alourieare there recorded sessions available from UDS-N? For testing ?10:04
alourieI mean for testing sessions?10:04
UndiFineDgobby is accessible10:26
UndiFineDalourie, some are here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ubuntudevelopers10:35
alourieUndiFineD: actually, there are no sessions on the QA that I see there...10:39
UndiFineDtrue, there is video.ubuntu.com, but that only shows maverick10:40
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UndiFineDno response in #.-uds11:08
alourieUndiFineD: probably because they're done...11:18
UndiFineDor not awake yet ;)11:19
mainerrorI'm running the extended suspend/resume test on LaptopTesting12:04
mainerrorin the description it says that if should trigger apport on any failures12:04
mainerrordoes that mean after the script exited or just when a failure appears12:05
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mainerroris it possible that the LaptopTesting plan is out of date or wrong? http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Plans/LaptopTesting#Networking20:08
mainerrorhcn-001 and hcn-002 are not really the same20:08
mainerrorI mean the ones at the top of the list and the ones at the bottom20:08
mainerrorthey'd need different Case IDs as they are different tests20:09
cprofitthggdh: hey -- caught up on the sleep yet22:38
cprofittcharlie-tca: how about you -- getting recovered?22:39
hggdhcprofitt: hi. I got set with my sleep, and seem to also have gotten a cold, perhaps the (in)famous "UDS cold"...22:44
cprofittcolds are not fun...22:45
hggdhI am finding it now, have not had one for a very long time22:45
cprofitthggdh: I am going throught he process with the beginners team council and getting the new strucutre setup22:45
cprofittafter that we need to talk about getting the focus group setup for QA / Testing22:45
hggdhif you need help with anything, please holler ;-)22:46
cprofittI will need some help to detail all the 'resources' people need -- daily images, etc22:46
cprofittis it ok to do that with email?22:46
hggdhyes, it is22:46
hggdhlooking at the qa site also may help22:46
cprofittI am hoping to start that next week some time22:47
cprofittgood to hear you are caught up22:47
cprofitthave you heard from charlie?22:47
hggdhI briefly chatted with him earlier today on the -bugs. He told us he is tired, but OK22:47
cprofittgood to hear... he needs to take things slow while he re-charges22:48
cprofitthttp://qa.ubuntu.com/ -- nice site22:49
hggdhaye, the new look and all that22:51
cprofittcouncil members are here -- going to pay attention to that and work on our membership process...22:54
cprofittmay be delayed in responding22:54
charlie-tcacprofitt: yes, I am here23:37
charlie-tcaWas out for a bit. I seem to be tired, but still going23:37
cprofittgood too see ya charlie-tca23:37
cprofittwoot woot go charlie-tca23:38
charlie-tcaTrying to actually do an install with the screen-reader is more of an experience than I knew23:38
cprofittI have to rebuild one of my machines to get that going23:38
cprofittI have acquired an additional machine since getting home to do testing on23:39
charlie-tcaGreat! every one helps23:39
cprofitt I will rebuild my desktop and make it a dedicated virtual machine home23:40
cprofittnot everything can be tested in that... but much likely can23:40
charlie-tcaI do a lot of testing in VirtualBox, but if it fails, I do a hardware test before reporting it23:40
cprofittgot it23:42
cprofittsounds like a plan23:42
cprofittI am working on our Beginners Team - Focus group and membership process right now23:42
cprofittwhich I hope to have in place by next week23:42
cprofittand then we can start to make things a bit easier for people who want to contribute23:42

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