edbianniteshade, What is your problem?  Can I help?00:00
macossex@niteshade yeah but at least you know that with the linux communities you might get help00:00
niteshademy controller won't work right00:01
rinku_kokiriDevilz_108,  thank you i know how to google. now if you can provide a link or instructions that actually explain what I want done instead of a whole bunch of windows' howto's or incomplete howto's it would actually be useful00:01
rinku_kokirihow do i mount vhd in ubuntu?00:01
tortoiseedbian, you still in here?00:01
edbiantortoise, Yep00:02
tortoiseedbian, alright, just checking. I'm almost done typing the lcpsi00:02
niteshadereally, whenever i need to do something besides listen to music, and read email i need to learn exactly how a microchip works and how to do something00:02
tripelbHey I get it. no one knows about webcams. It's just that I had a mild preference to get help. So I'll try again later.00:02
Dwade09well nvm guys i installed gnome alsa mixer and it fixed my headphone issue00:03
edbiantortoise, I must admit it should not take this long to read :)00:03
tortoiseedbian, ...I thought you wanted it in pastebin?00:03
edbiantortoise, I'd be happy to read it.00:03
Dwade09can anyone tell my why when i plug my headphones in they are automatically muted and i have to unmute them in alsa mixer ?00:03
edbiantortoise, I didn't realize that was what you were doing!  I'd forgotten.  I promise not to waste your time like that again00:03
niteshadeedbian: computer scientist, that's awesome.  I lack the patience specifically when dealing with computers.  I love working with mechanical stuff though.  I'm about to go to school to be a mechanic for cars00:04
tortoiseedbian, lol it's alright! I'll read through it, what exactly am I looking for though?00:04
geoffmccis there a new processess for ssh key login?00:04
Devilz_108Good night all :)00:04
edbianniteshade, :)  Awesome00:04
macossex@Devilz_108 god night:)00:04
edbiantortoise, You're looking for the drivers / modules associated with your radeon card.00:04
macossex@niteshade that's freaking sweet!00:05
niteshadeand i pray to god that i don't ever have to mess with computer modules inside the car00:05
CaneToadunder 10.10, ALT-PrintScreen for taking a screenshot of the current window no longer does anything... bug or deliberate?00:05
macossex*i meant good night:D00:05
edbianniteshade, Cars have computers in them too :)00:05
macossex@niteshade hahahaha00:05
niteshadei know.  And, i curse that industry decision00:05
rinku_kokirianyone know how i can mount a virtual hard drive file in linux?00:06
niteshadei just wanna work on stuff and fix stuff without dealing with computers00:06
macossex@Dwade09 w8 if i can find a solution googling it00:06
macossexin case of course you haven't already tried that00:06
Dwade09macossex, i too am googling , but im coming up with dead ends.00:07
niteshadei will probably just want to work with old diesels00:07
niteshadeand old cars00:07
niteshadebefore they had computers00:07
macossex@Dwade09 who knows?i might find something00:07
Dwade09im sorry macossex its just every since yesterday its been one thing after another seems to never end00:08
tortoiseedbian, alright, the only thing I see with radeon is this line: "01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series]" And the Kernel driver in use is radeon, and the Kernel modules is radeon00:08
CaneToadrinku_kokiri: a hard drive image file... you probably need to use a loop mount something like mount filename /path/to/mount -o loop00:08
edbiantortoise, mmm, I was afraid of that.00:08
macossexhave you found that already?00:08
edbiantortoise, You did  good job.  That's exactly what I was looking to know.00:08
niteshadeit's just that whenever i have to igure out something with my computer, either i give up, or wind up destroying my computer with a hammer at the end00:08
macossexi didn't read it00:08
niteshadeout of frustration00:09
tortoiseedbian, thank you. So, what exactly does this mean?00:09
edbiantortoise, There are a couple drivers for your card.  fglrx  (proprietary, made by ati). radeon (open source), and vesa (open source fall back driver)00:09
edbiantortoise, According to that output you're using radeon.  This usually is the best choice.00:09
Dwade09macossex,  yes, and its not really the same, i plgu the headphones in they are muted i have to unmute them, but hwen i unplug them my speakers work fine.00:09
rinku_kokiriThe device '/dev/loop0' doesn't seem to have a valid NTFS.00:10
niteshadei also can't sit in front of a computer for too long without getting pissed of00:10
niteshade* of00:10
niteshade* off00:10
Dwade09its just my headphones seem to be auto muted its the front row speaker macossex00:10
edbiantortoise, Look in the output of dmesg.  Do you see anything regarding your card in there?00:10
macossex@Dwade09  i've never heard of this00:10
edbiantortoise, Look near the end00:10
niteshadeit's why none of my laptops or computers last very long00:10
macossex@does it happen just on Ubuntu?00:10
Dwade09macossex,  i have volume control and gnome alsa mixer up, in alsa mixer its showing muted on the front, and in volume control it shows the same.00:11
rypervencheHow can I run a program from my terminal that will remain active even after I close my terminal?00:11
jo___hey everyone, I want to connect to my samba from a xp, I can connect just fine with firefox but when I use windows explorer, he asks for a password and a username. Another howto told me just fill in something but that doesn't work00:11
Dwade09macossex,  yes, when i ahd windows it was fine somewhat lol00:11
judaxrypervenche: &00:11
tortoiseedbian, I'm not seeing dmesg anywhere near the end. What else should be near it?00:11
retfarniteshade: rack ur brain on this http://perfmon2.sourceforge.net/pfmon_intel_core.html00:11
edbianrypervenche, By ending the command with a &  (i.e. firefox&)00:11
Leijon7drivers still dont work  :'(00:11
macossex@Dwade09 w8 to see if there's an automute option00:11
judaxrypervenche: program_name &00:12
edbiantortoise, No, run dmesg.  It's a command.  Look a the end of dmesg   for something related to the card.00:12
MindVirusMy MIDI drums sound like a piano.00:12
tortoiseedbian, oohhh okay.00:12
Dwade09i been looking macossex i was about to lay down when this problem popped up00:12
Leijon7drivers are the achilles heal of ubuntu it seeems00:12
MindVirusPlease help.00:12
edbiantortoise, yeah00:12
MindVirusLeijon7: You'd be surprised.00:12
niteshadethe ironic part is that i used to love this stuff...00:13
niteshadenow it brings me nothing but pain00:13
tortoiseedbian, At the end I get, "radeon 0000:01:05.0: HDMI Type A-1: EDID invalid.00:13
tortoiseoops, that's not all...one second lol00:13
rypervencheedbian: when I close my terminal it closes my program as well00:13
macossex@Dwade09 sorry to hear that. the problem is that i'm using the live cd so I can't fully test it00:13
edbiantortoise, Don't post a ton of stuff here.00:13
edbianrypervenche, did you type a &00:13
macossexi mean i don't have songs or something like that on my computer00:14
manuel_can soemeone help me install libreoffice?00:14
tortoiseedbian, it's only two lines00:14
edbiantortoise, k00:14
Leijon7mindvirus; suprised positive or negative?00:14
macossex@manuel why? you don't like openoffice? just curious00:14
rypervencheedbian: I did. It allows me to do other things with the terminal, but once I close the terminal, the program closes as well.00:14
Dwade09@ macossex can you maybe try with youtube?00:15
tortoiseedbian, "radeon 0000:01:05.0: HDMI Type A-1: EDID invalid. [drm:radeon_dvi_detect] *ERROR* HDMI Type A-1: probed a monitor but no|invalid EDID00:15
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manuel_@macossex why cant they just have it in the software center, i dont understand this rpm business00:15
RainbowChildSalut, salut00:15
darkkraiis there anyway to get the 64 bit deb of the startup disk creator?00:15
LjLmanuel_: what? Ubuntu doesn't use RPM00:15
edbiantortoise, The system doesn't like your monitor for some reason.  Do you have a weird monitor?00:15
ActionParsnipdarkkrai: packages.ubuntu.com00:16
macossex@Dwade09 i'll try00:16
tortoiseedbian, nope. It's a laptop, same monitor that has been on there forever.00:16
niteshadei'm hoping to become an expert in all things fast.  Once i'm through with school, i'll get a job at a napa and go back to school to be a jet mechanic00:16
macossex@manuel what distro are you using?00:16
LjLmanuel_: Ubuntu currently has OpenOffice.org in the repositories. the next version, though, will have LibreOffice.00:16
ActionParsnipdarkkrai: or you can use apt-get to only download the deb to /var/cache/apt/archives00:16
Dwade09@ macossex you do not have to i was just wondering.00:16
ActionParsnipmacossex: most likely ubuntu00:16
iisjmiiCan any body please tell me how to autologin to tty1 on startup. I followed this howto: http://linuxtree.blogspot.com/2010/01/enable-automatic-login-in-ubuntu-910.html but my pc does not switch to a tty on startup00:16
macossex@Dwade09 i know i don't have to. i want to00:17
edbiantortoise, I'm not sure then.  Sounds like something is wrong with the way the driver is written.00:17
iisjmiiit just displays a flashing cursor until I press ntr+alt+F100:17
manuel_ubuntu 10.1000:17
tortoiseedbian, that's really strange...I haven't changed anything about it since I started using ubuntu00:17
macossex@actionParsnip yeah but he mentioned the rpms so i had to ask:)00:17
edbiantortoise, Did you update to 10.10 and then have this problem?00:17
ActionParsnipmacossex: makes sense, use tab to complete nicks dude ;)00:18
tortoiseedbian, I haven't updated to 10.10 at all. Unless ubuntu updates automatically.00:18
judaxrypervenche: &00:18
edbiantortoise, cat /etc/debian_version00:18
macossex@manuel you want libreoffice or you'd be satisfied with openoffice as well?00:18
LjL(and drop the @ which is not really needed or useful)00:18
judaxrypervenche: did you see my response earlier?00:18
macossex@ActionParsnip hehe thanks00:18
tortoiseedbian, squeeze/sid00:18
Dwade09thank you macossex00:18
judaxrypervenche: put an ampersand after the command00:19
ActionParsnipmacossex: if you drop the @ then the text will highlight,just like text intended for you does00:19
manuel_i already have openoffice, but i wanted to try out libreoffice00:19
ActionParsnipmacossex: it makes the nick not highlight00:19
edbiantortoise, Ha, that's not related.  What version is listed in system-monitor?00:19
macossexActionParsnip, wow now i get it00:19
ActionParsnipmanuel_: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/10/install-libreoffice-ppa-ubuntu/00:19
MindVirusMy MIDI drumset sounds like a piano. Can anyone help?00:19
tortoiseedbian, How do I get to system-monitor without gui?00:20
edbiantortoise, Oh.  Didn't realize you were only cli.00:20
edbiantortoise, You can't :)00:20
tortoiseedbian, oh. Yeah, I am.00:20
iisjmiiMindVirus: Don't hit it :P00:20
macossexDwade09, i'm installing flash to watch videos on youtube so don't leave yet00:20
manuel_thanks actionarpsnip00:20
shawnboyAs far as I know, Ubuntu chooses to use the wired connection instead of wireless if present, right?00:20
MindVirusDoes anyone know why it's not making drum sounds?00:20
Dwade09not going anywhere macossex although i really wana sleep but i wana get this fixed first00:20
edbiantortoise, It doesn't matter.  You would have rememberd the upgrade.  And it doesn't happen automatically.00:20
ActionParsnipshawnboy: if the wired is connected then yes00:20
macossexDwade09, haha been there!00:21
ActionParsnipshawnboy: NB. You cannot connect 2 interfaces to the same router without getting issues00:21
tortoiseedbian, in that case, I am still using 10.0400:21
rypervencheI made a shell script to killall ibus-daemon then start a game. I want to automatically restart ibus-daemon once the game finishes. Without "&" the terminal window stays there, with "&" it does not keep ibus-daemon open. How can I fix this?00:21
shawnboyActionParsnip: ok, here's my prob then... Ubuntu A is connected to Ubuntu B with wire, no internet. Computer A is also connected wifi to internet. See my prob?00:22
macossexDwade09, don't get your hopes up though. I might not be able to help. i don't wanna be yet another disappointment to you00:22
edbiantortoise, I'm not sure what the problem is.  All I can say is that the system is giving cryptic errors about your monitor.  Ask in #radeon.  They are very knowledgeable (but a bit rude so be nice)00:22
Dwade09macossex,  i have i have via vt1708s sound card00:22
ActionParsnipshawnboy: can A ping
shawnboyI need Ubuntu A to access files on Ubuntu B AND have internet access via wifi simultaneously.00:22
shawnboyActionParsnip: well, it's not connected at this moment, so I can't answer that right now. tried it earlier tonight.00:23
macossexDwade09, thanks even though i'm a noob when it comes to hardware00:23
tortoiseedbian, thank you for your help. I'll go see if I can't figure it out in that channel00:23
edbiantortoise, I'll come with00:23
shawnboyin theory, ActionParsnip, can you envision way to do that?00:23
manuel_ActionParsnips, i think the webpage you gave me for Libre is missing a command00:23
Dwade09figured it might have helped some lol and your welcome macossex00:23
ActionParsnipshawnboy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing00:23
Dwade09and thank you macossex for helping00:24
ActionParsnipshawnboy: the network between the 2 PCs needs to be a different subnet to the wireless side00:24
macossexDwade09, don't mention it00:24
Dwade09macossex,  if it helps im in 10.10 64bit00:24
Br0llyIS there any way to make Microsoft Office work on ubuntu lol00:24
shawnboyActionParsnip: I'll read that link and I can make them dif subnets no prob. Thank you.00:24
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shawnboyActionParsnip: really quickly... any magic with gateway setting I need to be sure of? let's say wifi is DHCP, but should I leave wired as static and no gateway?00:25
niteshadenot getting any trick-or-treaters00:25
UbuntAlexok sorry00:26
ndxtghi, I need to see the process list and the creator of each user, any idea? command line00:26
UbuntAlexi'm slightly buzzed and trying to install ubuntu for the third time.00:26
niteshadei got tons of candy for myself now00:26
UbuntAlexbut it's screwing up when trying to mess with partitions00:26
ndxtg*creator of each process00:26
UbuntAlexi HAVE to have dead sectors on my harddrive.00:26
shawnboyBTW, Happy Reformation Day everyone.00:26
rypervencheedbian: did you see my problem? (can't repost, on iPhone)00:26
macossexDwade09, i don't think it's a software issue. I mean there's not aproblem with a codec or smth like that00:26
UbuntAlexit's GOT to be that.00:26
steev_niteshade, lucky!00:26
macossexi'm guessing it needs some tweaking but when the flash downloads i'll try it00:27
edbianrypervenche, About the app closing when you close the panel?00:27
Um_cara_qualquerAnybody there who knows how to extract/execute/etc... .pck archives?00:27
macossexsorry it takes so much time but like i said i'm using the live cd and my internet connection is busy with something else00:27
rypervencheedbian: yeah, I posted a rather long description about it.00:28
macossexit's just stuck on the downloading process00:28
edbianrypervenche, use disown00:28
niteshadeedbian, what's a computer scientist?00:28
smallsIs it normal for something to connect to ME from THEIR port 80?  Oct 31 19:24:25 wasp kernel: [ 9259.627531] iptables ALERT: IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=e0:cb:4e:9e:55:74:00:01:02:cd:5b:9f:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=51 ID=45900 PROTO=TCP SPT=80 DPT=43324 WINDOW=0 RES=0x00 RST URGP=000:28
Dwade09macossex,  no need to apologize really, im trying to figure it out as well,00:28
KhadorMechanyone mind a unr display question?00:28
edbianniteshade, A person that studies computers :)00:28
UbuntAlexEVERY TIME00:28
edbianrypervenche, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/close-terminal-mean-close-background-process-566205/00:28
UbuntAlexi try to install ubuntu it locks up00:29
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UbuntAlexand it locks up randomly in windows.00:29
UbuntAlexit's GOT to be the drive.00:29
FloodBot4UbuntAlex: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:29
niteshadeyeah, but we already know about computers, cause we made them!  Scientists discover, man!00:29
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:29
brandon77How is the latest release of Ubuntu handle with the AMD Hexcore processors?00:29
demihi, does anyone know of a way to see how much power a usb device is taking when plugged in?00:30
macossexDwade09, i'm searching the forums and it seems everyone's had the exact opposite problem00:30
KhadorMechMy 10.10 cannot use vga to my Hi-def Sony TV.  Solutions suggest I check the xorg.conf, but I can't find one.00:30
macossextheir speakers don't mute when they plug in their headphones00:30
ActionParsnipKhadorMech: one doesn't exist by default, but if you make one it will be obeyed00:31
Dwade09yes, that is what i am finding out as well macossex it is weird my system does everything backwards or sideways.00:31
Um_cara_qualquerAnyone... please i beg for a little help hehe :(00:31
KhadorMechActionParsnip: where should I place the file, or is there an autoconfigure?00:31
niteshadei'm already a tradesman without being a mechanic first tho00:31
MindVirusI need MIDI. Can someone help?00:31
edbianUm_cara_qualquer, We don't even know what ur problem is!00:31
Um_cara_qualqueri don't know what to do with a pck file00:32
niteshadei'm a bongsmith00:32
rypervencheThank you both for your help. I will use disown^^00:32
Um_cara_qualquerit is a game... but i don't know how to install from it00:32
Um_cara_qualqueror extract...00:32
niteshadei create bongs with expertise00:32
macossexDwade09, when you plug your speakers in your laptop instead of the speakers does the problem go away/00:32
niteshadeaka "waater pipes"00:32
demiso no way to tell what the power consumed by a usb device is?00:33
Dwade09macossex,  i do not have other speakers i just have system built in speakers00:33
Um_cara_qualqueredbian, and I already searched the entire google on it X_X00:33
Swianthe entire google00:33
Dwade09macossex,  if you like to carry this chat in pm if itd be easier for you that is fine with me.00:33
rammyIRCguyz i want to instal yahoo messenger on ubuntu00:33
Swianthat's a lot of reading00:33
rammyIRCpointer please00:33
CrimsonIdoldemi, um, 5volts?00:34
Um_cara_qualqueri'm a reader man hehe00:34
SwianrammyIRC you can use pidgin or empathy to connect to Yahoo00:34
macossexDwade09, you mean im?00:34
rammyIRCi wantto have same messenger features like chat room and video cam00:34
equusrammyIRC,  open yahoo home page click on messager00:34
demiCrimsonIdol, i meant the current draw.00:34
ActionParsnipKabukiOrigin: it resides in /etc/X1100:34
KhadorMechOn the USB question I'm seeing suggestions about using the ACPI tools and checking before and after you unplug the device00:35
equusrammyIRC,  there is no need to install anything00:35
KhadorMechThanks Action!!!00:36
rammyIRCsorry i cudnt find it00:37
rammyIRCim dumb:(00:37
Um_cara_qualquerSomeone help me... I need to install or extract a .pck archive00:37
LadySerenawow, I installed Xubuntu on the machine with 256MB memory00:37
ActionParsnipKhadorMech: if you use proprietary nvidia drivers you can make a file which you can then edit using: sudo nvidia-xconfig00:37
LadySerenathe only time it crawls is when new software is being installed00:37
LadySerenaother than that, its actually pretty quick00:37
ActionParsnipUm_cara_qualquer: try extracting it with unzip00:37
sarthorHi, when i am opening Gnome Terminal windows, so i am getting this Error, http://pastebin.com/GNxNtr8V , i am using maverick, i386 with GUI, How to solve,00:37
xsystemplease help me00:37
KhadorMechActionParsnip: I'm using the intel graphics drivers for an HP mini 11000:37
Um_cara_qualquerActionParsnip, is that already in karmic default?00:38
equusrammyIRC,  if you have opened your email or something it may not be there00:38
ActionParsnipsarthor: try:  cd /home; sudo chown -R sarthor:sarthor ./sarthor00:38
serardHello everybody00:38
xsystemI start up my computer and the default resolution is 800x60000:38
rammyIRCis this what r u talking abt00:38
xsystemhow can i change it00:39
serardI've just installed ubuntu 10.10 on my imac, yeeaaah so far so good :o) Now I want to install a virtualization software. Which one the best (faster) ?00:39
ActionParsnipxsystem: run: sudo lshw -C display   use the product line to find guides00:39
equusrammyIRC,  yes that is it00:39
LadySerenaserard - I use VirtualBox for all my VM needs00:39
ActionParsnipserard: none are best00:39
sarthorActionParsnip, I am root, and root@ThinkPad-SL510:/home#  chown -R sarthor:sarthor ./sarthor00:39
sarthorchown: cannot access `./sarthor/.gvfs': Permission denied00:39
demirammyIRC, have you considered using pidgin00:39
ActionParsnipsarthor: yes you'll get that as its a special folder00:40
rammyIRCequus: thanks got it working.... i was tryin it in chromium... its not working there but in firefox00:40
sarthorActionParsnip, but the error fixed.00:40
rammyIRCdemi:is that really better00:40
ActionParsnipserard: you can use vmware, qemu or virtualbox amongst others00:40
ActionParsnipsarthor: ok, do terminals run ok now?00:40
Um_cara_qualquerActionParsnip, I already have unzip it seems... but there's no option of "extract with unzip"... how can i extract that?00:40
sarthorActionParsnip, No matter if i am 72male, and you are Cyber guy, but i love you.00:40
StevethepirateGetting a new DSL modem, and wondering what in particular to look for that will work well with multiple pppoe connections from an Ubuntu box (to be shared over a network). Commends.00:40
sarthoryea ActionParsnip yea OK now.00:40
serardThank you ActionParsnip and LadySerena ! Both have "headless" mode ?00:41
serard"both", all :)00:41
demirammyIRC, dunno, only ever used it for standard IMs, never tried anything else on it00:41
LadySerenaVirtualBox server does00:41
ActionParsnipUm_cara_qualquer: in a terminal type: unzip filename   obviously change filename for the file (with path) you want to extract)00:41
ActionParsnipsarthor: if yuo quit messing  with root prompts, you'll have fewer issues00:41
demiit does allow me to keep msn, yahoo and aim al together in a single window00:41
ActionParsnipsarthor: just use sudo and gksudo and you will have no issues like this ever00:42
rammyIRCdemi:im currently using empathy00:42
rammyIRCdemi: but i cant use it for webcam and stuffs00:42
sarthorActionParsnip, OK. i will do like as you suggest, Thanks bro.00:42
equusrammyIRC,  I am fairly sure that yahoo messenger runs on flash so it can be a pain on lower powered boxes00:43
demisame sort of idea then rammyIRC as i say, cant vouch for pidgin being any better00:43
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rammyIRCdemi:i understand00:44
phuzionHi, I've got two machines that are publicly accessible to the internet, one is a VNC server, the other is (among other things) an SSH server.  Only problem is that the VNC server isn't working over a WAN connection (probably due to firewall rules, outside of my control).  How can I use the SSH server to tunnel the incoming VNC connection to the VNC server?00:45
ActionParsnip!vnc | phuzion00:46
ubottuphuzion: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX00:46
xsystemhow can I change my default resolution from 800x600 to 1152.86400:46
ActionParsnipphuzion: there may be a more graceful method to achieve your goal, what do you do when you connect via VNC?00:47
ghostnik11pjsingh5000: everytime i click on the pastebin link i get the launchpad sign in window00:47
niteshadeanyways, about my controller problem:  It works in torcs, but not in nexuiz.  This leaves me thinking that it's nexuiz's fault.  But, there's no controller config options in nexuiz.00:47
niteshadethat's the main prob00:48
StevethepirateIf I'm planning to use a DSL modem (with 802.11n), but instead use PPPOE from an ubuntu box to make multiple DSL connections: 1) Any restrictions on what the modems needs to have 2) Will wireless clients be able to connect via wireless -> routed via the ubuntu box -> internet?00:48
ActionParsnipStevethepirate: yes you can setup an ubuntu box as a wireless router00:49
Um_cara_qualquerActionParsnip, I tried to extract it 4 times in 4 diferent directories... the terminal still says that it cant find the file o_O00:49
jigrscr0608nueb here:  Is there anyone who can help me to configure samba to be used as a domain?00:49
xsystemhow can I change my default resolution from 800x600 to 1152.86400:49
ActionParsnipUm_cara_qualquer: use cd to (c)hange (d)irectory to the one containing the file. If you run: ls (spoken: ell-ess), you should see the file, then you can ignore the path part of the filename00:49
StevethepirateActionParsnip: The problem is the DSL Modem will be working as both a wireless router and as for PPPOE.00:50
ActionParsnipStevethepirate: the ubuntu box will establish the PPOE on one interface with the modem, the use a different interface to share the connection out00:51
phuzionActionParsnip: The VNC Server is a windows machine, the SSH server is a linux box.  I use it to control a program that is Windows only :(  When I would connect to the VNC server, I have to be on the LAN in order to connect to it, but having remote access would be ideal.00:51
jigrscr0608can anyone help?00:51
StevethepirateSo I need 2 network cards on the ubuntu box? Or 2 pseudo interfaces?00:51
ActionParsnipphuzion: you can use RDP to windows and it is secure, VNC is not secure in anyway00:51
phuzionActionParsnip: that00:52
phuzionis blocked00:52
glaucousHow do I set Ubuntu to use ALSA instead of PulseAudio by default? I just reinstalled, and my last install had a System Audio Selector (or something) in which I could change it.00:52
ActionParsnipStevethepirate: either is fine, if you want decent speed then 2 physical devices is ideal00:52
n00bnixanyone here happen to be a filesystems whiz?00:53
StevethepirateActionParsnip: I'm in .za, DSL speeds are like 4mbit or 10mbit max :(00:53
Um_cara_qualquerwhat's the site to put big messages to avoid flood?00:53
StevethepirateActionParsnip: you could point me at some relevant literature for PPPOE? Does it connect via normal eth to one of the routers ports?00:53
n00bnixpastebin I think, Um_cara_qualquer00:54
ubottuSetting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE00:54
ActionParsnip!adsl | Stevethepirate00:54
ubottuStevethepirate: please see above00:54
StevethepirateYe, saw. http://www.take2.co.za/electronics-trendnet-300mbps-wireless-n-adsl2-2-modem-router-4311963.html <-- Does this look ok?00:54
Um_cara_qualquern00bnix,  thx00:54
ActionParsnipStevethepirate: sure, it'll be cheaper to run too as your PC uses a lot of power compared to a home grade router00:55
ActionParsnipStevethepirate: unless your pc is on 24/700:55
dubsideHi all, sorry that this is slightly off topic but, when recieving an email from a blackberry, how exactly does the "sent via blackberry" appear ( aesthetically speaking ) ? I mean appearence wise is there a "--" above it or anything?00:55
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StevethepirateActionParsnip: Oh, so you saying I don't even need a DSL router?00:55
Um_cara_qualquerActionParsnip, check this out00:55
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ActionParsnipStevethepirate: if you setup the sharing of the connection, your PC will be a router00:56
n00bnixso, who wants to help me recover an ext4 filesystem that mount can't mount (freezes doing something called "get_super") and e2fsck won't check? (insists the device is busy or already mounted, which it isn't)00:56
StevethepirateYes, but the DSL modem is acting as a router right? Converting DSL -> eth.00:56
ActionParsnipUm_cara_qualquer: ok so its not a zip file, what is the output of:  file sound.pck00:57
edbiann00bnix, just a thought, dd if=/dev/brokenDrive of=/path/to/some/folder00:57
ActionParsnipStevethepirate: a modem id a modem, a router with a modem is a modem/router00:57
n00bnixI tried forcing e2fsck to use one of the backup superblocks after doing an e2fsdump but it still insists the device is busy when it's not00:57
ActionParsnipStevethepirate: if you have a modem/router you can buy a cheap ethernet switch and share the connection that way00:57
n00bnixedbian: it's a 996 GB filesystem, and the one and only physical hard drive :P00:57
edbiann00bnix, wow, good luck with that00:58
StevethepirateActionParsnip: Oh ok. I'm now up to speed. Ye, I have 2x 24 port 3com switches.00:58
n00bnix(the remaining 4 GB of the drive had been set up as the swap, but I deleted the swap because I thought that may have been making e2fsck think the drive was busy)00:58
Um_cara_qualquerActionParsnip, what do you mean? I'm not an expert but I thought pck was the output00:58
abstraktany recommendations for screencasting software on ubuntu/*nix ?00:58
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abstraktI'm using GNOME (if it matters)00:58
Pici!screencast | abstrakt00:58
ubottuabstrakt: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.00:58
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abstraktPici, sweet, thanks :)00:59
ActionParsnipUm_cara_qualquer: its a command, I gave a command, copy and paste the comamnd and run it, a non-expert can do that00:59
Piciabstrakt: np00:59
ActionParsnipUm_cara_qualquer: http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4508&p=4025000:59
ActionParsnipabstrakt: recordmydesktop00:59
Spy_ohi all00:59
CrimsonIdolman, I was just gonna change my nick to Deathspawn...00:59
n00bnixthe funny thing is, when I boot off that hard drive, GRUB can see the files on it still... I just end up having a busybox terminal because it can't mount the /dev/sda2 filesystem00:59
abstraktActionParsnip, so is that your preferred screen casting software on *nix?00:59
Spy_oi have a problem00:59
DeathspawnCrimsonIdol: And then you would have gotten ghosted. :)01:00
ActionParsnipabstrakt: i dont use one, its one I know about. why do you want one that#s "preferred" by a total stranger? Why not try a few and see which you preffer?01:00
ludwinhi everyone01:00
Spy_oi connect my pc with ubuntu to my tv01:00
ActionParsnipSpy_o: ask away01:00
Spy_oi connect my pc with ubuntu to my tv01:01
ActionParsniphi ludwin01:01
yagoon00bnix, "because it can't mount" << "it" is it. sounds too clear to me.. sounds like an "it' problem.01:01
Spy_oand i have problem with resize01:01
n00bnixso of course, I tried the obvious stuff... booted off a live USB and tried the e2fsck, which won't touch the partition, and mount just freezes doing the "get_super", so I think it's because of the superblock being corrupt, and I could fix that from one of the backup ones, if only e2fsck would run01:01
Spy_ohow can i rotate ubuntu desktop or resize01:01
gogeta1Spy_o: try usin xrander on that display to change the size01:02
Spy_ogogetal i try it01:02
yagoon00bnix, if you can speak in english it would make more sense. using the word "it" has no meaning.01:02
Spy_obut the smaller size 640x480 i need smaller01:02
yagooSpy_o, 640x480 is like the 1990's..01:03
geitenneukeryagoo: if you can speak hebrew, it would make no sense to boil a chicken without water.01:03
n00bnix"it" in that last context means "the error in question", ie. not being able to mount or even fsck.ext4 the partition01:03
gogeta1Spy_o: 640x480 ia naativ tv rez01:03
Spy_oits 1990s tv01:03
gogeta1Spy_o: you can only go to up 800x600 using overscan01:03
geitenneukergogeta1: crap native is 480x something01:04
KhadorMechSounds like you guys are talking resolution.  I'm having a problem getting a netbook to support a hi-res second monitor01:04
ActionParsnipSpy_o: you havent configured your video chip, if you run:  sudo lshw -C display   and use the product line, you can find guides01:04
Um_cara_qualquerActionParsnip, sound.pck: data01:04
yagoon00bnix, so basically you're wondering if there's a problem with the filesystem. simple enough.. run an e2fsck with a live booted cd..01:04
gogeta1Spy_o: 640x480 is as small as it gets01:04
yagoon00bnix, you don't need to mount to use e2fsck.01:04
ActionParsnipUm_cara_qualquer: thought so, kinda hoped it would see what it was01:04
Um_cara_qualquerActionParsnip, hmm and what it means?01:04
gogeta1geitenneuker: 480p is max for a sd tv01:04
StevethepirateActionParsnip: qq, when doing pppoe; even though the device is connected via ethernet to the modem/router; how does it know the correct IP, etc for the modem/router?01:04
n00bnixyagoo: I've TRIED that! e2fsck will not run on the partition. e2fsck tells me the device is busy or the partition is mounted. The device is not busy, and the partition is not mounted when I tried to run the e2fsck.01:05
gogeta1geirha: you can emulate higher rez via overscan but it will look crappy01:05
Spy_ogogetal how can i do oversize?01:05
gogeta1Spy_o: been a long time i forgot how to enable overscan to give you a higher rez but rember it will lost alot of qualty01:06
Um_cara_qualquerActionParsnip, sorry about my english... it's been a while01:06
* yagoo fsck.ext401:07
n00bnixStrangely, GRUB can see the files on the drive when I ls the root, (hd0,msdos2) and GRUB loads the kernel and initrd.lz and then the system boots into a busybox shell because /dev/sda2 cannot be mounted.01:07
gogeta1Spy_o: check your videos card controle panel and look for overscan01:07
yagoon00bnix, did u use another partitioning tool mix?01:07
Spy_oi dont have control panel for my video card01:08
Spy_oi have intel01:08
gogeta1Spy_o: of even the second duisplay propterys01:08
yagoon00bnix, you sure dracula didn't bite your neck tonight?01:08
Spy_o82815 Chipset Graphics Controller (CGC)01:08
n00bnixyagoo: I'm not sure what you mean? I've just downloaded a copy of PMagic 5.7 though and I'm going to try some of the tools on that.01:09
yagoon00bnix, no.01:09
gogeta1Spy_o: if your using s-video you are limitid to 480p01:09
yagoon00bnix, use gparted live cd.. and try moving the start of the partition like 1 meg down01:09
Spy_oi use rca01:09
jigrscr0608how can I change my resolution past 1024 x 768?  I had it really high in windows 7.01:09
n00bnixThe partition was created with Gparted from the Ubuntu 10.1001:09
yagoon00bnix, that'll set the proper offsets grub is able to work with01:09
ActionParsnipSpy_o: http://threeeighthsspacer.com/blog/2009/09/08/dell-inspiron-2500-with-intel-82815-graphics-xorgconf-for-1024x768/01:09
gogeta1Spy_o:  ? a vga box?01:10
ActionParsnipjigrscr0608: run: sudo lshw -C display    use the product line to find guides01:10
yagoon00bnix, i'm guessing you didn't pay attention when you toying around with gparted... you may have wiped out that partition01:10
n00bnixyagoo: GRUB doesn't have a problem with the filesystem, only linux's mount and fsck.ext4 commands do. Also, I cannot resize the partition in Gparted, I have already tried to shrink it so I could create another to recover it to, using the dd method.01:10
yagoon00bnix, partedmagic is ok.. thought u were referring to the commercial partitionmagic01:11
gogeta1Spy_o: if your using s-vdeio to the tv your limited to 640x480 you need to use a vga rgb box to use overscan01:11
gogeta1limits of s-video01:11
yagoon00bnix, besides gparted what other partition tool was used on this drive?01:11
yagoon00bnix, you sould only stick with one of course01:12
n00bnixyagoo: No others were used01:12
gogeta1Spy_o: if your using some sort of dvi to standerd tv conversion you should be able to emulate hd rez01:12
yagoon00bnix, are you telling me you did a resize on an ext4 filesystem?01:12
jigrscr0608I have a g84 geforce 8600 gt01:12
UbuntAlexso. live ubuntu works. live fedora works. locks up on formating partitions for linux. bad harddrive FTW01:12
n00bnixyagoo: No, because Gparted will not resize it without running e2fsck first.01:13
yagoojigrscr0608, i have that too.. it works..01:13
n00bnixAnd e2fsck will not run on the partition01:13
ActionParsnip!nvidia | jigrscr060801:13
ubottujigrscr0608: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:13
oliver602is there a known issue with printing files with transparent things in it?01:13
yagoon00bnix, so bootup with hardware diagnosis cd.. and see if it can sector test the whole drive..01:13
jigrscr0608I have a 20" crt that I guess it doesn't recognize.  any ideas01:13
n00bnixoliver602: If there is, I don't know about it.01:13
n00bnixyagoo: What tool(s) would you suggest for that? I would want to use something that will do a read-only test, and I think it would take a very long time on a 1TB drive.01:14
