brennydooglesLuck! (kinda)00:07
brennydooglesmy system still boots00:07
nlsthznAny Win 7?00:13
brennydooglesin fact, no grub menu at all00:15
brennydooglesI suspect it got installed to the wrong place00:15
nlsthznBut still you boot into Ubuntu?00:19
* nlsthzn wishes he understood more about GRUB2 to help brennydoogles... but knows he doesn't so he goes to ninja mode...00:22
cook_help please cant update or upgrade apt-get messed up00:34
cook_Reading package lists... Error! E: Problem parsing dependency Depends E: Error occurred while processing kdebase-runtime (NewVersion1) E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/dpkg/status E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.00:34
cook_I have a cd of ubuntu 10.10 can I use that to save me?00:35
zkriessewhat did you do?00:37
cook_tried to upgrade but computer froze and then this00:38
cook_goning from carmic to lucid00:39
phillwcook_: looks like the database got corrupt, give me a few mins while I check my notes :)00:39
phillwcook_: have a look at http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8700:40
phillwthat's where I store all my notes :)00:40
cook_i don't know what to do with this info00:43
phillwcook_: your offending package is kdebase-runtime00:47
UndiFineDphillw, i think he needs some info like this: http://kevin.vanzonneveld.net/techblog/article/restore_packages_using_dselectupgrade/00:47
phillwUndiFineD: I'll happily bow to a more user friendly way :)00:48
UndiFineDI do not think there is one00:49
UndiFineDthis is nasty00:49
UndiFineDsudo dpkg --get-selections > /tmp/dpkglist.txt <-- makes a backup of what can be read from the package lists00:50
phillwUndiFineD: http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=87 is the only way I know of how to do it00:50
BeanLiteHi everyone, I made a mistake when I tried to adjust my partitions, and now I'm trying to undo what I've done.  Unfortunately I'm over my head.00:51
BeanLiteI had sda1-4 and I tried to partition sda 4 to make a large area for my ubuntu install.00:53
UndiFineDah yes I see phillw00:53
BeanLiteI didn't realize that you could only have a maximum of 4 parts.00:53
BeanLiteSo now I'm trying to recover all that space from sda 4 that is now "unallocated."00:54
UndiFineDcook_, open up a console and try to follow phillw forum instructions00:54
cook_i am trying00:54
UndiFineDBeanLite, you can have up to 8 partitions, but only 4 primairy00:55
UndiFineDthe 5th is extended00:55
UndiFineDwhich allows for 6,7 and 800:56
BeanLiteOk ...  According to GParted, the area that I tried to clear is now "unallocated" and I can't seem to manipulate it.00:56
phillwcook_: use the search for kdebase-runtime in your editor00:56
UndiFineDBeanLite, unallocated means empty00:56
UndiFineDno partition00:57
UndiFineDthat means you have to either grow one of the other partitions next to it to make use of the space again or create a new one00:58
BeanLiteOk ... so I've minimized sda 4, which may or may not be bad, but now I have an "unpartitioned" area.  How do I convert this "empty" area into space I can use.  My goal is to make a dual boot Win7/Ubuntu machine.00:58
BeanLiteSo I need to create a partition on the other side of this unallocated space.00:59
phillwcook_: what editor are you using? gedit?00:59
phillwokies let me go through this with you..... give me moment to fire up my gedit and do the backup01:00
cook_dont realy know what i am doing01:00
UndiFineDBeanLite, windows prefers to sit in front, at the very beginning to boot from01:00
UndiFineDI have little experiance in dual-boot01:00
UndiFineDas ubuntu is my only OS01:01
BeanLiteOk ... what do you suggest is the best way to proceed UFD?01:01
UndiFineDUFD that is new to me, new highlifgt to add01:02
UndiFineDmmm, so you have the space for a linux partition ?01:02
UndiFineDwhat sizes are you planing on ?01:02
BeanLiteQuick breakdown:01:02
phillwcook_: is PM easier for you?01:02
BeanLiteBrand new laptop ... 500GB HD01:03
UndiFineDBeanLite, sda1 is your windows boot partition right ?01:04
UndiFineDBeanLite, how did you get to sda4 ?01:04
BeanLitesda1 (ntfs) recovery 15GB size; sda 2 (ntfs) system 100MB (boot); sda 3 (ntfs) 100GB; sda 4 (ntfs) 3GB; unallocated 347.66 GB.01:04
BeanLiteI put my UbuntuCD in the drive and was using the tool.01:05
BeanLiteI came to a screen that asked me if I wanted to A:) wipe the hard drive and load ubuntu or B:) manually change the partitions.01:06
BeanLiteI chose B.01:06
UndiFineDok, I am nut sure if ubuntu likes booting of a extended partition01:06
BeanLiteThen I tried to partition sda 4 (not knowing I was limited to 4 primary).01:06
BeanLiteThat is how I got into this mess.01:06
BeanLiteNow I can't "undo" that action.01:06
UndiFineDso sda4 can be deleted or ?01:07
BeanLiteI might be able to do it, but I remember that there was data in sda4 in the used column.01:07
BeanLiteI don't know what was in there.01:07
UndiFineDok, we leave it then01:07
UndiFineDso you create a new EXTENDED partition01:08
UndiFineDwhich fills the whole unallocated space01:08
BeanLiteI thought you said Ubuntu does not like that?01:08
phillwcook_: I sent you an invite?01:08
UndiFineDI am not sure, I think it can be done01:08
BeanLiteok ... willing to try ...01:09
BeanLiteHow do we go about creating a new extended partition01:09
cook_phil how do i accept01:09
phillwyes is usually the best option :)01:10
UndiFineDI can visualize the boot cd anymore01:10
cook_but how?01:10
BeanLiteOk ... what do I need to do for you?01:11
UndiFineDselect the unallocated space and create a new partition01:11
BeanLiteFYI - I'm contacting you from a different laptop and have the one we are discussing next to me.01:11
