rick_i just installed xubu 10.10 on my acer aspire 5100.  suspend/hibernate doesn't work.  any fixes?01:07
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linuxarrowsuspend hibernate doesn't appear at all in my menu and methinks that xfce doesn't have those options01:37
linuxarrowI have log out turn off and restart01:38
beardygnomelinuxarrow: yeah, me too01:58
beardygnomeused to have them in lucid, but never used them...01:59
Nintnintis no one alive on freenode tonight02:23
Nintninti'm having an issue02:28
Nintninti tried to install mintmenu to get the awesome menu with xfce but now xfce just won't run02:28
linuxarrowIf you want the awesome mint menu maybe try linux mint xfce and get the complete deal, and soon they will have the maverick compatible version...just a thought02:34
NintnintNO THAT WON'T WORK02:35
linuxarrowOk just a suggestion I have installed many versions if i found something don't work right or reinstall what you do have. Just a friendly suggestion no need for shouting.02:37
Nintnintnah i'm just kiddin02:38
Nintninti'm watchin close encounters for the first time02:38
linuxarrowI can't help you there since xubuntu is babe enough for me02:38
bazhangNintnint, please stay on topic02:39
Nintnintactually i use linux mint debian02:39
bazhangthats not supported here02:40
Nintnintisn't this #linuxmintdebian?02:40
bazhang!mintsupport > Nintnint02:40
ubottuNintnint, please see my private message02:40
bazhangNintnint, you know its not02:40
linuxarrowWith what version are you chatting with02:41
Nintnintoh i'm on windows xp right now02:43
bazhangNintnint, any support questions related to xubuntu then?02:44
linuxarrowI used to use pirate xp on this computer but xp is getting old and much more dull than xubuntu and not as fast on this 8 yr old box02:45
Nintninti don't use xubuntu02:45
bazhanglets take chat to #xubuntu-offtopic please02:45
linuxarrowWell said bazhang and thanks02:46
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solotimhello. can anyone tell me where the default location of wallpaper is?03:49
Balsaqgood morning Lords of the Code...05:52
Balsaqis it ok if in just make my swap partition 2 gb?08:18
Balsaqi really dont want to make it 7 gb just beacuse i have 3.5 gb of ram?08:18
Balsaqis there some issue with having a perfect ratio?08:18
Balsaqor is it just a matter of not running out of virtual memory?08:19
CloseYetFarit should be fine08:32
CloseYetFarmy swap is almost never used08:32
KhedronBalsaq: it's an old theory when ram was expensive, double the physical, with 3.5 you could probably just turn it off entirely08:37
CloseYetFaryea i have never used more then 1 gig of swap and I have 2 gigs of ram08:38
CloseYetFarI would set 2 gigs of swap, you may need it if you plan to run virtual machines08:39
Khedronsome video editing stuff uses lots too, but generally I don't get much swap used08:39
Khedronyou can of course tune it with 'swappiness' but not really much point08:40
Balsaqok so we all agree 2 gigs of swap is plenty08:42
CloseYetFari cant see you system needed anymore then that08:42
Balsaqi mean i really want it to run all in ram08:42
Balsaqif i could make it08:43
Balsaqi accidentally forgot it on this machine and it ended up at 653 swap on its own somehow08:43
Balsaqit must require a lil bit08:43
Balsaqill go woth 208:44
CloseYetFarlinux has a tendency to use all of its ram and use as little of swap as possible08:44
Balsaqmaybe ill put 4 gigs in then, they tell me windpws wont use it al but maybe linux will08:45
Balsaqits 32 bit08:45
CloseYetFaris this 32-bit xubuntu?08:45
Balsaqthats wutni will be putting in the machine i am workin on08:46
CloseYetFari dont think 32-bit OS's can see more then 4 gigs of ram08:46
Balsaqi know08:46
Balsaqin fact they say windows wont even see 408:46
Balsaqi wonder if buntu can08:46
Balsaqso iwas gonna stop at 3.508:46
CloseYetFarim pretty use its a 32bit thing08:46
CloseYetFari think 32bit can not address above 4 gigs08:47
CloseYetFaryea, do 2^32 on a calculator, the answer is the highest number 32bit can support08:49
Balsaqso u mean it will only use 2 gigs?08:49
CloseYetFari think with 32bit xubuntu you can only get access to a little over 3.5 gigs of ram08:51
Balsaqhmm tempting to do 4 then08:51
Balsaqthey tell me windows will only see 3-3.508:51
Balsaqso i was gonna do 3.508:51
CloseYetFarfor swap?08:52
Balsaqno for ram08:52
Balsaqim gonna do 2gb swap08:52
Balsaqjust for hooo hahs08:52
CloseYetFarset it up and if it only sees part of the ram try the 64bit version of xubuntu08:53
CloseYetFaris it intel or amd?08:53
