snak3i've some trouble installing lubuntu on an old notebook of mine. i get an exit code 10 error for ubi-partman - already tried to the nodmraid boot option but no luck. any suggestions?00:50
phillwsnak3: how much RAM do have?00:55
phillwsnak3: you could be below ubiquity levels if the laptop is also using RAM for graphics (which they do)01:15
snak3the gfx has 16mb dedicated ram01:16
phillwsnak3: how old a laptop? as what processor does it have?01:17
snak3pentium3 m 1ghz01:19
snak3from around 200201:20
phillwsnak3: that should be okay with 10.10, but i586 support was dropped in 10.10.01:21
phillwHave had the CD self test itself?01:21
snak3i did a verify with imgburn after burning the iso, but i can start the selftest01:24
xuzashi everyone! what can i do to get smaller fonts on pidgin? lxde has always so big fonts..!!01:24
head_victimxuzas: you can change the default font to whatever font and size you prefer01:26
xuzasyes, i know and did so01:26
head_victimAh ok, sorry01:26
xuzasbut pidgin doesn't changes his fonts :|01:27
head_victimxuzas: have a quick look you need to go into tools and then preferences01:28
head_victimThis will open a preferences window.01:28
head_victimIf you click the "conversations" tab it will open that up.01:29
head_victimThere is a box at the bottom of that window with the heading "Default Formatting" and if you click the word "Font" in the table it opens a drop down box.01:29
head_victimJust tick the "smaller" option. Fingers crossed that's what you're looking for.01:29
head_victimYou can click it twice actually to make it even smaller if it's not small enough to start with.01:30
snak3phillw: cd check completed without errors01:30
xuzaswell... i did so01:31
xuzasbut it looks like nothing has changed01:32
xuzason the preferences window the font is even smaller,, but not here01:32
phillwhead_victim: can you hold the fort, I'm on 1-2-1 with someone :(01:35
xuzasi'll restart pidgin, maybe then changes will take effect01:36
head_victimxuzas: how'd it go?01:58
xuzasnothing changed01:58
xuzasi've no idea bout how to changed it01:59
head_victimI'm going to set up an irc account01:59
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head_pidgindidn't change anything here either02:01
head_pidginThere is a "font" in the window here htough but all it's options are greyed out.02:01
xuzasdoes lubuntu use openbox?02:01
xuzasand i don't know why02:02
xuzasyesterday i still had the option to changed fonts from de conversation window02:03
xuzasbut now all font settings appear in grey02:03
head_pidginYou might have to manually make the change.02:04
head_pidginand also http://tiny.cc/06sn4 should help02:05
head_victimI prefer separate clients for my chat protocols, never understood what mixing them up would do but confuse me.02:07
xuzason the gtkrc file there are the same options like on the settings window02:10
xuzasnothing happens... i think02:12
head_victimAnyone use pidgin in here able to shed more light?02:12
* phillw uses pidgin, sorry I've been busy on all sorts of stuff, let me read up on what the issue is02:19
xuzassomeone heard you02:19
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phillwxuzas: I've never had fonts working in pidgin :)  I just accept it is the way it is, not the best in the world, but it's a one stop shop for my IRC, Yahoo!, MSN and AIM accounts.02:21
head_victimHow about a bug then?02:21
phillwhead_victim: TBH, for what they pack into that little programme, it's okay by me. If someone wishes to file a bug, that's up to them :)02:23
xuzasi only use de default font02:23
xuzasbut it too big02:24
snak3phillw can i downgrade xubuntu to lubuntu somehow?02:24
phillwxuzas: it's smaller than xchat :)02:24
xuzasbut i think it depends not on pidgin02:24
snak3xubuntu 10.10 install went through without any errorr02:24
JoeMaverickSettsnak3: i think you could install lubuntu-desktop and get rid of all xubuntu packages.02:25
head_victimphillw: yeah but if the option is there it should technically work. If it doesn't then it is a bug :)02:25
phillwsnak3: no, you can upgrade from xubuntu to lubuntu if you want, though :)02:25
xuzaswhen i use pidgin in ubuntu fonts are regular02:25
snak3hehe, ok. and how do i do that?02:25
xuzasbut here, under lxde/openbox...02:25
phillwsnak3: give me 30 seconds02:25
snak3ok ,thx02:26
JoeMaverickSettsudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop ?02:26
JoeMaverickSettphillw: ^02:26
JoeMaverickSettafter that get rid of other packages by using this tutorial: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde :D02:27