UndiFineDit will either create extended space auto, or ask you to select extended partition type01:12
BeanLiteOk ... I've selected it, and now from the Partition pull down screen I select new, correct?01:12
BeanLiteMessage - It is not possible to create more than 4 primary partitions (etc.)01:13
UndiFineDwhen I create a new parttition in gparted, in the upper right corner it allows me to sellect primary or when I click it, logical or at the bottom of the selection extended01:15
BeanLiteOn my screen there are no options in either the top or bottom right corners.01:17
UndiFineDI may be too tired for this, been 2 am here (3am old time)01:17
BeanLiteOk ... should I try to come back to the room another day?01:17
UndiFineDmaybe someone else can take over01:17
BeanLiteOk ... no problem.01:17
BeanLiteAnyone else want to pick up the torch?01:18
UndiFineDphillw, I am heading for bed, too late, tired01:18
UndiFineDthanks for the help :)01:18
phillw!terminal | cook_01:20
ubot2cook_: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal01:20
BeanLiteAnyone up for a partition question/issue?01:28
BeanLiteI'll try back another time.  Thanks everyone.01:33
Cheri703any way to make xchat hide join/part messages?02:15
head_victimCheri703: yes, just working out where the setting was.02:16
Cheri703k, thanks :)02:17
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head_victimCheri703: if you want it globally the switch is at http://xchat.org/faq/#q21102:20
head_victimIt mentions a right click menu but I can't see that (I have in previous versions)02:21
head_victimOh, I found the right click, you have to do it over the channel bar or tree (depending on what you use) rather than the channel window itself. So if you want it just for a particular channel you can do it that way02:24
_schism_can someone tell me where the video driver info is stored in 10.04 i have an intel 4500m with issues and google says to check the conf but i cant find it04:15
nlsthzn_schism_: Hi, you could check out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 (for Jaunty, but should put you on the right track)04:19
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_schism_nlsthzn, thanks i hadnt come across that one yet04:20
nlsthznnp, hope it helps...04:20
_schism_i hope so. wanna play minecraft ;)04:21
aveilleuxYou don't need accelerated drivers to play Minecraft04:22
_schism_got an error and after reading seems like i have a goofy video card'04:24
slooksterpsv_schism_: what kind of video card?04:25
_schism_intel 4500m04:26
_schism_which is odd because I thought all intel stuff was floss04:26
_schism_which is why I went hp04:26
slooksterpsvfloss? do you mean foss?04:26
_schism_yeah fat fingers sorry04:27
_schism_didnt catch it04:27
slooksterpsvnope you're good :P04:27
slooksterpsvwhat version and what de - e.g. Ubuntu 10.10 or Xubuntu 10.0404:27
_schism_10.04 upgraded on 10-10  to the lts.  hate spending time fixing stuff and lts last a lot longer04:28
_schism_maybe I should switch to windoze..... you know no security problems and stuff :)04:29
slooksterpsv_schism_: alrighty, hope the upgrade went well for you :) KDE gave me issues :( but that's a different story, so I missed previous pieces I belive, what video issues are you seeing? artifacts? resolution? no compiz? etc.04:29
slooksterpsv_schism_: haha, if Windows works better for you, that's good04:30
_schism_just crashes on minecraft not a biggie for most things it works fine.04:30
slooksterpsvare you using sun java or icedtea java?04:31
_schism_no windoze is evil.  this laptop came with 7 and it has been booted into 3 times.  once to set it up.  once for a tech support call to hp and lastly because my 2 year old got a hold of it04:31
slooksterpsvfirefox or chome?04:31
_schism_was using icedtea but it would only go to .18 instead of .2204:31
_schism_both do the same thing04:32
_schism_I may be looking at the worng thing.  I can get you a screen of the error if it helps04:32
slooksterpsvI apologize, I'm more of an ati kind of person so my intel drivers are rustic at best, unless its gma500 p...however you spell it04:32
slooksterpsvthat would be great04:33
_schism_no aplogies please, your helping me the guy begging :)04:33
bioterrorminecraft works with sun-java6-*04:36
bioterrorI tested it two days ago04:36
_schism_bioterror, its probably just my luck04:36
bioterroras I had to deal with that in the forums04:36
slooksterpsv_schism_: is liblwjgl-java installed?04:38
_schism_slooksterpsv, ummm dunno let me check04:39
_schism_slooksterpsv, synaptic doesnt even know what it is....04:39
slooksterpsv_schism_: open a terminal and type in: sudo apt-get install liblwjgl-java04:40
_schism_was already doing it :)04:40
_schism_Couldn't find any package whose name or description matched "liblwjgl-java"04:40
slooksterpsvok weird... hmm, have you checked for hardware drivers in System -> Administration -> Additional Drivers04:41
_schism_I dont have an additional drivers  something tells me that I am going to have to leave 10.04 arnt i?04:42
slooksterpsv_schism_: not necessarily, could you check one other item for me?04:42
slooksterpsvrun, in a terminal: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list - in here I want you to check for partner and backports, see if either of those are enabled04:43
_schism_will do04:45
_schism_can I use nano?04:45
slooksterpsvI use pico personally so yeah04:45
slooksterpsvis pico a ln of nano?04:46
_schism_for some reason nano reminds me of the editors on the c64 :)04:46
slooksterpsvnano is an improved pico from what I'm finding04:46
_schism_dunno never used pico04:46
bioterrorpico comes with alpine ;)04:47
_schism_would a pastie of the file help?  I have no idea what I am looking for04:47
