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h3sp4wnHi, I am using a ubuntu+1 vps and wondered if there is alternatives to ubuntu-minimal etc for low resources virtualised servers05:40
bazhangh3sp4wn, you are using 11.04 ?05:40
h3sp4wnbazhang: Yep (don't think much changed yet though)05:42
bazhangh3sp4wn, ubuntu-minimal is the lowest they go, afaik05:42
h3sp4wnbazhang: Its annoying they are so specific (dunno why they cannot just specify a syslogd)05:43
bazhangh3sp4wn, you might want to give a try in #ubuntu-server as well05:44
h3sp4wnbazhang: ok thanks05:44
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ior3khey everyone09:47
ior3klooks like I'm unable to login through GDM09:47
ior3kand startx doesn't work either09:47
ior3kbut it's not a video driver problem because GDM comes up just fine09:48
ior3kit just doesn't let me login09:48
ior3kanyone having the same problem?09:48
ior3kI see a ddxSigGiveUp on Xorg.0.log09:49
ior3kwhen I use startx09:49
ior3kbut that's all09:49
ior3kno other errors, nothing09:50
ior3k(yes, this is Natty, btw)09:51
histoior3k can you log in to terminal?11:06
coz_hey guys.. lucid and maverick have this issue   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/meta-gnome2/+bug/521492   please tell me it is going to be fixed in natty!11:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 521492 in meta-gnome2 (Ubuntu) "Dual Monitor wallpaper is not scaling across both monitors, same background is repeated on both monitors instead" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:48
gnomefreakcoz_: way too early to know that, check back in ~1month11:52
gnomefreakor keep track of the bug11:53
coz_gnomefreak,  sounds reasonable :)11:54
wrstcoz_: i don't consider that a bug but rather the way it was before11:56
coz_wrst,   well I understand that... but was puzzles me is the change in the first place,, considering that conservitively 40%  of users have dual monitors ,,11:57
wrsti would much prefer the way it is now with dual monitors maybe there should be an option?11:58
gnomefreakask in #ubuntu-bugs to find out if it should be set as wishlist and if so ask them to mark as one11:58
* gnomefreak doesnt have time atm11:58
coz_wrst,  I stopped using kde because of  the similar problem they have  ,, you cant change the wallpaper on the secondary monitor11:58
wrstactually you can on kde you can run two independent wallpapers11:59
wrstbut i rarely have a wallpaper that is sized to stretch over two monitors11:59
coz_wrst,  understood ,, although I have tried everything on kde and nothing worked ,, but I prefer gnome anyway... but this seems like a chnage from somone that only uses a laptop :)12:00
coz_ stretch option should do just that  but  ,,, i will wait a month or so to find out :)12:00
wrsti was glad to see it changed because of the ugliness of the wallpaper i actually used kde some12:00
wrstbut overall i think gnome's support of dual monitors has been pretty bad when you compare to what kde has had for a while12:01
coz_wrst,  whoa  I feel just the oposite of that12:01
coz_but thanks for listening guys...12:02
wrstwell the wallpapers is a big one for me, they always were awful on dual monitors until now unless you had a stretched out wallpaper just for them and using the tools that they provide to get dual monitors workign if you don't use nvidia-settings or ati catalyst i felt where way under powered compared to kde but the last couple of releases have fixed a lot of that from my perspective at least12:03
wrstbut coz_ that's what makes opensource so great what works for one doesn't for another but eventually we will both have our cake and eat it too :)12:03
coz_wrst,   well that is hopefully the way it will go lol12:04
coz_wrst,  but I often remind people of the BUG#1  for ubuntu :)12:04
wrstha ha i hope so coz_12:04
wrstoh yes coz_ :)12:04
coz_wrst,  when y ou consider bug #1   this kind of  problem is  nearly intolerable :)12:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112:05
wrstagreed coz_12:05
wrstbut i really love that ubuntu is making such strides towards usability12:06
coz_wrst,  oh I wouldnt consider changin from ubuntu ,,,yet,,anyway,, I have been here from the beginning  although I would still be on BeOs if it had a reasonable java option :)12:06
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charlie-tcawayland is good14:08
charlie-tcaanyone know how to fix natty after yesterday's updates?14:09
charlie-tcaNo gui, no tty, no recovery menu14:09
duanedesigncharlie-tca: you having some issues with Natty after recent update?14:45
charlie-tcaYou mean besides the fact it won't boot?14:48
charlie-tcaIt freezes towards the end of the boot process. I get a text screen on tty1 with boot processes; I get another screen at tty7 with other processes.14:49
* patdk-wk is updating currentlyu14:49
charlie-tcaI can not change to tty2, 3, 4, 5, or 614:49
charlie-tcaI can not get a login prompt anywhere14:49
patdk-wktty1 is all you need :)14:49
charlie-tcaNot if you can not login on it14:50
patdk-wkas long as ssh started, your good :)14:50
patdk-wkupdated, rebooting now14:51
charlie-tcaand how do I get the desktop using ssh when this is my primary system?14:51
patdk-wkhmm, no issue here :(14:52
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diegoviolaubuntu will use wayland in the future, instead of xorg?15:52
charlie-tcamaybe for 11.10 ?15:52
diegoviolawhat about for 12, 13, 14?15:53
diegoviolathey will use wayland for the long run?15:53
diegoviolai would love to see ubuntu using wayladn15:55