oliver602just di some basic shapes in inkscape. printed fine. added drop shadows, printing takes forever, gs is taking 100% cpu01:14
yagoon00bnix, yeah.. it'll take some time..01:15
geitenneukeri rather to use a old dos programm called interleave for your harddisk01:15
yagoon00bnix, theres sysrescuecd and ultimatebootcd ..01:15
ActionParsnipjigrscr0608: if you haven't installed the driver it won't fire on all cylinders01:15
yagoon00bnix, and of course hiren cd01:15
CanadianPirateHas anyone noticed that gnome-shell takes a hell of a long time to compile01:15
ActionParsnipCanadianPirate: there are repos for it01:15
n00bnixCanadianPirate: GNOME might not be responsible for how bad GNOME is now... The X.org server is weird at the moment01:16
ActionParsnipCanadianPirate: http://joneslee85.wordpress.com/2010/06/06/howto-install-gnome-shell-on-ubuntu-maverick-10-10/01:16
ActionParsnipCanadianPirate: so compiling it is really a fruitless excercise as smoeone has already done it01:16
yagoon00bnix, oO what's wrong with x.org ?01:17
n00bnixActionParsnip: Maybe he's using a different cpu architecture?01:17
ActionParsnipn00bnix: if s/he hasi686 or amd64 if will work01:17
n00bnixyagoo: I'm not sure, but for a start, they broke compatibility with the nvidia-96 drivers package01:17
gogeta1Spy_o: only way to get a higer rez on s standerd tv is using a vga to rgb converter box. mind you it will look shotty01:17
yagoon00bnix, nvidia has to update their sources.. that's no x's fault..01:18
CanadianPirateActionParsnip I am compiling the newest one, 3.91.1 I think is the version. I could not find a repo for it.01:18
UbuntAlexARGGGGH eh.01:18
Spy_oi must buy a vga to rgb box?01:18
UbuntAlexoi vey.01:18
n00bnixyagoo: It might be, depending on what X.org did to break compatibility :P01:18
Spy_ogogetal i must buy a vga to rgb box?01:18
gogeta1Spy_o: if you whant to go past the limits of s-video01:18
Dwade09hia there gogeta101:19
n00bnixbut we'll never know for sure, unless NVidia open-source their drivers01:19
gogeta1Spy_o: but at the point it would be better to ge a hd tv with dvi01:19
UbuntAlexwhy is it ubuntu can get on my wireless network fine, but fedora is all ELWJHNBFDSLKEJR01:19
yagoon00bnix, that still doesn't convince me x.org is weird..01:19
gogeta1Spy_o: or hdmi if you video card supports it01:19
gogeta1Spy_o: converting past 680x480 on a stander tv = hard to read text fuzzy display01:20
CanadianPirateIs anyone here using Utouch?01:20
gogeta1Spy_o: there not built to display past that01:20
Spy_ogogetal thanks a lot i trying 7 hours now01:20
n00bnixI've had a lot of problems with ubuntu 10.10 that I never had with previous versions. I suspect the causes to be changes in the kernel with regards to ext4 filesystems, changes in X.org server making my display drivers not work, and changes to Gnome. I never had problems with 6.06 LTS01:21
Spy_oi try to oversize01:21
n00bnixor 8.04, or 9.04, or even 10.0401:21
gogeta1Spy_o: you can overscan with s-video only with rgb conversion01:21
Laverne12i forgot my usual IRC chat name, the one i registered. how can i have the email resent with my IRC chat name01:21
yagoon00bnix, you seem to be pretty jumped about what the problem is.. Run the hardware sector test first.. then come back and see how others can help..01:22
IbyssCan someone show me how I can use the rc.local? Trying to make my apache server start on it's own, but I'm having no luck with getting that to luck. (And solutions I got from google were pretty much no good).01:22
Spy_oi can not overscan with rca?01:22
gogeta1Spy_o: is it a vga to rca converter box01:22
Spy_ois rca to rca01:23
ActionParsnipIbyss: just add the command you would run as root above the exit 0 line and suffix ithe command with an ampersand character01:23
Spy_oi have a iptv pc that i have hacked it and i installing ubuntu inside01:23
gogeta1Spy_o: do you mean s-video to rca01:23
Spy_ono rca to rca01:24
n00bnixyagoo: I'm going to try out the tools on the Pmagic liveCD once I turn it into a bootable USB with syslinux, and if I have no luck with that, I'm going to give up and reformat the drive with GUID instead of MBR or something, and most likely switch from Ubuntu to gNewSense as a base and then install whatever else I need on top of that.01:24
gogeta1Spy_o: its probly a s-video to rcca conversion done internerly01:24
Spy_ois mini pc for home cinema01:24
gogeta1Spy_o: you should be able to go to 800x60001:24
gogeta1Spy_o: you may have to add the rez mode manuly to the xorg.conf01:25
=== WiW is now known as WiWafk
Spy_ogogetal yes i do that01:25
Spy_obut at 800x60001:25
gogeta1Spy_o: then in a term type xrander01:25
n00bnixthe drive better not be dead or dying, it's barely 6 months old. Then again, I had a seagate 1.5 TB drive die after 2 months recently, so maybe drive manufacturers are getting sloppy these days. Seagate used to be good.01:25
gogeta1Spy_o: did it go to 600x60001:25
k56731s-video to rca: http://www.richieri.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/s-video-rca.jpg01:26
n00bnixthe 1TB I'm using at the moment is WD though01:26
tilerenderingif I have a ssh key for machine a to access machine b, and i want to use the same key that I use for machine on machine c (to connect from c to b), what do I need to do to "transfer" this key between a and c so that it will work on b ?01:26
IbyssI'll be right back.01:26
yagoon00bnix, don't buy oem.. they're cheap..01:26
gogeta1Spy_o: or try giving crander the mode xrander 800x60001:27
n00bnixI don't know, I wanted something like a Quantum, they were always good, but I can't even find anywhere selling them. Are Quantum even still in business?01:27
ActionParsnipn00bnix: grab seagate 7200.12 and you are gold01:28
Spy_ogogetal xrandr?01:28
gogeta1Spy_o: yea01:28
n00bnixActionParsnip:  I swore I would never buy anything from Seagate again after the 1.5TB drive died within 2 months.01:29
sebsebseb 01:29
gogeta1n00bnix: they would have replaced that for free01:29
IbyssThanks ActionParsnip, it worked. :D01:29
yagoon00bnix, i refuse to buy new technology due to events like this.. I avoid any TB drives.. maximum i go is 500gb..01:29
Spy_ogogetal what must i do now01:30
smt-mobilhmm my server is running with a 8 year old seagate hd01:30
gogeta1n00bnix: they warrenty them for 5 years01:30
realcoolusern00bnix: was this a 7200 RPM drive or the 5900?01:30
n00bnixrealcooluser: 720001:30
gogeta1Spy_o: well if it switched to 800x600 not a thing01:30
Sir_Konradok so I want to install Adobe AIR 2.5 and Package Manager refuses to install because I'm x86_64 and it's an i386 package. What do I do to work around?01:30
realcoolusern00bnix: I remember hearing about all sorts of issues with the 7200.  I think they finally got them sorted out, but I own 4 of the 5900 rpm, 0 issue, 0 bad sector :)01:30
IbyssLol, TB harddrives are just crazy.01:30
ActionParsnipn00bnix: what model was it?01:31
CanadianPirateDoes anyone here know a ppa for gnome-shell 2.9101:31
gogeta1Spy_o: ubuntu uses auto configs for x if its not letting you use the hire rez you may have to genrate a xorg.conf to override the auto settings to add the rez by hand01:31
n00bnixhold on, I'll dig up the model number01:31
Spy_ogogetal i do it01:31
ActionParsnipSir_Konrad: you can install i32-libs01:32
ActionParsnipSir_Konrad: and install 32bit packages01:32
Spy_ogogetal i have to put the rez in screen section?01:32
gogeta1Spy_o: with the other rez modes yes01:32
ScuniziIf you enable java tracing and logging where are the files stored?01:32
Sir_KonradActionParsnip, if I install the ia32-libs then Package Manager will happily handle them?01:32
ActionParsnipSir_Konrad: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/408/kb408084.html01:32
ActionParsnipSir_Konrad: a quick bingsearch brought up that01:32
gogeta1Spy_o: you will to restart x for it to take efect01:32
Sir_KonradActionParsnip, thanks. :)01:33
gogeta1Spy_o: then you should be able to use xrandr to change it01:33
yagooActionParsnip, bing is microsoft's search engine... google.com/linux is way better01:33
ActionParsnipyagoo: yes..01:33
Spy_oi do a reboot01:33
ActionParsnipyagoo: they are equal, i use both google and bing01:34
Spy_oi have been connecting to this machine via ssh and vnc01:34
ActionParsnipyagoo: if one was outright better, nobody would use the other and it would soon wither and die01:34
n00bnixActionParsnip: it was the ST31500341AS01:34
IbyssEwwww @ bing. I only use google. xD01:34
yagooActionParsnip, well google is behind help opensource and hosting googlesummer projects.. they(google) are really helping the oss community.. microsoft isn't. :p01:35
ActionParsnipIbyss: you are missing out, different search methods yield different results01:35
n00bnixlol, they're both evil. M$ *and* Google01:35
smt-mobilright n00bnix01:35
vdubhackwhats the proper way to set extra kernel args in grub for 10.10? there is no menu.lst on grub201:36
n00bnixGoogle are just slightly better at hiding it01:36
ActionParsnipyagoo: i dont care about that, i search with both to meet my ends01:36
Ray2How to open visudo in nano01:36
ActionParsnipvdubhack: add them in /etc/default/grub  in the quotes next to: quiet splash   save the new file and run: sudo update-grub01:36
ActionParsnip!visudo | ray201:37
vdubhackActionParsnip: Thanks :)01:37
ActionParsnipRay2: i think you need to run:  export EDITOR=nano01:37
n00bnixwell, I'm outta here for now01:37
Spy_ogogetal i put rez in xorg.conf but with xrandr -q doesnt exists01:38
n00bnixso long and thanks for all the fish, good luck with your projects, etc.01:38
SRossgood evening all01:38
ghostnik11okay so i have dual booted windows xp and lubuntu 10.10 set up and after updating through the update manager i have suddenly lost the option to boot windows xp from grub01:39
tilerenderingif I have a ssh key for machine a to access machine b, and i want to use the same key that I use for machine on machine c (to connect from c to b), what do I need to do to "transfer" this key between a and c so that it will work on b ?01:39
n00bnixghostnik11: sounds like an upgrade to me01:40
SRossSo I've got a friend that's trying to solve a 'kid needs a computer' problem. I'm suggesting Ubuntu on a free PC I have. I have 2 q's: 1. Is connection w/ an iPod 'stupid-proof' at this point, and 2. what internet filtering options are there on the install of Ubuntu (keeping porn etc. from being accessed)01:40
IbyssGosh, I wish there was a non-KDE version of Konversation. Lol.01:40
n00bnixIbyss: but "Gonversation" sounds silly.01:40
SRossI'm also wondering if anyone in here has put 10.10 on a ~3GHz P4 era machine01:40
porjousing gnome-terminal, is it possible to have a background picture *without* transparency through to the windows/desktop behind?01:40
ActionParsnipSRoss: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPod01:41
connermcdporjo I'm not sure what you're asking01:41
ghostnik11n000nix: what do you mean, i am running lubuntu 10.1001:41
n00bnixporjo: Yes, edit the profiles01:41
n00bnixghostnik11: I was joking, implying that being unable to select Windows at the boot menu is better than being able to.01:41
SRossActionParsnip: I had seen that, but was mainly wondering if there were many practical 'gotcha' issues...I don't have an iPod01:41
SRossActionParsnip: thanks though01:42
ActionParsnipSRoss: me neither, they are garbage01:42
porjon00bnix: yeah, I've played around with profile settings...but I must be missing the obvious :(01:42
ghostnik11n00bnix: oh, lol well your right but the thing is i need to get into windows to run this program named power strip so i can get correct resolution settings as my computer won't let me get 1024x76801:42
SRossActionParsnip: any idea if 10.10 will choke on a 3GHz P4? I mostly use Ubuntu on the server side01:43
kermitwhere do i set environment variables for export into X and apps running under X?01:43
ActionParsnipSRoss: lucid and later are supposed to be super ipod friendly01:43
SRossActionParsnip: sweet01:43
ActionParsnipSRoss: it'll fly, thats more CPU power than all my computers together01:43
ghostnik11n00bnix: i am using a sony bravia 27 inch lcd and the gamma settings can't be found when i use xrandr01:43
ActionParsnipkermit: if you mean X forwarding then its default in openssh-server01:43
n00bnixSRoss: I use a 3GHZ P4, and it usually runs 10.10, when the filesystem isn't corrupted, or the system hanging because nvidia-96 doesn't work with the new X.org01:44
smt-mobilno problems with 10.04 on 3ghz p4 so 10.10 might work fine too SRoss01:44
SRossgreat, well, now I need to burn a CD for this coworker and get KVM kicking on 10.0401:44
SRossn00bnix: lol01:44
ActionParsnipSRoss: remember to MD5 test the ISO before  burning, and burn slow01:44
SRossoh yeah, I've been there01:44
kermitActionParsnip: no01:44
porjoconnermcd: I'd like to have a background image visible behind the text in my terminal window. I've tried setting a background image, however it is only visible when I increase transparency and that has the side-effect of showing windows beneath the terminal (which I don't want)01:44
* n00bnix sighs01:44
SRossit was horrid back in the TurboLinux days....that 33.6k download took *forever*01:45
n00bnixSRoss: Yeah, if you were connected at 300 baud!01:45
PJSingh5000ghostnik11: did you get your windows boot option back?01:45
yagoon00bnix, i think you're worst than a clueless newbie.. you keep insisting X isn't good, and that ubuntu is very corrupt.. however you point out about failed drives after 2 months and that this one may be corrupt as well.. If your HD is bad this isn't ubuntu's fault.01:45
LadySerenaokay, Xubuntu is all set up on my customer's machine .......... just one issue for me - it doesn't turn itself off after shutdown01:45
KuwangerIs there a way to validate all the from-packages files on an Ubuntu system?  Ie, to get a list of file hashes based on the packages one has installed, hash all the files on the system listed, and then compare them to make sure they're all the same?01:45
SRossLadySerena: that may be hardware dependent01:46
CanadianPirateDoes anyone here know a ppa for gnome-shell 2.9101:46
ghostnik11pjsingh5000: nope reading up on editing grub menulist to get windows boot option back in forums right now01:46
n00bnixyagoo: What are the chances that 2 different drives, from different manufacturers, of different capacity, are dying for no apparent reason? :P01:46
xuekanvmware is nothing but piece of a junk! it took me nearly half an hour to just finish the installation of CSOnline!01:46
SRossLadySerena: any clue on the hardware? I would search around on the forums for people w/ similar hardware and their ACPI stuff01:46
LadySerenait performed ACPI Power-Off with the gparted and dban CDs01:46
ActionParsnipKuwanger: you could write a script to MD5 test every file on teh partition01:46
tilerenderingok another question: is a ssh key server-AND-client-machine-specific ? or can I use the same ssh key on another machine to connect to the same server01:46
SRossxuekan: CSOnline ?!?01:46
PJSingh5000Ubuntu uses grub2 now, and I only have experience wit hthe previous version of grub.01:47
KuwangerActionParsnip: Yes, but how would I get a hash list for all files in all packages that are installed?01:47
xuekanSRoss:yeah, a game.01:47
SRossxuekan: lol, you're running CS inside of a VM?01:47
n00bnixthat's just... awesome01:47
SRosshope you're using the latest release of workstation....01:47
xuekanno i was just installing it and it took me so much time.01:48
PJSingh5000ubottu: what is the URL with instructions to recover lost windows boot option in grub?01:48
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:48
SRossxuekan: if you're not using vmware workstation, it will choke extremely horrid01:48
LadySerenaall I know of this machine's hardware .... Intel Celeron 2.7GHz single-core, 236MB memory01:48
connermcdporjo try this http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2007/08/27/transparent-terminal-on-your-desktop/01:48
LicuadoraIs there a way to copy all programs that I downloaded to a USB memory card, i am planning to re install Ubuntu, but i dont want to download ALL of the programs again from the net01:48
n00bnixconnermcd: the problem is porjo doesn't want transparency01:48
SRossxuekan: and honestly, the GPU support in the latest WS release is from a practical standpoint experimental01:48
xuekanSRoss:i am using vmware workstation.01:48
connermcdn00bnix yes, I understand... seems like I recall it working that way without compiz01:49
dliLicuadora, /var/cache/apt/archives/01:49
n00bnixconnermcd: I think you're right.01:49
xuekanSRoss,totally have no idea why it is so slow when running this.but thank you all the same.01:49
Licuadoradli: So, can I just drag and drop?01:50
SRossxuekan: is your host *nix?01:50
connermcdn00bnix so if you follow that guide... looks like it tells you to make a terminal profile with a certain name then escape that title type in window decorations01:50
n00bnixprobably, but porjo needs to know this more than I01:51
connermcdn00bnix porjo well I sent him the link01:51
SRossxuekan: the main performance inhibitor in WS vm's is usually a vmware tools issue01:51
n00bnixwell, I'm going to go make another live USB and give my ext4 partition one last try at recovery. good luck to everyone01:51
porjoconnermcd: thanks, I'll take a look at that (I am using Compiz)01:52
ghostnik11pjsingh5000: i see grub.cfg file but when i check it i don't see a section with windows xp and i don't know what to enter to get the option back as i can manually edit it in leafpad01:52
dlighostnik11, can you run: sudo upgrade-grub01:52
semitonesdoes ubuntu have any good games that use a game controller? (please don't tell me to browse the games list - looking for personal recommendations)01:52
PJSingh5000ghostnik11: would you pase your grub.cfg file ?01:52
ghostnik11dli: will try that now01:52
yagoosemitones, pacman01:52
dlighostnik11,  sorry update-grub01:53
semitonesoooh :)01:53
* LadySerena likes the way the Xubuntu team made the Xfce desktop very similar to the Gnome desktops I'm used to.01:53
* yagoo declares pacman the best game of all time and still is01:53
LadySerenawaka waka waka waka01:54
KuwangerAh, found what I was looking for I think in debsums.01:54
yagoosemitones, you want arcade? maybe you want to look into mame01:54
semitonesyagoo, ok. I used to use emulators, but this laptop isn't as fast as other computers :P01:55
yagooLadySerena, you using ipv6?01:55
ghostnik11dli: here is what i got: http://paste.ubuntu.com/523597/01:55
LadySerenaon my iMac and my servers  :D01:55
yagoosemitones, mame is 1980's retro01:55
ghostnik11pjsingh5000: here is what i got when i ran update grub: http://paste.ubuntu.com/523597/01:55
LadySerenayagoo, any particular reason you ask?01:56
yagooLadySerena, that's cool.. looks like you have an advanced isp.. where's this ipv6 linking from, europe?01:56
dlighostnik11, so, it finds no windows01:56
LadySerenamy ISP doesn't do IPv601:56
PJSingh5000ghostnik11: didn't find your Windows hugh? :(01:56
yagooLadySerena, cuse it's really not deployed here in n.america..01:56
ghostnik11pjsingh5000: i will have to get the screen shot app to take a pic of grub.cfg01:56
semitonesyagoo, is it emulation, or are they native games?01:56
PJSingh5000ghostnik11: ok01:56
yagooghostnik11, xpm/etc format01:56
LadySerenaI have IPv6 through a tunnel broker, AT&T U-verse is way behind the times01:56
yagoosemitones, emulation.. i believe you wanted to test your joystick.. this isn't really #ubuntu related..01:57
yagooLadySerena, i'm guessing that's what your company uses01:58
ghostnik11yagoa: xpm/etc format, what is that01:58
MindVirusCan someone help with drums on Timidity?01:58
yagooghostnik11, whatever pic format grub supports..01:58
ghostnik11yagoa: i don't understand01:58
yagooghostnik11, nmind i picked up the wrong cue about "pics".. nobody really does a picture of text.. it's simpler to copy&paste01:59
PJSingh5000ghostnik11: couldn't you just cut/paste your grub.cfg file ?01:59
* yagoo (cat grub.cfg |xclip) then middle-mouse button to paste at the pastesite01:59
semitonesyagoo, I was wondering if there were other good games on ubuntu that use nintendo-type usb controllers (like supertux maybe -- idk if it supports controllers)01:59
ghostnik11yagoa: i was saying i need the application in ubuntu that does the take a screenshot of the desktop so i could send the pic to pastebin for you guys to see if you could help me fix grub02:00
ghostnik11pjsingh5000: yeah i could do that if you want02:00
ZykoticK9!pastebinit | ghostnik1102:00
ubottughostnik11: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com02:00
yagooghostnik11, well u can use gksudo gedit /pathtogrubcfg .. then that would be easier to copy&paste02:00
ghostnik11pjsingh5000: i thought the screenshot pic would be easier02:00
abstraktMindVirus, really you should just use Hydrogen instead of timidity if you want drums02:01
MindVirusabstrakt: I tried using Hydrogen.02:01
abstraktMindVirus, and?02:01
MindVirusIt is not playing anything at all.02:01
PJSingh5000ghostnik11: just post yor grub contents; I don't think we need a picture, unless I'm missing something.  Follow yagoo's suggestion.02:01
MindVirusIt sees my MIDI input.02:01
abstraktmindlesstux, do you understand what JACK is?02:01
MindVirusI even set my drums to match with what Hydrogen wants.02:01
abstraktMindVirus, do you understand what JACK is?02:01
ghostnik11pjsingh5000: here you guys go sorry for complicating it, http://paste.ubuntu.com/523598/02:02
abstraktMindVirus, well Hydrogen uses JACK by default, I'm not sure if you can set it to use ALSA, probably, but really it was meant for JACK, so you need to start JACK first02:02
abstraktMindVirus, try just getting hydrogen to sequence some drum beats without using an external MIDI controller, just get the sounds to come out02:03
abstraktMindVirus, hydrogen rocks, I use it quite often02:03
MindVirusabstrakt: I know Hydrogen, and I like it.02:03
MindVirusAnd it makes sounds.02:03
MindVirusBut it doesn't match my hits to any of the drums.02:03
abstraktMindVirus, have you connected your MIDI controller (midi keyboard) to Hydrogen yet?02:03
abstraktMindVirus, open up qjackctl, you don't actually need to start jack to route MIDI signals02:04
NightDragonanywho, who feels like answering a fun bootup question02:04
MindVirusabstrakt: I would assume so. The MIDI LED is blinking when I hit shit.02:04
NightDragonI want to boot to shell when i start up my server.02:04
abstraktMindVirus, MIDI LED on what02:04
MindVirusabstrakt: Hydrogen.02:04
NightDragonproblem is, i apt-get installed ubuntu-desktop02:04
MindVirusIt says "MIDI-IN".02:04
NightDragonso it boots to gnome02:04
bonhofferi want to wget a file and unzip it in one line should i do unzip `wget http://foo/foo.zip`02:04
ActionParsnipNightDragon: thats default with the server install02:04
NightDragoni know its something you set in grub, does anyone remember what it is?02:04
abstraktMindVirus, you sure your keyboard is on the right channel?02:04
ghostnik11windows xp is located at /dev/sda1 when i check via disk utility02:04
bonhofferor something like wget http://foo/foo.zip | unzip02:04
glickhey i have a multi function printer, i have the printer driver installed, but gscan2pdf doesnt see the scanner02:04
MindVirusabstrakt: 10.02:04
MindVirusabstrakt: It's not really a keyboard.02:04
abstraktMindVirus, whatever, your controller02:05
glickwhat do i have to do so applications can see the scanner02:05
ActionParsnipNightDragon: server doesnt ship with a DE so a terminal login is default02:05
abstraktMindVirus, it should probably be channel 1, at least that's what I would do02:05
ghostnik11pjsingh5000: it is located at /dev/sda1 when i check via disk utility02:05
=== SRoss|T43 is now known as SRoss
MindVirusabstrakt: Yes. What channel should it be on? AFAIK Hydrogen picks up from any channel. Channel 10 is default for drums in the General MIDI standard.02:05
NightDragonActionParsnip: I ran 'apt-get install ubuntu-desktop'02:05
MindVirusYou say 1?02:05
NightDragonwhen you do that, it automatically installs gnome and sets the system to boot into x1102:05
ActionParsnipNightDragon: then why didn't you install the desktop environment if you wanted a desktop OS?02:05
NightDragoni dont remember how you disable this, but you can02:05
abstraktMindVirus, yeah it should be able to be any channel probably, but I usually just stick to channel 1 unless I have some specific need02:05
abstraktMindVirus, and hydrogen isn't exactly a "general midi" machine, not specifically anyway02:06
NightDragoni dont want a desktop OS, i want a server that can boot to GNOME if i need it to02:06
aguitelwhen my system boot i do not see the kernel list to choose ,how i fix this ?02:06
bonhofferi want to wget a file and unzip it in one line should i do unzip `wget http://foo/foo.zip`02:06
ActionParsnipnot desktop environment, desktop ISO02:06
bonhofferor something like wget http://foo/foo.zip | unzip02:06
MindVirusabstrakt: "General MIDI" is a specification.02:06
abstraktMindVirus, so thinking about "what channel to be on for general midi drums" won't necessarily apply with hydrogen02:06
NightDragonso the question is -- how do i disable graphical boot in ubuntu?02:06
abstraktNightDragon, disable gdm?02:06
abstraktNightDragon, dpkg --reconfigure gdm maybe?02:07
NightDragonyes more or less... i know its something in bash02:07
abstraktNightDragon, something like that probably02:07
ActionParsnipbonhoffer: you can use: cd ~; wget http://foo/bar.zip; unzip bar.zip02:07
MindVirusabstrakt: On channel 1, the MIDI-IN light is still blinking but still no drums are played.02:07
abstraktNightDragon, maybe set your runlevel? although I think setting runlevels is outdated these days02:07
ActionParsnipNightDragon: add the boot option: text02:07
bonhofferActionParsnip: o.k. so i type it on two lines still02:07
abstraktMindVirus, well so then I would question whether the controller you're using is triggering the appropriate MIDI notes02:07
ActionParsnipbonhoffer: the guys in #bash may know something smoother02:07
abstraktMindVirus, do you have a regular keyboard? I don't personally quite remember how to check what notes which drums are assigned to02:07
MindVirusabstrakt: Right! I don't know what notes, instruments, velocities, or channels I should use.02:08
bonhofferActionParsnip: great point02:08
abstraktMindVirus, but if your controller pads are triggering C4-C5 and hydrogen's sounds are on C2-C3, it's not gonna work02:08
MindVirusabstrakt: I can use any note.02:08
MindVirusI just don't know which.02:08
MindVirusI am fairly certain I should start with 24, as that's what eHow says.02:08
abstraktMindVirus, well first of all I would try to find out from the MIDI controller's manual how to program which notes the pads play02:08
MindVirus24 is C1, which is the first note.02:08
abstraktk, sure02:09
NightDragonActionParsnip: where do i add the boot option text02:09
MindVirusabstrakt: I am the programmer.02:09
abstraktMindVirus, ok cool02:09
MindVirusabstrakt: I made the MIDI controller.02:09
MindVirusIt's software in my computer.02:09
abstraktMindVirus, well yeah I dunno, I just plug in a MIDI keyboard and it works for me02:09
MindVirusI'm glad. Mine doesn't work.02:09
MindVirusIt is acknowledging MIDI events but not accepting them.02:09
abstraktMindVirus, do you have a regular "piano" style external MIDI controller you can try?02:09
abstrakthmm, yeah, tough situation then02:10
MindVirusBut what I can tell you is that when I route through Timidity, it plays correctly, but it plays piano notes.02:10
ActionParsnipNightDragon: in the quotes next to: quiet splash . If you wanted a desktop OS, why didn't you install the desktop ISO?02:10
PJSingh5000ghostnik11: Try $ sudo apt-get install os-prober        Then try $ sudo upgrade-grub  again.02:11
ActionParsnipMindVirus: can you not change the default instrument?02:11
NightDragonActionParsnip: i did not want a desktop OS. i wanted a server that i could boot gnome into if i needed to. What file contains that stuff that you just said?02:11
MindVirusActionParsnip: I can change instruments.02:11
MindVirusSetting it on 127 makes these crazy woosh noises.02:11
gogetaNightDragon: then just install gnome02:12
MindVirusBut the drum MIDI interface is not an "instrument".02:12
databitshello everyone02:12
MindVirusIt's a channel.02:12
ActionParsnipNightDragon: /etc/default/grub02:12
MindVirusEach note in the channel is a different instrument.02:12
MindVirusAnd setting the instrument does nothing.02:12
ActionParsnipNightDragon: you can use the desktop OS as a server, theres no limitation saying you cannot use a desktop OS as a server02:13
ghostnik11pjsingh5000: got it, thanks will go install powerstrip right away and get resolution settings be back in a few02:13
ActionParsnipNightDragon: the whole idea of the server release is to NOT have an X server to not only use fewer resources but to also make it more secure due to fewer services running on it, installing a DE on it completely negates this02:13
gogetaNightDragon: very true server is just softwhere02:13
databitsI am having some issues with some permissions.  I was wondering if someone could help me out02:14
databitsI just got apache, and vsftpd setup02:14
databitsI have it setup so I can upload my files to the website directory02:14
serardDoes someone can make calls using his cellphone via bluetooth ?02:14
MindVirusActionParsnip, abstrakt: Any ideas?02:14
databitsbut all the files that I am uploading threw ftp, are receiving the ownership of the logged on user through ftp02:14
gogetaNightDragon: genrely server ubuntu is istalled on systems without displays or fans of not having a gui02:15
jelsoHey guys, I'm testing new RAM with memtest86+... Can anybody tell me why memtest86+, on the left side, says I have 3838M but I have 4GB=4092M, which is recognized by my computer's BIOS02:15
databitshow would I go about setting it up so all the files written to the /var/www directory receive a global ownership02:15
ActionParsnipMindVirus: not something I use dude, sorry02:15
moolydatabits: chown ugo+rwx /var/www02:15
EagleScreenhello, I ma interested in packages in this repository: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.36-maverick/02:16
gogetajelso: if you got shared video it will tkae some system ram02:16
AudioTeknikki have a fresh copy of ubuntu 10.04... last time i installed it from the same cd the wireless networking was all good. now it does not recogize any networks.. when i try to connect through hidden networks the wireless is disabled and greyed out.. so im not able to enable it again... anyone got a clue here?02:16
ActionParsnipjelso: do you use an onboard video chaip02:16
EagleScreenhttp://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.36-maverick/  is there a way to add that repository to apt?02:16
maelaianHowdy. Im trying to setup an internet gateway on my local network 192.168.10.X. My router has two interfaces eth0 and eth1 at and .72 respectively. eth0 is set so its gateway is the real gateway I want to use as a gateway on all the other boxes on the local network. I had it working before reboot. Im using http://pastebin.com/kQWrdf6M as my script.02:16
databitsthanks mooly02:16
ActionParsnipAudioTeknikk: run: sudo lshw -C network; rfkill list02:16
j3rganyone about debugging andriod wifi issue02:16
AudioTeknikkthanks will try that :)02:16
ActionParsnipj3rg: is this related to Ubuntu?02:17
jelsoActionParsnip: hmmm I thought I had ATI Radeon HD02:17
j3rgno but there is no andriod channel02:17
jelsoActionParsnip: I will check02:17
abstraktMindVirus, nope sorry I'm all out of ideas02:17
ActionParsnipAudioTeknikk: it will tell you the wireless chip as well as if its disabled in software or hardware02:17
j3rgActionParsnip: well i'll go ask on the andriod forums02:18
gogetajelso: ati radeon hd come in shared and dedcated02:18
FloodBot4j3rg: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:18
ActionParsnipj3rg: this is ubuntu support ONLY02:18
j3rgdamn thought i was in the terminal02:18
ActionParsnipj3rg: the command you need is /exit02:19
Cheri703j3rg: try #androidforums02:19
gogetajelso: if it came with your pc irs probly a shaed02:19
ProfessorBaconcan someone help me install ubuntu onto my microwave?02:19
Cheri703it's often slow, but people are there sometimes02:19
aguitelwhen my system boot i do not see the kernel list to choose ,how i fix this ?02:19
j3rgCheri703: thanks02:19
ActionParsnipProfessorBacon: what cpu does it have?02:19
jelsogogeta: I will check but that's probably it; occam's razor and all ... TYVM02:20
fredfredfredfredthe hostname for my compouter is debian.kakio .according to etc/hosts the ip for that hostname is . but when i do dnsip/dnsname for debian.kakio or, nothing shows up. why?02:20
=== JoeSett is now known as JoeMaverickSett
ActionParsnipfredfredfredfred: are you using nslookup?02:20
fredfredfredfredActionParsnip: no idea :D im quite new on dns02:21
jelsogogeta: yep... that's it. my notebook's ATI Radeon HD 3200 uses shared memory. thanks for your help =)02:21
AudioTeknikkActionParsnip: what to look for after lshw..... ;rfkill list?02:21
fredfredfredfredActionParsnip: please do expand if you have any ideas on what i should be doing02:21
ActionParsnipfredfredfredfred: try: nslookup  debian.kakio02:21
ActionParsnipAudioTeknikk: make sure the devices aren't softblocked or hardblocked02:22
nimbioticsHello all. In 10.04, I know I can "see" the list of installed software by going to Ubuntu Software Center -> Installed Software but ... Is there a way to get a list of this software? something I can manipulate and print for example? TIA!02:22
steev_fredfredfredfred, is just a pseudo ip address, it isn't resolvable, it's just a different way to write localhost02:22
ActionParsnipAudioTeknikk: you can also search for the product line to find guides02:22
AudioTeknikkit is not02:22
ActionParsnipfredfredfredfred: what is the output of: lsb-release -c   ?02:22
AudioTeknikklast time i installed it worked just fine out of the box/ fresh install. now using same cd.. fresh install???02:23
maelaianAnyone know much about setting up a network gateway?02:23
fredfredfredfredserver: (ip)02:23
fredfredfredfredaddress: (ip)02:23
fredfredfredfred **server cant find debian.kako NXDOMAIN02:23
fredfredfredfredwhop sorry for pasting02:23
FloodBot4fredfredfredfred: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:23
ActionParsnipfredfredfredfred: what is the output of: lsb-release -c   ?02:24
steev_fredfredfredfred, debian.kako isn't a valid domain name, the only way it will resolve properly is if your dns server on your network supports it02:24
fredfredfredfredActionParsnip: command not found02:25
ActionParsnipfredfredfredfred: `sorry: lsb_release -c    thanks02:25
fredfredfredfredsteev_: i see. so i need to add debian.kakio into my bind or tinydns then?02:25
fredfredfredfredActionParsnip: Lenny02:25
ActionParsnipfredfredfredfred: This is Ubunu support ONLY. Debian is supported in #debian02:25
fredfredfredfredwell sorry i just thought this was kind of a cross OS issue02:26
steev_fredfredfredfred, correct, whatever you are running as a dns server needs to know that it is .kakio02:26
fredfredfredfredim running this debian in a virtual machine inside ubuntu, does that count, lol02:26
ActionParsnipfredfredfredfred: your distribution has it's own channel02:26
fredfredfredfredsteev_: OK i can add debian.kakio into my DNS then but i dont know what ip to point to if so02:27
DrecticHow much merch have you sold?02:27
ActionParsnip!ot | Drectic02:27
ubottuDrectic: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:27
Drecticsorry wrong channel02:28
steev_fredfredfredfred, sorry, i can't go past that, i'm on ubuntu at the moment, but i'm a gentoo kinda guy02:28
=== zz_PhilMather is now known as PhilMather
shadow98how can i setup csync2 to run in the background02:29
fredfredfredfredActionParsnip: ok regardless of what dist im on, im doing this on ubuntu too but im testing it in a virtual machine first... if i want to add my hostname and an ip to point to it into my DNS, what IP should i point to then? if not
shadow98i can execute this command csync2 -xv and everything works..however I need to to constantly be running as a service checking for files to csync02:29
maineacis anyone here familar with cherokee?02:30
donelhola chikoss02:31
donelde donde eres02:32
donelyo soy de mi ksa y tu?02:32
izinucsdonel: english here02:32
donel oyeee02:32
ActionParsnipfredfredfredfred: no not regardless of distribution, debian isn't supported here02:32
donelcaytuu pekii jususus02:32
Termana!english donel02:32
Termana!english | donel02:32
ubottudonel: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList02:32
izinucs!es | donel02:32
donelhii jaja im just kidding02:32
maineacque pasa english?02:32
ubottudonel: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:32