Balsaqcani do 64 buntu on a partition wit h32 bit windows?08:53
Balsaqits intel08:53
Balsaqwow never thought of 65 bit buntu08:54
Balsaqis there driver issues w/ 64 bit buntu?08:54
CloseYetFari really dont know, i have never used it08:54
Balsaqcos i get around good on 32 bit08:54
Balsaqi dont use 64 bit xp pro becasue i know the driver supposrt isnt there08:55
CloseYetFarto be honest i think 4 gigs of ram is plenty08:55
Balsaqyeah me too08:55
CloseYetFari would just go with 32bit08:55
Balsaqits just gotten so cheap for this ole boat08:55
Balsaqthe ram went down in price08:55
CloseYetFarheh yea but some times i add ram and do not see any speed increase08:55
Balsaqi got 2 gigs on this one08:56
Balsaqseems fine08:56
Balsaqbut i think ram helps future proof the machine08:56
CloseYetFarxubuntu runs fast, even on my netbook08:56
Balsaqyeah i was running it on 512 for a year or so08:57
Balsaqran great08:57
Balsaqnow i have been messin with ubuntu08:57
Balsaqcan all 3 buntus be installed on one HD?08:58
Balsaqi may try that on my big HD08:59
Balsaqnever tried kubuntu08:59
CloseYetFarits just a kde gui08:59
CloseYetFari would just download the cd and run it off the cd to try it09:00
Balsaqwell i had pclinuxos  in kde once for a while09:01
Balsaqloooked like the same thing09:01
Balsaqwas nice but...odd09:01
Balsaqthe names of the files were kinda weird09:02
CloseYetFari use vmware to try out software and OS's09:02
Balsaqnice lookin though09:02
Balsaqi have never done vm ware i gotta try it09:02
djoglihi, im using xubuntu 10.04, one key on my laptop is not working, so i used xmodmap to turn it off, but how to add it to run on start up, i added it to rc.local but it gives error unable to open dispay ''10:55
Sysixmodmap -pke > .Xmodmap ; mousepad .Xmodmap10:58
Sysithen edit that file10:58
Sysioh well, no need for  editing if you do it first with xmodmap10:58
Sysijust: xmodmap -pke > .Xmodmap should do it10:59
djogliwill it work on other terminals, F1, F2 and so on10:59
Sysijust for X1110:59
Sysi..i think11:00
Sysiyou could maybe put it to ~/.bash_profile11:00
Sysiit could work from crontab too11:02
djogliwhere to add .Xmodmap11:04
djoglito my home dir?11:04
Sysithat line i gave prints it there11:05
djogliyes, if i execute it from home dir11:06
djogliso it will work only when i log in ?11:06
djogli:S that can be problem. password typing11:06
Sysi(by default you are on home folder when you open terminal :)11:07
djoglii needed to check11:07
Sysii don't quite know how would it work on deeper level11:07
djoglihm can i edit some key map file for X11 that makes this11:08
djoglii mean that is used by default11:09
rem0teI'm having some problems installing my xubuntu.11:15
rem0teCan someone help me out there?11:15
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jessejazzaInstalled Xubuntu 10.10 yesterday. Found that it didn't shutdown - anyone else had this problem [md5sum checked]. Downloaded 10.04 and it was fine. any ideas?13:14
leoquantjessejazza, maybe via acpi=force13:33
leoquantGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi=force"13:34
leoquantin /etc/default/grub13:34
tarekhi people, i have the following dmesg output http://pastebin.com/QamFWmy313:44
tarekis that normal13:44
Khedrontarek: no, it's crashing14:08
tarekKhedron: so what is this npviewer.bin14:10
Khedronfirefoxs plug for flash I think14:11
Khedronthere's not really a lot you can do about it, flash is binary only14:13
Khedrontarek: but from a quick google, you aren't alone14:16
Khedronbug in flash, unsurprisingly14:16
tarekis there some possibility to make a shortcut or link to a ftp address that appears like a folder and automatically builds up the ftp conneciton?14:19
tarekKhedron:is there some possibility to make a shortcut or link to a ftp address that appears like a folder and automatically builds up the ftp conneciton?14:20
Khedronpossibly with the create url link, right click on the desktop14:22
Khedronbut I can't say I've tried it14:22
tarektried that but it will open the browser14:22
KhedronI don't think thunar can natively do it14:23
tareki googeled that and it confirms that14:23
Khedronwait, gigolo can do that I think14:23
Khedronnot an especially elegant solution though14:24
tarekKhedron:is ok installed nautilus :)14:27
Khedronprobably easier :)14:27
tarekKhedron: me again :), wanted to know how to tell xubuntu explicitly use nautilus?14:36
tareki used the apt-get remove command but xubuntu somehow starts thunar14:42
Khedrontarek: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4490813&postcount=214:42
