lifelessthumper: ping00:20
lifelessBug 667554 is blocking deploys00:20
_mup_Bug #667554: State change and reviewer request emails go out for work in progress <code-review> <email> <qa-needstesting> <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:Fix Committed by thumper> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/667554>00:20
lifelessthumper: (This is the 'qa promptly...-please-' plea)00:21
lifelessthumper: I would nag wallyworld, but he isn't on irc just now :)00:21
wgrantlifeless: I think we may need to roll back cesium.00:23
wgrantIt's knocked out half the non-virt builders.00:23
StevenK'NoneType' object has no attribute 'processor'00:24
wgrantThere's a Twisted callback being called after a failure, when it shouldn't.00:25
wgrantAnd the builder's cached behaviour is incorrect at the that point.00:25
wgrantA quick workaround may be to remove the behaviour cache.00:26
wgrantBut can we just rollback to whatever it was before?00:26
StevenKlifeless: ^00:26
wgrantI don't have the time nor the log access to debug this much further :/00:33
lifelesswgrant: 11811 be ok ?00:57
spmsoyuz-production-rev-9886 is more likely. that's a softlink change.00:59
wgrantlifeless: No. 11808 is probably the culprit.00:59
wgrant11801 was the initial landing, it was rolled back in 11805, then brought back in 11808.00:59
wgrantI'd go with spm's suggestion.00:59
lifeless11793 then00:59
spmany other revno isn't so much a rollback, as a rollout01:00
lifelessspm: ah, please do that.01:00
lifelessspm: we should also take cesium back out of nodowntime01:00
lifelessspm: until this is addressed01:00
thumperlifeless: where is the imap folder for the qastaging email box?01:00
lifelessperhaps we need a 'lock' facility in the deployment manager01:00
lifelessthumper: its the staging one01:00
thumperlifeless: how do I tell the difference?01:01
lifelessthumper: right now you don't. I've filed an RT asking for something01:01
thumperlifeless: ok01:01
lifelessthumper: OTOH there is almost no mail from staging/qastaging. So you can just empty the mbox01:01
lifelessthen do your thing01:01
thumperlifeless: what bzr hosting do we have for qastaging?01:01
lifelessthumper: EPARSE01:01
thumperlifeless: like pushing branches to qastaging?01:02
lifelessits all there01:02
lifelesslp: won't work until the bzr bug I filed is fixed.01:02
lifelessbut the full paths will01:02
lifelessI should probably do the bzr one myelf01:03
wgrantspm: Once that's rolled back and b-m restarted, the disabled buildds need to be undisabled.01:05
lifelessspm: thanks01:05
spmit's rolled back, fwiw. that was fairly easy. just making sure all teh required services are restarted01:05
lifelessyeah, thats the idea :)01:06
lifelesslow TTR01:06
thumpertest_ppa_displayname_inline_edit  failing on db-devel builder01:09
thumpermwhudson: have you tried mumble recently?01:19
thumpermwhudson: it has started working for me fine01:19
mwhudsonthumper: no01:21
thumpermwhudson: in the end I deleted my ~/.config/Mumble dir and started again01:21
thumpermwhudson: dropped the caching to 10ms01:22
thumpermwhudson: and it is working fine now01:22
mwhudsonthumper: huh, cool01:22
mwhudsoni should try it again then01:22
thumperI'm not entirely sure what else has changed, but I've been using it for standups this week01:22
thumperand for talking with flacoste01:22
* StevenK peers at the build page. Where's my build log?01:29
wgrantStevenK: Which build is borked?01:30
StevenKwgrant: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/2.6.37-2.10/+build/2032158 for example01:30
wgrantStevenK: Looks like it was killed by the failure counter.01:31
wgrantBonus points if you unkill all the builders.01:31
StevenKI set it to OK and remove the failure message?01:32
StevenKWhee, adare promptly failed itself again01:35
wgrantThat's not unexpected.01:36
wgrantppc is sort of screwed at the moment.01:36
wgrantAt least it has a proper error this time.01:37
StevenKI prefered the other error, it at least pointed to a code error in the buildd-manager :-)01:40
