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FanfareI cant find a bug of present windows slowing down the desktop.... is it just me?00:06
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moetunesFanfare:  you might need a better graphics driver00:21
Fanfaremoetunes: i might need a better graphics card anyways... nv GF 5700 173.xx binary driver00:22
moetunessounds like it :)00:22
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illunatichas anyone had issues with .ICEauthority in 10.04?01:35
illunaticrandom permission issues unable to start kde01:37
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illunaticsomething randomly changed permission to .ICEauthority and it wouldn't start kmserver01:58
illunaticuntil i rm .Xauthority && rm .ICEauthority01:58
illunatici haven't seen a whole lot of info as to what causes the random permission change on .ICEauthority01:59
chuckfillunatic: I run into that on rare occasions myself. I have yet to find a cause/solution to it01:59
illunaticit's like some big mystery huh02:00
illunaticit may have to do with me installing a bunch of themes last night?02:00
chuckfdoutful that that is the cause02:00
chuckfI've looked into it, didn't find anything concrete and then moved on02:01
illunatici had a crash while running FiF, kwrite, okular, filezilla. akregator, and konsole02:02
illunaticfilezilla had an active connection to my external HDD02:03
chuckfand Venus might have been in retrograde with a quarter moon02:03
illunaticsomeone mentioned corrupt boot disk somewhere. do not want02:04
chuckfyou might want to check your logs to see if you can find somethign that points to the issue02:04
* teadict smacks KTorrent for Stalling ):02:05
illunaticok which logs where? :X02:05
illunaticchuckf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/523601/02:17
illunaticit was going out of the text box for some reason heh02:18
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Cato37i installed a lexmark driver from disk that had a selection for debian based packages, and it messed the startup at login, changed a bunch of permissions, and tries to run the "bus". how do i unistall the stupid thing and undo all the changes that it made to the system?04:28
Balsaqgood morning Lords of the Code...04:34
Cato37is there anyway to undo the damage that a lexmark driver for a s506 printer did when i used the debian/ubuntu driver?04:39
Cato37the driver did04:40
Cato37or do i need to reinstall kubuntu?04:41
urgeninteresting question cato04:47
urgenso the disk had a .deb file?04:47
Cato37 yeah. it did. sorry i was downstairs. the disk had .gz tar04:52
Cato37it ask for root priviliges and then did a lot of stuff. now when i boot up it takes 2x as long and the startup process prings about 15 errorsw.04:53
Cato37i get a kickoff launcher, and a failed file report that lists what printers are on my network.04:54
Cato37after about 5 minutes all of the applications in the panel load.04:55
Cato37i am just going to reinstal the os.04:55
FloridaGuyis this what i use to add the kde 4.5.2 to my repo list....   ppa:kubuntu-ppa    from here....    http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.5.204:59
urgenI have 10.0405:03
FloridaGuyim on 10.1005:04
westyvwmy cpu is 3ghz. I overclock to 3.6 (always). proc/cpuinfo shows 2.005:42
westyvwprevious distro I would disable powermanagement, and get 3.605:42
westyvwany guides or info?05:42
westyvwdisabled powermanagement does not seem to help here05:44
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westyvwok how about an easier one: how do I set all my drives to automount at boot?05:49
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westyvwnothing huh? ah well06:00
bazhangwestvw put them in fstab?06:00
bazhang!fstab | westyvw06:04
ubottuwestyvw: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions06:04
bazhangyou parted before I could answer06:04
westyvwok so i have to hand edit fstab? i can do that. shame it isnt a setting.06:04
westyvwi did make the change in KDE but have to enter a password still before mount06:06
bazhangTo mount all file systems in /etc/fstab, run: sudo mount -a06:06
westyvwanythoughts on the cpu clocking mechanism?06:07
westyvwin the old days, you would see a cpu folder in proc, this would list the powermanagement settings of the processor. it was possible to echo a new high value so you would have the full cpu range06:11
westyvwsomewhere it is reading what the cpu is reporting and holding it to that speed06:11
westyvwfrustrating because my cpu is a late revision which means it is underclocked by the manufactoror. So i lose about 600mhz06:12
bazhangno experience with that, westyvw ; did you see how to mount in /etc/fstab pasted from the link I sent you above?06:12
westyvwyes, and thank you. It's been awhile but i can follow along.06:13
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westyvwcat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_max_freq06:44
westyvwgives maximum cpu is allowed to go06:44
westyvwdmidecode -t prossesor tells you what your cpu is actually capable of and what the bios is set to run it at06:44
westyvwsince no one is talking i thought I would. Hope you dont mind.06:45
westyvwnow to figure out if i have a userspace governor or what.06:46
westyvwhow is the Kubuntu system managing CPU scaling and throttling?06:46
westyvwperhaps with KDE?06:47
westyvwah well bed time for now anyways. Thanks Kubuntu folks, I finally am trying your KDE after years of just plain Debian.06:48
raziel_Is there a way I can have empathy remember my account name but not my password06:56
sinthetekhas anyone else had an issue with meerka kdm themes not wanting to install properlY06:59
sinthetekwhen i 'add new themes' for the login manager through system settings, they never show up in the selection dialog07:00
sintheteknm, i got it07:09
replicasexis there a way to move the navigation buttons to the left like in the default of Ubuntu?08:04
n8wive got a strange problem with gettin updates for my 10.10...when i search for updates manualy i always have to click "search for updates" n i never get anythin08:20
n8wit always generates a new package list08:22
n8wwhen i do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, i get 122 new updates08:23
iqrasoftexsit server aix to practice in him09:28
iqrasofti need help09:29