slooksterpsvpastebin, yes04:47
slooksterpsvdont mind me on this:04:47
ubot2For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:47
slooksterpsvok so they call it paste.ubuntu.com I keep saying pastebin.ubuntu.com04:48
_schism_yeah I know love me some pastebin and drop box :)04:48
slooksterpsvok that looks great04:49
slooksterpsv_schism_: when you change java versions you do it through: update-java-alternatives right?04:50
_schism_ummm I dont remember I got help in here a little bit ago let me see if I can scroll back and find it04:50
_schism_I take that back it was a removal and an add let me see if I can find it04:51
slooksterpsvtype in this then: sudo update-java-alternatives -s java-6-sun04:51
_schism_no output04:52
slooksterpsvwhat does: update-java-alternatives -l  output?04:53
_schism_java-6-sun 63 /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun04:54
slooksterpsvperfect... we could try this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 - could try Part A, #1 for the xorg.conf file04:54
_schism_tried it didnt create the file.  didnt they change the way that x11 worked and did away with the xorg.conf file?04:55
slooksterpsvin /tmp do you have a folder called www.minecraft.net04:57
mxe5What shell command would I run to find out what version of Ubuntu I have on this laptop ? ?04:58
slooksterpsv_schism_: run sudo rm -R /tmp/www.minecraft.net04:59
slooksterpsv_schism_: then try to run minecraft again04:59
slooksterpsvmxe5: run uname -a - that will give us the kernel version which can help us determine04:59
_schism_mxe5, uname -a will give you everything04:59
mxe5_schism_: Thanks05:00
_schism_no worries05:00
_schism_still the glx error.  hmmmm wonder if I delete the .minecraft and the one you just showed me and tried it again05:01
slooksterpsvoh is there a .minecraft too haha05:01
_schism_yeah I came across it before looks like its gone though05:03
slooksterpsvyeah to find that you'd have to do a ls -a05:03
mxe5_schism_: This a netbook version - Is this the latest one ? Maverick version? 2.6.32-25-generic #45-Ubuntu SMP Sat Oct 16 19:48:22 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux ?05:04
_schism_dunno if its a netbook version or not but its the same version of the kernel I have and i have a notebook and not a net book running 10.0405:05
_schism_slooksterpsv, bah looks like its gonna be a dist-upgrade05:05
slooksterpsv_schism_: that looks like 10.0405:05
slooksterpsv*** mxe5: that looks like 10.0405:06
slooksterpsv10.10 includes
_schism_slooksterpsv, lol yeah I know thats what I figgured05:06
mxe5_schism_: I thought was a shell that tells you the exact name of the version?05:06
slooksterpsvoh whoa clipping lol and minecraft isn't loading on my computer now niiice05:06
_schism_slooksterpsv, lol sorry I are a bad influance05:07
_schism_mxe5, well if I had to hazard a guess I would say your on 10.04 are you running gnome?05:07
slooksterpsvthere we go a restart of the browser fixed it, I cleared the cache from terminal haha05:07
mxe5slooksterpsv: Oh ok - That's what I thought that might be one version back.05:07
_schism_mxe5, it is. its the lts05:08
slooksterpsvmxe5: I actually used the 2.6.35 kernel in 10.04, made it way way nice05:08
mxe5_schism_: Yup you would be right.05:08
_schism_slooksterpsv, whats the shell command to clear the cache?  maybe I can give that a shot05:08
slooksterpsvwell I did rm -R ~/.cache/chromium/Cache - as I use chromium05:09
mxe5slooksterpsv: yea this thing really hums right along.05:09
slooksterpsvmxe5: 2.6.35 makes it faster hehe better memory management05:09
slooksterpsvthat's why I have a hard time trying to convince myself to go back to 10.04 without doing the PPA, cause this kernel version is amazing!05:10
_schism_slooksterpsv, realy that good?  hmmm may have to try it.  god I gotta learn how to do that stuff05:12
slooksterpsv_schism_: the ppa's are easy to add, it's just: sudo add-apt-repository <ppa-full-name>   so for example05:12
mxe5So how do I upgrade to the latest version, using this netbook version is allot different then the regular desktop version I run as well on my IBM clone box ?05:12
_schism_slooksterpsv, know the ppa off the top of your head so I can give it a try on the 10.04?  :)05:13
slooksterpsvmxe5: to 10.10? if so make sure your data is backed up first, everyone experiences the upgrade differently (Futurama reference :D wow!)05:13
slooksterpsv_schism_: pulling up the forums to find it right now05:13
_schism_oh ok I coulda done that thought maybe you were a skynet thing that had it all in your chipset :)05:14
mxe5yea everything is backed up = I'm ready to give it a whirl.05:14
_schism_bah same problem I give up. means a vm to run xp to try it out :(05:14
slooksterpsvhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1546932 - post #4 - they do have a newer kernel in the ppa I think its ... -22 I believe05:15
_schism_does the newer kernals cause any problems with the lower releases?05:17
_schism_hmmm no auto update thats a little scary05:18
slooksterpsv_schism_: well it's not maintained like regular repositories are05:18
_schism_slooksterpsv, yeah I understand that.  meaning its just a bit of food for thought05:19
slooksterpsv_schism_: yup, if your hardware doesn't work with the kernel, then when gurb loads up select the previous kernel and try that... I'm tempted to try th 2.6.36 kernel... off to kernel.org to see whats new in it05:19
_schism_ya know I think I am just gonna give up on mine craft.  its not that important to me and I have wasted about 12 hours on it.  could have done the upgrade by thena nd seen what happened :)05:21