StevenKallspice picked itself back up, though01:41
StevenKwgrant: Have you filed a bug about this, or do I need to?01:43
wgrantStevenK: I haven't. Do you have the traceback and related log entries?01:43
StevenKNot to hand01:44
StevenKwgrant: bug 67124201:47
_mup_Bug #671242: New buildd-manager disabling everything in sight <Soyuz:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/671242>01:47
persiaGood title!01:47
wgrantStevenK: Thanks.01:48
wgrantStevenK: is there a probe failure message immediately before each traceback?01:49
wgrantI see there's one 9 seconds later, but that's probably from the next scan.01:49
StevenKwgrant: After01:53
StevenKTraceback, and then the probe failure message immediately after01:54
wgrantStevenK: Is there a "builder BLAH failure count: X" line before the traceback?01:56
wgrantMy theory is that assessFailureCounts knocks the build off the builder, then rescueIfLost fires in the same transaction, using the cached BFJB.01:58
StevenKwgrant: That's attached to the failed probe messages, isn't it?02:01
StevenK2010-11-05 00:25:45+0000 [QueryProtocol,client] Builder lakoocha failed a probe, count: 402:01
wgrantStevenK: The 'failed a probe' message occurs when a failure is detected with no build assigned.02:02
wgrant'builder BLAH failure count: X, job 'BLAH' failure count: Y' is used when there is a build assigned.02:03
StevenKwgrant: I can see that in the logs for rothera, but it's a timeout error, not the processor none traceback02:04
wgrantAnyway, I guess we'll have to wait until Monday evening.02:06
StevenKwgrant: I wonder if there's an addErrBack for rescueIfLost02:06
wgrantStevenK: rescueIfLost isn't the problem here.02:08
wgrantIts caller is.02:08
wgrantIt is being called with a dirty transaction with a builder with an outdated BFJB cache.02:09
wgrantThere are enough commits and aborts around that that shouldn't happen.02:09
wgrantBut there must be a missed case.02:09
wgrantBut I am not exactly a Twisted expert.02:10
wgrantMaybe I should acquire a book.02:11
thumperStevenK: I hope there is lots of lovely logging for the new buildd manager02:13
wgrantNot enough :(02:13
wgrantBut it's not as bad as it ws.02:13
thumperwell add some dear liza...02:14
thumperhas the buildd manager been rolled back?02:14
StevenKwgrant: http://www.amazon.com/Twisted-Network-Programming-Essentials-Fettig/dp/0596100329/ref=sr_1_7?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1288923189&sr=1-7 ?02:14
StevenKthumper: Yes02:14
thumperStevenK: can I talk to you in about 30 minutes about PPAs?02:15
StevenKthumper: Sure02:16
wgrantthumper: As I see it, we have a bit of a conflict. Code likes to delete things, while the rest of Launchpad does not delete anything ever.02:17
thumperwgrant: sure it does...02:17
thumperblueprints will be deletable soon02:17
wgrantI hope you mean the code.02:18
thumperwe have lots of garbo scripts that delete things02:18
thumperand no, I don't mean the code02:18
wgrantThey delete records of inconsequential happenings.02:18
wgrantNot OMGCRITICAL stuff like who uploaded some malware to Ubuntu.02:18
* spm prints "<wgrant> They delete records of inconsequential happenings." to preserve for all time02:19
lifeless  Hard / Soft  Page ID02:37
lifeless     278 /    7  Archive:EntryResource:getBuildSummariesForSourceIds02:37
lifeless     207 /   55  Person:+commentedbugs02:37
lifeless      94 /    0  MailingListApplication:MailingListAPIView02:37
lifeless      90 /  375  BugTask:+index02:37
lifeless      83 /  269  CodeImportSchedulerApplication:CodeImportSchedulerAPI02:37
lifeless      34 / 2190  Archive:+index02:37
lifeless      32 /  138  Archive:+packages02:37
lifeless      19 /  323  Distribution:+bugs02:37
lifeless      18 /   14  ProjectGroup:+milestones02:37
lifeless      11 /   82  MaloneApplication:+bugs02:37
StevenKlifeless: Are they timeouts?02:39
wgrantHm, we only hold three of the top ten, and two of those are probably the same issue. Not bad.02:41
thumperStevenK: mumble?02:42
