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kiz_trying to setup my external dvd drive; getting error autorunning:cant find autorun program, any ideas?01:14
zhangxinhuiwho can explain the "BadMatch" error when i open some certain GTK App?01:22
zhangxinhuiwho can explain the "BadMatch" error when i open some certain GTK App01:24
ilikai cant login from gui (X login screen) it blinks red as if my info is wrong but I can login via console, whats wrong?01:42
Mountain_Hello all, Theraeare some way for change the "temperature monitor" widget from Fahrenheit for celsius ?02:02
Mountain_in kde 4.502:03
Mountain_that widget just show in fahrenheit .....02:05
Mountain_someone ?02:15
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andrewh192was wondering how in Quassel IRC how i setup a friends list04:07
girlie_womenOMG Benny! You seem to be everywhere today!04:38
Benny_GeckoHuh? Oh yeah.04:38
girlie_womenI didn't see you at the club today....how come?04:38
Benny_GeckoEhm, I was busy doing something else.04:39
Benny_GeckoYou know, that one thing.04:40
Benny_GeckoWith the briefcase, and the Platinum CHip...04:40
girlie_womenDon't tell me you hung out with that bitch Alice....04:40
macolisten up you two04:41
maco#ubuntu and #kubuntu are ONLY for tech support. if you want to just chatter on, do it in PM04:42
macosecond, swearing is not permitted in any ubuntu channels04:42
macoBenny_Gecko: understood?04:42
Benny_GeckoI didn't swear!04:42
macogirlie_women: you got that?04:42
macoBenny_Gecko: but you were off topic04:42
girlie_womenBut a b**ch is just a female dog!04:42
girlie_womenI got that, sir!04:43
macowhich isnt what you meant04:43
macoalso, obfuscated swearing is still swearing04:43
macoand i'm not a sir04:43
macoi have never been knighted04:43
Benny_GeckoI'll just stay quiet.04:43
maconor am i a male officer in any branch of the military04:43
girlie_womenWhat about off-topic?04:43
girlie_womenAll People Are Equal in treatment'04:43
macothere is an #ubuntu-offtopic channel. swearing is still not allowed there.  hitting on people isn't either.04:44
girlie_womenFucking bitches....get the fuck out and get some sun instead of just sitting in your fucking chair shit on your computer all day...no-life motherfucking niggaz04:45
Benny_GeckoSo, in this here off-topic channel, I can blather on about how uninteresting my life is?04:45
girlie_womenMy way of a dramatic exit :p04:45
macoBenny_Gecko: sure, though the rest of the channel's inhabitants will talk over you if you're too dul04:46
Benny_GeckoTo be truthful, I never even knew that person. She keeps following me around.04:46
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tamasgood bye06:30
andrewh192hey, u guys know if there is a place on quassel to setup a notify list06:37
andrewh192or a friends list?06:37
valoriefriends list?06:45
valoriefor IRC?06:45
valorieI'm sure there is a way to do notify, however06:46
valoriein Konversation that is in Settings06:47
valorieI imagine Quassel is similar there06:47
valorieHelp > Handbook for more info in most KDE apps06:47
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capoil y a des français par hazard?07:20
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bdizzlecapo: #kubuntu-fr07:28
nakhlawiHello. I just installed kubuntu 10.04.1, and the fonts are not as smooth as ubuntu. I turned anti-aliasing on but it still looks the same. How can I fix it?07:37
WhitePelicanI just installed Maverick, and I still dn't have kde 4.5.3 - please help07:41
valorieWhitePelican: what's the problem?07:42
valorieI just upgraded to 4.5.3 without incident07:42
WhitePelicanI don't know how to upgrade to 4.5.307:42
valorieah, see this: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.5.307:43
valoriebasically, you just add the PPA and update/upgrade07:43
valoriesimple, fast, easy07:44
WhitePelicanare any of the apps upgraded?07:45
valorieabout 100 or so07:47
valorieyes, lots of small upgrades07:47
WhitePelicanok cool :)07:49
WhitePelicanI still miss the simplicity of kde 307:49
valorienot me07:55
valorieI did for awhile, when 4 wasn't really ready for use07:55
valoriebut never, now07:55
crissi_today after upgrade atl+f2 opens the run cli and it switches to text console!09:01
crissi_it should only switch to console if i press ctrl+alt+f209:02
crissi_i looked at the system settings but i could not find what configures that09:02
valoriehmmm, works right here09:02
valoriedo you have krunner installed?09:03
crissi_btw: 4.5.3 installed09:04
valorieyes, me too, a couple of hours ago09:06
Incarusis kubuntu-desktop installed?09:06
crissi_it works until today09:06
Incaruskubuntu had a couple of kde upgrade problems yesterday09:07
Incarususers of kde ppa09:07
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Incaruscrissi, check for new updates09:13
Incarusapt-get update and apt-get upgrade09:16
crissi_i know how to update09:16
Incarusi hope so ;D09:16
ShorTiehow do you check a system sanity?09:16
crissi_nothing new09:17
crissi_mostly i use aptititude for updates09:17
sakhihow do I make my Kubuntu machine network point active even if I have loged off?09:18
ShorTiewith gentoo you use revdep-rebuild, is there such a command for kubuntu?09:18
sakhiwhen I log off I cannot even ping it or ssh into the machine.09:18
crissi_is it really up? or shutdown09:18
sakhiit is up09:19
crissi_mayb if enabled etherwake could work09:19
crissi_needs to be eanbled in bios and  bios must support it09:19
crissi_you also need the mac address09:19
Incaruscrissi_, can you post /etc/inittab ?09:21
FlashDeluxehi! does anybody know a tool which can repair hardware raids?09:49
FlashDeluxeis it possible with mdam?09:49
alvinFlashDeluxe: mdadm is only for software raid. What do you mean by 'repairing' a raid?09:51
FlashDeluxealvin: i have two raids, both raid1 and after a power failure my system doesn`t boot anymore :/ i booted  knoppix and i see that the raid is corrupt, it is loaded by the raid controller but in the system i only see http://paste.debian.net/99071/ now i am looking for a solution to get my data back09:53
alvinAre you by any chance using LVM?09:57
FlashDeluxealvin: yes there was lvm on it09:57
FlashDeluxebut i didnt find anything with pvck09:58
alvinIn that case, give us the output of blkid09:58
alvinIf you're using LVM, having no partition table on a disk is possible09:58