slooksterpsvok so the information I just received it looks like the kernel 2.6.35 does not support older i586 cpus05:25
_schism_realy?  that sucks05:25
slooksterpsvthat's why the Lubuntu team is very dedicated to 10.0405:27
_schism_i like lubuntu first nix I got to run on my old system05:28
slooksterpsvnice, Lubuntu is great05:28
slooksterpsvif I didn't do that right, _schism_ you should join #lubuntu-offtopic05:30
_schism_true just a statement while you were helping me with my problem to keep me happy while you render excellent service :)05:30
bioterrorhallo hallo06:49
haakon__hey a ressponse06:53
haakon__was looking for some help or an opinion06:54
bioterrorI can give an opinnion: DONT DO IT!06:54
bioterrorhow may I help you?06:54
haakon__been there did it had to reinstall06:54
haakon__trying to figure out a safe way to install 10.10 on the box i am using06:55
haakon__it seems to hate that kernal06:55
haakon__an old p4 box06:55
haakon__the latest kernal it seems to work well with is the old 8.04 distro06:56
bioterror 2.6.35-23-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 26 17:03:18 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux06:57
bioterroris what I am using06:57
haakon__compaq presario sr1350 / 3x256 for ram06:57
haakon__2.6.24-28-rt is the kernal it works with06:58
bioterrorI cant seem to understand why it would not work with any newer?06:59
haakon__almost all of the newer distros it wont even load the live cd for06:59
haakon__they all give a similar error page and freeze07:00
bioterrorwhat kind of?07:00
haakon__it stops on a call trace07:01
haakon__which is in terminal07:02
bioterroryou could do a upgrade from terminal07:02
haakon__i was thinking about trying the alternate cd07:03
haakon__to see if it would have the same problem07:03
* bioterror can suggest to try lubuntu ;)07:03
haakon__it would not boot peppermint07:04
UndiFineDgood morning07:04
haakon__which is a 10 kernal with xfce desktop environment07:04
bioterrorhaakon, I have to say this, it's a "kernel" with e's07:05
haakon__from linux mint07:05
bioterrormakes esier if you want to search something sometimes07:05
haakon__that it would07:05
bioterroryeah, linux mint is a variant of ubuntu and peppermint is a cloud variant of mint07:06
bioterrorI've tried peppermint07:06
haakon__peppermint is interesting07:06
bioterrorit wasnt that huge joy07:06
friTTe|bigger than Mint07:06
haakon__but its on an old laptop07:06
friTTe|that one is slow07:06
friTTe|then i say Lubuntu =D07:07
haakon__it does tax it07:07
bioterrorhttp://peppermintos.com/ it's a little offtopic, but do you know how they make that red color to those candies ;)07:07
bioterrorfriTTe|, do you like polkagrisar? :D07:08
UndiFineDwith bioterror07:08
friTTe|well no big fan07:08
bioterrorfriTTe|, it uses color E120 which is made by crushing insects :D07:08
friTTe|yeah thats awesome07:08
bioterrorrather disgusting :D07:09
friTTe|like skunks and stuff07:09
haakon__i havent played much with peppermint but it is interesting that it has chromium in the distro07:09
bioterrorhaakon__, lubuntu does too07:09
friTTe|agree, chromium is the one07:09
friTTe|im using the daily builds07:10
bioterrorI've got beta ppa ;)07:10
bioterrorI have to say that peppermints black lxpanel looks "nice", but when you start using the desktop, it will look boring and annoying07:11
bioterrorI've been brainwashed07:12
haakon__the lap top i have peppermint  in has depressing specs 600mhz celeron with 3xx for ram07:12
haakon__384mb ram07:13
haakon__i was supprised that it would run it even07:13
haakon__it was lighter on the system than 9.1007:15
friTTe|yeah pmint is fast and light07:15
friTTe|but its based on lubu so speed is on that one too07:16
friTTe|im running it on all my 3machines, and no one is old07:16
haakon__my desktop is the machine i am trying to figure out today though07:17
friTTe|i say try Lubu07:17
friTTe|make a cd or Usb and try it out07:17
haakon__it wont boot a live cd for current system kernels07:17
haakon__i dont know why07:18
haakon__gives me a page fault error07:18
friTTe|hmm ok07:19
bioterrorhaakon__, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu#Intended%20Audience07:20
friTTe|yah, and 10.04 is a LTS so you be good and updated for awhilw07:21
haakon__true it is one of the reasons i am trying to upgrade to one of the 10.XX kernals07:23
UndiFineDI had trouble installing the beta of 10.10, so I headed for the 10.04.1 lts and upgraded it that way to current 10.10+patches07:29
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kamartinayes, i no one here will response me11:16
UndiFineDkamartina, there are people here :)11:17
hobgoblinkamartina: you need to ask the question - we all have real lifes as well :) Please read the topic11:18
kamartinaok i am sorry, i need to as about screenlets, i have set it to start up system monitor at log in but it not start up at login as it must, waht i must do?11:21
UndiFineDkamartina, you mean in system -> preferences -> startup applications ?11:23
kamartinano, at screenlets manager  window i fill auto start on login for sysmonitor , but it don't work11:25
kamartinai use lubuntu desktop11:25
UndiFineDsorry, i do not, so I cannot help you there11:26
hobgoblinphillw: kamartina needs lubuntu help it seems11:27
hobgoblinkamartina: there is a lubuntu channel if no-one here can help ##lubuntu I think11:28
kamartinaok i saw #lubuntu, thanks, i will go there, thank you for all11:29
hobgoblinkamartina: I know I can't :) long time since I played with screenlets and never with lubuntu11:30
kamartinaOK :)11:32
sebsebsebbioterror: hi13:40
god37337hey everyone :D i have a question i'm trying to install netactview on xubuntu and i recuires lib who are already outdated...so when compiling it doesn't find the new versions14:54