StevenKthumper: Sec02:43
LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!02:54
LPCIBotProject db-devel build (120): FIXED in 3 hr 9 min: https://hudson.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/120/02:54
LPCIBotLaunchpad Patch Queue Manager: [rs=buildbot-poller] automatic merge from stable. Revisions: 1186202:54
StevenKlifeless: Interestingly, the deployment page says bad, but the bug is marked 'qa-untestable'03:04
StevenKthumper: Are you okay to mentor my review of https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~wallyworld/launchpad/person-mergequeue-listview/+merge/39933 or would you prefer someone els03:17
thumperI can take a look03:21
lifelessStevenK: which bug03:57
lifelessspm: can you please add a feature flag to qastaging for qa needs?04:00
lifelesshard_timeout team:bzr 15 500004:00
spmlifeless: thatshould be applied04:03
lifelessspm: can you drop that to 2000 ?04:23
lifelessplease remove the rule04:24
wgrantIs PQM happy at the moment, and likely to remain so? It threw out https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/destroy-distroseries-lucilleconfig/+merge/38648 yesterday.04:37
lifelesswgrant: we can't actually tell04:37
lifelessthere is a bug04:37
lifelessthe testfix state is not well exposed04:38
lifelesslast build of devel workd04:38
lifelesslast build of db-devel failed04:38
lifelessdevel and db-devel are both building atm04:38
lifelessWindmillTestClientException: {u'suite_name': u'lp.soyuz.windmill.tests.test_ppainlineedit', u'result': False, u'starttime': u'2010-10-5T6:12:5.320Z', u'params': {u'xpath': u"//h1[@id='displayname']/span[1]", u'validator': u"Celso's default PPA"}, u'debug': u"Text 'Celso's default PPA' was not found in the provided node.  Found instead: PPA for Celso Providelo", u'output': None, u'endtime': u'2010-10-5T6:12:5.321Z', u'method': u'04:38
lifeless                  u'validator': u"Celso's default PPA"}, u'debug': u"Text 'Celso's default PPA' was not found in the provided node.  Found instead: PPA for Celso Providelo", u'output': None, u'endtime': u'2010-10-5T6:12:5.321Z',04:38
lifeless                  u'method': u'asserts.assertText'}04:38
lifelesslooks like a genuine fail04:39
lifelessStevenK: ^04:39
wgrantHudson's still happy, though :/04:39
wgrantSo not very legit.04:40
StevenKThat's ... odd05:05
SpamapSlifeless: was it you that pointed out mod_pagespeed?05:36
lifelessI was the one that went eeeeek omg nooo05:41
lifeless[just on the probably complexity of the heuristics it must have]05:41
lifelesslet alone the potential to mess with our API implementation05:42
lifelessSpamapS: ^05:42
SpamapSso I filed an ITP w/ debian to package it..05:42
SpamapSand have started looking into it05:42
SpamapS45 dependencies.. I think 3 of them are already packaged05:43
SpamapSthey build a .deb, but they don't use dpkg-buildpackage to do it05:43
lifelessI'm very unsurprised.05:43
lifelessGoogle project yeah?05:43
SpamapSthe first thing it does, is sync all of its 3rd party dependencies from their upstream repositories at specific revisions.05:43
SpamapSyes, Google seems to be against releasing and stablizing things. ;)05:44
SpamapSI have to wonder, are we fighting the good fight, or holding back progress?05:44
lifelessits a different definition of release ;)05:44
SpamapSTODO: describe advanced compilation options such as compiling against system headers.05:45
lifelessSpamapS: *blink*05:45
SpamapSam I the only one who thinks thats *BASIC* compilation?05:45
lifelessI hear ya05:45
SpamapSI can see how the conversation went at Google that led to gyp and gclient (the things that make this "just work")05:46
SpamapS"Its got 45 dependencies, it takes a long time to get them all onto one system."05:47
SpamapS"I can solve that!"05:47
SpamapS"Ok, solved. We can now compile all 45 dependencies with one command. Who wants to go play ping pong?"05:47
lifelessthey have a specific diagnostic story05:47
lifelessif you look at go it becomes very clear05:47
lifelessthey -want- a single binary with no shared libraries05:47