FlashDeluxethe output says /dev/cloop0: LABEL="KNOPPIX_FS" TYPE="iso9660"09:59
alvinI meant $ sudo blkid or # blkid09:59
alvinIf it says /dev/sda: UUID="......" TYPE="LVM2_member", you're good10:00
FlashDeluxei know what you meant, but thats all10:00
alvinOw, not good. first, you want your partition table or volumes back, but none can be detected?10:01
alvinPretty weird for a RAID110:02
FlashDeluxeyes it is10:02
javier__Hi. I have a problem after upgrading to 10.10. The first day had problems with NVIDIA driver and I removed it and changed to open source driver, so graphics work well. But next day my laptop couldnt recognize WLAN card and driver was also uninstalled. I installed driver again (unplugged driver Broadcom STA) but still can't detect any wireless (and there are some). Someone knows how to repair this? Thanks!10:08
collabrajavier__, I suggest you maintain the 10.04 lts version of kubuntu,... my experience is that 10.10 is not a ready distro.... but that's just my opinion.10:14
javier__collabra: well, but going back there would mean reinstalling, and maybe that can be difficult once I'm at 10.10...10:14
javier__I would have to download distro and reinstall it, right? would it be easy to do that with lossing no personal data?10:15
javier__collabra: Im a bit amateur and I am a bit afraid of those things... that's why10:15
javier__collabra: anyway, it's something weird with this that I losed WLAN activity, because I have also installed Windows in a partition and it stopped there as well, so I'm thinking I could have broken somehow the hardware10:16
collabrajavier__, let me help you get your wireless working,....you might have a different experience than i did with 10.1010:17
javier__collabra: that would be great if you help me10:17
collabrajavier__, open a terminal and type:   sudo pico /etc/network/interfaces10:17
javier__auto lo10:19
javier__iface lo inet loopback10:19
collabrajavier__, arrow down to the bottom and add at the end: auto wlan010:19
javier__under "iface lo inter loopback, right?10:20
javier__line down that?10:20
collabraat the very end,... add room at the end by hitting <enter>10:20
collabrahit <ctrl> <X>10:21
collabrahit 'Y'10:21
collabraand then hit <enter> to save it10:21
javier__ok, done10:21
collabraok,... reboot, comeback here and tell me if your wireless adapter was activated.10:22
collabrai'll wait10:22
javier__not luck10:25
javier__Im using KNM10:25
Peace-Mamarok: ping10:25
javier__and there it is not ticked "inalambric nets"10:26
javier__like, it says it's inavailable10:26
javier__collabra: also, my WLAN adapter has a light, blue when working, and orange when disconnected. Button is in the position of connected, but light remains orange and I cannot turn it to blue10:27
collabrajavier__, hmmm,... do you only have one wireless device attached?10:27
javier__yes, only one... inside my laptop10:28
collabrajavier__, can you turn it on or off with a switch?10:28
Peace-javier__: wifi trouble?10:28
javier__it exists that switch, but no matter the position, light shows disconnected always10:29
collabraPeace-, yes javier__ is having trouble10:29
javier__even in turned possition10:29
javier__mhm, that's it10:29
Peace-javier__: iwconfig10:29
Peace-in the terminal please10:29
Peace-!paste | javier__10:29
ubottujavier__: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:29
collabraPeace-, i tried to have him alter his /etc/network/interfaces    to include at the bottom auto wlan0,... i thought it would activate it on a reboot,... I'm out of ideas10:29
Peace-collabra: but it works ? or it's only alight problem10:30
javier__one day suddenly disconnected  wlan activity and I saw driver had been removed itselve. I installed it back but still dont get wireless information neither connection10:30
Peace-collabra: i mean if only the light ...10:30
collabraPeace-, please ask javier__10:30
Peace-collabra: ok ok10:30
Peace-javier__: please follow the white rabbit give me the iwconfig output10:30
javier__hehe, ok, Im going10:31
javier__it doesnt work, light is not really the problem :)10:31
collabraPeace-,  kubuntu isnt' activating his wireless for some reason,... javier__ mentioned earlier that the wireless driver doesn't load??? i dunno10:32
collabraPeace-, you might ask him about that10:33
javier__so, what happened:10:33
Peace-javier__: ok sound bad the driver is not loaded10:33
Peace-*it sounds10:33
javier__I connected my laptop and see no wlan activity10:33
Peace-javier__: it's a internal devices ?10:33
Peace-or a usb wifi ?10:33
javier__and then find no driver installed10:33
javier__today I connected wired10:33
javier__and installed driver10:33
Peace-wait wait10:33
javier__but still dont get wlan activity10:33
Peace-usb or internal10:34
Peace-now lspci | grep -i network10:34
Peace-chiiiiiz: hi10:34
javier__collabra: 01:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11a/b/g (rev 01)10:34
javier__Peace: 01:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11a/b/g (rev 01)10:35
Peace-we get the beast10:35
chiiiiizIs there any "Send to" action we can implement in the right click menu with Dolphin? How can I install it?10:35
chiiiiizI have Kubuntu 10.1010:35
Peace-chiiiiiz: check in the service menu section on kde apps10:35
MamarokPeace-: pong10:35
Peace-Mamarok: xD looks like i write in a topic on kde forum where you answered before xD10:35
chiiiiizOK, I did not know this mùenu section, ... I give it a check10:35
MamarokPeace-: which is?10:36
Peace-javier__: ok your wifi10:36
Peace-Mamarok: :)  guess thisone http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=91193&start=1510:36
javier__Peace-: my wife? what you mean10:36
Peace-javier__: your wifi can be used in 2 ways10:36
javier__but what about wifi?10:37
Peace-the first with a open source driver + firmware10:37
Peace-the second with ndiswrapper + windows driver10:37
Peace-so now10:37
Peace-lsmod | grep ndiswrapper10:37
MamarokPeace-: well, you are wrong on Pulseaudio, it is mandatory in Kubuntu 10.10 now, and it works fine. The only missing thing is pavucontrol which is not installed by default10:37
javier__Peace-: yes, didnt get anything10:38
Mamarokit was not needed in Lucid, though10:38
Peace-Mamarok: mm pulse is really a bad thing to a video editors like me10:38
Peace-Mamarok: i am using 10.10 without it10:38
MamarokPeace-: well, that is something to complain about to the Ubuntu core devs10:38