Kalidarniqrasoft: you make no sense09:35
Kalidarnif you don't speak english perhaps it's best to ask in a channel that speaks your language https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList09:36
Cato37when i partition linux what is the minimum space for the os compared to a partitioned home file?10:00
illunaticCato37: i don't know the exact, but i believe 15GB is recommended10:01
illunaticalthough, it could be GiB10:01
illunaticoh noez!10:01
Cato37illunatic: thanx. i was going to give it 12. but 15 will work also10:02
illunaticsure i hope that's accurate10:03
moetunessounds fine :)10:03
illunatici halped!10:04
Cato37thanx. just to be sure. :)   i can give kubuntu 15 gigs and the partitioned home file can be the rest of the drive.10:09
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Cato37have a good night/day all.10:14
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Machtinlet's say my system freezes. i have to hard reset and boot again.. how can i see why it froze?11:04
Machtinor where?11:04
moetunesmaybe in ~/.xsession.errors or /var/log/syslog perhaps...11:07
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yoshilovehey. :D11:15
ilikawhy isn't KpackageKit finding BitchX?11:15
moetunes!find bitchx11:15
ubottuFile bitchx found in epic4-script-hienoa, epic4-script-lice, xemacs21-basesupport11:15
moetunes!info bitchx11:16
ubottuPackage bitchx does not exist in maverick11:16
ilikawhat does that mean?11:16
yoshiloveanyone know if there's a sudo or some other terminal command to open preferences/administration via custom launcher?11:16
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Machtinyoshilove: do you mean "systemsettings"11:20
jonbethi all, im join in..11:37
jonbeti need to learn how to compile alsa-driver. Does nyone know what tutorial i should read first? im using kubuntu dvd amd64 10.10 thanx11:39
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)11:40
ilikawhere do all apps usually get installed?11:40
ubottucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!11:40
moetunesilika:  normally in /usr/bin11:40
moetunesnp :)11:41
jonbetthanks, im reading.. :)11:43
rekhi i need to do a point to point connection11:53
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Kalidarnwhat can i do to find out why my CPU usage is spiking12:03
moetunescheck things in top maybe12:08
Hazamonzohmm, why would pkill ksnapshot restart my kde session?12:10
ilikawhy isn't KpackageKit finding Nessus?12:12
moetunes!find nessus12:14
ubottuFile nessus found in fvwm-crystal, openvas-plugins-dfsg, openvas-server-dev, picon-usenix, piwi, selinux-policy-default, selinux-policy-dev, selinux-policy-doc, selinux-policy-mls, selinux-policy-ubuntu (and 2 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=nessus&mode=&suite=maverick&arch=any12:14
ilikahow would I install it?12:14
moetunes!info nessus12:14
ubottuPackage nessus does not exist in maverick12:14
moetunesilika:  there's no package for it12:15
ilikamoetunes: I downloaded the .deb file from their website, can I use that12:15
moetunesilika:  sure if the dependencies are met - sudo dpkg -i /path/to/nessus12:17
moetunesto install12:17
ilikaok, using the GUI package installer12:18
BluesKajHi all12:18
ilikamoetunes: it said package was installed, no idea where though12:19
moetunesilika:  probably in /usr/bin12:19
moetunesilika:  in konsole try   which nessus   if that is the app name12:20
ilikawhats a keyboard shortcut to run a command12:23
pibarnasilika: ?12:24
bazhangalt f2?12:24
dmattilika: run terminal and enter commands there, that way you can see output and results12:49
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sorgenпо русски пожалуйста13:26
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke13:27
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dmattapt-get and kpackagekit are segfaulting on me in 10.10 x8613:31
dmattanybody with the same problem?13:31
moetunesI haven't heard anyone mention that here13:32
dmattfirst I thought it is because od 4.5.2 ppa, but happened on clean install as well13:33
dmattmaybe it is somehow connected to localisation files13:33
dmattI even tried install from alternate medium13:34
moetunesfirst thought is a bad cd burn...13:34
dmattand checking memory...13:34
dmatteverything tested already13:34
dmattnormal medium failed to finish install13:35
moetunesdid you do the cd check from the cd menu?13:35
dmattwith alternative i did it already two times and still having problems13:35
dmatti think i did... i do it one more time to be safe...13:36
moetunesyou could try in konsole   sudo dpkg-reconfigure apt13:36
sresu_Thinking of upgrading to Maverick than sticking to LTS.. Should I?13:37
moetunessresu_:  it is your choice - I prefer the lts personally13:38
dmattmoetunes: funny i do not have any problems on 64... but it is on different notebook13:38
sresu_during a release kubuntu and ubuntu dont upgrade major version numbers (ie lucid will never offically support kde 4.5... you can only get that though comuntiy ppas), right13:38
sresu_lucid is highly unlikly to get kde 4.6 when it come out (or ever) where as maverick in all likly hood will..13:38
moetunesthere'll be a backport for it I'm sure sresu_13:39
sresu_But ppa I don't prefer to use..13:39
moetunesdmatt:  I would be suprised if diff h/ware had an affect on apt tho...13:39
sresu_You got KDE 4.5.1, moetunes?13:39
moetunessresu_:  sounds like your mind is set on moving to maverick then :)13:40
sresu_moetunes: No, still not able to decide. I was with mind set to stick with lts alone.. Now confused13:41
dmattmoetunes: maybe apt is failing becasue kpackagekit failed before and left mess... and I suspect it has something to do with my hardware13:41
sresu_moetunes: Setting upgrade settings to LTS will prompt me of next LTS and get me directly to the newest, so upgrading won't be much of a issue. With that, one may not experiance the latest warez..13:43
moetunessresu_:  there's no reason to decide just yet13:43
sresu_moetunes: So, what do you say?13:44
moetunesdmatt:  there's the memory checker in the live cds' menu - would that give a clue?13:44
moetunessresu_:  if you are in two minds I would suggest waiting for a reason to prompt you13:45
dmattmoetunes: I already did that, no memory problem13:45