jessejazzaleoquant: thanks i'll have a look16:03
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moonwatcherhello everyone17:10
moonwatcheranyone can help me out with empathy17:10
moonwatcherI am using EVDO modem, browsing works but not empathy17:11
moonwatcherI am using gppp to connect not nm-applet17:11
moonwatcherI have tried to find empathy in gconf-editor and can not find Empathy on te app list17:13
Thermii just noticed that the windowsymbols have changed D_17:52
Thermiwhere can i get the old set of symbols?17:52
Thermifrom 10.0417:53
knomeThermi, use the albatross xfce theme17:59
Thermii mean the close/minimize/maximize etc symbols18:00
knomeme too18:00
Thermibut they don't change18:00
Thermithey stay the same - at any theme18:00
Sysiwindow manager settings18:01
knomeThermi, settings -> window manager -> tab "style" ?18:01
Thermilet's see18:01
Thermithat did it18:03
* Thermi gives knome a free hug18:03
knomeThermi, well, thanks. and have fun18:03
Thermii will :>18:04
* likemindead likes the Basix window manager theme.18:04
* Thermi plays a bit around with different versions of Linux in his many vms18:04
likemindeadErr... scratch that, it's the Biz theme.18:05
Sysiatm oxygen on kde on suse18:05
* Thermi tries out Kubuntu 64 bit in his vm18:08
Thermimy current opinion is XFCE > GNOME >KDE18:08
evtlbut my xubuntu is freezing when i watch a video18:09
Thermibad :/18:10
* Thermi thinks that KDE looks a bit like OSX D:18:11
Sysiosx might be useable18:14
knomeSysi, you know well, #xubuntu-offtopic is free for you to use ;]18:14
knomehave to admit the channel is pretty dead18:15
Guest61561je viens d'installer xubuntu mais j'ai des problème avec vga18:36
Guest61561il y a qqun ?18:36
Sysithis is english channel, #ubuntu-fr should know about xubuntu too18:37
Guest61561hello, I just installed xubuntu on a notbook( pockard bell dot M fr / 030) but I have problem with graphics card18:52
neriukaswhat's problems?19:06
Guest61561is that it is not the driver of the graphics card.19:09
neriukasi don't know, but i think drivers can get ubuntu from internet19:09
Guest61561are you know wiche vertion of linux is more adapted for notbooks ?19:12
Sysiall use same linux kernel19:13
neriukasfor norteook? i know ubuntu version for notebooks :)19:13
Sysiwhat problem you're having?19:13
Sysi..what's notbook? (seems not typo)19:14
neriukashttp://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ >> look down for notebook version ;)19:14
Guest61561MY MINI-COMPUTER is a Packard Bell (cpu intel atom)19:16
Sysiintel graphics?19:16
Sysithey should work as well as possible by default19:18
Guest61561PACKARD BELL  Netbook Dot-M.FR/030 - Intel Atom Z520 (1,33 Ghz) -cpu Intel Atom Z520 (1,33 Ghz) - Ecran 11,6'' TFT WXGA Diamond View Led - Résolution 1366 x 768 pixels - 1024 Mo -  hd 160 Go - Chipset Intel® Graphics US15W -- Windows XP Familiale19:20
Guest61561but there are not draver for us15w :(19:24
Sysiso what's problem?19:26
Guest61561 I just installed xubuntu on a notbook( pockard bell dot M fr / 030) but I have problem with graphics card19:26
Thermianyone got an idea, where i can get drivers for my RADEON mobility 9000 ?20:05
TheSheepThermi: system->hardware drivers20:12
TheSheep(or Additional Drivers, as it was renamed recently)20:12
Thermiit only gives me the option to install a broadcom wireless driver -.-20:13
EhPrettyEasy?DCC SEND "ff???f?" 0 0 020:38
Nekodid you guys lose your artists for maverick or something?21:01
Nekowhat is with the default desktop background being this goraud shaded circles like a baby did it? (no offense, but the one for karmic was awesome with the little birds..)21:01
SysiNeko: you can change it to that21:06
NekoSysi, I know but.. it's so disappointing :/21:06
Nekothe gnome guys didn't do much better either with their purple acne21:07
Sysisimple is beautiful :P21:08
Nekobut after the cave painting ibex and the fractal heron...21:12
Sysi(i don't like it either) but gtk theme is maybe nicest i've seen21:13
Nekoapart from moving the buttons to the wrong side I do appreciate what they did for gnome, for xfce it does look significantly cleaner too21:14
Sysii've always used custom theme, exept now with kde21:14
Nekobut on top of this finger painting backdrop.. you are distracted from it to that. I put the karmic backdrop in and the whole system takes on a whole new feeling like you want to run linux and not run back to windows 7 or mac ;D21:15
aubrey616Hello, i have performance problems with wireless driver ath9k for my Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)22:48