AndrewMCgod37337: you might want to try #xubuntu14:56
god37337ok waiting...14:58
god37337hello :D15:10
Daniel0108whats up?15:16
hobgoblingod37337: did you use the deb?15:18
god37337there is no deb wich i know from15:19
god37337where can i find one?15:19
hobgoblininstalls fine15:20
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
hobgoblingod37337: is it installed ok now?15:29
hobgoblinI'll never know I guess ;)15:35
jappieI just installed Xampp (lampp) whci I used to work with under Windwos. Installation went well and it starts. Now I want to copy my backed up files to the /htdocs  folders but it won't let em because of permissions.  Permissions are set to: "Owner: nobody (create and delete files)", "group: root(access files) ". How and to which permission should I change so I can use it as a working directory? Also, how this "nobody" works? Can I j18:42
jappieust set to my username (jappie)?18:42
bioterrorsudo chmod 777 /htdocs18:43
jappieHi Bioterror!18:49
cprofittbioterror: is 777 really wise if that is going to be serving web pages?19:03
bioterrorcprofitt, well, 755 is then19:03
cprofittwould it not be better to leave the rights as they are and copy the files using raised privs?19:04
pleia2cprofitt: +119:04
pleia2recommending 777 is almost universally a bad idea19:04
cprofittpleia2: I agree. Its like recommending running as admin19:05
* pleia2 nods19:05
UndiFineDa little http put19:05
UndiFineDand bio is in terror19:06
pleia2jappie: you were right, setting owner to your username is fine :)19:07
cprofittpleia2: I thought that using a special account was recommended19:07
pleia2depends on the configuration19:08
pleia2if you're using ftp to put the files up, using your ssh account is probably a bad idea ;)19:08
=== Micheal_Skeleton is now known as MichealH
pleia2but typically I just chown things to the user who will be working on them, or put the user in a group which can edit the files19:09
cprofittyeah - the config I remember reading was making a user called apache-user19:09
cprofittand then giving that rights19:09
pleia2well, there is already a www-data user, which is what apache in ubuntu runs as19:09
UndiFineDit is really silly, after 15 years they could not settle for a default user on apache19:10
pleia2but that gives apache access to rewrite things - not good if you end up with a rogue php script which an attacker gets ahold of and can now delete your whole site19:10
jappieeuhhhh...guys...I am on purpose in the ubuntu-beginners channel:-)19:11
pleia2so I don't allow www-data to write to anything it doesn't have to (some webapps require you have an images/ directory that www-data can write to, for instance, so it can upload files via the web interface)19:11
UndiFineDI have seen: apache, http, nobody, webdev, and many alike19:11
pleia2jappie: no worries, all you need to know is that you can chown it to your user :) don't use 777, that means anyone who has an account on the system can edit any of the files19:11
cprofittjappie: you are in the right channel... but we 'experts' (cough, cough) will sometimes debate about the 'right' answer19:11
cprofittyeah -- I will go with pleia2 on this one19:11
jappieall is good!19:11
cprofittbioterror: you still here?19:12
pleia2UndiFineD: can't agree upon the daemon name either, or the proper web directory :)19:12
jappieSo...I will do something like:  sudo chown  /htdocs ...???19:13
UndiFineDindeed, for a open source organisation that has quite a generous income compared to others, it is silly they have not reached consensus19:13
UndiFineDhope is good19:14
UndiFineDespecially from wbai19:14
pleia2jappie: sudo chown jappie:jappie htdocs/19:14
cprofitt+1 pleia19:14
pleia2jappie:jappie gives htdocs/ the owner and group of "jappie" (every user has a group of their own name too)19:14
jappiepleia2, thanks that worked (off course!)...Now I need to change the permissions back, right? What would be the recommended setting?19:16
pleia2jappie: if your user is the one that will be editing files there, you can leave it that way19:16
jappieI mean the /htdocs is stil in 777 mode19:17
pleia2ah yes, you want to at least change that to 75519:18
bioterrorcprofitt, yeah, my internet connection cut off for a while19:19
cprofittno problem19:19
cprofittdid you catch pleia's correction on the chmod?19:19
cprofittjappie: not sure what it was, but we will need to return it to that...19:19
cprofittpleia2: 755?19:19
pleia2755 gives all files executable bit, which isn't required for files but the directories need it19:20
jappiecprofitt, yes I just changed the permissions back!19:20
UndiFineDsudo chmod 755 /htdocs19:20
pleia2if you're interested, the values for these crazy numbers are: read (4),  write  (2),  and  execute  (1)19:21
pleia2and positions in "755" are user who owns it, group and everyone else19:22
cprofittso a 5 = read and execute19:22
cprofitta 3 would be write and execute19:22
pleia2so owner gets read + write + execute (4+2+1), group and other gets read and execute (4+1)19:22
jappieI am starting to get it...you want everybosy to be able to access the file but not write to it!19:23
aveilleuxchmod can use symbolic names now... you don't have to use the octal permission numbers anymore19:23
jappieNow the next thing....when I try to open a website on xampp, i get : Access forbidden! You don't have permission to access the requested object....19:25
UndiFineDaveilleux, you mean rwxr-xr-x ?19:26
aveilleuxUndiFineD: No, more like a+r g+rw u+rwx19:27
UndiFineDok, maybe in some logic that can be eeasier, but I dont get it, how is it eassier that 755 ?19:27
pleia2more intuitive if you don't know the number logic19:28