donelwell im new in ubuntu!!02:32
donelim getting trouble to get some apps02:33
makaveli0129while trying to mount my flash driver i get mount: only root can mount /dev/sdc on /media/sc any idea?02:33
fredfredfredfredActionParsnip: i understand. But like I said, its just a matter of a virtual machine inside my ubuntu. I want to do the exact same operation on my ubuntu system as well. the hostname on my ubuntu system is fred-laptop.kakio . I have a dns on my ubuntu too. If I want to add a dns entry for my hostname in DNS, what ip should i be pointing to then if not
izinucsmakaveli0129: you mount with sudo in the front02:34
makaveli0129 izinucs: i'm trying to use gparted02:34
makaveli0129to format it02:34
izinucsmakaveli0129: then you don't want to mount it.. you can't format it while mounted02:34
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.02:34
makaveli0129 izinucs: it won't let me even change the permission so i can write to the flash drive from a normal user02:34
makaveli0129 izinucs: if i unmount it and then try to format i get another error02:35
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:35
izinucsmakaveli0129: so the flash drive is on /dev/sdc?02:35
maelaianIm trying to setup an internet gateway on my local network 192.168.10.X. My router has two interfaces eth0 and eth1 at and .72 respectively. eth0 is set so its gateway is the real gateway I want to use as a gateway on all the other boxes on the local network. I had it working before reboot. Im using http://pastebin.com/kQWrdf6M. Is something missing?02:35
makaveli0129 izinucs: i tried chmod 777 /dev/sdc02:35
kermitwhere do i set environment variables to be exported into applations run from inside X?02:36
makaveli0129 izinucs: also tried chown and chgrp02:36
izinucsmakaveli0129: have you tried .. sudo chown <your user name>:<your user name> /dev/sdc02:36
mattviatoris there a unity channel or just the ot channel02:36
izinucsmakaveli0129: is it plugged into a hub or direct to the computer?02:36
makaveli0129plugged direct02:36
makaveli0129 izinucs: if i sudo mount and then sudo cp i can copy stuff to and from it02:37
makaveli0129but i want to be able to do it with my normal user02:37
jgcampbell300can anyone tell me how to config grub2 ... i have two hard drives one with ubuntu one with windows ... i need to find a place to add the windows info into boot02:37
izinucsmakaveli0129: did you do the chown command I mentioned.02:37
makaveli0129 izinucs: yep and it doesn't work02:38
makaveli0129 izinucs: no errors but it doesn't change anything02:38
w30when I upgraded to 10.10 I lost volume control in my tvtime application. I have volume control in tvtime via the desktop panel. Any ideas anyone?02:38
izinucsmakaveli0129: what do you get when you .. ls -la /dev/sdc102:38
makaveli0129izinucs: ls: cannot access /dev/sdc1: No such file or directory02:39
makaveli0129izinucs:  but it's not mounted yet02:39
izinucsmakaveli0129: can you mount it?02:39
izinucsmakaveli0129: then repeat02:39
makaveli0129izinucs:  same error02:39
makaveli0129izinucs: even with sudo02:40
makaveli0129izinucs:  how would i format from terminal?02:40
makaveli0129izinucs: since the disk utility is being dumb?02:40
izinucsmakaveli0129: sorry I don't know that ..02:40
izinucsmakaveli0129: do you know what file system type it currently has?02:40
makaveli0129izinucs:  fat02:41
makaveli0129izinucs:  now the weird thing is that if i change it to ext4 works fine02:41
databitseverytime I upload some files to my web directory threw ftp I have to keep updating the permissions because the ownership is set to that of the login for the ftp02:41
JackyChaoanyone use fortran??02:41
izinucsmakaveli0129: fat16 or 32?02:41
databitshow would I go about setting the permissions up so they will stay static ?02:41
jgcampbell300hmm .. is there a config file i can change to make grub see my windows partition to boot it to ?02:41
makaveli0129izinucs: disk utility doesn't say so i'm going to assume 3202:42
jgcampbell300!dual boot02:42
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:42
izinucsmakaveli0129: now how do you change it to ext4?  do the same process again to reformat it.02:42
mattviatorhow can you drag a link to the desktop or better to the launcher in UNE02:42
JackyChaointel fortran 11.102:42
makaveli0129izinucs: i think what it was is there was no partition table on it02:42
nullwirewhat would cause my sound to randomly stop working? not caused by updates, it was just working fine this afternoon, and after coming back to my computer (still up) an hour later it's not working02:43
makaveli0129izinucs: still not working02:44
izinucsmakaveli0129: sorry I don't know how to guide you from here.. someone else will hv to pickup the thread02:44
jgcampbell300sudo update-grub2 ... bye02:45
hari__I have a question02:46
hari__can I install Kiba-dock on my 10.1002:46
s|icerask it :P02:46
makaveli0129izinucs: it worked just by creating a partition disk utility just formatted it but there was no partition table02:46
makaveli0129izinucs:  thanks for all the help tho!!!02:47
izinucsmakaveli0129: you can't format without a partition table02:47
AudioTeknikkActionParsnip: i have tried before and now still have no luck finding anything searchin for productline and ubuntu... i am really stuck here. got to have that wireless working.. i installed ubuntu on this laptop for my neighbour after trying out with live-cd and every thing worked. also after install first time.. then my neighbour did something that made me have to reinstall and now wireless...02:47
AudioTeknikk...networks is gone... heeeeelp :)02:47
hari__can i??02:47
makaveli0129izinucs:  disk utility i guess allows you too which is why it was causing so many problems02:47
makaveli0129izinucs:  lol02:48
hari__can help me?02:48
cjmaynarhello - I've got an install of 10.04 server and I'd like to shrink my primary partition and creat a new one to hold all my multimedia - partioning drives kinda scares me02:48
cjmaynaris there an easy way to srink an ext4 parition?02:48
AudioTeknikkActionParsnip gone too?02:49
hari__Can I install Kiba-dock on my ubuntu 10.10?02:49
lantjiehey guys02:49
lantjielong time no heard from02:50
SnakkahHello. I was wondering if it's possible to do a minimal install of Ubuntu (just the OS without the GUI) and install a custom GUI on top of it?02:50
ActionParsnipAudioTeknikk: huh?02:50
ActionParsnipSnakkah: sure, there is a minimal iso02:50
andrewh192hey, anyone know anything about an error code having to do with glib opening02:50
lantjieyes snakkah02:50
fredfredfredfredSnakkah: you can install the server version and theen choose a GUI or you can install Xubuntu for the most minimal GUI02:50
andrewh192whenever i start up the computer02:50
lantjiesnakkah: you must install the minal ubuntu cd02:50
lantjiesnakkah: doenload it02:51
SnakkahIs the server pretty much the same as the desktop just without a GUI?02:51
andrewh192comes up with a little message like *******Warning****** Glib doesn't recognize your user id02:51
SnakkahOr would you recommend just going with the minimal?02:51
andrewh192something like that02:51
fredfredfredfredSnakkah: it has some stuff that the desktop doesnt obviously so maybe minimal is better02:51
ActionParsnipSnakkah: i'd go with minimal02:51
izinucsSnakkah: yes sort of.. different kernel and startup processes.. but then you can put a gui on top if you want.02:51
SnakkahI'm just thinking of putting OpenBox on it instead of something heavy like GNOME or KDE.02:52
fredfredfredfredSnakkah: may one enquire as to why one wishes to choose any other gui than the eminent GNOME gui that comes with the ordinary ubuntu?02:52
andrewh192hey, anyone know anything about an error code having to do with glib opening02:52
andrewh192comes up with a little message like *******Warning****** Glib doesn't recognize your user id02:52
SnakkahI tried CrunchBang, but I want to do some things for myself.02:52
izinucsSnakkah: openbox is in the repos.. so that won't be an issue02:52
ActionParsnipSnakkah: yeah, minimal is great for that, get it installed, setup networking (wired makes this waaay easier) then install openbox and go make some food :)02:52
hari__Can I install Kiba- dock on my ubuntu 10.10?02:53
SnakkahOkay cool.02:53
AudioTeknikkActionParsnip: you told me to search for the product line earlier.. having problems with wireless network02:53
lantjiehey guys i have a question: I was wondering if one of you have the book called (a begginer's guide to ethical hacking) to share ?02:53
izinucshari__: probably but it's not in the repos..02:53
rmozdenlantjie, Check your local barnes & nobles as they most likelty have it02:53
=== jenkinbr is now known as roflwafflez
SnakkahThe minimal is only 12 MB. O_O02:54
hari__hmm ok02:54
lantjieoke thanks for your help02:55
rmozdenI need some assistance with installing some modules of a newer version of ipset since ubuntu is still on version 2.5 and the latest release is 4.402:55
lantjieall of you here02:55
rmozdenmodule-assistant keeps erroring out when doing auto-install02:55
dbdii407I'm having a problem compiling clutk02:56
dbdii407something about ctk-perspective-correct-rendering.c and CoglColor02:57
rmozdenSo I grabbed the 4.4 source package and did a manual compile using the KERNEL_DIR=/usr/src/kernel-headers.....02:57
=== jimisrvrox_ is now known as jimisrvrox
Sayosup everyone. i have a super noobish question about mount points and seperate partitions through file manager. where i used to have an icon i clicked for my ntfs windows partition, when i now click it, it says "error creating mount point: no such file or directory". any help on how to manually repair this would be awesome! :D02:58
jfcaronI'm having trouble ripping an audio CD to mp3, following the usual instructions online is not working.  When I use sound juicer, the option to select mp3 is not present, even if the gnome audio profile exists.03:00
AudioTeknikki ran: sudo lshw -C network; rfkill list.. nor soft or hard blocked. logical name: wlan0 , physical id: 0 , 0: phy0: Wireless lan , driver=ath5k broadcast=yes , muliticast=yes03:00
trojan_spiketerminal command to logout any1 ?03:00
rmozdentrojan_spike, exit03:00
trojan_spikeuser log out03:00
jfcarontrojan_spike: "exit" to exit that terminal, or "sudo shutdown -h now" if you want to turn off the computer?03:01
rookssayo what do you have at file /etc/fstab ? do /mnt/stuff paths mentioned there exist on /mnt directory?03:01
trojan_spikei know halt , reboot , but dont know logout03:01
rmozdentrojan_spike, "sudo shutdown -fnr now" for a now reboot03:01
rmozdentrojan_spike, If your just exiting a terminal or ssh session, exit works fine03:01
AudioTeknikkActionParsnip: i ran: sudo lshw -C network; rfkill list.. nor soft or hard blocked. logical name: wlan0 , physical id: 0 , 0: phy0: Wireless lan , driver=ath5k broadcast=yes , muliticast=yes03:02
izinucsjfcaron: you may need to install lame or ubuntu-restricted-extras.. try the second one first.03:02
Sayorooks: sayo@SATCOM:~$ file /etc/fstab03:02
Sayo/etc/fstab: ASCII English text03:02
ActionParsnipAudioTeknikk: you need the product line, probably ATH5001  or somesuch...03:02
jfcaronizinucs: afaik I have lame installed, and rhythmbox can play mp3s just fine.  Is ubuntu-restricted-extras a synaptic package?03:02
izinucsjfcaron: yes03:02
rmozdenjfcaron, You will need the restricted packages to make mp3's03:03
jfcaronOk, but I didn't need it to play them?03:03
rmozdenjfcaron, correct03:03
rmozdenjfcaron, biff difference in using a player that can decode them and creating one03:03
Sayorooks: there's also nothing when i ls /mnt :O03:03
AudioTeknikkActionParsnip thata is correct :)03:04
rookssayo do cat /etc/fstab from terminal03:04
rmozdenjfcaron, the restricted extras will give you all the other codecs as well to play other formats03:04
rookssayo do "cat /etc/fstab" from terminal, without quotes, it will display contents03:04
AudioTeknikksorry AR500103:04
rooksof that file03:04
rmozdenSo I'm gonna be a bit of a compile noob here for a minute and ask what else do I need to do to make ipset 4.4 work as a kernel module under ubuntu 10.10 server now that I have done a make & make install using the KERNEL_SRC= directive03:06
JackyChaowhere can I find 32-bit libraries for intel fortran 11.103:06
Sayorooks: http://pastebin.com/EWUFCuVQ03:06
JackyChaoanyone knows??03:06
ActionParsnipAudioTeknikk: wored for me: http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/atheros_ar5007eg  needs madwifi compiling, keep the source handy as you will need to compile after each kernel upgrade03:06
ghostnik11how can some one post img in xchat03:07
JackyChaoI search in google ,but I can't find it03:07
rookssayo, hmm.. sucks, i thought it was hardcoded there :(03:07
AudioTeknikknot an option.. it is my neighbours computer.03:07
ghostnik11pastebin.ubuntu doesn't accept the file format03:07
rmozdenSo I'm gonna be a bit of a compile noob here for a minute and ask what else do I need to do to make ipset 4.4 work as a kernel module under ubuntu 10.10 server now that I have done a make & make install using the KERNEL_SRC= directive ???03:09
Sayorooks: wait what....what's that meaannnnn :O03:09
Sayorooks: did i accidently delete my windows partition or something?03:09
MetaPhazermozden, gcc - o exploit your0wned.c03:09
Sayoor at least damage it somehow to make it permenantly umountable :O03:09
rookssayo, i thought the mount points, the directories where windows partition is attached to your system, were written in that fstab file03:09
rookssayo, i dont think so :)03:10
|XN|anyone know a channel I should go to if I were looking to write a stateful web browser in javascript?03:10
ActionParsnipAudioTeknikk: there may be a package you can install to get the driver. Maybe installing linux-backports-modules-wireless-maverick  (I assume maverick) will make it go, they may HAVE to do the compiles to get it working03:10
rmozdenMetaPhaze, Wow, arent you helpful03:10
rookssayo, what does command dmesg say, and what does 'tail -n 50 /var/log/messages" say?03:10
AudioTeknikkhow do i get this03:11
Sayorooks: well that's good. can you by any chance tell me rhetorically where my windows partition is, from where i am in the shell? is it like...sdb5 in /dev/03:11
AudioTeknikki do not have i net on the laptop im trying to fix here03:11
jfcaronThanks izinucs, the ubuntu-restricted-extras did the trick.03:11
MetaPhazermozden, are you being sarcastic?03:11
Sayorooks: when i run dmesg it always outputs too much, is there a script or way to write it to a log file?03:11
=== tmwnn is now known as nobodyhome
AudioTeknikkbut i do not get it... this worked fine in the first place.. then it stops03:12
rmozdenMetaPhaze, No worse thenyou with the "gcc -o exploit yourOwned.c"  bit03:12
jfcaronSayo: dmesg|less03:12
izinucsjfcaron: good to hear..03:12
jfcaronOr dmesg > tempfile && less tempfile03:12
rookssayo, you can manually attach it, make a directory for it in /mnt, like "mkdir /mnt/win-test" and then "sudo mount /dev/sdb5 /mnt/win-test" and see if it will appear in there03:12
MetaPhazermozden, I must have been mistaken I thought you wanted to hack the  Gibson?03:12
Sayorooks: http://pastebin.com/i3N6pHsr03:12
rmozdenMetaPhaze, Nah, I just want ipset to work03:12
lyjIs it possible for root auto login?03:13
ActionParsnipAudioTeknikk: then move to where you can get a wired connection, its a laptop so it can move VERY easily03:13
ghostnik11pjsingh5000: so i got in xp and used powerstrip and found my max resolution i can go up to is 1600x1200 at 75hz/85hz03:13
rookssayo, you can always reroute output with adding "> file"03:13
rooksto the command03:13
ActionParsniplyj: not only is root disabled and not supported, the GDM is configured to reject root logins03:13
ActionParsnip!noroot | lyj03:13
ubottulyj: We do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.03:13
MetaPhazermozden, welcome to my world, looking for real support03:13
ActionParsniplyj: so all in all, no. Plus its a really bad idea03:13
lyjBut I want to auto login as root03:13
MetaPhazermozden, just venting on you, sorry03:13
ActionParsniplyj: its not supported03:13
MetaPhazelyj init config03:14
lyjI get it :)03:14
ActionParsniplyj: root logins are a really dumb idea and enabling the account reduces system security greatly03:14
lyjIt seems that fedora 12 can auto login using root03:14
Sayorooks: i found it, sda2 is the drive03:14
ActionParsniplyj: thats a different distro03:14
rmozdenMetaPhaze, My prob is that using mudule-assistant to make the 2.5 module version of ipset pukes.  I can and have compiled the 4.4 version from source but it installed it to my user dir03:14
MetaPhazelyj linux by default will support that feature, which is insecure03:14
rmozdenMetaPhaze, No worries... I can take it as well as I can dish it too03:14
ActionParsniplyj: thaey have different ideas of what a distro should do and not do03:15
lyj:) In some cases, I can contorl the security03:15
Sayorooks: so dmesg > dmesg.log createst a log file to my home folder?03:15
rmozdenSayo, Yes03:15
rooksSayo,  yes03:15
ActionParsniplyj: you can do ANYTING in ubuntu using sudo and gksudo03:15
MetaPhazelyj if your intersted research init config for root autologin03:15
rmozdenSayo, or any other screen outpuit you want in a file03:15
Sayooh man soooo good to know thank you :D03:15
AudioTeknikkActionParsnip: OK thanks ... but is there a .deb file for this backport thingy?03:15
lyj.... I just didn't want to type root when I login03:16
MetaPhazeActionParsnip, I posted in Ubuntu forums lets see what happens '_03:16
ActionParsnipAudioTeknikk: i think its a metapackage, i suggest you get a wired connection, it'll be a tonne easier03:16
ActionParsnipAudioTeknikk: the updates may bring in the files you need03:16
rmozdenlyj, you wouldnt type root anyway.  you would use your username and then sudo whatever you needed to do as root03:16
ActionParsniplyj: you shouldn't log in as root03:16
MetaPhazelyj, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=52830303:16
rookssayo, so try doing the following: make a directory for that parition in /mnt, like "sudo mkdir /mnt/win-test" and then "sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/win-test" and see if it will appear in there in that direcotory03:16
ActionParsniplyj: its a really dumb idea03:17
Sayorooks: dmesg: http://pastebin.com/eJRPRzdi03:17
MetaPhazehe knows he shouldn't autologin as root03:17
lyjI know ubuntu can't do so03:17
MetaPhazehe is trying to hack something03:17
lyjI just handle my own computer and want to auto login...03:17
Sayorooks: it did03:17
lyjSo the risk can be controlled03:17
|XN|can't you passwd root password?03:17
rooksSayo, sweet :)03:17
apporcHI ,PJSingh5000 ,i managed to resolve that problem last night.03:17
MetaPhaze|XN|, not unless you go back and set password encryption settings03:17
lyjI mean auto login03:17
Sayorooks: so now how do i get file manager to restore the mount point?03:18
lyjusing root03:18
ActionParsniplyj: its not controled at all, you are runing X and all the apps you launch as root too03:18
rammyIRCsubtitles files in ubuntu03:18
rmozdenlyj, once logged in as your user account you can do a sudo -i if you need to be root for a long time03:18
MetaPhazeby defautl it is going to MD5 password, then with most modern distros are going to salt the MD503:18
ActionParsniprammyIRC: what about them?03:18
lyjIn my room ,only I can access my PC...03:18
AudioTeknikkActionParsnip: OK thanks again :)03:18
ActionParsniplyj: if you use web browsers, any remote explouits in flash and java script will too03:18
izinucslyj: unless you're on the net.. then logged in as root anyone can get at you03:18
rmozdenSo I'm gonna be a bit of a compile noob here for a minute and ask what else do I need to do to make ipset 4.4 work as a kernel module under ubuntu 10.10 server now that I have done a make & make install using the KERNEL_SRC= directive ???03:18
rammyIRCthey r nt recognized03:18
rooksSayo, i dont know, but i know how to make it auto mounted there, by adding line to /etc/fstab03:18
rammyIRCby my player03:18
apporcPJSingh5000:It was because several dags ago ,i changed the umask in /etc/profile from 022 to 133.03:19
lyj:) only one user03:19
izinucslyj: not on the net03:19
lyjand usualy I will turn off the net03:19
rookssayo, so it will always be in /mnt/win03:19
ActionParsniplyj: if you use the OS as user, they wont get any access, as root they can cause all manner of hell on your PC03:19
|XN|bear in mind03:19
ActionParsniplyj: not if the remote exploit makes another, it can, as it will be root03:19
izinucslyj: perhaps you really want to simply auto logon?03:19
|XN|we existed in a 'root' state for years using windows :P03:19
MetaPhazermozden, does make install not give you any options for ipset?03:19
rmozdenlyj, if you need autologin for root I suggest a different flavor of linux as it will not happen in ubuntu for security reasons03:19
Sayorooks: aghhhh damn yeah i can get that part, i need to figure out how to fix the pointing error :/03:19
|XN|*most* of us didn't suffer long term trauma from it03:19
ActionParsniplyj: so your security is zero if you web browse as root03:19
Sayorooks: but thank you never the less! :)03:20
izinucslyj: yes to auto logon? as your user?03:20
rmozdenMetaPhaze, It all ended up in my home folder03:20
MetaPhazelyj, nonsense you can autologin root on ubuntu if you want03:20
MetaPhazelinux = linux03:20
ActionParsnipMetaPhaze: its not advised or supported03:20
rooksSayo, ah, k :) sorry for misleading a bit then :)03:20
lyjI keep my PC offline03:20
|XN|ActionParsnip: And still 100% possible03:20
MetaPhazeActionParsnip, its not advised nor supported. thats fine, but he wants his sys to do that03:20
quietoneWhen I go to watch TED videos, all I get is a blue box. What do I need to do? Same in firefox and epiphany. lucid.03:20
lyjAh... So many philosophy..03:20
ActionParsnip|XN|: yes but not advised or supported or a goodd idea in any way03:20
|XN|ANd still 100% possible03:21
* |XN| shrugs03:21
|XN|its his machine03:21
FloodBot4|XN|: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:21
MetaPhazehis machine03:21
Sayorooks: no worries, but could you spare the command to delete a folder?03:21
Sayorm is it?03:21
ActionParsnip|XN|: i'm not contesting the possibility03:21
rmozdenlyj, root autologin goes against best practice for security03:21
lyjauto login using root03:21
ActionParsnipSayo: rm -r folder03:21
MetaPhazeHE DOES NOT CARE03:21
MetaPhazeHe just wants it to autologin as root03:21
lyjI say I keep it offline03:21
lyjand bear the risk03:21
ubottuWe do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.03:21
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:21
rmozdenlyj, and additionally it isnt supported in ubuntu03:21
rooksSayo, yes03:21
MetaPhazelyj, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=52830303:21
ruimartinshi everyone03:22
lyjThank you MetaPhaze03:23
Sayorooks: what would the syntax be to edit fstab to always mount that drive at a location?03:23
rmozdenSo I'm gonna be a bit of a compile noob here for a minute and ask what else do I need to do to make ipset 4.4 work as a kernel module under ubuntu 10.10 server now that I have done a make & make install using the KERNEL_SRC= directive ???03:23
izinucsrmozden: you might also ask in ##linux03:23
MetaPhazelyj, no problem, most here don't understand the concept03:23
rooksSayo, rm -r to remove a directory, when in doubt you can always consult manual by typing man rm03:23
macormozden: insmod03:23
lyjYes, they are talking more about the philosophy03:24
MetaPhazelyj, i know03:24
ruimartinsi'm looking to install last ubuntu (10.10) on my macbook pro 5,5. i want to install it from usb, i follow the instructions on ubuntu.com, download section, but i can't boot from usb03:24
ruimartinscould anyone help me please?03:24
ActionParsnipruimartins: did you MD5 test the ISO before transferring to the USB?03:24
rooksSayo,  "/dev/sda2 /mnt/win auto defaults 0 0" without quotes03:24
MetaPhazelyj, if you want to do something, how do you do it...not lets talk philospohy. Thats why ive been in this chan for the better part of a day trying to get ubuntu installed03:25
ActionParsnip!md5 | ruimartins03:25
ubotturuimartins: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:25
MetaPhazelyj, i know exactly why you want root autologin ;) thats your business, not mine but thats how you do it03:25
Sayorooks: thanks!03:25
MetaPhazei came here looking for help, instead been giving out help for hours, since I can't find anyone that has a clue on how *nix works03:25
lyjYou want to get ubuntu installed??03:25
ActionParsnipMetaPhaze: why would you want root access?03:25
ruimartinsbut the problem is that don't show USB from boot menu of mac os, i don't think that corrupted image could be a problem...03:26
ruimartinsbut i'll check03:26
MetaPhazeActionParsnip, for purposes other then administrating your own machine? duh03:26
lyjHaven't you installed ubuntu?03:26
rooksSayo, youre welcome :)03:26
ActionParsnipMetaPhaze: can you expand on that please03:26
MetaPhazelyj I can't even ge tthis BS distro to install03:26
MetaPhazeActionParsnip, if I got access to YOUR box03:26
MetaPhazeActionParsnip, why not have ROOT on YOUR box03:26
lyjwhat is BS distor?03:27
MetaPhazebullshit distro03:27
lyjwhy not?03:27
izinucsMetaPhaze: you can with sudo -i .. until you "exit"  .. no need to actually boot into root03:27
lyjAnything I can help03:27
moolyMetaPhaze: just 'su'03:27
moolyinstead of sudo03:27
MetaPhazesure su as root03:27
lyjIt's easy to install ubuntu03:27
izinucsmooly: su doesn't do it.. sudo -i = su03:27
MetaPhazebut if ive got access to a box, cracked the *nix MD503:27
ActionParsnipMetaPhaze: because it isnt needed, i can do absolutely anything with sudo and gksud03:28
MetaPhazewhy fuck around that shit, since I can just login in to the box as root03:28
moolysu is a better idea than sudo03:28
MetaPhazesaves a step03:28
FloodBot4MetaPhaze: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:28
lyjYou just login use common user03:28
ActionParsnipMetaPhaze: logging in as root and launching apps launches them as root so if anything malicious starts happening with them, then there is zer limit to damage03:28
lyjand su to get root priviliege03:28
ActionParsniplyj: use:   sudo -i03:28
moolyuse su03:29
moolydont use sudo -i03:29
MetaPhazeActionParsnip, if I'm logged in as root I can maniulplate anything03:29
izinucsmooly: try it.. it doesn't work03:29
lyjI usually use #sudo passwd su03:29
ActionParsnipMetaPhaze: i can do that without root03:29
lyjto change root passwd03:29
lyjand then can su at my will03:29
MetaPhazethen root my box and help me install ubuntu to this drive ;)03:29
lyjor login using root when start X03:29
maco!language | MetaPhaze03:29
ubottuMetaPhaze: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:29
ActionParsnipMetaPhaze: if you use a browser as root and there are alicious scripts then the script can make users and install things and change your OS without you knowing03:29
pabhow to get su to play nice with kde4?03:29
moolylol #ubuntu being family friendly03:30
macomooly: can't su if you dont have a root password03:30
* izinucs thinks "not another!03:30
ActionParsnipMetaPhaze: as a user, the access is limited to $HOME only03:30
MetaPhazeActionParsnip, thats what I think lyj is teying to accomplish03:30
macolyj: we dont recommend setting a root password here03:30
MetaPhazelyj is TRYING TO HACK A BOX03:30
ActionParsnipMetaPhaze: what, breaking his/her OS?03:30
lyjNot hack03:30
MetaPhazeugh nevermind subject moves on03:30
moolylol no root password03:30
ActionParsnipmaco: ive been trying to tell them and why its a bad idea and not supported03:30
izinucsmaco: that's already been made clear03:30
lyjI just want to fast open my PC03:30
mooly`sudo passwd`03:30
MetaPhazeOf course it is a foolish idea03:30
MetaPhazeunlesss ts not your box03:31
ActionParsniplyj: what is "fast open"03:31
macomooly: why is the idea of using respectful family-friendly language funny to you?03:31
MetaPhazethen who gives a POOP03:31
ActionParsnipMetaPhaze: its a bad idea, period03:31
MetaPhazemaco, its not just frustrated sorry03:31
lyjopen PC and fast login using root without any words typeed03:31
moolymaco: i never said anything about language03:31
MetaPhazeI strongly respect the language here03:31
lyjwhen I'm back it's waiting for me03:31
macomooly: you lol'd at family friendly03:31
moolymaco: i sure did03:31
quietoneHow do I watch a TED talk? All I get is a blue box.03:32
Diamondcitelyj: Is there anything wrong with automatic login as a normal user that isn't root?03:32
Diamondcitelyj: The start up time would be the same.03:32
tortoisealright, I'm having a very frustrating time with this error message: "Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode." I've been trying to fix it for several hours and I've gotten nowhere. Is there anyone that can help me with this?03:32
lyjif using normal user, I need type  sudo many times when I want to gain root priviliege03:32
macoDiamondcite: no, that's fine03:33
tortoisealso, I think it's https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31154 this bug03:33
MetaPhazelook this is how i feel03:33
izinucstortoise: what graphic card03:33
tortoiseATI Radeon X120003:33
Diamondcitemaco and lyj = same person?03:33
Kanadavoscan someone tell me what the difference between the ubuntu 10.10 ~700mb cd iso file and the ~4.2gb dvd iso is?03:33
ActionParsniplyj: yes, thats normal03:33
macoDiamondcite: no03:33
macolyj: and then if someone gets something sneaky on your system, they would have to know your sudo password too, but they hopefully won't so, yay! security!03:33
lyjwe are different03:33
DiamondciteI can't tell who wanted what -_-'03:33
ActionParsniplyj: your sudo gets a grace period so you dont have to type the password each time03:33
izinucslyj: as normal user sudo -i will give you root for as long as you want without having ot retype it over and over03:34
macoActionParsnip: 15 minutes, iirc03:34
lyjmy PC is offline03:34
MetaPhazeWell i gotta get drunk and I sure do dread it...cuz i just know what im gonna do...gonna start spending my money call everyone honey, wind up singing the blues...03:34
lyjYes, you say as long as03:34
MetaPhazelyj, PM me for help on this issue03:34
MetaPhazei know what you want03:34
Diamondcitelyj: If you don't mind being asked.. what can you do that needs root that often?03:34
ActionParsniplyj: you can use: sudo -i   and it won't ask until you type: exit03:34
MetaPhazeAnyone have any idea why I can't install Ubuntu to a DEV GPART sees?03:34
Sayohey also,anyone know if you can switch the desktop mode in UNR?03:34
macolyj: as long as you dont type "logout" or "exit" or hit ctrl+D, sudo -i will stay put03:34
tortoiseizinucs, not sure if you saw that. But just in case, it's an ATI Radeon X120003:34
lyjhaha ,you say as long as again03:35
izinucstortoise: nope didn't.. sounds like an older one is that right?03:35
macolyj: er....? and?03:35
sheyou  a03:35
macois something wrong with that phrase?03:35
tortoiseizinucs, yeah, it is03:35
* ActionParsnip smells a troll03:35
=== Ttech is now known as W6JCN
macoActionParsnip: ditto03:35
harshit_hey , i am naive to linux/ubuntu, can anyone suggest how can i fix sound problem03:35
MetaPhazecan't buy me love03:36
jhansonxilyj: "sudo su" also works to get a root shell.03:36
lyjI say I know how to get a root shell.03:36
tortoiseThis error is really irritating, and I really need to have this gui by tomorrow morning for school. It would be great if someone could help me fix this03:36
izinucstortoise: I'm not sure if the drivers have caught up with it .. when x.org changed to 7.x or was it 1.7x something like that.. it broke compatability for older ati cards and ati decited to put efforts into their newer stuff first.. not sure if there is a fix or not.03:36
tortoiseI was trying to get help in #radeon, but that place is dead right now03:36
ActionParsniplyj: much more secure that way03:36
=== W6JCN is now known as Ttech
rmozdenSo I'm gonna be a bit of a compile noob here for a minute and ask what else do I need to do to make ipset 4.4 work as a kernel module under ubuntu 10.10 server now that I have done a make & make install using the KERNEL_SRC= directive ???03:37
lyjif it's offline, any dangerous?03:37
izinucstortoise: perhaps in ##linux03:37
tortoisebut it was working fine earlier03:37
rmozdenMetaPhaze, New error message at least03:37
ActionParsniplyj: its good practice for when and if you get online03:37
tortoiseit had been working for a few weeks. And I didn't have any updates before it happened.03:37
izinucstortoise: how do you mean "earlier".. on 8.04 or 9.10?03:37
lyjAr... Stop talking about philosophy...03:37
macolyj: a root shell (no matter how you get to it) is dangerous offline if you forget to lock your screen...but other than that, not really03:37
tortoiseno, I've had 10.04 for a few weeks. And it had been working fine until earlier today.03:38
=== carlos is now known as Guest28043
izinucstortoise: any recent updates?03:38
macotortoise: did you change anything?03:38
tortoiseizinucs, none03:38
Diamondcitelyj: Instaed of philosophy.. why do you want to be root on login? What does root login let you do that you can't do as a normal user or bothers you so much that root must be used?03:38
ActionParsniplyj: i never mentioned philosophy03:38
tortoiseizinucs, I was restarting to get back in ubuntu (I was in vista doing something) and when I booted ubunut up it gave me that error03:38
rmozdenMetaPhaze, I suppose this is progress:  FATAL: Module ip_set not found.03:39
rmozdenipset v4.4: Couldn't verify kernel module version!03:39
lyjI don't need sudo any more if login as root03:39
apporcI think , it is really dangerous when you always use root to login.03:39
rusivitortoise: If your Wubi'ing, your best bet is to do a native install of Ubuntu and virtualize Windows if required.03:39
izinucstortoise: do a full update with .. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade .. then look in system>admin>hardware drivers and see if there's something there to activate.03:39
flintwestwood1evening, i have an ipod touch 3rd generation. I would like to add pdf's to it so that they show up in ibooks or stanza from ubuntu 10.10. is that possible? rythmbox wont let me sync the pdf to the device.03:39
MetaPhazermozden, standbye I got like 50 PM's03:39
Diamondcitelyj: And you need to sudo for what purpose? To browse the web? Listen to much? Make a picture?03:40
tortoiserusivi, I'm not wubi'ing, I've got ubuntu on a separate partition from vista03:40
izinucstortoise: hadn't thought of that.. is this a Wubi install?03:40
macoDiamondcite: i can think of things that would likely break if logged in to gnome as root... like every application that uses policykit03:40
rmozdenMetaPhaze, lucky you!  Hopefully to help fix your issue!03:40
MetaPhazermozden, they are everyones issues03:40
tortoisewhen I installed, I just shrunk the partition vista was on, and installed ubuntu in the largest block of free space03:40
MetaPhazePM me your issue03:40
Diamondcitemaco: I just want to know why he hates to do sudo, what can make a user need it so often every single day to want to be logged in as root instead.03:40
MetaPhazesince no one can help ill just help everyone else03:40
RE90i've been gone through every frikin thread on the internet and can't seem to install my canon PIXMA iP1600....help?03:40
lyjso any file or folder you can access using normal account?03:40
izinucstortoise: do the update as a first step03:40
lyjIn such cases, you should su03:41
macolyj: why?03:41
tortoiseizinucs, which update?03:41
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!03:41
ActionParsniplyj: you can use sudo and gksudo to get any access you need03:41
pksadiqlyj: sy him sudo -i03:41
macopksadiq: uh.....which?03:41
izinucstortoise: check for your highlight line from me above..03:41
pksadiqlyj: say*03:41
izinucstortoise: do a full update with .. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade .. then look in system>admin>hardware drivers and see if there's something there to activate.03:41
Diamondcitelyj: You can go to just about every part of the system as a normal user. The only parts you can't write to are parts that'll harm you anyway. The only parts that you can't read, are not meant to be seen by a normal user anyway or people taking over your system for that matter.03:41
pksadiqmaco: use sudo -i          or gksudo        it's safe03:42
lyjYes , just write03:42
MetaPhazelyj, you should be able to issue 'su root ****' to the init.config03:42
macopksadiq: "su" itself isnt actively dangerous. particularly since it *wont work* by default ;-)03:42
macoMetaPhaze: i dont think you can give the password on the su line03:42
Diamondcitelyj: So.. why do you want to write into /proc.. or maybe the hashed passwords file?03:42
