IdleOneWould be nice if ubottu could /msg me about users who I have set a @mark on00:02
IdleOnewhen they join the channel that is00:02
Seeker`who is Ayrton Ara├║jo and how do you "participate passively" in something?01:00
IdleOnenot sure who that is but I suspect they would like to attend to observe01:06
IdleOneSeeker`: and unless by some magical occurrence I have something to do. I will be there.01:08
IdleOneahh it's easter_egg01:11
Seeker`no idea who that is01:24
IdleOnehe is part of the ubuntu-br team01:25
IdleOneand ubuntu member01:26
macowhat the heck is going on in #ubuntu03:32
macothere are 3 users going on about how su is better than sudo and talking about sudo passwd and stuff03:32
macoand swearing03:32
bazhang mooly (~mooly@jewsare.evilfuckerz.org    that should be a ban based on the host alone, yes?04:44
macoew yes04:45
macosorry i didnt see that04:45
bazhangmetaphaze seems to be trolling as well04:46
macowhich is what i was saying an hour and 15 minutes ago...04:47
bazhanghe should be PM'd and if no response then quieted and/or removed04:48
macoim headint to bed04:48
bazhangI'm about to have lunch04:48
bazhangMetaPhaze, you were asked repeatedly to stay on topic04:53
MetaPhazemuted on #ubuntu even though I helped everyone who came in. May not have been nice since everyone is an experty yet can't help me....still know how to make dep, make clean, make a new kernel04:53
MetaPhazebazhang, whats the topic, sports? pop cultute?04:53
MetaPhazemute me i dont care04:53
bazhangMetaPhaze, you were constantly being off topic04:53
MetaPhazewhats the topic04:53
bazhangubuntu support only04:54
bazhangrecommending debian, and ranting about how bad Ubuntu is are not part of that04:54
MetaPhazewell i sure as shit supported linux04:54
MetaPhazemaybe not ubuntu which wont freaking work04:54
MetaPhazei didnt say ubuntu sucks04:54
MetaPhazejust saying it wont work for me04:54
bazhang##linux would be a more suitable place for you then04:55
MetaPhazeyeah sounds goood04:55
MetaPhazebut i dont wanna fuss with ./nickserv reg04:55
MetaPhazeshoot bazhang i helped so many users lol04:55
bazhangMetaPhaze, I saw none of that. just telling them to use debian instead.04:55
MetaPhazelook before that04:55
MetaPhazelol im not a shit starter some asked me for help, i provided help04:56
bazhangMetaPhaze, there is not a karma system even if you did help a single person04:56
MetaPhazei dont mind being banned, just have good cause04:56
MetaPhazeok fine, keep me banne04:56
bazhangMetaPhaze, you were constantly off topic and asked repeatedly to stop.04:56
MetaPhazeyou want my hostname so you can perma ban me?04:56
MetaPhazeok fine, you want my hostname so you can perma ban me?04:57
MetaPhaze#ubuntu is a joke, a bunch of wannabes answering questions04:57
MetaPhazeat least I answered LINUX questions that don't pertain to distro04:57
bazhangthen no need for you to come back04:57
MetaPhazeright on bro04:57
MetaPhazeban me, then help me with my ubuntu issues04:57
MetaPhazelol i seriously don't care04:58
bazhangit's not a linux channel, but Ubuntu only. thus the suggestion for ##linux for you04:58
MetaPhazemy issues are ubuntu04:58
MetaPhazenot linux in general ;)04:58
bazhangyou've clearly not understood the line between support and random chit chat04:59
MetaPhaze#ubuntu seems pretty random04:59
MetaPhazewhy is "How do I use grep" pertain to ubuntu04:59
MetaPhazethat is pretty generic to linux?04:59
MetaPhazeand shouldnt even be hassled with in a support chan05:00
MetaPhazebuy a book05:00
bazhangclearly you have not read the code of conduct nor channel guidelines that I sent you via PM05:00
MetaPhazeI dont have one PM from you on IRC05:01
MetaPhazeyou want a screen shot?05:01
bazhangodd. I have a PM window with you open right now.05:01
MetaPhazei didnt get it, look ive been trying to help users05:01
MetaPhazebecause i need help, no one can help me05:02
bazhangat any rate, judging by your general attitude, I see no reason to allow you to continue the random chat05:02
MetaPhazewhat do you want me to do05:02
MetaPhazebazhang, you already banned me, w/e dude05:02
MetaPhazeit doesnt make me sad05:02
bazhangmerely muted05:02
MetaPhazelol i dont care05:03
MetaPhazeive been muted from a chan where no one can help ME05:03
MetaPhazecan someone help me here?05:03
bazhangokay then, nothing to discuss here.05:03
MetaPhazeo0h no we have plenty to discuss05:03
MetaPhazeI need help :D05:03
bazhangthis is not a support channel, so no.05:03
MetaPhazePING! PONG! i got your msg05:03
MetaPhazelooks like your full of bologna05:04
MetaPhazei was muted before given a chance05:04
MetaPhaze"<bazhang> hi05:04
MetaPhaze<bazhang> you are currently muted.05:04
MetaPhaze<bazhang> http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/05:04
MetaPhaze<bazhang> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:04
MetaPhaze<bazhang> read those should you wish that to change"05:04
MetaPhazeohhhhhhhhhhhh shit05:04
MetaPhazeno chance05:04
MetaPhazew/e dude05:04
MetaPhazeyou dont scare me, anyone here understand creating driver_ID for Marvell SATA drives?05:04
bazhangyou were asked multiple times by multiple users to stay on topic, yet continued nonetheless05:04
MetaPhazenone ... the ... less05:05
MetaPhazeI resolved a lot of users issues05:05
MetaPhazeLinux = Linux05:05
MetaPhazedont care about distro05:05
bazhangnone that I saw.05:05
MetaPhazeone user asked me about using debian05:05
MetaPhazelol its in the logs05:05
MetaPhazewant more?05:05
bazhangno need.05:05
MetaPhazelook dude seriously i dont care05:05
MetaPhazeim not 10 years old05:05
bazhangMetaPhaze, please part the channel then.05:05
MetaPhazeok enough is enouggh you got me out of the CHAN help me with my issues?05:06