wgrantHave you seen Chromium?05:48
wgrantIt is the Java mentality cubed.05:48
SpamapSYes, this uses the chromium tools05:48
lifelessthe reason they want this is so that when there is a fault, they know all the deps precisely with no room for skew05:48
lifelessand for complete isolation between concurrently installed things on the same machine05:48
wgrantYes, but it makes everyone else sick.05:49
lifelessI don't completely buy the value of this - apport does a pretty tremendous job05:49
SpamapSridiculous.. they're including libjpeg, libpng, zlib05:49
SpamapSthings that have been on every system for a long, long time.05:49
lifelessits not because they have to05:50
lifelessits because they want to05:50
lifelessthe numeric analysis is something like:05:50
wgrantThey *think* they want to.05:50
lifeless - if we get 10billion downloads05:50
lifeless  - we'll save 5 hours diagnosis due to folk with zlib1e which had a buffer overflow05:51
lifelesswgrant: they want to. No thinking involved.05:51
SpamapSThey're thinking in faster moving terms than most people actually move. Its valid for desktop software.. people see "there are updates" and they tend to update. Not so much for the server side.05:51
lifelessits not about how fast things move05:51
lifelessits about reproducability and support overhead05:51
SpamapSWhich is funny, thats why we do what we do. ;)05:52
lifelessI got into this fairly deeply @ LCA last year05:52
SpamapSBut they're doing it by assembling a mini-distro around their product.05:52
lifelessnone of it attributable, of course05:52
SpamapSwhich is actually totally awesome.. if you, the user, trust them to keep all those deps in top shape.05:52
SpamapSlifeless: we didn't really solve this at UDS.. too many distractions.. its the same old problem.05:55
wgrantSpamapS: Does the solution actually need discussion?05:55
wgrantI don't think there's any option but to declare their strategy as being utterly crackful, ignore it, and port their build system to use real system libraries.05:56
SpamapSwgrant: 45 is a drop in the bucket. Hudson has over 1000 java libraries that aren't packaged. This keeps coming up... upstreams don't build on top of distro's, they build on top of libraries.05:58
wgrantSpamapS: But Hudson at least doesn't bundle modified copies of its libraries, right?05:59
SpamapSmodified, no, selected versions, yes absolutely.05:59
SpamapSto me, these upstreams have done a lot of our work for us and we throw it away because we only want to have one version of everything to support.06:00
StevenKSurely Hudson isn't 1,000? 200, 300, sure, but 1k?06:03
wgrantDoing a Launchpad and specifying a known-good set of unpackaged versions is one thing.06:03
wgrantBut bundling libraries... uh... kill them.06:04
StevenKDidn't dpkg used to statically link against zlib in the deep dark ages?06:06
StevenKlifeless: Can you remind me of a discussion we had at UDS? You mentioned using btrfs on the Hudson build slaves -- that one I remember, but there was another suggestion06:24
SpamapSStevenK: talk to JamesPage about it.. 1000 was the number of libs hudson needed to download from maven to build *after* it cross referenced with everything debian had packaged.06:57
lifelessSpamapS: well I've argued (successfully I think) that we need N libraries concurrently for java and python06:58
lifelessStevenK: errr I didn't suggest btrfs on the build slaves.06:59
lifelessStevenK: I suggested an RT ticket asking for bigger images.06:59
lifelessStevenK: our you can roll your own06:59
StevenKlifeless: Actually, they're 20GiB, just the / is only 1.5GiB07:01
lifelessStevenK: yes, but thats the partition you need bigger to install java etc, right ?07:02
StevenKCurrently it fits with about 50MiB to spare07:02
StevenKCurrent devel slave has 120MiB, that will drop to roughly 50 over the course of the build07:03
StevenKlifeless: Too close, and I should repack?07:05
lifelessdunno about you but my sysadmin senses are screaming07:06
