kklimonda_jcastro: ping01:44
kklimonda_jcastro: when you have a moment I'd like to talk with you. We got a request from Transmission developer for a quote from someone in Canonical (the more important, the better) about how we use Transmission to distribute Ubuntu. I'm forwarding you the email I got (it was also sent to pr at canonical.com but I don't know if they are the best people to ask about it).01:46
jcastrokklimonda_: I've passed it on01:55
AmaranthArg, really need to figure out a time didrocks and me are both online01:59
micahgAmaranth: you can try in about 4 hours02:01
Amaranthmicahg: Yeah, problem is I have to wake up for work 5 hours after that, probably need to be sleeping :P02:02
micahgAmaranth: ah, so maybe right before work?02:02
Amaranthmicahg: Thinking about it02:02
SarvattRAOF: 20MB was from libdricore?02:19
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ari-tczewhello rodrigo_11:30
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bcurtiswxwhat do we start auto-merging from debian?11:44
bcurtiswxthat is supposed to say when not what :P11:46
Laneythere are no auto merges11:49
ari-tczewbcurtiswx: autosync is closer. merges are manually work.11:52
bcurtiswxok, when does autosync start? O:-)11:52
ari-tczewbcurtiswx: it's started a long ago11:53
ari-tczewbcurtiswx: what's the problem?11:53
bcurtiswxoh, i was thinking it started shortly after UDS.  Thx ari-tczew11:54
ari-tczewnope. soon after toolchain fix.11:55
bcurtiswxand no problems, i was just wondering11:55
rodrigo_hi ari-tczew12:02
pittiGood morning12:12
cyphermoxpitti, good morning\12:18
pittihey cyphermox, made it home in one piece?12:18
cyphermoxyep. then straight to a halloween party :P12:19
cyphermoxsadly, there's snow here now :(12:19
cyphermoxand you?12:20
pitticyphermox: I'm in Cambridge, MA now, for plumber's12:25
cyphermoxah, right12:25
kenvandinepitti, will SRUs still get synced over to natty? or should I start uploading to both?14:18
pittikenvandine: they will be as long as natty never got an upload of that package14:19
kenvandineok, so it's automatic still?14:19
pittiwhich can in theory happen all the way until release14:19
kenvandineso as long as the version number matches don't both?14:19
pittiand it does for a lot of packages14:19
pittikenvandine: correct14:19
kenvandineok, i just uploaded the humanity SRU14:19
didrocks(quick hey during a bank holiday o/)14:30
pittihey didrocks14:30
pittididrocks: how are you? arrived on time and safely?14:31
didrockspitti: hey :) I'm fine thanks. Just had to run at New York, then Paris and finally run to be on time14:31
didrockspitti: because of the flight being delayed of 2 hours in Orlando, just 50 minutes for the connexion in New York has been challenging (knowing that I had to change to another terminal and have the security check again)14:32
fagandidrocks: that sounds like a pain14:32
didrockspitti: Same in Paris, delayed, 30 minutes for entering France, 15 minutes for the luggage as it was crowded, then run and arrived 4 minutes before the train quitted.14:33
didrocksand finally, as I arrived just on time on Lyon, I've been able to run to take the train to Annecy one hour in advance :)14:33
didrocksso free sport! ;)14:34
didrocksbut all shaped finally nicely14:34
didrockspitti: and you?14:34
pittididrocks: I'm in Cambridge, MA since Sat afternoon14:34
pittiit only was a 4 h flight in total, with an 1 h stop in Charlotte14:34
didrocksoh, you still had a connexion14:35
didrockspitti: when plumbers start?14:36
pittididrocks: on Wednesday14:36
TheMusoHey pitti.14:36
didrockspitti: hope you can enjoy the surroundings before then :)14:37
pittiI had a nice long walk yesterday14:37
didrocks(here, back to a 5°C weather :))14:37
pittiwalking through the MIT campus made me wish I'd be a student again for a year :)14:38
didrockspitti: hehe nice! ;) is that big?14:40
pittiquite so14:40
pittiI walked through other parts of the city, of course (it's not big enough for a 3 hour walk), but it's still impressive14:40