MetaPhazeYou want me to part? Nah, i want bazhang who is an expert to help me resolve my issues05:06
MetaPhazeI'm wrong in my suggestions/comments05:07
MetaPhazeI need an expert like you bazhang to help me resolve my issues05:07
MetaPhazewhere you at bazhang you got any ideas?05:08
MetaPhazeloves to help05:08
bazhangMetaPhaze, this channel is for moving issues forward in respect to mutes/bans and such issues, again not a support channel05:09
bazhangMetaPhaze, you see nothing wrong with your behavior in #ubuntu and will not alter it nor read the code of conduct nor guidelines pertaining to the channel.05:10
MetaPhazewell bazhang being such a great OP knowing how to resolve issues, can you PLEASE tell me where I can present my issues to Ubuntu 10.10 with Marvell adapters, with user owned driver_id resources  Because I am sure that is important to the dev team. Way more important then frick and frack in an IRC chan...05:10
MetaPhazeI see my behavior now as WRONG in the IRC chan...When you brought it up in to the OPS chan, before that, I can only see myself as helpful05:11
MetaPhazeresolved, shit, i dont know at least a 100 ~usr05:11
MetaPhazelook dude, if you want the power trip keep it, ban me I dont care...just point me in the DIR where someone can help me05:12
bazhangMetaPhaze, you were asked repeatedly to stop swearing, remain on topic and you continually ignored those entreaties.05:12
MetaPhazec'mon now bazhang I said I was sorry, and corrected my language. I understand #ubuntu is a family friendly05:13
MetaPhazedude keep your power trip i dont care05:14
MetaPhazejust point me in the DIR of someone who knows what they are doing, instead of a 14 yearold kid with some +OP05:14
MetaPhazeLOL i dont care dude05:14
bazhangMetaPhaze, I suggest you read the documents linked above and come back in 24 hours to discuss.05:14
MetaPhazeblah blah blah05:14
MetaPhazeban me from #ubuntu05:14
MetaPhazeI dont think you can, I think you can only mute me05:15
MetaPhazeI wrote my own device drivers05:15
bazhangMetaPhaze, there is nothing further to discuss at this time, as you seem unwilling to take the necessary steps to move this forward.05:15
MetaPhazeyou can get me in touch with someone who knows WTF is going on besides being an IRC Chat OP LOL05:15
bazhangMetaPhaze, please part the channel and return when or if you are willing to move this forward.05:16
MetaPhazeLove to move it forward, since you sugggest, who is your SUPERVISOR05:16
MetaPhazeim willing to play by the rules05:17
MetaPhazeLove helping folks05:17
bazhangMetaPhaze, then read the linked documents and return in 24 hours time to discuss.05:17
MetaPhazebazhang, you must have a supervisor since you can't ban me from #ubuntu, let me discuss this with him/her?05:17
bazhang!appeals | MetaPhaze05:18
ubottuMetaPhaze: If you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.05:18
MetaPhazeSince I have NOT done any ill to the Ubuntu distro, just making suggestions to resolve issues05:18
MetaPhazeOk bazhang has issues a !appeals for | Metahaze05:19
MetaPhazelove to appeal it now05:19
bazhangMetaPhaze, then check the link and contact the email listed therein05:19
MetaPhazelook bazhang im not creating a problem for anyone05:20
MetaPhazeI was helping with universal Linux help05:20
MetaPhazegetting banned for explaining how to do something under *ANY* distro is a joke05:20
MetaPhazeif you dont want me in ubuntu fine...05:20
MetaPhazejust say so05:20
MetaPhazeIm not a jackoff, I dont mind helping05:21
MetaPhazeMy experience comes from CLI way before Ubuntu was even thought of05:21
bazhangMetaPhaze, you feel unhappy with an operators decision and wish to appeal. the first step, which was discussing here, is through. I suggest you follow the next step in your appeal process.05:22
MetaPhazebazhang, not that important to me, good luck to you, appreciate all you do to help other users05:23
MetaPhazeOPS in this chan, Im sure everyone in the #ubuntu , #ubntu-offtopic appreciate it05:24
MetaPhazesorrying for being so crass05:25
MetaPhazebazhang, I just hope I can idle in your #ubuntu chan so I can PM users to help them05:26
MetaPhazebazhang, can you please tell me how I can move to the next step to appeal a mute?05:29
MetaPhazeApparently all the Private MSG's I am getting from #ubuntu for help isn't enough...05:29
MetaPhazebazhang, can you please tell me how to to esclate this to the next step?05:33
bazhangMetaPhaze, I have. PM'ing users in #ubuntu randomly is not acceptable. I had hoped we could resolve a simple mute here, but you wish not to read any of the appropriate documentation nor alter your behavior in #ubuntu .05:34
MetaPhazebazhang, I don't PM anyone randomly05:35
MetaPhazeJust show me a link where I can read how to object to your mute05:36
MetaPhazeChanServ gives channel operator status to bazhang05:36
MetaPhaze* You have left channel #ubuntu (requested by bazhang (Goodbye))05:36
MetaPhazei dont need to help anyone else05:36
bazhangMetaPhaze, should you wish to move this forward, you can access the appeals link; that will take considerably more time than simply reading the appropriate documents and coming back here in 48 hours to discuss again05:37
MetaPhazebazhang, sounds good, can you PLEASE link me to the appropriate documents?05:37
bazhangMetaPhaze, yes, as you have said you wish to PM people randomly in #ubuntu to offer suggestions I felt it was appropriate to switch your mute to a straight ban.05:38
MetaPhazeI understand how you feel, can you please link me to appropriate artbiration documents?05:38
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess  MetaPhaze05:38