phillwJoeMaverickSett: no, you have to use the no recommends bit to keep it lean :)02:27
JoeMaverickSettphillw: tbh, that's what i'd do and i don't care. :P02:27
phillwJoeMaverickSett:  ^^^^^^^^^02:27
JoeMaverickSettphillw: i refuse! :P02:27
phillwJoeMaverickSett: it links to the tutorial on psychocats :)02:28
JoeMaverickSettphillw: oh! :D02:28
xuzasi think you can try witth "apt-get lxde"02:28
phillwxuzas: you will not lubuntu, there is a good reason why me and the dev team put https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationHelp#Install%20Lubuntu%20from%20Ubuntu%20or%20any%20Ubuntu%20flavors onto the documentation area. I'm one of the documenters for the project :P02:33
snak3i'm going for the "sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends lubuntu-desktop" version :)02:33
phillwsnak3: we can and will support that, afterall it's on our documentation area :D02:34
xuzaswell, you cached me02:35
phillwxuzas: you have an invite02:36
phillwahh, no you dont.......02:36
phillwxuzas:  /join #lubuntu-offtopic02:37
snak3it seems all went well, thx guys02:43
phillwsnak3: I know that set of instructions work :D02:45
snak3hehe, should i follow the instructions on JoeMaverickSett psychocats link also? or is that not necessary?02:46
JoeMaverickSettsnak3: the link phillw gave you also links to that :D02:46
phillwJoeMaverickSett: yes it does, but you need to alter the end of it.02:47
JoeMaverickSettphillw: alter what? :)02:47
phillwsnak3: the link from wiki tells you to alter the very end to include the -no install recommends02:49
snak3yea, i see it now02:49
snak3i just did the "sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends lubuntu-desktop"02:49
snak3without the purelxde stuff02:49
phillwI'll go stalk the forum moderator who maintains pyschocats02:49
JoeMaverickSettphillw: you can get him on facebook. :D02:50
snak3i guess i can now just execute the first part of the command without the install at the end02:51
phillwsnak3: if you're changing from, say xubutnu; then use the command line from psychocats but just alter the end to have the no recommends bit in it.02:51
JoeMaverickSettphillw: ah, that part. i get it now. :D02:53
phillwJoeMaverickSett: we use the no recommends as it saves dragging extra stuff.02:53
JoeMaverickSettphillw: ai, i got it cap'tn. :P02:53
stlsaintphillw: hey question:02:54
stlsainti just plugged in my usb headset and in ubuntu i simply click on sound icon and change input/output to the head set but i cant see to be able to do that in lubuntu as easy02:54
snak3wow removing 321 packages / 638mb....i wonder whats left from the system after that :D02:59
phillwsnak3: lubuntu is pretty small :D03:01
phillwIt will run on 512MB pen drive :)03:02
JoeMaverickSettLUBUNTU FTW!03:02
lenWell I figured out that when the wifi card doesn't work on the Thinkpad 600 it is because the yenta_socket driver is not triggering a udev event when the card is inserted.  (udevadm monitor shows nothing after insertion).  When I do manage to get it work, I see a lot of udev message in the monitor.  So the questions remains as to why udev only gets triggered some of the time when a pcmcia card is inserted.03:10
phillwlen: as you know, I'm not a dev, can you pop the question onto the mailing list?03:16
phillwlen: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/GettingInvolved03:17
jscinozHi... On a machine I recently installed lubuntu on... the LXDE menu is completely empty. However, if i switch to a VT and login and logout, when i switch back to xorg, the menu is populated... How can i make the menu have items as soon as the system boots03:37
bioterrorjscinoz, that seems to be weird problem03:44
bioterrorwe really cant help with that atm. could you please make a  bug report?03:45
bioterroror mail to the list: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/GettingInvolved03:45
benjr1this might be a stupid question but how do i access my external drive09:40
benjr1its plugged in but i dont know where to find it09:40
benjr1perhaps lubuntu just isnt for me, ill think ill reformat and put xp back on, something that just works10:04
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=== gosia is now known as szczur
C_hriscan I ask about grub here?11:58
* szczur hides11:59
C_hrisI have installed lubuntu alongside windows and now windows has disappeared from the boot menu11:59
bioterrorsudo apt-get install os-prober11:59
bioterrorsudo os-prober11:59
bioterrorsudo grub-update11:59
bioterrorthere you go ;)11:59