Peace-Mamarok: i have to help the guy10:38
Peace-one moment :)10:38
chiiiiizPeace: can you be more specific about where I can find it? In which submenu?10:39
Peace-javier__: os i guess you didn't use the ndiswrapper way10:39
Peace-javier__: have you upgraded the kernel?10:39
javier__no, no, never used it10:39
Peace-soemthing like that?10:39
javier__yes, i upgraded kernel also10:39
Peace-ok wait  a second10:40
Peace-i guess you have to read and follow a wiki tutorial to get it back10:40
javier__Peace-: ey, one thing10:40
javier__I mentioned before, that very same day I found the problem, i went to my windows distrubution and founf the samething10:41
javier__so, it may be that it's not recognizing my Wlan adapter, the hardware10:41
MamarokPeace-: no problem, take your time10:41
Peace-javier__: you mean widnwos didn't see the card?10:41
javier__mhm, that I mean10:41
javier__so, maybe it's just wroken10:42
Peace-mm i guess :D yes -.-10:42
javier__how can we see if there is a WLAN adapter?10:42
Peace-bad new :(10:42
javier__tipe something on terminal to check?10:42
Peace-javier__: i have seen that iwconfig doesnt show the stuff10:42
Peace-so looks like or the dirver is not on the kernel10:43
Peace-or... the device is broken10:43
Peace-i guess that lspci should says nothing about the network10:43
javier__yes, it can be that. So, how could we check if device is broken?10:43
Peace-javier__: lspci | grep -i network10:43
Peace-shoudl not show the broadcom stuff if it si broken xD10:44
FloodBotK1Peace-: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:44
javier__01:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporat10:44
Peace-i mean if it was broken ...10:44
javier__mmm, so probably is not broken?10:44
Peace-it should not appear10:44
Peace-javier__: but on windows before it worked and then ...  ko?10:45
javier__it's also a bit strange that it would be broken, cause I go to KNM applet and it shows that there is WLAN, but just say "not connecte"10:45
javier__mhm, just it10:45
javier__one day was working, next day wasnt10:45
javier__and also driver was uninstalled10:45
Peace-the driver is not unistalled10:46
Peace-but the kernel loads the driver10:46
Peace-when it needs them10:46
Peace-javier__: maybe you have only to extract again the firmware10:46
javier__waw, how do you do that?10:46
Peace-i am searching on the wiki10:47
chiiiiizPeace: this menu does not exist with me. I have no service files in .../share/kde4/... so no service menu. Shall this be created manually, or am I missing a additonal package?10:47
Machtinlet's say kubuntu keeps freezing from time to time. How would I find out why it froze after a reboot?10:48
Peace-Machtin: on x log10:48
Peace-Machtin: serach on kde bar log10:49
Machtinkde bar log?10:49
Peace-Machtin: dok i mean10:49
Machtini don't really get thet.. is that some kind of logfile?10:49
Peace-javier__: read this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx10:50
Peace-javier__: the wifi interface shoudl appear when you type10:50
chiiiiizOK , I found a howto to create such a service... Ive learned something more today. Good!!10:50
Peace-chiiiiiz: :)10:51
Peace-chiiiiiz: service menu are pretty easy to do10:51
Peace-chiiiiiz: i have made a lots10:51
Peace-chiiiiiz: like this http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/akm-video-qt?content=13447610:51
chiiiiizPeace: I guess so, I am used to work with Nautilus, and there is the nautilus-sendto package... I figured KDE had the same...10:52
chiiiiizthanks for the tip10:52
Peace-chiiiiiz: feels free to ask or copy my service menu10:53
Peace-chiiiiiz: expecially the kdenlive service menu xD10:53
chiiiiizThanks, I'll give it a try10:53
chiiiiizmy knowledge in scripting is very close to.... 0 :D10:54
Peace-chiiiiiz: deosn't matter service menu can be down with out scriopt10:54
Peace-chiiiiiz: if you want see a very easy service menu just look a this one10:55
godmokhi, is there a funktion to scroll in a window by mouseclick + drag?10:55
Peace-chiiiiiz: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/lprinter-qt?content=11178410:55
chiiiiizthanks again10:55
chiiiiizmust reboot10:55
javier__Peace-: ufff, i read it, but dont really know what to do10:58
Peace-javier__: wow :)10:58
javier__I read about that b43 driver, and remember I had it before working10:59
javier__but i try to follow instructions for installing it without success10:59
Peace-lsmod | grep b4310:59
javier__actually, it tells me those packages are installed, but I cannot activate them throw "additional drivers" in settings, cause that driver doesnt appear there10:59
Peace-javier__: i will suggest to read my article about the driver11:00
Peace-i guess you could understand a lots11:00
javier__it gives no answer11:00
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javier__it just says that b43-fwcutter is installed in the newest version11:01
Peace-javier__: yea b43 fwcutter is used to extract the firmware11:01
javier__but I go to aditional drivers and cannot find it there, so I cannot activate it11:01
Peace-javier__: read this http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2009/05/07/kubuntu-904-driver/11:02
chiiiiizPeace: I see it is very easy to create indeed..11:02
collabrajavier__, I kinda want to say again that IF you can't get 10.10 working properly,... i never did,... just think about going back to 10.04 lts.... and be glad it stable and actually works.... I feel ubuntu should apologize to 10.10 user who have had a bad experience... I certainly did.  :(11:02
collabrajust sayin'....11:03
* Peace- eat11:03
javier__hehe, agree a bit collabra11:03
MachtinPeace-: btw. it's not X that crashes, but the system.11:03
Machtini can't do anything.. it's just freezing sometimes. can't activate num e.g.11:04
javier__Peace-: with sudo nano /etc/modules11:05
javier__I see which drivers are loaded in kernel11:05
javier__i can add this b43 there11:05
javier__but, which name do you thing I should add?11:05
javier__just "b43"?=11:06
Incarustry modporbe11:06
javier__how modrobe?11:06
Incarussudo modprobe b4311:06
Incarusno error = works ;D11:07
javier__no answer=guess works11:07
javier__I just have the feeling, if I go back to 10.04, it won't work neither11:08
javier__how to go back to 10.04 with loosing no personal data?11:08
Incarusdowngrade? not sure if that would work11:08