MetaPhazeThank you bazhang have a wonderful evning, and a spooky Halloween05:39
bazhangMetaPhaze, please don't idle in this channel, as per the topic.05:48
bazhangMetaPhaze03, ?05:57
MetaPhaze03I enjoyed your company too bazhang06:00
bazhangMetaPhaze03, please dont idle here.06:01
MetaPhaze03bazhang, I thought we were friends trying to accomplish the same goal06:05
MetaPhaze03got ubuntu on my netbook, I thought we were going to get it installed on my desktop06:06
bazhangMetaPhaze03, this is not a support channel. please read the /topic.06:08
MetaPhaze03oh sorry, just thought since you were an OP you wanted to help...06:09
MetaPhaze03didn't realize OPs here were just for bragging rights ;)06:10
bazhanghe's PMing random users saying he was banned simply for mentioning debian06:17
alabdGood day all , would someone get my user out of ban ?07:14
alabdin #ubuntu07:14
alabdit's about some month and now i-humble want to upgrade kernel and need support07:15
Tm_Talabd: hi, as here seems to be noone who has possibility to deal this matter, I would kindly ask you to return in few hours in hope we have more active ops07:49
Tm_Thi keesm0, how can we help you?07:49
alabdTm_T thanks , for noe where can i-humble ask question about how to upgrade 9.04 kernel?07:50
Tm_Tsorry, no idea07:51
ikoniamega panarchy is now cloaked again08:49
ikoniamorning by the way08:52
ikoniahello keesm008:58
ikoniahow can we help you today keesm0 ?08:59
jpdskeesm0: Bonjour.09:00
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1457 users, 0 overflows, 1457 limit))09:09
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1457 users, 0 overflows, 1457 limit))09:09
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1457 users, 0 overflows, 1457 limit))09:09
ikoniakeesm0: hello ?09:11
jpdsikonia: See -irc too.09:14
ikoniathank you jpds09:15
=== keesm0 is now known as val^away
=== val^away is now known as keesm0
ikoniakeesm0: if you don't need anything else from the team in this channel, could you please leave as per the /topic as we have a no idle policy09:51
* keesm0 ok ikonia no problem byebye09:52
jpds 09:54
ikonia!find ironahk10:40
ubottuPackage/file ironahk does not exist in maverick10:40
ikoniahow annoying10:40
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, hyperstream said: !best  what is the best ftp server11:27
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popeyFYI: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/sounder/2010-October/015409.html14:33
popeySpaceGhost = that guy. He's now banned from ubuntu-users and sounder lists14:33
Picipopey: Thanks for the update.  I figured that would happen after some of his comments on sounder.  I let Lyz know about it a few days ago.14:34
popeyI completely missed that thread14:34
IdleOneWhat is going on with him :/14:34
popeyI only got alerted when he cc'ed Claire Newman14:34
PiciI didn't link to a specific thread, or really provide details.  I probably should have.14:35
IdleOnegoing to leave Madmatrix on +q they are responding with gibberish in PM15:34
=== elkybirthday is now known as elky
elkyhmm, i thought he was older than 14...16:32
ikoniawho ?16:34
elkyspaceghost, as per above16:36
popeyI dunno how old he is, he seems to swing wildly from coherent, sane and helpful to madly abusive and childish. I wouldn't even try to peg an age on him16:37
elkyhe claimed to have kids16:38
elkyso, who knows16:38
ikoniahe's not 1416:38
elkytaylanub, can we help?16:40
ubottum4v called the ops in #ubuntu (TakeADump)17:35
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oly562why am i banned  from #ubuntu20:20
oly562i just tried to log in, and pop up says im banned....20:22
oly562is this what to expect from the Ubuntu community for which I am a member....20:22
oly562are all people i send to Ubuntu going to get this type of treatment....20:22
oly562why am I banned from #ubuntu room... again... i havent been in there for over 2 days.... who keeps banning me?? you sorry ass20:23
oly562why isn't anyone responding??20:24
pleia2oly562: please be patient and wait for an #ubuntu op, we're all volunteers here :)20:25
oly562why was i banned.... i shouldnt be in this room at all20:26
oly562i need my questions answered or some help with things,,,, ikonia you punk, IdleOne you punk, who put me on ban...20:26
oly562they are here, they are just hiding20:26
oly562tell you what,,, next time i see one of you at a ubuntu meeting, i'm going to talk to you in person, hows that20:26
mneptokcalling people names is not going to help.20:27
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:27
oly562i have not idea what that mans,,,20:27
oly562ignoring me jerk isnt helping either20:27
oly562i want to know who banned me and why20:27
mneptokthat's what i'm trying to find out.20:27
oly562this is getting rediculious20:27
oly562i have not beef with you mneptok but do not state the obvious to me, i know what im saying and doing20:28
mneptokit seems you have been banned multiple times, and have even been referred to the IRC appeals process.20:29
oly562im a volunteer everytime i answer a noobs question, but i dont say it to them, i just help20:29
oly562do you know how long ago that was? you make it sound like it happend yesterday20:30
oly562yah, i kicked a dog once for biting me, is that wrong?20:30
oly562im here for info and helping others, i do not see how any of this happens at all. other than, personal bias20:30
mneptoki'm looking in the bantracker, and i see that you have been banned multiple times, have been banned from this channel for your language, and have been quite profane and abusive in PM with other ops.20:32
oly562your ops are asses20:32
mneptokas you say, i have had no interaction with you.20:32
