slooksterpsvIf anyone has questions, don't hesitate to ask, we're here to help! :D00:42
paultagbug #101:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 1 in tilix (and 20 other projects) "Microsoft has a majority market share (affects: 609) (heat: 3042)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101:05
paultagOK, good.01:05
paultagbug #67123201:05
ubot2paultag: Bug 671232 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/671232 is private01:05
paultagMuch love ubot201:05
stlsaintwhoa whoa whoa01:05
stlsaintpaultag: you just pop in and first thing you do is speak with the bot?? wheres the love for mankind!?!?!?01:06
paultagstlsaint, hey :301:06
paultagstlsaint, the loco tools I've been writing have been kicking ass01:06
stlsaintubot2 is a fork or something?01:07
ubot2stlsaint: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:07
stlsaintwhat the.......01:07
paultagstlsaint, hum?01:08
paultagstlsaint, can you test my script, please? :)01:08
stlsaintpaultag: sure bbuuuuudddddyyyy01:09
paultagstlsaint,     bzr branch lp:locolint01:09
paultagstlsaint, cd locolint01:10
paultagstlsaint, ./lca report-issue01:10
paultagstlsaint, see if you can do that. Let me know any errors you run into01:10
stlsaintaye, one sec01:10
paultagstlsaint, you rock :)01:10
stlsaintpaultag: it opened up lp and asked me what level do i want to grant loco audit01:12
paultagstlsaint, change anything01:12
paultagstlsaint, sorry, I should have noted that. Because it needs to file a new bug01:12
stlsaintalright i selected change anything...came back to terminal and hit enter...now its runnign stuffs :D01:13
stlsaintohhhh this is a smart script :D01:14
paultagstlsaint, :)01:14
paultagstlsaint, I wrote it, expect nothing less ;)01:14
stlsainttrue true01:15
stlsaintalright well i really dont have a bug to file against the texas team :P01:16
paultagstlsaint, make one up, I'm going to close it right away anyway01:16
paultagstlsaint, make a note you're testing01:16
stlsaintoohh ok01:16
stlsaintalright we have an issue01:16
paultagstlsaint, oh?01:16
paultagstlsaint, what bug ID?01:17
stlsaintnope, i cant get past this first part of script where it ask me what team i want to file against01:17
stlsainti only have on and its ID is 001:17
stlsaintso i enter 0 and i get:  Whoh now, enter something between 0 and 001:17
paultagThanks stlsaint, just a moment01:18
stlsaintclose this process?01:18
paultagstlsaint, yeah, i'll have you update in a sec01:19
paultagstlsaint, try a "bzr pull lp:locolint"01:19
paultagstlsaint, then try one more time for me, if you would01:19
stlsainti see your using my beloved python you sly dog you :D01:20
paultagstlsaint, :)01:21
stlsaintpaultag: LP Bug #67123701:22
ubot2stlsaint: Bug 671237 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/671237 is private01:22
paultagstlsaint, sweet, thanks man :)01:22
stlsainti like that also...it will file against any loco team your on...nice01:23
paultagstlsaint, :)01:23
paultagstlsaint, just working out how I can get to it, let it hang :)01:23
stlsaintpaultag: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-locoteams/+bug/67123701:27
ubot2stlsaint: Error: Bug #671237 is private.01:27
paultagstlsaint, Yuppers, it's just that it's private and I forgot to set the LC as the supervisor ( and I can't because I'm not an LC Admin )01:28
stlsaintlol, ha, so what do i do with bug?01:29
paultagstlsaint, nothing, it's a great test01:41
paultagstlsaint, thanks :)01:41
paultagstlsaint, you rock, 10 paultag points :)01:42
stlsainthells yeas!! W00T!01:43
stlsaintpaultag: wait...redeemable points yes??01:43
paultagbut not with ldap01:44
stlsaintopps sorry01:44
paultagstlsaint, have time to do one more test? ( and do you mind removing ( marking fix released ) on the bug you're on now ) ?01:55
stlsaintpaultag: aye, lets do this!!!01:56
paultagstlsaint, sec :)01:56
paultagstlsaint, just need to quadruple check it's OK here before I have you do it02:00
stlsaintroger that!02:00
paultagstlsaint, the bugs were not getting subscribed. Dummy move by me :)02:01
paultagNot bad for an undocumented API02:02