aubrey616Anyone care to help solve it or show me how to use a different driver22:49
aubrey616Hello [ECHO]22:51
mark76I can't. Sorry22:52
aubrey616mark76, what keeps you back, national security ?22:52
mark76No. I don't use wireless :p22:53
mark76But I'm sure someone around here must22:53
Sysion what machine you have that wifi card?22:53
aubrey616its a Zotac ZBOX (nettop Ion2)22:54
Sysi..why did i have google search for that in autocomplete (on ff startpage)22:54
Sysijust wondering22:55
aubrey616its a common search term ?22:55
aubrey616you searched for it before .. ?22:55
aubrey616Google can now tell you what to search for, or suggest rather ..22:56
Sysi"Atheros AR9285 ubuntu", i really wonder why i've searched for that22:56
aubrey616correct search terms on the fly22:56
Sysibut it's irrelevant22:56
aubrey616no its not, its the hardware AR928522:56
Sysi(ff startpage is different)22:56
aubrey616ah you mean that, hmm yes22:56
Sysii think you can't do anything about it22:57
Sysidoes it work on other os?22:57
aubrey616Sysi, yes23:04
aubrey616Sysi, tried it on both Windows XP and 7, driver works flawless23:04
aubrey616its a Linux problem, the driver is shitty imho23:05
Sysihow does it work badly on what xubuntu version?23:05
aubrey616so i figured i could use some common wifi driver instead of ath9k but i odnt know ubuntu well enough to accomplish that on myself23:05
aubrey616Sysi, 10.1023:05
Sysiiirc my other laptop uses it, works well23:05
Sysitry 10.0423:06
Sysiif you haven't already23:06
aubrey616yeah, 9.04 (crunchbang) worked well23:06
aubrey616problem is i wiped clean disk and reinstalled23:06
Sysiit's just downloading :P23:06
Sysiyou should maybe file a bug23:07
aubrey616and i dont want to downgrade to 9.04 or so ,... time consuming23:07
aubrey616Sysi, its filed as a bug already, on bugzilla23:07
Sysi9.04 isn't supported for long, 10.04 would be LTS23:08
Sysiyou can wait until they fix it23:08
Sysiidk if you could get and use old kernel23:09
aubrey616Sysi, nods, but its not an option for me, ive set up a totally new development environment on 10.10, took me like 10 hours+23:09
aubrey616i dont want to do it again ..23:09
aubrey616https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/518818  <--- the bug23:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518818 in Linux "ath9k driver not working properly with AR9285" [Unknown,Confirmed]23:09
aubrey616ubottu, thanks23:10
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)23:10
aubrey616ubottu, nods23:10
aubrey616goodnight, thanks for help23:39
Kangarooo1542 seez un palidz ar sistemu23:47
Kangaroooups wrong..23:47
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList23:47
Kangaroooyea yea vidd i know :) using alt+tab i though im back in private where i was writing this :)23:48
viddKangarooo, french?23:48
viddah..nvmd then =]23:48
Sysimore like spanish?23:49
Kangarooovidd: no.. Latvian23:49
Sysialmost worse than finnish23:50
* vidd has no idea what country that language is in....but suspects midle europe23:50
KangaroooHeres example :) mums ir Neo kas uzlauza valsts ienenumu dienesta datubazi tacu vins attaisnots un pat caurspidigums algam uzlikts..23:50
viddKangarooo, i think im offended...but im not sure .... =]23:52
viddanybody got issues needing fixed =]23:53
Kangarooo:D no i just said " we have Neo who hacked countrys income municipalities (this i translated really wrong) database but hes let away and even transparency made for salaries.. heres in english more info.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8533641.stm23:54
Kangarooovidd: yes i would need some help in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kangarooo/Copying im tryng to figure best way ..23:55
Kangaroooto copy files with problematic folders..23:55
Kangaroooalso another problem is catfish.. not working locate23:56
vidddunno about catfish (i only know its good fried in butter)23:57
viddand reading your wiki page made my head hurt...i dont understand what your trying to do, but it looks like coding =\23:57
Kangaroooto make locate work some db needs to be activized? and that makes comp slower for 1 always or 2 procesing time? and takes some few mb on each milion files?23:57
Kangaroooyeah i helped one with finding all files in problematic folders with one command but then i wanted to make better command for more specific finding and copyng so thats my draft23:59
viddim more of a "my [insert hardware here] doesnt work kind of helper23:59

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