mneptok"my" ops?20:32
oly562those who have talked to me the way they did20:32
oly562they deserve it20:32
mneptokhardly. i'm just one among many equals.20:32
oly562right right20:32
oly562look,  take the ban off, and tell who it was20:33
mneptokbut you admit there have been problems?20:33
oly562i admit there are problems with people like you who think they can talk to me this way20:33
oly562are you a lawyer?20:33
mneptokbecause i'm not getting involved. and i don't want you to think it's because i didn't even bother to look.20:33
oly562listen to you20:33
oly562bottom line is,,, there is no reason for the ban20:33
oly562my ban was lifted, i went in, got my info, and left20:34
oly562i come back today, 3 days later20:34
IdleOneThe ban will not be lifted. not today. Your attitude and language in here proves you are unable to control yourself.20:34
oly562and it says im banned20:34
oly562so... for you and anyone like you, if i see you at a meeting, im going to come up and talk to you20:34
oly562see if you ban me then20:34
oly562i dont like people who are hardheaded and unfriendly20:34
* mneptok is not sure what that means20:35
oly562and think they are gods of irc20:35
* jrib is with mneptok20:35
knomeme neither. please stop this sillyness.20:35
IdleOneoly562: you are welcome to come meet us at a Montreal meetup20:35
oly562right right20:35
oly562IdleOne:  your another one20:35
IdleOneI'll be happy to explain the ubuntu guidelines to you in person20:35
oly562sure you will20:35
oly562just like in here20:35
oly562take the ban off20:35
oly562and i will forgive your evil ways20:36
IdleOnenot going to happen.20:36
oly562your a dick IdleOne20:36
oly562im sure im not the only one to express that20:36
jribI had no clue what the ban was about, but I'm starting to get a feeling.  oly562 you need to calm down if you hope to get this sorted out.20:36
knomeTm_T, thanks20:36
IdleOnemneptok: Please remove him from here. We don't need to take this abuse. The ban will not be lifted until he learns to discuss like an adult and not make threats.20:36
IdleOneTm_T: THANK YOU20:37
mneptokIdleOne: Tm_T has even less patience than i.20:37
IdleOnesorry caps20:37
mneptokhis costume was nice, though. which makes this a really tough vote.20:37
knomeimo it's not really about patience. it's about if you really should take all that20:37
Tm_Tmneptok: wasn't about of patience, no need to give him more rope20:38
mneptokTm_T: the marionette swings farther with more.20:38
Tm_Tanyway, I'm going to sleep, good night all <320:38
knomenight Tm_T20:38
mneptokIdleOne: so ... is that true?20:39
IdleOneis what true?20:39
mneptokare you a dick?20:39
IdleOneI have been called worse20:39
IdleOnemany times20:39
IdleOneso I suppose it is20:39
mneptokwe all have. but being called something and being something are different.20:39
IdleOnewhen it comes to the Ubuntu guidelines I am strict20:40
IdleOneif that makes me a .... fine20:40
IdleOnethat's what I am20:40
mneptokprobably more so than i am. which i guess makes me the dick. if that's the pejorative du jour.20:40
IdleOneI rather not use any pejoratives20:41
mneptoktake 2 before workouts for an energy boost.20:42
oly562i would like to have access to the #ubuntu room, or someone here help me with my driver issue20:49
oly562that is really ever what i need when i come to these rooms, some help20:49
oly562i would also like to know why i was banned from last time i logged in until today... when i tried again....20:50
oly562feel free to join in at anytime...  its 1:50pm pac time20:50
oly562ic, only when i start to get upset. will someone say something....20:52
oly562thats been the pattern everytime i have come in this room....20:52
oly5622 mins have passed, im not an idle20:53
oly562and will wait here all day until i find out...20:53
oly562do i have to cuss to get attn?20:57
oly562that seems to be the only way to get a response,,,20:57
knomeoly562, please.20:58
oly562knome: sighs... put yourself in my shoes20:58
oly562i say one cuss word or name call, and the room responds... that means, they are sitting and waiting for it....20:58
oly562make sense?20:58
oly562to me it does20:58
knomethat's not true. people are volunteers, which means they are sitting and waiting for somebody to say something.20:59
oly562its not 1:58 pactime, still no response20:59
oly562of course they are20:59
oly562thats how it works20:59
oly562i have all my chat logs to prove it20:59
oly562time and time again20:59
oly562i have to actually get mean to get a response20:59
oly562look,,, i just need access or can someone help with my driver issue, simple, i have wasted enough time21:00
knomeplease. you were given one chance today to resolve your issue but due to your attitude, it was not resolved. IdleOne even told you, the ban is not going to be lifted today. please come back in 24 hours.21:00
oly562i hate idle21:00
oly562and i told him to never speak to me again21:00
oly562did he listen?21:00
knomemneptok, ?21:00
oly562what makes him more important than me21:00
oly562he knows, he is sitting there watching21:01
oly562mneptok: played lawyer with me21:01
oly562i dont like him anymore either21:01
oly562no one yet has addressed my question21:01
oly562now or the first time i came in here21:02
knomeoly562, please. can you try to control yourself. come back in 24 hours and try to take a more positive attitude, and the ops will try to resolve your issue.21:02
oly562my attitude was nothing compared to waiting that long, when i say one bad thing and i get umptine responses21:02
oly562no, i need my drivers to work today21:02
oly562like now21:02
oly562is this how you will treat people who ask for help?21:02
