webpower_hi all00:53
webpower_i've installed VERVE terminal in the bar00:53
webpower_how can I remove it?00:53
Thermiich geh dann mal schlafen, gute nacht alle miteinander01:42
* Balsaq moves silently thru the underbrush, on his way to lush binary rainforest known as.....Xubuntu!04:46
prebenHi. I have a recurring problem that when I try to transfer data via ssh, being rsync, sshfs, rdiff-backup etc... the first transfer after booting the machine fails with a MAC corruption error on my Asus Eee 1000H and a 901. It is not my intra network, because it happens in another intra network as well. When I retry it always works. It must be a driver error for the Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 card. Where do I file an report? Towards kernel?09:04
xubuntu387ipad can connect to ubuntu ?11:54
Thermivia bluetooth perhaps :>11:58
Thermior usb11:58
Thermishould work similiar with the ipad12:00
xubuntu387i'll check it out12:01
Thermiand please use google ;)12:02
Thermior bing12:02
Thermior whatever search engine you prefer :D12:02
rethushow can i use awesome on xubuntu?13:22
Sysiwhat is it?13:23
rethusa tiling window manager13:23
moetunes!info awsomewm13:23
ubottuPackage awsomewm does not exist in maverick13:23
moetunes!find awsome13:24
ubottuFile awsome found in gcompris-sound-pa13:24
moetunesthere you go then13:24
rethus!find awesome13:24
ubottuFound: awesome, awesome-extra13:24
moetunesinstall it and you should be able to select it at login then13:24
xubuntu305anybody here had any luck with a netgear PCI wifi card installation14:50
xubuntu305Netgear WG31114:51
god37337hey everyone :D i have a question i'm trying to install netactview on xubuntu and it recuires libs who are already outdated...so when compiling it doesn't find the new versions14:58
moetunesgod37337:  either try an older version of the app or find a different app maybe14:59
god37337any good alternative for netactview or currports?15:00
moetunesI don't know what those apps do...15:01
god37337they list the open ports and connections nicley so you can see who's listening on your pc and to gain the ip of msn contacts and so on...15:11
Sysior well, it shows all network traffic15:14
Sysiiftop maybe15:14
god37337yeah and thats a lot15:14
Sysitry and see15:15
Sysiit shows connections15:15
god37337ok i'm installing it15:15
god37337ok not as good as currports but it's worthy to be called :D good alternative :D15:27
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xubuntu015what is my son doing to my computer?16:15
xubuntu015he left and there was a window that said to join the xchat irc channel by clicking16:15
xubuntu015what is this16:15
charlie-tcaYou appear to be talking on IRC freenode at this time16:15
charlie-tcaIs that a window with a slide at the bottom and a percent counting?16:16
charlie-tcaIt is installing Xubuntu Linux, a free operating system. It may be an install that works along side what ever is there already.16:16
xubuntu015where is windows16:17
charlie-tcaThis is, of course, a guess, since I can not see what is there.16:17
charlie-tcaIf done correctly, windows and Xubuntu will be available when it finishes16:17
xubuntu015i am going to kill him16:18
Sysicharlie-tca: that can be doubted :P16:18
charlie-tcanot yet, please.16:18
xubuntu015not yet?16:18
xubuntu015how do I stop this?16:18
charlie-tcaI know, Sysi . It is not possible to know what is really happening from here. I can not see what is there. It is possible he is simply running a live desktop to see what it is.16:19
xubuntu015it says retrieving file 33 of 42 13s remaining16:19
xubuntu015how do I stop this?  will my computer break down if I turn it off?16:20
charlie-tcaIdeas, anyone?16:20
charlie-tcaI would let it finish whatever is happening, myself. Interrupting it if it is an install is not a good idea, I think.16:20
likemindeadWhere'd your son go? Ask him what he's doing.16:21
likemindeadIt may just be a Live CD.16:21
xubuntu015hes on his way to his mothers house 2 hours away16:21
xubuntu015he just left before i found this16:21
likemindeadAfter the downloading/installing dialogue stops, you can shut down and reboot.16:22
xGrindwhy the sound in xubuntu 10.10 is bad?16:23
xubuntu015how do i tell if windows is still here?16:23
charlie-tcaIt will offer the option to boot either linux or windows when it restarts16:24
xubuntu015i cant believe this.  if my files are gone i dont know what to do16:24
xubuntu015how long will that be?16:24
xubuntu015it only has a time for each thing its doing16:24
xubuntu015not all of it16:24
likemindeadIf you're in a live environment, you're just running off of a CD-ROM or USB. If it has installed, you might be set up to dual-boot with Windows or ... :-\16:24
xubuntu015im afraid to stop it16:25
xubuntu015is there any way to know before its done?16:25
moetunessounds like it is either updating or getting language packs...16:25
xubuntu015running update grub16:25
xubuntu015or something16:25
xubuntu015now it was 40 minutes left16:26
Sysimenu → system → gparted shows if you still got windows partition there16:26
likemindeadThere ya go.16:26
xubuntu015where is the menu16:26
xubuntu015when i click the start menu everything goes away16:26
xubuntu015until i click it again16:26
likemindeadTop left.16:26
spzgreat work on 10.10, guys!16:29
likemindead!hi | spz16:29
