qman__change the owner to www-data, change the group-owner to www-data, add www-data to the group-owner of the file, or change the everyone permission to allow writing00:00
qman__which is best depends on your priorities00:00
qman__the most secure method, meaning the one with least privilege, is to create a new group to be that file's group-owner, and add www-data to that group00:01
NightDragoni apt-get installed ubuntu-desktop on top of my 10.10 server edition02:00
NightDragonhow can i get it to start up without launching X11?02:00
k56731NightDragon: are you using gnome?02:10
k56731NightDragon: update-rc.d gdm disable02:10
k56731NightDragon: try it02:11
NightDragonit used to be where you would change the grub conf to include 'text' on the kernel line, but grub has changed so damn much02:11
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NightDragonhey party people02:56
NightDragoni'm trying to set IPMI up for my server02:56
NightDragoni apt-get installed ipmitool, but it cant find /dev/ipmi or anything like02:56
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NightDragonhello all03:54
NightDragoni'm trying to set up IPMI03:54
NightDragonand i get this msg03:54
NightDragonCould not open device at /dev/ipmi003:54
NightDragonwow, this is certainly active :-/04:06
NightDragonis anyone around?04:11
khusseinNightDragon: Yes, but I am sorry I don't know much about ipmi :(.04:13
NightDragoni'm just trying to clear out the stupid event log on my PE 660004:14
NightDragonto get rid of the stupid amber light04:14
hggdhsoren: there?05:00
hggdhsoren: when you get in -- how do I subscribe to the openstack teams on LP? I see no option to request membership...05:02
hggdhsoren: and I want to vote :-)05:02
nagchampawould a server set up as in this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/mail-filtering.html only scan incoming mail?05:17
joschinagchampa: no, it'll scan in- and outgoing mails05:21
ndrofthelinehow do you change the display mode in ubuntu server06:01
ndrofthelinemy display is really weird, it's a laptop with no screen that i have attached to an external monitor06:02
ndrofthelinei can see text from the server but it's split and it keeps blinking06:02
ndrofthelineServer doesn't come with iwconfig?!06:03
nagchampajoschi: do i need to make any modifications if my server is acting as an incoming relay?06:13
joschinagchampa: http://www.postfix.org/STANDARD_CONFIGURATION_README.html#firewall06:20
MTecknologyyup... bringing a server back from destruction blows...06:53
uvirtbotNew bug: #669338 in openssh (main) "ssh autologin fails to work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66933806:56
MTecknologyroot@insto:/usr/local/sbin# sudo -H -u www-data -i -- "ls"07:38
MTecknology/bin/ls: /bin/ls: cannot execute binary file07:38
jpdsMTecknology: Nice.07:44
MTecknologyjpds: ya....07:45
MTecknologyjpds: that's what I get for dealing with old distros.. incompatibnilities07:45
NightDragonaah, i just love my sexy new server08:21
Wakko10WarnerWhen I try to email a message from my mail server to my google account I get an error about using sendmail as a relay server how can I fix this.10:23
Wakko10Warnerhow can I set my smtpd to allow me to relay messages from other computers ....10:23
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Robbsterhi all,11:29
Robbsteri'm trying to install 10.04 amd64 from CD on a machine and after starting to install packages it says: "Please insert the disk labeled: 'Ubuntu-Server 10.04 LTS _Lucid Lynx_ ..."11:30
RobbsterI've tried the same thing twice, so either I'm missing something obvious, or... umm, I'm not sure. Google is not being all that helpful either.11:31
_rubensounds like a "broken" cd11:33
Robbsterthese are my exact symptoms, but the hdd is SATA and the cdrom is standard IDE11:34
coop0awhat should I use to secure my server: apparmor or selinux or something else?11:58
petervaHI, perhaps maybe someone here can help me out :) On my install of 10.04 I have configured ipv6, all seems to be okay, but for some reason the server keeps adding 'default via fe80::1:1' to my routes, which seems to mess up my ipv6 config12:05
pipedreamI want to fix this:12:09
pipedream0 root@oystercatcher:~#dpkg-reconfigure man-db12:09
pipedream/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: man-db is broken or not fully installed12:09
_rubenapt-get install -f # might do the trick12:09
pipedreamthanks, not sure why that didn't work for me before. Caused by a ro /usr, I think12:15
databitswhen I ftp files to /var/www directory apache is unable to access files.   I have to go in and manualy change permissions.  I want to get around this.12:34
databitswhen adding files through ftp, the files are taking ownership of that user12:34
ikoniadatabits: change the permissions on /var/www12:34
ikoniadatabits: set the uid/gid12:34
ikoniadatabits: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Setuid12:34
databitsok kinda new to all this12:34
tgwoollardGood afternoon all. I have created a bootable USB installation of Ubuntu 9.10 from ISO. My machine boots but the installation wants to configure Ubuntu from a mirror. Is there any way i can get it to use the media within the ISO? Many Thanks in advance12:36
ikoniatgwoollard: it should use the local repo if you built the usb correctly12:37
tgwoollardI simply used Universal-USB-Installer. Not really much for me to get wrong as you just point it at an ISO and then select your USB drive. Are there any sugesstions as to what might have gone wrong?12:38
databitsok ikonia, that is exactly what I am looking for12:39
Ninjixtgwoollard: it's easier to use the one built into Ubuntu distro System >12:40
NinjixAdministration > Startup Disk Creator12:40
databitsso I would do chmod g+s www-data ?12:40
