glyphhey #bzr00:06
glyphis 'bzr branches' supposed to work on remote svn repositories?00:06
glyphI ran it on my SVN repo's /branches directory, and it's been going for about an hour now.00:06
fullermdI'd guess that if it does, it has to do all the work of converting the repo to do it...00:10
spivglyph: hmm00:13
spivglyph: 'bzr branches' is pretty simple-minded, I wouldn't be surprised to discover it is pathologically slow with an SVN repo.00:14
glyphspiv: well, consider yourself having discovered it :)00:14
vilahi all !07:13
vilaspiv: Right, so, what *do* you think we should use then ? only regexps ?07:14
spivvila: something that feels the same as ignore rules, bzrmeta/rules, locations.conf wildcards..?  Not sure.07:25
vilameh, those are globs AFAIK i.e. fnmatch, *I* don't mind using regexps, but it seem we tend to propose globs instead of regexps so I thought it was a deliberate choice07:27
vilaignores can use regexps but you have to explicitly ask for them07:28
GaryvdMHi all08:52
GaryvdMIs there a way to get bzr to use words, rather than lines when merging? I'm trying to merge  wikipedia article changes08:54
vilaGaryvdM: hi !08:55
GaryvdMOr is there maybe some external app that I can pass THIS, BASE, OTHER to?08:55
GaryvdMHi vila!08:55
vilaGaryvdM: In theory, yes, in practice.. I don't think you can achieve that without coding something ;)08:55
vilaGaryvdM: there is a mp from doxxx about that08:56
vila(about invoking external tools that is)08:56
GaryvdMvila: but the question is what external app can do this for me08:57
vilaGaryvdM: several are mentioned in the mp, that's why I cited it :-p08:58
GaryvdMoh - ok - I'll take a look08:58
vilaGaryvdM: *I* use emacs smerge-mode for that ;)08:58
GaryvdMvila: ok - I've never used emacs before, but I'm going to give it a shot - thanks09:01
fullermdOgod, now look what you've done...   corrupting an innocent soul   :(09:02
* Tak tsk09:02
GaryvdMI ended up hacking bzrlib.merge.Merge3Merger.get_lines to return words, not lines.09:30
GaryvdM(emacs still downloading...)09:30
GaryvdMI'm using pipeline for the first time. I like it :-)09:33
gthorslundjelmer: saw your comment on https://code.launchpad.net/~gthorslund/bzr-bisect/539937-subtree/+merge/39785 . want me to fix it for all doc strings or just for my additions? (it's just " everywhere from what I can see)10:07
jelmergthorslund: Ah, you were being consistent with the rest of the file.  I hadn't realized that.10:08
gthorslundjelmer: yes, but I can fix it for all of the file if you like. or you could do it after. don't know what looks best.10:09
jelmergthorslund: It'd be nice if you could fix the rest of that file to use the """-style as well.10:10
gthorslundjelmer: ok. I'll do that.10:10
jelmergthorslund: I'd also be fine with merging your current docstrings as is since they're consistent with the existing style.10:10
jelmerbut fixing the file to use the right style would have my preference of course :-)10:11
gthorslundjelmer: so let's just keep it simple and not create a new bug + merge request for the change of docstrings :)10:11
loldruphi, I have a serious problem.. I get error 13 when trying to download code from my repository: sftp://brok.diku.dk/usr/local/projects/disk07/dirdiffsim/repo/trunk10:16
loldrupbzr checkout sftp://brok.diku.dk/usr/local/projects/disk07/dirdiffsim/repo/trunk10:16
loldrupbzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "/usr/local/projects/disk07/dirdiffsim/repo/trunk/.bzr/branch-format": [Errno 13] Permission denied10:16
Takyour user needs read access to the contents of the .bzr dir10:21
loldrupah ok, will check that10:22
sladenbzr branch lp:ubuntu-font-family-website    generates lots of warnings:10:34
sladenException RuntimeError: 'maximum recursion depth exceeded in __subclasscheck__' in <type 'exceptions.RuntimeError'> ignored10:34
sladen...is that a feature, or a bug?10:34
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spivsladen: bug10:55
spivsladen: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+bug/668176 I think; needs bzr upgraded on codehosting to current lp:bzr/2.210:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 668176 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "lp-serve infinite loop, development focus is empty bzrdir (affected: 1, heat: 11)" [Undecided,New]10:56
maxbHmm. hg 1.7 is out and current bzr-hg debs claim non-compatibility with that11:00
* sladen dupes https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/67135111:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 671351 in Bazaar "bzr branch: "maximum recursion depth exceeded in __subclasscheck__" (dup-of: 668176)" [Undecided,New]11:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 668176 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "lp-serve infinite loop, development focus is empty bzrdir (affected: 3, heat: 19)" [Undecided,New]11:02
jelmerbzr-hg is in need of some attention :-/11:06
sladenspiv: who do I knack to get it fixed.  Broken code-hosting is a bit useless11:38