moetunesdmatt:  if it's not the cd and not the memory that leaves read/writes to the hdd then afaik13:47
dmattmoetunes: how do i check that?13:48
moetunesdmatt:  hdparm or smart13:49
dmattmoetunes: smartmon must be installed first :(13:49
moetunesheh - that makes things hard then dmatt ...13:50
dmattjust finished checking second cd integrity check, both normal and alternate media are OK13:50
sresu_moetunes: Ok.. Well, other thing about muon, you know about that package manager? I know its not totally possible to get muon in lucid due dependencies. Is there ay way I can use anything like that? Other than kpk..13:50
moetunessresu_:  you can install synaptic or use the command line13:51
sresu_moetunes: I have it installed13:51
sresu_but no not the CLI13:51
moetunessresu_:  I haven't heard about muon tho13:51
sresu_Its similar to Synapic13:52
sresu_!info muon13:52
ubottumuon (source: muon): package manager for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.2-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 139 kB, installed size 952 kB13:52
moetunessresu_:  you have the cli apt installed13:52
sresu_Command line interface, yes13:52
moetunesI apt-cache search then apt-get install here...13:53
sresu_Yeah, I do the same thing13:53
moetunesit's quicker13:53
sresu_But, I tend to do mistakes when dependencies13:53
sresu_Small but its fine as well13:53
moetunesdmatt:  is the package manager the only issue?13:54
dmattmoetunes: when screen locks, i could not get back, there is some video issue13:56
dmatti am going to make one more vanilla install without localisation, so i can track, where the issue is introduced13:57
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dmattmoetunes: any tip how to test with hdparm when running with live cd14:00
moetunesdmatt:  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Hdparm - I like the archlinux wiki :)14:03
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dmattmoetunes: disk is OK according to smartmontools14:14
moetunesdmatt:  no idea what the issue is since you can't reconfigure apt...14:15
moetunesdmatt:  tried reading   dmesg   to see if it shows some errors?14:15
dmattnot in live cd ...14:16
dmattexdcept soem acpi stuff14:16
moetunesdmatt:  there should be /var/log/syslog on the hdd from the last boot14:17
dmatti am going to reboot into recovery to try to reconfigure apt14:18
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dmattmoetunes: do you know, how to start update-notifier widget14:51
javier__Hi! Since I upgraded to Maverick yesterday my laptop overheats a bit. Anyone has any idea what could have changed?14:51
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moetunesdmatt:  nope sorry14:52
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moetunesjavier__:  maybe in konsole check   top   to see if an app is working hard ?14:52
moetunes!nickchange | Kalidarn14:53
moetunesKalidarn:  you change your nick alot..14:54
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:54
javier__Kalidarn: Xorg by root gets high percentage CPU and mem14:54
Kalidarnyou are an idiot clearly14:54
moetunesheh - * Kalidarn is now known as zz_Kalidarn * zz_Kalidarn is now known as Kalidarn * zz_Kalidarn is now known as Kalidarn14:54
PiciKalidarn: Please be civil.14:55
Kalidarnit's because my IRC client disconnects from my BNC14:55
Kalidarnand that happens because suspend does not work in kubuntu14:55
moetunesKalidarn:  I'm sure there is a setting to turn that off if you want14:56
Kalidarnmoetunes: i was testing to see if suspend works14:57
moetunesjavier__:  you could see if there is a diff graphics card driver for your system14:57
Kalidarnand it changes my name when i detatch because it is a feature.14:57
moetunesKalidarn:  I'm sure there is a setting to turn that off if you want14:57
Kalidarnit is supposed to do that.14:58
Kalidarnand why would i want to do that.14:58
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:58
Kalidarnits not like it happens all the time14:58
javier__moetunes: thing is, i had this problem long time ago, and it seemed to be fixed already. But after this upgrading, its gone mad again14:58
javier__and I cant keep it even belov 5014:58
javier__before I was around 4014:58
Kalidarnand where does it say changing your nick on detatch is bad14:59
dmattjavier__: have you rebooted in meantime?14:59
javier__and now, even I'm in "powersafe", it gets the two processors to work, so it overheats14:59
PiciIt happened twice, its fine.14:59
javier__yes, yes14:59
javier__i rebooted14:59
javier__its happening since 2 days14:59
PiciKalidarn: you should avoid it in the future though.14:59
PiciKalidarn: Under the 'Don't use public away messages' heading.15:00
dmattjavier__: do you have flash running?15:00
Kalidarngiven the amount of join/party messages in the channel and it had really only done it twice in the last block of join part messages.15:01
javier__is there a possibility for making impossible running the two processors when I'm in powersafe?15:01
Kalidarni hardly think that it is a real problem if i closed my irc client twice you wouldn't have complained, clients can also configure irc to not show join/party/events15:01
moetunesI don't see join/parts here15:02
Kalidarni think you'll find what they mean by public status changes is echoes out into /say15:03
moetunesjavier__:  anything about errors in the X log?15:03
javier__moetunes: ah, something else happened. Dont know why I dont get hidden files by pressing Ctrl+H15:06
javier__did you say something? made the sound but didnt get any message15:08
Kalidarnmoetunes: furthermore i was testing to see if fork bombs still work on ubuntu15:08
Kalidarnand apparently they do15:08
Kalidarnso that's kind of funny15:08
Kalidarnconsidering other distributions have default configuration as user to prevent processes from being beyond say 5015:09
Kalidarnper user.15:09
moetunesjavier__:  I said   oh15:09
javier__ah, hehe. Ok15:11
javier__moetunes: fot Xlog error checking, i went to .xsession-errors. right?15:11
javier__there are few things there15:11
dmattmoetunes: everything work fine here after reboot... i am going to try to add ppa for 4.5.215:11
moetunesjavier__:  there is a good start15:12
moetunesdmatt:  well done - what was the fix?15:12
javier__but, Im afraid, i dont know how to read there...15:12
moetunesjavier__:  you can paste it and I'll have a read too15:13
