travisclinewhere does upstart hold its state? i'm running into issues where one a job isn't detected as starting properly any start/stop hangs17:45
travisclineunless I change my job name17:45
travisclinei think my process is forking too many times as the pid upstart thinks it is/was didn't sitcka round17:46
travisclinewish there were some effort put into getting some updated documentation17:50
travisclineesp re: how to debug your scripts17:50
ionYeah, that’s a known problem. Better not use ‘expect’ unless you’re completely sure of the forking behavior of your main program. A future release of Upstart will come with a better implementation of following forks.18:12
ionThe state’s in memory.18:12
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Guest33795i like to know how to change the key combinations Ctrl Alt DEL19:09
Guest33795nobody can not repondre me19:10
travisclineGuest33795: this isn't the correct channel for that question19:14
travisclineion: so for now, if it double-forks, I can't use upstart to manage it?19:14
ion‘expect daemon’ follows a main process that forks twice.19:15
travisclinein my case the stop will then hang when the pid is not actually a running process19:30
travisclinethen any7 subsequent start/stop hangs19:30
ionYeah, the current functionality gets confused very easily if the main process behaves differently than what the ‘expect’ stanza says.19:31
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