gordanyone noticed that do-release-upgrade doesn't work yet unless you specify -d? i'm rather worried i'll upgrade my media box to natty here ;)14:40
pittiand all the pumpkins and fancy costumes :014:40
didrockspitti: awesome :-)14:40
Laneygord: see /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades14:43
didrocksmterry: I saw you changed the Quickly blueprints, thinking about it, the postinst mv won't work if the goal of /opt is to avoid namespace clash (as the files would be in /usr/lib for dpkg and so, it will try to avoid overwrite)14:45
didrocksmterry: so, I'll add prefix support to python-central14:45
gordLaney, hrm? no, thats not what i am saying. do-release-upgrade thinks that maverick is still the development release for some reason. i'm guessing because its the last value here maybe http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release14:45
Laneyoh ok14:46
mterrydidrocks, well, maybe there was some confusion.  I agree that 'postinst' wouldn't work right.  But I thought we had talked about post-install-into-debian/tmp logic in debian/rules.14:46
didrocksmterry: oh ok, yeah, I was thinking that you talked about postinst14:47
didrocksmterry: I'm fine with that temporary solution then :)14:47
mterrydidrocks, I may have used the word postinst, but I meant postinstall.  Probably just shut my mouth too quick.  ;)14:48
mterrydidrocks, that temporary solution assumes that python-support doesn't do anything special (i.e. look for anything in /usr/lib) in postinst.  Do you know if that's true?14:48
didrocksmterry: hum, yeah, python-suppotr does the symlinking, hence the fact it won't work then and the fact I assumed postinst14:49
mterrydidrocks, and was one of the outcomes of the quickly session that LP can already let us upload gpg and ssh keys?  I didn't have whether that was pending or done in my notes14:49
mterrydidrocks, :(  OK.  So damned if we do, damned if we don't.  I suppose we could also do a bit of symlinking ourselves as part of the hack...14:50
didrocksmterry: allow uploads is done (but not in production if I understood correctly). But we still need CoC + ppa creation14:50
didrocksmterry: urgh, with .pyc compiling and such? :/ hum, let me have a look tomorrow if I can tweak python-central for supporting prefix14:51
mterrydidrocks, right, I got those bits in the work item list.  Just wasn't sure about gpg/ssh.  I think I remember that now, though.  curtis said they had landed that day in production14:51
didrocksmterry: check through the online API :-)14:51
mterrydidrocks, ok, so maybe that postinstall hack work item just goes away, leaving your item to make python-central awesomer14:51
didrocksmterry: well, 3 WI please, one for python-central, one for dh_python2 and another one for Quickly tweaks (bin/ update and such)14:52
mterrydidrocks, you're a glutton for work items!14:53
* didrocks likes details WI as a reminder and avoid last minute "oopppsss" ;)14:53
didrocksmterry: not really, just I prefer safety net to my memory ;)14:53
mterrydidrocks, done14:54
didrocksmterry: thanks! :)14:54
thekornhi guys,15:07
thekornhi didrocks, when you have a minute: what do you think about moving bug 663552 back to unity,15:07
thekornas, in my understanding, the reporter is looking for some toggle in the UI to show/hide recently used files15:07
thekornhmm, no bot, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/zeitgeist/+bug/66355215:08
didrocksthekorn: yeah, sounds good. I was thinking the first message get also some "filtering" request, but it seems it's not the case. Then good to switch it to unity-place-files15:09
didrocksplease do :)15:09
thekorndidrocks: cool, thanks, will do...And now, enjoy your holiday ;)15:11
didrocksthekorn: yeah, I should disconnect soon. Thanks! :-)15:11
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LyonJTDoes anyone know how to get a vnc server working on ubuntu-server with ubuntu-desktop installed on it and then use a ssh-tunnel to connect to the vnc-server?15:48
