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m4n1shWhen will the next meeting of Asia and Oceania region be held ?20:20
ajmitchm4n1sh: last meeting looked to be on the 12th, I guess last week was skipped due to UDS20:46
m4n1shajmitch: so when is next?20:47
ajmitchwhich may make the next meeting on the 10th, but there was talk at the last one of splitting into 2 meeting times for Asia/Oceania20:47
ajmitchyou'd need to ask the board members about it20:47
m4n1shajmitch: how do I contact?20:47
m4n1shpersonally pinging is something I dislike a bit. It's sort of distraction20:48
ajmitchyes it can be a bit annoying20:48
ajmitchthe team is at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-membership-board-asia-oceania20:48
m4n1shajmitch: I saw that20:48
m4n1shjust not able to decide whom I ping20:49
m4n1shprobably popey20:49
m4n1shpopey: you are also in one of them?20:49
popeyone of what?20:49
m4n1shif not in Asia/Oceania20:49
popeyI'm on the EMEA board20:49
m4n1shI thought of applying via Americas but the time difference is huge20:50
popeywhere are you?20:51
popeysurely EMEA is do-able?20:51
m4n1shpopey: yes20:52
m4n1shI Just missed it20:52
m4n1shit is/was Today?20:52
m4n1shEMEA is 1:30 at night which is fine, but I just missed the date20:53
UndiFineDpopey, emea it tomorrow right ?21:00
popeyThe next meeting is scheduled for November 2nd 2010, 20:00 UTC and will be held in #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net.21:02
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