jappieI think I solved my problem.....I need to set the permissions for the folders that "group" and "others" can "access files"... and then it works!19:29
cprofittjappie: yep19:31
cprofittothers can read and execute19:32
cprofittso a 519:32
cprofittwould be the total19:32
jappieSo do i need tp do this for every folder within /htdocs  separately? or can I do this all at ones?19:32
cprofittyou could do it recursively19:33
cprofittbut the rights should not have changed on the other ones...19:33
cprofittI have to run home and help my daughter...19:33
cprofittI should be back on later, but pleia2 can likely get you all set with the web stuff19:33
cprofittsee you all a little while from now19:34
jappiecprofitt, thanks!19:34
cprofittyou are most welcome19:34
Cheri703I'm completely unfamiliar with writing scripts, but I want to make one. is there a super basic tutorial somewhere? or if I tell you what I want, can someone hook me up? :) (it's literally like, ssh, enter password, start program, I just do it OFTEN, and want to simplify the process)19:38
pleia2don't be scared off by the title, it starts off gently: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/19:38
aveilleuxThis is what I learned how to script from19:39
pleia2between that and the book Unix Shells by Example I learned most things :)19:39
Cheri703ok, awesome :) thanks19:39
* Cheri703 is not a programmer and usually has her brother write these things, but he's at work19:40
Cheri703can I just state for the record: the F/OSS world has an unhealthy fascination with recursive acronyms19:41
pleia2heh, yeah19:42
Cheri703it's ridiculous19:42
Cheri703also, I'm already a wee bit lost on this tutorial thing -_- I'll keep reading19:42
UndiFineDwhat is wrong with floss'ing ?19:43
pleia2Cheri703: you also may want to try googling for what you're trying to do, there are zillions of bash examples that people have already written online19:44
Cheri703good call19:44
Cheri703oh, this is off topic pleia2 but I printed out some "finished" business cards today :)19:45
pleia2like "rename all files in a directory with bash script" or "pull data $foo from the ls command"19:45
aveilleuxOr one of us could do it :P19:45
pleia2Cheri703: yay! I really need to get some proper ones done...19:45
Cheri703I get the clean edge avery cards and print my own :)19:45
pleia2yeah, I use those but I don't have a color printer19:45
Cheri703I got a 500 pack a few years ago for $20 and still going strong ;)19:45
pleia2I just need to get some moo cards and be done with it19:46
Cheri703well, you could take them somewhere and get them done, probably still cheaper19:46
Cheri703friend of mine has some moo cards19:46
Cheri703woo google! :) I now have saved myself several steps, several times per day/week19:52
UndiFineDyou found a script ?20:22
Cheri703yeah, was able to just toss the program I wanted into it instead of the one that was there20:23
Cheri703now instead of "open terminal, ssh, password, program name" it's "click launcher, password"20:23
UndiFineDyou do ssh, if you export your public key to the ssh server, you do not even need a password20:25
Cheri703yeah, but since I'm using my netbook, I'd rather limit what access someone would have if it were stolen20:25
Cheri703where do icon files get stored?20:26
Cheri703like for a specific program20:26
aveilleux /usr/share20:26
UndiFineD/var/share/icons has quite a few20:26
Cheri703k, thanks20:28
Cheri703awesome. now I have a launcher that has the correct icon, even though the program isn't even installed locally :)20:30
pleia2shiny :)20:30
BeanLiteHi, I have a brand new laptop, and trying to set up a dual boot Win 7, Ubuntu machine.  Unfortunately, I made a mistake when trying to set up the partitions, and need some help getting back on track.  Is anyone available to help?21:55
ibuclawBeanLite, what's the current predicament look like?21:58
BeanLiteAdditional details: I didn't realize you were only allowed to have 4 primary partitions.  I tried to partition the 4th moving a huge chunk of available hard drive space, and now the space is simply unallocated and unavailable to be used.  I need help either reversing my partition attempt or how to make the unallocated space usable again.21:58
BeanLiteMy laptop: Samsung Q430, approx 500 GB HD21:59
BeanLiteWindows 7 preloaded21:59
deejoeBeanLite: you might get away with deleting just one of the primary partitions, and then taking all the unallocated space and putting it in a single extended partition, which you can then divide up into logical partitions.21:59
deejoeBeanLite: you would want to make an archive onto another disk of what's in that partition first, though!22:00
BeanLiteI think there was data in all 4 partitions.22:00
BeanLiteOk ... here is my partition status:22:01
BeanLitesda1 (nfts) recovery 15GB; sda2 (nfts) 100MB system; sda3 (nfts) 100GB; sda4 (nfts) 3GB; unallocated 347.66 GB22:02
BeanLitePrior to my attempts to repartition, there were about 3GB of data in sda 4, and I don't think I should touch the other 3.22:03
BeanLiteHow do I go about archiving sda4?22:03
ibuclawBeanLite, what's on sda4?22:03
BeanLiteI'm not sure.  This is a brand new laptop and I wanted to set things up before doing anything significant with the laptop.  How do I find out that info for you?22:03
ibuclawMounting the partition usually helps. =)22:04
BeanLiteHow do I mount sda4.  I'm currently using the UbuntuCD, and I'm operating the "trydemo."  I currently have GParted open.22:06
kristian-aalborghi, anyone got alpine to work with gmail?22:11
BeanLiteibuclaw, what do I need to do to help you?22:12
ibuclawBeanLite, the Places menu...22:18
* ibuclaw is in and out currently =)22:18