ikoniadatabits: that would set the guid12:40
tgwoollardOkay i shall give that a try and report back. Thanks Ninjix and ikonia12:40
_rubenhm, bash refuses to show my fqdn when using \H in $PS112:41
databitsso if I set chmod g+s www-data /var/www12:41
databitsthat would make it so no matter what user uploads a file to that directory12:41
databitsapache should be able to access the file12:41
databitsapache is running as www-data12:41
databitsikonia: so what would be the correct command to have all files added to the /var/www directory take permissions so that apache will be able to serve the files ?12:51
databitsI'm not having very much luck here :(12:51
petervachown -R www-data:www-data /var/wwww12:55
databitswhich works for the files currently in the directory12:56
databitsbut when I ftp files to that directory they are not accessable by apache12:56
coop0adon't do that! setting the owner of the web files to the same user as apache runs under is a bad idea!12:56
Picicoop0a: Thats the normal setup.12:57
databitsI want all the files which are uploaded through ftp at a later date to be accessable though apache without having to go and reset permissions every time a new file is added12:57
_rubenfor some reason i cant find more than http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=9225&start=0 which only lists a nasty workaround but no fix12:57
coop0aPici: it is "normal" to run windows, that does not mean it's a safe thing to do.12:58
Picicoop0a: I'd like some information on why doing what was suggested is a bad idea.12:58
coop0aPici: the web server is the most likely attack vector. consider a limited exploit by which an attacker does not get root privileges, but instead can access files as user www-data. /var/www/ could then be changed by the attacker. it's better to make it read-only for the web server.13:03
coop0adatabits: here's what you could do. make /var/www/ owned by someone else. e.g. the user you use to upload files. and make it only readable/executable to the web server.13:04
coop0adatabits: basically, you should make /var/www/ writable only for users which you will use for uploading files.13:05
Jeeves_(apt-get install apache2-mpm-itk)13:06
databitscoop0a: the issue with that is I am going to have multiple users uploading files to the webserver13:07
coop0adatabits: then create a new group, add all uploading users to that group and make /var/www/ owned by root:that_group and set permissions to 775.13:08
databitssudo chmod -R a+rw /var/www13:08
databitswhen I issue this command all the file currently that are in the directory are able to be accessed by the webserver13:09
databitsbut if I upload a new file, the server is denied access to the file13:09
coop0adatabits: the approach I just mentioned has the advantage that you can see who uploaded what.13:09
databitsallrighty let me give this a try13:11
_rubenguess noone really wants the fqdn in their bash prompts, might as well resort to the hackish workaround i found (set PS1 based on `hostname -f`)13:16
databitsdrwxrwxrwx 2 www-data www-data     4096 2010-10-31 15:37 images -rwxrwxrwx 1 www-data www-data      405 2010-10-31 15:37 index.html -rw------- 1 databits www-upload 449700 2010-11-01 09:20 Radiant w-9 form.pdf -rw------- 1 databits www-upload 333593 2010-11-01 09:22 Radiant Work Order.pdf13:23
coop0adatabits: ?13:26
databitsok I did everything13:26
databitsstill isn't working13:26
coop0aindex.html is still not owned by the correct group.13:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #669443 in openssh (main) "Terminal hangs when sshing to Ubuntu 10.04 " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66944313:26
coop0adatabits: please pastebin ls -la /var/www/13:26
coop0adatabits: btw, you haven't set the permissions correctly.13:27
coop0adatabits: Radiant pdf files are only readable/writeable by the owner13:27
databitsI did sudo chmod -R root:www-upload /var/www13:28
databitsdatabits@ubuntu:/var/www$ ls -l total 776 drwxrwxrwx 2 root www-upload   4096 2010-10-31 15:37 images -rwxrwxrwx 1 root www-upload    405 2010-10-31 15:37 index.html -rw------- 1 root www-upload 449700 2010-11-01 09:20 Radiant w-9 form.pdf -rw------- 1 root www-upload 333593 2010-11-01 09:22 Radiant Work Order.pdf13:28
databitsfunny thing is I am still able to view the index.html13:28
databitsbut I cannot pull up any of the other files13:28
coop0abecause you didn't do what I told you.13:28
databitsI created group www-upload13:29
databitsadded my user to it13:29
coop0adatabits: sudo chown -R root:www_upload /var/www/13:29
roflwafflezthe www-data user and group have absolutly no read/write to any of those files13:29
databitsI added www-data to the www-upload group13:29
coop0athat defeats the whole purpose of this.13:30
databitslike I said I am new to this in the learning process :) :(13:30
databitsplease tell me13:30
databitswhat commands should I issue laugh13:30
coop0adatabits: I did.13:30
coop0adatabits: sudo chown -R root:www_upload /var/www/13:30
databitswhen I upload a file they have ownership of databits:www-upload13:31
coop0adatabits: sudo chmod 775 /var/www/13:31
databitsdo you mean www-upload13:31
progre55hi guys. I've got a server, with ubuntu enterprise cloud installed, and from time to time it just freezes. No ssh connection. But I cant even connect to it using a monitor and a keyboard, so I have to force-boot it. Cant seem to find anything in the logs. Any suggestions, please? what logs to check?13:31
databitsnow what ?13:32
coop0anote that it is ch*OWN* and ch*MOD*, two different commands13:32
databitsI just cut and paste13:32
coop0aokay, now try again.13:32
databitsit will work not because I just changed the permissions with that command13:32
