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Schendjehi thorwil, doctormo13:59
thorwilhi Schendje13:59
Schendjehow was uds? :)13:59
thorwilpretty nice14:00
Schendjethorwil: did you guys make some progress with the reinvigorating session?14:02
Schendjeany important conclusions or such? (just curious)14:03
thorwilSchendje: remains to be seen, as what we talked at least bears the potential for progress ;)14:04
thorwilSchendje: i will try to write a blog post about it. somehow it's a bit blurry in my head, while it seemed clear enough when i was still there14:05
Schendjethorwil: well that's good right :)14:05
Schendjethorwil: heh, cool14:05
Schendjeare you still planning on developing the erato thing? (is that the name?)14:06
thorwilSchendje: yes. doctormo intends to continue with it. i'd like to get the big picture down, so doing mockups and stuff for erato is a bit of a distraction, actually14:08
thorwilSchendje: there will be some research, a survey designed by ivanka14:08
thorwilSchendje: you could fill that spot, helping doctormo with design for the initial, minimal site. what i did so far resides at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~art-design-website/%2Bjunk/meta-design-center/files/head%3A/mockups/14:11
thorwilcoffee, bbl14:11
Schendjethorwil: if he wants, i'd love to :)14:11
thorwilSchendje: i'm sure doctormo will welcome your contribution, but of course be sure to chat with him. you might be able to build on my mockup, but if you prefer to start over, that would be fine with me15:33
Schendjeno so far it looks good15:34
Schendjei like that you've kept it neutral15:34
Schendjeboth for the content and so it can be used by others apps/software15:35
thorwilSchendje: after a mockup of the header/rough_layout of the site, next things needed are a welcome/about page, submission form, pages for browsing submissions15:35
thorwilSchendje: i started in inkscape, but it might be of advantage to move over to html/css soon. depends on how you like to work, too, of course15:36
Schendjethe structure of the different projects is definitely important...15:36
Schendjeand also the relation with, for instance, sparkleshare15:36
thorwilSchendje: there are many open questions in that area15:37
thorwilstarting from blobs in the database vs bzr vs git, local vs off-site repos ...15:38
Schendjei guess we need to figure out where this will fit in the process15:40
Schendjeso we don't have to do things twice ;)15:40
Schendjei'll see what i can do :)15:41
thorwilwell, perhaps that question can be surrounded, conceptually, until it surrenders :)15:42
doctormohello Schendje15:42
Schendjehi doctormo15:42
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yahyai-0__> any one know how to make text-plymouth theme19:28

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