Yaron-HebHello there!13:06
Yaron-HebI need some help getting the bidiui package for thunderbird back in ubuntu13:06
Yaron-HebWho should I turn to and why was it removed in the first place?13:06
micahgYaron-Heb: are there any binary components?13:57
micahgYaron-Heb: it's arch all, why does it need to be in the archive?13:59
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micahgchrisccoulson: I've started the deversioning of thunderbird for the thunderbird-next (3.2) branch18:25
micahgchrisccoulson: also, the remove.binonly stuff might not be so bad (seems like it's running and removing stuff, but looking for a second file), I'm still investigating18:26
BUGabundofta: http://brainbird.net/attachment/119649420:52
BUGabundoI'm gonna burst20:53
BUGabundofta: no chestnuts for you21:31
BUGabundo3rd mem leak and system freeze with chromium21:32
BUGabundo    16   0.08s   0.54s  13.5G   1.7G      0   472    0    0  31% chromium-brows21:34
Yaron-Hebcan anyone tell me what happened to bidiui in ubuntu? what's the reason for removal?21:54
micahgYaron-Heb: we dropped extensions that had no binary components21:58
Yaron-Hebmicahg: so now after it has been updated in Debian it should be cool isn't it?21:58
micahgYaron-Heb: no21:59
Yaron-Hebcan you explain to me what it means?21:59
Yaron-Hebwhat does binary component means and what is the problem with the lack of it21:59
micahgYaron-Heb: since we're upgrading major versions now, we dropped almost everything that didn't have any binary components (we have to update the extensions for each major version update)21:59
Yaron-HebSo is there anything I can do to make this extension back in?22:00
micahgYaron-Heb: give me a good reason why installing from bidiui.mozdev is bad?22:01
micahgand Debian isn't up to date BTW22:02
Yaron-Hebbecause the Hebrew users need it by default, if I installed the Hebrew language pack this should be part of it22:02
Yaron-Hebbidi/RTL support is crucial to those interfaces22:02
micahgYaron-Heb: hebrew works fine in TB3 AFAICT, what doesn't work22:02
* micahg tries it22:03
micahgYaron-Heb: is upstream aware of the issue?  I see what you mean and I think this should be fixed in Thunderbird itself22:04
Yaron-Hebyeah... I just talked to the Israeli representative of Mozilla and he says it would be much easier to use this instead of fixing thunderbird...22:06
micahgYaron-Heb: what about the other RTL languages?  I can't believe Hebrew is the only one affected22:06
Yaron-Hebit affects all of them22:06
micahgYaron-Heb: Ok.  I'll talk with upstream and if we can't find a good solution, it seems to make sense to add this back22:07
Yaron-Hebmicahg: you are the best, thank you!22:07
micahgYaron-Heb: np22:07
micahgYaron-Heb: can you please file a bug against thunderbird that RTL is broke and give me the bug #?22:11
Yaron-Hebyes of course, in mozilla or in launchpad?22:12
micahgYaron-Heb: launchpad please22:12
micahgI need to search around b.m.o for bugs22:12
micahgYaron-Heb: ubuntu-bug thunderbird22:13
Yaron-HebI think that there is a bug about it, I'll try to ask my friends22:14
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