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pleia2ok, we need an interview or article for the upcoming FCM, due Sunday18:46
pleia2(our volunteer for this is pretty busy with other things this month)18:47
pleia2we haven't done an article in a while, so if anyone has an idea we haven't covered yet that'd be great, past ones are linked here: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/FullCircleMagazine18:49
jledbetter_Could be about the sessions at UDS and where the project is going in Natty19:07
jledbetter_Yes, I can add that to the list.19:07
jledbetter_Oh, no I can't.19:09
pleia2not a bad idea, but I think we need someone to copy the gobby notes over into our blueprint first19:13
pleia2jledbetter_: what are you having trouble editing?19:13
jledbetter_pleia2: I can't edit the wiki page to add ideas. "Immutable Page." If that's like Java, it means I can't edit ;)19:15
pleia2jledbetter_: are you logged in?19:15
jledbetter_pleia2: Then Sunday might be too tight.19:15
jledbetter_Yes. Logged in.19:15
pleia2hm, weird19:16
pleia2can you edit other pages? there are no special ACLs on this page19:16
jledbetter_Immutable as well: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Mentors19:17
pleia2well that's no good19:17
pleia2can someone else w/o admin on the wiki see if they are having problems?19:17
pleia2(so anyone other than akgraner and elky)19:18
jledbetter_I can edit this page: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/October2010/Agenda19:18
jledbetter_So just some pages are locked down?19:18
maiatodayI can also edit that page19:19
jledbetter_What about Mentors or FullCircleMagazine?19:22
IdleOneunable to edit http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Mentors19:24
IdleOneimmutable page19:24
pleia2we set special ACLs on the agenda pages while the wiki was locked down19:24
pleia2yikes, I thought the canonical sysadmins unlocked the wiki, looks like they didn't :(19:24
pleia2access control list19:25
jledbetter_Thanks :)19:25
pleia2you'll see: #acl Known:read,write,revert All:read19:25
pleia2jledbetter_: can you refresh /FullCircleMagazine ? you should be able to edit now19:26
pleia2and I need to nag ITS to unlock our wiki19:26
jledbetter_pleia2: Yes, I can, thank you19:27
pleia2ok, ticket updated19:33
pleia2I asked them to fix it in July :\19:34
jledbetter_Well, it hasn't been an issue before so it's all good :)19:37
jledbetter_pleia2: I don't see an interview with akk. Then maybe some project articles since Sunday is really close.19:39
pleia2oh yes, we should interview akk!19:40
jledbetter_Yep. She rocks in a major way.19:40

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