sladenspiv: and I've staggered at how that got paste unit/regression testing11:39
sladenspiv: and I'm staggered at how that got past unit/regression testing11:39
spivsladen: the launchpad-code team; thumper is the lead there11:44
spivsladen: it got past because it involves a pretty unusual scenario that triggers an unexpected interaction between codehosting and bzrlib11:45
spivsladen: and AFAIK it's not a regression, it's always been lurking, so regression testing by definition wouldn't have caught it :P11:46
sladenspiv: okay, I've re-read the bug, but can't see the cause/interaction listed, can you outline it so that I can add it to the bug report11:47
sladenspiv: oh right, yikes11:47
spivHmm, maybe it technically is a regression.11:47
spivBut anyway,11:47
spivIIRC it's basically that some sort broken/unusual bzrdir on the remote side can cause codehosting's VFS to raise a slightly odd error (from bzrlib's perspective at least) in response to an open_branch request from the client.11:49
spivArguably codehosting's VFS should be more careful to only raise filesystem errors from its functions, and arguably bzr should be more robust against unexpected errors.11:50
spivI've fixed the bzr side in lp:bzr/2.2 to be more robust.11:50
spiv(i.e. not get stuck in an infinite loop of error handling callbacks)11:51
spivAt this late hour I don't quite recall what the precise circumstances are.11:51
spivYou can probably workaround it by using sftp or nosmart+lp URLs.11:51
* spiv -> zzz11:52
gthorslundjelmer: pushed docstrings fix now.12:09
* gthorslund going for lunch12:09
* jelmer also goes to lunch12:16
jelmergthorslund: Thanks, btw!14:08
gthorslundjelmer: you too! if I make another merge proposal, should I add you as reviewer instead of bazaar devs as default now? (guess I could ping you or someone here first too)14:10
jelmergthorslund: please use bazaar devs so any of us can review. You're always welcome to ping me individually in case nobody replies.14:12
gthorslundjelmer: fine. I'll do so. do you see a work queue for everyone in the group to review?14:14
jamgthorslund: stuff like: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+activereviews14:41
jamthat, and we all get an email when a request for bazaar-dev is made14:42
jamanyway, be back later14:44
gthorslundthx jam (who left). https://code.edge.launchpad.net/bazaar/+activereviews was probably what I was looking for (since it was for plugins like bzr-bisect too)14:46
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DonDiegowhy does 'bzr version-info' require network connectivity?16:09
vilaDonDiego: probably because you use a checkout so the history is not available locally16:09
DonDiegoi have it stalling and erroring out on me when my laptop has no inet16:09
vilaDonDiego: use bound branches and unbind when you don't have net access16:10
vilaDonDiego: 'bzr info' will tell you what your configuration is and 'bzr reconfigure' will help you adapt it to your needs16:11
DonDiegoah, that's a good hint, thank you, i will investigate tonight16:12
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gthorslundDonDiego: I like keeping a local repo doing something like "bzr init-repo foo; cd foo; bzr branch <location of foo>; bzr branch foo foo-with-my-edits; cd foo-with-my-edits" start hacking... "bzr commit -m "fixed bar". then you'll need to merge the changes into <location-of-foo> if someone else have done updates.16:24
DonDiegoso far i have done 'bzr init-repo hipl; cd hipl; bzr co lp:hipl'16:25
DonDiegobut i think i will switch to bzr branch lp:hipl16:25
gthorslundDonDiego: s/co/branch/ then16:26
DonDiegoyes, like i wrote, thx :)16:26
jmlmgz: hey, yesterday you were talking about being blocked on lifeless to get some testtools stuff done16:32
jmlmgz: afterwards, it occurred to me to ask, "how can we change things so that you are blocked neither on lifeless nor myself?"16:32
mgzjml: on that particular issue with the pqm setup I'm not really sure, it's a canonical infrastructure thing. In general on code things, dvcs and really pretty good responsiveness from you two means I don't really get blocked on coding things except by myself16:37
jmlmgz: thanks for saying so :)16:37
jmlmgz: on the pqm thing, maybe there is something we can do to unblock you. Have you sent mail about it?16:37
mgzI've not, as I'm not sure where it should be going. I know of the existence of an rt, and found out yesterday the problem was lack of a debian package.16:38
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maxbmgz: For testtools? The problem is not the lack of a Debian package because there is one in the ~bzr PPA. Unless the Canonical sysadmins dislike that?16:40
maxbOr did you need a newer version of testtools? In which case I can update the ~bzr PPA easily enough16:41
ScottKmaxb: For a lot of people it only counts if it's in $DISTROOFCHOICE.16:41
mgzScottK, I'd really hope they're using Ubuntu :)16:42
ScottKbzr PPA isn't Ubuntu.16:42