tortoiseizinucs, I'm in cli, because I can't access the gui with this error. But when I did the upgrade there was apparently nothing to upgrade to. 0 upgraded, 0 newly, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.03:43
lyjhehe, I didn't want to enum.03:43
lyjSo what if I didn't need..03:43
izinucstortoise: well.. it was worth a shot.. sorry I'm not much of an ati person.. I've no idea how to fix it.03:44
MetaPhazemaco you should be able to with an ascii return03:44
macoMetaPhaze: ctrl+M i thought....03:44
tortoiseizinucs, sigh, no one seems to know anything about this error. DO you have any suggestions for where else to ask for help?03:44
MetaPhazeshould be able to give init.config a return carrier with the passwd yhou want03:44
tortoiseI'm already trying to get help in #radeon03:44
MetaPhazenot sure about linux, since ic an't use it right now03:44
MetaPhazebut I think the standard ASCII code is ALT+3(NumberPAD)03:45
Diamondcitelyj: Select programs can always be made to always run as root.. Or you can even have it so that a single change can be made and even folders you aren't supposed to see becomes visible to you.03:45
macotortoise: can try askubuntu.com for tech support from folks who dont have to coincidentally be online when you are03:45
MetaPhazeim pretty sure that will work on *nix, windows, dos, etc...03:45
macoMetaPhaze: the use of alt+numpad is a windows thing03:45
=== elwood is now known as Guest3391
izinucstortoise: maybe in ##linux. I had the same on my install with nvidia.. I needed to install the binary driver to fix it.. it may also have something to do with xrandr which controls screen resoution etc.03:45
=== Guest3391 is now known as elwoodpd
macoMetaPhaze: can do ctrl+shift+u to enter unicode codepoints in gtk apps (no support in qt, sadly), but carriage return is ctrl+M in *nix03:46
MetaPhazemaco, it will work in Linux as well03:46
elwoodpdI installed Ubuntu in parallel with windows and the windows record has disappeared from grub.03:46
tortoiseizinucs, alright I'll check those out. Thanks for the help03:46
MetaPhazenot unico03:46
=== elwoodpd is now known as elwood_pd
MetaPhazeASCII chars03:46
elwood_pdWhat can I do?03:46
izinucstortoise: good luck03:46
DiamondciteI have other things to attend to.. *poof*03:46
macoMetaPhaze: is that a new thing? i tried using alt+ascii-on-numpad in 2006 and it didnt work03:46
elwood_pdThe first time I rebooted it was there now it is gone03:47
apporcelwoodpd:you can add it yourself03:47
elwood_pdteach me03:47
macoMetaPhaze: i just tried again. doesnt do anything. just types the numbers03:47
apporcelwood_pd: you can type fdisk -l and find out which partition your windows is in .03:47
ActionParsnipelwood_pd: if you run: sudo update-grub    do you see the windows entry being added?03:48
venilsuryaI have a number of programs in my startup apps - Gnome Keyring PKCS#1, Gnome Keyring: Secret Service, Gnome Keyring:SSH Agent. Which one of these are needed. All I use is the root password and my login password.03:48
MetaPhazemaco, your teling me Vi doesn't support ALT+Numpad?03:48
macoMetaPhaze: yep03:48
Sayohello again, i have to ask, if i have like 30 gigs of unpartitioned space, is there any way to 'add it' to my current partition?03:49
apporcelwood_pd:and then in /boot/grub/menu.lst ,add somthing like ....yes ,you should listen ActionParsnip .That's simple03:49
* rmozden feels frustrated and has to be on a plane at 6am03:49
earthensayo yes03:49
MetaPhazemaco Pico should support ALT+NUMpad03:49
elwood_pdActionParsnip,  windows isn't there03:49
ActionParsnipSayo: you can make a new partition in it and mount it, or resize a partition into it. If you resize, ensure your backups are up to date in case of catastrophe03:49
elwood_pdwhy would it have been dropped?03:50
rmozdenMetaPhaze, is there anyway I can just add what I've compiled since I see all the files in my home folder?03:50
macoMetaPhaze: pico? you mean nano?03:50
SayoActionParsnip: i'd like to resize my current partition but disk utility isn't giving me the option, can i not do it from within this shell?03:50
earthenanyone know of a good sync program for android03:50
izinucsmaco: pico / nano .. both editors03:50
macoizinucs: pico is the proprietary not-on-ubuntu one03:50
apporcelwood_pd: you may try grub-setup03:51
MetaPhazeits been along time since i used *nix sorry if im not up to speed on txt editors03:51
tonyyarusso(although I think pico might still exist as a symlink to nano)03:51
SayoActionParsnip: omg my current partition is under a 20 gig extention :(03:51
rmozdenMetaPhaze, or for that matter, use module-assistant to use the src I downloaded?03:51
macoMetaPhaze: of course neither vi nor nano will accept alt+numpad.  the terminal emulator itself does not accept them, so it cant pass it to the editor03:51
MetaPhazermozden, you want to recompile kernel to include ... ?03:51
SayoI'm going to assume if i'm locked into set extension i can't resize it?03:51
macoMetaPhaze: neither gnome-terminator nor konsole can take them03:52
rmozdenMetaPhaze, Should work as a module03:52
rmozdenMetaPhaze, Did in 10.04 anyway03:52
MetaPhazermozden, im with you now03:52
MetaPhazeyou want to add module to kernel03:52
MetaPhazeWhat are you trying to get in to module IPv6?03:52
elwood_pdfdisk reports two NFTS partitions03:53
apporcelwood_pd:who are they ?03:53
=== xd is now known as Guest16791
elwood_pdI only though I had one.03:53
=== _aegis is now known as aegis
rmozdenMetaPhaze, Right ... all the files compiled and are sitting in a directory  ( for ipset 4.4) but I either need to recompile with module-assistant specifying the 4.4 source or manually install the compiled files03:53
rmozdenMetaPhaze, Hopefully that made sense03:54
elwood_pd/dev/sda1   *           1          13      102400    7  HPFS/NTFS03:54
MetaPhazermozden, give me a moment, I know what you want. When you ran make it should have asked you about ipset03:54
elwood_pd/dev/sda2              13        4870    39009792    7  HPFS/NTFS03:54
MetaPhazei think you need a real distro ;)03:54
apporcelwood_pd:You can run this grub-setup /dev/sda03:54
apporcelwood_pd:and tell me what happened then.03:54
elwood_pdcannot guess the root device03:55
elwood_pdapporc, ?03:55
serardI'm trying to configure my nfs share. I can mount my share using regular command line, but my fstab isn't working03:55
rmozdenMetaPhaze, the dist of ipset for ubuntu is broken and the src from ubuntu errors on compile hence why I went for 4.4 version instead of packaged 2.503:55
MetaPhazermozden, did you do a...03:55
apporcelwood_pd:you can try :sudo grub-setup /dev/sda03:55
MetaPhaze'make dep'03:55
MetaPhaze'make clean'03:56
MetaPhazeand make?03:56
serardHere's my fstab line : " /home/serard/nfs/test-ubuntu-servernfsuser,noauto0 0" Then I run "sudo mount -a" and I get nothing03:56
apporcelwood_pd:it doesn't matter which partition is the boot device.03:56
MetaPhazemake clean should fix 4.4ver > 2.5ver03:56
apporcelwood_pd:just grub-setup /dev/sda wiht root priveleges.03:56
NightDragonhello all03:57
elwood_pddid it with sudo it didn't return anything03:57
NightDragoni'm having trouble setting up IPMI on my server03:57
NightDragonCould not open device at /dev/ipmi003:57
apporcelwood_pd:yes with sudo.03:57
Guest16791hello ,03:57
NightDragonis the error that i'm getting... does anyone have experience with this03:57
rmozdenMetaPhaze, I followed the directions at http://ipset.netfilter.org/install.html03:57
MetaPhazermozden, standbye let me look03:57
=== explodingpiglets is now known as annoyingorange
poulix_troyhow would i know if someone is leechin on m network,im usin 8.0403:58
rmozdenMetaPhaze, and I did use the kernel_dir with the compile03:58
elwood_pdapporc, I did it with sudo, nothing showed up.03:58
elwood_pdit just newlined03:58
ActionParsnippoulix_troy: look in your routers DHCP clients list for PC names you don't recognise03:58
MetaPhazedid you do a make clean?03:58
apporcelwood_pd:echo $?03:58
rmozdenMetaPhaze, gonna re-do it right now03:58
apporcelwood_pd:see the result of "echo $?" and is it 0?03:59
elwood_pdnah its $03:59
MetaPhazermozden, good idea03:59
MetaPhazei dont think you have a proper make clean of the kernel03:59
apporcelwood_pd:see /boot/grub/grub.cfg . Is there something like :title Microsoft Windows XP03:59
ActionParsnippoulix_troy: or use nmap to probe your subnet for systems to see what is active etc04:00
MetaPhazemake sure you check 'make dep' that you have all dependencies04:00
rmozdenMetaPhaze, Problem is that instead of putting the mod files in the proper mod directory it installs them to my home directory04:00
MetaPhazesorry im old school, i dont know about this point and click shit that dont work04:00
rmozdenMetaPhaze, I perfer old school04:00
apporcrmozden:you should add --prefix=xxxx to ./configure.04:00
MetaPhazermozden, i understand, but it shouldntt make a diff04:00
rmozdenapporc, Ok, I'm compiling ipset as a module where would I prefixit to?04:01
apporcrmozden: xxxx,which in --prefix=xxx is the directory to which you want the software installed to .04:01
MetaPhazedoes ubuntu support a make menuconfig ?04:01
elwood_pdapporc, nope04:01
apporcrmozden: try ./configure -h . Is there some information.04:02
elwood_pdthere is MSDOS and ubuntu04:02
apporcelwood_pd:sudo update-grub04:02
elwood_pdFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-22-generic04:02
apporcelwood_pd:Did it says:found ...04:02
MetaPhazermozden, does ubuntu support 'make menuconfig' ?04:02
elwood_pdFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.35-22-generic04:02
rmozdenMetaPhaze, Not sure04:03
elwood_pdFound memtest86+ image: /boot/memtest86+.bin04:03
elwood_pdthats it04:03
MetaPhazermozden, try it04:03
apporcelwood_pd:May there isn't a windows....04:03
rmozdenapporc, no configure file, just a make file04:03
elwood_pddon't make me cry04:03
rmozdenMetaPhaze, no rule for it04:03
apporcelwood_pd:mkdir /media/sda1;mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /media/sda104:03
apporcelwood_pd:with sudo in front.04:03
MetaPhazeim doing this all by memory04:04
rmozdenapporc, http://ipset.netfilter.org/install.html is what I'm working with04:04
apporcrmozden:ok ,i am watching that04:04
MetaPhazermozden, can you do a 'make dep' + 'make clean' + 'make'?04:04
rmozdenMetaPhaze, no rule for dep04:05
apporcrmozden: just vim Makefile. which is in it.04:05
MetaPhazeyou should be able to generate a dependecie04:05
elwood_pdmount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /media/sda104:05
apporcelwood_pd:do you try that.04:05
elwood_pdNTFS volume is already exclusively opened.04:06
elwood_pdit says04:06
rmozdenapporc, Might have just fixed it on it's own04:06
MetaPhazeok rmozden can you do a lsmod and see IPSet 4.4?04:06
apporcelwood_pd: what is the result in : sudo df04:06
r3mishHi, what is the current release04:07
NightDragondoes anyone know how to work with IPMI and ubuntu?04:08
MetaPhazermozden, also try make with insmod04:08
rmozdenMetaPhaze, negative04:08
alex_mayorgahow can I install netbook remix as a desktop option on my laptop?04:08
Drecticr3mish: 10.10 Maverick Meerkat04:08
MetaPhazermozden, also try make with insmod04:08
MetaPhazeinsmod should be able to insert module in to kernel04:08
elwood_pdapporc, ?04:09
rmozdenMetaPhaze, ?04:09
MetaPhazeinsmod IPv6 module04:09
rmozdenMetaPhaze, lemme do a pastebin04:09
MetaPhazealong with make04:09
MetaPhazeshould #incl that module in to the kernel04:09
apporcelwood_pd:yes it is mounted.04:09
apporcelwood_pd:you can go to /media/System\ Reserved .and see whether there is a Microsoft Windows XP in it.04:10
serardSomeone can help me with NFS ?04:10
elwood_pdls returns :Boot  bootmgr  BOOTSECT.BAK  grldr  System Volume Information04:11
rmozdenMetaPhaze, http://paste.ubuntu.com/523636/04:11
apporcrmozden: there is a README file. Doesn't that work.04:11
elwood_pdin /media/System Reserved04:11
apporcelwood_pd:yeah ,Is there a WINDOWS , Program files.04:12
elwood_pdfrom the file browser I can find all of that yes.04:12
Sayorooks: you there?04:12
rooksSayo, yes04:13
serardok got it working :)04:13
Sayorooks: sorry i lost that code for that fstab line you had mentioned, any chance i could get it again? :)04:13
elwood_pdah yes I found windows04:13
rooksSayo,  "/dev/sda2 /mnt/win auto defaults 0 0" without quotes04:13
elwood_pdits at /media/4E046C39046C25E5 though04:13
rmozdenapporc, http://paste.ubuntu.com/523636/04:13
Sayorooks: thanks!04:13
elwood_pdnot System Reserved04:13
=== annoyingorange is now known as the_rogue_smiler
rooksSayo, no worries :)04:14
Silivrenioni'm trying to get sun-java6-plugin. Multiverse is enabled, but apt-get can't find it. Software center doesn't have an install option for it. any ideas for help?04:14
apporcadd this to /boot/grub/grub.cfg:04:14
apporctitle Microsoft Windows XP04:14
apporcroot (hd0,0)04:14
FloodBot4apporc: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:14
apporcchainloader +104:14
elwood_pdall on one line?04:14
apporcelwood_pd:just reboot ,and select Microsoft Windows XP .04:14
elwood_pdits windows 704:14
apporcelwood_pd: you can see it in /boot/grub/grub.cfg. you know what you can do.04:15
mevsthevoicesI have a windows partition on a logical partiton of my hard drive /dev/sda5, but the installer has not recognized it and it does not appear in my grub menu, nor does my grub menu appear, could anyone please tell me how I'd go about fixing this?04:15
apporcFloodBot4: Sorry.04:15
connermcdSilivrenion search in synaptic, I see it04:15
ActionParsnipmevsthevoices: listen to apporc ;)04:15
gasgodoyHi there!!! i'm a newbbie from Argentina.. anywan ca helme with that i think is a simple problem?04:15
elwood_pdapporc, that file says DO NOT EDIT04:15
elwood_pdare you sure?04:16
ActionParsnipgasgodoy: ask away04:16
TiKgasgodoy: explain,04:16
gasgodoyok thanks04:16
Silivrenionuhhhhh, synaptic isn't the default manager for ubuntu.. and i've never configured it04:16
rmozdenMetaPhaze, Did the pastebin explain it better?04:16
mevsthevoicesActionParsnip: I am not using grub, I am stuck with grub204:16
Silivrenioni'd like to do this with as much default stuff as possible04:16
MetaPhazermozden, yeah hold on04:16
apporcelwood_pd:Yes, you can edit it04:16
gasgodoyi want to hide some partitions in places at my gnome04:16
geraHey there fine gentlemen and ladies, my question is for the command line, i know there is a package or command that lets you create somewhat of an interface, all i know is color blue all i need is the name of this command or whatever it is, thank you.04:16
gasgodoyive readed that i need to edit a file at etc folder04:17
connermcdSilivrenion - System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager04:17
TiKgasgodoy: make anon sudo user and they can't mount them04:17
Silivrenioni see it in software center, but it doesn't have an install button04:17
apporcelwood_pd:If there are something wrong. you just uncomment these lines and nothing else04:17
gasgodoybut the samples that ive readed are diferent that my file at etc folder04:17
ActionParsnipmevsthevoices: try: sudo update-grub204:17
rmozdenMetaPhaze, Gotta love it when documentation is vague or lacking04:17
mevsthevoicesActionParsnip: Tried04:17
TiKgasgodoy: if you ant to hide a partition,, create a non sudo user and they can not access them04:17
iflemagasgodoy /etc/fstab04:18
ActionParsnipSilivrenion: try using: sudo apt-get update    then try it, if you get any errors, report them here via a pastebin04:18
MetaPhazermozden, from what I can see, and somewhat shot in the dark. Is your kernel does not support to the module your trying to add04:18
gasgodoyive edited fstab but is very diferent that ive seen on inet04:18
=== root is now known as Guest53428
ActionParsnipmevsthevoices: http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4537904:18
MetaPhazeits not that vague, but that is what it is saying04:18
r3mishwhat is the current release04:18
SilivrenionActionParsnip, Couldn't find package sun-java6-plugin04:18
rmozdenMetaPhaze, it shoudl as there was kernel support in the last version of ubuntu ( 10.04) where I used module-assistant to put in 2.5.0 of ipset04:18
Guest53428perdon la ignorancia pero alguien sabe como puedo instalar vmware en ubuntu?04:18
macor3mish: 10.10 maverick meerkat04:19
maco!es | Guest5342804:19
ubottuGuest53428: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:19
r3mishmaco thanks04:19
connermcdSilivrenion do sudo apt-get build-dep sun-java6-plugin04:19
connermcdSilivrenion then sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin04:19
rmozdenMetaPhaze, I would have used 2.5 again had it not puked on compile04:20
=== Jweenu is now known as juju2143
MetaPhazermozden, bugtraq?04:20
Silivrenionconnermcd, unable to find a source package for sun-java6-plugin04:20
elwood_pdwhat should I add to grub.cfg04:20
rmozdenMetaPhaze, nothing there... already checked04:20
MetaPhazeyour compile *STOPED*04:20
MetaPhazeon make dep04:20
Guest53428pardon the ignorance but anybody knows why when I run vmware I get error on ubuntu04:21
MetaPhazecould be a bigger issue04:21
connermcdSilivrenion System->Administration->Software Sources... make sure everything on the first page is checked04:21
MetaPhazelooking at your logfile, your sys seems to have issues on making dep04:21
Silivrenionconnermcd, it is04:21
nanovanyproblems with dosbox :S.. well with borland c++04:21
mevsthevoicesActionParsnip: This is for debian, none of these files are in the right places, Ubuntu's is spread of directories and silly stuff04:21
ActionParsnipGuest53428: try telling us the error instead of just sayiong "an error", its more useful04:21
MetaPhazermozden@wolverine:~/ipset/ipset-4.4$ KERNEL_SRC=/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.35-22 make dep04:21
MetaPhazemake: *** No rule to make target `dep'.  Stop.04:21
ActionParsnipmevsthevoices: its still grub2 which is the same in any OS04:22
mevsthevoicesActionParsnip: No04:22
MetaPhazermozden, I think your issues are above incl module IPV604:22
ActionParsnipmevsthevoices: no what?04:22
rmozdenMetaPhaze, not using ipv6 at all04:22
rmozdenMetaPhaze, yep04:23
elwood_pdapporc, ?04:23
MetaPhazeyou want modules issues to your kernel04:23
connermcdSilivrenion what OS are you running04:23
Silivrenionlatest ubuntu 10.404:23
mevsthevoicesActionParsnip: Grub2 is not deployed the "same' on all platforms at all04:23
Silivrenionfresh install04:23
ActionParsnipSilivrenion: 10.10 is later04:23
rmozdenMetaPhaze, there is no rule to make dep04:23
MetaPhazeand for some reason it wont make dependeinces for your make kernel to 'depened on'04:23
Silivrenionoh, well 10.4 is what's available on the site04:23
ActionParsnipmevsthevoices: you'll find it is as its the same project04:24
MetaPhazermozden, every kernel, everr made04:24
MetaPhazehas a rule for make dep04:24
hacker_kidi cant get ubuntu to detect external hds, mp3 players, ebook readers or sd cards, thumb drives work, the solution i found online was to include acpi=force and irqpoll to the grub config but it didnt change anything04:24
elwood_pdhow do I get my windows partiton back in the grub menu04:24
ActionParsnipmevsthevoices: try:  sudo apt-get --reinstall install linux-firmware   source: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/45358804:24
elwood_pdwhat do I add to grub.cfg04:24
rmozdenMetaPhaze, here's the build log form module-assistant when I tried to use it to make the 2.5.0 module:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/523644/04:24
apporcelwood_pd:what do you mean by get ...back.04:24
MetaPhazeyou should be able to make dep, make clean04:24
Silivrenionit's wierd that the java plugin would show in software center, but have no install button04:24
ActionParsnip!java | Silivrenion04:25
ubottuSilivrenion: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.04:25
apporcelwood_pd:just vim /boot/grub/grub.cfg and at the last . add the lines i have told you to it.04:25
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »04:25
elwood_pdthe last  . ?04:25
elwood_pdat the end?04:25
MetaPhazermozden, well looks good you did make clean04:26
elwood_pdit won't let me save changes.04:26
MetaPhazebut you didnt make dep04:26
rmozdenMetaPhaze, no rule to make target .... remember, I'm not making the whole kernel, just a module04:26
apporcyes ,at the end.04:26
apporcelwood_pd:So are you root.04:26
MetaPhazei know but module should need a make dep, make clean04:26
Cerberohi, problems with package updater and ubuntu software center, they say "waiting for apt-get to exit" and they block04:26
connermcdSilivrenion what ubottu said04:26
Cerberoany help?04:26
rmozdenMetaPhaze, unfortunately the make dep doesnt work as there is no target to make it04:27
EpicCyndaquilanyone know of something like manycam for Ubuntu?04:27
gasgodoyhi there anyone can take a private chat to helme there is a lot of text and im a graphical orientated user :D04:27
ActionParsnipCerbero: expands the details box, what is happening?04:27
MetaPhazermozden, your issue lies in make dep04:27
ActionParsnipgasgodoy: then use a pastebin04:27
MetaPhazeyour missing dependencies04:27
MetaPhazeyour last pastebin is good04:28
Ward|i get stuttering sound with festival on ubuntu 10.10 x86_3204:28
Ward|anyone know the solution?04:28
gasgodoyi dont know what is that04:28
hacker_kidany solution to ubuntu not detecting usb drives? not even a line in dmesg when it is connected04:28
MetaPhazewithout getting a sys running to figure it out, thats all i can see04:28
Silivrenionthere we go.. there were some repos on the second page of software sources that needed to be enabled04:28
rmozdenMetaPhaze, that last pastebin is the old way of getting ipset to work with the kernel, current version of ubuntu pukes and fails when it tries to work04:28
MetaPhazermozden, thats the best I can do.. is *GUESS* your missing dep04:29
rmozdenMetaPhaze, appreciated but even when i run m-a a-i ipset , it fails04:29
MetaPhazermozden, still can be missing dependencies04:30
MetaPhazesorry man I wish I could help more...ask ActionParsnip he seems to know it all04:30
Cerberoi cant install any software from ubuntu software center, "waiting for apt-get to exit" and doesnt install. and update center says "last update 14 days ago", when i push "check" it says "update cache, waiting for apt-get to exit" and nothing else04:30
Cerberosorry for my english, i'm not english :D04:30
rmozdenMetaPhaze, what a pain in the arse this has become.  I think I'm gonna go back to 10.04 and be done with it since it worked04:31
MetaPhazermozden, IMHO I would ditch Ubuntu all together04:31
MetaPhazeit iseems so unstable its not even worth it04:31
rmozdenMetaPhaze, which distro would you reccomend?04:32
MetaPhazermozden, I am sure your issue is somewhere with Kernel dependency04:32
MetaPhazermozden, I have been so far removed from Linux distros you wouldn' want to ask04:32
rmozdenMetaPhaze, so go to slackware or similar?04:32
rmozdenMetaPhaze,  this used to work btw:  http://www.jsimmons.co.uk/2010/06/08/using-ipset-with-iptables-in-ubuntu-lts-1004-to-block-large-ip-ranges/04:33
MetaPhazeBut as far as my experience ... Exactly, Debian or Slackware04:33
Guest32953Question, has anybody worked with the PHC undervolting modules?04:33
andryhow to conect print share on ubuntu 10.04 to win04:33
MetaPhazermozden, I would go debian or slackware...Ubuntu is a end all be all desktop solutuion that does none of the above good04:33
MetaPhazeim about to give up on it04:34
Jp82191i need help installing this item under ubuntu, link is http://sourceforge.net/projects/anonproxyserver/files/04:34
rmozdenMetaPhaze, trying a last ditch effort atm04:34
MetaPhazeall ubuntu seems to be is a wannnabe debian effort04:34
MetaPhazewith some enhanced drivers and04:34
macoMetaPhaze: it's a debian derivative04:34
MetaPhaze"easy to use GUI"04:34
coz_Jp82191,  let me look at it ,,hold on04:34
MetaPhazemaco, I know Ubuntu is a distro of Debian04:35
Balsaqcan i install wubi on a windows 2000 pro machine?04:35
MetaPhazeUbuntu is a joke of Debian though04:35
quietoneHow to watch a TED talk vid? Both firefox and epiphany only show a blue screen. youtube works, if that matters.04:35
andry help any 1 know how to conect print share on ubuntu 10.04 to win04:35
CerberoActionParsnip, read?04:35
AbhiJitquietone, chromium,opera?04:35
=== blade_ is now known as blade0_0
AbhiJit!samba | andry04:36
ubottuandry: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.04:36
CerberoActionParsnip, i cant install any software from ubuntu software center, "waiting for apt-get to exit" and doesnt install. and update center says "last update 14 days ago", when i push "check" it says "update cache, waiting for apt-get to exit" and nothing else04:36
* rmozden throws up his hands and says fuck it....going back to 10.0404:36
coz_Jp82191,  so you want to browse the internet anonumously .. yes?04:36
MetaPhazermozden, I know make dep, make clean, make will work to put your module in to the kernel, on Debian...Ubuntu seems to be a Win7 distro of Debian. Easy to use on a 'default' sys04:36
Jp82191its for hacking ps04:36
blade0_0Cerbero : are you running any other installation??04:36
rmozdenMetaPhaze, this is their server version04:36
macoMetaPhaze: ew please dont call it win704:36
Balsaqcerbero whwat version are u running? sounds like u may be using and end of life version.04:36
Jp82191coz_ its so that i can hack mw2 on the ps304:37
gasgodoy<gasgodoy> hi here04:37
gasgodoy<gasgodoy> thanks04:37
gasgodoy<gasgodoy> i dont remember how it use the irc i left that al 199804:37
gasgodoy<gasgodoy> at 199804:37
gasgodoy<gasgodoy> was a windows pirch user04:37
FloodBot4gasgodoy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:37
gasgodoy<gasgodoy> now iḿ trying to migrate at ubuntu04:37
MetaPhazemaco, sorry Ubuntu is Win7 ver of Debian04:37
macoMetaPhaze: no, it's really not04:37
Cerberoblade0_0, only 10.1004:37
MetaPhazeit really is LOL04:37
rmozdenJp82191, LMAO @ macking Ps3 games.  While the thought is entertaining please dont ruin the gaming community by releasing that garbage04:37
macoMetaPhaze: it's a rapidly stabilised 6-month snapshot of debian unstable (or testing in the case of 10.04)04:37
MetaPhazeUbuntu is a compilation of drivers to get Linux installed04:37
Cerberoblade0_0, but i updated from 10.0404:37
MetaPhazeThen it should work here///04:38
Jp82191coz_, this is what im trying to achieve, http://c0dereality.com/index.php?showtopic=2232904:38
macoMetaPhaze: hi, i'm an ubuntu developer. i think i would have some idea of what our development goals are, seeing as i just got home from the ubuntu developer summit today. windows is nowhere in them.04:38
pabcan I use debian repositories?04:38
MetaPhazermozden, see if you can find a distro of SUSE04:38
macopab: no04:38
macopab: we are source compatible, not binary compatible04:38
MetaPhazermozden, non Novell molested04:38
Jp82191rmozden, its for personal use not for the gaming community04:38
blade0_0Cerbero : is the update fully complete?04:38
quietoneAbhiJit, your serious? I need to install another browser (neither of which I want) to watch a video?!04:38
Balsaqmaco the nwut is wubi all about?04:38
gasgodoywhat is pastebin?04:38
rmozdenmaco, Then why does ipset puke on install under 10.10 using modules-assistant?04:38
Cerberoyes, it happened days ago, no problem during the update04:38
MetaPhazeUbuntu seems to be all properitary when it comes to modifying04:38
gasgodoyi dont understand anything!04:39
macoBalsaq: it actually was started as a 3rd party thing and then integrated into the CD04:39
AbhiJitquietone, whtas you loosing in trying them?04:39
MetaPhazenot even true linux04:39
maco!pastebin | gasgodoy04:39
ubottugasgodoy: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:39
AbhiJit!pastebinit | gasgodoy04:39
ubottugasgodoy: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com04:39
Bawnpulseaudio doesnt sense the mic while alsa does. I just upgraded to 10.1004:39
macoMetaPhaze: we do not change the licenses of any upstream software04:39
Balsaqmaco i think it is good software and it insalled beautifully into my new laptop and has performed flawlessly so far...04:39
MetaPhazemaco, good to hear, yet your software does not support any hardware, no insults intenede04:39
AbhiJiti aggree with MetaPhaze in case of me menu. i cant edit me menu as per my wish. its hard coded04:40
r3mishIRC is hot04:40
Bawnpulseaudio doesnt sense the mic while alsa does. I just upgraded to 10.1004:40
macormozden: i don't know. i don't focus on kernel. however this whole time you've sounded like you're describing a bug, so if it's not reported, please do so:  ubuntu-bug linux     since it's kernelspace.04:40
MetaPhazeAbhiJit, Ubuntu is script kiddie goodness04:40
rmozdenmaco, and while were on the topic, why are some of the packages so far behind?  ie: ipset 2.5.0 in ubuntu 10.10 while 4.4 is the current release?04:40
blade0_0Cerbero, logout and login once.. might fix it. had happened to me once.04:40
Cerberoblade0_0, i have read something in ubuntu forum, others have same problem. "sudo apt-get update" doesnt work but all packages software are down already04:40
MetaPhazelook I can run a c file with gcc - o hack hack.c  OMG ROOT!04:40
MetaPhazethats all ubuntu seems to be04:40
Balsaqmaco i would like to see you change the stock ubuntu colors from taupe...to fire engine red.04:40
macoAbhiJit: lack of customisation options in GUI doesn't make it proprietary. you can get the code and edit it all you want04:40
Bawnpulseaudio doesnt sense the mic while alsa does. I just upgraded to 10.1004:40
MetaPhazedoesn't even let me mess with driver id level to make drives seen by ubuntu04:41
Bawnpulseaudio doesnt sense the mic while alsa does. I just upgraded to 10.1004:41
serardI have shared /etc/apache2 on my server. My client can mount it but I can't write on it (because I'm not root). What do I have to do to be able to write on it ?04:41
AbhiJitmaco, yah04:41
macoBalsaq: aubergine is the colour, not taupe, and i'm neither a designer nor ubuntu-desktop person. i'm involved in kubuntu-desktop, and the kubuntu community has agreed to stick to kde artwork04:41
moolyBawn: press up enter a few more times04:41
Bawnpulseaudio doesnt sense the mic while alsa does. I just upgraded to 10.1004:41
moolyBawn: press up enter a few more times04:41
quietoneAbhiJit, I lose the opportunity to learn why firefox and epiphany don't work. I'd be even less free if I use Opera. Not sure about chromium.04:41
Bawnpulseaudio doesnt sense the mic while alsa does. I just upgraded to 10.1004:41
Cerberoblade0_0, i have tried already that way, days ago... :(04:41
macoAbhiJit: i do agree that lack of customisation options is yucky though. this is why i use kde.04:42
moolyBawn: keep doing it, eventually someone will answer your question04:42
Balsaqmaco the stock ubuntu color theme look surprisingly like baby's kuku04:42
Cerberoblade0_0, but synaptic works...04:42
AbhiJitquietone, then try in #firefox04:42
Bawnmooly are you being a jerk04:42
AbhiJitmaco, yah kde is nice option in that case04:42
Bawnmooly are you being a jerk04:42
Jp82191so no one can help me?04:43
Bawnpulseaudio doesnt sense the mic while alsa does. I just upgraded to 10.1004:43
FloodBot4Bawn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:43
macomooly: stop that04:43
MetaPhazeAbhiJit, why even fuss with a xserver?04:43
moolymaco: stop what?04:43
Bawnpulseaudio doesnt sense the mic while alsa does. I just upgraded to 10.1004:43
macoBawn: yes, mooly is being a jerk telling you to repeat things frequently which will eventually result in you being removed from the channel as an annoyance04:43
Jp82191bawn, then use alsa04:43
moolymaco : I have put you on a permanent ignore, public and private. I have found you disturbing, rude and generally not worth talking to. According to the channels you hang on, it strengthens the effect of wanting to put you on ignore because of my lack of interest in you as a person. This message is not meant to be rude to you, just to inform you that I won't see anything of what you type from now on.04:43
MetaPhazeif you need to setup linux so you can use your webcam to seduce teenagers on skype you have issues04:43
BawnJp82191, how do i directly use alsa04:43
MetaPhazelinux is all lost04:43
MetaPhazethe whole purpose is gone04:43
BawnJp82191, pulseaudio is in the way04:43
MetaPhazeim suited and booted04:44
bazhangMetaPhaze, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic04:44
Jp82191if its a problem to use install windoze04:44
MetaPhazebazhang, been there, no help, thanks though04:44
MetaPhazeapt-get the.real.deal.Debian ;)04:44
bazhangMetaPhaze, please stop.04:45
macoMetaPhaze: there was no suggestion that youd get help there, only that you should take your offtopic rantings about distro preferences elsewhere04:45
MetaPhazebazhang, what? someone can not disagree?04:45
rmozdenI'm outta here, time for me to go wipe a server and go back to 10.04 since ipset is required for my use and I dont feel liek downloadind more then 3 dvd's for debian04:45
Bawnhow do i directly use alsa04:45
MetaPhazenah i just want some help04:45
bazhangMetaPhaze, this is support only.04:45
MetaPhazermozden, try debian I think you will like it04:45
macormozden: is there a bug report filed04:46
MetaPhazesupports all the feats ubuntu does, but native, not through user levle hac ks04:46
MetaPhazemaco, nope04:46
OEPDoes anyone have an idea why grub is only finding my Windows partition and no longer my Ubuntu partition?04:46
macormozden: you only need the first cd with debian. the full set of CDs/DVDs are the entire repository contents. only the first cd is needed to install04:46
rmozdenmaco, no time right now.  Have to get this system working within the next 3 hours before my flight04:46
MetaPhazehe wants to try to add a module, and ubuntu wont even support make dep04:46
Cerberoblade0_0, thanks for help the same, i dont want abuse of your time. 5.45 am here, i wait few hours and i try in european channels ;)04:46
macoMetaPhaze: "no rule to make target" doesnt mean "ubuntu doesnt support make dep" it means the Makefile is broken04:46
MetaPhazermozden, you made my day man, thanks for the chat04:47
rmozdenMetaPhaze, you too.  Appreciate the help04:47
MetaPhazemaco, every makefile must be broke, tried with rmozden to fix it04:47
MetaPhazeim not some 14 yearold script kiddie04:47
Bawnhow do i directly use alsa04:47
macoMetaPhaze: are you sure "dep" is the target you want? read the makefile04:47
MetaPhazermozden, love to bullshit when you have time, look me up04:47
macoMetaPhaze: the makefile has to have "dep:" listed somewhere to use it04:47
maco!language | MetaPhaze this is the second time04:48
ubottuMetaPhaze this is the second time: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:48
MetaPhazeugh fine04:48
MetaPhazesorry with the language04:48
Bawnhow do i directly use alsa04:48
MetaPhazermozden, love to CHAT with YOU next TIME! no fould LANGUAGE I PROMISE!04:48
MetaPhazealsa is hardware level encoding/decoding of audio, which card do you have?04:48
rmozdenMetaPhaze, LOL screw em if they cant take a slang04:49
Bawncreative soundblaster ca010604:49
ndrofthelinehow do i change my dvd rom driver?04:49
MetaPhazermozden, I guess it isn't their fault, default language scripts ... :D04:49
MetaPhazelook at these questions though rmozden04:49
Bawnstupid pulseaudio wont let me record anything04:49
Guest50911//how do you change your name04:49
rmozdenMetaPhaze, I'll show you why I need ipset... just a sec04:50
BawnMetaPhaze, , stupid pulseaudio wont let me record anything04:50
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n-iCeany ideas?04:50
n-iCesudo echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward04:50
n-iCebash: /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward: Permission denied04:51
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Bawnpulseaudio doesnt sense the mic while alsa does. I just upgraded to 10.1004:51
hellonick /boom04:51
Guest5364any melbourne cup fans04:51
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steev_what is the proper way to build a kernel? make-kpkg?04:52
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bazhang!ot | Guest536404:52
ubottuGuest5364: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:52
ActionParsnip!kernel | steev_04:52
ubottusteev_: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages04:52
ActionParsnipn-iCe: sudo won't traverse the redirection dude04:52
Bawni just noticed midi through is screwing me up, how do i disable it?04:53
ndrofthelinehow do i change my dvd-rw driver04:53
ndrofthelineunder ubuntu my burner can never finalize a cd or dvd04:53
Bawni just noticed midi through is screwing me up, how do i disable it?04:54
ActionParsnipn-iCe: echo "1" | sudo tee /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward      is the correct syntax04:54