knomethis is not a support channel as the topic says.21:03
knomeif you need the drivers to work now, you can search the forums or even call the paid support.21:03
oly562obviously its a no win situation in here, that comment shows me your like the rest.. not a real linux user, not part of linux community, and surely not able to ever try to understand21:03
oly562oh please.. your such a wuss21:03
oly562talk to me like a person not a scripted response21:04
oly562im not some noob21:04
oly562i just some links or basic advice, as i can not get this driver up... on ubuntu, other OS sure, ubuntu not....21:04
gordoly562, this is not a support channel, you will not find support here, please come back in 24 hours if you want to discuss your ban21:05
oly562every distro rolls thier own from source, and puts this or that there or here, and renames it to sound new,,, so witih Ubuntu, aka debian, its really upsetting.. to sit here and waste this much time21:05
oly562gord: are you a linux user?21:05
oly562then why arent you helping a fellow nixian21:06
oly562bah im bored, your not community, those who have spoke to me, your perpetrating frauds...21:06
oly562should for sure be volunteers21:06
IdleOneoly562: the original reason you were banned was because you kept asking for help with a modified java binary. you then came here and tsimpson gave you a chance, even after you abused the ops in here with bad language. ikonia read the back log of this channel and decided that your attitude in here did not warrant the chance and he reset the ban which I agree with. Your attitude and bad language in here today further solidifies my belief that yo21:06
IdleOneu are not able to follow our channel guidelines. The ban will not be lifted today. Please return in 24 hours with a better attitude and we can discuss this further at that time.21:06
oly562are youuuuuuuuuuuuu21:07
oly562you talking about..............21:07
oly562what kinda crap is that21:07
oly562my attitude???????????????//21:07
oly562i dont NOT kiss peoples ass who are not worthy21:07
IdleOneit isn't crap it is the answer to your question.21:07
IdleOneand I do not take well to threats.21:08
oly562you are exactly the type of "op" i dispise21:08
IdleOneplease leave now.21:08
oly562well what can i really say to that... except, do not talk to me again21:08
oly562like i told you before21:08
IdleOnethat is fine but the ban stays21:09
oly562you have no idea what its like being on this end do you....21:09
oly562unable to ban people like you21:09
oly562your not my god21:09
IdleOneI don't talk to people like you do21:09
IdleOnei threat people with respect21:09
oly562you dont have to21:09
oly562you have a button to push21:10
oly562so you push it21:10
knomeIdleOne, s/threat/treat/ :)21:10
IdleOnei don't demand help from a volunteer community. I ask politely21:10
IdleOneknome: thank you21:10
ikoniaI guess this is done then21:10
guntberthi, can someone tell skism in #ubuntu to take it easy on the <enter> key ? -- he won't listen to me21:10
oly562im a voluteer each time i help someone, but i dont say,, Im a volunteer, i just do it21:10
IdleOneikonia: this is done. yes21:10
ikoniaIdleOne: yes21:10
ikoniaguntbert: no problem21:10
oly562ikonia: oh there you are21:10
oly562the one who started all this now and then21:11
oly562why did i get banned from 4 days ago until today?21:11
IdleOneI answered that already.21:11
oly562i tried to log in, and well, as you probably know, i was banned again21:11
ikoniaapologies for the slow response, I was not here when you started21:11
oly562your NOT ikonia IdleOne21:11
oly562ok,,, ikonia 1. did you ban me the other day again?21:11
oly562if so.. why?21:11
oly562in #ubuntu21:12
oly562i log in today, and i get the ban pop up21:12
oly562i tested skype with a user, then i logged off...21:12
oly562so why am i here today again, ikonia21:12
ikoniaoly562: I told you the day you got banned that your modified flash package was not supported, tsimpson removed the ban, and you then started asking for help with your flash problem again21:12
ikoniathat was the basis, however your long term attitude and inability to follow the rules is the long term issue21:13
oly562not following me question... read it again21:13
oly562that made no sense, long term21:13
ikoniaok, I'll try to be clearer21:13
oly562sorry i disagree21:13
oly562i know what and what not i do, im typing int21:13
ikoniathis current ban was put in place due to you asking about your modified flash binariy after being told it is not supported21:13
oly562im also logging it21:14
oly562fine fine21:14
ikoniathe channel is publicly logged21:14
oly562we discussed that21:14
oly562now.......... 1. why was a banned after that21:14
oly562from then to now21:14
ikoniaoly562: you got unbanned, and rejoined ubuntu and started askig about it again21:14
oly562before i came in this room21:14
ikoniathe day you go unbanned, you joined #ubuntu and started asking about your modified flash problem again21:14
ikoniaso I banned you21:14
oly562no i did not21:14
ikoniayou did21:15
oly562paste it here unmodified21:15
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/21:15
oly562i mentioned i wouldnt be using that, not asking for questions about it... so that others may understand its not working21:15
oly562i know what i said and meant21:15
ikoniabe with you in a minute while I pull the logs21:16
oly562i have been here this long, why not a bit longer21:18
oly562ops, did i show some attitude...21:19
ikoniadrop the attitude if you want to talk about it properly21:19
ikoniaok done21:19
oly562see, ou were never really going to show anything21:19
ikonianot discussing this any more21:19
oly562see how quick witted and responsive you are21:19