bioterrorbut the question is: why in the earth, would you like to boot into windows, when you got lubuntu12:00
C_hrisYOU ARE A GOD12:00
C_hristhank you12:01
C_hrisits update-grub though12:01
Goodgamehey got a little problem12:06
szczurGoodgame, what is it?12:06
Goodgamemy wifi light turns blue to red to blue to red... without stopping but i'm still connected12:06
bioterrorwhat does it mean? :D12:07
bioterrorI like blinking leds12:07
Goodgameyou know on my laptop there is a light that tells you if your wifi is off (light is red) or up (light is blue) and here he can't stop changing but my connection is ok12:07
bioterrorI would take some LSD and watch that light!12:08
bioterrorreally, nothing much we can do about it12:09
szczurget some blue paint and fix it by yourself :P12:09
bioterrorif course if you want to shutdown your wlan, you can always say "sudo ifconfig wlan0 down"12:09
bioterrorszczur, we are so hilarious today!12:09
szczurGoodgame, what is the model of the laptop?12:09
* bioterror got a feeling of Samsung12:09
Goodgamehp pavillion dv900012:09
szczurbioterror, :P12:10
bioterrorthat's almost like this Compaq 6710b which I'm using right now12:11
szczurGoodgame, can you pastebin te output of dmesg12:12
szczurrun terminal12:12
ubot5For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:12
szczurand run dmesg by typing it in and pressing enter12:13
szczurit may be this > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/32405112:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 324051 in linux (Ubuntu) "[HP Pavilion dv9000 (dv9645ed)] Wireless stops when switching to battery power (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged]12:13
szczurbut i'm not sure12:13
szczurthere's led blinking too12:14
szczurGoodgame, are you still here?12:17
GoodgameI don't understand why I'm doing this12:19
szczuri wan't to know if the output of this command will be the same as mentioned in the bug12:21
Goodgameok, I'll do it later cause it's lunch time12:22
Goodgamethanks for helping me12:22
Rabbitbunnyuh... where's the trash bin?12:36
bioterrorhe got trashed12:38
bioterroropen file manager12:38
bioterroryou should find it from there12:38
bioterrorif I remember right12:38
phillwRabbitbunny: open up PCManFM and it will be there, you can put an icon on the desktop, but as far as I know you cannot yet drag stuff into it, just open and browse via it.12:38
RabbitbunnyDoes it say trash on it or something?12:39
szczurphillw, you can drag icons in development version :)12:39
phillwtrash or wastebin.12:39
szczurRabbitbunny, it should say trash12:39
Rabbitbunnyit doesn't.12:40
Rabbitbunnyif I log out and go back to gnome for a second, is it gonna delete all that>?12:40
szczurthird entry12:40
szczurcalled Kosz12:40
bioterrorszczur, got that pic yet? :D12:40
bioterroroh, wrong channel, yeah your mail12:41
RabbitbunnyI really don't have that one :(12:41
szczur"No new messages on the server" - said Thunderbird12:42
Rabbitbunnyif I jump over to gnome, I can get the file back there, right?12:42
szczurRabbitbunny, can you clikc on the Help -> About...12:42
szczurand tell me the version of PCManFM12:42
szczurveeery outdated12:43
Rabbitbunnyuh, this is the lubuntu-desktop package...12:43
szczursudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-desktop/ppa12:43
szczursudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade12:43
szczuryou're on lubuntu 10.04?12:43
Rabbitbunnyubuntu 10.04, but I wanted lxde.12:44
szczurso add this repository12:44
szczursudo apt-get install pcmanfm212:44
szczurbut remove pcmanfm earlier12:44
szczuror gimme the moment12:44
szczurok so the comands are:12:46
szczursudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-desktop/ppa12:46
szczursudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade12:46
szczursudo apt-get remove pcmanfm12:46
szczursudo apt-get install pcmanfm212:47
szczuret voila12:47
Rabbitbunnywhy... why is the ubuntu package so old?12:47
szczurubuntu alwes been a bit old :)12:47
szczurthat's why ppa's are in existence :)12:48
Rabbitbunnyuh, I think it's gonna be updating stuff for a while.12:53
RabbitbunnyI can't believe I deleted my VMs' disk file.12:53
RabbitbunnyThat was super retarded.12:53
RabbitbunnyI was trying to copy it, just in case and I guess I hit delete, it asked me if I was sure, and obviously I was... then my disk disappeared.12:54
RabbitbunnySuprise was extreme.12:54
RabbitbunnyDo I have to logout to get pcmanfm2 or something?12:58
phillwRabbitbunny: if you've replaced pcmanfm, then yes, you need to log out and back in for the changes to take effect.13:00