databitsbut if I upload a new file from ftp it will not work to access that file13:33
databitsI can tell you that righ tnow without even checking .... I will do so anyways13:33
coop0athat is because you didn't set the permissions correctly. I just told you how to do it.13:33
ssureshotwhy wouldn't this respawn when the Xvfb process is killed.. (upstart) http://pastebin.ca/197868413:33
databitssudo chmod 775 /var/www/13:34
databitscorrect ?13:34
coop0ayes, but if you have files with wrong permissions already, you must use -R... as in sudo chmod -R 775 /var/www/13:35
databitsI am able to view files allready in the directory13:35
databitsnow lets try uploading from ftp and try to access it13:35
databitsdatabits@ubuntu:/var/www$ ls -l total 448 drwxrwxr-x 2 root     www-upload   4096 2010-10-31 15:37 images -rwxrwxr-x 1 root     www-upload    405 2010-10-31 15:37 index.html -rw------- 1 databits www-upload 449700 2010-11-01 09:35 Radiant w-9 form.pdf13:36
databitsas you can see the new uploaded file13:36
coop0aplease pastebin ls -la13:37
databitsdatabits@ubuntu:/var/www$ ls -l total 916 -rw------- 1 databits www-upload   7373 2010-11-01 09:38 error.log drwxrwxr-x 2 root     www-upload   4096 2010-10-31 15:37 images -rwxrwxr-x 1 root     www-upload    405 2010-10-31 15:37 index.html -rw------- 1 databits www-upload 449700 2010-11-01 09:35 Radiant w-9 form.pdf -rw------- 1 databits www-upload 333593 2010-11-01 09:37 Radiant Work Order.pdf -rw------- 1 databits www-uploa13:39
coop0adatabits: if you continue to ignore what I tell you, I'm done helping you.13:39
coop0adatabits: the problem is obviously that group and others have no read/executable privileges on the files.13:40
coop0adatabits: please pastebin "ls -la /var/www/"13:40
databitsdatabits@ubuntu:/var/www$ ls -la /var/www total 924 drwxrwsr-x  3 root     www-upload   4096 2010-11-01 09:38 . drwxr-xr-x 14 root     root         4096 2010-10-31 05:56 .. -rw-------  1 databits www-upload   7373 2010-11-01 09:38 error.log drwxrwxr-x  2 root     www-upload   4096 2010-10-31 15:37 images -rwxrwxr-x  1 root     www-upload    405 2010-10-31 15:37 index.html -rw-------  1 databits www-upload 449700 2010-11-01 09:13:41
databitsok so what do I do from here13:41
coop0adatabits: check that whatever program you use to upload the files doesn't set the permissions incorrectly.13:42
databitsit is not changing any permissions13:44
databitsusing flashfxp13:44
coop0awindows isn't using unix permissions last time I checked, so it cannot "change" any permissions. it simply does not set them correctly.13:45
databitsI am ftping the files from my windows machine to my linux box13:48
databitscoopOa: any idea's ?13:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #669452 in freeradius (main) "Please sync freeradius (main) from Debian Unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66945214:01
progre55anyone? I have an ubuntu enterprise cloud server, but sometimes it freezes and doesnt even respond to monitor+keyboard connections., so I have to force-reboot it. Cant seem to find anything in the logs. Any suggestions, please? what log files should I check?14:32
AbhiJiti wanted apache to listen to localhost only. so following the lamp guide on help.ubuntu  i made Listen 80 to Listen now when i try to restart apache it give me error14:51
AbhiJitapache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName14:51
AbhiJithttpd not running, trying to start14:51
AbhiJitany help?14:51
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andres_hi every body, i have a hard disk than the most of sector is whit errors15:24
andres_whitch tools i may to use to repair it15:25
patdk-wkdoes it have data you want to recover?15:26
_rubenandres_: bad sectors cant be repaired, only option is recovery (as stated by patdk-wk). dd_rescue would be my first bet15:30
LyonJTDoes anyone know how to get a vnc server working on ubuntu-server and then use a ssh-tunnel to connect to the vnc-server?15:31
patdk-wkdepends on your definition of repare, I would say forcing the harddrive to remap the sector, is repared, but still data lost :)15:33
consumerismi'm accessing an ubuntu server via ssh and it's not giving my gnome-terminal scrollback information (don't know the term) - i can only see a screenful at a time, there's nothing to scroll back to. this is not the case with other remote servers, arch and centos. what do i have to do to enable scrollback for my ssh session?15:34
patdk-wkthat has nothing to do with the server, ssh or anything15:36
patdk-wkthat would be your terminal settings on your desktop15:36
patdk-wkwell, I guess if your running some kind of strange none-scrolling shell on that server15:36
_rubenscreen for instance15:42
_rubenLyonJT: servers dont run X, so VNC is kinda useless15:42
patdk-wkif I could only get rhel to understand that15:43
LyonJT_ruben: yes but i installed ubuntu-desktop on top of it15:44
_rubenLyonJT: so it is no longer a server but a desktop instead, hence offtopic for this channel i'm afraid15:45
LyonJTwell no because its a ubuntu-server15:45
LyonJTwith ubuntu-desktop installed on it15:45
patdk-wkX and vnc are part of ubuntu-desktop, not server15:46
patdk-wkso still offtopic :)15:46
LyonJTokay fine ill ask in another channel if its to hard to get answer from u15:47
hallynLyonJT: what problem are you having with vnc?15:50
hallynLyonJT: it should just work...15:50
hallynmodule whatever port forwarding you need to do (i do 'ssh -L5951:servername:5901 fwname' and then 'vnc :51', where fw is my fierwall and servername is the server which vnc is running on, and the vnc session is on :1 on servername)15:51
NightDragonhello all: newbie question, but how do i get a modprobe command to be persistant? like that module will forever be enabled, instead of going away when i restart15:59
