highvoltagegood morning14:35
mhall119and a cold one too14:39
mhall11960F down here14:39
charlie-tca*gm, and all the way up to 33F here14:55
charlie-tcagood morning from Idaho14:55
highvoltage3°C here, not sure what that is in F :)15:34
charlie-tcaumm, if I remember right, COLD?15:45
mhall119in Floridian, that's F-ing COLD16:05
sbalneavAm I reading this right?20:08
sbalneavWe're no longer using Gnome or Xorg?20:08
mhall119it'll still run Gnome20:09
mhall119and wayland can run xorg also20:09
mhall119so any xorg app will run20:09
mhall119there are current efforts to port GTK+ and QT to native wayland clients20:10
mhall119it'll probably end up like OSX in a few years, where xorg is an add-on environment20:10
jbichasbalneav: how were you meaning to read it?20:21
charlie-tcabut it won't happen for a while20:25
mhall119and it sounds like it'll only be for Unity, not the "2d" gnome20:27
charlie-tcaI wonder how much the 2d gnome will actually work? It won't be installed by default, it won't use wayland, which will be the default.20:28
charlie-tcaand I happen to own all nvidia cards20:28
jbichayeah, but how long is Gnome upstream going to maintain gdm 2.x ?20:31
highvoltagewayland is a good idea, but I can't see how the transition to it can't suck. it's going to be an interesting few releases.20:31
charlie-tcaI read QT should be fully ported by 2012 ?20:31
charlie-tcaI am looking forward to it. Xorg kinda sucks already20:32
highvoltagecharlie-tca: you think wayland is going to be nicer than x-org any time soon? :)20:33
highvoltagesure the design is nice, but it's going to take some time to get there20:34
charlie-tcaI wouldn't dare think that way20:34
mhall119charlie-tca: 2d gnome will still be installed by default as far as I've heard20:42
charlie-tcasaw on a bug report comment from Mark that it will not be on the live cd and and will not install by default20:47
charlie-tcaor maybe I misunderstood?20:47
charlie-tcaI thought it would be installed too.20:48
mhall119Unity is still going to need > 90% of Gnome20:50
charlie-tcaI just have to wait to see it20:51
mhall119I can't imagine metacity and the panels take up that much space on the livecd20:51
charlie-tcashould be a testable version next week20:51
sbalneavIMHO, I originally switched over from Debian to Ubuntu because Ubuntu promised to be Debian with all the rough edges smoothed out.20:53
charlie-tcaIt just gets better :-)20:54
sbalneavFor me, no it doesn't.  It's only gotten worse. :(20:54
highvoltagecharlie-tca: indeed! we're going to have to do some waiting and seeing :)20:55
highvoltagesbalneav: weren't you one of the people last weekend who laughed at me because I run debian on my netbook?20:56
sbalneavI wasn't.20:56
highvoltageah, ok. (good!)20:56
sbalneavI was the guy who was complaining about bug fixing :)20:56
sbalneavAnd harping on compiz :)20:57
highvoltageah right20:57
sbalneavYeah, we'll have to see.20:57
highvoltageI considered running Debian on my laptop too, but for the moment it's really convenient since most of my work happens around Ubuntu anyway20:57

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