RabbitbunnyAnd it's not going to empty the trash, right?13:00
phillwRabbitbunny: nope, that is a manual task.13:00
RabbitbunnyOkay, good. Don't want to install windows and solidworks again.13:01
Rabbitbunny...the trash is empty.13:02
phillwRabbitbunny: if you pop onto #lubuntu-offtopic I'll tell you a bit more about the support for 10.0413:03
RabbitbunnySo, I deleted a file on my external NTFS formatted 1TB drive.13:03
RabbitbunnyShould I just start reinstalling windows? All of my work-output files are in my shared folder, there's no data loss, just the installations.13:03
phillwRabbitbunny: is it your windows trash that is empty or your lubuntu one?13:05
RabbitbunnyI don't run windows on real hardware, I've learned that that's just asking for problems, windows is VM only.13:05
RabbitbunnyOkay, couple issues from that. No more icone on my desktop and pcmanfm opens twice every time I login.13:22
dipilibupapAnglais ou Francais?13:44
bioterroror klingon13:45
dipilibupapi have a wifi problem13:45
dipilibupapnd now with lubuntu13:45
dipilibupapive had it with ubuntu13:45
bioterrorphillw speaks fluent klingon13:45
bioterrorwhat kind of problem13:45
dipilibupapthe thing is that i try to connect to my wifi13:45
dipilibupapand it asks for my password.. so i put it in.. and it never connects13:45
dipilibupapit asks my password again13:45
dipilibupapand never connects..13:46
dipilibupapand the same thing over and over13:46
dipilibupapits a freshly installe lubuntu ..13:46
dipilibupapit works great..13:46
bioterrordo you use wpa or wep?13:46
dipilibupapjust the wifi does not connect..13:46
dipilibupapi think wpa.. but im not sure13:46
dipilibupaphow do i chk?13:46
dipilibupapsudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter13:47
dipilibupapthis command worked for someone13:47
dipilibupapbut im not sure what it is...?13:47
bioterrorit's a firmware for the broadcom wifi chipset13:47
bioterrorare you using HP laptop?-)13:48
dipilibupapim using a fujitsu siemens amilo l730013:48
dipilibupapwifi works great in windows13:48
dipilibupapbut windows was getting way to heavy13:48
dipilibupapso now windows is completely gone13:48
dipilibupapand i just have lubuntu13:48
dipilibupapim using another computer rite now.. i installed lubuntu on my other laptop13:48
dipilibupapim ready to go and connect to ethernet.. if you have any solution for me13:49
bioterrorjust a moment13:49
bioterrorin terminal13:50
bioterroriwlist wlan0 scan13:50
dipilibupapwlan0 no scan resluts13:50
bioterroryou have wlan0?13:51
bioterrorif you say "ifconfig"13:51
bioterrorit lists you a wlan013:51
dipilibupapyes it does13:51
dipilibupapive got eth0 lo wlan013:51
bioterrorndiswrapper -l13:51
bioterrorwhat does that say?13:51
dipilibupapis that an -l13:51
dipilibupapok its an l13:52
bioterrorl like list13:52
dipilibupap..wrapper 1.9 not installed13:52
dipilibupapndiswrapper utils 1.9 not installed13:52
bioterroryou're not using ndiswrapper then13:52
bioterrorbut you have wlan013:53
bioterrorjust checking13:53
dipilibupapapparently so.. i can always connect to ethernet13:53
dipilibupapand download wrapper13:53
dipilibupapif its gonna help13:53
bioterrorwe dont need that13:53
dipilibupapwlan0 gives me 16 RX packets errors and 22 TX errors13:54
dipilibupapif that helps..13:54
bioterrormy wife calls13:55
bioterrorand I have to go, I would help you, but she came with car and is picking me up from work13:56
dipilibupapok thank you anyways13:56
dipilibupapi hope ill get someone to help me13:56
bioterrorasking someone to help you13:56
dipilibupapanybody please?13:56
bioterrorwe're trying to help you to connect to your access point with iwconfig and then take ip address with dhclient13:57
bioterrorso that we get message why you cant connect13:57
dipilibupapand how do i manage that?13:57
dipilibupapanybody.. please?14:02
Timo_dipilibupap: he's discussing it with someone else, so just be a little patient. You will hear from him as soon as he has a solution14:02
Timo_you shouldn't be so impatient14:02
dipilibupapim not impatient.. just wondering if anybody is still there..14:03
Timo_Well as I can see, you are being helped by bioterror?14:03
head_victimI'm here but I've not used wireless before sorry14:03
dipilibupapbut he said he had to leave14:04
Timo_I have used it before, but it worked for me14:04
dipilibupapthe thing is.. i have the same prob on 2 computers..14:04
dipilibupapand only on Ubuntu14:04
dipilibupapon derived Ubuntu14:04
phillwdipilibupap: I'm very rusty on WiFi, and the two people I know who could help are not about at the moment.14:05