mgzmaxb, your PPA would do, and I think jam said he mentioned it in the rt?16:43
maxbThe Canonical sysadmins use extra packages all the time. I imagine they'll just need to copy it into their private archive16:43
mgzI'm not really in the right position to coordinate this.16:43
maxbI have no visibility over the RT, but I'd like to hear any reasons why the PPA isn't an instant solution16:43
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vilamgz, jml, maxb: the magic word is: losa17:24
jmlvila: no it's not.17:25
mgzI always thought it was please.17:25
vilajml: well, that's where it's blocked so far AIUI17:26
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Buttons840i remember hearing that a uncommit doesn't actually remove the commit?  can someone explain this better, and does it really matter to me?18:18
GaryvdMButtons840: uncommit moves the branch tip back.18:18
GaryvdMIt matters if you have confidential info you are trying to hide.18:19
Buttons840GaryvdM: so if i commit revision 5, and then uncommit it, revision 5 still exists but it's no longer know as revision 5 (as the next commit will become the new "revision 5")?18:19
GaryvdMOr if you have committed large files.18:19
GaryvdMButtons840: Yes18:20
GaryvdMButtons840: You are able to see uncommited revisions by running bzr heads --dead18:21
Buttons840GaryvdM: thank you18:35
dleeGot a project that includes some large binary files (not my decision) and which is based in Subversion.  I mirror it in bzr, but on an old FreeBSD machine with (I think) 512 meg RAM.  I get a MemoryError in .bzr.log on some pushes containing large binary file updates.  Python 2.4 (hard to upgrade that box).  Anything I can do to avoid the memory errors?18:52
dleeSo far I've been rsyncing the shared repo from a box without such problems, then pushing the branch itself without incident.18:52
dleebut rsync is way slower than push...18:53
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viladlee: yup, rsync is way slower indeed...The trick you can try is:19:13
vila1) bzr pack the local repo19:13
vila2) rsync19:14
vila3) push19:14
vilaget some stats from rsync to get a feeling about when you need to repack,19:14
viladlee: I suspect the memory errors occur when you have to repack on the FreeBSD machine (smart server there ?)19:15
viladlee: If you avoid the remote repack (by repacking locally), you *may* workaround the problem then19:16
dleeNot sure, it happens at the end of a long push... but the error does point to groupcompress.py if that helps19:16
viladlee: no, a full backtrace is needed to identify repack19:16
viladlee: but you use a smart server there ?19:17
dleeSo next time I can do local bzr pack and then retry bzr push, only rsyncing if that fails?  Oh yes, bzr+ssh protocol.19:17
dleeNot all pushes fail, just the ones that seem large.19:18
MvGvila: Bug #638451 seems to be caused by your commit http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr-pqm/bzr/bzr.dev/revision/4597.7.11 . Do you have an idea where this goes wrong, just from looking at it again? Might save us a lot of time, as I'm pretty much fishing in the dark here.19:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 638451 in Bazaar " bzr resolve --take-other bzr: ERROR: Tree transform is malformed [('duplicate', None, 'new-1', None)] (affected: 4, heat: 20)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63845119:18
viladlee: look into .bzr/repository/packs on the remote server, dates and sizes should make it clear when the repacks occurs19:18
vilaMvG: Is it the one where you added a reproducing recipe ?19:19
vilaIt's very high in my todo list (as in: can't be higher)19:20
vilamy *current* task is re-building a loom lost after a pull from a wrong source (yes, it hurts)19:20
MvGvila: In that case I'll leave it to your competent hands, and stop trying to understand stuff that feels quite a bit over my head.19:21
MvGalso added a branch with a blackbox test, by the way.19:21
vilaMvG: welcome to my world :-} I haven't paged back the context yet, but this fix was.... tricky ? painful ? frustrating ? A bit of each...19:22
dleevila: I'm seeing a number of messages like this just before the backtrace:19:22
dlee728.556  Adding the key (<bzrlib.btree_index.BTreeGraphIndex object at 0x8b574ac>, 2467090, 34026528) to an LRUSizeCache failed. value 68764346 is too big to fit in a the cache with size 41943040 5242880019:22
vilaMvG: Wow ! You rock ! Link it to the bug ! Pretty please ?19:23
MvGvila: Done so already, but I know those links are prety small, so I mention it here.19:24
viladlee: hmm, still not definitive, but you certainly have enough infos to file a bug from where we could either give you a workaround or a fix (but don't hold your breath on the later :-/)19:24
vilaMvG: Oh, sorry, I was on the bug #531967 page, silly me19:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 531967 in Bazaar "bzr resolve --take-this or --take-other fails for PathConflict if a dir is deleted (affected: 1, heat: 0)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53196719:25