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:13
javier__moetunes: everything? how was that page for pasting texts?15:13
javier__ok, thanks15:13
dmattmoetunes: i did that dpkg-reconfigure thing in recovery console, but it said it did not change anything... maybe simple restart was enough15:15
javier__moetunes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/523899/15:15
javier__moetunes: but, what do you think about what I said before? forbidding ussing second CPU in Powersafe mode. That would work for me15:16
moetunes javier__ I wouldn't know how to do that sorry15:17
moetunesjavier__:  line 6 from that paste seems like a bad start15:18
javier__moetunes: uggg15:18
moetunesjavier__:  it looks like dbus errors15:19
javier__moetunes: mmm, dont know what that means...15:19
Kalidarndoes suspend to ram/disk work for anyone else here?15:20
moetunesjavier__:  I have little experience with dbus - I would as a first test move .config to .config.bak and relogin in15:21
javier__moetunes: rename?15:22
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moetunesjavier__:  yep15:23
javier__moetunes:  ok, done. But anything seems to have happend so far15:23
javier__moetunes: ok, done. but nothing has happend so far, or so it does look like15:24
moetunesjavier__:  hows the cpu usage? - is xsession-errors diff?15:24
javier__opps, dont see whats going on here15:25
javier__i got lost15:28
javier__so, I changed to .config.bak and didnt get anything after that15:28
moetunesjavier__:  there's some dbus stuff in .config - moving that dir hould have forced dbus to defaults which hopefully would have improved things for you15:30
javier__so, you I pastebin .xsession.error for you now?15:31
moetunesjavier__:  sure :)15:31
javier__well, line 6 remains the same15:32
cynewave_Anyone else having problems with non-functional usb ports on kubuntu 10.1015:32
saidhi, I have a printer "canon LBP 2900B" shared in workgroup named "FireFoc" using "windows XP" , my pc is connected to this workgroup, I want to using that printer in my " kubuntu 10.10" systeme, can you tell me ho.15:33
moetunescynewave_:  haven't heard anyobe here mention it15:33
javier__moetunes: waw, it doesnt work copying and pasting text15:34
moetunessaid:  look at this page - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows15:35
saidthank you15:35
moetunesjavier__:  sounds like you have some major issues - is this a fresh install?15:36
javier__ok, plasma just broke down15:36
javier__I upgraded from 10.10 like always did before15:37
javier__plasma broke and came back as it was gone15:37
moetunesmight be h/ware issue then15:37
javier__moetunes: mmm, i dont think is hardware, i have had similar problems before and somehow I solved them15:39
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javier__i wish I could go back to my previos 10.04, just as it was two days ago :)15:39
javier__shall I resrore .config name?15:40
moetunesjavier__:  it pays to take notes about these things... :)15:40
moetunesjavier__:  yep you can restore .config15:41
saidHi again, I Have a cyber cafe using ubuntu/kubuntu systeme in PC's I need a software to manage this network ( counting, opning PC, closing......)15:42
smoophhey guys how can I uninstall the activities stuff15:44
smoophI have like a million unnamed new activities15:44
smoophof course without creating them15:44
e_t_said: you might take a look at this http://italc.sourceforge.net/ It's meant for teachers but might do what you want.15:47
javier__moetunes: it seems we broke something. Now, every time I cross my cursor over paste-plasma applet, plasma collapses and switch-off for several seconds, and restart later15:50
javier__moetunes: what we didnt really do anything for that happening, did we?15:50
moetunesjavier__:  afaik plasma has nothing in .config - you would need to logout/login to use the restored .config folder tho15:51
javier__but I restarted and its still happening15:51
moetunesjavier__:  prob more dbus errors - check the bottom of xsession-errors15:52
javier__moetunes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/523922/15:57
javier__moetunes: its full of errors15:58
moetunesjavier__:  it sure is - they all seem to stem from dbus from what I know16:00
javier__moetunes: so... any idea what could I do with that?16:01
moetunesjavier__:  I know nothing about debugging dbus errors but I'm having a google16:02
javier__mhm, thanks a lot16:02
smoophHey guys I want to disable the plasma activties ... how can i do that?16:03
moetunesjavier__:  see if this helps - http://www.linuxformat.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=8659616:03
saidHow I can setup/install Bzip software16:04
e_t_said: you can install bzip (if it's not already installed) with "sudo apt-get install bzip2"16:06
javier__moetunes: mmm, it seems he removed some applet and his ploblems dissapeared :)16:06
javier__i think something like that can be happening to me, cause yesterday I had problems with KNM applet. But, right yesterday I restarted to default my Xorg configuration, so I think I dealed with those problems...16:07
moetunesjavier__:  yep16:07
javier__moetunes: is it my problem with rendering?16:10
moetunesjavier__:  I don't :think" so16:11
moetunesjavier__:  I don't "think" so16:11
javier__my problem is also with my Nvidia graphic card, that goes very hot16:11
javier__i remember i was working on that, but dont remember if i finally did something throw the card when my laptop was overheating or by another way16:12
moetunesjavier__:  using the drivers from nvidia?16:12
javier__moetunes: its stuppid that the card always works at maximum performance, when Im not running games neither have desktop effects working...16:13
javier__mhm, nvidia driver16:13
moetunessmooph1:  I can't find anything on google for turning the activities off...16:13
smooph1me neither16:14
=== viki is now known as Guest12901
javier__you think I could remove NVIDIA controler if Im not using 3D aceleration?would it work?16:16
intickhi allDo you know how can it lunch inaDyn at start up ?16:17
moetunessmooph1:  this might give a clue - http://hanschen.org/2009/11/17/how-do-you-use-activities/16:18
moetunesjavier__:  I would just use the open source driver 'till there was no errors16:18
javier__but how to use the open source one?16:19
javier__removing the other?16:19
