JonCruzany photoshop users hanging around?04:43
JonCruzI'm tyring to implement management and conversions of gradient files, and want to be sure to do things in an artist-friendly manner04:45
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thorwilgood morning!09:41
zniavregood morning09:53
zniavrehappy diwali all of you  :O)09:59
angeloI'm new on ubuntu community23:49
angelocould i help?23:49
ronnie_vd_cof cource. Have you already subscribed to the mailinglist?23:50
angelo:-) thank you..... yeah, but when i want to access as a registered member there's some problem23:51
angelonow its the first time i use xchat for contact someone23:52
ronnie_vd_cyour doing great :D23:52
angelothank u!23:53
ronnie_vd_con the mailinglist there are some items discussed. Help is needed for the new forum thema23:53
angeloare u working in something about that?23:53
ronnie_vd_cthe previous mails can be found here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-art/2010-November/thread.html23:54
angelo:-) thank u! :-)23:54
ronnie_vd_cno, im pretty new here too ;)23:54
angeloahah... ok!23:54
angeloso...... we could start together!23:54
angelonow i take a look at the link23:54
ronnie_vd_cangelo: but im currently working more as a programmer than a designer (new project for submitting artwork, which is meant to replace the wiki, because the markup and organization is too hard)23:55
angelowell, if i can help you, Ronnie, it would be a pleasure for me :-)23:59
angeloi just want to help someone in ubuntu community23:59

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