shaunoNightDragon: check out /etc/modules, format is simply name per line16:00
NightDragonnice, thanks16:01
NightDragonwell another thing... let me ask the rest of the class this16:02
NightDragon 20 | 11/01/2010 | 15:48:22 | Memory #0x01 | Correctable ECC | Asserted16:02
NightDragonshould i be worried?16:02
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uvirtbotNew bug: #669514 in rabbitmq-server (main) "package rabbitmq-server 1.7.2-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66951416:11
kpettitanybody know good software to compare/diff PDF files?  I need a way to outline the differences between 2 PDF files that's easy for users to read16:12
ivoksthen diff :)16:13
kpettitI wish I could do that16:14
NightDragontruely a sysadmin answer16:14
kpettitusers need it to look the same.  But I tried to pitch that idea first :)16:14
ivokswell, it's #ubuntu-server16:14
ivoks'users' are here computer literate and understand < and >16:14
NightDragonand also miss their classes16:15
ivoksdiffpdf - compare two PDF files textually or visually16:15
NightDragonbecause their new server drowned out their alarm :(16:15
kpettitivoks, that one rocks.  Using it right now.16:15
NightDragongoogle is your friend16:16
kpettitBut I need a web based tool.  Trying to figure out what makes this one tick,16:16
ivoksactually, apt-cache is your friend :)16:16
kpettitI've seen a few think clients but nothing that's usefull for a web app.16:16
NightDragonthen in that case, couldnt you make a very simple web wrapper for diffpdf?16:16
kpettitI'm trying to figure that out.  But the app has no cli option16:17
ivoksi beleive there's a python pdf library; i'm sure you could wrote a web app that would do that16:17
ivoksor whatever :)16:17
kpettitThere are a ton of pdf tools in python. Just haven't see one that's easy to compaire, or that I know how to compare with16:17
ivoksah... i have things to do16:18
NightDragonwhy do you look so shifty-eyed when you say that?16:18
patdk-wklike helping kpettit :)16:18
kpettitthat's for the suggestions16:18
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nimrod10hello guys ! I'm installing ubuntu lucid x64 server via pxe  and the whole install gets interrupted by a  Debootstrap warning package zlib1g is corrupt. I've checked(sha1sum) the package against the one from a install iso and they have the same sha1sum. Can I make debootstrap not check packages ?16:44
patdk-wkif your installing via pxe, where does debootstrap come into it at all?16:49
sheetzamppetraki - have an update on that server from last week, when you get a minute16:54
failsnail-dis it possible to apt-get php5 and NOT get apache?16:54
sheetzamtry the cli version of php516:55
failsnail-daha! very good. hopefully that'll include everything I need16:56
failsnail-dI just got a turnkey-linux core VM going (ubuntu server 8something I believe) and I wanted to set up just lighttpd + php5 + sqlite for some tinkering16:57
failsnail-dapache always wants to get its claws in there16:57
zulfailsnail-d: instal php5-cgi16:58
failsnail-dpresumably sqlite needs it?16:58
sheetzamfailsnail-d - zul is probably right, you might prefer the php5-cgi to php-cli17:07
ppetrakisheetzam, hi17:20
sheetzamppetraki - so the server restarted sometime Friday.  Unfortunately I was not here to get a look at what brought it down17:21
sheetzamso, we're back to noacpi17:21
sheetzamand I haven't been able to crash the server yet17:21
ppetrakisheetzam, so refresh my memory, what switches was the server running with with it presumably crashed?17:22
sheetzamppetraki - noacpi17:51
ppetrakisheetzam, ok... time to rewind you acpi runtime :)17:52
ppetrakisheetzam, which kernel were you running on the LTS that was stable?17:52
sheetzamsorry, it just now crashed with just noacpi enabled17:54
sheetzamand it was a machine check exception17:55
sheetzamso, to answer your question, it was whatever the latest stable server kernel was for 8.04 two weeks ago17:56
sheetzamno idea what it was, unfortunately17:56
RoyKsheetzam: perhaps an obvious thought, but have you checked the memory?18:00
sheetzamRoyK - memcheck86 turns up no problems.  This problem goes away when I set the machine to nosmp18:02
sheetzamthanks tho18:02
RoyKnosmp helps?18:02
RoyKdo you have a panic dump?18:02
sheetzamRoyK - I have a screen cap of the screen at panic time, that's about it.  Want to see it?18:03
sheetzamremind me the image dump url?18:04
ppetrakisheetzam, http://pastebin.com/ie1VZjX918:04
ppetrakisheetzam, sure18:04
ppetrakioh, I forget :)18:04
sheetzammm, sorry, the one for images, not text18:04
ppetrakisheetzam, so what this does is removes windows2009 from the list of ACPI OS NAMES18:06
ppetrakisheetzam, essentially forcing the bios to respond as windows vista18:06
ppetrakisheetzam, which is what your old LTS would have done18:06
sheetzamso, this bios definitely predates windows 200918:06
shauno'This is not a software problem!' is a rather worrying line18:07
sheetzamya, no kidding!18:07
ppetrakisheetzam,  so if you run with this switch, and only this switch, and it works, it means that either our acpi runtime has regressed, or your acpi tables are broken18:07
ppetrakisheetzam, it's a toss up really, which side the bug is on18:07
sheetzamI understand18:08
ppetrakisheetzam,  but we'll find it :)18:08
sheetzamso, let me run that, and reboot18:08
ppetrakisheetzam, I wrote this script because getting this right from grub is "painfull"18:08
sheetzamok, I appreciate that!18:08
RoyKsheetzam: tried nomce?18:08
sheetzamRoyK - no18:09
RoyKhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1474477 <-- just saw it mentioned here18:09
bogeyd6royk is back, long time no see buddy. of course i have been away awhile myself18:11
