paultagmorning czajkowski01:55
czajkowskiello brat01:57
Pendulumpaultag: are you in the loco council channel?02:05
paultagPendulum, yup.02:05
Pendulumpaultag: well done.02:05
paultagPendulum, are you an eddie izzard fan?02:06
paultagI read that in his voice02:06
paultag"Aaaah well done! You must get up very early in the morning."02:06
czajkowskipaultag: glad yer getting the hang of that02:14
paultagczajkowski, I have to manually join every login, it's really lae02:14
pleia2paultag: use a server password when you connect to freenode02:16
pleia2freenode sees it as a nickserv password02:16
paultagpleia2, wait, what?02:16
paultagNo way!!02:16
paultagThat would make my life awesome02:16
pleia2that's how the rest of us do it :)02:16
paultagwell shit!02:16
* paultag huggles pleia2 02:16
czajkowskipaultag: language02:16
pleia2it also avoids this:02:16
pleia209:58:56 -!- paultag [~tag@cpe-76-190-130-58.neo.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-community-team02:16
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pleia209:58:56 -!- paultag [~tag@cpe-76-190-130-58.neo.res.rr.com] has quit [Changing host]02:16
paultag+1 pleia2 :)02:16
pleia209:58:56 -!- paultag [~tag@ubuntu/member/paultag] has joined #ubuntu-community-tea02:16
paultagWell, I'm going to try this out02:17
paultagmuch better02:17
paultagthanks there pleia202:17
duanedesigncya all in the am02:41
dholbachgood morning!08:32
nigelbmorning dholbach :)08:32
nigelbdholbach: The new harvest is totally rocking.  I just saw it :)08:32
kim0morning fellas08:34
dholbachhi nigelb08:34
dholbachhey kim008:34
kim0dholbach: long flight ?08:34
nigelbmorning kim0 :)08:34
kim0nigelb: morning man08:34
dholbachkim0, it was alright, but I'm properly jetlagged now :)08:34
kim0hehe :)08:35
nigelbkim0: dholbach just says disaparates into Berlin :p08:35
nigelbPendulum: Hiya :)09:34
=== Pendulum_ is now known as Pendulum
nigelbdholbach: whoa, that's a lot of action items.10:22
dholbachnigelb, no slacking this cycle10:23
nigelbdholbach: heh10:23
nigelbWell, if you want to offload some action items, let me know :)10:23
dholbachhi czajkowski10:32
czajkowskidholbach: ello10:34
nigelbmorning czajkowski :)10:36
nigelbczajkowski: did ya find taffes eventually? ;)10:37
czajkowskiyup thanks to Pendulum and doctormo10:38
duanedesign'lo all10:56
nigelbduanedesign: sleep cycle out of whack? ;)10:57
duanedesignnigelb: actually this is pretty close to normal :)10:58
duanedesignwell, normal for me :P10:59
nigelb\o/ http://www.canonical.com/about-canonical/resources/case-studies/french-national-police-force-saves-%E2%82%AC2-million-year-ubuntu12:40
nigelbok, off home, later all!12:51
dakerhello everybody13:00
dakerso i have a question13:01
dakeri am asking the UDS organizers if there is a chance to organize the UDS somewhere in Africa ?13:03
kim0It's just generally good to just ask your question and wait for an answer13:03
dakercoze it's really important and it will push the FLOSS movement13:06
AlanBelldaker: my understanding is that the next two UDS locations have been decided13:07
AlanBelland the next one is Budapest13:07
dakerTwo ? oh :s13:07
AlanBellIt has been suggested that sabdfl takes us home to SA13:07
PiciI suspect that cost might be a limiting factor there.13:07
PiciAlso, does anyone know if the UDS surveys were sent out, and if they only went to sponsored people?13:08
duanedesigni have not received one Pici13:08
Piciduanedesign: Okay.13:09
dakerPici, what do you mean by "limiting factor" can you elaborate ?13:09
dakerPici, i mean "cost might be a limiting factor"13:09
Picidaker: Canonical does not have unlimited funds.  They sponsor (an increasing) number of people to attend each UDS.13:10
jussidaker: Suggestions for suitable places (good internet, ~450 people in double rooms, cheap enough, 450 perrson audotorium etc) can be sent to marianna13:11
dakerjussi, thanks13:12
jussidaker: theres no guarantees of course, and youll have to go find her email somewhere...13:13
PiciI think it was on the wiki page for UDS-N13:14
* kim0 waits for the accidental paste :)13:14
JanCit's not only cost for those who get funded but also cost for those who don't13:26
nigelbJanC: +113:26
dakerJanC, why ?13:26
JanCalthough, of course cost would be less for those in/near South Africa then13:27
popeydaker: some people pay their own way to go13:27
popeyi paid my own way to go to my first UDS in Sevilla13:27
PiciI've paid for all the UDSes I've attended.13:27
nigelbI might for O :)13:27
nigelbReally glad its announced early, we can actually get good deals on flights13:28
popeyI dont see how having UDS somewhere in Africa helps African FLOSS adoption specificall13:28
