nisshhim interested in seeing how many people download the next version of the manual compared to lucid e1 :)04:21
nisshhshould be very interesting04:21
godbykYeah, it will be.04:29
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trijntjeHi all, any news on the quickshot server (or how I can take a screenshot 'manually'), the dutch translation team is dying to release e1, but we still need 1 screenshot20:37
godbykflan: Have you had a chance to setup lucid-e1 on the new quickshot server? And is the new quickshot program available for trijntje to use?21:02
jenkinshas anyone managed to share their wireless signal over bluetooth to an android phone or any phone?21:35
flangodbyk, trijntje, yes, it's available.23:22
flanBut you can just take the screenshot with the Gnome screenshot utility and then upload that, with the proper name.23:23
flanIt may be easier if you opnly have one.23:23
trijntjeflan, can I find an example on the server of the screenshot I need? Its the first one, I think its of some step in the installation?23:23
flanSure thing.23:24
flanI'll send you an archive of all the accepted screenshots for a language... German good with you?23:24
trijntjesure ;)23:24
trijntjebut does the server work? I need to go to a live system anyway to capture the install23:25
flanActually, it might be easier if you just grab the archive directly from godbyk's mirror.23:25
flanJust find the one you're missing, then capture it using the Gnome screenshot utility, give it the same filename, and DCC it to one of  (me, godbyk, jenkins) and we'll put it where it needs to go.23:27
flanThe new server requires the new client; the old server's retired.23:27
flanIt's just dying a slow death.23:27
flanone of us*23:28
trijntjehm, looks like nl needs 20 screenshots..23:29
flanOh. Well, that's considerably more work.23:29
flanWilling to be among the first to help test the new system?23:30
flanI can work with godbyk to move over the partially complete nl screenshots.23:30
godbykflan: I'm happy to help. Just let me know what you need.23:30
trijntjeflan, i'm also happy to help, but not today, its late in my timezone ;)23:31
flanActually, I don't need anything more than permission to do mean things to your bandwidth.23:31
godbykflan: Ah, in that case, have at it!23:32
flan(Generate partial zipfiles and download them using the general lack of security in the old model)23:32
flan(Then just unpack them into the proper paths on my server)23:32
trijntjeill pop back here tomorrow to hear what i'm testing, goodnigth for now23:33
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