PiciJust noticed this on askubuntu, perhaps someone here could enlighten them (regarding Orca and Festival): http://askubuntu.com/questions/11448 16:18
UndiFineDhope i wont logout16:45
charlie-tcaanswer given16:52
UndiFineDindeed, when set to gnome speech it is selectable and wfm16:57
* TheMuso shudders... Festival...19:05
charlie-tcafestival is installed with dasher19:05
TheMusoThe problem with festival is its architecture, i.e its a server. We should probably change speech-dispatcher to run a festival server instance for itself, similar to how gnome-speech does.19:05
KristianLhmm, the keyboard shortcuts for resizing windows aren't very practical under compiz, are they... hmm20:34
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UndiFineDwhere can i find more info on persona Daniela ?21:32
charlie-tcanot available yet. It will be posted when it is ready21:33
UndiFineDyes, AlanBell asked me to21:34
AlanBellUndiFineD: do you have the spreadsheet of survey results?21:34
UndiFineDno i do not :)21:35
AlanBellone sec . . .21:35
AlanBellok, so we did a survey of people who have accessibility issues of various types21:37
AlanBellboth Ubuntu users and others21:37
AlanBelland you will have the results of that in your inbox shortly21:37
AlanBellthe results may be shared amongst all those interested in helping, but we are not putting them up on the internet in the raw form21:37
PendulumAlanBell: I got some feedback from Charline. let me forward it to you21:38
AlanBellso have a read through them and use the answers to build the persona, we want them to be realistic21:38
AlanBelljust mix things up a bit so it is a montage of several people21:38
AlanBellthanks Pendulum 21:38
UndiFineDok, that will be fun :D21:39

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