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ScottLpersia, TheMuso: here's what i have for the seeds update (and a little more) - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Sandbox#Seeds%20Update15:39
ScottLi think that audio-common needs to be a package so that if users apt-get install either ubuntustudio-generation or ubuntustudio-recording 15:39
ScottLthen audio-common will pull in as a dependency15:39
ScottLone thing that i'm unsure about is if audio-common can be a metapackage without being a task15:40
ScottLi am assuming that it can15:40
persiaWhy?  Why not just have ubuntustudio-generation and ubuntustudio-recording pull in all the packages in ubuntustudio-audio-common?15:40
persiaIt can.15:40
ScottLbecause i'm ignorant and still working my way through all of this :P15:47
persias/ignorant/still learning/ :)15:48
ScottLokay, where would you set it to pull all the packages, in the control file?15:48
persiaYou wouldn't.15:48
persiaDo you still have that etherpad text handy?  Could you toss it up somewhere?  Let's go through it.15:48
ScottLwell, yes, persia, i generally do not use the term ignorant in a derogatory manner15:48
ScottLyes, but i am extremely pressed for time, wife, kids and i are going out to the lake for picnic and fishing and whatever else is available :)15:49
persiaAh, OK.  I've sadly heard it used that way too much in the past.  My apologies.15:49
persiaHave fun then.  Let's look at it another time.15:50
ScottLno apologies needed15:50
ScottLhere is a new etherpad with your notes: http://typewith.me/vUpaZVtuLq15:51
ScottLplease feel free to make updates, leave notes here in IRC...i'll review it when i get back15:51
ScottLoh, and feel free to review and make any changes to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Sandbox#Seeds%20Update15:51
persiaNo, it's the discussion that would be useful.  Have a good day in the park.  I'll probably be around again starting somewhere between 22:00 and 0:00 UTC, and we can look at it after that.15:52
persia(as I expect you'll be out having fun at least that long)15:53
ScottLi can say that typing it up has helped my understanding, at least compartmentalizing many of the parts15:58
persiaI bet.  It looks like you're 90% of the way towards having a good feeling about what you want to do.15:58
ScottLi also still need to reconcile the new packaging list with the workflows to make sure all applications are accounted for16:02
ScottLi know i added a "home dvd" authoring workflow that i haven't added to the packaging list16:02
ScottLwhich segues into, how do you feel about adding qdvdauthor ?16:02
ScottLi guess since we have qjackctl it shouldn't be added any additional libraries, no?16:03
ScottLi;m heading out now :)16:05
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holsteinScottL: i know we talked about this before21:22
holsteinbut if the mailing list is a gauge21:22
holsteini think we might be actually ready for some IRC team meetings21:23
holsteinthat folks might actually show up for21:23
paultagI'll be here :)21:26

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