server1how can i access my box using telnet04:54
server1do ihave to edit my config file of my telnet04:54
steev_ActionParsnip, thank you, i definitely know i need to make my own :D04:54
rmozdenserver1, Dont use telnet, use ssh04:55
ActionParsnipserver1: install a telnet service, ssh is much more secure and also gives a whole host of extra functionality04:55
Bawni just noticed midi through is screwing me up in recording, my microphone doesn't register how do i disable it?04:55
ActionParsnipserver1: every keypress in a telnet session is trnsported in cleartext so is not secure at all04:55
ActionParsniprmozden: although over LAN it's fine04:55
rmozdenn-iCe, echo 1 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward04:55
rmozdenworks on my sys via a init script04:55
server1i have  telnet service04:55
ActionParsnipBawn: check your startup services and disable midi04:55
rammyIRCi am getting video cache expired04:55
rmozdenActionParsnip, Correct unless ina corp environment04:56
ActionParsniprmozden: true but it still sucks hard04:56
rmozdenActionParsnip, telnet in any comm use is a big rule no-no04:56
BawnActionParsnip, i don't see it there04:56
ActionParsniprmozden: the init script runs as roo so will have acces, if a user wants access it will need to pipe to sudo tee, as sudo powers do not traverse the >04:57
ActionParsniprmozden: totally04:57
BawnActionParsnip, it is not a service, rather a way of input that is blocking me ever since i installed jack04:57
BawnActionParsnip, it is not a service, rather a way of input that is blocking me ever since i installed jack stuff04:57
ActionParsnipBawn: ive not used jack04:57
Bawnoh noes04:57
ActionParsnipBawn: maybe others can advise04:58
gorgonzolaI have only one advice: good luck. jack is a b*tch to configure :)04:58
purvesh can some one help me to upgrading from Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) to Ubuntu 10.10 i have alternate iso of 10.10 and also have Desktop iso04:58
Bawngorgonzola, i agree04:58
Bawni will be back soon, save your answers for a few minutes04:59
rmozdenActionParsnip, you like that paste?05:00
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ActionParsniprmozden: sure use http://pastie.org or similar05:01
ActionParsnip!upgrade | purvesh05:02
ubottupurvesh: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade05:02
Bawnim back05:02
purveshActionParsnip, thanx for reply and i had seen the upgrade procedure but it is not working thats why ... its k .. ill re try it ..05:04
rdw200169how do i fix a broken init?  my 10.10 won't boot and throws me straight into busybox05:04
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Sonic132Anyone know why one user would have network connections applet but other users would not?05:05
k1ng__i need help with apache05:06
Sonic132It's called network manager applet and for some reason it doesn't always show on my user.05:06
ActionParsnippurvesh: mount the alternate ISO, there is a script to run with gksudo in the root of the CD05:06
k1ng__after i moved the www folder to /home/k1ng/www its giving empty page05:06
ActionParsnipKingK_: did you symlink the folder back into /var/www ?05:07
k1ng__ActionParsnip, i dont know what you mean05:08
abhinav_singhhow to see my uid in linux system05:10
purveshActionParsnip, i had tried this sudo mount -o loop ~/Desktop/ubuntu-10.04-alternate-i386.iso /media/cdrom0 but m getting error "mount: mount point /media/cdrom0 does not exist"05:10
ActionParsnippurvesh: then run:  sudo mkdir /media/cdrom0    the folder must exist for you to mount to it, it is not mounts job to make the mount point05:11
k1ng__ActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/dH00Rkyq05:11
purveshActionParsnip, thanx wt ill try out05:12
ActionParsnipKingK_: if you move the folder, you can make a link file back to the folder so that you dont have to change any configs05:13
purveshActionParsnip, it works ... but after mounting when i open that then no any autorun displayed for upgrading05:13
bazhang!blkid | abhinav_singh05:14
ubottuabhinav_singh: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)05:14
k1ng__ActionParsnip, really? how do i do it?05:14
moodyhow do i adjust screen resolution?05:14
huckleberryWould anybody be interested in trying to help me solve a tough problem I've been having with no video/audio in Miro on Ubunt 10.10?05:14
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ActionParsnipk1ng__: sudo ln -s /home/k1ng/www /var/www05:14
ActionParsnipmoody: what video chip?05:14
moodyAciid, onboard nvidia05:15
moodyAciid, nevermind, I found it lol05:16
k1ng__ActionParsnip, i am getting It works! now05:16
moodywait, no i didn't...05:17
moodyHow do you change the screen resolution for an Nvidia card?  What happened to system/admin/display??!05:17
ActionParsnipmoody: use nvidia-settings05:18
moodyActionParsnip, where in nvidia-settings? I can't find where you change the resolution05:18
k1ng__ActionParsnip, what chmod should i set to /home/k1ng/www?05:19
ActionParsnipmoody: it is installed when you install the proprietary driver05:19
k1ng__coz i am getting forbidden error05:19
moodyActionParsnip, i have nvidia-settings, i just can't find where in nvidia-settings you adjust the resolution05:19
maelaianIm trying to setup an internet gateway on my local network 192.168.10.X. My router has two interfaces eth0 and eth1 at and .72 respectively. eth0 is set so its gateway is the real gateway I want to use as a gateway on all the other boxes on the local network. I had it working before reboot. Im using http://pastebin.com/kQWrdf6M. Is something missing?05:19
ActionParsnipKingK_: to whatever the default folder is, i dont have it here, maybe someone else can give you their output of: ls -l /var/www05:20
n-iCewhat is this? libnet_write_raw_ipv4 and how do I give it permissions05:20
ActionParsnipmoody: click down the options on the left of nvidia settings05:20
moodyActionParsnip, i've done that... still don't see anywhere to adjust screen resolution.05:21
moodyis it really this difficult just to change resolution in Ubuntu?  i would think there's just an option somewhere...05:21
huckleberryhow do I get miro on 10.10 to display video with my 2006 toshiba satellite a85-s107 with an ATI Mobility Graphics 9000 IGP onboard video chipset?05:22
huckleberrymoody, System>Preferences>Monitors ?05:24
ActionParsnipmoody: http://vlabra.ic.cz/wide-screen-problem/nvidia-settings.png  see the resolution dropdrown below the highlighted05:24
moodyActionParsnip, ah, thank you!  right in front of me :)05:25
n-iCehow can I give permissions to libnet_write_raw_ipv405:26
x1250hi folks, could someone pastebin a .bashrc for me? (I'm on another distro and want to see what ubuntu has :)05:29
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ActionParsnipx1250: its a place to define aliases and run commands when a new terminal is executed05:31
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x1250ActionParsnip, I know, I didn't ask what it was.05:31
SchmittyUbuntu will be a supported operating system for years05:34
SchmittyTo come right?05:34
rdw200169i figured out what the problem is... my 1.6 year old 1TB drive is failing :( wouldn't boot initially due to S.M.A.R.T. recognized bad sectors :( successive reboot remapped the sectors or something... at least it boots05:34
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quietoneWhat do I install to fix this? "Requested 'gio-2.0 >= 2.25.12' but version of GIO is 2.24.1"05:36
anolisthere was this program i used to use for monitoring changes to a script, and i cant for the life of me remember what it was called. It would refresh new data on the console and leave the old info there05:37
anolisdoes anyone know the name of this utility05:37
ActionParsnipx1250: so what do you want to know?05:39
magn3tsCan I run one command and have it run repeatedly while I run another?05:39
Ibyssquietone: Mind telling us what you're trying to do?05:39
ActionParsnipanolis: you can use tripwire to monitor for changes to files05:39
quietoneIbyss, compile evolution05:39
x1250ActionParsnip, nvm, found a default ubuntu .bashrc. Just wanted to know what's new, if anything.05:39
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ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.05:40
ActionParsnipx1250: i could have given you a vanilla file, if you'd asked for one05:40
anolisActionParsnip, well no im not looking for an IDS, it was a console app that would essentially run any given script repeatedly, updating the fields that were changed05:40
IbyssSounds like you may need to upgrade GIO to 2.25.12 quietone .05:40
quietoneIbyss, pls, what is the cmd? (it been a day where most things have gone wrong - be kind ;-) )05:42
anolisquietone, try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:42
anolisquietone, try sudo apt-get install gio05:42
Caelhello.. i dont knwo what i did but after an power failure im not seeing my workspace bar nor the one with the places/Applications or clock.05:43
Caeli just see my desktop w/ folders05:43
Ward|snd-dummy in virtualbox seems ot fail, any ideas why?05:44
Ward|lots and lots of stuttering05:44
ActionParsnip!panelreset | Cael05:45
ubottuCael: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »05:45
Caeleeek accidently closed out xchat05:45
quietoneanolis, E: Couldn't find package gio05:45
Ibyssquietone: Do you remember how you got the earlier verion of gio installed?05:45
Caelif it matters im using xfce as an UI.05:46
anolisquietone, try sudo apt-get install gio05:46
anolisquietone: what program are you trying to install05:46
anolisstupid arrow key right next to shift05:46
quietoneIbyss, no.05:46
Cael"gnome-panel: no process found"05:47
quietoneanolis, yes 'sudo apt-get install gio".  I am trying to compile evolution05:47
anolisquietone, yea sorry i accidently pressed the up arrow :P05:48
quietoneanolis, it has dependencies I can't satisfy and my searches haven't found.05:48
ActionParsnipCael: are you using kubuntu ?05:48
quietoneanolis, ;-)05:48
xanguaCael: try xfce4-panel05:48
xanguaCael: there is also #xubuntu05:49
hacker_kidany solution to ubuntu not detecting usb drives? not even a line in dmesg when it is connected05:49
anolisquietone, have you followed the installation guide on go-evolution?05:49
Caelthey are hardly ever responsive there as of late.05:49
anolisquietone, http://www.go-evolution.org/Compiling_Evolution_from_SVN#On_Ubuntu05:49
Caelsame no process found error05:49
anolisquietone, it may require you to go to the gio project page and grab the source of that too05:50
phasmahacker_kid: sounds like the kernel module is not loading. Check lspci for your USB device then you need to load the correct module05:50
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hacker_kidphasma, nothing in lspci, and it all used to work fine until i upgraded to 10.x, im about to kick back to the 9.04 release05:51
Caeli went w/ xubuntu because i had limited ram then ( 256MB) i got an 1GB kit in the other day.05:52
quietoneanolis, that page is begins with "SVN is no more used and has been replaced by Git. This guide is outdated." so I skipped it.05:52
phasmahacker_kid definitely sounds like a module issue. Any way you can reboot into a live cd or something and check the make and model of your device?05:52
xanguaCael: for so little ram i would try lubuntu instead05:53
hacker_kidphasma, the main concern is an ectaco jetbook, i can get the model but it used to be detected05:53
bazhangActionParsnip, whats up05:54
ActionParsnipbazhang: can i PM please dude?05:54
bazhangActionParsnip, of course05:54
Caelw/ the 1GB ram kit i have now. should i still tru Lubuntu or dive into kubuntu?05:54
hacker_kidwell im going to reinstall to an old 9.04 image, hopefully the devs figure out basic usb devices by the time 11.04 is out05:55
phasmahacker_kid: I am wholly confident that a simple kernel downgrade would fix this for you should you not be happy about ascertaining and loading the module05:55
hacker_kidphasma, i have been looking for and loading modules all day05:56
phasmaouch. Gotcha05:56
hacker_kidphasma, the device shows up to all os's as a basic USB storage device05:56
hacker_kidtho I have never been successful downgrading the kernel in a ubuntu install, could I really knock all the way down to last years kernel?05:57
phasmahacker_kid: long shot, but you could try removing the device then: sudo rmmod option && sudo rmmod usb_storage - reload them and try the device again. Like I say, that is a long shot, though, as there would likely be evidence of -something- in your dmesg05:58
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phasmahacker_kid: I am having similar problems with a device myself and that method described above is while tempramental, does fix it sometimes05:59
hacker_kidERROR: Module option does not exist in /proc/modules05:59
phasmaload it and try the device05:59
ActionParsniphacker_kid: use tab to complete the module names06:00
phasmahacker_kid: also, check that usb_storage is being loaded06:01
CaelActionParsnip,  would reinstalling the wm cause it to reset to defaults?06:01
hacker_kidnot a single line in dmesg06:01
hacker_kidand a usb flash drive is loading perfectly06:02
ActionParsnipCael: don't think so, maybe the data in $HOME got damaged, i suggest you boot to liveCD /USB and fsck the partition06:02
Dan```Ubuntu won't accept mouseclicks to anything except the quick application launch area :S06:02
Dan```I've unplugged and replugged the mouse to no avail :(06:02
Caelim still getting used to linux again.  so basicly reinstall?06:03
ActionParsnipDan```: if you press ALT+F2 and run:  metacity --replace   are the clicks ok?06:03
hacker_kidphasma, this doesnt make sense, i cant even find a single log that this device even exists06:03
Dan```ActionParsnip: Nope :(06:03
hacker_kidwell im off to find a USB sd card reader, if i cant fix it i can work around it06:03
Dan```Also, sorry for the late responses. It's kind of annoying to operate a computer with just the keyboard :/06:03
hacker_kidphasma, thanks for trying06:04
phasmahacker_kid: let me know how you get on with it? I am in the process of compiling a list of such devices06:04
phasmaand no problem06:04
Dan```ActionParsnip: I can move the mouse, just that it's not accepting any click input.06:04
kukii have problem with drapes on it automatic start up  can any one help me please06:04
Dan```That goes for my touchpad as-well :/06:04
Dan```ActionParsnip: ?06:05
ActionParsnipDan```: if you run: xev in a terminal, do mouse clicks generate events?06:05
Dan```What's the shortcut to the terminal? :S06:05
sin_taxctrl alt t06:05
Dan```ActionParsnip: Nope.06:06
konsumerhello everyone06:06
sin_taxwow, that was cool. (xev)06:06
Dan```ActionParsnip: After closing the Event Tester, it is now working again (although I don't see how) :/06:06
Dan```ActionParsnip: Thank you :)06:06
Caelfound my install disc. bbs.06:08
konsumercan i install .rpm's on ubuntu 10.4?06:08
kukiplease can any one help me how to set drapes on start up06:08
AbhiJit!rpm | konsumer06:08
ubottukonsumer: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)06:08
sporkboyhey, what should the linked file for vmlinuz on the live usb be?06:09
AbhiJitkuki, you want to set desktop drape at startup?06:09
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression06:09
kukiAbhiJit, i had add it to startup application but it is not working....06:10
AbhiJitkuki, what command you wrote?06:10
kukiAbhiJit, /usr/drapes06:11
AbhiJitkuki, thats not correct way. only write 'drapes'06:12
ubottuIn Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side06:12
Elise001I miss having Ubuntu on my computer.06:12
reenignEesreveRcan i install normal ubuntu on an sd-card?06:13
AbhiJitreenignEesreveR, yes06:13
kukiAbhiJit,ok i have changed it to drapes...then06:14
reenignEesreveRwould it do on a 4 gb sd-card?06:14
AbhiJitkuki, log out log in & chech if it works06:14
aretrfre34!usb | reenignEesreveR:06:14
ubottureenignEesreveR:: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent06:14
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AbhiJitreenignEesreveR, will do but more than 4 gb will be good. becaues 'minimum' requirement is 4gb06:14
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ActionParsnipreenignEesreveR: sure, you can transfer the ISO to the SD card06:15
purveshActionParsnip, can i also update from ubuntu 10.10 desktop iso ?06:15
kukiAbhiJit, it is starting only after i have to run by terminal only06:16
reenignEesreveRActionParsnip, that'll be live cd ... i wanna have normal setup on sd-card06:16
AbhiJitkuki, have you log out & log in back?06:16
ActionParsnippurvesh: no, you need to use the alternate ISO to upgrade from Lucid to maverick06:16
ActionParsnipreenignEesreveR: you could, i recommend you use Lubuntu06:17
AbhiJitkuki, drapes - without the quotes06:17
ActionParsnipreenignEesreveR: it's install is about 1.5Gb in size06:18
rmozden_maco, still here?06:20
rmozden_ActionParsnip, Funny, re-installed 10.04.1 and now ipset compiles the modules for the kernel fine06:21
kukiAbhiJit, what is that06:21
ActionParsniprmozden_: weird06:22
rmozden_ActionParsnip, Yep, did a apt-get install ipset ipset-source then m-a a-i ipset and works without a hitch06:23
cbush15Can someone help me make a .sh i want to run multiable commands as diffeent users06:23
rmozden_ActionParsnip, lol - and got it re-installed on my server before I timed out06:23
ActionParsniprmozden_: i'd stick to lucid on a server, it is LTS06:24
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Uplinkhow do i look for an app?06:24
rmozden_ActionParsnip, Thats their plan anyway.  They're trying to be like CentOS in that manner06:24
Uplinkim not running ubuntu but im helping a friend06:24
Uplinkapt-get -s terminus ???06:25
DJJeff|Ubuntuhow do I connect to my windows 7 shares from ubuntu 10.10 the user/pass dialog comes up but my password isnt working I disabled windows live sign in assistant on my windows pc06:25
SchalaZealI'm hoping to devote half of my new PC's hard drive to Ubuntu once I get it, but I'm concerned for the upgrade methods. If I install 10.10, will installing/upgrading to 11.x be as simple as checking for an updated package?06:25
ActionParsnipUplink: apt-cache search package06:25
Uplinkty ActionParsnip06:25
rmozden_DJJeff|Ubuntu, Check your samba config06:25
ActionParsnipSchalaZeal: there are upgrade notes available which tell you how to upgrade when natty arrives06:26
rmozden_ActionParsnip, Now on to bigger and better things like snort 2.9.006:26
reenignEesreveRActionParsnip, if i get an 8 gb sd-card, would lubuntu still be preferable or normal ubuntu would work well?06:26
kukiAbhiJit, i have log out and in but it is not working06:26
SchalaZealI'm just into the bleeding edge stuff, provided it doesn't take an enormous amount of time.06:26
rmozden_ActionParsnip, esp since the repo version is way outta date06:26
AbhiJitkuki, let me test i m loging out & in wait06:27
Caelit said something about the file system being corrupt06:27
ActionParsnipreenignEesreveR: 8Gb is plenty for Ubuntu, use ext2 for all partitions so that you prolong the life of the device06:27
Caelso im up and re-installing06:27
ActionParsniprmozden_: you can find ppas with later versions06:28
rmozden_ActionParsnip, Have a install pdf in front of me for 10.04 already06:28
rajiHi I installed Nvidia drivers on my Ubuntu desktop, now the interface feels so slow.. what should I do06:28
SchalaZealCan I use my FAT32-partitioned external drive on Ubuntu? I use it for basically all my documents and I want to make sure both Win7 and Ubuntu can access it.06:29
Caelubuntu should be able to read/write to fat3206:29
AbhiJitkuki, i added command 'drapes' - without the quotes and it is working.06:29
SchalaZealalright goody06:29
ActionParsnipCael: it can06:30
kukiAbhiJit, which command06:30
AbhiJitkuki, drapes06:30
rmozden_ActionParsnip, http://www.snort.org/docs/setup-guides/06:30
kukiAbhiJit, it is not working06:31
SchalaZealI just hope Microsoft mans up and releases exFAT specs soon....... or some third-party is able to make a cleanroom-implemented exFAT filesystem driver06:31
AbhiJitkuki, which version of ubuntu?06:31
kukiAbhiJit, 9.1006:31
haakon_i was wondering if anyone here could help me06:32
AbhiJitkuki, take screenshot of your start ap where you added the drapes and imagebin the photo and give me the address06:32
Caelohh ActionParsnip whats the best way to rip/copy DVD's in ubuntu?06:32
SchalaZealthis place seems plenty helpful, just ask away06:32
AbhiJithaakon_, dont wonder, just ask.06:32
haakon_my sompaq wont update to ubuntu06:32
haakon_that is it wont update from 8.04 to 10.406:33
AbhiJitwhat is sompaq?06:33
haakon_a typo06:33
SchalaZealthink he means Compaq06:33
ActionParsnip!upgrade | haakon_06:34
ubottuhaakon_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade06:34
haakon_compaq presario06:34
SchalaZealthis S key *is* rather close to the C key06:34
ubottuWant to become an Ubuntu developer? Look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newdev and the Wiki (http://wiki.ubuntu.com) for involvement in specific projects such as Kubuntu or Xubuntu.06:34
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator06:35
DJJeff|UbuntuSAMBA4 Errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/523684/06:35
haakon_i have tryed to update it before but it wont run a live cd either for 10.4 or 10.1006:35
cbush15guys is this right to make .sh file06:35
cbush15cd /home/ircd/inspircd/06:35
cbush15./inspircd start06:35
cbush15cd /home/ircd/atheme/bin06:35
FloodBot4cbush15: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:35
cbush15cd /home/g/mozbot-2.606:35
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:35
AbhiJit!msgthebot | SchalaZeal06:35
ubottuSchalaZeal: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".06:35
SchalaZealoh sorry06:36
=== dreamtraveler is now known as noobuntu
SchalaZealwon't respond to any !search commands06:37
rajijoin #tamil06:37
SchalaZealoh! it works, just this tabbed interface06:38
Sayohey guys, I'm having some serious trouble navigating folders in bash :/ i can't navigate to my "Program Files" folder through terminal in my .wine/drive_c/ folder, everytime I "cd /Program Files" it just says unable to locate file :( any help?06:38
ascensionSayo: try "cd /Program\ Files"06:39
ActionParsnipSayo: use tab to complete the name, spaces need escaping but tab will handle it06:39
dr0idcan't remember, but there was a command that showed the ubuntu version, distro name, and some more info, could anyone remind me of it ?06:40
ActionParsnipdr0id: lsb_release -a06:40
dr0idaah yes06:40
Sayoascension, ActionParsnip : thank you!!!06:41
Curly_QTry using   grep to find the file and then cd06:41
dr0idActionParsnip: what are LSB modules btw ?06:41
kukiAbhiJit, in my terminal after running as drapes it showing like this ::::::(/usr/lib/drapes/drapes.exe:4071): GLib-WARNING **: g_set_prgname() called multiple times06:41
ActionParsnipdr0id: not sure tbh :)06:41
dr0idit's cool :)06:41
AbhiJitkuki, take screenshot of your start ap where you added the drapes and imagebin the photo and give me the address06:42
AbhiJitkuki, i dunno about the error never heard .exe file in linux06:42
Curly_Q.EXE file in Linux?06:43
cbush15U need win to run it in linux06:43
SayoActionParsnip: For whatever reason I can't seem to run "rename *.cbf *.bif", is this the wrong syntax for a mass batch conversion?06:43
ascensionCurly_Q: .exe opens with wine06:43
cbush15YEp :D06:43
CaMasonMy PC was locked overnight - now I'm trying to unlock, and it's just stuck on saying 'checking'. Any thoughts?06:43
Curly_QWine is not Linux. Wine is a shell.06:44
Kasunhey....how to install ubuntu with windows06:44
kukiAbhiJit,  i am a new user of ubuntu sorry thats why i dont now06:44
AbhiJit!wubi | Kasun06:44
ubottuKasun: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe06:44
AbhiJitkuki, how did you installed drapes?06:44
=== dreamtraveler is now known as noobuntu
Curly_QWine is basically VMware.06:45
SwedeMikeCurly_Q: no it isn't.06:45
canadacowWine Is Not an Emulator06:46
ActionParsnipCurly_Q: its not, vmware needs a full install of the OS. Wine translates windows calls to native linux calls06:46
kukiAbhiJit, through synaptic manager06:46
Curly_QI never said Emulator. It is a shell within the Linux kernel.06:46
AbhiJitkuki, then there shold never be existance of that .exe file.06:46
ActionParsnipCurly_Q: vmware cannot run without a base OS install including license, which wine doesn't need06:47
Curly_QThe fact is that there are some VMware programs that have the OS built into it. Some VMware software programs superimpose themselves upon Linux and Windows kernels.06:48
SwedeMikeCurly_Q: listen, you're wrong, but this is off topic for this channel. Please stop.06:48
kukiAbhiJit, ok i am reinstalling that wait plss06:49
noob-tuxhi i can't login to facebook....and my roommate just had logged in to facebook...06:49
ActionParsnipnoob-tux: contact facebook help to get your password reset06:50
almoxarifereinstall facebook06:50
AbhiJitalmoxarife, or buy new computer?06:50
haakon_been having issues trying to update to 10.0406:50
Zorlinhaakon_: shoot06:50
almoxarifeAbhiJit: both06:50
kukiAbhiJit, still it is not working06:51
ActionParsniphaakon_: use the alternate CD and you can do an offline upgrade06:51
AbhiJitkuki, cant help further.06:51
noob-tuxalmoxarife, u're such an a-hole06:51
AbhiJitalmoxarife, :)06:51
blade0_0_almoxarife, u cant reinstall facebook. its a service. right?06:51
haakon_it it wont even boot the live cd06:51
kukiAbhiJit, here is the screenshot link:::::::::;http://imagebin.org/12126406:51
AbhiJitblade0_0, do you understand the meaning of the word 'joke' or 'humour06:51
AbhiJitkuki, cant help further.06:52
blade0_0_AbhiJit, lol.. i m sorry. thot u wer playin a prank. jus logged in. My bad.. :)06:52
raziel_Is there a way I can have empathy remember my account name but not my password?06:52
Curly_QActionParsnip you are wrong. The linux kernel is based upon the Bourne Shell which was fashioned after the Thompson Shell developed by AT&T Labs. VMware is a shell account.06:53
AbhiJitblade0_0, :D06:53
kukiAbhiJit, ok thank u06:53
raziel_Is there a way I can have empathy remember my account name but not my password?06:54
almoxarifeblade0_0.............. it is a service, I forgot, what's the terminal command to restart facebook/?06:54
ActionParsnipCurly_Q: the linux kernel is not based on the bourne again shell at all, you can use linux with dash and not use bash atall06:54
ActionParsnipCurly_Q: It is the default shell on most systems built on top of the Linux kernel as well as on Mac OS X   source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bash_(Unix_shell)06:56
Zeu5hi there, i noticed that when i tried sudo vi /etc/group my cursor keys would generate ABCD instead of working as per normal. please advise.06:58
blakkheimZeu5: try vim06:58
Zeu5blakkheim: vim not found06:58
blakkheimZeu5: i mean install it :)06:59
ActionParsnipZeu5: use nano, it's much friendlier06:59
raziel_Is there a way I can have empathy remember my account name but not my password06:59
noob-tuxalmoxarife, stop being an asshole dude.....it's not funny anymore..07:00
Zeu5ActionParsnip: thanks! do i need to restart my computer for changes in /etc/group to take place/07:00
ActionParsnipZeu5: you'll need to log off and on to get the new membership07:01
blakkheim:/ why even try vi in the first place if you don't know how to use it?07:01
Zeu5ActionParsnip: thanks.07:01
Zeu5blakkheim: vi works for me in my server. but for some reason it does not work in my desktop.07:01
Zeu5blakkheim: thank you all the same. :)07:01
Curly_QActionParsnip I didn't mean to give you a hard time. I am grabbing two beers. One for you and one for me.  :) Greetings.07:02
ActionParsnipCurly_Q: no worries man :)07:02
raziel_Is there a way I can have empathy remember my account name but not my password?07:04
=== blade0_0_ is now known as blade0_0
ebahHey all, I am trying to create an ssh vpn using the documentation found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH_VPN. Whenever I type "ssh -w 0:0 server" it connects but doesn't create the tun interface. Any help?07:05
Curly_QRaziel are you using Fedora?07:06
raziel_no, ubuntu07:06
nigelbraziel_: just remove the tick from remember password I suppose07:06
dajxdi'm trying to fix sluggishness in ubuntu netbook, i found a patch in the form of two .h files- what do i do with these?07:06
raziel_nigelb: dont work07:07
raziel_nigelb : there is no option that remove remember password07:07
nigelbraziel_: what happens if you leave the password field empty?07:07
Curly_QRaziel try these two links:     http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=234805                 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2010090207:07
SamNSungis there anyone running in mint?07:08
raziel_nigelb : Empathy telling me my account set up is not complete07:09
KasunI install ubuntu within windows...when i boot ubuntu they say to find the root...07:09
Kasunplease help07:09
ravi_i am not able to store image07:09
ravi_from interface07:09
Curly_QRead the instructions first.07:09
SamNSungi have a wireless modem connection problems07:10
ebahSamNSung: Mint is on irc.spotchat.org07:10
ActionParsnipKasun: http://www.omaregan.com/?p=58307:10
ActionParsnip!mint | SamNSung07:10
ubottuSamNSung: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:10
SamNSungi'm in xp now with chatzilla, can i connect spotchat from here?07:11
ActionParsnipSamNSung: /server irc.spotchat.org07:11
* doc|home stabs flash + pulseaudio07:12
dr0idActionParsnip: could you help me with something? see this, http://pastie.org/private/r7diybkqwafkdehkbqqsg07:12
ActionParsnipdr0id: sounds like teh key the server is expecting has changed07:13
Curly_QIt also could be that he is logged in twice.07:14
raziel_Is there a way I can have empathy remember my account name but not my password?07:15
jitucan anybody help me with googleearth display problem?07:15
jitui am on lucid with an ati radeon 20007:16
dr0idActionParsnip: may I PM you ?07:16
xuekancan anybody help me to see if this site:http://bugu.cntv.cn/live_cctv5/index.shtml works normally? my machine cann't see the video,only sound.thanks.07:17
xuekansorry, in the virtualbox's xp system.07:18
jitucan anybody help me with googleearth display problem?07:19
Curly_QXuekan, perhaps your video card is not capeable.07:19
xuekanCurly_Q: my video card?no, just in the virtualbox, my physical machine works well.07:20
Curly_QXuekan, it asks for an .exe download which I would never install.07:20
xuekanCurly_Q:even in the virtual system?07:21
Curly_QA person would be an absolute dork to download any .exe file on any website. Why is your site doing that?07:21
jitucan anybody help me with googleearth display problem?07:21
ljsoftnethow do i install windows xp inside ubuntu?07:21
noob-tuxhow come i can't open facebook page?07:22
AbhiJit!vm | ljsoftnet07:22
ubottuljsoftnet: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications07:22
raziel_Is there a way I can have empathy remember my account name but not my password?07:22
xuekanCurly_Q:no it's safe, i've tried.please help me just a little bit.07:22
Curly_QJust because you say it is safe does not mean that it is safe.07:22
Guest2175how can i make my pc auto update transmission?07:23
huckleberryhow can I install ati drivers for a 9000 IGP07:23
Guest2175i know it has something to do with transmission/ppm07:23
AbhiJit!ppa | Guest217507:23
ubottuGuest2175: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.07:23
Guest2175thank you abhiJit07:24
ljsoftnetAbhiJit can i install it over ubuntu?07:24
AbhiJitljsoftnet, inside!=over07:24
cemchi. there was an applet or application that blocked your screen at regular intervals in gnome, to force you to take a break07:24
cemcwhat's it called, or where is it?07:24
AbhiJit1st define what you want07:24
=== riguy is now known as riguy724
raziel_Is there a way I can have empathy remember my account name but not my password?07:24
Guest2175AbiJit how do i add transmission ppa to my machine? what do i have to type in terminals07:24
ljsoftnetAbhiJit over07:24
AbhiJitGuest2175 see the links given by ubottu07:25
Curly_QRaziel please stop repeating your question.07:25
ljsoftnetAbhiJit i tried to boot from an external optical drive, but the drive doesn't boot from the CD07:25
jitucan anybody help me with googleearth display problem?07:25
Curly_QSoftnet you need to set the BIOS settings for the optical drive to be first in boot order.07:26
AbhiJitjitu, try getting the latest version07:26
jitui have ge 5.207:26
jituabhijit, latest of what?07:27
Guest2175https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas i only got that link07:27
dr0idhow to list all the sources for apt-get ?07:27
dr0idjust can't remember, path is /etc/apt/sources.list07:27
AbhiJitjitu, latest gearth07:27
dr0idcan someone help me with few things regarding ubuntu on PM ?07:28
blackshirtdroid: you mean sources list for apt ??07:29
jitu_Abhijit,latest of what?07:30
quietoneGuest2175,  https://edge.launchpad.net/~transmissionbt/+archive/ppa07:30
AbhiJitjitu, latest gearth07:30
AbhiJitjitu_, ^^^^07:30
jitu_Abijit, 5.2 is latest07:30
jitu_Abhijit, i have ge 5.207:30
cemcfound it, typing break at the keyboard settings07:31
=== xuekan is now known as rabbit_kan
jitu_Abhijit, i think its a driver problem07:32
raziel_Is there a way I can have empathy remember my account name but not my password?07:32
ActionParsnipraziel_: is there #empathy ?07:32
AbhiJitjitu_, dunno then07:33
ActionParsnipApparently not07:33
raziel_ActionParsnip : no ppl07:33
Guest2175thank you quiettone i got it07:33
mikelspencrhi guys07:34
rabbit_kanhi what's the video player of firefox uses?07:34
rabbit_kanis it totem?07:35
mikelspencri think...07:35
mikelspencrreally simple question.. my fiancee lost internet access, but has been able to connect in the past....07:35
maelaianAnyone familiar with pmacct? I have it setup but my bytes counter in the db is rediculously high.07:36
ActionParsniprabbit_kan: by default, yes07:36
mikelspencrwhat can i do to help her fix it?07:36
blackshhello droid07:36
rabbit_kanActionParsinp:thank you, may I ask how to change it to smplayer or mplayer?07:37
linuxson26Hi. I am running Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop. My Huawei E220 HSDPA modem is not mounting. When I use "lsusb", it shows the device in the list, but that is about as far as it goes. How can I get the device to mount, and to start up my internet connection? Setting the Broadband connection to "Auto Connect" in Network Manager also doesn't work.07:37
phasmalinuxson26: Welcome to the world of HSDPA, heh. Try this....07:38
blacksh<linuxson26>: try uncheck enable mobile broadband, and try connect again07:38
ActionParsniplinuxson26: you need to use usbmodeswitch to change it from a storage device to a modem07:38
phasmait is an issue I am -very- familiar with07:39
magn3tsHow do you guys like my setup? http://i.imgur.com/xs8wq.png07:39
linuxson26ActionParsnip: Ok. So how would I do this exactly? :)07:39
phasmalinuxson26: remove the device, open a terminal. type sudo rmmom option && sudo rmmod usbserial && sudo rmmod usb_storage07:39
phasmarmmod not rmmom, sorry07:39
phasmaonce that, it done, modprobe them and reinsert the device07:40
phasmakeep checking dmesg for a usb disconnect (dmesg|tail)07:40
linuxson26Thanx....will give it a try quick. Will need to disconnect though, as I am using the dongle on another machine to try and sort out this mess07:40
ActionParsniplinuxson26: my internet is painfully slow,why not do some websearching based on the direction given rather than me taking hours to find stuff foryou07:40
phasmaif it cycles a connect/disconnect, do the same as described, but reboot -before- inserting the device07:41
mikelspencrcan anyone help me out with this small issue?07:42
god37337which one?07:42
phasmathey are really troublesome devices. Support was added for them in 2.6.21 (full support since 2.6.26) but sometimes option just rejects the device for no real reason07:42
mikelspencrhang on... brb lol07:42
dr0idubottu: viruses07:44
ActionParsnip!virus > dr0id07:45
psycho_oreos!bot | dr0id07:45
ubottudr0id, please see my private message07:45
ubottudr0id: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots07:45
cbush15whats !virus?07:45
god37337i'm new to irc so help please07:45
psycho_oreoscheck the ubottu's link on factoids and usage info07:46
god37337sorry i'm not getting smarter of that either07:48
tazmaniaWhat's the best firewall app for ubuntu server?07:48
tazmaniasomething like firestarter?07:48
jpdstazmania: ufw?07:49
tazmaniajpds: what's ufw?07:49
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.07:49
quietonegod37337, http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi07:50
