duanedesignmorning all11:00
ryeduanedesign, morning!11:10
ryei remember i wanted to break something but I don't remember what exactly11:10
duanedesignmaybe bug #66840911:11
ubot4Launchpad bug 668409 in desktopcouch "Does not check for local auth entries in keyring if couchdb.html is present and parseable. (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66840911:11
duanedesignor...evolution addressbook factory11:11
duanedesignrye: i think those were the last couple things we were talking about11:12
ryeduanedesign, ah, right, the latter. The reason for the first one is already known so it is no longer interesting.11:13
Chipacarodrigo_: hi11:30
rodrigo_hi Chipaca11:31
duanedesignmorning rodrigo_  and Chipaca11:54
rodrigo_hey duanedesign, back home safely?11:54
duanedesigni was about to ask you the same :)11:54
rodrigo_yeah, exhausted, but back at home :)11:54
duanedesignrodrigo_: yes i made it home11:54
duanedesignrodrigo_: it was a smooth trip home. No as crazy as the trip out11:55
rodrigo_kklimonda_, hey, if you are working hard to get that branch you "owe" me for today, don't worry, I'm on national holiday today, so it can wait till tomorrow :D11:55
rodrigo_duanedesign, the trip out was crazy?11:56
duanedesignrodrigo_: well, my flight got canceled a few hours before I was to leave. There was a tornado in Dallas.11:57
duanedesignrodrigo_: They finally got me a flight on a different airlinerline11:58
duanedesignand it flew through Detroit, so it was a bit out of the way11:59
kklimonda_rodrigo_: hell yeah, I'm doing nothing but coding - I've started at the airport. I haven't slept, the code looks like verses from the Necronomicon and I can't tell if it's going to connect to couchdb or another dimension but it'll be ready for tomorrow! ;)12:00
kklimonda_good morning everyone12:00
rodrigo_kklimonda_, oh, you took me seriously it seems, good boy :D12:00
rodrigo_kklimonda_, but please sleep :)12:00
kklimonda_Phtlag' nglah zfang Cthulhu!12:01
duanedesignhello kklimonda_12:11
kklimonda_hey duanedesign - you're saying that there was a tornado? Did you have to wait long at the airport?12:20
duanedesignkklimonda_: it was the Sunday before UDS. They ended up getting me a flight on a different airliner and flying me the long way to Orlando.12:41
shane4ubuntumorning rye, for what it is worth, I removed the sym link, all my data has been up since, Sat, and no duplicates, and no removals.12:57
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karniaquarius: hi :) got a moment :)?16:43
aquariuskarni, yep, if it's a brief moment :)16:44
karniyes, brief one16:44
karniaquarius: I was thinking if we should make *any* folder on SD card sync'able ;)16:44
karniaquarius: that is, UbuntuOne would be on ~/SD card. so woul any UDF.16:44
karniaquarius: and any folder could become a UDF.16:44
karnihowever, that could somehow clutter the SD storage.16:45
aquariusinteresting concept16:45
karnibut, the adventage is that we would access the ~/SD folder as the ~ home folder on linux box16:45
aquariusI would start with being able to display UDFs that are created by other stuff16:45
aquariusand worry about *creating* UDFs from Android later16:45
karniaquarius: right. but the question is,16:45
karniI thought I could put everything under ~/SD16:46
karniso that U1 folder would be there, as well as any UDF16:46
karnicrap, I meant under ~/SD/U116:46
aquariusah, right, yes. That's a good idea.16:46
karnilike ~/SD/U1/Ubuntu One, or, ~/SD/U1/some_udf16:46
karniaquarius: ↑ instead of putting all UDFs loose under ~/SD16:47
karniaquarius: what do you think?16:47
aquariuscompletely agreed16:47
karniok then.16:47
aquariusotherwise a UDF created in U1 might collide with a folder already on the SD card16:47
karniI'll do it like that and we'll think about creating udfs from SD card folders later.16:47
karnithat's it, thanks :)16:48
aquariuskarni, np :)16:48
karnirye: accessing published URL: Service Temporarily Unavailable16:50
karniThe server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.16:50
karnirye: are you guys aware of that?16:50
ryekarni, there is automatic detection of this issue now, should be up and running now16:52
karnirye: oh, ok. the link is not working though. http://ubuntuone.com/p/NGz/16:52
ryekarni, it is, i believe the negative response should not be cached by upstream proxy16:53
karnirye: oh..16:53
karnirye: it is :) hehe. thankx16:54
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karnifacundobatista: aquarius: guys, I once receved SyncDaemon state diagram from someone on #ubuntuone, you have any idea where I can find it?21:26
karnirye: do you have the SyncDaemon state diagram handy perhaps?21:28
ryekarni, yes21:29
karnirye: neat, could I have it?21:29
ryekarni, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-control-tower/ubuntuone-client/stable-1-4/files/head%3A/docs/21:30
karnirye: thank you :)21:30

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