dipilibupapill wait for bioterror then..14:05
dipilibupapthanks anyways14:05
dipilibupapjvais me connecter en ethernet pour essayer de voir le devicemanager14:08
dipilibupapet hardware drivers14:08
dipilibupapmais je suis la..14:08
dipilibupapca y est je suis connecter en ethernet14:14
dipilibupapim connected to ethernet now..14:15
_audio_dipilibupap: I don't know if I can help but would you like to try some tests?14:16
dipilibupapplease.. YES14:16
_audio_dipilibupap: I don't know if sudo is required but try this...14:17
_audio_sudo ifconfig wlan0 up14:17
_audio_in a terminal - what do you see?14:17
dipilibupapnothing. it brings me back to the command line14:18
_audio_try ifconfig14:18
dipilibupapi see eth0 , lo , wlan014:18
_audio_nothing else?14:19
dipilibupapyes.. there are descriptions under each one of them14:19
dipilibupapi dont have errors for eth0 and lo but i have errors for wlan014:19
dipilibupapwlan0 gives me 43 RX packets errors and 49 TX errors14:20
_audio_Can you ping your router? via wifi?14:21
dipilibupaphow do i try14:22
dipilibupapi disconnect ethernet and type ping google.com?14:22
_audio_do you know the ip address of your router?14:22
dipilibupapi can get it easily14:22
dipilibupapyes i have it14:23
_audio_OK ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx14:23
_audio_CTL+C to stop it.14:23
dipilibupapnetwork is unreachable14:24
_audio_connect your ethernet cable14:24
dipilibupapthe name of my box shows up though14:24
dipilibupapbut it just odesnt connect..14:24
_audio_does it show an IP address?14:25
dipilibupapunder wlan0?14:25
dipilibupapyes it does14:25
_audio_OK what is it?14:25
dipilibupapmy ip adress?14:26
_audio_now ping your router14:27
dipilibupaphow do i do that?14:27
_audio_ping your router ip address as you did before14:27
_audio_CTL+C to stop it14:27
dipilibupapok done14:29
dipilibupapwhat was i supposed to see?14:29
dipilibupapor what is it supposed to do?14:29
dipilibupapwhat about if i try downloading a package that could help?14:30
dipilibupapi heard there is an app where i can download or use.. windows drivers14:30
dipilibupapbut i dont remeber the package name14:30
_audio_ndiswrapper but we dont know if you need it or have another issue.14:31
dipilibupapis it worth a try?14:31
Kurdistandipilibupab why do you want to download windows drivers?14:31
dipilibupapi can take it off anywas..14:31
dipilibupapfor my wii to work14:31
Kurdistandipilibupap, the wifi support in lubuntu is good.14:32
Kurdistanyou can use that livecd to install windows driver if you want14:32
Kurdistanmy wifi works without any problem14:32
dipilibupapthere must be a reason why neither ubuntu or lubuntu wifi works..14:32
Kurdistanmaybe you mean wine to install some windows appz?14:32
_audio_When you pinged your router was it successfull?14:33
dipilibupapyes it was14:33
_audio_OK lets check to see if the kernel modules are installed for your wifi adaptor.14:33
dipilibupaphwo do i do that though..14:34
_audio_System Tools->System Profiler and Benchmark14:34
_audio_Under Computer click on Kernel Modules14:35
_audio_Scroll down the right hand window looking for your wifi adaptor14:36
dipilibupapi see it14:36
_audio_what does it say?14:37
dipilibupapRalink RT25000 PCI & PCMCIA Wireless LAN driver14:37
_audio_that looks OK14:37
dipilibupapyes it does..14:38
_audio_Left hand window click on Interfaces under Network14:38
dipilibupaplo eth0 wlan014:39
_audio_click on eth014:39
_audio_what does it say?14:39
dipilibupapgives me the received bytes and the sent ones14:40
dipilibupapthe internet protocol14:40
dipilibupapthe network adapter14:40
_audio_ip address?14:40
dipilibupapinterface type hardware adress and MTU14:40
_audio_ip address and mask?14:40
dipilibupapyes.. under internet protocol14:41
_audio_OK now lets do the same for wlan014:41
_audio_click on it14:41
_audio_what does it say?14:41
dipilibupapnetwork adapter.. transfer details14:42
dipilibupapbut doesnt give me internet protocol at all14:42
_audio_OK now we are going to disconnect the cable, stop networking then restart it.14:43
dipilibupapso i disconected the cable14:43
dipilibupaphow do i restart the networking14:43
_audio_on the task bar right click on the 2 arrows14:44
_audio_then on disconnect14:44
dipilibupapi dont see the 2 arrows14:44
_audio_on the taskbar to the right hand side 2 arrows?14:44
dipilibupapunder interfaces?14:44
dipilibupapi dont have them..14:45
_audio_Ok open a terminal14:45
_audio_sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop14:45
dipilibupapok done14:46