* StevenK ponders an EBS store for persistant branches07:07
StevenKsteven@hudson:/tmp$ ls -1 | wc -l07:16
* StevenK sobs07:16
StevenKlp.soyuz.windmill.tests.test_ppainlineedit fails on db-devel again ... How odd07:54
wgrantI don't recall that failing within the last few months.07:55
StevenKAnd has now failed twice in 2 builds, but not in devel07:56
wgrantAnd not in Hudson.07:58
StevenKSounds like a reason to switch to me08:04
bachi wgrant, you still around?08:12
wgrantbac: Hi.08:14
bacwgrant: you know much about the inner workings of merge proposals?08:14
wgrantbac: Not a huge amount, but possibly enough.08:14
bacwgrant: i've noticed rollback branches don't get their status updated to 'merged'08:14
bacand they clutter up +activereviews until cleaned up08:15
wgrantDo you have a current example?08:15
lifelessbac: uhm08:15
bacwgrant: unfortunately i spoiled it by updating the status manually08:15
lifelessbac: that means one of two things08:15
lifelessbac: it wasn't actually landed previous08:15
lifelessbac: or the scanner glitched at the same time08:16
lifelessbac: launchpad itself doesn't know about the rollback stuff08:16
baclifeless: well, there is another08:16
baci know the first actually landed08:16
baci haven't checked on the second08:16
wgrantIt's being scanned.08:16
wgrantWhich is a little odd.08:16
bacah, so it is08:16
bacfor 10 days now08:16
StevenKlifeless: Interestingly, the deployment page says bad for r11825, but the bug is marked 'qa-untestable'08:17
lifelesssee under scanner glitch08:17
bacscore one for lifeless08:17
lifelessStevenK: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/qa-tagger/+bug/67079208:17
_mup_Bug #670792: handling of bad-commit- tags needs improving <qa-tagger:Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/670792>08:17
wgrantThese non-edge URLs are strange and foreign :(08:17
StevenKBlame lifeless08:17
bacwgrant: can i do anything to kick the scanner for that branch?08:18
lifelessStevenK: its bad because of the bad-commit-REVNO tag (which is how we mark that 11825 was faulty)08:18
wgrantbac: Not sure.08:18
wgrantI don't really know how the scanner works these days.08:18
bacwgrant: if it is a one-off i'm not concerned.  but i saw two that appeared to be in the same situation08:19
wgrantThat is indeed concerning.08:19
baclifeless: i see your comment on the MP08:20
baclifeless: i didn't just now land it, i did it the day of the problem08:20
bacjust updated the status of the MP today08:20
lifelessI wouldn't do that08:21
bacwhat would you do?08:21
lifelessbecause the metadata will be faulty about the rev it was merged into08:21
lifelessI would look to see why it hadn't updated and get that fixed ;)08:21
bacmark the MP rejected?08:21
lifelessso, when you look at the branch and its scanning08:23
lifelessthats an issue08:23
lifelesslook into that08:23
baclifeless: i did not see the branch was scanning08:23
lifelesswhen its fixed, lp will mark the mp appropriately.08:23
lifelessbac: right, I know :). I'm saying what I would have done was to look around for clues.08:23
lifelessone of the places I'd look would be the branch page.08:24
baclifeless: so would resetting the MP back to 'approved' be inappropriate now?08:26
lifelessbac: if the branch is still scanning, setting it back to approved is probably best.08:27
bacand then trying to get that scanner process kicked...08:28
lifelessthe main thing I'm concerned about is figuring out what happened, ensuring there is a bug that when fixed will prevent it happening again.08:28
baclifeless: ok, i'll change the MP back to 'approved' and open a bug referencing that branch but not request anything be done about the stuck scanner.  thanks.08:30
wgrantI'm not sure that it will be marked merged once it does scan, since the rev won't be new in devel. But I guess we'll see.08:30
bacwgrant, lifeless: fwiw the other example i cited is a rollback branch that never landed so it was a bad example.08:31
lifelesswhat pages does the recipe ui stuff turn up on ?08:31
wgrantlifeless: Every branch page.08:32
