm, owner match is this option which allowed to filter traffic by looking at the user which sent the packet, right?19:47
pizzaboxhey people, I gotta question. I'm trying to so the whole samba thing and unix permissions are a b**** any good resources on just that topic? specifically on why the h*** I cant access files that peeps post in a group folder to work without the d*** access denied thing happening?19:52
pizzabox:) thank you19:52
* pizzabox moderately frustrated19:52
AstralStormyour group folder is public, right?19:53
AstralStormare you accessing the data from any posix, or windows?19:54
pizzaboxyup so the structure is shared with create mask 770 then I have folders for individual users then group folders19:55
pizzaboxwindows not posix19:56
pizzaboxI notice that the users have a group autocreated for them19:57
AstralStorm770 is not 77719:58
AstralStormyour windows doesn't understand POSIX groups btw19:58
AstralStormand samba uses the Other group for access from guests19:59
pizzaboxyeah because guests shouldn't have access19:59
pizzaboxjust owners nd groups19:59
AstralStormyou'd have to login as the windows user, and add it in samba server's user map19:59
AstralStormunfortunately, I did that only twice in my life and can't remember19:59
AstralStorm*I've done that19:59
pizzaboxyeah i know that part20:00
AstralStormso feel free to add your windows user to some group20:00
pizzaboxmapping drives are the easy part. it's the unix permissions. so what i did was just that add windows users to  group20:01
pizzaboxbut lets say in a folder that i assign a group too20:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #661858 in freeradius (main) "Add otp support" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66185820:02
pizzaboxlet's say  ubuntu group. one user creates a file, the others in the same group get access denied20:02
pizzaboxi notice that a user tho auto generates a group for that user and everything they write assigns both that owner and user20:03
pizzaboxhow can i change it to nogroup?20:03
pizzaboxthat way I figure, everything they create will work20:04
AstralStormsorry, no idea20:04
pizzaboxbut i dunno for sure20:04
pizzaboxthere's a samb room?20:04
AstralStormI suspect there is20:04
AstralStormask alis about it, e.g. /msg alis list samba20:05
pizzaboxo k cuz ppl told me to come here20:05
AstralStormuh, *samba* there :)20:05
pizzaboxyes!! lol thanks you just opened up my world20:05
pizzaboxsorry peeps kept telling me to come here and i was like... um... nobody holds the key to it lol thanks dude20:06
pizzaboxdudette whtevs20:06
amarcolinohi setting up lvm on a hd, however, I have 80GB which I wish to make spare incase I need to extend, do I assign a partition and filesystem to it or leave the the option blank?20:10
qman__pizzabox, what you're probably looking for is the "force group" directive for your share20:16
qman__with that set, all new files created are group-owned by that group20:17
pizzaboxduuuuude yes!!!!!!20:17
qman__combined with create mask 770, that will ensure all users are allowed to access newly created files20:17
pizzaboxqman__ so I gotta recursively set user and group then changemod g+s /directory and do force create mode 0770 in smb.conf yeah?20:32
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ne7workHello all, How can I renice some process by name not by PID21:43
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ruben23 hi guys any help this ethernet card is not detected on ubuntu-server ------> Intel® PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter21:55
RoyKthat should be in there by default21:57
RoyKifconfig -a21:57
RoyKor pastebin lshw21:58
pmatulisne7work: sudo renice -1 $(pgrep firefox-bin)22:00
Madwillhi what is a good source control tool that can be server on ubuntu22:03
_rubenwhichever you prefer basically22:05
_rubenmatter of personal preference22:05
Madwillthey all can be server accessible from ip ?22:05
_rubeni'd guess so22:06
_rubencan't say i have tried them *all*22:06
Madwillcool i'll start doing research22:09
KB1JWQIs there a Xen config file to net-install Ubuntu like there is for Debian?22:15
jo-erlendMadwill, I think bazaar is the most popular in the Ubuntu sphere.22:21
ChmEarlKB1JWQ, http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/xen/22:44
ChmEarlKB1JWQ, thats a Xen-aware netinstall for Lucid22:45
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KB1JWQChmEarl: Hmm, nothing for Maverick yet? :-)23:01
ChmEarlKB1JWQ, yes there is s/lucid/maverick/23:10
qkumbersis it possible to do manual TRIM in lucid?23:12
qkumberswill the latest version of hdparm in lucid support it?23:13
qkumbershow do i check the version?23:13
billybigriggerim getting a bunch of these mails pop up in my root account...23:30
billybigriggerWarning: Directive 'register_long_arrays' is deprecated in PHP 5.3 and greater in Unknown on line 023:30
billybigriggerdoes this make sense to anyway?23:30
arrrghhhanyone use their ubuntu-server as a media streaming server?  upnp?23:30
AstralStormqkumbers: yes23:34
AstralStormhdparm prints the version number in its help23:35
AstralStorm9.33 has the --trim-sector-ranges-stdin23:35
AstralStorm--trim-sector-ranges on its own is far worse because it doesn't split the requests automatically23:36
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