BeanLiteIbuclaw ... I got your first comment to go the Places menu, but then the following message was displayed "***ibuclaw is in and out currently =)"  Are you still there?22:21
ibuclawBeanLite, on the Top panel, there is a Places menu which should list all drives22:23
ibuclawmount the 3GB one, see what's inside22:24
BeanLiteClick on the 3.2 GB filesystem, and then click on the icon on my desktop ... ok.22:24
ibuclawI'm assuming:22:25
ibuclawsda1 (nfts) recovery 15GB; <-- is for Windows Recovery22:25
ibuclawsda2 (nfts) 100MB system; <-- is for Windows boot22:25
BeanLite"$recycle.bin" "system volume information" and "bootsqm.dat"22:26
ibuclawsda3 (nfts) 100GB; <-- is your windows root (C:/ ?)22:26
BeanLiteI believe you are correct on all sda assumptions.22:26
ibuclawrecycle bin??22:28
ibuclawbootsqm.dat is a residue of a checkdisk22:28
BeanLiteYes ... I ran a checkdisk prior to my partition attempt based on instructions I found on a ubuntu documentation help description.22:29
stlsaintBeanLite: oh you managed to lure out ibuclaw!!! Your in luck!!22:29
BeanLiteThank you stlsaint ... I had a feeling I had a real guru helping me out.22:29
ibuclawI know bugger all about windows, sad but true. =)22:29
ibuclawBeanLite, so you shrank sda422:30
BeanLiteCorrect ... I had over 300GBs of space and I tried to separate a very large chunk of that for my ubuntu shell.22:30
ibuclawIt *could* be that the OEM meant for it to be a data partition then22:31
BeanLiteLooking back on it, I should probably set up about 200 GBs for ubuntu.22:31
ibuclawie: Windows *may* be configured to point your Home/Documents directory to that partition.22:31
BeanLiteWhat I've learned so far, correct me if I'm wrong, when I tried to set up a 5th primary partition, I couldn't do that, so it took the separated HD space and it was "unallocated."22:32
ibuclawYou can only have 4 partitions of a Disk22:32
BeanLiteYes, that's what I've learned subsequent to my attempt.22:32
ibuclaw*4 Primary Partition22:32
stlsaintlooks like somebody is going logical/extended22:33
BeanLiteSo is there a way to get the "unallocated" HD space back into sda4, and then set up ... yes ...22:33
ibuclawyep, and what I'm trying to deduce is whether or not deleting sda4 will cause Windows to have a hissy fit22:33
BeanLiteahhh ...22:33
BeanLiteok ... what information do you need to help make your deduction?22:33
BeanLiteHappy to do whatever you need.22:34
BeanLitePS - I'm writing to you from a different laptop, and have the other one right next to me.22:34
BeanLiteSo I can do whatever you need and keep this channel open.22:34
stlsaintBeanLite: ^^ always best22:34
ibuclawBeanLite, If it were me. Boot Windows, look for 3GB partition, check what it is mounted as22:35
BeanLiteok ... I will reboot, remove the ubuntuCD and I know exactly where the 3GB partition is ... one sec while I do that22:35
ibuclawI can't remember, is it Start-> Right Click on 'Documents' -> Properties ?22:36
ibuclawwill tell you the location of the Home folder for Windows22:37
stlsaintfor home folder is root of main drive no?22:37
BeanLiteI can tell you from prior review, that I can see the 3GB partition in "My Computer."22:38
ibuclawstlsaint, it doesn't have to be.22:38
stlsaintibuclaw: aye22:38
* stlsaint fades to the misty background.....22:38
ibuclawI'm just curious why the OEM would set it partition structure that way22:38
ibuclaweither A: data -> useless, can delete22:39
ibuclawor B: home -> dependent, update windows settings, then delete22:39
BeanLiteWhen I open up "My Computer" I can see C: drive (which is what we thought our primary drive was), and then I can see the D: drie (2.91 GB free of 3.0 GB)22:40
ibuclawBeanLite, and it's completely empty as your concerned?22:40
BeanLiteOk I have opened up the Document Properties section ...22:41
BeanLiteMy Documents C:\Users\my name; Public Documents (C:\Users\Public)22:41
BeanLiteI just clicked on the D: drive ... the only thing I see is bootsqm.dat22:42
BeanLiteDid that answer your question?22:42
ibuclawBeanLite, yeah.22:43
ibuclawJust a data partition.22:43
ibuclawYou can boot Ubuntu LiveCD, System->Admin->Partition Manager22:43
BeanLiteGreat ... so you are thinking I should delete sda4, and then get the unallocated space back into sda4?22:43
BeanLiteok ... rebooting22:43
ibuclawdelete sda422:43
ibuclawcreate new Extended Partition22:44
ibuclawand then perhaps 3 or 4 Logical partitions inside22:44
BeanLiteI should use the "trydemo" section of the UbuntuCD correct?22:45
stlsaintyou must have made your own remastered livecd for it to say "demo" >:)22:46
BeanLiteActually, I sent a $10 donation, and ordered a 10.04LTS CD.  When I boot up it gives me the option to "try ubuntu 10.04LTS" or "install ubuntu 10.04LTS"22:48
BeanLiteUse the "try" option to be altering the partitions?22:48
BeanLiteI'm going to head over to "try" because that is how I could access GParted.22:51
stlsaintBeanLite: right, try ubuntu, no word there that says "demo" :P22:52
stlsaintBeanLite: dont mind me, just being anal ;)22:52
BeanLitesorry ... my bad22:52
BeanLiteNo no ... accuracy is important if I actually want accurate help.22:52
BeanLiteOk ... I've highlighted sda4, clicked on partition, and I'm on "delete."  I'm going to select unless you say ... "NO."22:54
BeanLiteok ... deleting sda422:55
BeanLite"All operations successfully completed"22:55
BeanLiteSelecting on the unallocated, click on partition, and select new ...22:56
stlsaintibuclaw: poke ^^ your time to shine22:57
BeanLiteI have the "create new partition" screen now open ...22:57
ibuclawBeanLite, create new extended22:58