tazmaniaOK. a firewall07:50
psycho_oreos!bot | god3733707:50
ubottugod37337: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots07:50
psycho_oreosclick on the links, and have a read07:50
ActionParsnipcbush15: !anything makes ubottu search her brain for the factoid and output the reply text07:50
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.07:50
quietonegod37337, I find this helpful, http://irchelp.org/irchelp/new2irc.html07:50
ActionParsnipcbush15: many users ask the same stuff so she makes life easier by giving links to guides and explanations07:50
dr0idcbush15: she's a bot, in short07:51
dr0idand am trying to fix something which you already know about07:51
cbush15yes i know i am making a voice triva bot07:51
phasmarenice needs root even for your own processes?07:51
ActionParsnipphasma: seems strange07:52
god37337hello everyone07:52
jpdsphasma: Of course, you're taking more of the system's resources and someone adminy might not like that.07:52
phasmai do not ever recall having to use it for a users process before07:52
phasmagood point, jpds, but I am the admin, heh07:52
phasmaapt-update is slamming my cpu something rotten07:53
phasmaobviously, that needs root, but it has become apparent that I also need it to renice xchat07:54
ActionParsnipjpds: makes sense, didn't see it like that07:54
=== lynx is now known as Guest61898
uni4dfxwill it be possible to use the current gnome-panel applets in Unity?07:58
replicasexI'm curious how many people here use KDE at all.  Hmm.07:58
replicasexDepending on Unity I may switch to kubuntu >_>07:58
adiramahi morning people07:58
uni4dfxreplicasex I will as soon as they switch to Unity07:58
ActionParsnipreplicasex: LXDE here07:58
phasmaLXDE is full of awesomeness07:58
adiramathis is my screenshot, ubuntu ultimate 10.04 http://imagebin.ca/view/z1kUUla.html07:58
ActionParsnipphasma: but so light. Oh the irony :)07:59
uni4dfxLXDE is awseome, but I miss lots of features07:59
phasmai am running a suite of thins over LTSP, LXDE fits the bill rather well08:00
replicasexWhat kinds of features is it lacking?08:00
ActionParsnipphasma: could go lighter with flwm ;)08:00
replicasexI have a load of RAM, new i7 chip, not too worried about weight really.08:00
uni4dfxreplicasex well at least some easy way to create shortcuts (although even gnome isn't too good at this) and perhaps a Run As dialog08:01
ActionParsnipreplicasex: its good on laptops as it prolongs the battery08:01
GSF1200Sphasma: lxde is awesome08:01
replicasexActionParsnip, right :P08:01
phasmaActionParsnip: Yeah, I am pretty fond of that, too. I use the FLTK on another project08:01
replicasexIt's possible to move the window buttons to the left on kde right?08:01
replicasexOn kubuntu specifically08:01
replicasex(I know I should ask #kubuntu)08:02
ActionParsnipphasma: could even use xpud on thins, it boots in seconds08:02
phasmaActionParsnip: You know, I have never even looked at that yet.08:02
phasmaActionParsnip: Going to do so right now, mind. Thanks08:02
phasmaActionParsnip: Although boot speed is really not so much an issue when using LTSP08:03
phasmarather a decent switch is :)08:03
ActionParsnipphasma: its prettynice. I get a 3 second boot on a 1.6ghz cpu w/ 2Gb ddr2 and a PATA HDD w/ 2mb cache08:03
phasmawow, that -is- nice. I have this setup down to just over 708:03
bydanknot1help please...08:04
ActionParsnipphasma: it has few drivers and few apps08:04
ActionParsnipbydanknot1: sup?08:04
bydanknot1ActionParsnip, my english is bad.. ok?08:04
sporkboyso it turns out there's no bug with my bc4312 wifi card... just pulled the card... it's a tad on the crispy side.08:04
ActionParsnipbydanknot1: there are channels in many languages, you may find support better there, what is your first lanuage08:05
Guest61898how do you edit the grub menu its currently at 9 secs :/08:05
phasmaActionParsnip: Had a play around getting compiz to run over localapps yet? ;)08:05
ActionParsnipGuest61898: press e08:06
ActionParsnipphasma: I don't use compiz08:06
ActionParsnipphasma: I use openbox08:06
phasmaActionParsnip: Oh, likewise. It was just an experiment for me08:06
bydanknot1ActionParsnip, I'm trying to install American army but I can not08:06
ActionParsnip!games | bydanknot108:06
ubottubydanknot1: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php08:06
ActionParsnip!appdb | bydanknot108:07
ubottubydanknot1: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help08:07
bydanknot1ActionParsnip, is returning an error that I do not have permission to install in usr / local / games ...08:07
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)08:08
bydanknot1ActionParsnip, mas o jogo é para linux extensão é .run08:08
bydanknot1ActionParsnip, but the game is for Linux extension. run08:08
lea123People, any idea why Google refrains to have a Linux version of GTalk when its pretending to take the might of Microsoft head on with its own browser and now also a OS in the offing ?08:08
bydanknot1ActionParsnip, you understand me?08:09
dr0idcan someone help me with this, http://pastie.org/private/zegpfuxh4dcyaryp3ofphg08:09
phasmabydanknot1: I installed that only yesterday on a fresh maverick install and it went on just fine08:09
replicasexhow many of you guys are using a global menu?  I just installed one and I honestly like it.08:09
ActionParsnipbydanknot1: yes :)08:09
bydanknot1phasma, but who says I'm not allowed?08:09
ActionParsnipbydanknot1: you need to mark the file as executable then run it in a terminal using sudo08:10
phasmabydanknot1: just sudo it08:10
bydanknot1I use ubuntu 10.1008:10
bydanknot1I've done this08:10
sporkboyokay... so... anybody free to help me get this nvidia crap working in maverick?08:10
ActionParsnipbydanknot1: ok then the installer will run08:11
bydanknot1ActionParsnip, sudo chmod ??08:12
ActionParsnip!nvidia | sporkboy08:12
ubottusporkboy: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:12
phasmasudo is not needed. use sudo and you will own the file to root08:12
ActionParsnipbydanknot1: no need for sudo for the chmod, the file is owned by you so its not needed08:12
wafai have an ubuntu setup with the this audio device: intel series 3400 chipset high definition audio. i cannot seem to make it detect in the ALSA mixer. is the driver missing or is the spec missing in the ALSA conf?08:13
bydanknot1but I've done all this, the error says I do not have permission = /08:13
ActionParsnipbydanknot1: you only need sudo if the file is not owned by you08:13
ActionParsnipbydanknot1: then try using sudo as you say08:14
phasmachmod u+x <filename> && sudo ./filename_here08:14
ActionParsnipphasma: can use: chmod +x then all users with read access will be given execute too :)08:15
phasmaActionParsnip: True, though I am strict, heh08:15
ActionParsnipphasma: no bad thing08:15
dr0idneed some help with http://pastie.org/private/zflpssk8sphier8m5m5ng guys08:15
xsachaso easy to make a bot that can bypass that floodbot thing08:16
ActionParsnipxsacha: what will it achieve?08:16
replicasexnobody is awake in #kubuntu08:16
auscompgeekxsacha: really?08:17
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.08:17
thevishyhow to make an ISO08:17
phasmadroid: sudo apt-get install --reinstall locales should fix that from my albeit vague recollection of that error08:18
xsachayou can just trigger response when you receive message from floodbotn and send response back to him.. check the few different conditions like 'between' and 'before' and take note of the letters used08:18
llutzthevishy: an iso of what?08:18
thevishyof any Linux08:18
thevishyI need to burn an ISO into a USB08:18
dr0idphasma: please call me dr0id so that it highlights me, or else I would have missed your answer :P08:18
phasmathevishy: Take a look at UNetBootIn08:18
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent08:19
phasmadr0id: Heh, sorry. I am using a wacky font :p08:19
bydanknot1Please enter the installation path [/usr/local/games/armyops]08:19
bydanknot1No write permission to /usr/local/games08:19
dr0idphasma: still getting that error08:19
ActionParsnipthevishy: http://m.lifehacker.com/268304/create-iso-disk-images-and-generate-md5-checksums08:19
phasmabydanknot1: what does ls -al /usr/local give you?08:20
replicasexarch confuses me08:20
ActionParsnipbydanknot1: use sudo to launch the installer08:20
replicasexwhy would it allow me to login as 'arch' and not let that login install the system?08:20
phasmadr0id: Sorry, mate. Long time since I had that happen. I recommended that just on the off chance08:20
n8wive got a strange problem with gettin updates for my 10.10...when i search for updates manualy i always have to click "search for updates" n i never get anythin08:20
thevishythanks ActionParsnip08:20
ActionParsnipreplicasex: arch isn't supported here08:21
Dwade09should i install a virus protection in my windows vbox? or is it fine without one?08:21
dr0idhuh ?08:21
bydanknot1sudo /home/dan/Downloads/armyops221-linux.run08:21
ActionParsnipDwade09: will it be going online?08:21
replicasexOh I know08:21
replicasexI'm not asking for support08:21
replicasexJust whining ;P08:21
ActionParsnipbydanknot1: sounds good08:21
Dwade09ActionParsnip,  yes but to only one site netflix.com08:21
llutzwhining isn't supported here too08:22
ActionParsnipDwade09: I wouldn't bother ifits only for that. Bit of a bloat for one site08:22
Dwade09thanks ActionParsnip. thats what i was  think i  was just making sure08:22
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ActionParsnipDwade09: there's a super light windows version which only uses 128mb ram08:23
bydanknot1I modified the installation folder08:25
bydanknot1I do not have permission to install in usr / local / games / armyops08:26
bydanknot1ty all08:26
ActionParsnipbydanknot1: as long as you have space, it doesn't matter that much08:26
Dwade09hey guys im running vbox in ubuntu 10.10 and i got xp set up and running im trying to watch netflix movies, even youtube does it the video is like 1 second off from the sound and it pauses every second for only a second how can i fix this?08:27
bydanknot1i know08:27
bydanknot1google translator :)08:27
bydanknot1blame him08:27
atari2600ahey, using 10.10 desktop on a netbook08:27
ActionParsnipDwade09: i'd askin #vbox08:27
bydanknot1I do use linux 3 days08:27
atari2600a& I was wondering, what do I do if a window can't be resized, & exceeds my res height?08:27
Dwade09thanks ActionParsnip again =D08:28
phasmaatari2600a: hold down alt and click/drag it08:28
ActionParsnipatari2600a: hold ALT and you can move it from anywhere in the app window08:28
atari2600athat makes life MUCH more simpler08:29
phasmai am lazy, I do that even at 1600x120008:29
atari2600agood luck w/ polishing off Unity guys (let's be fair, it's still glitchy as hell)08:29
david6347hi, i have attempted to look this up, but having lots of trouble finding a straight answer. i'm trying to install java6. i have a pretty much fresh ubuntu installation. what do i do?08:31
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Guest95637Hello everyone08:33
david6347can anyone help install sun java 6?08:33
rwwdavid6347: Enable the partner repository and then install sun-java6-plugin08:33
rww!partner | david634708:33
ubottudavid6347: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »08:33
manoel@rww: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras08:34
rwwmanoel: no.08:34
rwwmanoel: 1) Sun Java isn't included in the u-r-e package, 2) Telling people to installing random other packages that have nothing to do with what they want is silly.08:35
david6347http://paste.ubuntu.com/523725/   <- error message i get08:35
rwwdavid6347: did you add the partner repository using the command ubottu gave?08:36
david6347rww: yes i did.08:36
xharxin xubuntu how can I configure the powersaving such, that the screen doesnt switch off when i watch a video08:36
rwwdavid6347: do sudo apt-get update, then try again08:36
david6347rww: ok.08:36
domcodxharx: xset s off08:37
xharxdomcod: this disables the function generally ?! So I assume, there is no way to have it automatically switched off when a player is running?08:41
SnakkahHello. I've been having a problem with the minimal install. It seems that when I try to make my ext4 partition bootable...it doesn't do it. The menu selection is there and I can click it...but it doesn't do it...08:43
domcodxharx: that's the player's responsibility. try some automation, like  xset s off; player; xset s on08:43
blade0_0can anyone help me with this?  http://imagebin.ca/view/9czHuzb.html08:44
bagirawhere I can learn about the patches ubuntu applies to the kernel?08:45
bagiraand are some of them portable to other distros with a little path tweaking?08:46
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »08:46
rwwubottu: it | massimo08:47
ubottumassimo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)08:47
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JZAhi I got a question regarding ubuntu installations08:48
JZAhow can I install from a USB memory08:49
=== DeathspikeEz is now known as Deathspike
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Untouchab1eis there any issues with 802.11n support in Linux?08:49
JZAand an ISo file, can I just simple dd into the USB?08:49
bagiraJZA, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick08:50
alabalaHello! Can anybody tell me how to add desktop desktop? Without wanting it deleted .. (Ubuntu)08:52
diddyI don't get it, why won't the mv command let me copy all files of a sources dir including all subdirs into a target dir? mv -vi /media/source/* /media/target/08:53
diddyIt says "can't remove ... is a directory"08:53
hyperstreamdiddy, man mv08:55
ravi_how do i develop for reloading a part of page without loading the entire page08:55
giampieroHello I've got a problem with dvd playing, which is not smooth as it should. I tried to set the DMA on but i get an error message. Can anybody help please?08:55
JenniferB2Hi folks.. I have a script I want to run at startup... in the file ~/.profile I have at the bottom put the path to the script I want to execute... could anyone have a look at my call here ? http://pastebin.com/MedtkDhV08:55
hyperstreamravi_, you referring to web development?08:56
hyperstreamravi_, #html #css #jquery #php08:56
hyperstreamravi_, take your pick..08:56
ravi_in jango framework08:57
diddyhyperstream, yes I read man mv08:57
blade0_0help? http://imagebin.ca/view/9czHuzb.html08:57
JenniferB2anyone can help ?08:57
blade0_0JenniferB2, do you have a .profile file??08:57
Untouchab1eSo, I booted up the ubuntu 10.10 cd and after loading up, I just get a garbled screen..08:58
JenniferB2blade0_0: Yes I do08:58
Untouchab1eknown issue?08:58
giampieroHello I've got a problem with dvd playing, which is not smooth as it should. I tried to set the DMA on but i get an error message. Can anybody help please?08:58
JenniferB2blade0_0: I was wondering if that was the correct syntax to execute my script08:58
prebenHi. I have a recurring problem that when I try to transfer data via ssh, being rsync, sshfs, rdiff-backup etc... the first transfer after booting the machine fails with a MAC corruption error on my Asus Eee 1000H and a 901. It is not my intra network, because it happens in another intra network as well. When I retry it always works. It must be a driver error for the Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 card. Where do I file an report? Towards the kern08:58
JenniferB2in Startup.sh I have export statements08:58
hyperstreamdiddy, use cp (man cp) has a -R options08:59
oskudeJenniferB2: you could replace "/home/jen" with "~" and make sure the Startup.sh has executable bit set.08:59
WXZlock screen doesn't work08:59
JenniferB2oskude: I have chmod a+x Startup.sh ... but doing that.. would that not be required to chmod it ?08:59
WXZand I don't have screensaver under system > preferences08:59
ravi_i am not able to store image in mysql db through django model and form s why it so when i submit i am getting09:00
WXZI want to lock the screen after a certain amount of time09:00
JenniferB2oskude: sorry.. i misunderstood09:00
oskudeJenniferB2: if you did chmod +x all should work as is now09:00
hyperstreamravi_, http://www.djangoproject.com/community/ have a look there, should tell you a few places where you can get help with the django framework09:00
yubahaqHow can i change my default  resolution in lubuntu 10.1009:00
JenniferB2oskude: I need to logout and in in order to test this right ?09:01
ElderSnakeyubahaq: Menu>Preferences>Monitor Settings09:01
diddyhyperstream, I don't want to copy09:01
oskudeJenniferB2: yes, i think. havent used that file for a long time, i mostly use ~/.bashrc09:01
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oskudeJenniferB2: and as the top of that file says, it gets executed on login shells09:02
yubahaqelder snake09:02
yubahaqthat's not what i want09:02
hyperstreamdiddy, you said you read the man page for mv? there is no recursive option... you need to use cp to do thing recursively then rm the folder you just moved(the original)09:03
yubahaqi changed always the screen resolution09:03
yubahaqand it return back to the default one09:03
yubahaqafter i shutdown the computer09:03
yubahaqor after reboot09:04
hyperstream!guidelines > hyperstream09:04
ubottuhyperstream, please see my private message09:04
Dwade09hey guys this is minor but its on my lastenerve my trash can is empty but the icon says it has one item in it and shows the full status how can i clear it up?09:05
JenniferB2oskude: I logged out and in... opened a console and echo $PATH showed that it wasn't set properly... here is my Startup.sh file : http://pastebin.com/F8v22AQE09:05
hyperstreamDwade09, perhaps the file is hidden? view > show hidden files, or CTRL + H09:06
Cairois it possible to import .flv's into PiTiVi?09:06
Dwade09not hidden hyperstream09:06
JenniferB2in the ~/.profile file I just added a call to that file: ~/Scripts/Startup.sh09:06
hyperstreamDwade09, strange ..09:06
ElderSnakeperhaps this would help you yubahaq? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=153622809:06
yubahaqok i'll see "thinx"09:07
Milk_how do I mount my windows drive?09:09
swebapache2 not work http://pastebin.com/1XWWPuXV09:10
swebpleaze help me09:10
Dwade09 Milk_ install ntfs configuration tools.09:10
Milk_Dwade09: how do I go about this?09:10
Dwade09applications/ubuntu software center09:10
Milk_Dwade09: It isn't detecting it.09:12
Dwade09Milk_,  hold on a sec.09:12
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god37337hello everyone09:13
Dwade09Milk_,  the same way but try this instead then try storage device manager09:13
swebno one know why my apache not work :( ? http://pastebin.com/1XWWPuXV09:13
Milk_I already have it09:14
Milk_doesn't seem to work for me though09:14
Milk_Dwade09: I click mount and it does nothing09:14
Dwade09yeah  couldnt get mine to work either  i had to format my hdd to fat3209:14
ivicaHi all, after special keys activation ( axmpl. gcalctool ) no mouse click event possible on desktop! Must restart maschine! Thanks!09:15
Milk_Dwade09: hm.. thanks anyway09:15
ElderSnakemy windows NTFS partitions have always mounted straight "out of the box" o_o09:16
zulgabanhow to make ubuntu boot process shows the text messages during bootup?09:17
zulgabani don't want to see the stupid flash09:17
Dwade09sorry Milk_ its all i know to do, if u format it to fat32 windows and linux both can use it no problems09:18
Tokumeii installed ubuntu over windows, then later realized i had important files in windows, the files werent overwritten because when i grep the hard drive for strings in the files, it matches, so since the files are definitely still there, is there any way to get them back?09:18
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Dwade09Milk_,  is this your windows partition?09:18
rdyakovcan somebody help me with my questions please09:20
|Steve|In the process up upgrading to 10.04, spamassassin's configuration failed. The upgrade continued and at the end, it reconfigured everything. This time, the configure succeeded, but the upgrade still terminated before the cleanup and restart phases. Is there any more for me to do other than to restart?09:20
dthHi, I just freshly installed GNUSound (under Ubuntu 10.04) and whenever i start it, my whole X crashes. Thats quite nasty, and I can repeat this ad infinitum. Would anyone like to check out if its a larger phenomenon?09:20
replicasexlol I always thought complaints that arch was too complicated were overblown but man09:20
replicasexthat was horrible09:21
Milk_Dwade09: sorry, yeah09:21
Milk_Dwade09: it's a raid array also though09:21
Milk_Dwade09: doesn't seem to be detecting any raid array's.09:22
Dwade09Milk_,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=217009 try that09:22
vdubhackis it normal to see your drive get remounted like 4+ times in a boot? I have never noticed that until my new laptop09:22
rdyakovhow to configure rythmbox or banshee to use lastfm plugin via socks proxy09:23
swebi'v lost my apache config09:24
swebhow can i get it back ?09:24
Tokumeiso, can anybody help me with recovering my files? or should i stop waiting for a response and reboot and do weird things to my hard drive until i finally figure it out myself?09:24
Anomie2Getting the following error : Error in imagettfbbox function - anyone know how to fix?09:25
Milk_Dwade09: this isn't for 10.10?09:26
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Dwade09Milk_,  it should follow the same it worked for my ntfs thumb drive but not my external 1tb hdd09:26
Dwade09it should work for your partition.09:26
dthHi, I just freshly installed GNUSound (under Ubuntu 10.04) and whenever i start it, my whole X crashes. Thats quite nasty, and I can repeat this ad infinitum. Would anyone like to check out if its a larger phenomenon?09:27
rdyakovHello how to configure rythmbox or banshee to use lastfm plugin via socks proxy?09:27
rdyakovHello, how to configure rythmbox or banshee to use lastfm plugin via socks proxy (settings from "Network Proxy") Doesn't work.09:28
archerMicrosoft Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse® 1.00: initialized , but not working09:28
Milk_Dwade09: mk, brb09:30
archerMicrosoft Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse® 1.00: initialized , but not working. Any help?09:31
Dirty_Snipei have just downloaded hardy 8.04.4 amd64.iso and during the install process it locks up at the partition disk screen.09:33
Dirty_Snipei didnt have any problems with the 10.x version09:33
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.09:35
ectospasmDirty_Snipe: 8.04 has been EOL'd, you should upgrade to 10.04.109:35
dthHi, I just freshly installed GNUSound (under Ubuntu 10.04) and whenever i start it, my whole X crashes. Thats quite nasty, and I can repeat this ad infinitum. Would anyone like to check out if its a larger phenomenon?09:35
Flannelectospasm: 8.04 is not EOL, it still has another six months of support.09:36
ectospasmdth: do any other programs give you that behavior?09:36
ectospasmFlannel: Oh, I must be mistaken then09:36
rachoHello, can somebody provide me with a solution with my video card problem? I have a Ati Mobile Radeon HD 550v and was running Ubuntu 10.04. I installed the latest recommended drivers hoping to get my 3d and everything went fine, until I rebooted the system. Now I can't get to a GUI while booting. The system loads but the screen is left black.I tried to recover from the DVD but same thing. Removed everything and made a new installatio09:37
dthectospasm: nope.09:37
dthecolitan: im looking for someone who can try if he gets the same behaviour or not.09:37
ectospasmdth: is there any clue to the crash in the X.0.log?09:37
UndiFineDdth : Xorg -configure09:38
Dirty_Snipeectospasm: I was told 10.x dont support php 5.2.x but hardy does09:38
FlannelDirty_Snipe: Why do you need that older version of PHP?09:39
rachoI got into recovery shell and tried tinkering with the Xorg but it remained the same...09:39
galadudeWhat program would you recomend for taking notes in maths/physics? I need something that's easier to organize then open office09:39
dthgaladude: LyX09:39
Dirty_SnipeFlannel: because the scripts i use do not support 5.309:39
ectospasmgaladude: actually, if you learn the language of the formula editor in OO.o it's pretty nice09:39
dthecolitan: no errors in there.09:39
meerosomething is rewriting my /etc/hosts file, how can i prevent this?09:40
nigelbDirty_Snipe: Have you seen http://randyfay.com/node/63 ?09:40
Dirty_SnipeFlannel: I have also been trying to downgrade using a 10x server with 5.3.3 to 5.2 with no joy09:40
ectospasmmeero: change it to read-only09:40
kikkosalve a tutti09:41
Dirty_Snipenigelb: I will take a look at that now. going to fire up 10.x virtual server now and have a play. Thanks for the link09:41
nigelbDirty_Snipe: I went through this pain a while back thanks to drupal, so this process is documented in many places, you have to search :)09:42
meerosomething is rewriting my /etc/resolv.conf, how can i prevent this?09:42
musictotohey all :) i want to use the command line to compress all files in my home directory that are only executable by me using gzip... anyone that can help ?09:42
Dirty_Snipenigelb: i did try a different document i found but it still pulled in 5.309:43
ectospasmmeero: usually network-manager (and like programs) will overwrite that.  You usually don't want to prevent it09:43
nigelbDirty_Snipe: Is this production or development environment?09:43
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »09:43
Dirty_Snipenigelb: it will be for an internal website09:43
nigelbDirty_Snipe: ok, so production.  If it was development, easy way out is to just use xampp09:44
galadudeectospasm, yeah it seems nice, but it's just hard organising lots of notes in it, I was wondering if there was a program like onenote09:44
galadudedth, how do i run the program? It seems to be installed already, but  I can't find it anywhere.09:44
galadudeectospasm, yeah it seems nice, but it's just hard organising lots of notes in it, I was wondering if there was a program like onenote09:44
galadudedth, how do i run the program? It seems to be installed already, but  I can't find it anywhere.09:44
FloodBot4galadude: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:44
meeroectospasm: it is on server, and causing dns resolve loops :-(09:44
ectospasm!list | kikko09:45
ubottukikko: This is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »09:45
Dirty_Snipenigelb: this is the document i followed novatech/prods/components/cases/cases/novatech/e-cute910black.html09:46
Dirty_Snipewrong link09:46
Osmosisgood morning09:47
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Dirty_Snipenigelb: forgot i was running chatzilla from windows 709:47
dthgaladude: sorry. select entertainment stuff.09:47
dthand there it is.09:47
Osmosissomebody have any idea how made that rsync copy a folder with all subfolder recursively??09:47
dthgaladude: its in the same "folder" as other music players. i just had a friend online check it out with her ubuntu, and same result. threw her back to loginpromot.09:48
Osmosisi'm using this line  but recive an error09:48
Osmosiscommand "rsync -e 'ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no' -av ubuntu@"+master_as_adress+":/usr/local/clubgalactik/ /usr/local/clubgalactik/"09:48
=== ring2 is now known as ring0
Osmosisbut if the remote folder dont have subfolders works09:48
musictotoOsmosis: http://turanct.wordpress.com/2010/02/25/backup-with-rsync/09:48
Osmosisso somebody know how made this recursively for the subfolders to copy09:48
rubydiamondGuys my man page output is not scrolled .. not less or more is applied09:52
rubydiamondhow to set it09:52
AbhiJithow to 'pause' the installation of some software?09:53
tarzeaurubydiamond: is less installed?09:53
AbhiJitits installing from terminal09:53
tarzeauAbhiJit: ctrl-z?09:53
rubydiamondtarzeau: yes it's installed09:53
AbhiJittarzeau, ok09:53
tarzeaurubydiamond: did you set PAGER= something?09:53
blackdoggyhey people.. ubuntu nubee here can some one guide me for a partition in my 250 GB HD?09:53
tarzeaublackdoggy: use xfs, one partition?09:54
galadudedth, I don't see it there, strange09:54
dthone sec.09:54
dthgaladude: the command is gnusound09:55
AbhiJitwhat is GCJ?09:55
dthgcc for java basically.09:55
dthgives you kind of native java-executables.09:55
rubydiamondtarzeau: nope09:55
blackdoggytarzeau i have windows and ubuntu installed i want to do a clean reinstall of everything  and want to put fedora and opensuse aswell.. can i use common swap memory?09:55
sniperjo_im trying to install ubuntu on a windows 7 machines, i get no further than SYSLINUX 3.86 . . ....  with a blinking _, ive tried 10.10 server and mini09:55
galadudedth, thanks a bunch!09:55
tarzeaublackdoggy: yes for the swap memory09:56
dthgaladude: did that "work"?09:56
tarzeaublackdoggy: but really suse, fedora and ubuntu. that doesn't make sense, not at all09:56
blackdoggytarzeau i just wanted to try.. virtualbox is not that good way to try  i found.09:56
galadudedth, I uninstalled it to reinstall it, so I'll have to wait for it to finish (stupid i know)09:57
dthok :)09:57
jstooneHey guys, I'm looking for a understandable Network-manager for awesome, any sugestions?09:58
tarzeaublackdoggy: it's all the same shit. but rpm based sucks way more, imho09:58
dyllanHi all, is this the right chan for Ubuntu-Alternate (more specifically, LTSP) support?09:59
JenniferB2I have created a script under /etc/profile.d called test.sh where I have #!/bin/bash  (new line) /home/jen/Scripts/Startup.sh09:59
JenniferB2In my startup script Startup.sh ... which I call from test.sh .. I have export statements for my environments... If I put these in the test.sh directly .. and logout and login.. the PATH is correctly set... but calling the Startup.sh from test.sh doesn't.. what am I doing wrong ?09:59
JenniferB2doesn't set teh path correctly.. it seems to only work if I place the contents of Startup.sh into test.sh rather than calling Startup.sh from test.sh... anyone following ?10:00
NaznazHi, is it normal that my compiz desktop cube lags like hell (I got a GTX 280)?10:01
incandenzaJenniferB2: Make it ". /home/etc"10:01
incandenzaA dot in front of the script name10:01
incandenzaOtherwise it runs in a subshell, so the environment doesn't carry across10:02
JenniferB2incandenza: ook.. have to log out and in now :)10:02
JenniferB2it worked !10:04
JenniferB2finally :)10:04
rstacruz(10.10 on a macbook) how can I edit the GRUB menu so it'll automatically choose the first option?10:04
rstacruzstartup manager doesnt work for me (it won't start)10:04
GenericCHello All10:05
GenericCHow is everyone?10:07
blackdoggytarzeau.. thx.... i will keep ur suggestion in mind10:08
rkokkelkHello I was wondering does any one know a nice PAM module for decrypting files after login ?10:09
NaznazHi, is it normal that my compiz desktop cube lags like hell (I got a GTX 280)?10:09
luis_i have a problem with software manager10:10
rkokkelkWhat kind of problem luis?10:10
luis_i cant install new software10:10
luis_i pick in "install" and it doesnt work10:11
rkokkelkHave you tried an "sudo apt-get install package" in a terminal ?10:11
alkamidI'd like to start rtorrent by one user and restart lighttpd by another right after boot, how to achieve it?10:11
Monotokohi guys...quick question, if i can only get through on Port 80...could I still have ssh on port 22 and have iptables forward it when i connect to 80?10:12
alkamidah, and I guess it has to be "screen rtorrent"10:12
Dirty_SnipeI have just installed 5.2.10 but when i try and view a php file it trys to download it???10:12
MonotokoDirty_Snipe, have you restarted php and installed the correct modules into apache2?10:13
Dirty_SnipeI have restarted it10:13
rkokkelkMontoko: You can use corkscrew if youre behind some kind of proxy10:13
Dirty_Snipeit lists php as there10:13
caelsomeone game me the site link for broadcom help a while back what was it?10:13
Monotokoits the modules...try installing libapache2-mod-php510:13
psycho_oreos!broadcom| cael10:14
ubottucael: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx10:14
Dirty_Snipek will have a look10:14
psycho_oreoscael, np10:14
Monotoko:) apache2 needs to be configured to know PHP is there and it can use it10:14
caelwhile im getting that what do i need to play encrypted DVD's?10:14
MonotokoDirty_Snipe, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP10:14
Dirty_SnipeMonotoko: im not using the default pgp 5.310:15
dthgaladude: any results?10:15
Monotokorkokkelk, corkscrew? and Dirty_Snipe, its still part php510:15
rkokkelkCoCorkscrew is a small applications many used to use ssh through proxy with only port 80 enabled10:16
galadudedth, nope, i'm on my schools network, and it's taking forever, it's soon finished though10:16
Monotokorkokkelk, ahhh! excellent :D10:17
dthapt-catcher at home luckily ;D10:17
caelany idea? my dvd of spaceballs refuses to play10:17
alkamidok, I don't have to restart lighttpd... so all I have to do on startup is "screen rtorrent" as user x and then detach the screen - can it be done automatically?10:17
NaznazHi, is it normal that my compiz desktop cube lags like hell (I got a GTX 280)?10:18
dthalkamid: yes10:18
alkamiddth, what do I look for?10:18
dthscreen -dmS "myscreen" andthecommand10:18
dththat will launch the command in a named screen and detach atomatically10:18
MonotokoAnother quick question...do I need to have Xorg on and enabled to use apps with x11 forwarding over SSH?10:18
galadudedth, okay it's finished now, busy figuring stuff out10:18
jribalkamid: sure use your user's crontab (with @reboot) and see « man screen » about "-d -m"10:18
dthMonotoko: the side that you want to show the windows = yes, the side that just runs the application = no10:19
Monotokodth, excellent thank you :D10:20
galadudedth, oh damn, this brings my back to another problem, my backslash dosn't work10:21
Monotokogaladude, cant you copy one: \ ?10:21
Dirty_SnipeMonotoko: ok installed libapache2-mod-php5 and restarted apache server. Still trying to download php file instead of viewing it10:21
luis_my console dont let me install new software10:21
WXZhow do I lock the screen at intervals10:21
nigelbluis_: what error does it give you?10:21
WXZ"preferences > screensaver" doesn't exist for me10:22
luis_it says E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.10:22
Wakko10WarnerWhen I try to email a message from my mail server to my google account I get an error about using sendmail as a relay server how can I fix this.10:22
galadudemonotoko, i guess10:22
MonotokoDirty_Snipe, next thing to look at is your apache configuration....make sure the PHP sections are linking to the right places10:22
Monotokoluis_, then run that?10:22
Wakko10Warnerhow can I set my smtpd to allow me to relay messages from other computers ....10:22
AbhiJitWakko10Warner, #ubuntu-server or  #httpd10:22
MonotokoDirty_Snipe, if you want to put your config in pastebin and let me have a look, just say]10:23
caelplease? anyone know why my dvd wont play?10:23
Dirty_Snipesounds like a good idea. Which config file you need10:23
Balsaqcael, its a driver issue10:23
caelwhat am i missing then?10:24
galadudehow can i replace capslock with backslash?10:24
Dirty_SnipeMonotoko: sounds like a good idea. Which config file you need10:24
Balsaqcael a driver, a small software engine10:24
caelyea.. i get the fact im missing a Driver. but what do i need to install and where?10:24
linuxruleshi all10:24
gh0stsimple easy question ANYBODY command for stopping EVERYTHING related to network manager in ubuntu 10.10 and to stop it from coming back?10:24
Balsaqwhat type od dvd is it cael10:24
MonotokoDirty_Snipe, give me a sec...its all diff in the newer versions10:25
Dirty_SnipeMonotoko: np brb swaping my chatzilla over to ubuntu server brb 1 sec10:25
jribgh0st: uninstall it, but why?10:25
linuxruleshey cael did you install restricted extras?10:26
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »10:26
caelbut havent restarted10:26
gh0stjrib: Not needing to uninstall, i need to do some lower level wireless driver testing (i.e. packet injecting etc)10:26
yubahaqpleez ho to add another language to the keyboard in lubuntu 10.1010:26
=== ivica is now known as ivisaf
linuxrules i got the same issues10:26
jribgh0st: that's the answer to your question, if you have a different question, just ask it10:27
=== Nub_Cake is now known as Dirty_Snipe
jribgh0st: or do you mean to stop it from coming back until you restart?10:27
gh0stjrib: precisley10:27
=== Monotoko is now known as Daniel2
jribgh0st: probably « sudo service network-manager stop »10:27
Dirty_Snipek back10:28
caeldo i haveto restart after installing the restricted extras?10:28