ppetrakisheetzam,  for the curious, http://lxr.linux.no/linux+v2.6.36/drivers/acpi/acpica/uteval.c#L6218:11
ppetrakilinux basically starts at the end and rolls back until the acpi tables respond with something valid18:11
ppetrakiand yes we pretend to be windows, because no linux distro has actually participated in the standards body to make ourselves relevant :)18:12
sheetzamso, that script is supposed to edit the grub boot command, right18:12
sheetzamok, my grub does not live at /etc/default...18:12
ppetrakijust takes the error out of it18:12
ppetrakithis is ubuntu right?18:13
sheetzamI have no /etc/default/grub18:13
sheetzamlots of others, but not that one18:13
sheetzamwas that added with grub2?18:13
RoyKiirc it was18:13
sheetzamstill working with the older grub18:13
sheetzamseems like as good a time as any to update grub18:14
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ppetrakioughta be there, 10.04 right?18:14
ppetrakieither way18:15
sheetzamthis box has been upgraded from 6.04 to 8.04, and most recently to 10.0418:15
sheetzamlet me update grub, then run your script18:15
sheetzamgive you an idea of the age of the hardware, too...18:15
* ppetraki fingers crossed18:15
sheetzamI should probably also check to see if there's an update to the bios firmware...18:16
skritehey all, i have two myisam tables with identical indexes, one is 4.2 million rows, the other is 2.9 million. It takes about 8 times the time to draw the smaller table than the larger. How can this be explained?18:21
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patdk-wknormally it has to do with key length, fragmentation, ...18:24
patdk-wkhow much ram you give the keybuffer18:24
RoyKsheetzam: iirc grub2 is installed when you upgrade to 10.04.1, but not to 10.0418:28
sheetzamno, it's installed only when you tell it to, it seems18:28
sheetzamregardless, it's upgraded, and ppetraki's script has been executed18:29
RoyKI'm quite sure 10.04.1 upgrades will add it without asking18:29
sheetzamabout to restart again18:29
ppetrakisheetzam, great18:29
RoyKsheetzam: http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/linux/RHL-9-Manual/install-guide/ch-bootopts.html <-- a short description of nomce18:30
sheetzamwhat's the downside of that?18:32
sheetzamI mean, if it's checking for a problem, and one has been encountered, seems like ignoring it would be a bad thing18:33
=== _Techie_ is now known as _TechAway_
RoyKsheetzam: no idea, really - what sort of CPUs do you have in this thing?18:34
sheetzama single Core 218:35
sheetzammainly I'm concerned that upgrading to 10.04 busted it, and would like to get the underlying problem fixed18:35
orudiegreetings. with for sftp, how can I "jail" user in home directory /18:35
sheetzamok, ppetraki - that script did not end up helping - just got it to lock up again18:36
sheetzamafter I had rebooted18:36
RoyKsheetzam: I'm running 10.04 on those processors18:36
RoyKsheetzam: are you running 10.04 or 10.04.1?18:37
sheetzamyeah, not thinking it's the processors at fault18:37
sheetzamone sec18:37
sheetzampretty sure it's 10.04.1, but let me check18:37
ppetrakisheetzam, ok18:37
RoyKlsb-release -a18:37
ppetrakisheetzam, file a bug, it's a regression18:37
sheetzamUbuntu 10.04.1 LTS18:37
sheetzamppetraki - can you give me a pointer to get started on filing that bug?18:38
RoyKsheetzam: try to 'apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade' before doing anything else18:38
sheetzamyeah, way past that :)18:38
ppetrakiRoyK, we've been chipping away at this for a while now18:39
ppetrakisheetzam, though that does beg the question, are you running the latest LTS kernel?18:39
sheetzamone sec18:39
ppetrakisheetzam, should be atleast 2.6.32-25-generic18:39
RoyKsheetzam: I don't think I run 32bit kernels on my core2 installs18:40
ppetrakisheetzam, yeah that's fine18:40
ppetrakisheetzam, sudo apport-bug -p linux18:41
sheetzamRoyK - as this is a machine that was originally running 6.04, I've not gone through the pain of changing to 64bit18:41
RoyKsheetzam: that is - I'm certain I don't run anything but 64bit on those18:41
RoyKsheetzam: understandable, but still, there might be something there18:41
ppetrakiRoyK, shouldn't make a difference, and if it does, it's a platform bug18:41
RoyKI doubt very many run 32bit on those18:41
ppetrakiyou'd be surprised18:41
RoyKppetraki: sure - just opting my thoughts :)18:41
ppetrakisheetzam, be sure you detail the troubleshooting steps we went through18:42
sheetzamthinking that's not a command line thing?18:45
sheetzamhelps to spell18:46
sheetzamppetraki - just fyi - I'm trying the upstream kernel package now18:57
sheetzamor, rather, the mainline kernel18:57
sheetzamdon't suppose someone has a good writeup of upgrading from 32 bit ubuntu server to 64 bit?18:59
ppetrakitechnically speaking, you should be able to do a base 64 bit install, over the 32 bit one, just leave all the files in place19:00
ppetrakibecause the 32/64 bit packages are designed to co-exist19:00
ppetrakibut frankly, I don't think it's reasonable to put yourself through that hassle19:01
ppetrakilet's fix the bug :)19:01
sheetzamwell, for the moment, I'm running with the mainline kernel, we'll see what that brings19:01
sheetzamthat was quick - a crash19:02
RoyKsheetzam: try the -server kernel19:03
RoyKboot with nosmp or nomce19:04
RoyKI have no idea if it'll help, though - just a guess19:04
sheetzamroyk - happy to try, can you tell me what the actual package name is?19:08
=== _TechAway_ is now known as _Techie_
sheetzamlooking through apt-cache search, I nly see linux-image for generic, generic-pae and 38619:10
RoyKsheetzam: linux-image-server19:10
sheetzamis that a virtual package for generic-pae?19:11