paultagI could really use docs02:02
stlsainthow would you document this script...its plenty self explanitory02:03
paultagstlsaint, I wrote it -- yeah02:04
paultagstlsaint, but the launchpad API is undocumented02:04
paultagstlsaint, OK, give it a push and a test. Muchos Nachos!02:07
paultagOrdering some food, take your time stlsaint02:08
paultagstlsaint, is it running?02:12
stlsaintpaultag: one sec sire02:12
stlsaintpulling again...not sure if i was suppose to or not :P02:13
paultagstlsaint, yeah you should :)02:13
paultagstlsaint, it should update one locolint/function/ file02:13
stlsaintLP Bug #67125302:14
ubot2stlsaint: Bug 671253 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/671253 is private02:14
paultagstlsaint, rocking. You rule :)02:15
stlsaint10 more points?? :D02:15
paultagstlsaint, yessir!02:15
* stlsaint gives evil mad scientis laugh at thoughts of redeeming points :D02:15
stlsaintpaultag: close bug now?02:21
paultagstlsaint, already did02:21
paultagstlsaint, looks great, you rock02:21
stlsaintoh ok02:22
paultagstlsaint, you made a happy loco council :)02:22
PCChrisI have an autorun.sh on an eSATA drive that I would like to run when I plug it in...how would I go about automounting the drive?02:41
paultagPCChris, I think XDG can do it, but it's not like Windows02:50
paultagPCChris, that's really insecure, so we try and not do that02:50
PCChrispaultag, so what I'm trying to do overall is have it so when I plug in this drive it runs a script prompting me whether I want to synchronize or not02:52
paultagPCChris, you might be able to do some HAL magic, but it's really insecure -- what if someone ( John Q. Hacker ) plugs in a drive with an autorun script that runs rm -rf ~02:52
paultagPCChris, there's a reason Windows is so easy to hack ;)02:52
paultagPCChris, you might be able to do something with checking the USB vendor / product ID and using that to run a local script02:53
PCChrispaultag, yeah....that's what I was about to ask02:53
PCChrispaultag, the sync/prompt script and everything is actually local, so any advice on how to do that?02:53
paultagPCChris, sure :)02:54
paultagPCChris, let me find links02:54
paultagPCChris, http://reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html#external-run02:54
PCChrispaultag, ok, thanks....one question:  does anything special need to be done if the drive is eSATA?02:56
paultagPCChris, Nope! Linux treats all devices of the same type the same way02:57
paultagPCChris, if it's a IDE HD, SATA drive, eSATA drive, or USB disk, it's all the same02:57
PCChrispaultag, thanks, I'll give it a go03:00
paultagPCChris, rock on!03:00
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genupulasmy empathy not showing online gmail contacts.....can any one help me please03:36
PCChrispaultag, ok, I have this udev entry and when I do udevadm test /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1f.2/host5/target5:0:0/5:0:0:0/block/sdc/sdc1 it says at the end that it runs the command that I want(I'm using gnome-terminal for testing purposes) -- Should Gnome terminal pop up?03:39
paultagPCChris, don't think so03:48
paultagPCChris, it's not hooked up to your display or anything03:48
paultagPCChris, udev is a daemon -- have it run a test script that touches something03:49
PCChrisI'm afraid I'm a bit lost...so far I have my .rules file and I told udev to reload rules through udevadm03:54
paultagAhha :)03:54
paultagPCChris, Linux is not like windows -- there's a whole system running03:54
paultagPCChris, the computer is not just the display and what you're doing on the screen03:54
paultagPCChris, lots and lots of stuff runs screen-less. udev is one of those things. It sits in the background without even being aware there's a monitor on the computer03:55
paultagPCChris, so if you run gnome-terminal, it will fail -- since, after all, you can have as many monitors as you want, just saying run the command is ambiguous03:55
paultagPCChris, so instead, run a command in the script that you're running that will touch a file03:56
PCChrispaultag, ok will do03:56
paultagPCChris, :)03:56