progre55hi people. how do you trim whole lines in a text file on bash? any one-line-scripts, please? )10:28
gh0stjrib: wow "services" now? hmmm odd! ;D10:28
linuxrulesive done many a time and still cant play dvd10:28
jribgh0st: that's been around for years10:28
gh0stjrib: thank you!!10:28
Daniel2Dirty_Snipe, awesome...go into /etc/apache2/mods-enabled and put the output of "ls -la" into pastebin :)10:28
Daniel2(its still me, diff alias)10:29
yubahaqpleez ho to add another language to the keyboard in lubuntu 10.1010:29
Dirty_SnipeDaniel2: kk will grab it now10:29
=== james is now known as Guest34001
Dirty_SnipeDaniel2: dont see a ls-la10:30
Daniel2Dirty_Snipe, are you in the terminal?10:30
Daniel2I need you to run "ls -la"10:31
Daniel2but if your in the GUI10:31
Balsaqcaelcael yes u do10:31
Daniel2just tell me if php5.conf is there10:31
Balsaqcael of course!10:31
Dirty_SnipeDaniel2: yea thats there10:31
Daniel2right, open php5.load and tell me what that says (should just be a line)10:31
caelthen brb.10:32
linuxruleshey Balsaq ive installed restricted extras and restarted but still no joy10:32
Balsaqcael we will be waiting10:32
Dirty_SnipeDaniel2: LoadModule php5_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/libphp5.so10:32
Balsaqlinuxrules its a friver issue10:32
linuxrulesbut i can still burn ISOs10:33
linuxrulesand run live cd/dvds10:33
Balsaqlinuxrules i would contact the dvd manufacturer and ask them which of the drivers works best with linux10:33
Daniel2Dirty_Snipe, run this in the terminal and tell me what it outputs: [ -f /usr/lib/apache2/modules/libphp5.so ] && echo "File exists" || echo "File does not exists"10:33
Bilzi want to host a file temporarily so my friend can download it from my computer. i understand i may have to set up portforwarding on the router. But how do i set it the file on ubuntu and open the piort and stuff?10:33
Daniel2bilz...you need to choose a protocol10:34
linuxrulesok - so ive got an ASUS laptop - it should be an ASUS drive?10:34
Dirty_SnipeDaniel2: File exists10:34
BilzDaniel2, http? i just want someone to connect to me, download, then i can close it off again10:34
Daniel2bilz, HTTP (normal web service) or FTP...it might be easier just to upload the file somewhere10:34
jribBilz: do you already have a web server installed?10:34
Balsaqcael linuxrules install VLC Media Player10:34
Bilzjrib, no10:34
Newersi installed my mail server using this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixCompleteVirtualMailSystemHowto10:35
BilzDaniel2, maybe, but i guess its a learning process10:35
Daniel2Dirty_Snipe, reboot your computer....by all intents and purposes it should be working10:35
dewyfacewhy dont you create a user for them on your pc for them to ssh into it ?10:35
julianbilz: you should do10:35
Newersbut i cannot login, and i have this error in mail.log10:35
NewersNov 1 11:32:38 infoserver imapd: chdir kh@decoit.dk/: No such file or directory10:35
NewersNov 1 11:32:38 infoserver imapd: kh@decoit.dk: No such file or directory10:35
jribDaniel2, Dirty_Snipe: the link ubottu has on !lamp has a troubleshooting section that deals with this issue, have you checked it out?10:35
caelbut of course :3  Balsaq  i default to a mix of that and MPC on windows.10:35
EltuI got a problem with gnome-do. Is there an IRC channel around for Do help?10:35
Newers/home/vmail is empty, which steps could i have missed in that guide10:35
Daniel2bilz, run: sudo apt-get install apache210:36
Daniel2that will set up your web server10:36
Dirty_Snipejrib: i havnt seen it.10:36
Balsaqcael http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-play-dvd-under-ubuntu-linux10:36
linuxrulescool - thnks i'll brb and check that that out. already got VLC10:36
caeldoing that now.10:36
dewyfacebilz are you trying to install a lamp server?10:36
Daniel2on port 80...you will just need to tell the router to forward over there...then place the file in /var/www (may need to change the permissions before you can put something in there)10:36
Dirty_Snipewill reboot server brb10:36
jribBilz: well you could transfer it through ssh or another easy way is to just run "python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000" and then tell your friend your ip.  If he visits your_ip:8000 in a browser he'll get a list of the files in the directory where you ran the python command (assuming you've take care of the router issues)10:36
dewyfaceim trying to do it as well, am i to understand we have to setup them whole lamp process. Unlike windows where you just have wamp?10:37
Bilzjrib, thats exactly the sort of idea i wanted!10:37
Balsaqthat outta do it cael and linuxrules10:37
Daniel2dewyface, I think hes just after a simple server10:37
dewyfaceme too :)10:37
dewyfacebut a local server10:37
lirvani am trying to install ironahk10:37
caelone thing still for me being an windows user Balsaq .. is getting over how to copy/Paste. the key combos arent the same in linux.10:37
scotsguymorning all10:37
dewyfacemorning mate10:38
scotsguyhows it going10:38
Balsaqcael its works in a similar manner10:38
lirvantrying to install ironahk from sources. i typed ./configure but it says no such file10:38
Daniel2dewyface...you can use xampp if your after a simple LAMP10:38
caeli know its shift+Insert to paste10:38
jribDaniel2: the !lamp page covers a lot of things, it's usually that the user hasn't cleared his browser cache :P10:38
dewyfacenice cheers daniel :) just install a lamp server online dont really wanna go through it again haha10:38
lirvancan someone help me install a package from sources10:38
lirvanthis is my first time10:38
ikonialirvan: what do you want to build ?10:39
Balsaqcael i would also do the ubuntu update procedure from the symantic pkg manager to make sure...after u install the VLC10:39
Daniel2dewyface, I have a script which does it all for me now, done it that many times XD10:39
jribdewyface: don't use xamp, use lamp through the repositories10:39
jrib!lamp | dewyface10:39
ubottudewyface: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)10:39
scotsguyam i doing something wrong when i install 10.10 install seems to go fine but when its complete and has to restart i get big black scren with lots of errors10:39
Daniel2scotsguy, what are the errors?10:39
ikonia!search ironahk10:39
Balsaqscotsguy what are your system specs10:39
scotsguycan mind m8 im back on to 8.0410:40
lirvan!search ironahk10:40
dewyfacei have setup lamps before but want one locally exactly the same as wamp, should i still go through the repositories or turn my pc into a server10:40
sniperjo_how can i install a wifi driver on a computer that only has WiFi and no ethernet ?10:40
scotsguymy system is am2 6000 dual core 2gb ram 160 had10:40
caelBalsaq,  may i pm you?10:40
ikonialirvan: you should have a tar file, open the tar file and in there, you'll see a file called README and one called INSTALL, read the file called README and follow the instructions in the INSTALL file10:40
Balsaqcael go for it10:40
lirvanikonia thnanks10:41
dewyfaceso i guess just this right sudo tasksel install lamp-server ??10:41
scotsguyso im pretty beat on this doen installl about 10 or so times same all the time10:41
lirvanikonia:there is nothing instructions in readme file10:42
ikonialirvan: is there an INSTALL file10:42
=== blade0_0_ is now known as blade0_0
blade0_0help? http://imagebin.ca/view/9czHuzb.html10:44
lirvanikonia: there is no install file10:44
ikoniablade0_0: help with what10:44
ikonialirvan: I can't download the source as the website is down at the moment to check10:44
lirvanikonia: there is make.bat and makefile10:44
lirvani will give u link10:44
ikonialirvan: however there is the channel #ahk which is the support channel for it10:45
ikonialirvan: don't need/want a link10:45
Dirty_Snipeback. Its still not working10:45
lirvanikonia thanks. iddint know they had a channel10:45
ikonialirvan: it's listed on their website10:45
axhynhey, theres a script i need to run as root at login. where should i keep it? the read me says etc/init.d/rcX.d or /sbin/init.d/rcX.d but i couldnt find either10:45
blade0_0ikonia, check out the link10:46
tuxnanihey, one help please10:46
tuxnanii want to make the fields appear selectively10:46
tuxnanihow to do that?10:46
ikoniablade0_0: what do you want help with10:46
blade0_0the netbook environment is not working on my system. the full problem description is on the link.10:47
dewyfacehaha amazing lamp server in two seconds!!10:47
nigelbsudo apt-get install lamp-server^ ?10:47
tuxnaniikonia, i want to customise the visibility of fields like title, links, etc, they should be either visible or hidden10:48
ikoniablade0_0: that's just an image of a women10:48
caelthere we go had to install libdvdcss (for if linuxrules  is curious.)10:48
ikoniatuxnani: I wasn't speaking to you10:48
linuxrulescheers cael10:48
tuxnaniikonia, sorry10:48
tuxnaniikonia, i thought u were responding to my query10:48
blade0_0ikonia, look at the text below it.. :P :) an btw its my desktop without any icons.. :(10:49
tuxnani i want to customise the visibility of fields like title, links, etc, they should be either visible or hidden10:49
linuxrulescael you on 10.04 0r 10?10:49
tuxnanii want to make the fields appear selectively10:49
caelfor the long term support10:49
linuxruleso ou used the debian based advice?10:49
tuxnanianybody, help me, i want to customise the visibility of fields like title, links, etc, they should be either visible or hidden10:50
caelyea. Ubuntu is built upon Debian after all10:50
linuxrulesthought so10:50
linuxrulesalright im off to the terminal10:50
GoldenFish4UHow come when I do "last" in the terminal, I don't see any data from October?10:51
kamartinahello <test>10:53
Dirty_Snipephp file does not display. It tries to download it instead. PHP is installed but I think im missing something somewhere in a config maybe????10:54
linuxruleshey cael you on 32 or 64bit?10:54
cael32 this laptop is dated.10:54
caeldebating Kubuntu or Sabayon (gentoo based) for my 64bit pc10:54
linuxrulesyeah on 6410:54
caeleven then not Sure i Should got x86-64 because i oinly have 2GB Ram10:55
caeleven then my processor supports PAE Mode10:55
linuxrulescheers for x86-6410:56
tuxnanii am from india, and am not able to connect to dsl broadband in ubuntu 10.1010:56
tuxnanican anyone help me?10:56
caelPhysical Address Extention. lets you use upto 16GB in 32bit10:56
burhanwhat is the name of the default font in 10.10?10:57
bernard2010Hey guys, I have asked in #mpd, but no one has responded. Does anyone have any experience setting up MPD locally?10:57
caellinuxrules,  here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Address_Extension10:58
Dirty_Snipewhen i try to load a .php file it trys to download it saying this is a phtml file ???10:58
=== hadeS is now known as Guest41709
blade0_0burhan, fonts for what? terminal? application? desktop?10:58
burhanDirty_Snipe: sudo a2enmod php510:58
Dirty_Snipealready done that10:58
burhanblade0_0: desktop10:58
Dirty_Snipeits enabled10:59
linuxruleswow! thanks10:59
kamartinahello (test)10:59
blade0_0burhan, the name of the font is ubuntu.10:59
caelbut an major lol snippet from that wiki "According to Geoff Chappell, Microsoft limits 32-bit versions of Windows to 4GB due to a licensing restriction" XD11:00
Dirty_Snipeburhan: i have also tried adding the following into the httpd.conf11:00
Dirty_SnipeAddType application/x-httpd-php .php3 .php11:00
Dirty_SnipeAddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps11:00
Dirty_Snipeopps sorry11:00
FloodBot4Dirty_Snipe: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:00
JenniferB2how can I force expansion before a path is evaluated ? from a script file I call eclipse -vm ~/Installed...11:01
JenniferB2I want to expand the ~11:01
linuxrulesim glad it worked for you cael but im back to square one11:03
burhanDirty_Snipe: did you restart the server?11:03
Dirty_Snipeburhan: yup11:03
linuxrulesim off to google land11:03
MK-BBanyone here to help me w/ conky?11:03
erUSULJenniferB2: maybe in bash they know. but accorsding to "man bash" tilde expansion is done before path expansion11:03
erUSUL#bash the channel11:04
burhanJenniferB2: eclipse -vm `~/some/path`11:04
linuxrulesoh thanks for your assistance as well-sorry forgot my nettique11:04
JenniferB2burhan: won't work.. eclipse don't know how to handle that one11:04
caelas well thanks for the help :311:05
tuxnanihas anyone tested broadband in ubuntu 10.10?11:05
burhanDirty_Snipe: ls /etc/apache2/mods-enabled - do you see php5.conf and php5.load there?11:07
Dirty_Snipeburhan: i have also added AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php to the /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/mime.conf still no luck.11:07
Dirty_Snipeburhan: yes they are there11:07
burhanDirty_Snipe: stop adding stuff to other module load files.11:07
amarcolinohi my ISP gave me a couple of static ip on the range of 188.*.56.* I have tried creating adding this however now I cant ping, anyone care to help me, where exactly do I configure this ip?11:07
Dirty_Snipeburhan: lol im just trying stuff other people put in forums11:08
burhanDirty_Snipe: post your apache logs11:08
Dirty_Snipeburhan: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62280711:08
JenniferB2appearantly the whole problem comes from setting of teh JAVA_PATH using ~/... and not teh full path .. eclipse is not able to resolve with the tilde11:08
burhanamarcolino: add it to the network interface that connects to the ISP, make sure you also add a proper gateway and netmask.11:08
dancekJenniferB2, if it's in a script try using $HOME instead of ~11:08
blackshirtmas burhan dari indo ??11:09
caelunder 10.04 i just tested... on wifi  and broadcom at that.. i just averaged 10 Mb/s down 1Mb/s up and im on an 16mb/s down 2Mb/s up service11:09
burhanblackshirt: what?11:09
replicasexi've gotten to the point where I like docky with no hiding.  feels so maclike but I do enjoy it :P11:09
blackshirtwhere do you come from ??11:09
burhanblackshirt: Earth, how about you?11:09
caelSalem IL, USA11:09
Sjimmiesomehow if i open my Documents under Places then it opens Banshee instead of Nautilus11:10
blackshirti think i'm not come from mars :)11:10
Dirty_Snipeburhan: where are the logs located?11:10
SjimmieI already tried changing my preffered applications11:10
Sjimmiedoes anyone have another suggestions?11:10
burhanDirty_Snipe: /var/logs11:10
Dirty_Snipeburhan: nvm i think i found it11:10
amarcolinoburhan, I have done so, however, what confuses me is the network settings, gateway etc, I've got all that ffrom my ISP and from what I can see it is correct, yet I still can't ping11:10
burhanamarcolino: how many interfaces do you have on your machine?11:11
caelhttp://speedtest.net/ was what i used for a speed test11:11
Dirty_Snipeburhan: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/GDLmJbHH11:12
amarcolinoburhan, one interface11:12
burhanamarcolino: and how many IPs did you assign to it?11:12
conb123Anyone got any idea why my top panel now looks like this http://i.imgur.com/Ilvzj.png and how I can fix it?11:12
burhanDirty_Snipe: re-install php5 on your machine, your modules are corrupt.11:13
yoshilovei got a question. :O anyone NOT afk?11:13
amarcolinoburhan, one ip to the machine and another to the router leaving two ips left for whatever occasion11:13
cbush15I need help installing xampp on my ubuntu vps!!!11:13
blackshirtyoshilove: good morning?? on my place, night11:14
yoshiloveis there a sudo command or something like that to open preferences/administration via a custom launcher?11:14
cbush15I cant get mysql to start11:14
Dirty_Snipeburhan: whats the best way to flush it all out11:14
reberhi all. I have a parallel to/from usb convertir with this kind of problems : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=797789&page=2 . Tried things mentionned, nothig better, Any ideas ?11:14
MK-BBcbush15, use http://vpsbible.com11:14
Daniel2cbush15, is there something on the port?11:14
Dirty_Snipeburhan: hmm i might just start from scratch11:14
Daniel2Dirty_Snipe, hii11:14
=== leon is now known as Guest80654
cbush15let me check port11:14
Dirty_SnipeDaniel2: lol hi again11:15
cbush15what is the port?11:15
Daniel2Dirty_Snipe, any luck?11:15
burhanamarcolino: if you have an external router, you assign all your public IPs to it, and then use NATing to assign one of those to your machine. Unless you are directly connected (by the wire) to the ISP, you don't assign the "real" IP to your computer.11:15
Dirty_SnipeDaniel2: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/GDLmJbHH11:15
Daniel2cbush15, 330611:15
LicuadoraSomebody told me about compiling a CPU would make my apps run faster, I am about to re install Ubuntu 10.10 and I want to know how to do that, I cant find anything in Google11:16
cbush15No nothing is on it11:16
cbush15I tryed to go in browser to it11:16
* MK-BB I'm off to explore the horrible land of windows 7...11:16
burhanLicuadora: you don't compile a CPU.11:16
conb123Oh, ignore my previous question, fixed it11:16
AdvoWorkcan anyone recommend anything I can do/install on ubuntu so I can ssh from one computer to another? do i just need an ssh server?11:16
erUSULLicuadora: a CPU can not be compiled.11:16
blackshirtLicuadora: what do you want ??11:16
Dirty_SnipeDaniel2: im wondering if a restore from clean server snapshot and try over is worth it11:16
erUSULAdvoWork: and the client11:16
Daniel2AdvoWork, install openssh-server on one11:16
* yoshilove seeks attention.11:16
erUSUL!ssh | AdvoWork11:16
ubottuAdvoWork: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)11:16
erUSUL!ask | yoshilove11:17
blackshirtyoshilove: hello, what you mean ??11:17
Daniel2Dirty_Snipe, I think it might be11:17
ubottuyoshilove: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:17
burhanAdvoWork: you need ssh client (comes with ubuntu) and ssh server on the other computer (comes with ubuntu, but you need to install it apt-get install openssh-server) - you also need an account on the remote machine.11:17
yoshiloveanyone know if there's a sudo or some other terminal command to open preferences/administration via custom launcher?11:17
Dirty_SnipeDaniel2: kk see you in a few mins11:17
LicuadoraWell, it's like flags, like telling the CPU to use all it's capacity for 3d graphics stuff, I am into 3d modeling11:17
blackshirtyoshilove: maybe gksu or gksudo11:17
conb123Licuadora: Sounds like crap, best way to get better 3d graphics is a better graphics card11:18
cbush15I have also tried to reinstall it11:18
yoshiloveit's my second day with ubuntu, not following a thing, lol.11:18
burhanLicuadora: in order to do that, you'd need the source of whatever you want to compile and the recompile it with the appropriate flags.11:18
amarcolinoburhan, that explains a lot I am most used to private ips 198.168.etc.etc. How do I go about assigning the ips to my router dont think I saw an option to assign more than one ip11:18
Jiwe Hi guys can somebody help me with ubuntu trying to connect to the windows share but keeps asking for user and password..11:18
Licuadoracomb123: No, it's not for gaming or stuff like that, it is for rendering 3d models11:18
biberaoanyone knows how to make grub not show all kernels but instead just a simple boot windows and boot linux11:18
burhanamarcolino: depends on the router to be honest. Look up the documentation.11:18
erUSULyoshilove: preferences/administration are a menu. it cannot be "launched". maybe you want to rephrase the question11:18
blackshirtyoshilove: you need sudo access on custom launcher ??11:18
cbush15root@submitdirect:~# cd /opt/lampp11:18
cbush15root@submitdirect:/opt/lampp# ./lampp startmysql11:18
cbush15XAMPP: Starting MySQL...11:19
cbush15Segmentation fault11:19
cbush15Segmentation fault11:19
FloodBot4cbush15: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:19
yoshilovenevermind i got it.11:19
erUSULbiberao: uninstall the kernels you do not longer need11:19
yoshilovei wanted to add a custom launcher to the top panel.11:19
yoshiloveso i could strip off all the unnecessary stuff.11:19
suigenerismy gnome menu is gone. can anyone help me get it back?11:19
conb123Licuadora: Graphics cards are for better rendering of 3d graphics, the gpu processes all the 3d data, they are not only for gaming, they just work well for gaming since games use 3d graphics11:19
yoshiloveand just an icon instead.11:19
biberaoerUSUL but the issue it happens the same11:19
erUSULyoshilove: right click on the panel. choose add to panel11:19
biberaono simple lines11:19
petervaOla, perhaps maybe someone here can help me out. On my install of 10.04 I have configured ipv6, all seems to be okay, but for some reason the server keeps adding 'default via fe80::1:1' to my routes, which seems to mess up my ipv6 config11:19
yoshiloveyeah, i didn't realize there was the command to change it's icon.11:19
blackshirtyoshilove: yes, exactly..you can modify it11:19
yoshilovethanks. o/11:19
amarcolinoburhan, thanks that saved me a lot of time, going to check it out11:20
intickhi everyboy11:20
Licuadoraconb123, The technology still uses the CPU for 3d modeling, at least in opensource11:20
inticki've got a fast question, how cn i reduce space between gnome desktop icone ?11:20
easy_enemyhow can I install windows xp on my harddrive while ubuntu is installed?11:20
burhanLicuadora: unless you use a CUDA-enabled card :)11:20
Eltuintick: ...drag them away from each other? :P11:21
burhaneasy_enemy: use vmware and install it in a virtual machine11:21
LicuadoraAnyway... So, I need the source code to compile Ubuntu and flag the CPU, eh?11:21
blackshirteasy_enemy: just install your windows...likes usually11:21
conb123Licuadora: Yes the CPU plays a part in rendering 3D graphics yes, but the majority of the load will be passed onto the GPU11:21
burhanLicuadora: no, compiling Ubunutu won't do you any good.11:21
burhanLicuadora: you need to compile the actual program (like say Blender).11:21
Licuadoraburhan,  Oh, I get it11:22
burhanLicuadora: because Ubuntu doesn't do any rendering.11:22
C_hrisIf my windows partion still exists but there is no grub option how can I boot to windows?11:22
easy_enemymy windows cd wont run.. once I open my PC it goes directly to GRUB.. even thou I press f12 or DEL it wont respond11:22
tuxnanihas anyone tested broadband net connection in ubuntu 10.10?11:22
intick<Eltu> :o would take ages t do taht  !11:22
tuxnanihas anyone tested dsl broadband net connection in ubuntu 10.10?11:22
tuxnanihas anyone tested dsl broadband internet connection in ubuntu 10.10?11:22
Licuadoraburhan,  Does Ubuntu takes advantage of all of the CPU features?11:22
burhanC_hris: add it to grub :)11:22
RobbieAcePreshawhi is it posbule moveing my HDD to an new pc i have 9.10 10.04 and kubntu11:22
yoshilovewhat's anyones alternative for WLM?11:23
JiweWhy can Ubuntu KDE access windows share and Ubuntu Gnome just keeps asking for user and pw?11:23
ubottuTo change the default applications system-wide, use 'sudo update-alternatives --all' in a terminal.11:23
burhanLicuadora: again, Linux doesn't need to take advantage of "all" the CPU features. For example, things like PAE which are useful are available in separate kernels; things like MMX/MMX2/SSE/SSE2 don't really apply to linux.11:23
Eltuintick: actually - as far as I know, you can't reduce the spacing. It's a stupid limitation in GNOME.11:23
erUSUL!equivalents > yoshilove11:23
ubottuyoshilove, please see my private message11:23
RobbieAcePreshaw hi is it posbule moveing my HDD to an new pc i have 9.10 10.04 and kubntu11:24
AdvoWorkburhan, cheers, does that account need to be in a certain group?11:24
LicuadoraI reallly don't want to reinstall Ubuntu all over again. I deleted the NetworkManager because it stoped working - I had a red signal on the icon -11:24
Daniela_Hello, how can I replace a program by starting an other one which is the same?11:24
ubottuFTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP11:24
SwedeMikeRobbieAcePreshaw: generally that works just fine, ubuntu discovers most things upon boot.11:24
burhanAdvoWork: nope, just needs a valid shell.11:24
LicuadoraNow I do not have any internet in my PC11:24
hyperstream!ftp > hyperstream11:24
ubottuhyperstream, please see my private message11:24
me_Hi all. I have problem with locating iso's mount point. I just clicked on it in nautilus and it mounted somewhere thou I can't find it in 'mount' output.11:24
RobbieAcePreshawso can i move it to my new lappy11:24
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.11:25
yoshiloveyou guys are confusing.11:25
* yoshilove grins.11:25
intick<Eltu> mmm i ve bein able to do some cool thing with gconf editor like text limitation under icon ect.. but didn tfind anything about spacing icons :/11:25
LicuadoraIs there a way to make Ubuntu recongnize my PCI wifi card again?11:25
hyperstreamWhats the default ftpd for ubuntu ? or preferred standard?11:25
burhanLicuadora: networkmanager is just an interface, deleting it won't delete the drivers for your wifi card. Just run the hardware driver wizard again.11:25
Licuadoraburhan,  How do I do that?11:26
burhanthere's an option in the System menu ... forgot where exactly.11:26
beginnerhi someone speak french?11:26
Licuadoraburhan,  I do not have any Network Manager icon11:26
hyperstream!best > hyperstream11:26
ubottuhyperstream, please see my private message11:26
juk!fr | beginner11:26
ubottubeginner: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:26
beginnerim beginner fot backtrack11:26
phasmahyperstream: your choice. I personally use vsftpd11:26
LicuadoraThere is some ping option, but that never works11:27
hyperstreamphasma, thanks bud11:27
cvrseLicuadora, can you restart network manager with sudo service network-manager restart ?11:27
easy_enemyguys how can I uninstall ubuntu?11:27
burhanhyperstream: if you want truly minimal, the openssh server has built in support for SFTP.11:27
Licuadoracvrse. let me try that11:27
burhaneasy_enemy: reboot your machine with the install media of whatever you want.11:27
burhanhyperstream: since FTP is plain text, I personally avoid it whenever I can.11:28
Licuadoracvrse,  Unknown instance11:28
hyperstreamburhan, agreed :)11:28
Licuadoracvrse,  *sigh* I am gonna have to re install11:28
jukDr_Willis: can i ask you question about git?11:28
easy_enemywindows wont recognize my HDD anymore since its on a different format11:28
=== _|_ is now known as C_hris
Dr_Willisjuk:  i cant recall ever useing git. :)11:29
eigarchitragupt: what about https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD ...11:29
cvrseLicuadora, does the card show up in lspci or ifconfig -a?11:29
burhaneasy_enemy: you can format it from the Windows installer.11:29
easy_enemyIs there like  a partition manager on ubuntu?11:29
Licuadoracvrse,  yes11:29
C_hrisSO I tried adding windows to menu.lst it didn't show up?11:29
jukDr_Willis: #git having hangover11:29
cvrseLicuadora, what interface is it? wlan0?11:29
burhaneasy_enemy: parted11:29
erUSULeasy_enemy: System>Admn ...>Partition editor11:29
Licuadoracvrse,  wlan011:29
erUSULjuk: just ask11:29
burhanC_hris: post your menu.lst11:29
me_I want to run 'setup.exe' from iso but I need to set 'chmod +x' on it. How can I do it?11:30
yoshilovecan i edit the font and appearance of the Empathy IM client status bar?11:30
C_hrisit started empty11:30
JiweCan someone help me I'm trying to connect to windows share but it doesn't work11:30
blade0_0easy_enemy, do u want to just access the ubuntu files from windows or remove ubuntu??11:30
cvrseLicuadora, have u tried manually bringing up the connection? or specifying it in /etc/network/interfaces?11:30
Dr_Willisme_:  easy way is to use the terminal.. 'wine /path/to/cd/whatever.exe'11:30
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=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
yoshiloveIndicator Applet Session one, is there a way?11:30
C_hrisburhan, what should I add for windows?11:31
jinkJiwe: "It doesn't work" is quite a useless description of your problem.11:31
=== phnom_ is now known as phnom
burhanC_hris: depends on where your Windows partition is.11:31
Licuadoracvrse,  Yes, it shows in lspci, but I havent tryed to bring it  up  manually... I do not know how11:31
me_Dr_Willis: I knew this will work but can I set something so I can just11:31
dshbusinessHello, guys. I have a problem. I can't get some web page such as www.google.com, if I had turn my computer on 48 hours or more. Why? How to solve it?11:31
=== Santa_Jeruvy is now known as Jeruvy
Dr_WillisC_hris:  you are using grub1 or grub2 ?11:31
jukerUSUL: i was syncing with big repo, and network got interrupted, so git hanged on 99% what to do now?11:31
me_Dr_Willis: Click in nautilus?11:31
C_hrisI don't know11:31
easy_enemyI would want ubuntu on my HDD.. but I need to install windows as well.. dual OS11:32
jukerUSUL: if ^C it it will start over again?11:32
burhanjuk: run the sync command again11:32
Dr_Willisme_:  its some odd security issue/feature they got in wine. it wont run a exe unless its executable.. and a cd by default does not have files mounted as executable.. catch 22.11:32
jinkJiwe: Don't /msg me.11:32
me_Dr_Willis: Still thank You for advice.11:32
C_hrisDr_Willis, Whats default?11:32
easy_enemyIf I cant do that I would just want to remove ubuntu11:32
C_hrisburhan, how do I find out?11:32
jukburhan: all over again?11:32
Licuadoracvrse,  I have : auto lo iface lo inet loopback11:32
Dr_Willisme_:  its been mentioned in the forums and a few other places as a silly bug.. no idea if it will ever change.11:32
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.11:32
dshbusinessAnd if I restart my computer, problems gone.11:32
Licuadoracvrse,  What does that means?11:32
Dr_WillisC_hris:  what version of ubuntu are you using? did you do a clean isntall?11:32
Jiweubuntu keeps asking for a user and password11:32
geitenneukeri got a problem with ubunudu11:32
burhan!grub2 > C_hris11:32
ubottuC_hris, please see my private message11:32
Jiweand i put the correct ones11:33
jukyes all over again :(11:33
burhandshbusiness: are you saying that after 48 hours your Internet stops working?11:33
burhanjuk: no, it will resume11:33
erUSULjuk: :( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=71679211:33
JiweJink: do you know what's the problem?11:33
UndiFineDsounds like a dhcp issue dshbusiness11:34
cvrseLicuadora, thats right, just testing something11:34
dshbusinessburhan: NO. network still working. I just cannot get some certain website. For example, www.google.com.11:34
nebulaHelp, please  for MESS 0.140 for ubuntu  download or ppa ?11:34
burhanme_: run Windows in a virtual machine, that will avoid these "bugs" with wine.11:34
burhandshbusiness: what is the error you get?11:34
dshbusinessburhan: time out11:35
jukerUSUL: thank you, dear erUSUL11:35
burhandshbusiness: this sounds like a restriction from your network and has nothing to do with Ubuntu.11:35
Dr_Willisnebula:  why not use a PPA if it exists... err.. that is downloading the debs.. so not sure what youmean by 'download'11:35
AlinnI newly installed ubuntu 10.10 but it havn't xorg file. can anyone help me?11:35
burhanAlinn: how did you install it?11:36
dshbusinessburhan: Perhaps. I can ping www.google.com, but could not get the page. Other pages are ok.11:36
easy_enemycan I run .exe files on terminal?11:36
Dr_WillisAlinn:  one is not needed by default  normally. X auto configures for themost part.11:36
alkamiddoes "@reboot screen -dmS "myscreen" rtorrent" seem like a proper crontab entry?11:36
C_hrisOk so that guide says run sudo update-grub211:36
nebulaDr_Willis,  ops sorry okey ...but  please  help me >?11:36
C_hriswhich doesn't detect windows11:36
Alinnburhan: from CD. fresh install.11:36
C_hriswhat can I do?11:36
Dr_Willisnebula:  help you with what? if mess has a ppa you want to use.. then use it.11:37
burhanAlinn: the desktop CD?11:37
Alinnburhan: yes11:37
burhanAlinn: okay, then what do you need the xorg file for? :)11:37
jinkJiwe: Well, you maybe didn't use the right ones.  Check the samba logs, and the event logs on the Windows machine.11:37
burhandshbusiness: the only thing that could affect this is ipv6 for DNS lookups.11:37
burhandshbusiness: you could disable that.11:37
dshbusinessburhan: I use ipv4. Let me have a try. Thanks11:38
burhandshbusiness: ipv6 is enabled by default and this can cause web browsing issues if your DNS resolver is not ipv6 enabled.11:39
Jiwejink: I think i know my own username and pw I tried on PclinuxOS and it worked fine there it just doesn't on ubuntu11:39
blackshirtburhan: how we can disable ipv6 ?11:39
ubottuFor an introduction to IPv6 and information on tunneling IPv6 through IPv4 connections, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6 | To disable IPv6 see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv411:39
AlinnDr_Willis: burhan:my graphic is onboard. resolution is 1154*864 by default. i want to change it to 1280*1024 but in the System>Preferences>Monitors i can't find 1280*102411:39
dshbusinessburhan: could this take effect immediately after I disabled ipv6?11:40
easy_enemyIs there a program that will uninstall ubuntu?11:40
burhandshbusiness: if this was the issue, then yes.11:40
cvrseLicuadora, are u using WPA-PSK?11:40
jstooneDo any of you have some knowlage about the network-manager Ceni11:40
blade0_0need help with netbook edition environment. i cant see the icons in the top or side panel.11:40
burhaneasy_enemy: uninstall ubuntu and install what in its place?11:40
jstooneDo any of you have some knowlage about the network-manager Ceni11:40
dshbusinessburhan: I hope so. Thanks.11:40
C_hrisok I am running lubuntu, I don't think grub2 is default11:40
C_hrisI think its grub11:40
jinkJiwe: So, what about the logs?11:41
C_hriswindows used to be in the grub menu but now it is not11:41
burhaneasy_enemy: just boot from the Windows install DVD and format the hard drive.11:41
jstooneDo any of you have some knowlage about the network-manager Ceni11:41
easy_enemyMy computer wont boot from CD11:41
Jiwejink: i dont know what i am suppose to look in there can you tell me?11:41
easy_enemyit goes to GRUB right away11:42
burhaneasy_enemy: how did you install ubuntu?11:42
alkamiddoes "@reboot screen -dmS "myscreen" rtorrent" seem like a proper crontab entry?11:42
jinkSomething like "permission denied" or "Invalid username or password" or whatever.  You can't expect me to do your debugging.  Use your brain and common sense.11:42
jinkJiwe: ^^^11:42
burhanalkamid: not to me.11:42
blackshirtjstoone: any trouble with network-manager ??11:43
dshbusinessburhan: Oh, it seems that I have to restart my computer after I disable ipv6?11:43
alkamidburhan, why not?11:43
burhandshbusiness: could be.11:43
easy_enemydownload it from the website.. a year ago.. burn image into cd.. boot from cd install..11:43
prymaleasy_enemy: check your bios hasn't defaulted back to boot from hdd first11:44
dshbusinessburhan: but things will be right after I have restart it, wether or not I have disabled ipv6. perhaps I have to wait for 2 full days to prove this will work : )11:45
easy_enemyill give it a try and ill get back to you.. thanks11:45
Alinnburhan: Can you help me?11:45
Dirty_Snipehi all im back11:45
aliboHi, I have an ubuntu PC which has a configured bridge. How can I get rid of it? On the internet I only find ways to create them...11:45
Jiwejink: i dont know what u want im lost11:46
burhanalkamid: if rtorrent is not in your path, it won't work.11:46
burhandshbusiness: again, I don't think this has to do with ipv6 - it is the only thing that could possibly affect browsing. I think this is a restriction from your ISP.11:46
burhanAlinn: are you on a laptop?11:47
alkamidburhan, what about screen?11:47
Alinnburhan: No. in desktop11:47
nebulahelp me the best emulator mame stable and perfect .....10 x11:48
Dirty_SnipeI have restored from a server snapshot and ran through the instructions at http://randyfay.com/node/63  . Php is now working. But I have the following question. What is the best way to install these modules without buggering it all up  http://paste.ubuntu.com/523804/11:48
burhanalkamid: for crontab entries, I generally put the entire path to the executable because path information is generally not available.11:48
burhanAlinn: System > Administration > Additional Drivers11:48
Dirty_SnipeIm also going to create a new snapshot with php working so I go an inbetween restore point. :)11:49
dshbusinessburhan: Oh, I wish this will take effect. If it is a restriction from my isp, why I can visit most other page, except only a few pages?11:49
Alinnburhan: Graphic is onboard (SIS)11:50
burhandshbusiness: who knows, maybe it could be a buggy implementation?11:50
meerosomething keeps rewriting my /etc/resolv.conf, what should i do?11:50
burhanmeero: edit your DHCP client settings to ignore DNS resolvers.11:51
grid_172.16.1.0 what subnet mask is that?
