maco!sru | AlanBell01:15
ubot2AlanBell: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates01:15
macoAlanBell: if its just a typo thats a simple sru to do... well.. hrmph except that then translations break...so maybe not01:15
macoAlanBell: no modificatiosn = *not* DFSG free. it could go in non-free/multiverse maybe01:18
TheMusoHey Pendulum.02:12
Pendulumhi TheMuso how goes?02:27
TheMusoPendulum: Not too bad thanks. Almost about to head off to bed. Yourself?02:27
Pendulumsimilar here. I'm still in Orlando and spend the day at Disney :)02:28
* Pendulum thanks MichelleQ1 for the use of her spare room ;-)02:28
AlanBellmaco: thanks, I figured the best way to get a braille font that was OFL licensed would be to draw it myself06:58
nigelbAlanBell: Debian is now frozen, we'll have to wait for it to unfreeze07:00
nigelban NMU is non-maintainer upload07:01
nigelbunlike ubuntu, we can't just barge into a debian package07:01
UndiFineDgood morning07:05
AlanBellmaco: http://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/LibertusBraille.ttf07:59
nigelbAlanBell: NICE!08:00
AlanBellI am really surprised there are not *loads* of braille fonts out there08:01
AlanBellbecause it is such an easy font to completely do in a couple of hours, I would think it would be a standard exercise for anyone learning a font design tool08:02
AlanBellI couldn't find one that was OFL licensed, which is basically what is needed to use it as a webfont08:02
AlanBellor to get it in Ubuntu08:03
AlanBelloh nigelb did you see my Faisal etherpad?08:05
nigelbI did :)08:05
nigelbNicely done08:05
nigelbI like the bit at the end where we descirbe how he should be helped08:05
AlanBellauthentically Indian?08:05
nigelbthat I'm not sure.08:06
AlanBellok, well feel free to fix anything that is blatently unbelievable about him08:08
JanCAlanBell: DejaVu Sans, DejaVu Serif, FreeMono & Sawarabi Gothic are all fonts in the Ubuntu repositories that contain Braille glyphs...08:52
JanCthey aren't exactly OFL licensed, but they are free08:53
JanChttp://fontstruct.fontshop.com/fontstructions/show/braille_font is also CC-BY-SA08:56
JanCBTW: FontMatrix is very useful to find what fonts support certain glyphs08:59
JanChttp://yudit.org/download/fonts/UBraille/ is free too09:03
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AlanBelljanc yes, but I wanted a font with the glyphs in the A-z positions10:29
JanCwell, that's wrong of course, you should use the correct keyboard layout instead...  ;)11:34
JanCactually, it seems like it's impossible to select the braille layout in the Ubunt uGUI tools?  :-/11:37
JanCactually, that keyboard layout is a bit weird, but it might make typing quite fast once you're used to it11:50
JanCevery character requires 2 keypresses, but no need to move your fingers ever...11:50
AlanBellhow did you get to that layout JanC?13:06
JanCI had been reading the list of layouts to answer a couple of questions on askubuntu13:07
JanCthe layout is named 'brai'13:10
AlanBellmy font means you can flip between Braille and latin by changing the font13:10
AlanBellso how do you enable it without the GUI tool?13:11
JanCI guess you can set it system-wide in /etc/default/console-setup13:12
JanCthere must be an xkb tool too13:13
JanCI did only look at the layout source files13:14
JanCacually, maybe it even works different from what I thought13:16

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