_audio_what did it say?14:46
dipilibupapdeconfigurinf network interfaces14:46
_audio_sudo /etc/init.d/networking start14:47
dipilibupapdoesnt work..14:48
dipilibupapit says14:48
dipilibupaprather than invoking init scripts14:48
dipilibupap use the service (8) utility14:48
bioterrorsudo service networking restart14:49
_audio_thanks bioterror do you want to take over?14:49
dipilibupapunknown instance14:50
_audio_sudo service networking start14:52
dipilibupapnetworking stop/waiting14:53
dipilibupapstill gives me the errors14:54
_audio_does it have an ip address for wlan014:55
dipilibupapoh no it doesnt14:55
dipilibupapit gives me RX and TX packets14:55
dipilibupapshould i chek if wifi works now?14:55
_audio_wait a moment...14:55
dipilibupapwhat should i do next?14:59
bioterrorjust a moment15:01
bioterrordipilibupap, sudo ifconfig wlan0 up15:03
bioterrordipilibupap, iwconfig wlan0 essid "your networks name"15:03
bioterrorwith ""15:03
dipilibupaphow do i know my networks name?15:03
dipilibupapthe name of the box?15:03
bioterroryou know where you connect15:03
dipilibupapset failed15:04
bioterrordipilibupap, oh, you must use sudo iwconfig15:04
dipilibupapoperation not permitter15:05
bioterrorsudo iwconfig wlan0 key s:<your wlan password>15:05
bioterrorwithout <>15:05
bioterrorsudo iwconfig wlan0 channel auto15:05
bioterrorsudo dhclient wlan015:05
dipilibupapi do every one of them?15:05
dipilibupapfor the password15:07
dipilibupapit says error for wireless request15:07
dipilibupapinvalid argument..15:07
dipilibupapim putting in my wep key15:07
dipilibupapthats the only password i have15:07
dipilibupapwep or wpa15:07
dipilibupapshould i do the other commands?15:07
dipilibupapit does work15:09
dipilibupapit just said15:09
dipilibupapinvalid argument for the :s15:09
dipilibupapso il type in the other commands now15:09
dipilibupapi dont have the command line after typing dhclient15:10
bioterrortried that one15:10
bioterrorand doesnt work15:10
bioterrorbut THAT should work15:11
bioterrorbecouse that's the way i do it in arch linux15:11
bioterrorwe have same tools15:11
dipilibupapso i should try my wifi now?15:11
bioterroryou can15:11
dipilibupapits trying but i doubt it15:12
dipilibupapnope doesnt work15:12
bioterror$ iwlist wlan0 scan15:12
bioterrorwhat does it say to you?15:12
dipilibupapit gives alot of info15:13
dipilibupaptoo much to type..15:13
dipilibupapwhat are you looking for?15:13
ubot5For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:13
bioterrorgotta mek some food15:14
dipilibupapim not on the same computer15:14
dipilibupapthe thing is i have lubuntu on one and chatting with you on the other15:14
dipilibupapso .. still at starting point .. no wifi :(15:15
dipilibupapill be back later15:16
dipilibupapthank you all for your help..15:16
dipilibupapill be abck later tongih15:16
bioterrorjust a moment15:16
bioterroris it possible that you disable the key from your wlan access point*?15:17
dipilibupapi dnt kniow how to15:17
bioterrormy I can head my browser to my wlan access points ip-address15:18
bioterrorlike, I dont know what's that in your network15:19
dipilibupaphow do i find out my access point?15:19
_audio_dipilibupap: might be in your router.15:19
dipilibupapsubnet mask? standard gateaway?15:20
_audio_do you connect to your router via a web browser? if so do that and have a look around.15:20
dipilibupapok ....15:21
dipilibupapso the answer is no15:21
dipilibupapi cannot turn it off...15:21
dipilibupapill be back later15:22
dipilibupapit is possible that its the key though15:22
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_audio_Just out of interest do you know the make and model of your wifi adaptor?15:22
bioterrorgotta think this more15:24
dipilibupapthe thing is i have problems with all ubuntu based distros15:24
dipilibupapon all computers..15:24
dipilibupapwhen it comes to wifi15:24
_audio_with the same adaptor?15:25
bioterrordipilibupap, that's becouse you're using broadcom ;)15:25
bioterroror let's say: laptops with broadcom15:25
dipilibupaphow do i know im using broadcome15:26
dipilibupapis there a solution?15:26
bioterrordipilibupap, can you paste us what says "dmesg|grep wlan"15:26
dipilibupapi cant .. im using a different computer15:26
bioterrorit still would be helpfull15:26
dipilibupapwhat are you looking for .. i can write it here15:27
bioterrorwhat does that say15:27
bioterrorjust a moment15:28
dipilibupapit says15:29
bioterrorthis is what I want to hear15:29
dipilibupapaddrconf (netdev_up) Wlan0 in red15:29
dipilibupaplink is not ready15:29