vilaMvG: Excellent ! You did the part that is the most painful for me :) That will make my heart even lighter while fixing the bug :)19:26
dleevila: Ah, autopack spotted, so yes, packing.  And I doubt this is a bug; it works on reasonably up-to-date hardware/OS combinations19:26
viladlee: I meant a bzr bug :)19:26
viladlee: so, great, the workaround then is to avoid the remote repack19:27
dleevila: Me too :)  I mean I doubt it's a bzr bug because it only fails on really old stuff.19:27
viladlee: which means you should encounter it less and less19:27
dleevila: I bet bzr pack + bzr push makes push much slower, but I'll still take it, as it's also more atomic than rsync19:28
viladlee: requiring too much memory is the kind of bug I was referring to, 512M is significant, I don't know the size of the pack files involved, but *in theory* we could limit the size of the pack files (with an impact on performance)19:28
viladlee: no, it will be useless to repack without rsync, the remote repo doesn't care about how pack files your local repo has19:29
vilathe local and remote repos have separate lives19:29
dleeAny helpful stats from server I can give you now?  And ah ok.19:29
vilaeven using rsync can be dangerous if you don't check that you're the only one to use the remote repo19:30
dleevila: rsync does atomically replace the dest files, but local commits during rsync would be a Bad Thing...19:31
viladlee: yup19:31
lifelessdlee: other pushing during rsync would be bad19:31
dleelifeless: touche19:31
vilawell, exactly what lifeless said19:31
lifelessdlee: because atomicicity matters at the repo level, not at the file level.19:31
viladlee: are you the only one using the remote repo ?19:33
dleeIn case it helps, .bzr/repository/packs contains 35 files, all but one 225 meg or less, but one 2.9 gig!19:34
viladlee: the question is: was it created locally or rsynced ? :D19:34
dleeThat was rsynced recently but then successfully pushed to a time or three.19:35
viladlee: look at the dates and you will see that the small ones are more recent than the old ones19:35
viladlee: each one is either a commit or a push (it may contain one or several revisions)19:36
* dlee realizes he didn't put --delete on his rsync command... and only 4 packs locally, but one is that big here too. And yes, I see the point on dates/sizes.19:38
vilalifeless: by the way, pulling a loom from an older version of itself => data loss (the pull updated my last-loom file)19:38
vilalifeless: of course I didn't record...19:38
vilalifeless: I'll file a bug19:38
lifelessvila: you can recover via heads and -r, I expect19:40
vilalifeless: that's what I'm doing, but my created threads are lost19:40
vilalifeless: well, I'm grepping .bzr log right now so I may recover more this way19:40
lifelessvila: they'll be in the repo; create-thread and a dance with a temp branch and pull19:40
vilalifeless: yup19:40
vilalifeless: no revisions lost (and I shelved before the pull), so no uncommitted changes lost either, just mentioning because you popped out ;)19:41
vilalifeless: a bit freaky way to end my week ;)19:42
maxbThe main problem with looms, to me, is it took reading the sourcecode of bzr-loom for me to figure out what a loom actually was19:44
lifelessmaxb: thats a shame; had you read the docs [in-tree] ?19:49
maxbYes. Those docs are remarkably silent on what a loom *is*, and what on earth "bzr record" actually meands19:50
fullermd'bzr record' is like 'bzr cd', except it spins slower and hisses more.19:54
dleefullermd: Aren't we lucky it's bzr shelve and not bzr table...19:57
seiflotfyhey guys20:25
seiflotfyI am here because I have questions regardding the employment position20:25
seiflotfywho can i contact20:25
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thumperseiflotfy: poolie is the hiring manager20:37
seiflotfyi will need to wait form him to come onlne then20:39
seiflotfythumper, any idea when he is on20:39
thumperseiflotfy: poolie is in AU, and it is Saturday there20:40
thumperI'm not sure if he is on often over the weekend20:40
seiflotfyits ok20:44
jamthumper, seiflotfy: he was also on vacation in the US this week, so he is likely still travelling/recovering from a flight.20:48
jamI wouldn't expect an update before Mon AU time.20:48
jamProbably best to email him20:48
gthorslund<gthorslund> thx jam (who left). https://code.edge.launchpad.net/bazaar/+activereviews was probably what I was looking for (since it was for plugins like bzr-bisect too)20:52
jamgthorslund: np. yeah  "bazaar" is the meta-project "bzr" is the actual vcs code.21:06
vilalifeless: just a thought about looms: I understand why record is not called automatically on all operations like (commit, create-thread, combine-thread, switch), *yet* recording all changes to last-loom and *throwing* them away when record'ing would have save my ass today21:19
* gthorslund hopes vila got a backup of his ass somewhere...21:29

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