=== Kalidarn is now known as zz_Kalidarn
=== root is now known as Guest92276
moetunesjavier__:  yep - and make sure there is no file xorg.conf in /etc/X1116:20
=== zz_Kalidarn is now known as Kalidarn
javier__moetunes: no file there what means? nothing about NVIDIA or nothing about any private controler?16:22
saidhow I can software *.tar.bz2   ???16:22
moetunes!compile | said16:22
ubottusaid: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)16:22
saidhow I can setup/install software *.tar.bz2   ???16:23
moetunes!checkinstall | said16:23
ubottusaid: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!16:23
moetunessaid:  that is called compiling - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware16:23
moetunesjavier__:  if there is no file there named xorg.conf and you have removed the nvidia driver you should be able to reboot into using the opensource driver16:24
javier__moetunes: ok, i will do it step by step. Im removing them and see what i got in that folder later16:25
javier__moetunes: so now, any NVIDIA driver is active. and in X11 there is no xorg.conf file16:27
moetunesjavier__:  you need to reboot to not use the nvidia driver - it gets loaded into the kernel at boot afaik16:28
javier__moetunes: but there are xorg.conf.dist-update-20031011101, xorg.conf.failsafe and even xorg.conf~16:28
saidwhich systeme is the best and easy ;kununtu OR ubuntu16:28
javier__moetunes: so, I reboot16:29
moetunesjavier__:  yep - if the files aren't named simply xorg.conf they're backups16:29
moetunessaid:  they are much the same - it depends on the desktop environment you prefer16:30
saidyou mean KDE & GNOME16:30
moetuneseach desktop environment has its' own apps etc16:31
saidHow i can change desktop environment from KDE to GNOME?16:32
javier__moetunes: well, everything working much faster now!16:32
moetunessaid:  you can install ubuntu-desktop and select it at login16:32
ubottuk/ed/x/l/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.16:33
moetunesjavier__:  woot!16:33
saidThank yo16:33
moetunesjavier__:  so it was a driver issue it seems ?16:33
javier__not as cold as i would like, but maybe it needs time to cold down16:33
moetunesnot dbus like I thought16:34
javier__moetunes: just, letters went a bit too small16:36
=== |Alexia_Death| is now known as Alexia_Death
moetunesjavier__:  you might be using a bigger resolution now16:39
moetunesjavier__:  in konsole   xrandr -q   will tell16:40
javier__   1280x800       60.0*+16:41
javier__   1024x768       59.916:41
javier__   800x600        59.916:41
javier__   640x480        59.416:41
javier__   720x400        59.616:41
FloodBotK2javier__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:41
javier__   640x400        60.016:41
javier__how to make letters bigger?16:41
moetunesjavier__:  in system settings somewhere - I'm not on a kde box atm to check16:42
javier__moetunes: ok, ok16:43
javier__thanks very much for all your help16:43
javier__im leaving16:43
dmattmoetunes: i am back after more testing... all is running well except when there are updates available, kpackagekit update notifier segfaults16:46
dmattmoetunes: any idea how to reset it ? would deleting /.kde do any good?16:47
moetunesdmatt:  does apt-get update work16:47
moetunesdmatt:  I wouldn't remove it - just rename foe now16:47
=== anne is now known as b2ca
gandalproblemi con microfono16:59
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:59
gandalok grazie16:59
moetunesnp :)17:00
Kalidarnhrm, i wonder why kubuntu isn't suspending17:01
Kalidarni just see the _ line17:01
Kalidarnto either disk or RAM17:01
dmattmoetunes: I am not sure what to rename ... it is easier to set checking actualisations to Never in kpackagekit17:01
dmattbut i am still curious why it happens only to me17:02
moetunesdmatt:  you were talking about removing .kde - that is what I was suggesting to just rename17:02
moetunesin case that wasn;t the issue17:03
moetunesin case that wasn't the issue17:03
dmattmoetunes: Ah I see17:03
Kalidarnokay that's interesting17:07
Kalidarnwhen i do say suspend to ram i see a blinking _ and hear the suspend chime17:07
Kalidarnhowever when i switch to tty1 and try to login i cannot see any of my characters appearing in the login17:07
Kalidarnthe keyboard obviously works because im able to switch tty17:07
Kalidarnif i switch to tty7 or 8 i just see black screen and then i can't switch to any other ttys anymore17:09
amichairevery since upgrade to maverick I get complaints from others on skype calls that they hear themselves in echo, and this has never happened before... any idea how to fix this? Is it a pulseaudio thing?17:13
Peace-amichair: it could be..17:14
Peace-to remove17:14
amichairwill anything break without pa?17:14
amichair(why was it added?)17:14
Kalidarnit aims to make things easier for users17:15
Peace-i use kuibuntu without pulse17:15
Kalidarnand allows per application volume17:15
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions17:15
Peace-Kalidarn: but it's a stupid thing17:15
Kalidarnif you remove it though you can't do per application volume in kmix17:15
Peace-alsa for normal user it enough17:15
Kalidarnbut i've heard it can cause problems17:15
Peace-sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio-utils pulseaudio17:16
Peace-that should be enought17:16
Peace-you got problem ?17:16
Peace-sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-utils pulseaudio17:16
moetunesI would use --purge remove myself17:17
Kalidarnsomeone told me suspension in kubuntu ie suspend to ram/disk doesnt work full stop is there any truth to this?17:17
smoophanybody know how i can disable/uninstall plasma-activities ... I have a billion unamed activities which I don't and won't use17:17
Kalidarnim trying to get it working on my system and haven't yet found out why its not17:17
Peace-Kalidarn: some computer can get that problem17:17
Kalidarni know hardware can cause issues17:18
Peace-with some hardware17:18
Kalidarnyeah how might i find out what it is17:18
moetunessmooph:  id you have no luck here there is #kde17:18
Kalidarncomputer is using nvidia proprietary 1 screen via DVI and only has 1 mouse 1 keyboard, with Gigabyte X58A-UD3R Intel X58 LGA 1366 motherboard17:19
smoophmoetunes: good idea17:19
Kalidarni thought about trying other distribution livecds17:19