PCChrispaultag, so....when I do the test run with udevadm test /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1f.2/host5/target5:0:0/5:0:0:0/block/sdc/sdc1 it says that the touch would be executed...however, plugging in the device does not seem to trigger this04:08
PCChrispaultag, here's the rules file:04:09
PCChrisKERNEL=="sdc1", SUBSYSTEM=="block", ATTR{size}=="1638951237", RUN+="touch /home/chris/workingudev"04:09
PCChrispaultag, I should be able to take out the ATTR{size}, but as I was saying in the test it said it would execute the touch....so idk what's wrong04:09
PCChrispaultag, I MADE PROGRESS!  (and yes, that did deserve all caps)04:27
paultagPCChris, :D04:28
PCChrispaultag, so I got the touch to work...now I just want to know if there's a way for the rule to start a graphical program (ie terminal) on an X screen I already have up04:29
paultagPCChris, not easily, but kinda04:30
paultagPCChris, I'd avoid that04:30
PCChrispaultag, well, thank you for all your help04:32
paultagPCChris, godspeed!04:33
Guest39599I would like to stop the "extra" folders being created when creating a new user (in /home/newuser/ directory). Does anyone know where I should be looking?05:44
Guest39599narrowing it down...  the adduser command is not what creates those extra folders, seems to be the first time gnome is run...06:27
genupulas1 07:23
Tsar_EvitsaHi all07:41
nlsthznGreetings all... ready too learn :D07:51
bioterrorwhat do you want to learn today?07:52
nlsthznAs much as possible (and seeing as I know so little I will learn from just about any question here today I am sure) :)07:55
UndiFineDnlsthzn, you might also want to drop in to #ubuntu08:09
UndiFineDhigh traffic but good questions and some answers08:09
nlsthznUndiFineD: I have tried a few times... a bit hectic for me... maybe if I have a few hours to "just" do that I will try again, thanks for the idea, appreciated...08:10
UndiFineDwith xchat you can coloize nicknames, which makes it a bit eassier08:11
varunithello all08:12
UndiFineDhello varunit08:12
varuniti have a problem with totem player can anyone help me?08:12
nlsthznBusy giving Empathy one last chance to do my IRC too... I like the integration it has with the notifications etc.08:12
varunitthanks unidfined08:13
varuniti will explain my problem now...08:13
UndiFineDeven at UDS they declared empathy useles for IRC08:13
varunitwhen i remove totem it also removes nautilus audio-video properties08:14
varunitand getting an error dialog box08:14
UndiFineDand so in the future it will most likely point to freenodes webchat08:14
UndiFineDhmm, I do not use totem, but vlc , I have it installed though08:15
varunitya.. i want to remove it08:15
varunitwhen i remove totem it also removes nautilus audio-video properties08:15
UndiFineDseems logical08:16
varunitwhat could be the problem?08:16
UndiFineDthey are interconnected, as totem renders the little picture to show the movie stillframe08:16
varunitoh.. how to get rid of this08:17
varunitwhen i right click to open any video file displays an error dialog box...08:17
UndiFineDsudo apt-get remove totem08:18
varuniti am doing this in fedora..08:18
varunitplease help me08:18
nlsthznvarunit: lol08:18
UndiFineDfedora hmmm08:18
varunitbecause no one is responding there...08:18
nlsthznsorry, this being a Ubuntu channel08:18
varuniti would like to remove fedora.. just want to know the reason08:19
UndiFineDI have to look up rpm commands08:19
UndiFineDone sec08:19
varunitok.. sure thanks..08:19
nlsthznvarunit: Doesn't Fedora also have a GUI add remove application?08:19
varunityes nlsthzn it has08:19
nlsthznvarunit: and you can't search and select totem?08:19
varuniti tried to remove totem from add/remove but the problem is it also removes audio-video properties08:20
UndiFineD# rpm --help08:20
UndiFineDThe program 'rpm' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:08:20
UndiFineDapt-get install rpm08:20
UndiFineDroot@head:~/Python/Python Challenge# apt-get install rpm08:20
varuniti tried to remove totem from add/remove but the problem is it also removes audio-video properties08:20