ubottuspz: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!16:29
likemindeadWow... wonder if we'll hear from that guy again... :-\16:34
moetunesa hit and run compliment ?16:34
charlie-tcasure hope it does not mess up his data16:35
Sysigreat son or interesting troll16:35
likemindeadNo, moetunes, some guy who's kid was installing Xubuntu without his knowledge, or something. He was confused and not happy about it.16:35
likemindeadToo right you are, Sysi. ;-)16:35
spznext time: I like scrollbars which touch the outer screen edge if the window is maximized. This eases their usage with Computer Mice alot.17:22
W1resI just installed xubuntu. Does anyone know why abiword, texmaker, and openoffice crash my system back to the login screen when I open them?19:03
charlie-tcaThose are the only applications which cause that?19:05
charlie-tcacheck the /var/log/dmesg or /var/log/syslog and see if there are any error messages?19:05
W1resthere might be more but those are the ones I've noticed so far19:06
xGrindwhy the sound in xubuntu 10.10 is bad?19:08
charlie-tcaxGrind: your own hardware? Sound in 10.10 for me is great19:08
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charlie-tcaxGrind: are you using pulseaudio?19:09
xGrindcharlie-tca; yes19:09
W1resIs this something form the logs that means something? I'm not sure what to look for19:10
W1resMicrocode SW error detected.  Restarting 0x82000000.19:10
charlie-tcaPlease file a bug report using    ubuntu-bug pulseaudio    in a terminal so that can be fixed for your hardware19:10
xGrindwhy the sound in xubuntu 10.10 is bad?19:10
xGrindmichael@michael-M810DLU:~$ pulseaudio19:10
xGrindE: pid.c: Daemon already running.19:10
xGrindE: main.c: pa_pid_file_create() falhou.19:10
charlie-tcaxGrind: Please file a bug report using    ubuntu-bug pulseaudio    in a terminal so that can be fixed for your hardware19:11
charlie-tcaW1res: without the information before that line, I don't know. Did it show up more than once?19:12
charlie-tcaAll it is stating is that it restarted that memory location.19:13
W1resI'm not sure what to look for, but in syslog I just searched for texmaker, and that was the next line19:13
charlie-tcaW1res: then try the applications causing the issue on at a time, and see if the same restarting 0????? shows for each one.19:14
charlie-tcaIf it does, that is the error.19:14
W1resIs there any reason it crashes to the login screen instead of the whole system just going down and having to restart?19:15
charlie-tcamaybe it is crashing the X server19:16
W1resalright thanks19:17
charlie-tcaIt seems to doing just what Ctrl+Alt+Backspace used to do, restarting X19:17
W1resIt sucks because no matter what distro of linux I try, there is always one thing that just doesn't work.19:20
charlie-tcahmm, perhaps a bug against xorg using    ubuntu-bug xorg-server   ?19:22
charlie-tcaWhat video card do you have?19:22
charlie-tcaand , are you using any hardware driver?19:23
W1resNvidia 7800 mobile19:23
W1resI was using the nvidia drivers that ubuntu asks you to install, but I just uninstalled them to see if that might be the problem19:23
charlie-tcagood move19:23
br1_I guess you guys can help me...20:02
charlie-tcaPlease ask your question all in one line. All of us are volunteers and will attempt to answer if we know.20:02
likemindead!hi | br1_20:02
ubottubr1_: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!20:02
br1_ok here it goes20:02
br1_can't burn any cd using any tool! Don't know what happened... it's a fresh install20:03
br1_the system detects the blank cd but when I click burn, all the program closes automatically :(20:04
likemindeadTry Brasero?20:04
br1_i tried Brasero, Xfbrun, and KB3... and others more... nothing works!20:04
charlie-tcacd-r or cd-rw?20:05
charlie-tcarelease of Xubuntu?20:05
br1_xubuntu 10.1020:05
br1_I installed all the update packages20:06
br1_ummm... Pentium III, 512 ram...20:07
br1_the device is ok... I burnt cd's on windows (dual boot) even before I used Ubuntu, and Brasero worked fine!20:07
br1_so... what can I do?20:09
likemindeadEver burned successfully in another Linux distro with it?20:10
br1_yeah! I used Ubuntu before using Xubuntu...20:10
br1_and all the CD and DVDs I brunt were perfect!20:10
likemindeadStrange, indeed.20:11
br1_yeah!! T_T20:11
br1_the system recognizes the new CD... it prompt me to choose between a data CD or a Music CD... I choose the Data CD... compile the files... and the moment I click burn... all shuts!20:13
br1_the CD is still blank after this... tried several CDs and the same result...20:13
likemindeadYou might want to stick with Ubuntu if it's working there for you.20:16
br1_yeah... I gues... I was startiing to like Xubuntu...20:17
br1_so I guess my problem does not have a solution?? =(20:17
br1_well.. I'll reinstall Ubuntu... thx!! take care!!20:21
johnny77I'm working on customizing my menu a little bit. I added a submenu, but can't get the icon to work.20:37
skismI'm having a probelm isntall xubuntu20:38
skismI installed from the Xubuntu CD, from Windows using a virtual CD20:38
skismanyways, install goes fine so far, but now it's just waiting at "Ready when you are..."20:38
skismThe installer seems to be responsive, but spacebar and enter key clicks in an attempt to continue one are futile.20:39

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