javier__waw, this is difficult then :)11:09
javier__Incarus: do you know how to check if my WLAN device is not broken?11:09
Incarusyeah, insert a live cd and test it ;D11:10
Incarusyou said it worked in 10.04? so burn a 10.04 live cd11:10
javier__hehehe, but I dont have a live cd11:10
javier__ok. Its only that is difficult, because dont have internet at home, Im at work, it will take time... hehe. But if there are no other possibilities...11:11
Incarusgrub can also boot from images I think11:11
javier__mmm, I didnt understand that very last thing11:12
javier__so, guess I have to download back there11:13
Incarushow did you install 10.04?11:13
javier__upgraded from 9.1011:13
javier__im in kubuntu since 8.0411:13
javier__everytime upgraded successfully, except this last one :)11:14
javier__actually, worked well the first 5 days11:14
javier__but not better than LTS11:14
Incarusits important to allways have an actuall live cd ^^11:14
javier__I will learn that. But also, my laptop doesnt have CD reader11:14
javier__well, it's broken11:15
Incaruslive usb.11:15
javier__but I think I can use 10.04 from USB device, no?11:15
javier__so, that im going to do now11:15
Incarusyou can boot from usb if your computer could.11:15
javier__by the one, I'll ask you for one advice11:15
javier__my computer is 64 bits, but one of my main problems I have had all the time, is that it  overheats11:16
javier__would 32 bits keep it colder?11:16
javier__i may choose that one then11:16
javier__(now Im in 64 bits11:16
Incarusnever use 64 bit11:17
Incarusim not a fan of that11:17
javier__ok :)11:17
Incarusdoenst have any sense. you just have a lot of software problems with that11:17
Incaruseg. drivers.11:17
javier__and, when I go back to 10.04, will I loose personal data in the process11:17
Incarusthere is a possibility to downgrade11:17
javier__I know I will tell not to format my data partition11:18
javier__how downgrade?11:18
Incarususe at your own risk11:18
Incarusjust use 10.04 instead11:19
Peace-javier__: i guess you could try a live cd11:19
Peace-of older kubuntu11:19
javier__mhm, guess so11:19
Peace-but what i think its device broken11:20
Peace-you have to investage better11:20
Incarusseems to be a regression for me, but you can try a live cd first11:21
javier__Incarus: so, i need one advice. i have separated partition for /home, so i will say not to format that. Just I will format / partition and install there 10.04, right?11:22
Peace-smart guy :)11:23
javier__i will investigate if my device is broken, and if not, go back to 10.0411:23
Peace-but you don't need of11:23
Peace-install again just the live cd11:23
Incarustake attention wih the hidden config files in /home11:23
javier__live cd 10.10 or 10.04?11:23
Peace-Incarus: javier__ you have not create a new user to avoid problem11:24
Peace-i mean not the same name for different installations11:24
Peace-user1 for kubuntu 10.xx user2 for kubuntu xx.xx11:24
javier__but you mean create a new partition with new kubuntu?11:24
Peace-username must be different11:26
javier__so i will replace11:26
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javier__so, in that case, i will have a new home "/user2" and keep "/Javier" or is not related with home?11:26
Peace-javier__: yes11:27
Peace- /home/javeier11:27
Peace- /home/user211:27
javier__if I would give the same name, i would loose the information?11:28
Peace-it could be some problems with x11:28
Peace-and kde version errors11:28
Peace-stuff like that11:28
Peace-i mean different kde version has different configurations file11:28
javier__installing, if posible from live cd, kubuntu 10.xx, formating partition where i have Kubuntu 10.10 (patition /) and with a new user name11:29
IncarusPeace-, isn't it better if we haunt the problem and do not rate him to downgrade? I mean 10.10 must work as good as 10.04 and I'm sure he is not the only one with that problem11:30
Peace-Incarus: well i have seen a strange thing here11:31
Peace-Incarus: he said windows doen't recognize the device11:31
Peace-but before day x it did11:31
Peace-so ...11:31
Peace-then lspci list the device11:31
Peace-but iwconfig no11:31
Peace-so the driver is not loaded11:32
Incarusso downgrade wouldnt make any sense, Peace-11:32
Peace-the kernel load driver dinamically so looks like he device is not plugged?11:32
Peace-Incarus: infact11:32
Peace-i have said to use a live cd11:32
Peace-just in case ...11:32
Incarusjavier__, buy another wlan device ;D11:32
Peace-Incarus: a live cd doesn't cost11:33
Peace-a wlan device yes11:33
javier__Incarus: hehehe, it can be that it is broken11:33
Peace-Incarus:i suspect this11:33
Peace-Incarus: the device is broken11:33
Peace-but with low temperature could work11:33
Peace-then with the temperature grows up11:33
Peace-it doesn't11:33
Peace-i guess11:33
Peace-could xD11:33
Peace-i dunno11:33
FloodBotK1Peace-: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:33
Incarusdoont flood dude :D second time11:34
javier__or just doesnt work never11:34
Peace-Incarus: xD11:34
Incarusjavier__, you would have less problems if you would use 32 bit11:34
javier__well, also happens that to me, i use 64 bit11:34
javier__long time i discovered that was a mistake11:34
javier__but I was new in this when I chose :)11:35
* Peace- used always 3211:35
Incarusmy second os is also win 7 32 bit, not 6411:36
Incarusofftopic / But waht I wanted to say is, that 64 bit could cause a lot of driver problems, so it could caus your driver problem.11:37
javier__im downloading the 32 bit live cd11:37
javier__and then i will try11:37
javier__thanks a lot for everything11:37
javier__i think i will have to leave11:37
FloodBotK1javier__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:37
javier__but it was good to share the morning, hehehe. And I dont flood more XD11:38
javier__Incarus: hopefully i will solve my problem with your help11:39
feng_anyone use pidgin with gtalk plugin?11:45
dygituljunkyfeng_: I do11:45
dygituljunkyI don't use it for voice, though11:46
feng_when i try  to the use webcam11:46
feng_(Pidgin:13720): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: g_simple_async_result_complete() called from wrong context!11:46
dygituljunkyah, sorry, mine is a basic business laptop without camera or mic. I haven't had a chance to try voice or video...11:46
feng_feng@feng:/dev$ ls |grep video11:47