varunitand i am getting an error when i right click to open any video file displays an error dialog box08:20
nlsthznvarunit: what application to play video do you have installed now?08:21
varuniti have vlc now..08:21
nlsthznvarunit: so you can play video, but not get the properties?08:21
varunityes.. the same08:21
varuniti am getting the properties after clicking ok in the error dialog box..08:22
nlsthznvarunit: Where you maybe able to see what packages where removed with totem?08:22
varuniti will post the error message now08:22
varunitCouldn't load the 'properties.ui' interface. The file does not exist.08:22
varunitmake sure that totem is properly installed08:22
nlsthznUndiFineD: Empathy is ok for IRC one on one... I suspect that is why the main #ubuntu channel isn't working for me, because as soon as more than two people are posting it fails :)08:23
UndiFineDnot sure ofcourse, but --allmatches                  remove all packages which match <package>08:23
varunitCouldn't load the 'properties.ui' interface. The file does not exist.. make sure that totem is properly installed08:23
UndiFineDnlsthzn, and xchat is not ok for you ?08:24
nlsthznvarunit: why do you want totem uninstalled... you can have it and vlc at the same time08:24
varunityes.. but08:24
varuniti used to remove it after i have installed a fresh copy of linux08:24
varuniti have done without any problem in ubuntu.. but the problem is in fedora1408:25
varunitcould you please help me?08:25
nlsthznUndiFineD: I was using XChat and I loved it... just trying to stream line my Ubuntu experience... using all the tools the way the developers had intended it (using Empahty, Evolution, Gwibber etc.)08:25
JoeMaverickSettnlsthzn: try irssi :D08:26
UndiFineDbut totem is used by nautilus anyway, you can leave it there, and have videofiles opened by vlc as default08:26
varunityes thanks any other way to remove totem..08:26
nlsthznvarunit: To be honsest I have just again came back from a few days of distro hopping back to Ubuntu because it is the one I am starting to understand the most and it does all I need... Your best bet is Fedora forum maybe... good luck08:26
UndiFineDwhen you remove totem, it will ALWAYS remove audio-video properties08:27
nlsthznJoeMaverickSett: irssi... not heard of... will have a look thx08:27
varuniti am going to remove this fedora..08:27
JoeMaverickSettnlsthzn: http://www.irssi.org08:27
varunitthanks nlsthzn for your kind help.. :)08:27
varunit<UndiFineD> ?is it same happened in ubuntu08:28
UndiFineDvarunit, pick up ubuntu and we may help you much better08:28
varunitsure thanks.. i have requested a free cd of 10.10 :)08:28
nlsthznJoeMaverickSett: Any reason you suggest irssi... having a look at the website now but would like a users input :)08:29
UndiFineDis it the same ?, yes and no,  ubuntu totem does work for most of my videos, but installing the -good - bad- ugly plugins and vlc, plays all for me08:30
varunit<UndiFineD> thank you very much for the help08:30
UndiFineDvlc just runs side-by-side to toem for me08:30
nlsthznvarunit: If you want you can download a ISO and go Ubuntu sooner ;)08:30
varunitya.. i know.. :)08:31
varuniti have several other problem in ubuntu installing DB2 also08:31
varuniti will install ubuntu and will return here for help...08:31
JoeMaverickSettnlsthzn: well, as i'm fascinated by the cli, i try to use it as my knowldege could go, and irssi is a cli based irc client, so, i use it alot. that's all. :D08:31
varunitcan you give me your mail id nlsthzn? so that i can ask my problems by mailing you.. can you?08:32
UndiFineDalso, fedora is mostly a distribution for developers, and ubuntu is much more daily user / beginner friendly08:32
nlsthznOk :) (explains a bit the lack of screenshots on the site) ... think I will go back to XChat for now :D08:32
JoeMaverickSettnlsthzn: hehe! :D08:33
varunitrightly said undifined08:33
Puck`good morning team08:33
JoeMaverickSettgood morning, Puck` :)08:34
nlsthznvarunit: give me a sec to switch clients and I will be back ;)08:34