oly562thats what i deal with in the public room21:19
oly562thats how you talk to me21:19
ikoniaI am, I'm searching the logs, but I'm not having any more attitude from you21:19
oly562i dont like it21:19
oly562nah, you never wanted to help me now or then21:19
ikoniaoly562: please leave the channel, this won't be discussed any more21:19
oly562your biased and should not be a volunteer21:20
Seeker`!appeals | oly56221:20
ubottuoly562: If you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.21:20
Seeker`!ops | oly56221:20
ubottuoly562: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!21:20
ubottuSeeker` called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (oly562)21:20
oly562again, overreacting21:20
oly562so you see people this is what i mean by biased21:20
oly562not really willing to help people just for the sake of helping, this is what i feel ubuntu is about... however, this is not the case with ikonia and his minions21:21
oly562actually looking at that list of help,, i noticed some of those were always at his side... pici, nalioth, what kinda of list is that21:21
ikoniathank you, I refuse to discuss things while getting attitude like that21:22
ikoniaI'm more than willing to through it with him, but not taking any more attitude/abuse from him21:22
ikoniaoly562: if you remain calm and drop the abuse, I'm happy to discuss this with you, as normal humans do21:23
ikoniais that possible ?21:23
oly562what kinda of response is that,, how am i exactly to respond to that downgrading comment right there... think about it....21:23
oly562anything is possible with you ikonia21:24
ikoniaoly562: yes or no is the response I'm expecting21:24
ikoniaoly562: ok, so you can keep calm and no abuse ? yes/no ?21:24
oly562id like my ban lifted, and why i was banned from 4 days ago and today... oh and yes, sure, of course, definitely21:24
oly562sometimes i type when your typing21:24
oly562if you talk to me normal i will do the same21:25
ikoniaI've not talked rude or abusive to you, I don't expect it in return21:25
KB1JWQHows about we all be civil?21:25
oly562sighs..i simply woudl like to rejoin #ubuntu and solve my driver issue.... i dont get all this21:25
oly562i usually ask for links or a few commands im not familiar with... whats so hard about all this21:26
oly562i do not need all the personal attitude either21:26
ikoniaoly562: please keep to this ban only21:26
ikoniaI'm just pulling the logs for you now21:26
oly562why not simply let me go and ask my questions like i always have done.... forget all this other stuff. its after the fact21:27
oly562my god21:27
ikoniaoly562: this is the last time I'll ask, please be patience and calm21:27
oly562im patient21:27
oly562i just dont kiss ass, and stop making me try to21:28
ikoniaok, please just wait quietly, and I'll grab the logs now and explain21:28
ikoniaok enough,21:28
ikoniaI'm done21:28
ikoniaoly562: please leave the channel, I'm not progressing this any more21:28
oly562anyway,,, if someone understands, they can help out.... as you can see this really is a personal issue21:28
oly562i am unable to resolve by myself21:28
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:29
oly562in the meantime, i will check google for answers.. while i waste time sitting here21:29
Seeker`oly562: please don't idle in here. You have been linked the appeals process already.21:29
oly562since this is "not" a support room21:29
ikoniaoly562: please leave the channel, your ban won't be progressed at this time21:29
Seeker`nhandler: still about?21:30
oly562who is Seeker`?21:30
Seeker`oly562: I am an op.21:30
oly562oh hello21:30
knomenhandler, thanks. i love you eternally.21:30
Seeker`nhandler: care to remove him to?21:30
nhandlerI'll remove the ban later in the hour. I just want to keep him from rejoining for now21:30
nhandlerCrap, I thought I had done a ban remove Seeker`21:31
knomeway too much rope21:31
ikoniahe's a long term problem user21:31
Seeker`for the 1,000,000,000th time, why do people get involved in hour long discussions with trolls?21:31
knomehe seems to think that talking to a "new" op would trick us21:32
ikoniahe knows what he's doing21:32
knomehe should have been banned with the first kick really.21:32
Seeker`if the ircc would hurry up and get the ops in here sorted, he would have been.21:32
nhandlerI disagree. There is no reason to ban someone on the first removal. Even the ban I have in place now will be removed shortly21:34
knomethere should clearly be a time limit with these guys trying to resolve their bans21:34
IdleOneapparently every time a troll rejoins we have to go about the entire process of bending over for them.21:34
Seeker`nhandler: he has been through this several times before21:35
Seeker`he isn't a new user21:35
knomeif there is no sign of any progress in sight in the first, say 20 minutes, then remove21:35
knomeif the attitude remains negative whatever the ops said, i don't think it will improve after a kick. really.21:35
Seeker`nhandler: I'm all for giving people that aren't known to us a chance. But people that repeatedly waste hours of our time shouldn't be allowed to continue.21:36
knomeagreed with Seeker`. even i can remember this guy from before, even if i don't read all the backlogs every day.21:36
Seeker`There was a question about how to reduce op fatigue / stress in one of the sessions in UDS. Allowing trolls to monopolise our time is the biggest thing we could do towards keeping ops sane.21:36
Seeker`*Not allowing21:37
jribSeeker`: case in point, eh21:38
IdleOneI am all for not allowing people to abuse us. They abuse the community first which is what brings them here and then we have to take the abuse also? I don't think so.21:39