feng_thank you dygituljunky11:48
dygituljunkyyw, feng_. sorry I couldn't help11:48
Incaruswhy dont you use kopete? pidgin is a gnome software. http://amazing-development.com/archives/2006/01/20/using-google-talk-with-kopete/11:52
=== zz_Kalidarn is now known as Kalidarn
Peace-maybe becuase it's an irc stuff too?11:54
Peace-i have heard that gtk stuff integrates a lots of protocols11:55
Peace-that kopete doesn't11:55
Peace-but i have *heard*11:55
* Peace- never installed gtk stuff11:55
dygituljunkyIncarus: I use pidgin because I use it on the windows computers I have to use, too. All the commands are in the same place on pidgin-window and pidgin-linux. I also use Adium which behaves somewhat similarly.11:55
Peace-dygituljunky: kde can be  run on windows xD11:56
Kalidarnyeah i've been tempted to try that out how well dos it run on windows?11:57
Peace-konqueror dolphin kopete digikam11:57
Kalidarn<3 kopete11:57
Peace-i have installed a lots of kde on windows11:57
Peace-anyway it's offtopic i guess11:57
Kalidarndoes kopete work?11:57
Peace-Kalidarn: i have made sometime ago... now i use only linux11:58
Peace-Kalidarn: because i can do my video stuff automatically with kdenliuve xD11:58
Kalidarnyeah so do i, but unfortunately sometimes i have to use windows :P11:58
dygituljunkyPeace-: only if you have permission to install it. ;P The one windows machine I *have* to use is a Remote Desktop Protocol server at work. I don't even work on the local machine but use it to log in to a server in another building somewhere.11:58
Peace-dygituljunky: oh11:58
dygituljunkyI've wondered about trying KDE on the Windows half of this laptop but I fail to see the purpose when I can use KDE in it's native OS. :D12:00
feng_the kate in window is my love12:01
dygituljunkyI've actually just started using KDE after being a gnome guy for a very long time. Plasmoids turned me off of KDE initially. After goofing up my LinuxMint gnome installation somehow I watched some videos about KDE while stuck on that machine at work and decided to give plasmoids another shot.12:04
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
JuJuBeeI can't seem to open konsole from gui. I get http://pastie.org/1274674 when I try opening konsole from gnome-terminal12:07
Peace-dygituljunky: plasmoid are not so funny12:07
Peace-dygituljunky: i don't use them12:07
Peace-dygituljunky: i use folder view way so normal desktop12:07
dygituljunkyknow what made me get frustrated with gnome? The way panels store the location of panel items within a panel so that the items aren't left/right aligned if I resize the resolution12:08
Peace-JuJuBee: looks like a mixed system?12:08
Peace-dygituljunky: mm ok but it's offtopic :)12:09
Peace-!offtopic | dygituljunky12:09
ubottudygituljunky: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!12:09
Peace-better on that chat12:09
JuJuBeePeace-: I have a couple of gnome apps installed, but not much12:12
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gvandeweyeris it possible to change the targetpw beheaviour of sudo (ie ask for target password) on a per-user basis?12:47
gvandeweyerubuntu does not have root password, i don't want to enable it, but I need a user to sudo as another, non-root user, with the target password12:47
deahello E B D12:57
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shadeslayerany users on Lucid + KDE 4.5.1 and above?13:04
deaNO P@P13:04
shadeslayerTm_T: any issues till now?13:05
shadeslayerspecially with Qt 4.713:05
Tm_Tnope, nada13:05
shadeslayerok, im just checking the level of Quality that the PPA is offering13:05
shadeslayerany upgrade issues?13:06
Tm_Tcannot remember13:06
Tm_Tpossibly, or more likely were, considering my system13:06
shadeslayerwhy? :)13:06
Tm_Tshadeslayer: I have lots of devel packages and alike installed, something you don't find on average system I suppose (:13:07
shadeslayeranyone else having issues with Qt 4.7 on lucid? :P13:07
shadeslayerTm_T: ah ok...13:07
Incarusthere were some upgrade problems yesterday / the day before yesterday with 4.5.313:08
shadeslayerIncarus: right, that was because some of the stuff wasnt copied properly13:08
shadeslayerIncarus: anything problematic with Qt 4.7 ?13:10
=== zul_ is now known as wakkarto
shadeslayerany apps that behave weirdly and/or crash with Qt 4.7 but were not crashing with Qt 4.713:11
Incarusnot that i know of, shadeslayer. but have a look: bugs.kde.org13:11
Incarusshadeslayer, have you got more infos about that upgrade problem to 4.5.3? any links?13:22
shadeslayerIncarus: it just worked for me when i did it yesterday13:23
shadeslayerwhat error does apt throw at you?13:23
Incaruswait a second13:23
Incarusshadeslayer: https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/+bug/670788 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/+bug/67081313:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 670788 in Kubuntu PPA "Updating to KDE 4.5.3 in Kubuntu 10.10 requires removal of necessary packages" [Undecided,Fix released]13:25
shadeslayerIncarus: can you run : sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade from a konsole?13:28
shadeslayerand the error at the bottom of the bug report suggests that the PPA hadnt published some packages when you upgraded13:29
Incarusshadeslayer, problem is fixed. I know several ppl, who had the same problem. I thougt you had more information about the cause of that problem13:30
* gnomefreak confused :(13:30
Incarusnevermind ;D13:30
gnomefreak.:09:11:23:. <     shadeslayer > any apps that behave weirdly and/or crash with  Qt 4.7 but were not crashing with Qt 4.713:31
gnomefreakthanks much better :)13:31
shadeslayergnomefreak: sorry... that was supposed to be 4.6 :D13:31
shadeslayerIncarus: the issue is that launchpad somehow did not publish all the packages after they were copied from the staging PPA13:32
shadeslayereven when the page said it had...13:32
Incarusthat was some really stupid mistake13:33
shadeslayerblame launchpad :P13:33
Incarusbecause noe one could boot after that upgrade13:33
FloodBotK1Incarus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:33
Incarusthank you13:33
Incarusi will use a paste service next time :D13:34
shadeslayerIncarus: id suggest that if you get any upgrade issues in the future, come poke us in #kubuntu-devel13:35
gnomefreakIncarus: its just that you used <enter> too much13:35