UndiFineDas is state on my wiki, I have used many distro 's since 1995, but last year I wanted to use something easy, which simply works for me and the family, ubuntu has been a smooth ride since version 8.0408:35
varunityes nlsthzn your mail id please?08:36
nlsthznXChat again :D feels like home08:40
UndiFineDI wish xchat had a horizontal split, so I could watch 2 channels at the same time08:41
Mohan_chmlUndiFineD, true =]. I am watching 20 of them :D08:42
nlsthznMohan_chml: wow, IRC power user!08:42
Mohan_chmllol :P08:43
UndiFineDjust 20 ?08:43
nlsthznUndiFineD: Hahaha08:43
Mohan_chmlofficially its 20 ^_^08:43
UndiFineDI am in 27 channels on 2 servers08:44
nlsthznSheese... I got three channels open, this one is by far the most active :D08:45
Mohan_chmlI have 4 personal channels for my own :D08:46
UndiFineDoh yes I have channels open which hardly have any traffic too, but they are open to support on specific topic08:47
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JoeMaverickSetthi, Silver_Fox_ :)10:19
Silver_Fox_Hello jo10:19
Silver_Fox_Hello JoeMaverickSett10:19
JoeMaverickSettSilver_Fox_: i'm mohi's padawan. :)10:20
Silver_Fox_Splendid =)10:21
JoeMaverickSettSilver_Fox_: how is your day, btw?10:21
Silver_Fox_My day is okay thank you JoeMaverickSett , how is yours ?10:22
JoeMaverickSettSilver_Fox_: very much fine. been doing some helping on #ubuntu and an assignment mohi gave me. :)10:22
benpowers23I just installed ubuntu on my laptop, and chose the option to store the files on windows.  I would like to go ahead and re-partition my hd, but i want to keep windows also (im not ready to make the full switch yet).  I do not have an install disk for windows, will i lose the os by repartitioning?  Btw i do have my personal data backed up11:25
benpowers23can anyone help?11:29
ubot2Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot11:31
UndiFineDi have no valid experiance in this11:31
benpowers23so when i repartition it doesnt format the hd?11:36
UndiFineDit does not have to, unless you select the wrong partition to install linux upon11:37
UndiFineDfor what i have heard, keep windows on the first partition11:37
benpowers23ok also, i i wanted to share files between the oss's should i create a 3rd?11:38
bioterroryou can use in windows ext2fs11:38
UndiFineDlinux can write to fat32 and ntfs filesystems, windows7 can somewhat write to ext211:39
UndiFineDthe highest chance for success is to create a third fat32 partition11:40
benpowers23can view files on the windows partition and vice versa?11:40
benpowers23can i*11:40
benpowers23right now, with ubuntu installed over windows i can access my data on windows could i do the same on seperate partitions?11:41
bioterrorhhhahahah fat3211:41
bioterrorUndiFineD, you're kidding, right?11:41
bioterrorlinux has a properly working NTFS support11:42
UndiFineDwell that took a while11:42
bioterrorI like my chicks as my partition FAT and 1611:42
benpowers23fat32 has a 4gb file size limit tho right?11:42
bioterrorbenpowers23, you're right11:43
UndiFineDbioterror, I have not actively administered a windows system since 200111:43
bioterroryou're not going to move any 1080p movies11:43
UndiFineDwhich is why i said, I have no valid experiance11:43
benpowers23i do back-up some dvds and the average iso file is more than 4 gb11:44
benpowers23also, i have a amd turion x2 64 bit proccessor should i install the 32 bit version of unbuntu?11:46
nlsthznbenpowers23:  You can install 32-bit yes, but as you have mentioned your CPU is 64-bit so 64-bit will also work11:48
bioterrorbenpowers23, how much rum you have?11:48
bioterrorrum :D11:48
benpowers23no rum lol 4gb of ram tho11:48
bioterrorthen 64Bit11:49
benpowers23it was suggested to use 32 bit earlier because of the bugs in 6411:50
bioterrorwhat bugs? :D11:50
UndiFineDwow, liquid crystal memory, amazing11:51
benpowers23i dont know im new to this game thats just what i read11:51
benpowers23also i dont use any 64 bit programs11:51
bioterrorit's a different thing on linux, since all the programs are compiled to use 64bit11:52
UndiFineDthere are few bugs in 64bit, one of them is that they stopped supporting my xeon processor11:52
benpowers23that stinks11:53