popeybut I do see that othr events around it could13:28
popeybut we dont tend to do events around UDS like we used to13:28
PiciToo busy.13:28
popeyFOSSCamp for example13:29
JanCI guess the most likely place in Africa might be Morocco, as it's close to Europe and relatively stable/safe  ;)13:31
popeyI understood that they might go back to florida again13:32
dakerJanC, yeah :D thanks you13:32
JanCdaker: you're from Morocco ?13:33
popeyMorocco would certainly be a somewhat more... hmm... 'cultured' place than florida :)13:34
popeywell, more than Disney anyway13:34
nigelbwell, I just did Mor<tab>, sigh.13:35
nigelbWell, Morocco would be fun indeed.13:35
JanCyou can always propose it, if you know a good conference location, maybe for 1.5 years from now...  ;)13:35
dakerJanC, that's good13:36
nigelbI was hoping we'd have a UDS in some Asian city, anywhere Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, lots of places with good hotels (I don't know about price though)13:36
dakernigelb, maybe in 2years from now :D13:37
JanCnigelb: I know at least one person who certainly wants to organise it if it's in Singapore or Vietnam  ;)13:37
nigelbSingapore would be lovely.13:38
jussi2 years from now it should be in the US13:38
nigelb2.5 years then :)13:38
jussi<cough> taiwan<cough>13:38
nigelbLondon? ;)13:39
JanCI think the problem is that Asia is quite expensive to travel to/from, and there are often visa problems13:39
nigelbI believe Singapore has visa on arrival.13:39
* nigelb checks13:39
JanCI know Vietnam has visa on arrival13:39
JanCbut does visa on arrival mean you always get it?13:40
nigelbwell, no visa for US citizens13:40
nigelbI think it does13:41
JanCso, in that respect it would be easier than the US actually?  :p13:41
popeythere should be a webapp which looks at the home locations of all attendees and calculates average flight costs to all cities then figures out a location for you :)13:41
JanCthat would be rather complicated13:42
popeyexactly the kind of task a computer should do :)13:42
popeyand not a human13:42
Picipopey: I believe that Jorge was talking about that at one of the community sessions at UDS.  Although he was comparing it to D&D.13:43
JanCthe problem is that in some countries the price for visa depends on what official you meet at arrival etc.  ;)13:44
JanCnot to mention that airplane tickets to the same location might vary between 50 and 500 € sometimes13:45
nigelbhttp://www.worldtravelguide.net/singapore/passport-visa Interesting13:45
nigelbok, it looks like the rains a bit less.  Time to go home \o/13:46
dholbachhey jono13:55
jonohey dholbach13:55
dholbachjono, I started feeding work items into the blueprints - is it enough to set the "series goal"?13:56
dholbachand how are you doing? had a good trip back?13:56
jonodholbach, cool beans - yeah, now is the time to start populating blueprints13:57
dakerpopey, JanC http://www.worldtravelguide.net/morocco/passport-visa13:57
jonodon't worry about the series goal yet13:57
jonogood flight thanks :)13:57
dholbachjono, I think I can't set it anyway, I can just 'propose' it13:57
jonodholbach, cool13:58
dholbachjono, I'm just waiting to see how many work items I end up with :)13:58
jonodholbach, wise13:58
dholbachjono, ok, it seems you need to accept them for them to get on the work item tracker - I'll leave the rest up to you :)14:01
jonodholbach, sounds good14:01
dakerpopey, JanC there is ~50 countries that they need just a passport14:02
dakerincluding USA, UK and other countries14:02
sensegood afternoon14:11
dakergood afternoon sense14:13
sensehi daker14:14
jonodholbach, hey, I know you are tired, we can cancel our call if you want to head off and grab some sleep or chill?14:17
dholbachjono, I doubt we have much to talk about yet, I'll just plough through some of the easy stuff that doesn't require all my brain during the time :)14:18
jonodholbach, sure - just focus on getting the BPs ready, and then lets review them later this week14:19
jonomake sure the workload is doable14:19
dholbachjono, blueprints are ready, specs will take longer14:19
* duanedesign waves at everyone14:20
jonodholbach, thanks14:21
Technovikingmorning all14:40
duanedesignmorning Technoviking14:40
duanedesignTechnoviking: latest work on the forums looks great14:41
Technovikingduanedesign: thanks for the UDS session pics, they were  a big help14:41
Technovikingduanedesign: thanks, going to see how hard it will be to change the header now14:42
duanedesignTechnoviking: ok great! I was not sure if they went through :P I was dealing with airport wiFi.14:42
TechnovikingI love the MCO airport, compared to most it is great services.14:42
PiciIt was empty compared to EWR.14:44