dshbusinessburhan: : ) It make me headache. I hope I can visit google 48 hours later. many thanks!11:51
burhanAlinn: did it previously work at 1280x1024?11:51
inc0hi, I have messed up grub installation. I've ran grub-install from grub legacy on root directory with grub 211:53
meeroburhan: what should i change in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf ... to stop rewriting?11:53
burhanDirty_Snipe: you have two other options - either sudo tasksel install lamp-server; or use the free zend server which has this all bundled together along with a nice GUI to manage it.11:53
inc0got console only after boot11:53
Alinnburhan: yes. i did this in xorg file with this guide: http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwiki.ubuntu.ir%2FChangeResolutionwithXorgEdit%3Fhighlight%3D%2528%25D8%25B1%25D8%25B2%25D9%2588%25D9%2584%25D9%2588%25D8%25B4%25D9%2586%252911:54
inc0then I installed grub2 in same manner, but still console...grub2 one now11:54
KingChillbillhi anyone using a console-based ICQ-client? Any suggestions?11:54
yoshilovewhat's up with gDesklets??11:54
yoshilovei installed it, but it wont start up.11:54
EltuKingChillbill: haven't used it myself, but I've heard irrsi is the best11:55
EltuICQ, not IRC11:55
EltuNevermind :P11:55
FloodBot4Eltu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:55
bernardTKHey guys, does anyone have any experience with MPD + Sonata?11:55
yoshiloveanyone @ gdesklets part?11:55
pr0misedhello! my partition / are 100% how can i know where are full?11:56
burhanmeero: you have two options - you can either add your own custom DNS servers (in addition to those that come from the DHCP server) or completely ignore the ones coming from the DHCP server. What option would you like?11:56
Dirty_Snipeburhan: Thanks, Ill take a snapshot then have a peek at zend server11:56
KingChillbillEltu: no problem, irssi is great for irc but there some friends that dont even know about irc11:56
shuchengwhere is robot11:56
C_hrisfdisk gives me this :http://paste.ubuntu.com/523807/11:56
Balsaqcael hows that dvd11:57
=== ubuntu is now known as bounty
burhanpr0mised: Applications > Accessories > Disk Usage Analyzer11:57
C_hrisIs there somthing wrong with my NTFS partion?11:57
meeroburhan: i have my own dns server on the same machine, and when /etc/resolv.conf is rewritten, it creates dns querry loop - annoing :-(11:57
shuchengwho know the robot11:57
burhanmeero: so you want to ignore the DNS resolver coming from the DHCP server?11:58
EaseCan kimpanel works properly on kUbuntu?11:58
burhanAlinn: /etc/xorg/Xorg.conf should be it, but are you sure it doesn't need specific hardware drivers?11:59
* yoshilove seeks attention again.11:59
meeroburhan: to ignore , would be better12:00
shuchengI am new here12:00
=== _nertil is now known as nertil
Alinnburhan: I didn't install any driver and i changed it.12:00
burhanmeero: remove "domain-name-servers" from the request line.12:00
AbhiJit!guidelines | shucheng12:00
ubottushucheng: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines12:00
burhanAlinn: then edit Xorg.conf12:00
crazy2kHow do I make lp or evince print the same thing two times per paper? (like -o number-up=2, but repeating the first page on the second)12:01
* yoshilove sobs in a corner.12:02
meeroburhan: u mean remove "request ... .... domain-name-servers" ?12:02
meeroburhan: or prepend ....12:02
Alinnburhan: Thanks a lot :)12:03
Kalidarnwhat's the best way to find out why my CPU usage is spiking?12:04
Kalidarnusing ps/top or a process manager12:04
Kalidarnisn't showing me12:04
burhanmeero: remove only "domain-name-servers" if you remove the entire request line, your DHCP client won't work :P12:04
Kalidarnim getting masive spikes from like 0, 32 60 95 and its very annoying12:04
burhanKalidarn: how do you know it is?12:04
Kalidarnbecause i can feel it is12:04
Kalidarnand the plugin i have in KDE is showing me that its spiking on cores12:05
Kalidarni can see it in the graph its spiking on different cores12:05
burhanKalidarn: maybe its your hard disk ... generally hard disk read problems are the main cause of slow response.12:05
Kalidarnits not doing I/O12:05
Kalidarnand im running off a quite new OCZ Vertex 2 SSD12:05
burhanKalidarn: my machine runs at 99% CPU all the time without problems in responsiveness - however, try copying 30GB of files around, and then it slows down.12:05
shuchenghi all12:06
meeroburhan: i understand, but there are "request" and "prepend" directives , both containing domain-name-servers12:06
Kalidarnburhan: im not copying files and its just becomes all laggy when the cpu spikes12:06
KalidarnXorg appears to jump to maybe 8%12:06
burhanmeero: the prepend one will be commented out (start with a #)12:06
Kalidarnbut that shouldnt cause massive spikes12:06
burhanKalidarn: does it spike or stay at 100%?12:06
meeroburhan: thanks man :-) i try it out12:06
Kalidarnin the graph that shows each core and the activity12:06
Kalidarni find i get lag just typing sometimes12:06
databitscan someone help me out with some permission issues that I am experiencing12:07
burhanKalidarn: what's your CPU and how much memory?12:07
databitsI have apache setup, and the default dir is /var/www12:07
Kalidarnlooi have 6GB of RAM in tripple channel and a i7 93012:07
databitsI am able to serv pages as long as the user and group permissions are www-data:www-data12:07
Kalidarni do not get this problem in windows12:07
burhando you get it with gnome? =]12:08
databitsthe issue I am having is I am trying to set it up so I can upload from ftp to the directory12:08
Kalidarnburhan: i haven't tried :P12:08
Kalidarnchanging desktop environment is not the answer12:08
Kalidarni want to find out what is causing it12:08
Kalidarnand then try to fix it12:08
burhanKalidarn: the other answer is your computer setup is crap :P12:08
Kalidarnburhan: your a fucking noob12:08
databitsapache is giving me an permission denied error due to the different permissions the files are taking when being uploaded from ftp12:08
Kalidarnthat is not a solution :P12:08
databitshow would I go about setting it up so apache will be able to serv the files that are uploaded from ftp ?12:09
Kalidarnif your going to open your mouth or bother typing be constructive12:09
grid_172.16.1.0 what subnet mask do i need for this ip?12:09
Kalidarnim asking for ways to try to diagnose what process is taxing the CPU12:09
burhanKalidarn: I'm a noob? You are the one who can't make your SuperComputer work.12:09
burhanKalidarn: you use ps or top12:09
Kalidarnburhan: your telling me to change desktop environment, and that does not fix the bug12:09
Kalidarnyeah i have burhan its not showing the process either12:09
burhanKalidarn: if its a bug, then its in some app in your DM.12:09
Kalidarnthe only process that seems to be spiking to say 10% is Xorg12:10
Kalidarnand i doubt it's that12:10
burhanKalidarn: are you running top as root?12:10
Kalidarnalso i have bugger all open :P12:10
Kalidarnburhan: yes12:10
Untouchab1eI got a HP EliteBook 8540w here..12:10
Untouchab1eand Linux, regardless of distro wont boot or install12:10
Untouchab1eI just get a garbled screen12:10
burhanKalidarn: are you running beta hardware drivers for your video card?12:10
Kalidarnnope, nvidia proprietary12:10
Kalidarnand i've disabled blur12:10
Untouchab1eactually, I can boot up a live distro, but I still get the garbled screen12:11
Kalidarnthe problem is it's obviously something graphical12:11
Kalidarnbut i doubt it's Xorg itself.12:11
burhandatabits: change the permission mask. It seems default permissions on that directory are what causing your problem. Should be 655 for files.12:11
Sniffyhey guys. hope someone is willing to help a *nix noob. i've just checked in some source through subversion. where would it be placed?12:12
burhanKalidarn: try rolling back to a different version of the driver. Any "EE" in your Xorg log?12:12
databitsI can get the files to work if I constantly change the permissions12:12
burhanSniffy: checked in or out?12:12
Goodgameis this http://ubuntuforums.org/ the major forum for (k)(x)(l)ubuntu?12:12
Sniffychecked in12:12
databitsbut I want to set it up so I can just upload, then proceed to rock and roll12:12
Sniffydoesn't seem to specify where it actually is12:12
Sniffyjust the directory pathing12:12
Sniffyprobably obvious to someone that isn't a noob12:13
Goodgameis this http://ubuntuforums.org/ the major forum for (k)(x)(l)ubuntu?12:14
burhanSniffy: in the repository's file location. Are you the owner of the repo?12:15
burhandatabits: what user are using to upload the files?12:15
Kalidarnright now Xorg is idling on between 20% CPU and 18%12:15
Kalidarni'd say its some graphical app causing it12:15
Kalidarnkwin is on about 4-6 that's fine, and a few apps ive got open every now and again use 1 or 2% or maybe 412:15
Kalidarnsomewhere in between12:15
burhanKalidarn: by lag you mean your mouse doesn't move, keyboard doesn't work?12:15
burhanKalidarn: or stuff doesn't open as quickly.12:15
Kalidarni've tried checking logs but it hasn't revealed anything incorrectly occuring12:15
FloodBot4Kalidarn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:15
Kalidarnburhan: by lag i mean just general unresponsiveness12:15
FloodBot4burhan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:15
Kalidarnlagging during input12:15
burhanKalidarn: if you've eliminated the hardware driver issue, and hard disk issue - then the only other thing is that some app has a memory leak bug, which causes things to spike. To debug that is beyond my scope. Maybe check KDE forums to see if this is a known issue?12:15
Sniffyburhan i guess?12:15
Kalidarnburhan: yeah i have done googling around as i suspected it was KDE12:16
Kalidarneither kwin, or graphics driver12:16
burhanSniffy: Did you setup the repository from where you checked out the files?12:16
Sniffybasically dude i just typed "svn co svn://svn.zoy.org/caca/pwntcha/trunk pwntcha12:16
Sniffy" into the terminal12:16
Kalidarnhowever, i was only able to find that blur effect causes a problem when used in conjunction with nvidia proprietary drivers12:16
Kalidarni might try changing to noveau12:16
burhanSniffy: that is checking out not checking in, which is what I asked you the first time.12:16
EltuIs there a dedicated IRC channel for Banshee help/support?12:17
Sniffybah sorry12:17
Kalidarni might also try asking in #xorg12:17
burhanSniffy: your files are in 'pwntcha'12:17
burhanEltu: try asking in #gnome12:17
sniperjo__how can i update 9.10 to 10.4 without the internet? ive tried to install from live USB but it always crashed after keyboard selection, no cd drive12:18
BluesKajHi all12:18
Sniffywhere is pwntcha? :/12:18
burhanSniffy: in the same directory where you where when you typed the command12:19
Sniffyi'm an idiot12:19
Sniffythanks for your patience12:19
burhanno problem.12:20
Sniffyanyone able to get svn://svn.zoy.org/caca/pwntcha/trunk pwntcha12:22
Sniffy to compile?12:22
cdavisIs anyone aware of a good project planner that integrates with evolution or other calendar/tasks manager?12:24
burhancdavis: most cloud-based ones will - since they all support iCal universally.12:24
databitscan someone help me out with some permission issues with apache please12:30
databitsplease message12:30
jpds!msg | databits12:31
ubottudatabits: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:31
jpdsdatabits: Maybe try #ubuntu-server instead?12:31
databitswhen I ftp files to /var/www directory apache is unable to access files.   I have to go in and manualy change permissions.  I want to get around this.12:31
intickhi guys ! i've installed parcelite (clipboard) and when i copy somthing from an application and want to past it, it does nothing, i must go on the tray parcelite icon and select what i've copied then past .. pretty long for a simple copy/past12:31
intickdatabits: what about giving permissions on /var/www ?12:32
databitsI need to be able to have all my users that are logging onto my ftp, to be able to upload to the web directory.  With apache being able to serv the files12:32
databitsapache is up and running correctly12:32
databitsbut the way I am adding files to the /var/www directory is through ftp12:33
databitswhen adding files through ftp, the files are taking ownership of that user12:33
intickdatabits: you should find help at #ubuntu-server channel !12:33
inticknone can help me plz ?12:33
ilorhi, I'm looking for a (gnome) screensaver that shows cpu and memory usage. Does anyone know something like it?12:36
giorgiociao a tutti12:36
dewyfacehi guys, just download lamp server to ubuntu using tasksel, i have made a vhosts file to point at the correct directory but im getting permissions errors does anyone have any suggesttions12:38
afidegnumhello good morning, pls what web editor is available on ubuntu line dreamweaver on windows ?12:38
dewyfaceuse eclipse with PDT12:38
afidegnumit seems too slow12:38
dewyfacePDT is the php editor plugin for eclipse and is really good12:39
dewyfaceso much better than dreamweaver12:39
printf_1hi i would like to speak with mark shuttleworth about ubuntu12:39
printf_1is ubuntu 10.10 stable ?12:39
afidegnumok, I will be trying it12:39
afidegnumsecondly, how do I find my ubuntu version number on my PC?12:39
dewyfacemaybe gedit then, not really meant for that i dont think12:39
dewyfacehaha just found this give it a try with gedit http://grigio.org/pimp_my_gedit_was_textmate_linux12:40
afidegnum? any answer ?12:40
Eltuafidegnum: system monitor12:40
Piciafidegnum: lsb_release -a12:40
printf_1Ubuntu is so hard to learn12:40
landry\add server irc.perl.org12:40
dewyfaceguys any ideas on my permissions error with my lamp server?12:41
Piciprintf_1: You may want to check out the Ubuntu Manual if you are having difficulties: http://ubuntu-manual.org/12:41
nigelbdewyface: what exactly happens?12:41
databitsthanks for the help12:41
printf_1linux_probe: *click*12:41
afidegnumok, I can see I have ubuntu 10.04 (lucid)12:42
afidegnumwhat si the latest version ?12:42
BernardTKHey guys, I for some reason do not have any sound, mp3's and video also do not play at all. ubuntu 10.1012:42
ElNotaafidegnum: 10.1012:42
dewyfacei can browse files, but when it comes to an index.php i get a permissions error. Ive set my group to be with www-data (not sure if that did anything)12:42
ElNota!maverick | afidegnum12:42
ubottuafidegnum: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/101012:42
afidegnumso I have to do apt-get update and apt-get upgrade right ?12:43
creatureHello. I upgraded from 9.10 to 10.10, and now rdiffbackup thinks my machine is called "localhost6.localdomain6". "hostname" reports the correct hostname. How do I fix it?12:43
afidegnum? is that the correct command ?12:43
ElNotaafidegnum: If you want update version go to Updates Manager12:43
dewyfaceafidegnum: sudo apt-get update12:44
ElNotadewyface: No12:44
intickdewyface: have tried to change permission ?12:44
dewyfaceintick: yeah, changed permissions on the folders?12:44
Sir_DiddymusHi... switched from openSUSE to Ubuntu 10.10 - everthing's nice, except fonts are so unbelievably ugly. Unusable without anti aliasing. Not even pretty with aa and completely different than e.g. Win.12:44
dewyfaceElNota: ?12:44
Sir_DiddymusWith openSUSE that wasn't an issue. Can this be changed?12:44
Sir_Diddymusmostly in web browsers it's obvious.12:45
erUSULSir_Diddymus: System>Preferences>Appearance>12:45
abhishekmay anyone please tell me, how can i degrade my version of fglrx driver for ubuntu. When i try to uninstall the current one and install the previous one it gives errors  please help12:45
ElNotadewyface: apt-get update won't update ubuntu version12:45
abhishekplease anyone12:45
intickdewyface: i've had similar prob j've just changed permission on /var/www12:45
dewyfaceElnota: yeah cheers sorry was thinking of software12:45
dewyfaceintick: how did you do that?12:46
ElNotaIt won't too; that's upgrade12:46
ElNotaupdate only will check if new updates are avaiable, reloading packages-info from repositories12:46
intickdewyface: ALC12:46
Sir_DiddymuserUSUL: unfortunately, won't change a thing.12:46
burhandewyface: update-manager -d12:46
Piciburhan: No.12:47
erUSULSir_Diddymus: wrond dpi ¿12:47
erUSULwrong dpi?12:47
ElNotaburhan: That isn't necesary12:47
Picidewyface: Please do not run the comment suggested by burhan. that is for upgrading to the Development release of Ubuntu, which is not what you want.12:47
BernardTKHey guys, I for some reason do not have any sound, mp3's and video also do not play at all. ubuntu 10.10 ( help would be very appreciated :) )12:47
Pici!upgrade | dewyface correct instructions here12:47
ubottudewyface correct instructions here: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade12:47
dewyfacehaha i dont want to upgrade, i wanna sort permissions for my apache lamp to run sites locally on my machine12:47
dewyfacebut thanks :D12:48
Sir_DiddymuserUSUL: hm... don't think so. Menus etc. are fine, but take a look here: http://i.imgur.com/sQxnC.png12:48
printf_1im so stoned12:48
Picidewyface: Whats wrong with the permissions that are set out of the box?12:48
Piciprintf_1: We don't care.  This channel is for support only.12:48
erUSULSir_Diddymus: that's firefox?12:48
intickdewyface: right clic on www folder then add the needed permissions12:49
nigelbdewyface: can you take a screenshot of that error.12:49
dr_sporkHi everyone, I'm having problems getting my laptop to suspend and hibernate since I upgraded to Maverick. Does anyone have any ideas how I might troubleshoot this problem?12:49
Sir_DiddymuserUSUL: nope, Opera. Firefox misses those seemingly bold letters, but still nearly the same.12:49
intickdewyface: what error are you getting ? can you view your website on your browser ?12:50
dewyfaceintick: set perms to www-data12:50
solistic`man use_screen' mentions a `libncursest' that I can not find anywhere. Is the defaul built thread safe? Any idea?12:50
dewyfacepici: could have used out of the box but wanted to customize the location a little12:50
erUSULSir_Diddymus: :( really dunno what is wrong. if you changed the aa settings ( subpixel etc) and that did not change anything then i do not know what to do next12:51
intickwhy didnt you keep default folder ?12:51
burhandewyface: do you know how to use the concept of sites in ubuntu?12:51
Sir_DiddymuserUSUL: k... thanx anyway.12:51
dewyfaceburhan: no only set up a debian server12:51
dewyfacefor online use, i just want a local one12:51
burhandewyface: well, its the same. Copy /etc/apache2/sites-available/default to /etc/apache2/sites-available/mysite, then edit /etc/apache2/sites-available/mysite and change the paths. Finally, sudo a2ensite mysite12:52
dewyfacesadly thats exactly what i did12:52
burhandewyface: and what's the problem?12:52
Rolandhow to make the system more responsive when copying large amounts of small files( +30k )12:53
dewyfaceburhan: it says i dont have the right permission to view these files12:53
Roland+30k files12:53
EltuIs it possible to make Banshee play .mod and .xm files?12:53
burhandewyface: static files?12:53
RolandI've heard of some alternative kernel but does it work?12:54
ghufranhi. does anyone know how to install "Mobile Partner" software for Huwavei ?12:54
burhanghufran: you don't need it unless you want to send and view SMS messages.12:54
=== christian is now known as Guest84161
rocket16Hello all.12:55
dewyfaceburhan: any ideas?12:55
ghufranburhan, i think i do.. i can connect using gnome-ppp but there are other features .. like calling their service number to charge my account ... or change my package settings12:55
PiciRoland: One option would be to renice the copy process to a higher number.12:55
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »12:56
burhandewyface: where did you put the new directory and what perms does it have?12:56
ghufranburhan, i tried installing it but i keep getting "device unavailable .." message12:56
burhanghufran: I'm not aware of any Linux version of that software, but I usually put the card in my mobile to run the USSD commands.12:57
dewyfaceburhan /home/dewy/projects set group to www-data then did a sudo chmod -R 2770 /home/dewy12:57
ghufrani dont have a mobile .. its a usb stick12:57
Propelwhat's a cheap, quality mp3 player that is ubuntu compatible?12:59
BernardTKCan anyone help me please. Sound was working before but now I don't get the welcome sounds when logging in and MP3's don't have any sound either. Youtube videos play, however without any sounds. .avi .wmv etc also do not play. I'm using Ubuntu 10.10. Not sure what has happened :S12:59
Devilz_108Propel, What do you mean by Ubuntu Compatible?13:00
Devilz_108BernardTK, Did you do a upgrade?13:00
BernardTKNo, it's fresh 10.10 install13:00
sebsebsebPropel: get something from Cowen I guess :) or is that Cowan13:00
Devilz_108When it was working (I know before) but when? what you were using?13:00
BernardTKumm early tonight13:01
sebsebsebPropel: anyway nice players, even do open formats such as OGG and FLAC :)13:01
BernardTKwas using rhythm box13:01
Propelwow, they do FLAC now?13:01
Propeli just had an old ipod13:01
Propelreally, old. figured i should just invest in a new mp3 player, maybe also a video player.13:01
Devilz_108BernardTK, Did you restart the PC ?13:01
Propelbut without the hassle of installing itunes13:01
BernardTKI have restarted several times13:01
sebsebsebPropel: yeah so get something that supports open formats :)  like from the company I was recommending13:01
Devilz_108It's weird13:02
sebsebsebPropel: Ipod and such is not that good,  vender lock in to Apple, very propritary, and that kind of thing13:02
ReliantI'm trying to update grub to grub2. The docs & installer use a chainloader to try it out, but when I choose the chainloader entry from grub1, instead of showing the grub2 menu, it boots straight into Ubuntu13:02
sebsebsebPropel: plus newer ones may not work so well with Ubuntu or other Linux distros, and so on13:02
sebsebsebReliant: why upgrade from Grub to Grub 2?13:02
Propelnewer ipods, taht is?13:02
BernardTKI had attempted to setup MPD + Sonata, however that didn't work. Restarted my computer, and now no sound13:02
sebsebsebPropel: old Ipod will probably work reasonably well,  others may end up being a hassle13:03
Devilz_108It seems that MPD and Sonata thing is the reason of this problem BernardTK13:03
Propeloh i see. i might lukc out then. i have a really old ipod13:03
BernardTKDevilz_108L Yeah, but I can't understand what has changed.13:03
Devilz_108Something with the drivers mostly BernardTK13:03
Propeldamn, cowons are expensive13:04
BernardTKDevilz_108, any ideas of what I can do :S?13:04
Devilz_108System > Administration > Hardware Drivers BernardTK , Do you see a driver related to sound?13:04
xerox1i am thinking of buying a kindle; now i would like to know, how good it works with pdfs; is there any kind of "kindel-simulator" for ubuntu, apart from calibre?13:04
sebsebsebPropel: yeah probably so, but rather worth it13:04
sebsebsebPropel: not that many players support open formats :(13:05
Propeldo you know of other brands?13:05
sebsebsebPropel: not for decant players that support open formats no, but cowon is what people will normally or always recommend for this13:05
Propelwhen you mention older ipods working well, do you mean it could work well with itunes or possibly without itunes?13:05
Propelahhh i see13:06
sebsebsebPropel: you can't run itunes on Ubuntu or other Linux distros13:06
qwdPropel: you might want to look at the sony readers13:06
Propelwell via wine, you can13:06
=== v3nd3tta is now known as v3nd3tta``
sebsebsebPropel: well maybe in Wine just about for an older verison if you configure properly,  and then of course a Windows virtual  machine would work, with enough RAM and such13:06
BernardTK       Devilz_108 I don't have Hardware Drivers under Administration :S13:06
sebsebsebPropel: also Itunes sucks really13:06
Propeloh ya? how so?13:07
cbush15root@server01:~# gedit13:07
cbush15(gedit:15647): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:13:07
Propelcan you still buy stuff from itunes and DL podcasts?13:07
cbush15can i have help13:07
sebsebsebPropel: I woudn't personally buy from it, but  Ubuntu even has the Music Store, you know about that?13:07
Propelvia wine?13:07
sebsebsebPropel: Ubuntu One Music Store13:07
Propeloh no.13:07
Propeldoes it offer the same music form itunes?13:07
Propelqwd, i'm chekcing out sony readers now, btw. thx13:07
Devilz_108Weird maybe 10.10 is different than 10.04 , BernardTK  : Under Administration > Try System Testing and test the sound and under Preferences go to Sound13:07
swebi can see my localhost ... apache2 start successfully13:07
sebsebsebPropel: they have a pretty good service provider as far as I know13:07
qwdPropel: mobileread has good info on readers13:08
sebsebsebPropel: if you open up Rythombox look down the left, theres also an add on for Banshee13:08
cbush15root@server01:~# gedit  (gedit:15647): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:13:08
cbush15can i have help13:08
sebsebsebPropel: they use 7digital13:08
sebsebsebPropel: theres also the Amazon music store you could buy from,  I think if you install Banshee you get the thing for that by default, if not theres an add on I guess13:08
Propeloh, i can't really play around with it yet as i have not yet installed ubuntu :P13:08
Propelstill running shit vista13:08
Devilz_108Ubuntu is amazing Propel :)13:09
sebsebsebPropel: theres also a whole world of open creative commons music,  yep free as in price, and some of it is very good13:09
Devilz_108Open Source and CC = Excellent13:09
Propelso i hear, devilz :)13:09
sebsebsebDevilz_108: well yes and no, depends on user, and hardware,  however yes most Linux distros big :)13:09
Propelsay, why did you guys decide to install ubuntu?13:09
Propelmy hardware should be more than adequate btw13:09
sebsebsebPropel: actsually  I am moving on much more to other distros, well have really, but still try out Ubuntu sometimes13:09
Devilz_108If he is running Vista then I don't think he will have some hardware problems13:09
Devilz_108Most of the hardware problems are in the old stuff13:10
llutzcbush15: as user "gksudo gedit <file to open>"13:10
BernardTKDevilz_108, I did the test and get no audio playback13:10
Propelreally, righ tnow it's down to ubuntu or windows 7. the one problem i have with ubuntu are is the app compatibility issue :/13:10
ElNotaPropel: Because it's a good and easy GNU/Linux dist13:10
Propeland games13:10
Devilz_108If you're looking for gaming PC then Ubuntu/Linux isn't yours13:10
Devilz_108BernardTK, Anyway to fix it? in the program?13:10
Propeli see13:10
smtbecause its free (both, price and source code), reliable, you can get a lot of free and qualified support13:10
Propelyah, that's the thing, devilz :/13:10
sebsebsebPropel: however I installed back in 2004, because well Fedora took a bit to long to install on the PC I was using back then, and such13:10
ElNotaMeh, if you want play buy PS313:10
cbush15llutz: command not found13:10
dr0idcan someone help me with http://pastie.org/private/m288rdznqav0pb41ckmwa ?13:10
Propeli love ubuntu, but it's the games and apps that have me worried13:10
Untouchab1eSo what do I do when I need Nvidia drivers to get a display at all? Meaning installation wont work without the drivers13:10
Propeli've loooked into alternative methods though13:10
burhanPropel: dual boot13:11
Propelargh. i hate dual boot :P13:11
Propelmight as well keep windows then :P13:11
sebsebsebPropel: ok so you got 1GB RAM at least I guess?13:11
Propel3GB ram13:11
abhishekmay anyone please tell me, how can i degrade my version of fglrx driver for ubuntu. When i try to uninstall the current one and install the previous one it gives errors13:11
BernardTKIs there anyway to system restore back to fresh 10.10 instrall lol?13:11
burhanyou shouldn't compromise just because its open source and Linux. If it doesn't do what you want, then why use it?13:11
Propelexpandable to 4GBs, but i don't need it13:11
sebsebsebPropel: ok virtual machines are in no problem :)13:11
sebsebsebPropel: what games?13:12
ElNotaBernardTK: I don't understand you, what are you trying to do?13:12
Devilz_108BernardTK, Do you know what is your soundcard name? so you might give it a google try?13:12
Propelreally, old games.13:12
Propelon steam, counter strike.13:12
swebsome body help me13:12
sebsebsebPropel: such as?13:12
burhanBernardTK: yes, install it again from the installation DVD13:12
BernardTKElNota, I have sound in at all13:12
Propelday of defeat, counter strike etc13:12
Devilz_108ElNota, He installed something but failed to install and fucked up his sound drivers so he got no sound anymore13:12
sebsebsebPropel: ok13:12
PiciDevilz_108: Please mind your language here.13:12
Propelsomeone here recommended me crossover games13:12
ElNotaDevilz_108: Oh ok13:12
sebsebsebPropel: Crossover Games is paid for13:12
burhanPropel: not worth it, I already tried it out.13:12
sebsebsebPropel: its propritary software13:12
Propeloh ya?13:12
Propelreally sucks, burhan?13:12
Pici!piracy | Propel13:12
ubottuPropel: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o13:12
FloodBot4Propel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:12
dewyfaceburhan: all sorted :)13:12
burhanyeah, back when I was playing WoW13:13
Propellol sorry13:13
Propeli won't paste that again lol13:13
dr0idcan someone help me with http://pastie.org/private/m288rdznqav0pb41ckmwa ?13:13
sebsebsebPropel: Steam uhmm  a lot of the Ubuntu fans want it on Linux, but I think you can Wine it13:13
Propelburhan, you ever play steam games?13:13
sebsebsebPropel: Counter Strike you can probably run in Wine13:13
burhanPropel: a loong, loong loooong time ago.13:13
Propeloh yeah, so i've heard. although i heard it really sucks on wine13:13
Devilz_108You can run a good amount of games in Wine but with a good amount of bugs and crashes13:13
Propelactually, ppl tell me it's decent or just not playable13:13
dr0idcan someone help me with http://pastie.org/private/m288rdznqav0pb41ckmwa ?13:14
Propelvarying answers13:14
sebsebsebPropel: theres also a add on app for Wine, called playonlinux which makes installing games a bit easier13:14
abhishekmay anyone please tell me, how can i degrade my version of fglrx driver for ubuntu. When i try to uninstall the current one and install the previous one it gives errors13:14
Propeloh nice13:14
burhandr0id: gedit will only work if you are already logged into gnome. It won't work if you are logged in via SSH or your machine is not running X.13:14
sebsebsebPropel: or setting them up  properly, or whatever it does, thats in the Ubuntu repo as well13:14
Devilz_108That's why it's good to have a dual boot Propel , one (Windows) for gaming and Ubuntu for an excellent operating system ;)13:14
burhanPropel: CS works great in wine, its one of the success stories.13:14
dr0idburhan: have we talked before? are you the guy with zend certification ?13:14
sebsebsebPropel: there is an idea that Linux gaming sucks, but that is quite far from the truth,  there are some pretty good games out there for it13:15
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:15
Propelgood to hear burhan :)13:15
Propeli'm trying to stay away from the dual boot13:15
burhandr0id: I don't think so.13:15
Devilz_108Why mate ?13:15
Propeli just know it's gonna get annoying for me13:15
Propelbut i can definitely see it's benefits13:16
jmspeexAnyone knows what's going on with thunderbird and firefox. Seems like both get updated nearly every day and each time this happens, they just start misbehaving until I restart them. Quite annoying13:16
Devilz_108Better than to deal with Wine and the games Propel13:16
PJ2can you help me with enabling talk? http://pastebin.com/hrXa3MtZ13:16
Propeli guess i ahve to see that for myself. see how bad or how good it is13:16
burhanjmspeex: security patches can get annoying.13:16
dr0idPropel: by any chance you are the maker of the propel orm?13:16
Devilz_108I used to have XP and Ubuntu , but my main computer got broken so I'm using a temperoray one with Ubuntu13:16
swebwha'ts the name of apache2 process13:16
Devilz_108Yes give it a try13:16
Propeli keep haering varying answers when i ask ppl on wine. they say it's really good, others say it's crap13:16
Propelpropel orm? lol13:16
Propeli guess not13:16
PJ2how can I enable talk? http://pastebin.com/hrXa3MtZ13:17
Good_D_ayHello friends, I am using ubuntu as development environment for embedded project on arm9. I have installed the toolchain arm-none-eabi- . When I try to cross compile a simple test program using command "arm-none-eabi-gcc -o test test.c" shows error "/opt/codesourcery/lib/gcc/arm-none-eabi/4.4.1/../../../../arm-none-eabi/bin/ld: cannot open output file test: collect2: ld returned 1 exit status" I am not sure of hte error is due to 13:17
tzangergood morning. I am finally upgrading from 9.04 to 9.10, but the package 'ubuntu-desktop' can't be upgraded for some reason.  How does one manually select the 9.10 packages in /etc/apt.d/* so I can try to figure this out?13:17
abhishekmay anyone please tell me, how can i degrade my version of fglrx driver for ubuntu. When i try to uninstall the current one and install the previous one it gives errors13:17
Good_D_ayany suggestions please13:17
zkriesse_Patience PJ213:17
Propellol no, dr0id :P13:17
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)13:17
tzangerer sorry /etc/apt/sources.*13:17
burhanPropel: gaming experience on wine depends on [a] how graphics intensive your game is [b] how well your video card is supported under linux [c] how old your game is. For example, new games that need DX10 fall on their faces in wine.13:17
dr0idburhan: so just via ssh, I can't do, sudo tasksel install lamp-server ?13:17
zkriesse_Pastebin | Good_D_ay13:17
jmspeexburhan: I mean 1) are there really many bugs found each week in those and 2) isn't there a way to make this less painful than silently breaking thing until you restart13:17
Good_D_aythanks zkriesse13:18
abhishekGood_D_ay you need to set all the compiler parameters like ld, ar and others to point to your toolchain rather than native implementations13:18
abhishekdid you dowload it from soucregorgery13:18
DrHalanhey, can i turn the back-button on my mouse to a undo-button somehow?13:18
sweb dr0id, plz help me i'm installing apache2 but the process not in the processes list13:18
abhishekGood_D_ay: ??13:18
burhandr0id: yes, you can it should run in CLI mode.13:18
Good_D_ayabhishek: yes I download it from codesourcery13:18
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swebnot httpd nor apache or apache213:19
burhansweb: how are you installing it?13:19
Good_D_ayIt is an installer13:19
dr0idsweb: sudo tasksel install lamp-server ;)13:19