UndiFineDI so need a new machine11:53
bioterrorUndiFineD, or different os, if linux kernel dropped support11:53
benpowers23one more and ill leave yall alone11:53
UndiFineDbioterror, blasphemy11:53
benpowers23i use app inventor by google to write programs for my android phone.  if there is no linux support for the drivers windows uses can i make it work somehow?11:56
UndiFineDandroid was developed on linux, you find lots of resources for it11:56
benpowers23is there a reason to use the firefox that comes on ubuntu rather than chrome?11:58
benpowers23a good reason?11:58
bioterrorthere's no reason to use firefox, chrome does same things and even faster and better. I think11:59
bioterrorbut if you like firefox and you're not ready to sell that part of your soul to G, then use FireFox11:59
benpowers23it also work hand in hand with my phone12:00
* JoeMaverickSett sold his soul to G! :D12:00
benpowers23no quite the opposite i am already sold12:00
* UndiFineD has firefox, chrome, chromium, opera, links2 and some others12:00
JoeMaverickSettUndiFineD: +1 :D12:00
benpowers23whats the diff between chrome and chromium?12:01
UndiFineDchrome is closed source, chromium is open12:01
bioterrorchrome is malmware :D12:01
benpowers23should i switch then?12:02
UndiFineDyou can12:02
benpowers23i dont mind, but i love chrome12:02
bioterrorthere's no difference12:02
benpowers23as long as chromium has the same features12:02
bioterrorchrome send statics and stuff to google, chromium does not and chrome is bundled with flash12:02
benpowers23same addons and everything12:02
bioterrorthat's the difference12:03
benpowers23i still have no flash12:03
bioterrorsudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree12:03
benpowers23i have chrome but no flash12:03
Timo_bioterror helping as usual? :) Howdy12:03
benpowers23i am reading the ubuntu pocketbook, will that help me with the commands and atleast get me on a start to understanding ubuntu?12:04
bioterrorbenpowers23, http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/switching/C/index.html12:05
bioterrorbenpowers23, http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/index.html12:06
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benpowers23so am i wasting my time on that book?12:07
benpowers23thank yall so much i have to go to bed now i have be up in 4 hours12:09
Timo_that's so cool, all the different timezones coming together :D12:12
benpowers23bioterror i used you command, but to no avail12:15
benpowers23eading package lists... Done12:16
benpowers23Building dependency tree12:16
benpowers23Reading state information... Done12:16
benpowers23The following extra packages will be installed:12:16
benpowers23  flashplugin-installer nspluginwrapper12:16
benpowers23Suggested packages:12:16
benpowers23  xulrunner-1.9 firefox-3.0 konqueror-nsplugins ttf-xfree86-nonfree xfs12:16
benpowers23The following NEW packages will be installed:12:16
benpowers23  flashplugin-installer flashplugin-nonfree nspluginwrapper12:16
benpowers230 upgraded, 3 newly installed, 0 to remove and 33 not upgraded.12:16
benpowers23Need to get 214kB of archives.12:16
benpowers23After this operation, 786kB of additional disk space will be used.12:16
benpowers23Do you want to continue [Y/n]? y12:16
benpowers23WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!12:16
benpowers23  nspluginwrapper flashplugin-installer flashplugin-nonfree12:16
benpowers23Install these packages without verification [y/N]? y12:16
benpowers23Get:1 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick/multiverse nspluginwrapper amd64 1.2.2-0ubuntu7 [192kB]12:16
benpowers23Get:2 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick-updates/multiverse flashplugin-installer amd64 [20.0kB]12:16
Timo_!pastebin | benpowers2312:16
ubot2benpowers23: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:16
benpowers23Get:3 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick-updates/multiverse flashplugin-nonfree amd64 [1,772B]12:16
benpowers23Fetched 214kB in 3s (70.2kB/s)12:16
benpowers23Preconfiguring packages ...12:16
