keesm0hi there08:31
keesm0im looking for aubuntu cloaking08:31
keesm0hown can i do ?08:31
Tm_Thi keesm0, are you an ubuntu member?08:32
jpdskeesm0: Link to your Launchpad page please.08:33
jpds!member | keesm008:37
ubottukeesm0: Want to become an Ubuntu member? Look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership08:37
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Picijpds: ubot2 feeling okay?15:28
jpdsPici: Network provider having issues.15:28
Picijpds: Okay15:28
jpdsPici: Should be stablizing now.15:32
Picijpds: Okay, thanks for the update.15:32
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