malteHi, I'm trying to port appmenu to Gentoo and I'm stuck on the GTK+ part (I'm not a gentoo developer, nor do I know C, I just like playing around with Gentoo). When I apply the 043_ubuntu_menu_proxy.patch, the build fails with the following error: http://pastebin.ca/1978783 and I can't figure out how to fix it. It would be great if anyone could help me out16:06
mterrypitti, thanks for correcting rick's LP name.  Didn't realize he had a goofy one  :)16:44
pittimterry: yw; I usually fix that stuff immediately to stop the WI from spamming me every hour :)16:45
mterrymalte, it's missing a function Ubuntu adds to GTK+ itself16:46
mterrymalte, so you'd need to also patch Gentoo's GTK+ to add 'ubuntu_gtk_menu_shell_activate_mnemonic'16:46
kenvandinemalte, try asking in #ayatana17:01
devildantetremolux: around?17:03
tremoluxdevildante: hey!  yep, what's up?17:03
devildantetremolux: hi :) can you review https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ilidrissi.amine/software-center/zeitgeist-unused-applications/+merge/39236 ?17:04
and471devildante, has mpt_ looked at that?17:05
devildanteand471: no, I don't think so17:05
devildantebut you raise a good point, mpt_ should look at it ;)17:05
and471devildante, he may want to know about it as well :)17:05
devildantempt_ ^17:05
and471hehe you read my mind :)17:05
tremoluxdevildante: yes, it will be good to have mpt_'s take17:06
devildanteso we wait for him to come, I guess :p17:07
and471devildante, don't get me wrong tho, I think it is great work :)17:07
devildanteheh :)17:07
tremoluxdevildante: sorry for the delay on it;  it's in the queue, we are just back from UDS so we have a bunch of tasks that are taking time early this week17:09
devildanteno problem :)17:09
tremoluxdevildante: cool  :)17:09
and471tremolux, hey, how was UDS?17:09
tremoluxand471: ah yeah, it was great fun17:09
and471tremolux, you don't enthusiastic :P17:10
and471*don't sound17:10
tremoluxand471: haha!  sorry, doesn't come thru well on IRC17:10
and471tremolux, hehe I am just teasing17:10
tremoluxand471: :D17:11
tremoluxand471: I'm still recovering a bit, trying to organize all of the plans and ideas covered, so much happens during that week17:12
and471tremolux, I bet17:13
tremoluxand471: it was cool to see you in some sessions  :)17:13
and471tremolux, yeah I was saying to mpt_ luckily the time zone was not too bad, I could participate in most morning session17:13
tremoluxand471: sorry for the super-loud coughing in that one session  ;)17:13
and471tremolux, hehe, I shall just have to purposefully do it if I ever come to UDS...17:15
tremoluxand471: still can't figure out what that was, 'cuz we really didn't hear any coughing in the room!17:15
tremoluxand471: yes!  get your revenge  ;)17:15
and471tremolux, yeah it is strange...17:15
mpt_devildante, hi, yes, I hoped to look at it today but ran out of time17:25
devildantenp ;)17:25
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maltemterry: I was wondering how I would do that18:05
maltekenvandine: thanks, I'll try that18:06
devildanteseif_: when logging to a file, do we want only the timestamp shown before each line or also a human-readable date?18:08
devildantewhoops, just noticed I posted to the wrong channel :p18:27
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pittiTheMuso: gconftool -R /|grep required_components20:25
pittiTheMuso: it's the /desktop/gnome/session20:25
pittiTheMuso: it's the /desktop/gnome/session/required_components_list20:26
pittirequired_components_list = [windowmanager,filemanager]20:28
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TheMusoHey robert_ancell. How was your trip back home?21:49
robert_ancellTheMuso, long and boring?21:50
TheMusoHeh right, but uneventful otherwise I guess.21:50
robert_ancellTheMuso, sure was.  Has plumbers starteD?21:52
TheMusoNo, starts on Wednesday. Having a mini sprint until then.21:52

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