bioterrorand there's network controller15:29
bioterror0c:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)15:30
bioterrorI've something like that15:30
dipilibupapive got alot of lines15:30
bioterrorits easier to find solution with chipset15:31
bioterrorthan with your laptop model15:31
dipilibupapany other way to find out?15:31
bioterrorlspci |grep Net15:32
bioterrorbbl, gotta eat food15:33
dipilibupapEthernet controller  VIA technologies15:33
dipilibupapinc VT6102 (RHINE-II) (rev 74)15:34
_audio_dipilibupap: are you still waiting?16:20
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nykurhello hello18:53
llogiqhi folks. Out of curiosity: Why doesn't LUbuntu 10.04 come with xfce-taskman and not lxtask?18:54
nykurI'm in need of a little assistance, if anybody has the time18:54
nykurI'm growing a little tired of automatic fscks at every boot, and can't figure out what's wrong18:55
nykurpretty sure my disk is not failing, and my fstab looks quite normal18:56
llogiqnykur, Have you looked at the sixth value of the line?18:56
llogiq(in /etc/fstab) is there a "0"?18:57
nykurhang on, let me check again, don't remember...18:57
llogiqSure. Just to rule out the obvious possibilities.18:59
nykurllogiq there are only four lines, do you want to see it?19:01
nykurlast line says: errors=remount-ro 0       119:02
bioterror0 019:02
llogiqThis is ok. The fifth and sixth fields of the fstabs are usually optional and default to 0.19:03
bioterrorI have 0 119:03
nykurthese fscks started to happen after an update a few weeks ago19:03
llogiqbioterror, then your fs will probably be fsckd.19:03
bioterrorI hdd will be fcukd ;)19:03
nykurI have tried running a fsck myself from live cd, and at next boot no file check. But every time since that19:04
bioterrorit might be that in shutdown or reboot, that drive doesnt get umounted properly or something19:05
bioterrorhard to say19:05
nykurand now there is a flash screen saying something about broken pipe. but my system works normally, and the ssd has passed every fsck with flying colours19:05
llogiqCan you change the line to 0 0, as bioterror said? If the field is 1, then it will be checked at boot time.19:08
* llogiq just man fstab19:08
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nykurwill do and try, thanks for the tip:-)19:10
cylobi just installed lubuntu for the first time, and my sound isnt working19:13
cylobwhich sucks cause ubuntu was a little slow for my taste19:15
llogiqcylob: 10.10 or 10.04?19:17
llogiqcylob, and what audio hardware do you have?19:34
llogiqbrb (and as always reading logs)19:41
ghostnik11hi i want to increase the number of desktops to 4 instead of the standard 2 in lubuntu 10.10 but i can't find out how19:53
llogiqghostnik11, look in the openbox configuration manager. It has a desktop tab.19:54
ghostnik11llogiq, thanks19:54
ghostnik11llogiq, nothing comes up when i select it19:55
llogiqghostnik11, can you type obconf into a shell and tell us what happens?19:56
llogiqMy lxpanel menu seems to be stuck. I just installed lxtask and got rid of xfce4-taskmanager, but the latter still shows up in the menu.19:57
ghostnik11now it showed up, don't get it, how come it didn't come up when i selected it19:57
llogiqNo idea, really. Maybe you, too, have a menu problem. ;)19:58
ghostnik11how would i go about correct that19:59
ghostnik11llogiq: thanks i have 4 desktops now20:00
llogiqno idea yet-I'm looking into it.20:01
Jan___Hi all, I just installed lubuntu next to win xp. In the beginning everything was fine. but now XP doesn't show up in the boot menu. How can I fix this?20:03
ghostnik11jan___: you have to fix grub or menulist or something like that, i had same problem yesterday and was helped out by someone in ubuntu channel20:05
bioterrorjan sudo apt-get install os-prober20:05
bioterrorJan___, sudo os-prober20:05
bioterrorJan___, sudo grub-update20:05
llogiqI was going to say that :-)20:06
Jan___Thanks a lot!20:09
llogiqghostnik11, for me "rm -rf .cache/menus && lxpanelctl restart20:10
cylobllogiq: sorry im back. how do i find out what my audio hardware is?20:11
llogiqthis resets the menu cache.20:11
bioterrorcylob, lspci |grep Audio20:11
bioterror00:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 02)20:11
cylob00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)20:12
ghostnik11llogiq: thats all you had to do in terminal to get it menus working20:12
ghostnik11thanks will try right now20:12
cylobbut why is the audio not working? i can adjust the volume. it never gave an error.20:12
bioterroryou have speaker/headset jack in the green socket?-)20:13