Kalidarnto rule out if its hardware or configuration17:19
amichairKalidarn: funny you should mention it, ever since the upgrade kmix only shows master volume and all channels are gone17:19
Kalidarnpowerdevil says everything should work17:19
Kalidarnits on another tab amichair17:19
amichairKalidarn: nope, I looked everywhere, and in settings too17:20
KalidarnPlayback streams17:20
dmattmoetunes: I found bug report describing my problem here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kpackagekit/+bug/66785617:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 667856 in kpackagekit (Ubuntu) "kpackagekitsmarticon crashes with segfault in QWidget::metric" [Undecided,New]17:20
dmattmoetunes: thank you for help17:20
moetunesnp :)17:20
smoophKalidarn: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Energiesparmodi_mit_ACPI17:20
Kalidarni cant read german :P17:20
amichairin any case, I think I'll try removing PA and hope for the best17:20
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest99186
Kalidarni dont know if that will translate :P17:20
amichairKalidarn, Peace-: Thanks17:21
amichairwhat the heck? I tried apt-get remove it, and it says it will remove, among other things, dasher? that has nothing to do with pa...17:22
smoophamichair: it will remove programs that have been marked for automatic installation with other programs ... you can tell apt to only remove the packages you want17:24
smoophman apt or man aptitude17:24
amichairbut I installed dasher manually...17:24
Peace-amichair: you have only to remove puylse17:24
Peace-and stop17:25
Kalidarnhmm smooph17:25
smoophmaybe dasher depends on the program you want to remove17:25
Kalidarni translated it but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense17:25
Peace-the name of other applications?17:25
Kalidarnunder the It does not always work :P17:25
sorbiqhi all17:25
smoophKalidarn: maybe you should google yourself ... suspend, hibernate, your board, cpu etc17:26
Kalidarnmaybe that is the problem it talks about my motherboard17:26
Kalidarnit is USB 3 apparently causing the problem17:26
Kalidarncourse i guess a lot of people do not have USB 3 :P17:27
Kalidarnjust when i was going to buy that new portable usb 3 hard disk17:27
smoophI don't understand why usb3 should give you trouble with hibernate ... other that the driver might be bad and won't resume when coming back out of sleep ... and than just reinitiate the driver via script17:28
sorbiqhow to make transparent windows borders ?17:29
sorbiqi have themes with transparency but it dont work17:29
Kalidarnsmooph: well i can try it i guess17:30
Peace-sorbiq: systemsettings17:30
sorbiqPeace-: and ?17:30
Kalidarnsmooph: that's certainly the problem :P http://pastebin.com/e5iZ0W8d17:32
Kalidarn[ 1170.845612] PM: Device usb9 failed to suspend async: error -217:32
Kalidarnthat's my USB 3.0 ports17:32
Kalidarnthey're the last 2 ones17:32
smoophok than you need to create a script powering down usb3 before hibernation and backup after resume17:33
Kalidarnyeah he's got one in the thread17:33
Kalidarnit remove the xhci driver17:33
smoophthere should be instructions out there explaining it with graphics driver17:33
Kalidarnit looks fairly simple, suspend, hibernate thaw resume in a case  with modprobe and modprobe -r ^_^17:34
Kalidarnexcept for the fact i dont think it works17:35
smooph:D well thats what i call expected17:35
Kalidarnmmm that wasn't the problem17:38
=== MuzerAway is now known as Muzer
Kalidarnit must be because usb9 is the xhci driver17:39
Kalidarnunless the module is not called xhci anymore17:39
Kalidarnah i think its called xhci_hcd :P17:41
Kalidarnwoot fixed it17:42
Kalidarnmmm i seee tones of unable to read inode block blah17:43
Kalidarnext4fs errors :P17:43
Kalidarnoh splendid17:45
KalidarnResume from hibernate corrupts ext417:45
subhashishhello can anybody help me with my sound problem? (i have installed kubuntu for second time after kubuntu 10.04 and i am new to linux)17:47
subhashishmy sound output is very low17:47
smoophsubhashish: what do you mean with low ... low in volume ?17:47
subhashishlike in previous kmix in 10.04 the kmix is not recognising my pcm17:47
smoophwhats you soundcard17:48
smoophif you don't know open a "konsole" type "lspci" and paste the output to http://paste.ubuntu.com17:49
subhashishsmooph, it is a big output can i paste it here?17:50
subhashishoo wait17:50
apparlesubhashish: is it only the problem of kmix or your soundcard is not working at all in linux?17:51
subhashishno the sound card was working in 10.04 a half an hour ago!17:51
subhashishnow i installed 10.1017:52
apparlesubhashish: and is it working in 10.10?17:52
apparlesubhashish: I mean sound ?17:52
subhashishyes but i hav to turn the sound level of my speakers to its extreme to get any sound17:52
apparlesubhashish: open konsole and then alsamixer17:54
apparlesubhashish: configure it17:54
subhashishyes , directions please?17:54
apparlesubhashish: open the konsole and type alsamixer and press enter18:08
subhashishi have got the gnome alsamixer installed18:09
subhashishplayed with it but i didnt get anything18:09
subhashishstill no sound18:10
Peace-subhashish: alsamixer is a terminal program18:10
Peace-no need of gnome stuff18:10
apparlesubhashish: you can find konsole in menu18:11
subhashishi did alsamixer one too and it shows that my pcm, speaker and master are at 10018:11
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.18:11
subhashishhere it is http://imagebin.org/12134218:13
u19809hi all, I could not get my JRE running op openoffice ... installed openoffice-java-common but now my kubuntu menus are gone ...18:15
apparlesubhashish: just go to pcm channel and press m to see if anything changes.18:19
subhashishok wait18:19
subhashishno nothing happens18:20
apparlesubhashish: funny. everything seems to be alright18:20
subhashishyeah seems funny to me too18:20
apparlesubhashish: see in the system settings sound if correct card is selected18:21
subhashishthe sound is ver very low18:21
subhashishok wait18:21
apparlesubhashish: when you say sound? whcih player are you referring to/18:21
subhashishamarok, vlc, mplayer18:21
subhashishi hav got those installed18:22
apparlesubhashish: use the test button in the sound menu of system settings?18:22
subhashishno i dont get anything with that18:22