Incarusi dont need help for that. fixed it by hand13:35
Incarusgnomefreak, i know, i was just joking13:35
shadeslayerok... well if anyone else has issues on Qt 4.6, please leave a message highlighting me :)13:39
Incarusshadeslayer, why? have you an issue with 4.7?13:40
shadeslayerIncarus: im doing some QA work....13:46
plan_richhey can somebody help me with the kde desktop effekts? i'm sitting infront of a fresh installed kubuntu version and these effekts are not working? what sould i do to make them work?13:47
otswimhi, i've been having a problem ever since i've upgraded to 10.10, my system doesn't seem very stable, and one problem for instance is that knetworkmanager's icon does not appear in the system tray13:49
Incarusplan_rich, what graphic card you got?13:49
Incarusotswim, you can try the newer version of kde (4.5.3) instead of the default one (4.5.1): http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.5.313:50
otswimIncarus: thanks i'll try; how can i add ppa:kubuntu-ppa to my sources.lst?13:52
Incarusotswim, look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu13:52
otswimthanks, it's upgrading13:53
otswimalso, what's the default desktop theme? is it Air?13:59
Incarusim using glassified for panels and air-oxygen for windows14:01
shadeslayerotswim: right click panel > settings > Tick Network management14:08
otswimshadeslayer: in system tray settings?14:09
shadeslayerotswim: yes14:10
otswimshadeslayer: i don't have 'network management' maybe i disabled it somewhere? :/14:11
naftilos76hi, which app is recommended for s/w development that contains visual controls drag and drop , debuging etc?14:12
otswimi still have the same problem with 4.5.3; also, my kde crashes at startup, but then it restarts and works14:20
Incarus32 or 64 bit?14:21
Incaruscould be a problem with your graphic card14:21
otswimIncarus: my computer is 64, but i think my system is 3214:22
otswimat startup, a nvidia logo appears with "beta driver" written in read14:23
otswimi'll come another time14:27
otswimsee you14:27
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* crack05 is away (Gone)14:40
=== crack05 is now known as CRACK05
* CRACK05 is away (Gone)14:47
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i3ooi3ooI'm having some major issue15:16
i3ooi3ooit's exactly like this guy's account http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1608902.15:17
i3ooi3ooExecpt my wine didn't crash i updated it.15:17
=== farzad is now known as farzad56
i3ooi3ooI'm having some major issue15:36
SH0xdoes anyone using thunderbird with enigmail on 64bit? can u confirm its working or not15:52
buu_OK, I want to know witch one is lighter to run on P3 machine, kde 3.5 or kde4?15:55
naftilos76hi everyone, i have just starting using qt in Kubuntu 10.10 and think that it's got a great interface! I have been working with Borland C++ Builder in windows for years! However, in Qt i am experiencing a difficulty in accessing a simple lineEdit control when i push a button! How do i access the lineEdit control? For example i tried changing its' text property but while building the project i get an error msg saying that 'lineEdit was not16:08
naftilos76declared in this scope' . This is propably a stupid mistake of mine! Can anybody pls enlighten me?16:08
DarthFrognaftilos76: You'd be more likely to get the help you need in #kubunut-devel.16:09
Riddellnaftilos76, DarthFrog: actually #qt or #kde-devel better for coding questions16:09
DarthFrogEven better. :-)16:09
naftilos76thanks guys16:10
RiddellI expect you're just getting the name of the lineEdit widget wrong16:10
Riddellnaftilos76: putting the code in a pastebin would be more likely to get help16:11
[mors]hello !16:22
[mors]how will replacing X with wayland affect kubuntu ?16:23
BluesKajreplacing X with wayland?  what is wayland?16:24
=== nertil is now known as Nertil
cjae<[mors] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayland_%28display_server%2916:26
PiciIts a better topic for #ubuntu+!16:26
Picier, #ubuntu+116:26
cjaeWayland is currently a developing technology that is not known to be in use. Wayland is not currently seen as being able to replace the X.Org Server, but has other potential uses such as hosting X servers and GDM logins.[3]16:26
cjaeOn November 4, 2010, Mark Shuttleworth announced that Ubuntu would be looking at using Wayland as the display server for its Unity interface (although not in the 11.04 release).[10]16:26
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* synaptix has never 'eard of it.16:28
[mors]question was: how will it affectkubuntu, given that it uses Qt/KDE16:37
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progre55hmm.. the new kubuntu manual partitioning sux.. wanted to install kubuntu next to a windows, so I chose "custom partitioning", and resized the windows partition. and now I have 404Gb of "unusable" partition that I cant even change =) when I choose it and say "Install now" kubuntu says "no root file system defined". but I cant even change this "unused partition now..16:58
=== Muzer is now known as MuzerAway
progre55any suggestions, please?16:58
Space_Manprogre55: you need to define a root partition :P  select "/" and the partition type ext3, ext4 etc17:05
progre55Space_Man: but I cannot change this "unusable" partition now.. it's 404 gigs)17:08
progre55when you select it, there is only one button clickable, "undo all changes", but it does nothing )17:08
progre55and other than this "unusable partition", I have a couple of nfs partitions used by windows, but cant resize them any further.. only 60G left for windows)17:09
olskolirchow do I get pico/nano to wrap long lines please?17:12
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i3ooi3ooI'm having some major issue18:19
i3ooi3ooit's exactly like this guy's account http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1608902.18:19
Reign1question: how to enable network in 10.04 if i did "disable network" via knetworkmanager. now i cant enable it18:28
Peace-Reign1: ok18:29
Peace-just a second i find the stuff18:29
Peace-cat /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state18:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 555571 in Ubuntu "Network Management disabled" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:30
Reign1yet, just found that, ty Peace-18:30