orudiewhat is the ls command to view hidden files that begin with . ?19:11
sheetzamls -a19:11
RoyKsheetzam: how much memory do you have?19:12
RoyKno need for pae then19:13
sheetzamso, when I install linux-image-server, it says I have it installed already, and the only kernel I have installed is generic-pae19:14
RoyKsheetzam: dunno - how much will you need to setup again if you reinstall with 64bit lucid?19:15
sheetzamenough to make it painful19:16
RoyKwhat's the server doing? fileserver? web? apps?19:16
|rt|does anyone know if adduser supports the --conf option?19:16
sheetzamit's our development and test server for our web based apps19:17
|rt|the manpage indicates that it does but when I run adduser with --conf I get an error saying that it doesn't understand --conf19:17
RoyKsheetzam: I see19:17
sheetzamand nomce just means it restarts without telling me it had an mce :)19:17
sheetzamlooks like it's nosmp if I want the server to stay up19:18
RoyKsheetzam: but then, nomce might leave both cores usable?19:18
sheetzamand, of course, the bios update requires a windows 95 or 98 boot floppy19:21
* sheetzam facepalms19:21
RoyKsheetzam: DOS FTW!19:22
RoyKsheetzam: if you have an USB pen drive or something, perhaps testing a vanilla 10.04 x86 might be worth a try?19:24
sheetzamthinking the only other change I'd be willing to test at this point is 64bit19:25
sheetzambeyond that...19:26
sheetzamsince it happens with the mainline kernel also...19:26
sheetzamnot sure what further testing is going to help with19:26
orudiewhat should the chmod be set to for /home/user/.ssh/uthorized_keys ?19:28
_Techie_700 for authorized keys, and 770 for .ssh IIRC19:28
_Techie_although i have mine set to 700 for .ssh and 600 for authorized_keys19:29
orudie_Techie_, the user should not have the ability to modify the file right ? only vew19:30
_Techie_orudie, in my setup, a user can raed and write to their key19:31
_Techie_but read write and execute their .ssh directory19:31
consumerismi set CDPATH and it works but i don't get tab autocompletion in bash. what do i need to do for this?19:32
|rt|hmm the adduser man page in 10.04 seems to have a bunch of problems....it's listing options that aren't supported and doesn't list any of the single letter flags that adduser -h lists...anyone else seeing this and should I file a bug?19:34
RoyK_Techie_: chmod go-rwx -R $HOME/.ssh is my way of doing it - that works19:35
orudieI generated a public auth key with puttygen.exe , and i'm having a hard time pasting it into authorized_keys , any help ?19:36
_Techie_orudie, if you use puttygen you will have to do some modification19:36
_Techie_orudie, if you pastebin your public key, i can format it correctly and re paste it19:37
* RoyK hits _Techie_'s caps lock key19:37
orudie_Techie_, hmm. pastebin.org is down ? whats the other site19:38
_Techie_RoyK, sorry, had to make sure that orudie only pasted the public key19:38
RoyKorudie: pastebin.com?19:38
RoyK_Techie_: :)19:38
_Techie_orudie, http://pastebin.com/Ly33f9n6 - note it is all one line of text19:40
RoyKorudie: I've sometimes seen the rsa key didn't work, but testing with dsa did - no idea why, though19:42
RoyKssh-keygen -t dsa19:42
_Techie_RoyK, RSA keys work fine19:42
orudie_Techie_, doesn't look right , whats the 3. doing in front of A ?19:43
_Techie_i have the same RSA key across 3 servers, ubuntu-server debian and CentOS, and they all work perfectly19:43
_Techie_orudie, thats your key19:43
_Techie_i did make a mistake19:44
RoyK_Techie_: I know, but I've still seen ubuntu (I think that was 9.04) failing with rsa, but succeding with dsa. As I said, I haven't the faintest idea why...19:44
_Techie_ill correct that now19:44
_Techie_orudie, http://pastebin.com/m5VUG1yb19:45
orudieok thanks19:46
orudienot sure why my user can't edit authorized_keys19:46
_Techie_orudie, use sudo to edit them, and chmod them when your done19:47
sheetzamppetraki - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/66962120:01
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 669621 in linux "MCE being triggered" [Undecided,New]20:01
sheetzamwhat timing20:01
ppetrakisheetzam, thanks, I'm subscribed now20:02
sheetzamawesome.  Please let me know how i can help20:02
ppetrakisheetzam, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fwts/0.16.14/+build/189197620:03
ppetrakisheetzam, run it as root, fwts --no-s3 --no-s4 -p, and upload the results to the bug20:04
ppetrakisheetzam, on the system with no extra switches20:04
sheetzamsorry, what do you mean with no extra switches?20:04
ppetrakisheetzam, like nosmp or noacpi20:04
sheetzamand what does that do?20:05
ppetrakisheetzam, it's not in lucid but it works just the same, just install the deps manually20:05
ppetrakiit's a firmware test suite we developed here to diagnose buggy bioses20:05
sheetzamah, got it20:05
ppetrakisheetzam, sudo apt-get install -y iasl pciutils, libpcre320:05
ppetrakisheetzam, and then just install the deb20:06
sheetzamyeah, on it :)20:06
sheetzamppetraki - is this what I should paste in? http://pastebin.com/6YrAHFsA20:12
ppetrakisheetzam, yeah, just put a preamble in saying it's the result of fwts20:13
ppetrakisheetzam, crap, no table errors20:13
sheetzamagain, anything I can do to help, let me know.20:17
|rt|ugh I figured out my problem....i must need more coffee20:24
|rt|you can't read the manpage for adduser when trying to run useradd :)20:25
sheetzampersonally, I hate how close those two are20:28
|rt|yeah keeps you on your toes20:30
|rt|i was about to file a bug on launchpad when I figured it out heh20:30
sheetzamthanks again for your help ppetraki and RoyK20:33
ppetrakisheetzam, np20:33
EventyretIs there any step by step guide to install X on a ubuntu 10.04 server from shell i only got txt mode. and i want a gui on it.21:04