apparlesubhashish: try changing the card to something else? what all is listed in the cards?18:23
subhashishonly one is listed named "Internal Audio Analog Stereo"18:24
subhashishand the control for that shows up in kmix18:24
apparlesubhashish: no idea then.18:24
subhashishok thanks18:24
apparlesubhashish: try booting to a ubuntu live CD to locate whether it is driver or kde specific problem18:25
subhashishi will try to find a solution by myself18:25
subhashishi hav tried with the ubuntu one18:25
subhashishand i got nice sounds from its players18:26
apparlesubhashish: you mean in ubuntu 10.10 you get normal sound? or did you try in 10.04?18:26
subhashishyes normal in 10.04 and 10.10 too18:26
apparlesubhashish: then try playing some file via command line using mplayer18:27
apparlesubhashish: see if three it plays normally18:27
subhashishi already have and found that it cant too18:27
apparlesubhashish: did you try with aplay?18:29
apparlesubhashish: but aplay only plays wav files?18:29
apparlesubhashish: if aplay also doesn't play it then you have somehow messed the sound card driver18:30
subhashishno i just installed kubuntu 10.10 an hour ago but still i will look into my soundcard driver problem or will try properly reinstalling kubuntu 10.1018:31
subhashishthank u very much apparle Peace- smooph  :)18:32
haribubin ich drin?18:41
Pici!de | haribu18:41
ubottuharibu: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.18:41
haribu /join #ubuntu-de18:42
haribuich bleib lieber beim usenet18:42
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=== Slashy is now known as Slashx
SlashxI have an issue with networking.18:46
SlashxMany times hwhen I boot the KNetworkManager says Networking Disabled18:46
SlashxHow do I enable this outside of going through Lubuntu18:46
nuboon2ageSlashx: don't forget there's also a #lubuntu channel18:54
nuboon2agethey may have the answers there if no one knows the answers here18:55
SlashxI prefer Kubuntu18:57
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=== assurbanipal_ is now known as assurbanipal
nuboon2agesure Slashx.  me too.  just trying to help since you asked about lubuntu19:00
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest85340
nuboon2ageSlashx: oh, now that i read your question again, i have a different understanding19:01
SlashxI only know how to enable it via switching to Lubuntu19:02
nuboon2agei got a tip from james148 about this19:02
nuboon2agei have the same problem19:02
nuboon2agebut right at the moment i don't know if i can recall the answer he gave me19:03
=== mren|off is now known as mren
nuboon2ageSlashx: it involved editing a text file19:08
=== Micheal_Skeleton is now known as MichealH
nuboon2agebut i can't locate my notes right now to tell you which file and what to change.  i can tell you it was very simple19:09
pibarnasnuboon2age: could u repeat that please?19:11
nuboon2agepibarnas: sorry repeat which?19:12
pibarnasnuboon2age: do u have a problem there, is that it?19:12
SlashxI have the prblem19:12
Slashx[14:46] <Slashx> I have an issue with networking.19:12
Slashx[14:46] <Slashx> Many times hwhen I boot the KNetworkManager says Networking Disabled19:12
FloodBotK2Slashx: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:12
pibarnasSlashx: sorry, I'm afraid I can't help u, dude.19:16
pibarnasI know nothing about networking.19:16
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=== tim_afk is now known as tim
teadicthow do I set up default view mode as columns for Dolphin?19:43
teadictcan get it to remember19:43
vasiliyпривет всем20:00
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke20:00
vasiliyчто такое  Riddell20:00
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raziel_Is there a way I can have empathy remember my account name but not my password20:45
rekhi can you help me to do a point to point?20:57
sresurek | !ask20:59
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:59
rekcan you drive me21:00
reki asked21:00
sresuWhats the issue?21:00
reki set it up but i don't have the internet in my client21:00
sresuYou set what?21:00
sresuWhat are you trying to do?21:01
reknat and ip forwarding ip s21:01
sresuWhich client?21:01
reki connected a pc to my pc with a ethernet cable21:01
rekwifi access point---pc 2 nics internet on wifi-----eth cable------pc 1 nic(eth)21:02
sresuwifi access point?21:05
sresuIs the ethernet cable cross over?21:05
sresuI did that long back, had sopme problems but was resolved so I maybe able to help you right21:07
sresurek: You got standard cable or cross over ones?21:07
rekthe one used to connect your pc to your access point or router it has all the pins (i already managed to have an interent connection doing a point to point with this cable)21:08
sresurek: Here21:10
sresurek: There is difference between standard and cross over ones21:10
reki know21:11
sresurek: cross-wired ethernet cable RJ-45 with RX and TX lines crossed over, right?21:12
sresurek: Or does your ethernet port supports automatic link negotiation?21:13
rekyes auto eth21:15
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Matt___Quelqun sais comment baisser la luminosité de mon portable sous Xubuntu 10.10 ?21:31
ubuntuI need help21:35
=== ubuntu is now known as Margus
Margushi, I need help21:35
MargusI installed kubuntu21:35
Margusthen applied all updates21:36
Margusand after reboot I only see grub command line21:36
Margusdon't know much about grub21:36
Margusbut running something like root hd0 says unknown filesystam21:36
=== Muzer is now known as MuzerAway
Margushowever, when I just install kubuntu and don't apply updates, I can boot21:37
Margusany ideas ?21:37
wilharthow did i upgrade to 10.10 plz21:58
u19809hi all, i seem to have lost my openoffice 'K' menu icons ... how can I restore them ?22:22
=== mren is now known as mren|off
wilhartwhy does my playback give flickering with kde effects?22:38
wilharttried vpdau,xv and gl22:39
wilharti got a move with fireplace and the fire flickers!22:39
=== manuel_ is now known as morezane
wilhartwhy does my playback give flickering with kde effects?23:01
=== cmagina-afk is now known as cmagina
despairhey all, banging my head into the wall over here, i can type the swedish chars (öäå) everywhere, but not in the kde konsole. they work in konsole ouside of X11, but not in kde konsole23:23