i3ooi3ooany idea what I can do Peace-18:31
Peace-i3ooi3oo: what a nick ...18:31
Peace-i was answering oyu18:31
Peace-but i hav confused the i with l18:31
Peace-so i didn't autocompled18:31
Peace-wait i will read18:32
i3ooi3ooI never saw it.18:32
Peace-Reign1: you can find the solution here http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2010/05/15/network-management-disabled-after-suspend-to-ram-kubuntu-10-04/18:32
Peace-i3ooi3oo: you are a 2 years old user?18:33
Peace-i3ooi3oo: i have read well18:33
Peace-i3ooi3oo: but another user works?18:33
i3ooi3ooI am not 2 years old...18:34
Peace-linux uuser18:34
i3ooi3oothat is not my post but it is the only thing that came up when searching google for my problem18:35
i3ooi3ooI have used linux for more than 5 years.18:35
Peace-another user has worked?18:35
Peace-or not18:36
Peace-i repeat i am a quite busy i can't read all that stuff18:36
i3ooi3ooI don't have any other users create on this computer.18:36
Peace-so create18:36
i3ooi3ooHow if I can't type18:36
Peace-i3ooi3oo: recovery kernel dropeed to root shell?18:36
i3ooi3ooOk, I'll try that18:37
Peace-adduser myname18:37
Peace-adduser myname admin18:37
Peace-i3ooi3oo: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2010/10/31/try-to-fix-your-kubuntu-box-with-kernel-recovery/18:37
i3ooi3ooI have tried to logon to ctrl-alt-f1 but never get a login prompt18:37
Peace-no no18:38
Peace-i3ooi3oo: read that18:38
Peace-you have to see this18:38
otswimhello, i'm having a problem with kde since i've upgraded to kubuntu 10.10; knetworkmanager does not appear in the system tray and kde crashes at startup (even though it restarts right after)18:43
Peace-otswim: try to rename $HOME/.kde18:46
Peace-log in18:46
i3ooi3ooNew users has the same problem Peace-18:49
Peace-i3ooi3oo: mmm bad bad thing18:50
i3ooi3ooyea, happened after an update18:50
Peace-kde is messed18:50
Peace-try to do this18:50
Peace-i dunno if it works or not18:50
Peace-but well  you have no choise18:51
Peace-10.10 or 10.04?18:51
i3ooi3oo10.10 I think18:51
Peace-lsb_release -a18:52
Peace-i3ooi3oo: ...18:52
Peace-i3ooi3oo: if it's 10.10 you should try this http://pastebin.ca/198310618:53
i3ooi3ooI was wrong 10.0418:53
Peace-so wait18:53
Peace-i3ooi3oo: http://pastebin.ca/198310718:54
i3ooi3ooThat's going to be fun to type into a recovery console.18:55
Peace-wait i will do the script18:55
Peace-i3ooi3oo: save this file http://pastebin.ca/1983109 like myscript.sh18:56
Peace-i3ooi3oo: then18:56
Peace-chmod +x myscript.sh18:56
Peace-run as root by typing18:57
Peace-5 years of linux and you can't handle it omg18:57
Peace-i3ooi3oo: remember to choose netroot18:58
i3ooi3ooI know how to run a script though I wil  have problems getting on that computer... I will figure it out18:59
Peace-i3ooi3oo: you can use alway recovery kernel19:00
Peace-what's the problem19:01
Peace-save that script on an usb stick19:01
Peace-it's simple19:01
Peace-use a live cd to save the script somewhere19:01
i3ooi3ooalready reloading19:02
i3ooi3ooI wasn't sure recovery console had access to the USB19:03
i3ooi3oowoot I can type.... Thanks again Peace-19:35
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Peace-i3ooi3oo: well19:37
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rats_hi all can anyone tell me if I do a disy upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 will it upgrade alsa to pulse19:45
rats_dist upgrade sry19:45
Peace-rats_: yes pulse will be installed19:53
Peace-rats_: but you can remove it19:53
Peace-!upgrade ! rats_19:53
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:53
Peace-!upgrade | rats_19:54
ubotturats_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade19:54
rats_ubottu: thanks 10.04 runs super but i have heard alot off good about 10.1019:59
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:59
Peace-rats_: mm keep 10,0420:02
Peace-if one system works good20:02
Peace-keep that system 10.04 is supported for 3 year20:02
rats_Peace-: I can't go back to 10.04 right20:03
rats_without fresh install20:04
* crack05 is away (Gone)20:04
=== crack05 is now known as CRACK05
barraponto_how do i use ktorrent ip filter20:25
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
skaftihow can i open a ntfs mounted usb drive in computer20:42
i3ooi3oomount -t ntfs /dev/... /mount/location20:44
kieppiehi guys. I just installed kubuntu in addition to a gnome desktop. I've defined my hidden wireless network configuration , but I do not know & cannot see how to establish the connection. any help please?20:46
Peace-kieppie: mm20:47
Peace-kieppie: there is wicd-qt20:47
Peace-that is a nicer gui for this stuff20:47
kieppiesorry, but I should've explained. I'm familiar withthe extra tools like wicd, but I'd like to use the default setup, if possible20:48
kieppie... hidden wireless SSID20:49
Peace-kieppie: well i am a old kubuntu user and i have seen a lots of people getting mad with the standard network manager20:50
Peace-on gnome and kde20:50
Peace-always because the doemon is the same20:50
Peace-i guess the best choise is wicd doemon20:50
Peace-and a wicd interface20:50
Peace-if you wanna become mad your ways20:50
kieppietrue, but with gnome the default install actually works. I like wicd, but VPN support is pretty poor20:50
* Peace- it's a video editor mainly20:51
Peace-daemon xD20:52
kieppiePeace-: installed wicd. still no dice21:07
kieppieis KDE incapable of connecting to hidden WiFi networks at all?21:08
redwolf1994so quiet here21:26
redwolf1994how come there is so many people in here and no one is talking?21:28
i3ooi3oocause we don't like you21:31
rats_nobody has proublems with Kubuntu21:40
redwolf1994so this is the place where you can help people with problems with kubuntu?21:42
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progre55hi guys. how do you create an "extended" partition while installing ubuntu? I have 4 primary windows partitions, and as that's the max number of partitions, I'm deleting one of the recovery partitions. Then everywhere I read, they say you need to create an extended partition and that it can include swap in it.. but which options is that?21:51
redwolf1994i dont know anyone here is alive to say anything here21:52
redwolf1994except me and progre55 lol21:53
redwolf1994im new to kubuntu as well and still learning21:53