RoyKEventyret: I'd guess reinstalling with ubuntu desktop will be the best choice21:06
RoyKEventyret: btw, why on earth would you want X on a server?21:06
_Techie_Eventyret, if you want the ubuntu GUI, you can sudo apt-get install ubuntu-dekstop21:06
* RoyK didn't know that one21:07
EventyretRoyK: its a VPS from a server i have. and im new to ubuntu so. thats why21:07
Eventyret_Techie_: ok and once that is done you just start x ? or something21:07
_Techie_RoyK, theres also lubuntu, kubuntu and xubuntu21:07
RoyKEventyret: lær kommandolinja - det er mye, mye bedre21:07
_Techie_Eventyret, once those packages are insatlled, X will load on bootup like a normal ubuntu install21:08
EventyretRoyK: jauda men er vrient og sette opp kommando linja når jeg ikke har gjort så mye med den før skal egenltig ha den som en FIL og web server ><21:08
Eventyret_Techie_: ok so to get it remote then you install VNC or something oO21:08
_Techie_you would need to install ubuntu-desktop21:08
_Techie_then install and configure x11vnc21:08
_Techie_!package x11vnc21:09
RoyKEventyret: you'll spend hours geting x11vnc working and you'll still have to do the management from the commandline21:09
Eventyretbecause its just a fresh server havnt installed anything on it yet so.21:09
RoyKEventyret: just learn it the hard way21:09
EventyretRoyK: well easy guide to have a Irssi shell + ftp + web server on it then xD21:09
RoyKEventyret: apt-get install vsftp apache221:10
_Techie_tbh, x11vnc isnt that hard to setup21:10
RoyKthat'll cover most of it21:10
_Techie_but since its a VPs you will run into ALOT of problems with X21:10
Eventyret_Techie_: oh ?21:10
RoyK_Techie_: but he doesn't need it - he's setting up a bloody server, not a workstation21:10
_Techie_RoyK, i know, but its what he wants21:10
Eventyretlet me try here then xD21:10
RoyKEventyret: try the commandline first21:10
_Techie_Eventyret, the main thing being that X doesnt like to start without a display device attatched21:11
RoyKforget about X21:11
RoyKX won't help him setting up a file/webserver21:11
_Techie_it wont21:11
EventyretRoyK: ok :)21:11
_Techie_RoyK, ive given up on trying to convince people that theres no need for something21:12
Eventyretjust gotta remember how i add my own root user21:12
RoyK_Techie_: giving bad advice is something I try to avoid21:12
Eventyretadduser nick admin oO ?21:12
RoyKEventyret: use sudo21:12
_Techie_RoyK, i dont provide bad advice, i just dont let them know that what theyre considered is bad21:12
EventyretRoyK: well i want to add my OWN user as well ><21:13
Eventyretinstedd of the preinstalled shitass one xD21:13
_Techie_not possible21:13
RoyKuseradd -m username ; passwd username ; visudo21:13
Eventyretand that adds me as sudo user xD21:13
_Techie_there is only one administrator21:13
_Techie_and that is root21:13
RoyK_Techie_: with sudo, no21:13
_Techie_there is no user admin rights like there is with windows21:13
_Techie_if you wish for a user to have admin, use sudo21:17
guntbert!language | Eventyret21:20
ubottuEventyret: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.21:20
RoyKguntbert: what???21:20
_Techie_RoyK, <Eventyret> instedd of the preinstalled s*****s one xD21:21
guntbertRoyK: I beg your pardon?21:21
RoyKguntbert: I do as well - what is this language nazi thing in here?21:22
IdleOneRoyK: ALL Ubuntu channels follow the same basic language guidelines21:22
guntbertRoyK: this is the second time that you argue that way21:22
RoyKimho an operating system channel shouldn't worry about chistian doctrine, but rather stay focused on the technical bits21:23
_Techie_RoyK, if you want to start arguing, use #ubuntu-offtopic21:24
IdleOneno arguing in -offtopic either21:24
_Techie_fine then, take it to PC21:25
RoyKwho invented this christian doctrine in #ubuntu\* in the first place?21:25
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines21:26
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .21:26
IdleOnethere is the information.21:26
RoyKI've read that part - it still doesn't make sense21:26
IdleOneok, what part of those pages don't you understand?21:27
RoyKI didn't say I didn't understand them21:27
IdleOnewell then should be easy to follow them21:27
RoyKI just said it doesn't make sense to ban a significant amount of the English language21:28
IdleOneno just the "bad" words are not acceptable21:28
RoyKmeaning I disagree totally to that bull21:28
RoyKwhat are bad words for an engineer or a techie?21:29
IdleOneRoyK: do you need a list ?21:29
RoyKIdleOne: please, please, explain why certain words should be left unsaid in here, when they are used all the time other places?21:29
IdleOnebecause I don't want to see those words and thousand of other ubuntu users agree.21:30
IdleOnesimple as that.21:30
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:32
hggdhand... we do abide by the CoC.21:32
IdleOne_Techie_: correct :) sorry for being offtopic21:32
RoyKIdleOne: I'd be delighted to see the list of those users and the discussion about that21:39
_Techie_someone quickly refresh my memore, other than /etc/rc.0 and /etc/rc.6 where are shutdown scripts run from?21:41
RoyK6 is reboot - 0 is shutdown21:42
_Techie_RoyK, please read the question properly21:42
RoyKerm - yes21:42
_Techie_... what else21:42
RoyKperhaps (x)inetd21:43
_Techie_im asking because i need to add extra functions to a shutdown command i setup, and i cant remeber where i put it21:43
RoyKbut nothing else I can think of21:43
hggdhyou might want to also add the single-user mode21:44
_Techie_hggdh, thats not productive at all21:45
_Techie_setting it for single user mode would be most unproductive21:46
hggdh_Techie_: I have no idea on what you are trying to do. Nevertheless, it is common to have services stopped on single-user mode.21:46