PiciOr maybe the Continental terminal is just like that.14:45
* dholbach takes the dog for a walk14:55
scott-workdholbach: when you get back would you stop in #ubuntustudio-devel?  we wanted to ask you some questions about xwax please15:18
doctormoMorning everyone15:19
scott-workgood morning doctormo15:20
doctormoI feel great now, socially recharged. Now to hold onto UDS-buzz for as long as possible :-)15:20
PiciHeh, I've been thinking the same.15:21
jonokim0, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntutheproject-community-n-dev-training-events15:30
jussiMCO was horrible - or at least the delta terminal was...15:48
senseMCO feels a bit old and past its glory days, but I liked the free wifi.15:49
senseAMS is much less boring and more comfortable, but there is no free internet!15:49
senseYou have to pay KPN for it.15:49
* jussi is spoiled though, with helsinki vantaa...15:49
sensejussi: Comfort and free wifi?15:49
jussisense: yup15:49
jussiand modern to boot15:50
senseThat is nice as well.15:50
senseAMS is a mix of older buildings, new buildings and stuff to link that.15:51
sensejussi: But! Is HEL in a lake? AMS is!15:51
senseThe water is gone, but it is a lake!15:52
jussisense: no,but its next to one :P15:52
sensejussi: A lake? In Finland? Huh?15:52
jussiyeah, we only have like 188000 of them... :P15:53
senseWhat is the lake-per-capita ratio?15:54
jussiwell if we have a little over 5 million people...15:54
senseYou beat Norway there!15:54
senseAnyway, that is not even one lake per person?15:54
senseFinland's LPC is 0.037577615:55
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
jussiright. so population: 5,313,399 (2008) and lakes: 187,88815:58
senseNumber of Dutch: http://www.cbs.nl/nl-NL/menu/themas/bevolking/cijfers/extra/bevolkingsteller.htm16:01
senseah! One more than when I last looked.16:01
senseCongratulations to the new parents.16:01
Technovikingsafety tip: never post a mac screenshot :)16:09
senseTechnoviking: for personal safety reasons, or for technical safety reasons?16:11
Technovikingpersonal safety16:11
jcastrowe are doomed!16:16
dholbachjcastro, already?16:16
doctormoscott-work: Do we have a wacom daily ppa?16:17
dholbachjcastro, still waiting for Jono to accept a bunch of blueprints :)16:17
jonodholbach, expect to wait a little longer, I am un screwing my inbox16:17
paultagOK, well my internet is dead. I'm mooching off my neighbors, but I can't stick on it, it's so laggy. I'll be on email if anyone needs me, be sure to pass on the word16:17
scott-workdoctormo:  i am not aware of one16:17
paultagmuch love16:17
dholbachjono, enjoy16:17
jonodholbach, and I will approve them when we have reviewed them on a call and discussed the actions16:17
jonoso you don't have too much to do ;-)16:17
jcastrough you gotta be kidding me16:18
sensejcastro: Two todo-items! O Noes!16:18
jcastrobeginner team's already done 2 work items16:19
scott-workdoctormo:  to be honest, after your last comments about lack of developers/development i was concerned that this might be dead16:19
doctormoscott-work: Not dead, just undernourished.16:20
doctormoscott-work: I'm working on getting the wacom project people more involved with having ubuntu support instead of recommended compiling in upstream docs.16:20
doctormoI also had the chance to talk with Ping Cheng of Wacom at UDS.16:21
scott-workdoctormo: oh, do tell :)16:21
doctormoscott-work: It's probably better if I try to join the dots than attempt to do programming ;-) But yeah I think a ppa for daily builds, some announcements upstream and some clearing on the ubuntu forums and wiki should put us in good form.  I also found a wacom-utils python package which does the job of allowing the user to set preferences for their wacom.16:23
jcastrostepping out for caffeine16:27
jcastroI've finally reached inbox 1!17:24
jcastrowhere "1" means, one page!17:24
jcastrojono: is it worth having our call today? I would prefer a day to catch up. A deferrment to tomorrow would help me out17:36
jcastromy WI's are kind of a big pile right now17:36
jonojcastro, no worries, but can we have a really quick call now about something different?17:36
jcastroskype or ... ?17:36
jcastro20 secs to test mic17:37
jcastrook i'm good!17:38
dholbachok, enough messing around with specs & blueprints today - it's dinner time - see you all tomorrow17:56
* dholbach hugs you all17:56
jcastropopey: hmm, looks like the friday sessions and lightning talks and summary videos didn't make it yet?18:02
Technovikingjcastro: how long will you be doing Unity Q7A and Ask Ubuntu>18:35
jcastroTechnoviking: I guess it's ongoing, the DX guys are on it now and most of the major questions are answered so you can unsticky if you want18:36