lifelesstime to see if the flag really works08:32
wgrantlifeless: There's a "Related source package recipes" section just below the "Branch merges" section.08:32
=== jtv1 is now known as jtv
adeuringgood morning08:48
bachi adeuring08:54
adeuringhi bac!08:54
bachi mrevell09:10
mrevellhey bac, welcome back, heh09:11
lifelessjml: your scopes rules are present in production; both patches are in stable and qa'd - we just need to qa up to them and they will go live.09:22
jmllifeless: sweet.09:25
jmllifeless: I guess I need to populate the team, delete the edge rule and do comms09:25
jmlanything else?09:25
lifelessyes. Synced with the revs being deployed of course.09:28
lifelesswe probably want to do a beta program in-app too09:29
lifelessa-la gmail labs09:29
jmllifeless: "here are our beta features, sign up to them?"09:30
jmllifeless: I think that would be an excellent thing.09:31
wgrantAre we going to have a lot of features for which that would be relevant, though?09:31
lifelesswgrant: we have 3 concurrent at the moment09:31
jmlwgrant: I'm guessing so.09:32
wgrantDo we?09:32
lifelesswgrant: recipes, merge queues, subscribe-to-search09:32
wgrantHm, true.09:33
lifelessoh and derived-series ui09:34
jmllifeless: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/launchpad/databasefixture/+merge/38694 – what's the actual state of that MP?09:35
lifelessjml: in principle landable09:35
lifelessit bounced with some glitches that I think I've fixed.09:36
lifelessif you want to give it a spin, please do.09:36
jmllifeless: ok. I probably won't today.09:37
* jml away for a bit09:48
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deryckMorning, all.11:06
=== matsubara-afk is now known as matsubara
jelmerwgrant: Argh, it looks like your branch is cursed or something.11:30
wgrantjelmer: Yeah, buildbot seems to have a failure that Hudson does not.11:33
wgrantStill, this is just two failures so far. One of my previous batch took 10 attempts. So not that bad.11:37
marsgood morning12:09
jtvhi mars12:15
marshow is it possible that merely importing a TestCase subclass that defines 'layer = None' causes the Zope testrunner to barf?13:03
=== mrevell is now known as mrevell-lunch
jmlmars: importing a TestCase makes it discoverabl13:09
marsjml, that appears so.  Now I'm trying to figure out how other people actually manage to use the subclass without it blowing up on import13:10
mars'bin/py -m pdb bin/test lp.testing.tests' at least gives me a debugger13:15
jmldo we have a way to mass add people to a team?13:24
abentleyjml: why are you creating a new team for recipes instead of making them available to all members of the beta team as we have until now?13:25
benjijml: I don't know if it exposes adding people to teams, but a launchpadlib script suggests itself to me13:28
jmlabentley: it seems a good way to try having a beta programme specific to a feature13:28
jmlbenji: yeah, that would work. lots of roundtrips, but it would work & probably be faster than manual data entry.13:28
abentleyjml: I don't think we should take the feature away from people who already had the option of using it, even if they hadn't used it yet.13:29
abentleyjml: So please make the beta team a member of the recipe team :-)13:29
jmlthe real spanner-in-the-works is that we don't yet have a way in-app of inviting people to join the beta13:33
marsjml, that means we have a chance to do it well13:35
marsjml, btw, turns out I had to put a 'del YUIUnitTestCase' at the end of the file, so the testrunner would not discover the class.13:35
jmlmars: is that what other modules do?13:36
abentleyjml: That is a serious deficiency.  People can join the team if they want, I suppose, but the requirement to do so will be new and surprising.13:36
jmlabentley: well, only surprising if they don't read the blog.13:36
abentleyjml: Who reads the blog?13:37
jmlabentley: I think Francis does13:37
jmlabentley: maybe some others.13:37