benpowers23Selecting previously deselected package nspluginwrapper.12:16
benpowers23(Reading database ... 136804 files and directories currently installed.)12:16
benpowers23Unpacking nspluginwrapper (from .../nspluginwrapper_1.2.2-0ubuntu7_amd64.deb) ...12:16
benpowers23and it stopped12:17
JoeMaverickSett!pastebin | benpowers2312:17
Timo_no problem12:17
bioterrorrestart your browser then12:17
benpowers23just did same thing12:20
benpowers23"missing plugin"12:20
karthick87Hi friends, i have got a problem in thunderbird.Hope someone can help me here..When i open thunderbird it is saying that "Thunderbird is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Thunderbird process, or restart your system."But there is no process running in background..13:58
Timo_karthick87: try to run top13:59
Timo_in the terminal13:59
Timo_top | grep thunderbird13:59
Timo_does it give anything back?13:59
karthick87yes  4908 karthick  20   0 99.0m  26m  16m S   11  1.3   0:00.34 thunderbird-bin14:00
bioterrorps aux |grep thunderbird14:00
Timo_okay karthick87 now do: kill 490814:00
Timo_and then try to start thunderbird again14:01
karthick87Killed the process but when i  open again i get the same error14:03
Timo_mm that's odd14:04
karthick87what should i do now..?Do i want to remove thunderbird entirely and install it again..?14:05
szczurkillall thunderbird-bin14:12
szczurand it should kill every thunderbird instance14:12
szczurif not, reboot14:12
karthick87thunderbird-bin: no process found14:57
szczurso there should be one running in background14:58
szczurand you're still unable to run it?14:58
bioterrorthunderbirds are go!14:58
szczurplease reboot to get sure that there's none proccess from thunderbird14:58
bioterrorwhat does ps aux say14:58
bioterrorps aux |more14:59
bioterrordo u have a zombie?14:59
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pooplhow to change /dev/ttyusb0 to /dev/ttyusb120:23
suprengrsorry not meant for here ;)20:25
UbuntuNoobanyone here?21:00
pedro3005hi UbuntuNoob21:00
UbuntuNoobhi I have a couple of questions21:00
UbuntuNoobI just recently found out that ubuntu allows for really nice desktops21:00
pedro3005sure as hell does21:00
UbuntuNoobSo I looked it up and found out it was a separate OS21:00
UbuntuNoobdoes that mean i have to reformat to install ubuntu?21:00
pedro3005Ubuntu is a separate OS21:01
pedro3005what are you talking about?21:01
UbuntuNoobwindows xp windows 7 they're all OS21:02
UbuntuNoobbut i have to refomat and delete everything to install the OS21:02
UbuntuNoobdo i have to do the same for ubuntu?21:02
pedro3005well, you could dual boot21:02
pedro3005but Ubuntu is pretty much a complete OS just like Windows 7 is21:02
UbuntuNoobi see so there's no option to upgrade from windows 7 to ubuntu and keep your files right?21:03
pedro3005UbuntuNoob, well if you have more than one partition you could move your files to that partition and not erase it21:03
pedro3005so you'll install ubuntu on the main partition and still have your files on the alternate partition21:03
UbuntuNoobi see21:04
pedro3005you can install ubuntu under windows like a program using Wubi21:04
pedro3005but I don't like that too much21:04
pedro3005it doesn't give the real linux experience21:04
UbuntuNoobi dont like the idea either lol21:04
UbuntuNoobso ubuntu is another version of linux?21:04
BuglerGot a question on partioning ubuntu 10.1021:04
pedro3005ubuntu is a linux distribution21:05
UbuntuNoobi see21:05
pedro3005it uses the linux kernel21:05
pedro3005!ask | Bugler21:05
ubot2Bugler: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:05
UbuntuNoobthat makes sense21:05
Buglerworking on it21:05
UbuntuNoobso there are still limitations to what programs ubuntu can run just like linux right?21:06
pedro3005it can run any program made for linux21:06
pedro3005and SOME programs made for windows using WINE21:07
Bugleri know there is many options for partitioning... i have a 120GB hd ext part.  Can you give me a sample of partition sizes and mount points?21:07
UbuntuNoobi see thanks for your help pedro :)21:07
Buglerex: / 15GB /home all but X GB.. etc.21:07