Seeker`nhandler: he was unbanned previously in #u, and started up with exactly what he was banned for before, so he was banned again. He then came in and spent an hour being abusive. He was unhappy with his ban, he wasn't going to get unbanned, so why not give him a link to !appeals and then stop him further wasting our time?21:39
Seeker`jrib: huh?21:39
Seeker`sorry, long day, tired21:39
jribSeeker`: bad joke, the olly issue caused you to say "allow" instead of "not allow"21:40
Seeker`jrib: I've not been sane for a long time :P I'm still here after a few years :P21:40
nhandlerSeeker`: He was given a link to the appeals process and then removed after refusing to leave when requested. But there is no reason for an initial ban to be set with that first removal21:41
IdleOneeven after implied physical harm?21:41
IdleOneeven after calling me a dick21:42
IdleOneeven after cursing up a storm21:42
IdleOnetoday and the other day21:42
IdleOneto much hand holding. we need to kick asses when they need to be kicked21:42
Seeker`nhandler: if he wanted to contest his ban he can contact the IRCC. What purpose does allowing him back in serve?21:42
IdleOnerww: what's up?21:43
Seeker`nhandler: and it wasn't his first removal. It was his second *this evening*21:43
rwwHola. I take it that nhandler's email to ubuntu-irc applies to all channels covered by the bantracker?21:44
nhandlerrww: Yes21:44
rwwnhandler: I don't have BT access, and op #ubuntu-women. Can you pull any attached logfiles from my bans in there for me, please?21:44
ikoniaI didn't think BT covered #ubuntu-women ?21:45
rwwikonia: it does21:45
IdleOneit does21:45
ikoniaI never noticed that21:45
rwwor process my operator application and give me BT access ;P. Either works ;P21:45
nhandlerHmm...Why does it is my question21:45
elkyIt was originally accidental, but it's been infinitely useful21:45
IdleOneit helps the UW team keep track of problem/repeat offenders21:46
nhandlerelky: It might be useful, but if we are restricting the BT to the core channels, we should probably stick to that policy. Otherwise, we should make it available to other Ubuntu channels21:46
nhandlerrww: I don't have an easy way to export a list, but I'll make sure someone gets you a list of active bans for #ubuntu-women from the BT21:46
elkyAaaand this is why the level of bureaucracy being build in to the irc landscape is scaring me.21:47
Seeker`nhandler: so, he was warned about his behaviour / asked to be patient by mnepto k, knom e, Tm_ T, IdleOne and ikonia. He was kicked once for his attitude, and the discussion was allowed to continue. And all of that doesn't deserve a ban, after he had been told the ban wasn't being removed and how to appeal, at which point being int he channel no longer serves any purpose other than to wind people up?21:47
rwwnhandler: I'm more interested in any logs it has saved, actually. Thanks to some shuffling around of my irssi client's location, I think I might be missing context for some of them.21:48
ikoniarww: i cross check ban dates again the public logs if that helps21:48
rwwikonia: #ubuntu-women isn't publicly logged ;(21:48
ikoniaooh drat21:48
nhandlerSeeker`: A removal yes. And maybe a temporary ban to keep him from initially rejoining, but in general users should be free to join this channel to discuss their bans with the OPs.21:48
Seeker`nhandler: Please explain to me the benefit of discussing a ban that an op has said will not be removed at this time?21:49
Seeker`nhandler: other than give trolls kicks and annoy ops?21:49
IdleOneNot after we have tried to discuss the ban and the user is abusive.21:49
nhandlerSeeker`: I didn't say at that particulr moment. But i.e. he should be able to rejoin when he has had some time to think and read the links or after a few days. Bans are not permanent and he should be able to discuss it. IdleOne You are forgetting that we are banning people who have caused problems in the channel. If you are unable to talk to them due to their behavior, let another OP handle it. Our goal is to try and ...21:52
nhandler... explain why that behavior is wrong and how to change it.21:52
IdleOnenhandler: 5 ops tried today21:52
IdleOneor 421:52
Seeker`I never said that he should be banned permanently. Just that he would have been banned at the time when you first kicked him if I had +o.21:53
IdleOneWhen any one of us said anything he didn't agree with or didn't like the direction it was headed in he became abusive21:53
IdleOneHe was the same way the other day.21:53
Seeker`nhandler: have you ever actually seen any of the discussions with that user? Or even read the backscroll from today?21:54
nhandlerIdleOne: That should not be grounds for banning him from -ops. Tell him that you don't want to talk to him like that and he should leave until he is willing to talk calmly21:54
IdleOnenhandler: us telling him or asking him to leave is useless. he knows that only a few ops have the power to remove him and he continues to abuse until that happens21:54
Seeker`yes, and we all know every single user leaves politely when asked and doesn't come back for 48 hours, at which point they have a perfectly civil discussion21:54
popeySarcasm overload!21:55
nhandlerSeeker`: Banning for a short period of time for insisting on rejoining right away or after being removed is quite different than banning right of the bat21:55
IdleOnenhandler: So his history of abuse in this channel has no bearing ?21:56
Seeker`nhandler: where did I say he should have been banned right off the bat? Please show me?21:56
Seeker`nhandler: the point where you kicked him the first time was an hour after he originally joined. Hardly "off the bat"21:57