marsjml, no, they define the test_suite() function in the module, and explicitly build the suite contents.  Same effect though - the module imports are not implicitly included13:37
jmlmars: how does YUTC blow up?13:38
marsjml, deep in the zope testrunner, it trys to look up 'layer.__module__'.  YUTC sets that attribute as layers = None, so it raises a TypeError13:39
jmlmars: why not just delete that from YUTC?13:39
marsjml, I assume it was put there for good purpose, perhaps as a subtle signal to the programmer that they need to define it13:40
marsand I am writing a test for the class13:40
marswhich does not use the class in the standard way13:41
jmlmars: if it was put there for good purpose, then a test will fail if you delete it :)13:41
marswell, worth a shot!13:41
* jml gets some thinking juice13:42
marsjml, so this is fun - you can't import YUTC, because it uses layers.  But YUTC can't set layer=anything, because you can't import canonical.testing.layers into lp.testing (circular import maybe)13:57
jmlmars: that *is* fun.13:57
jmlbut I have to go to a meeting13:57
marsYUTC uses layers because it inherits from lp.testing.TestCaseWithFactory, which uses layers13:57
marsjml, :)13:57
marsand TestCaseWithFactory needs layer=FunctionalLayer, but again, it can't set it, because lp.testing can't import canonical.testing.layers.13:59
deryckmars, hi.  Working on yui 3.2 upgrade in lp and have questions about something weird.  you have time to chat?14:15
marsderyck, sure14:16
marsderyck, how can I help?14:16
deryckmars, so I see lots of 404s in console for css files.  I can't find what's trying to load them.  turning devmode off I see 404 for yui combo? urls pointing to yahoo's site....14:16
deryckmars, I'm wondering if I have to explicitly turn of combo loading attempts?14:17
marsderyck, well, for starters, we should not be going off-site for anything.  Is this in launchpad.dev?14:19
deryckmars, yes14:19
deryckmars, and only going off site when not in devmode.14:19
deryckmars, I toggled out of devmode just to see if the 404s were devmode specific and maybe linked in a devmode block I couldn't find.14:20
marsderyck, maybe you could hack the page template to show what the loader is doing - debug output14:25
marsderyck, have you ever done that before?14:26
deryckmars, yes, I have.  trying to recall how....14:26
marsoh, interesting14:27
marsderyck, reading the YUI Config object docs14:28
marsyou can set a custom filter: attribute14:28
marsmyFilter: {14:28
mars'searchExp': "-min\\.js",14:28
mars'replaceStr': "-debug.js"14:28
marswhich means you could do:14:28
marsdebugLoader: {14:28
mars'searchExp': "loader-.*js",14:29
mars'replaceStr': "loader-debug.js"}14:29
deryckah, ok.  That's not what I'm thinking of.  I thought you told me something similar before, though, about loader debugging.14:30
marsderyck, in devmode, you can look at base-template-macros.pt and replace the loader.js line directly14:30
deryckmars, found it.  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/526338/14:37
marsderyck, that was an easy fix14:40
deryckmars, indeed.  and unrelated to my other issues, but it clears up the errors in my console better :-)14:40
deryckmars, thanks for the help!14:40
marsno problem14:40
marsglad I could help14:40
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jmljelmer: hi15:54
jelmerjml: hi15:54
jmljelmer: what happens when you run ./bin/test -cvv test_builder?15:54
jmlsinzui: hello15:55
jmlsinzui: I saw that you removed a bunch of glob imports recently. If I remove one from c.l.database.__init__ manually, will that mess with your automated tools15:56
jelmerjml: I get a test module import failure for lp.buildmaster.tests.test_builder, and it runs the test: lp.soyuz.browser.tests.test_builder_views.TestBuilderEditView.test_posting_form_doesnt_call_slave_xmlrpc15:56
jmljelmer: cool, thanks. that's what I get too. I hate Python.15:56
jelmerjml: I usually just run with -t  to avoid this sort of thing15:58
jmljelmer: :(15:58
jelmerjml: I agree.15:59
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deryckrockstar, ping16:10
