lamalexnjpatel, do you have any insight as to where I should start for testing automation dbus api?17:08
lamalexnjpatel, do you think that just exposing each ui element over dbus with a click () etc. method is a fair enough approach?17:09
lamalexnjpatel, like putting each Launcher on the bus with Click (), Drag (), whatever else17:10
lamalexthen mago/QA can just iterate over the bus objects and call click and make sure whatever it looks like after the operation is true17:11
lamalexdbarth_, ^17:11
njpatellamalex, no17:13
njpatellamalex, we're not doing that17:13
njpatellamalex, ATK will let us do that properly, having a way to do actions over dbus is not really the right thing there17:14
lamalexhm.. I thought that's what I was tasked with hooking up while we wait for ATK17:14
njpateli'm pretty sure that's not what rick wants, but let me make sure17:15
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tedglamalex, Hey, did my mail answer you dbus-test-runner questions?19:16
lamalextedg, yes thanks19:16
lamalexall good19:16
tedgSweet!  So do we have a tarmac to land on? :)19:16
lamalexeh not exactly yet19:17
lamalexi can't figure out the chroot stuff19:17
lamalexbut prettty close19:17
danyRhello everyone. I've a question: so, if I wanted to create an ubuntu-mono style icon, where could I find some guidelines and specs?19:24
tedgDanRabbit, ^19:27
DanRabbitdanyR: there currently are none >.<19:27
danyRDanRabbit: that's bad :(. Something like your Elementary spec on dA would be very useful19:28
DanRabbitdanyR: There are plans for a public spec. It just needs to be created and approved :p19:29
danyRbut I guess it'll be different with the new icon theme, or is it gonna keep the current mono style?19:30
DanRabbitdanyR: That's also something that is kind of up in the air.19:31
danyRDanRabbit: Hmm, I'm sure George Clooney can give me an answer on that.19:31
DanRabbitdanyR: +119:31
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