nhandlerIdleOne: In treating him fairly, No. In deciding whether to unban him in the channel he is banned in, yes.21:57
IdleOneI think I did treat him fairly21:57
nhandlerBanning him when I did the initial removal would not have been.21:58
Seeker`nhandler: what?! You've got to be kidding me?21:58
Seeker`nhandler: abusing ops for an hour isn't enough grounds to ban from the channel temporarily?21:58
IdleOneI think you are wrong. You are overlooking the fact that he called us dicks and minions and ass and that he implied to kick any one of our asses if he saw us at a meetup.21:59
elkyIdleOne, eep. I remember the days when freenode would kline them for that :(21:59
nhandlerSeeker`: What would be the point of that? To make him leave? That is what the removal is for. A ban is to keep someone who insists on rejoining afterwards out21:59
IdleOneyeah well apparently not anymore21:59
Seeker`nhandler: you were surpised when he rejoined? honestly?22:00
popeyhe had already rejoined after Tm_T kicked him22:00
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (BANLIST FULL, REMOVE SOME BANS)22:00
IdleOnebtw I believe he is in Ontario, and he is welcome to come to Montreal if he needs an explanation of the guidelines22:01
Seeker`nhandler: Please don't say you were surprised when he continued being uncooperative?22:01
jribhonestly, the kicks/removals are pointless.  "Stop being abusive or you will be banned."  And if he doesn't stop, ban.  What's the point of the kick?22:01
IdleOne+1 jrib22:01
nhandlerSeeker`: No. But why not give him the benefit of a doubt that he will obey what was said and leave. It is minimal effort to ban him if he insists on immediately rejoining like he did22:01
Seeker`nhandler: why not look at the hour long backscroll of him being absuive?22:02
Seeker`nhandler: and save the ops the stress of him rejoining again straight away22:02
IdleOnebecause that would make sense22:02
IdleOneand sense does not seem to be what we have anymore22:03
IdleOneI am getting upset. I will strep away22:03
popeybenefit of the doubt goes out of the window after direct abuse, veiled threats and a long past history.22:03
knomeSeeker`, i really think you should gather an email about all your worthy thoughts today, sir22:04
popeyespecially after already being informed of the appeals process on numerous occasions and taking no steps to actually use it22:04
Seeker`knome: what? so it can be added to a wiki page, someone will think up some action to apply that never gets looked at again?22:05
Seeker`knome: feel free to quote me if you wish to put together such an email22:06
knomeSeeker`, no, to be discussed. i can pull the noses of topyl i and juss i if it does not get discussed.22:06
knomei'll see if i have some time. studies and work keep me busy. :/22:07
rwwnhandler: anyway. Is there any chance of getting logfiles? Does BT even keep logfiles? I have no idea :<22:10
jribrww: I have a couple of minutes, do you just want a list of bans by "rww"?22:11
nhandlerrww: It has logs of what happened around the time of the ban, but I'll have to see if these can easily be exported22:11
ikoniaif he's an op of -women, can we not grant him bt access?22:12
ikoniathe tool is used in #ubuntu-women, so give him access to help him do his job ?22:12
* jrib agrees22:12
rwwnhandler: Alrighty. If it's not possible, I can pester the other ops. I'm going to need to do that to get stuff @commented anyway >.>22:14
ikoniarww: lets get you access22:14
ikoniaits the most common sense thing to do22:14
ikoniayour op'ing in a channel that uses ubottu and bt so lets get you access22:15
IdleOnerww: feel free to msg me to add comments to bans/ see logs of bans you have set until you have access to BT22:15
nhandlerrww: I'll make sure you get a copy of the relevant entries in the db22:16
ikoniait can't be that hard to get him access, I can give him the command to grant him access if no-one objects ?22:16
ikonianhandler: what ?22:16
ikoniahow about get him access22:16
nhandlerikonia: I don't have access to add him. But I did bring that up with the council (but it is getting late in Europe)22:17
ikoniaI'll add him if your comfortable22:17
ikoniahe's opping in a channel that uses the tool22:17
ikoniahe should have access22:18
nhandlerikonia: Wait at least until tomorrow for us to sort this out22:18
ikonianhandler: I'll be happy to wait22:18
ikoniathis is hilighting the red tape issue22:19
ikoniais he an op in a channel that uses BT - yes22:19
ikoniaas an op in a channel should he have access to BT like the rest of us, - yes22:19
ikoniawhy does that need to be checked/cleared up/discussed22:19
rwwnhandler: Alrighty. I'll come back in a few days if I don't hear from y'all in the meantime. Thanks :)22:20
Picirww: You'll hear from us shortly.22:21
PiciAs will the rest of the ops in u-w.22:21
ikoniaPici: what's being discussed, if the ops should have access or if u-w should use bt ?22:22
Piciikonia: We don't set the ops in u-w.  And there isn't the capability currently to limit results to just channels that operators have access to.22:23
ikoniais that needed ? you can search by channel22:23
ikoniaor does the search function not pickup #ubuntu-women as it wasn't a channel it was intended to use22:24
PiciIts a question of letting people that we have not vetted have access to the comments and ban records of all channels.22:25
ikoniaPici: fair enough22:25
ikoniaPici: I assume this is part of the definition of a core channel and the sub discussions under that22:26
Piciikonia: It was, but its gotten all complicated now.22:26
ikoniaPici: I can see how it would, thank you22:26

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