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achiangis anyone about that understands qemu-debootstrap? i'm trying to understand the intent of the escape() function and the first sed expression is hurting my brain03:39
pcacjrachiang: echo "$*" | sed "s/'/'\"'\"'/g; s/.*/'&'/  (is this one ?)03:44
achiangpcacjr: yeah, i'm trying to figure out what that function is trying to protect against03:44
pcacjrachiang: weird, maybe someone else can help us ;-)03:45
pcacjrachiang: hm, it seems to change single quotes to double ones (or otherwise)03:51
achiangpcacjr: maybe. why are there 3 single quotes in the 2nd part of the expression: '\"'\"'03:52
pcacjrachiang: hm, indeed03:53
achiangmaybe this explains the intent http://backreference.org/2009/12/09/using-shell-variables-in-sed/03:55
achiangbut i still don't understand the expression03:55
pcacjrachiang: from ' ' to '" "' ?03:56
pcacjrah, i give up :-)03:56
achiangyeah, probably it's a form of this: http://www.grymoire.com/Unix/Sed.html#toc-uh-2203:57
pcacjrachiang: ok, '" "' avoids you having problem with space as an argument04:03
achiangpcacjr: nod, that's what i think04:04
pcacjrachiang: so, echo $* will print all those arguments, then it'll put the '" "' on each one of them...04:05
achiangpcacjr: ok, i can believe that. :) thanks04:05
pcacjrachiang: np, we got it! ;-)04:05
achiangpcacjr: more you than me. ;)04:06
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voipster3anyone have problems with update-apt-xapi using loads of cpu?14:23
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hrwshit. again got hit by broken initrd in natty ;(14:47
hrwwill have to build panda kernel which work without initrd ;D14:47
ogra_acwhats broken ?14:50
hrwogra_ac: http://hrw.pastebin.com/drSncpRP14:50
hrwif I use kernel+initrd from maverick then it boots14:53
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ogra_achrw, ugh, what made you create that mem arg on the cmdline ? that cant work15:00
hrwogra_ac: it does15:01
hrwogra_ac: I use panda headless for building packages15:01
hrwand having 1GB instead of ~600MB is difference15:01
ogra_achrw, doesnt matter15:03
ogra_acyou need to define proper memor regions15:03
ogra_acsee the maverick image cmdline15:03
ogra_acthere are two mem args in it15:03
ogra_acalso you can use the full 1G only on a certain set of boards15:03
ogra_aci didnt see boot failures due to it only massive build failures though15:03
ogra_acbut in any case you need the two mem args15:03
hrwogra_ac: define 'certain set of boards'?15:05
devilhornsogra_ac, !!!!!! :P (Sorry, felt like shouting) :P15:05
hrwand boot failure happens nevermind which mem options are used15:05
devilhornshmm, think I scared him away :(15:19
GrueMasterdevilhorns: Sup?15:26
devilhornsGrueMaster, hey :)15:27
devilhornsGrueMaster, how you been ? how's things ?15:27
GrueMasterI'm in vacation recovery mode.  Spent a week with the in-laws (should be outlaws) on a cruise.15:28
devilhornsahh cool :) Where did you go ?15:28
GrueMasterKey West, Cozumel, and Costa Maya.15:28
devilhornsoh wow15:28
devilhornsthat had to be nice15:28
GrueMasterI'm writing about it in my facebook notes.15:29
GrueMasterIt was interesting and I would do it again, sans relatives.15:29
devilhornsthat's always the case tho :)15:29
GrueMasterA shirt I bought in Casa Maya sums them up:  "The good, the bad, and the stupid."15:30
devilhornsGrueMaster, well, at least you had a vacation and a chance to relax (somewhat) :)15:31
GrueMasterThe real problem is that I felt like I was tagging along on my wife's vacation, not that we were vacationing together.15:31
devilhornsahh :/15:31
GrueMasterAnd having knee issues the whole time didn't help at all.15:32
devilhornsI'm sure it didn't ... not on a boat :)15:32
GrueMasterThe boat wasn't the problem.15:32
GrueMasterJust a lot of walking on a knee that constantly threatened to give out.15:33
devilhornsI thought it would be the rocking motion of the boat15:33
GrueMasterBut nightly simmering sessions in the hot tub with a long island iced tea helped a lot.15:33
GrueMasterBoat hardly rocked at all.15:34
devilhornshahaha yea, hottubs rock ! :)15:34
GrueMasterIt felt more like it was sliding side to side.15:34
GrueMasterAlthough one night it was moving quite a bit as the pool on the top deck was sloshing about.15:35
GrueMasterIt was interesting floating on my back in the pool while it was sloshing about.  Felt like I was in a tidal pool.15:35
devilhornsGrueMaster, been trying to catch up w/ ogra this past week or so, but he seems to be remaining elusive :( guess things are a bit hectic around there ... with the conference and all15:53
GrueMasterYea, I've noticed.15:53
devilhornsoh well, I'll try to catch him again tomorrow15:58
GrueMasterNot sure, but he may be flying home tomorrow.15:59