rockstarderyck, pong16:11
deryckrockstar, hey, dude.  Getting close on lazr-js actually.  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/526387/16:11
rockstarderyck, is that working?  My sed of s/yui/yui3/ made things really broken.16:13
deryckrockstar, yeah, so far.  notice it's template and lp js changes.  if one without the other, it would break.16:13
deryckrockstar, I'm just reloading pages manually and making changes until it works.16:14
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rockstarderyck, I thought the picker had WAY more references to creating items called yui-* than that.  The picker's working now?16:15
deryckrockstar, yes, I'm pretty sure.  I'm in a debugger session right now with the editor before I can confirm for sure.16:16
rockstarderyck, cool. I was wondering if there'd be more picking and choosing of which s/yui/yui3/ stuff to change.16:18
deryckrockstar, is there a yui lint tool of any sort?  To check a file for yui 3 vs 3.2 isms?16:25
rockstarderyck, not that I know of.16:26
derycksuck it16:27
rockstarderyck, may I suggest that you file bugs liberally on the javascript oddities you find in there?  Anything that makes the upgrade hard.16:31
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deryckrockstar, sure.  just trying to get it done now.  but will certainly do it after it's good.16:32
rockstarTakes notes then.  :)16:32
rockstarderyck, I'm starting to wonder if there's a yak in our javascript anywhere.16:33
deryckrockstar, we're not consistent in how we write it16:34
deryckzope widgets, hand js, manual sniffing of classes16:34
rockstarderyck, yeah, I'd like to write a guide on writing javascript for the dev wiki.  I need to get around to that soon.16:35
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jmljkakar: hello hello16:46
jkakarjml: Hi!16:47
jmljelmer: are there doctests that test the uploadpolicy?16:48
jmljelmer: the answer is 'yes'.16:48
jelmerjml: yes, and there are also some unit tests I believe.16:48
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deryckrockstar, pickers do work for me.  But icons that launch overlays are now form buttons.  I guess I'm missing some CSS rules somewhere.17:05
rockstarderyck, something with activators, I suspect.17:06
deryckor actually, it may be where we didn't use the activator17:06
rockstarderyck, ah, okay, because I thought I had fixed that.17:08
jmljelmer: what about ./bin/test -cvvt nascentupload-closing-bugs.txt?17:19
jelmerjml: import failures in two mailman tests, but other than that it seems to work fine17:21
jmljelmer: I get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/526452/. Guess I'll make clean, schema etc.17:21
jelmerhmm, interesting. is that current devel?17:22
deryckrockstar, got the icons back.  needed yui3-skin-sam for the body class, not yui-skin-sam.17:24
rockstarderyck, ugh.  That scares me a bit.  I suspect you'll want to check a large sampling of pages to make sure that doesn't break anything.17:26
deryckrockstar, yeah, I am.  Doing all the manual checks first, then back to re-enabling windmill tests.17:26
jmljelmer: stable.17:27
abentleyrockstar: where was that custom description field, again?17:32
rockstarlp.services.fields I believe.17:32
* jelmer tries stable as well17:33
abentleyrockstar: thanks.17:33
deryckrockstar, so i don't see anything but I think'll I'll use both classes, i.e. "yui3-skin-sam yui-skin-sam" just to cover us.  Sound reasonable?17:37
rockstarderyck, if you don't see anything, then let's not even worry about it.17:37
rockstarWe could complicate things by using both classes.17:37
deryckrockstar, ok17:37
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jelmerjml: works in stable too, no import errors17:45
jmljelmer: ok, thanks.17:45
jmljelmer: make clean; make schema seemed to sort it out for me17:45
jmlg'night all18:39
abentleyrockstar: chat?19:01
rockstarabentley, sure!19:47
abentleyrockstar: hop in!19:48
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