_Techie_hggdh, its not a service, its a shutdown script21:47
hggdhthen, indeed, single-user does not apply21:47
_Techie_and at no point did i ever notion to it being a service21:48
hggdhah well.21:48
_Techie_found it21:54
_Techie_still have no idea where it is21:55
_Techie_but i managed to find a way to edit it21:55
guntbert_Techie_: tell us21:56
_Techie_i used webmin21:56
_Techie_i originally created it manually21:56
erichammondThis Ubuntu server download page is a bit out of date (see versions): http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors#bt21:58
guntbert_Techie_: you *do* know that webmin isn't supported on ubuntu any more?21:59
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.21:59
_Techie_guntbert, yeah, i know21:59
_Techie_however like many other ubuntu-server users, i choose how i administter my system22:00
_Techie_if i wanted the ubuntu team to think for me, then i would have been born a livecd22:01
RoyK_Techie_: you aren't much of a techie if you use web-based admin tools :þ22:01
guntbert_Techie_: its ok with me - just a heads up22:01
_Techie_RoyK, theyre for when i cant get ssh out22:01
_Techie_or when im lazy22:01
guntberterichammond:  how did you get to that one? currently it is http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download22:02
EventyretRoyK: so what would you suggest install to get a working shell and such then on the new server22:06
_Techie_i figured out where i put the shutdown script22:06
_Techie_i put it in rc1.d22:06
_Techie_technically its a shutdowna dn startup script, but it does the job22:06
RoyKEventyret: the standard install should give you what you'll need22:07
EventyretRoyK: ok.. what you said to install a web / ftp / mysql then22:07
EventyretRoyK: is there like a Xampp package or something ?22:07
guntbert_Techie_: remember what hggdh suggested? :-))22:07
_Techie_guntbert, shusssh22:08
_Techie_i should prolly actualy move it to rc2.d22:08
_Techie_just to spite him22:08
RoyKEventyret: you really don't want to mix X into a server - the configuration must be done on the commandline anyhow22:08
hggdh_Techie_: it will be difficult to spite me. Anyways, it would be against the CoC. And this is the end of this thread.22:09
RoyK_Techie_: the script should go to /etc/init.d and then be symlinked to various rcX.d dirs22:09
EventyretRoyK: i havnt installed X xD thats why i ask you for some help to setup it xD22:10
EventyretRoyK: like a vhost on it xD22:10
_Techie_RoyK, yeah yeah yeah, my system... my rules22:10
RoyK_Techie_: whatever - you're on your own22:10
RoyKEventyret: xD?22:10
EventyretxD = smiley :P22:11
_Techie_x = eyes, D = huge smile22:11
Eventyretlol :P22:12
* RoyK is setting up a couple of 110TB boxes tomorrow and should go to bed soon22:12
_Techie_110tb 0.o22:13
RoyKwell, net storage is 140 or so22:13
_Techie_i presume its gonna be in a RAID array22:13
RoyKgross I mean22:13
RoyKnet storage will be about 110 per box22:13
RoyKzfs ftw!22:14
_Techie_very nice22:14
RoyKnot linux no these boxes22:14
_Techie_i have no problem with non linux boxes, every OS has its place22:17
EventyretRoyK: so what you said to setup Mysql / php / apache + ftp ?22:18
_Techie_there is a way to select preconfigured services22:19
_Techie_sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5 proftpd mysql-server22:20
RoyKEventyret: apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5 vsftpd22:23
RoyKvsftpd is far more used and better supported than proftpd22:23
EventyretRoyK: ok thank you22:25
RoyKEventyret: add mysql-server to that, as _Techie_ said22:26
Eventyretdone that :)22:26
* RoyK is off zzzz22:27
Eventyretthat is now done RoyK22:28
fluvvellAnybody know of a script that would fix permissions and ownership on a server? A file servers share directorys permissions got applied to the whole machine :(23:01
=== cmagina-afk is now known as cmagina
=== _Techie_ is now known as _TechAway_
c0nv1ct_fluvvell, lol, it would probably be easier to restore your backups than try to fix permissions by hand23:12
Eventyretanyonw know why my server wont connect at all to the freenode, when i type /connect irc.freenode.net it just says connection refused..23:19
jjcmEventyret: what client?23:21
jjcmc0nv1ct_: Psh, fixing perms is easy. Just chmod -r 777 /23:21
c0nv1ct_jjcm, our definitions of "fix" differ :P23:22
jjcmI like my files to be like a hippy commune23:23
jjcmEveryone can use anything of anyone elses.23:23
jjcmyay sharing!23:23
jjcmOh God so hung over.23:24
jjcmDo not want to be at work.23:24
jjcmWant to sleep longer than zz top's beard.23:25
Eventyretjjcm: the server is 10.04 ubuntu23:30
Eventyretjjcm: its irssi23:30
centaur5Where would I find out what they changed in Maverick to cause my PXE preboot files to no longer work?23:31
Eventyretjjcm: i can ssh into it and its a VPS so :)23:31
c0nv1ct_Eventyret, firewall issues?23:32
jjcmEventyret: ping works and everything?23:32
Eventyretjjcm: il test one sec23:34
Eventyretc0nv1ct_: good one il check23:34
c0nv1ct_Eventyret, i had the same issues when setting up shorewall, i forgot to fix some outbound policies23:35
Eventyretwas the firewall c0nv1ct_23:37
Eventyretc0nv1ct_: would you happend to know how i can change my hostname on it also add vhosts ?23:37
Eventyre1Here we are xD Worked like a charm23:37
=== Eventyre1 is now known as Even|Server
c0nv1ct_Even|Server, /etc/hostname  sets the hostname23:38
c0nv1ct_for apache vhosts you'll want to check out /etc/apache2/sites-*23:39
Eventyretc0nv1ct_: and the hostname can be anything ?23:39
Eventyretok thy23:40
Eventyretjust reboot here23:44
qman__whoops, wrong window23:49
qman__interesting anyway23:49

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