devilhornsahh ok15:59
devilhornsmaybe I'll wait a day or so then15:59
GrueMasterHe should be back to his full ogra-ish self Monday, though.15:59
devilhornslol ok, that sounds good :)15:59
devilhornsit's not an emergency or anything. Just trying to get some input as to if I should continue w/ the unity-efl stuff or what16:00
GrueMasterThat I can't tell you.  I don't have a complete picture yet for this cycle myself.  Just that I will be working hard.  :P16:13
Anssi_Hi, I installed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OMAPMaverickInstall on Beagleboard. It should ask for new information, but it does not. It goes directly to login and I don not know working login/passwd. Any ideas? Is there a bug in the demo image or do you know working login/passwd?16:18
GrueMasterIt should launch oem-install which is a gui app that gathers user info, timezone, and locale data.16:19
GrueMasterDid it run through the rootfs resize?16:20
Anssi_I used ubuntu-netbook-10.10-preinstalled-netbook-armel+omap.img.gz from16:20
Anssi_It just booted in about 30 seconds and went to directly login16:20
Anssi_I did not see any note about rootfs resize16:20
GrueMasterDid you make any modifications to the image?  It should show a console screen indicating that it is resizing / and then it does a few system tweeks (triggering oem-install is one) before rebooting.16:21
Anssi_I did not do any modification to the image. I just downloaded it and decompressed to SD card.16:22
GrueMasterUsing the zcat method?  If so, try gunziping the image then use "dd bs=4M if=<image file> of=<path to sd>".  I've seen some issues occasionally with the zcat method.16:23
Anssi_Yes I used zcat16:23
Anssi_Ok, I'll try that. I'll inform soon, how that works. If it works, mayby the webpage could also be updated.16:24
GrueMasterIf that works better for you, I'll update the wiki,16:24
Anssi_Same thing :( I goes directly to login screen. At the beginning there is cursor shortly in the upper corner and then it goes to login. Nothing like "resizing" is not shown.16:43
GrueMasterHmm.  Is this a beagle C4 or beagleXM?16:45
Anssi_I think mine is C316:46
GrueMasterShould still work.  Do you have a kernel in nand?16:46
Anssi_Is there some way to "deep format" the SD card?16:46
GrueMasterYes, dd bs=4M if=/dev/zero of=<sd card>16:47
GrueMasterThen reflash it.16:47
Anssi_I don't remember. It has been several month since I have used the beagle board last time..16:47
GrueMasterDo you have a serial console hooked up?16:47
Anssi_Not currently.16:48
topfs2zcat didn't work for me, dd did perfectly16:48
GrueMasterIt is highly probable that it is booting from nand, which would bypass the initialization on the image.16:48
Anssi_I pressed user button, when resetting.. So it should boot from SD16:49
GrueMasterEven if you hold the user1 button while reseting to load the boot loader & u-boot.bin from SD, it still uses the nand environment.16:49
GrueMasterVery odd, but that is the behavior.16:50
Anssi_Ok, how to disable the nand environment?16:50
hrwyou can avoid it using u-boot without nand support16:50
GrueMasterYou need to have a serial console hooked up to load the boot script from sd.16:50
Anssi_So I should use following script? (copied from wiki) setenv bootcmd 'mmc init;fatload mmc 0 0x82000000 boot.scr;source 0x82000000'; setenv autostart yes; saveenv; boot16:54
Anssi_Ok, I'll have to set up serial console and fix the bootcmd. To be true there might be almost anything in NAND settings, since it was tuned quite a lot last winter..16:55
GrueMasterI'll have to fire mine up to get the env I have.  Essentially, my environment looks for boot.scr on SD, and falls back to nand on fail.16:56
GrueMasterGreat for switching between Lucid & Maverick.16:57
GrueMasterbtw:  I updated the wiki to add dd instructions for people that have problems with zcat.16:58
GrueMasterI'll update it again with bootenv changes for switching between nand booting & SD booting.16:59
Anssi_Ok, I found my problem! My system is set up as "fatload mmc 0 82000000 uImage" So it loads kernel directly and does not enter the script? If I understand correctly..17:11
GrueMasterYea, that would do it.17:13
Anssi_Now it seems to be doing resizing. Thank you very much for helping me out. I'll probably buy also pandaboard, if beagle seems too slow.. Do you have any idea when Digikey will start shipping pandas out?17:19
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GrueMasterI thought they were.  I do know that maverick on beagle (pre XM) is kind of painful due to low memory.17:20
GrueMasterAnd I haven't had a chance to see if the netboot image works (it isn't officially supported).17:22
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hrw|gone~kill natty initrds21:29

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