jpdsdiegoviola: Well, we wouldn't make a change like that and change back a release later.15:55
charlie-tcaWhen wayland is ready to replace X, it will happen. What release seems to be up the aire15:55
diegoviolajpds: nice15:55
diegoviolai'm happy that there will be a replacement finally!15:56
diegoviolato xorg15:56
diegoviolathanks for all your hard work15:57
diegoviolaone last question pls15:58
diegoviolalet's say ubuntu 11 comes out with wayland and unity15:59
charlie-tcaIf it is an easy one15:59
diegoviolawhat about fglrx, nvidia, etc?15:59
diegoviolathey will release a driver to support wayland?15:59
charlie-tcaFirst, Ubuntu does two releases a year, thus the full numbers. 11.04, 11.10, etc15:59
charlie-tcaat this time, wayland with unity could support ATI and Intel16:00
charlie-tcanvidia has issues, since nouveau does not have 3d support today16:00
diegoviolai mean the nvidia proprietary driver16:00
charlie-tcaIt is in progress, though, and should be available in the 11.10 release16:00
charlie-tcaThe nvidia propietary should support it already. It is just that it is not installed by default, so we need a 2d fallback (Gnome)16:01
diegoviolaso wayland is the future16:02
charlie-tcalooks like it16:02
charlie-tcaMark does not make announcements without a plan, normally16:02
diegoviolaI see, thanks16:02
charlie-tcaYou are welcome16:02
faganWell wayland is an evolution of the whole X idea16:04
faganknowing whats wrong with X and addressing all of those issues16:04
faganso its awesome just for that16:04
diegoviolayeah cool16:06
diegovioladoes wayland still uses the x11 protocol?16:07
diegoviolaor it was its own?16:07
diegoviolaor it extends the x11 protocol?16:07
faganwell it has its own protocol but does have compatability with x11 because it can run x11 clients16:07
* fagan gets the link where all of that is explained16:08
diegoviolais it multi-threaded?16:08
fagandiegoviola: I dont have a clue what the threading situation is like but im sure it is already or will be done very soon if its not16:10
diegoviolaone of my wishlist with wayland is to implement some kind of fail-over16:11
diegovioladunno how to descrive it16:11
diegoviolafor example, if wayland crashes16:11
diegoviolato allow the apps to reconnect16:11
diegoviolato wayland16:11
diegoviolaso all the apps don't go down16:11
diegoviolawayland shouldn't go down in the first place sure16:12
diegoviolabut that's always nice to have ;)16:12
faganwell if X crashes all the apps go down too dont they?16:13
* fagan hasnt got a X crash for a long time so doesnt know 16:13
faganwell its hard to fix that kind of thing16:13
diegoviolai read that X has some functionality for that16:14
diegoviolato make the apps and toolkits reconnect to the server16:14
diegoviolabut i think nobody uses it16:14
faganwell because X doesnt crash much16:14
faganso its kinda redundant16:14
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diegoviolawhen are we going to see ubuntu using wayland and unity?18:30
patdk-wkwhy must everyone repeat the same questions18:33
Piciwhy must everyone repeat the same questions?18:34
diegoviolait'll be available for 11.10?18:42
diegoviolapls, i can't wait for this...18:43
charlie-tcanobody knows when it will happen18:44
diegoviolaplease tell mark to do it19:28
charlie-tcaSomeone besides me will be doing that. I don't have his phone number19:30
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diegoviolai will try writing him on his blog then19:47
diegoviolai hope he reads my comment19:47
diegoviolaamazing story20:17
charlie-tcaThere will be lots of crap about it. Not all of it is true at this point.20:26
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litropyHey, peeps! I've got a vga connected form my netbook to my hdtv using a vga cord. It's showing, but the aspect ratio is 4:3. Any ideas as to how to get it to16:9?21:15
bazhanglitropy, running 11.04 ?21:17
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* Crashbit hi!21:55
hakermaniaHello. Can please anybody tell me why is Ubuntu still frozen ? (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/) I am waiting 3 months now to upload my app but 2 months prior to Ubuntu Maverick (10.10) release the Ubuntu was Frozen because of the existing bugs that had to be fixed in some applications. But now I don't see a reason for Ubuntu to be frozen! REVU says nothing about uploading for Ubuntu 11.04, it only says 'Ubuntu is frozen' without any explanation. Can anyone22:23
yofelhakermania: I think revu is managed by the the MOTUs, so you should ask in #ubuntu-motu22:27
hakermaniaOk, I'm sorry, I'd gone to ubuntu-programming and they send me here :/22:27
yofelright, this is the natty support channel, but we don't discuss creation of ubuntu packages here22:28
yofelhakermania: and don't worry, ubuntu does have a lot of IRC channels, so it's pretty usual to be sent around a bit until you get to the right place. Helps to stay on topic in the channels though22:30
hakermaniaok thx ;)22:31
alex_mayorgaWould Natty pick up EDID on my buggy laptop? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaOnSonyLaptop23:22
BUGabundooias o/23:42
WubbbiYeah ... finaly. The new kernel broke my fglrx-ati driver ;D. And the free radeon driver dont know what powersave mode is. -_-. Well dont matter that much. I only have to pay a bit more for energy-costs.23:43
BUGabundonice way to send my evening http://p.bugabundo.net/a-forca-que-um-bicho-destes-faz-reboque23:51
charlie-tcahuh, I finally got natty to boot after sshing in and running updates twice. No logins possible before that23:52

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