cylobit was workin fine on kubuntu20:13
cylobthis mornin20:13
bioterrornothing should be changed20:14
bioterrorwhat does alsamixer say20:14
cylobit looks like a bunch of volume controls20:14
cylobit brings that up20:14
llogiqIs something muted? (alsamixer shows MM)20:17
ghostnik11llogiq: i run the two commands and my 4 desktops are gone and i am down to 120:17
ghostnik11llogiq; i am going to restart my system and see if they come back20:18
cylobi dont see an MM20:18
cyloboh wait20:18
cylobfront mic, surround, center, lfe, line, mic20:19
cylobthose are muted20:19
bioterrormaster's and pcm are not?20:20
llogiqok, these are all inputs. All but surround...20:20
llogiqMaybe unmute surround, center, lfe, just to be sure?20:21
cylobmaybe i messed something up trying to install "radio tray" earlier, and then found out it wouldnt work due to "missing gstreamer plugins"20:21
cylobim just gonna reinstall lubuntu20:21
bioterrorI'm just upgrading a fresh installation20:22
cylobyeah it seems pretty nice20:23
cylobjust wish my sound would work20:23
cylobmaybe is hould go with xubuntu but im thinking its not as fast20:24
ghostnik11okay so i found out that when i try and select openbox, it takes dow my windows and leaves only one shown but the 4 are still there as when i use alt + ctrl+ left/right i go to the different desktops20:26
cousteau`irssiok... I wonder where my webcam went, it has just disappeared20:27
llogiqghostnik11, that's how desktops work.20:28
llogiqYou can configure openbox to do about everything to windows regarding desktop.20:29
llogiqcousteau`irssi, is this a lubuntu issue or a "why, somebody stole my webcam issue"? :-)20:29
llogiqcu folks.20:32
ghostnik11llogiq, well it is okay as long as i have them, there are still some stuff i want to try and change like better wallpaper and them and apperance20:32
cylobreinstalling lubuntu fixed my sound!21:09
cylobdunno how i broke it earlier21:09
cylobmaybe by trying to update gstreamer21:09
bioterrorthere's nothing like a fresh start21:10
cylobyup yup21:10
cylobnow to install banshee21:10
bioterrormoc ! ;D21:11
cylobwhat is moc21:11
bioterrorMusic on Console21:11
cylobyoure kidding rihgt?21:11
bioterrorhow so21:11
bioterrorI use it21:11
cylobwhy would you use a console app for music21:12
cylobi generally avoid the console whenever i can21:12
bioterrorbecouse it's handy, fast and doesn take too much space and resources21:12
cylobdoes moc do internet radio streams?21:12
Goodgamebioterror, come on, you're really using a console app for music?21:13
bioterrorfor sure21:13
cylobi have to restart for the updates....21:13
Goodgamebioterror, has to be very well done, because it's not ergonomic for this21:14
bioterrorI can try to find the original file :D21:14
Goodgameusing linux mint?21:15
bioterrorGoodgame, as my desktop, yes21:15
ghostnik11quick question can use gdm themes in lubuntu21:23
Goodgame"try it"21:25
Goodgame"and tell me after"21:25
ghostnik11it won't let me select the gdm theme, it only will let me select openbox theme archives21:32
dipilibupapbioterror , Hello again!21:32
dipilibupapcan anyone in here help me with my wifi please?21:33
dipilibupapunder Lubuntu 10.1021:33
ghostnik11goodgame: it won't let me21:33
Goodgameghostnik11, ok, thanks for the information21:34
dipilibupap? anyone.. please?21:34
Goodgamedipilibupap, you've searched in the documentation, because each wifi card is different and it's very unlikely that you could find someone here with the same as you21:35
dipilibupapthe lubuntu doc21:35
dipilibupapi spent 2 hours and a half trying to fix lubuntu with a few members on this afternoon21:36
cylobok, i installed banshee, and now my sound stopped working21:36
Goodgamedipilibupap, lubuntu, ubuntu, kubuntu it's quite the same, you can try to find on every doc21:36
Goodgameeven debian21:36
dipilibupapi tried ubuntu on my sony.. wifi doesnt work.. i try lubuntu on my fujitsu.. doesnt work21:36
dipilibupapit seems as if every ubuntu based distro doesnt work for me21:37
cylobim gonna reinstall lubuntu again, and try this deadbeef program21:38
cylobfor music21:38
ghostnik11okay i am having problems getting install new theme to work, i just downloaded the dyne theme for open box and extracted it in my downloads folder when i go to install new theme in open box i go to dyne folder and see nothing21:41
ghostnik11now i am getting that it is an invalid theme21:43
ghostnik11another question can i run gnome utilities in lubuntu22:05
ghostnik11it works22:08
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