stratagem_bothmm, oddly enough it's working from console now just running mythtranscode --infile (name of mpg)00:00
stratagem_botwhere does mythtranscode store files?00:00
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stratagem_botloosk like a .tmp file for now00:02
stratagem_botmaybe I didn't have the right packages.  I recently installed mythexport from MCC00:04
stratagem_bothm, any way to make mythtranscode not eat up the whole processor?00:21
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stratagem_botI don't get what the Transcode feature on mythweb is supposed to do.  it just made my file even larger01:26
stratagem_botand audio is all f'd now01:32
stratagem_botguessing nuvexport is what I'm looking for02:12
stratagem_botnot idea the point of mythtranscode02:12
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fluvvellGibby, I had a link to your diskless wiki page on mythbuntu.org, but I can't find it now. Can you help with a pointer ?20:30
fluvvellAwesome thanks, I'm puzzled by why its not searchable on the site though. Oh and I'd noticed a little formatting issue partway down the page. Starts with a bullet //Alternative dhcp.conf20:33
fluvvellGibby, has someone submitted it on your behalf? Its an excellent start to a good help page.20:35
GibbyAcutally I submitted it, the DHCP part is funky on formating haven't been able to fix it20:36
fluvvellGibby, if I get some time I'd like to help with the page. Currently though two of the four diskless networks I'm doing work and two dont.  My own test bed is jamming at the nbd load, somehow I'm pointing it back to my router box. I'm still learning how the whole nbd server thing works20:39
fluvvellnetwork block device, served up via openbsd-inetd20:44
mrandfluvvell: any help would be appreciated!20:49
fluvvellmrand, I just keep trying things till it works :-)  With my own I can afford to carry on as my current front end has a drive, but the test does not20:53
fluvvellGibby, have been trying to find how the front end gets the idea of which ip to look for the nbd server?21:08
Gibbywhat is your DHCP server?21:08
fluvvellgibby, its in two parts!  Router computer(ubuntu 8.04.4), then my myth-server as a slave (10.04.1)21:09
Gibbyhmmm that is where i am lost since I have never used ubuntu as a router21:10
fluvvellGibby, just used hardware routers?21:10
Gibbynope, I use untangle built on Debian21:10
fluvvellWow from the iso?21:11
Gibbycheck this our for you DHCP setup http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/edubuntu/handbook/C/ch03s06.html21:12
Zinn[doc.ubuntu.com] Managing DHCP21:12
fluvvellMy router has shares, does backups, serves websites and has Zimbra email server on it. I cant install an iso.21:12
Gibbycorrect that is not what i meant21:13
fluvvellGibby, Ahh, the edubuntu stuff.  I moved away from the pure DHCP server a few years ago as it wasn't as easy as using dnsmasq, which combined local dns serving.21:14
Gibbyuntangle does that, and since it is technically Debian you can edit the /etc/apt and install other stuff on it21:16
fluvvellCould you post your dhcpd.conf file or whatever?21:17
Gibbywhere x.x.x.x is the IP of my LTSP server21:19
fluvvellGibby, yeah the pxe side works ok. I boot right up to the point where the client looks for the nbd devices, then instead of asking for from the mythbox, it asks the router.21:24
fluvvellWhich log? The frontend hasn't started to log as the nbd device isn't mounted. Syslog ok?21:28
fluvvellurrk, pastbin crashed???21:30
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin21:31
Gibbywhat is the IP of your DHCP server and the IP of your LTSP server?21:34
fluvvellGibby, after which the front end sits asking my router for the nbd device. Wait, I'll check something...21:34
fluvvellGibby, and
fluvvellI tried running the ltsp server on the router, but as it was only running 8.0.4 it was not compatible.21:36
Gibbyhmm, i have to run to a meeting, will be back on later tonight, i will need your LTSP logs too21:36
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fluvvellwill do21:37
fluvvellGibby_away, not sure which log has ltsp logging.22:40
fluvvellProblem with IRC is its very difficult to work out what time zone ppl are in22:42
baggar11does mythbuntu 10.10 no longer have the w32/64 codecs options in the mythbuntu control center?23:46

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