progre55well, I'm not that new, but still got issues )21:57
valorieprogre55: are you installing from the LiveCD?21:59
valorieor from the alternate install21:59
valorieyou have a lot more choices from alternate21:59
valorieI think it's worth the download and time to write to thumb drive21:59
KageI have a question about setting up dual monitors22:01
progre55valorie: from a liveCD22:02
progre55valorie: I guess I should probably say "try" and use gparted..22:02
valorieprogre55: if you have the time and equipment, I strongly suggest the alternate install22:02
valorieliveCD is great for uncomplicated22:03
progre55valorie: well okay, let me try to download it then )22:03
valorieit's a smaller dl, too22:03
valoriesince it's all text22:03
progre55valorie: oh so it doesnt have a gui? hope I can figure out how to install and all )22:05
progre5525 mins to download..22:05
valorieI'm done it, and I'm the least techie person around22:06
progre55lol )22:06
progre55valorie: well, hope you're still going to be online in half an hour.. if anything goes wrong, I'll come to you! :D22:06
valorieI'll do my best, but there are lots of experts here22:07
valoriemost much more experienced than me22:07
progre55or maybe I should just use gparted? )22:08
valoriepersonally, I would suggest doing your partitioning first22:08
progre55I just need to create an extended partition, and I'm not sure if I should waste 25 mins to download an alternate cd for that)22:08
valoriepartitionmanager, or whatever you are comfortable with22:09
progre55gparted it is then )22:09
snarksterpartitionmanager is awesome22:11
shadeslayerpersonally ive had alot of issues with partitionmanager22:12
shadeslayergparted works the best for me22:12
shadeslayerhey valorie22:12
progre55oh, apparently gparted is not included in the kubuntu liveCD..22:13
shadeslayerprogre55: lol... why would it be? :P22:13
progre55well, cause ubuntu has it =)22:14
shadeslayerthe CD can only squeeze that much..22:14
progre55but the ubuntu livecd has gparted..22:14
shadeslayerthe ubuntu cd also has a me menu, a software center and whatnot22:14
shadeslayerprogre55: gparted cannot squeeze into the kubuntu live CD, because it already is full22:15
valoriehi shadeslayer22:15
progre55I see22:16
shadeslayeris there a option to set TERM in konsole?22:23
redwolf1994right now at this time i am working on upgrading to kubuntu 10.1022:23
progre55so, another question.. what is the recommended amount of swap for a 400Gb linux partition with 4G ram and core i7 proc?22:29
shadeslayerprogre55: id say a maximum of 1GB if your not short on space22:31
progre55shadeslayer: max? maybe you meant min?22:31
shadeslayerand if you are short on space, anything between 300 MB to 500 MB22:31
progre55shadeslayer: I was thinking 4G actually..22:31
shadeslayerprogre55: nah... swap isnt used alot...22:31
progre55well, then let it be 2G =)22:32
shadeslayerlike... right now my swap is at 0.02 GB22:32
shadeslayerwhich is about 20 MB .... and my RAM is idling at 1.3 GB22:32
yofelprogre55: swap is an extension of your ram, so with 4GiB you won't need much (note that you'll need *at least* 4GiB of swap if you want to use hibernate)22:32
progre55yofel: I do use hibernate a lot actually..22:33
progre55and btw, my hd is 7200rpm, so I guess swap would also be faster a bit )22:33
progre55well, then 4G it is )22:33
yofelthen your swap space should be a bit larger than your amount of RAM, as hibernate completely swaps out the memory space22:33
progre55yofel: ah I see, thanks22:34
Freddy2i just installed maverick from fresh, and after a few tries i can't get the window buttons (close, maximize..) in the left side of the bar.. am i the only one?22:34
Freddy2inside the config window they are the way i want, but no change is done no matter how many times i try to apply changes22:35
shadeslayerFreddy2: did you tick > Custom Config22:35
pablozhi all22:36
Freddy2ooooops, i've just seen that :O22:36
Freddy2my fault :) thx22:36
shadeslayeryofel: im getting project neon build fail spam :>22:37
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pablozanybody knows how to indent with spaces instead of the tabs default on kate  without changing the default?22:37
progre55should I have seperate partitions for home and root or can I just have a huge partition for root and have home in it?22:39
Freddy2you should separate them22:39
Freddy2also /boot, and optionally /tmp and /var22:40
pablozIOW I want to continue indenting with tabs on 9 of my currently 10 open documents in kate, however I must indent *that* external file with spaces... any hint?22:40
progre55any reasons?22:40
yofelprogre55: seperate /home is cleaner if you reinstall often, but as the installer can remove system files it's not that important22:40
progre55yofel: oh I see22:41
progre55then I'll keep them separate22:41
yofelas for /boot: I don't see much reason unless you have a reason for it, /var might make sense to prevent too much fragmentation on / as /var gets written to a lot, and I have /tmp on tmpfs22:41
progre55yofel: is 70G enough for root? or is it too much? )22:41
Freddy2besides you can use different filesystems.. i prefer XFS for /home and ReiserFs for / (Ext4 for /boot)22:41
pablozanswer to myself: "// kate: space-indent on; indent-width 4; mixedindent off; indent-mode cstyle;" then delete the line (or not) after (re)saving the document22:41
yofelprogre55: usually you won't need more than 20-30, I have 50, but I have tons of stuff installed + debug and devel stuff22:42
Freddy230 at most, assuming you keep together /, /tmp and /var22:42
progre55okay, I'll have 40G then22:43
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Freddy2one more question: can you add a "show desktop" plasmoid in a vertical panel? i do, but it seems to be unvisible (i can locate it when editing the panel, but after that nothing is there)23:14
James147Freddy2: I can here (kde 4.5.2)23:19
Freddy2i can't nor in lucid 4.5.1 neither in maverick 4.5.3, don't know why (they work in horizontal panels in maverick)23:20
James147Freddy2: hmm... not sure why they would do that, you could try creating a new user to see if its a config problem23:23
Freddy2in maverick it's been tested in a fresh install, but still.. here in lucid i came from 4.4.x23:24
Freddy2anyway, i can try23:26
Freddy2nope, not working :/23:29

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