BeanLiteFree space preceding and following MiB is currently 0, and New size is 359077 ... Create as = extended partition; File system = extended22:59
BeanLiteClick Add?22:59
BeanLitegreat ...22:59
ibuclawthen click on the extended partition, and select Add again.22:59
BeanLite"all operations successfully completed"23:00
ibuclaw20GB should be OK for Ubuntu root partition23:00
BeanLiteok ... update ... there is an "unallocated section between sda 3 and 4 (6.52 MiB)23:00
ibuclawBeanLite, doesn't really matter, does it ?23:01
BeanLitesda 4 now has 350.65 GB ... and there is an unallocated section of the same size inset23:01
BeanLiteI just wanted to make sure that is what you expected.23:01
BeanLiteClicked on sda4, when I selected partition there was no "add" option23:02
ibuclawBeanLite, the unallocated space inside the extended23:04
BeanLiteok ... clicked on that, then partition and new?23:04
ibuclaw20GB should be OK for Ubuntu root partition23:05
ibuclawdoesn't matter what type of partition you choose yet...23:06
ibuclawthen you can create a 3 or 4GB swap partition23:06
ibuclawand then the rest of the unallocated space is up to you to decide what to do with it.23:06
BeanLite20GB = 20480 mb ... and you said logical or extended doesn't matter ...23:07
BeanLiteok ... turning off round to cylinders23:07
BeanLiteclicking add23:07
ibuclawBeanLite, no, the filessytem format doesn't matter23:07
ibuclawthe filesystems all need to be Logical23:07
BeanLiteohhh ... logical or extended23:07
BeanLiteok ... changing23:07
BeanLiteok ... set to logical and ext223:08
BeanLiteclicking add23:08
ibuclawmight be a moment with ext2...23:08
BeanLiteError occurred ...23:08
BeanLite"An error occurred while applying the operations."23:09
stlsaintuh oh23:10
BeanLiteThat's what I said.23:10
ibuclawBeanLite, any way you can elaborate on that?23:10
ibuclawusually there's some form of dropdown23:11
BeanLiteok ...23:11
BeanLite"Important - If you want support, you need to provide the saved details!  See http://gparted.sourceforge.net/larry/tip/save_details.htm for more imformation" and the OK button.23:12
BeanLiteI've been to this webpage before ... I can click on save details but I need to do several commands to save it to a flashdrive.23:13
BeanLiteI had trouble doing this when I tried it earlier.23:13
BeanLiteI have no further option for a drop down.23:14
ibuclawscreenshot time perhaps? :~)23:16
BeanLiteMy understanding is that the website will give you the details but you don't actually see them until you get the file pulled.23:17
ibuclawif you close that error window and take a screenshot of the partition layout as gparted sees it ->post here or /pm23:17
BeanLiteok ... closing the window without saving the details23:17
BeanLiteI have the screenshot on my flashdrive, which is open.23:23
BeanLitehow do I get this to you?23:23
ibuclawimage hosting site usually23:24
=== AndrewMC is now known as SpockVulcan
stlsaintibuclaw: my favorite image hosting site23:25
ibuclawI prefer my blog23:26
BeanLiteok ... website open ... browsed, found my file ...23:26
BeanLiteok ... now what?23:27
BeanLiteAm I emailing this to you?23:30
ibuclawBeanLite, you can post the link here23:31
ibuclawBeanLite, ok, so click on the bottom partition listed (unallocated space)23:34
ibuclawPartition type: Logical23:34
ibuclawPartition format: ext423:35
ibuclawSize: 20GB23:35
ibuclawmake sure it is located as far left as you can get it23:35
ibuclawso it should be 0MB before, 330GB after23:36
ibuclawPartition type: Logical23:36
ibuclawPartition format: swap23:36
ibuclawSize 4GB23:36
ibuclawditto, far left23:36
BeanLitequery - you said that it should be 0MB before (no prob)23:37
BeanLiteand then 330GB after ... but didn't you want me to shrink the number to 20GB?23:37
ibuclawBeanLite, when creating the partition, there should be an image on top of all the information23:38
BeanLiteyup ... see that23:38
ibuclawyou can click + drag + resize it23:38
ibuclawclick + drag to the left23:38
ibuclawshrink it so it is about 20GB23:39
ibuclawdoesn't need to be exact.23:39
BeanLiteok ... and it is as far left as possible23:39
BeanLitelogical and ext423:39
ibuclawclick OK23:39
BeanLiteclicking off round to cylinders23:39
ibuclawthen click Add again23:39
ibuclawand do the same, but with a 4GB Swap partition23:40
BeanLiteon the unallocated section again23:40
BeanLitehow I do designate swap ... i'm limited to logical and extended in "create as"23:41
ibuclawBeanLite, create as Logical23:41
ibuclawFormat -> swap23:41
BeanLite"linux-swap" ... found it23:41
ibuclawas for the remainder of the space, you can do what you want with it.23:42
BeanLitethe computer reset the free space preceding to 615, make that 0?23:43
ibuclawBeanLite, yes23:43
BeanLiteok 0 proceeding, size set, logical partition and linux-swap, round to cylinder off, ready for Add?23:43
BeanLitenow complete both operations23:44
BeanLiteerror occurred23:44
BeanLite"error occurred while applying the operations"23:45
BeanLiteok ... brb23:45
ibuclaw8GB swap is overkill... >:)23:49
kristian-aalborghi all23:49
kristian-aalborgI accidently ran centerim as root23:49
BeanLitesorry ... trying to go fast for you ... do the same thing over and shrink part 2?23:49
BeanLiteOr is the problem something else?23:49
kristian-aalborgand did a lot of nice changes that aren't saved by my default user, of course23:50
kristian-aalborgcan I copy the settings?23:50
ibuclawBeanLite, there's a '+' on the 'Create Logical Partition' part of the pending operations window23:50
ibuclawthat should tell you what step it choked at23:51
BeanLiteMessage: "create empty partition" + libparted messages "unable to satisfy all constraints on the partition"23:52

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