fiftyonefiftyThe menu didn't populate in my fresh install (just Run and Logoff).  Any way to repopulate it after install?00:49
stlsaintfiftyonefifty: what menu?00:50
fiftyonefiftyMain app menu, bottom left icon on the toolbar.  Looked for an app menu on right and left desktop menu (like default for XFCE or OpenBox)00:54
stlsaintphillw: ping00:55
phillwstlsaint: you called?00:56
stlsaintphillw: you aware of any issue as described above?00:56
phillwI am not.00:56
fiftyonefiftyFor what it's worth, same machine previously had LXDE running on top of Mint 9 Debian with no issue.00:57
phillwI'd always go for a check CD md5sum for unusual 'funnies'.00:57
phillwfiftyonefifty: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationHelp/CheckCD00:58
fiftyonefiftyOK, I'll look at the checksum, I'd be surprised if a bad CD would make it clear through the install.  Thanks00:59
phillwfiftyonefifty: a bad cd can land you in 'funnies' land, where there are weird bugs. If you confirm it is a good cd and are having issues, my advice would be to contact the mailing list via https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/GettingInvolved01:02
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NativeAngelshello does the lite alternative version of lubuntu have the same wireless facilities as the full version ? I  could connect with the full version but the alternative version wont and how do i access the shell in the alternative verison09:28
civixierHi! Quick question: How do I completely remove window decorations (the titlebar and frames in windows?)11:49
bioterrorhuh, what a question11:50
civixierin ubuntu it was simple, just go into compiz > window decorations and disable it. But I havent found the same thing in lubuntu11:50
bioterroryeah, lubuntu does not come with compiz11:50
bioterrorsure you can install it if you want11:50
acydlordyou can undecorate single windows by clicking the context menu and selecting undecorate11:51
civixieris it any way to make it permanent for every window?11:51
acydlordlemme checlk11:51
civixieri was thinking maybe permanently killing the daemon that manages that part of lxde or something. then again I dont know that much about this :)11:53
bioterrorcan I ask why you want to get rid of them?11:53
civixierwell, i like everything minimalistic and clean, i usually just disable any window decorations at all, I have hotkeys for move, resize and close.11:54
civixierI dont even use any panels at all11:54
acydlordin home/[user]/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml there is an option called <decor>11:55
civixieracydlord, thanks :D11:55
acydlordjust edit it from yes to no and one openbox/lxde reloads you'll be set11:55
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Kurdistanits crazy. I have heavy appz like gimp. openoffice, ubuntutweak, LMMS, VLC, GoogleEarth and many more and only 419 ram13:11
Kurdistan419 are used. :)13:13
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hblounthi. where can i find icon theme that has dark&simple icons?17:56
hblounthi. is there a simple way to change the color of the top title bar thing on different windows?it is light blue i want to make it black19:22
Timo_hi hblount19:27
phillwhblount: I know you can install themes etc, hopefully http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10020042 will help you.19:33
NativeAngelsHello can you tell me how to get a shell prompt  on the alternative version21:18
NativeAngelsAnd how to setup a wireless connection21:19
Kurdistanhey my friends :)22:46
mark76Hey Kurdistan22:51
Kurdistan:) see you in the other room22:51

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