Technovikingjcastro: thanks, We will have a new stick in the NAtty subforum18:37
Technovikingwhat is the design team channel?18:45
Pici#ayatana ?18:48
TechnovikingPici: thanks18:50
PiciOr maybe thats the dx team.  /me shrugs18:51
doctormojcastro: Unity, why will the user be required to install a package to enable normal gnome desktop when it's installed already for the fallback?18:52
jcastrounless your hw doesn't support unity18:56
jcastroand then you'll get "classic" gnome anyway18:56
jcastroTechnoviking: the UDS session forum people still hate me? :)19:05
Technovikingjcastro: I never knew sigs were so important to people19:05
jcastroI gave up too and just added a sig19:06
jcastrowhen in Rome19:06
TechnovikingI never have had a long sig, always hated people who did19:06
Technovikingthe forum rank I created are been hit though, and make the flow of info on the screen well19:07
Technovikinghopefully I can convice people 2 lines, no color, no graphics sig will look alot more modern19:07
jcastrothis must be some kind of joke19:10
jcastroit's already 3:10pm19:10
Technovikinghell, a stream pipe exploded outside my building and I missed it.19:12
TechnovikingToo busy and losing my hearing to Severed Fifth:)19:13
doctormojcastro: I had a bit of trouble with my net connection, so if you responded, I didn't see it.20:17
jcastrounless your hw doesn't support unity20:18
jcastroand then you'll get "classic" gnome anyway20:18
jcastrodoctormo: ^20:21
jonojcastro, erk, I don't think it was wise to announce the proceedings20:21
jonoremember we are distilling them into an edited document of proceedings20:21
jonothat is what I wanted us to announce20:21
doctormojcastro: So say your hardware does support unity and you still want classic gnome. Why do you have to install an extra package for that?20:22
jcastrojono: oh ok, what should I do?20:22
jonojcastro, no biggie, just leave your blog as it is20:23
jcastrodoctormo: we don't ask you if you want firefox/epiphany, evo/tbird, etc. either?20:23
jcastrojono: I'll update with a "these are in progress and raw"20:23
jcastrobut that won't bump it on planet20:23
doctormojcastro: Er no, what I mean to ask is why is there a technical requirement to install something that is already installed.20:23
jonohmmm did I read somewhere that there is a libreoffice dailly build?20:24
jcastrothere are some upstream20:24
jcastrolet me find them20:24
jcastrojono: UPDATE: As many of you have pointed out, these are raw and in some cases don’t even make sense since they’re pasted in from people furiously typing into gobby documents. They’ll be polished as the week progresses.20:25
jonojcastro, I am asking the leads to summarize outcomes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDSProceedings/N/Final20:25
jonoand then I will put them into a properly laid out PDF and release it20:25
jcastroah, rock and roll20:25
jcastrohmm, I have a WI to talk to meeks anyway, I'll add it to the agenda20:27
jcastroI saw some floating around20:27
jcastrobut that's as official as I can find20:28
doctormojcastro: Should I point my question at the desktop/foundations team? they might be able to answer the technical point.20:28
jcastrodoctormo: I don't get your question20:28
jcastrobut yeah, probably20:28
doctormoI want people to be sure that what we say they will have to do, is actually what they will have to do. Even when it seems illogical.20:28
jcastroI don't know how you would fit both desktops on the same CD20:28
doctormojcastro: That's a requirement anyway, for fallback.20:29
jcastroyeah I don't know how they will do that, it's a good question20:29
jcastrodoctormo: send it to -desktop, half the desktop team is on holiday today20:29
jcastrojono: did you see meek's libreoffice contributor graph?20:32
jcastrohey doctormo20:33
jcastrothat should have some answers20:33
jcastrounity is only 2.5mb!20:33
jcastroman I had no ideas changelogs are like 28megs!!20:34
doctormoLooks like classic will stay, I'll send the email anyways for clarification.20:36
jcastrodoctormo: ask them to clarify it in the spec too20:37
jcastrothat will make it obvious20:37
doctormoThat libre-office  graph is cool, wonderful to see what dropping a contributors assignment can do ;-P20:41
jonoanyone running natty yet?21:50
AlanBellI am planning to upgrade the chickens from Kubuntu 10.04 to Kubuntu 10.10 tomorrow21:56
senseczajkowski: Awesome picture at <http://photos.pixoulphotography.com/Events/UDS-Natty/14450330_Xqidv#1072457032_AvoXD>! :P22:03
AlanBellnot often you can do lipreading from a static photograph23:12

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