epyon22did any of you guys have problems with composing after upgrading to 10.1023:25
nerdy_kidepyon22 nope.  whats your gfx card?23:26
despairthey dont seem to work in xterm either23:26
epyon22intel x310023:26
epyon22worked great in 9.04 9.10 and 10.0423:27
nerdy_kidepyon22 does it work at all?23:27
epyon22it works but its slow and disables it self alot23:27
epyon22usally disabled as soon as i login23:27
nerdy_kidepyon22 hmm I have nvidia so I cant give many pointers.  Could always downgrade the intel driver23:28
epyon22yeah would any .kde config stuff get in the way?23:28
jmichaelxi don't think that downgrading the intel driver is an option....23:28
jmichaelxepyon22: in 10.10, many mobile intel gpu's are having a lot of performance issues23:29
epyon22ok no fixes yet?23:29
jmichaelxepyon22: the simplest solution seems to be reverting to 10.04.23:29
epyon22ugh lol23:29
jmichaelxepyon22: no good solution that i have found yet, and i have looked23:29
nerdy_kidjmichaelx: why not downgrade just the intel driver?  the xserver-intel package should do it, and the kernel too if he really needs it23:30
epyon22temping though i am enjoying this new default dark interface :)23:30
jmichaelxnerdy_kid: downgrade to which version?23:30
jmichaelxepyon22: i imagine that you could configure things in 10.04 to have the appearance you want far more easily than getting your intel gpu to function correctly23:31
nerdy_kidjmichaelx: he could just add the old lucid rep back in sources.list, apt-get update, downgrade the package and disable the lucid rep.  rather hackish, but it does work.23:31
nerdy_kid*should work23:31
nerdy_kidmaybe downgrade all of X1123:32
jmichaelxnerdy_kid: i have not attempted that, but i do not think it would work..23:32
jmichaelxnerdy_kid: yes, all of X11 would have to downgraded with it.... i do not believe it is worth attempting23:32
epyon22if im going to downgrade x11 i miswell go back to 10.0423:32
jmichaelxepyon22: i very much agree23:32
nerdy_kidepyon22: well I would think that it would be easier to downgrade X then revert to lucid, but I suppose it depends on your setup23:33
epyon22i have a seperate home partition23:33
epyon22so its ez to downgrade23:33
=== shark is now known as Guest98564
jmichaelxnerdy_kid: it does depend, but with separate home partition, downgrading to 10.04 is a piece of cake23:34
jmichaelxepyon22: totally agree23:34
nerdy_kidjmichaelx: yeah I guess you are right.  idk, personally I would go the hard way, but thats me :D23:34
jmichaelxnerdy_kid: nothing wrong at all with trying what you suggested, if a person has the time and inclination23:35
epyon22well thank you for your help guys im probally gonna stick with 10.10 for now wait for a fix and if i get frustrated with it ill just take it back down23:35
RoDiMuS-XDoes Kubuntu have any advantages over ubuntu other than it uses KDE vs GNOME23:36
epyon22i enjoy all the new fixes like the new network manger and themes and the stuff that i havent played with yet23:36
nerdy_kidRoDiMuS-X: nope.  'cept that kde is prettier :)  (each have their own opinions about that however)23:36
olskolircwhat toolkit do we use to C++ programming please?23:37
RoDiMuS-Xnerdy_kid: Do you know if the ubuntu font is used in KDE23:37
nerdy_kidRoDiMuS-X: it can be, and is by default in 10.10 but personally I dislike the font and switched.23:37
nerdy_kidRoDiMuS-X: let me reword that, it can be only in 10.10 AFAIK.23:38
RoDiMuS-XNerdy_kid: I am trying to decide if I want to switch desktops because of unity set to release in 11.0423:38
KimLaRouxhttp://apt.last.fm/ <== best repo page ever23:38
jmichaelxnerdy_kid: i am with you on the font change23:39
nerdy_kidRoDiMuS-X: yeah I don't know anything about unity.  Do know that I used to be a gnome guy until KDE hit 4.3.23:39
nerdy_kidjmichaelx: the ubuntu font just looks really icky to me on kubuntu.23:39
jmichaelxnerdy_kid: i have been feeling the same way23:40
RoDiMuS-Xnerdy_kid: Would you say the screenshots of KDE on KDE.org and Kubuntu do not do it justice23:40
nerdy_kidRoDiMuS-X: kde is VERY flexible as far as looks go.  This is my setup currently http://yfrog.com/m9screenie13j.  I would say that the kde look sceenies are sometimes good, sometimes really bad.  the default theme is almost perfect in my opinon, I just lighten it up a little.23:41
nerdy_kidnot the best screenie of my setup either....23:41
GlaivlenHi, everyone! :D23:42
nerdy_kidhi :)23:42
RoDiMuS-Xnerdy_kid: yeah that looks way better than Kubuntu and KDE screenshots23:43
nerdy_kidRoDiMuS-X: thanks :)  one thing I will say, that I would switch QT's gfx backend from Xrender to Raster23:43
nerdy_kidjust did that to my setup today and things go waay faster now.  X11 uses like no CPU either -- used to use up to %30 of one of my cores.  You install kde-config-qt-graphicssystem23:45
nerdy_kidthen change the setting in system settings.  I found that I had to tweak my fonts a little, but it is well worth it.23:45
RoDiMuS-Xthe work shows23:46
nerdy_kidthanks :)23:46
RoDiMuS-XWhat about using a dock such as AWN any issues in KDE23:47
nerdy_kidRoDiMuS-X: those look terrible.  They are all written in GTK, so thus stand out terribly.23:48
RoDiMuS-Xnerdy_kid: there is no native dock other than the bar in KDE23:49
nerdy_kidI would recommed grabbing the svn version of the gtk-qt engine to make gtk apps blend in better, maybe the docks will look better then.23:49
nerdy_kidThere are plasmoids that emulate a dock, a couple that look like a mac dock.  I have never found these very nice to use however.  kde 4.6 is going to have app pinning support, and I am sure the docks for kde will get much better after that.23:50
nerdy_kidso you _can_ use awn/any other dock if you want, but it will most likely look a tad bit funny.  gtk-qt engine does a pretty good job at hiding gtk apps, but it still will look a little different.23:51
RoDiMuS-XYeah I don't like the MAC dock either23:51
nerdy_kidby default KDE has a windows like setup, as you probably have seen.  The task bar behaves just like it does in windows.  There are other task plasmoids you can use however.  personally, I cant wait for app pinning in 4.6.23:52
nerdy_kidoh I forgot, if you switch qt's backend to raster it breaks gtk-qt.  You are stuck with qtcurve for the gtk apps.23:53
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