pedro3005Bugler, you're planning to have your ubuntu install on that partition?21:08
Bugleryes... I have dual boot and ubuntu will be 3rd21:08
Buglerwinxp first, win7 second, ubuntu third21:08
Buglerxp and win 7 working now.21:09
pedro3005I think around 15-20 GB to / is good. 2 GB to swap seems reasonable. the rest goes to /home21:09
Buglerok.. no need to do /boot and /usr anymore.. I need just a basic setup for some experimenting21:09
pedro3005Bugler, you could let ubuntu do it all for you21:10
pedro3005just select "use entire partition" on the installation process and choose your partition21:10
pedro3005it'll take care of everything21:10
Buglerwhen I but the cd.  it does not recognize the unallocated.. so i have to manually do it21:10
pedro3005Bugler, try opening GParted21:11
pedro3005maybe format it to something like FAT32 which ubuntu can see and then set to ext correctly21:11
Buglerk. pedro will give a try on that one.  I always overthink... Thanks again pedro.21:12
pedro3005sure, no problem21:12
ubot2Factoid 'next' not found21:12
pedro3005it should be "Another satisfied customer! NEXT!!"21:13
paultagpedro3005, hahahahha that would rock :)21:18
pedro3005paultag, <3 how're things?21:19
paultagpedro3005, not too bad, working on some good things. How are you?21:19
paultagOh noes!21:19
pedro3005paultag, pretty good. TGIF21:19
paultagHomeboy got K-Lined :)21:19
paultagpedro3005, Aye aye!21:19
pedro3005paultag, how's fubuntu?21:20
paultagpedro3005, on hole for the time being21:20
pedro3005paultag, hold?21:20
paultaghold * yeah pedro3005 :)21:20
pedro3005paultag, so what're you're working on, if I might inquire?21:21
paultagpedro3005, fbautostart and locolint21:21
paultagpedro3005, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoLint21:21
paultagjust blogged it out :)21:21
pedro3005paultag, you start every post with hello world :p21:22
paultagpedro3005, yup21:23
pedro3005paultag, reminds me of the dan brown guy on youtube.. "hello world! my name is dan brown and i'm here to teach you how to solve a rubik's cube"21:23
pedro3005paultag, and whube? hiatus?21:26
paultagpedro3005, yeah21:26
paultagpedro3005, I needed to put stuff off to do other work. That and Tenach is taking a break too21:26
paultagpedro3005, so we're freezing it for a while21:26
pedro3005paultag, oh, right, tenach. is he alright? haven't seen him21:26
paultagYeah he's OK pedro300521:27
paultagpedro3005, just needs some time off21:27
pedro3005ok, cool21:28
pedro3005paultag, I saw you were taking up some abandoned projects on launchpad the other day, is that what fbautostart is about?21:29
paultagpedro3005, I wrote fbautostart21:29
pedro3005fb being..?21:30
paultagpedro3005, fluxbox21:31
pedro3005paultag, ah, okay.. did you write fluxbox as well?21:31
paultagpedro3005, no, but I'm working with upstream on it. And I maintain it in Debian21:31
pedro3005paultag, I don't think I've used fluxbox before :x21:31
* paultag walks away21:32
paultagThere's an awesome version in my PPA21:32
pedro3005paultag, excuse my silly questions, but does it use gtk?21:33
paultagpedro3005, it can21:33
pedro3005ooh, enigmatic paultag21:33
paultagpedro3005, you can use GTK or Qt, no problem21:33
pedro3005I see21:34
paultagpedro3005, it's built using raw X11 calls -- it's not a DE, it's a WM21:34
paultagpedro3005, it's not like GNOME or KDE, it's like Xfwm, Metacity, Compiz21:34
pedro3005paultag, yeah, I'm no expert in that field21:34
pedro3005yeah, I see21:35
pedro3005paultag, so you must have a DE to place it in?21:35
paultagpedro3005, you can if you'd like, but it has a built in toolbar and menu if you don't want to21:35
paultagpedro3005, you can run GNOME+Fluxbox21:35
pedro3005paultag, or KDE + FluxBox?21:36
paultagpedro3005, sure21:36
pedro3005paultag, I'm a KFag now.. is there even such a term?21:36
paultagpedro3005, there is21:37
pedro3005paultag, I think KDE is more stable21:37
paultagit is21:38
pedro3005who knows21:38
paultagbecause it's written nicer21:38
pedro3005paultag, and what do you use?21:38
paultagpedro3005, GNOME these days. Don't tell anyone21:38
pedro3005paultag, any particular reason?21:39
paultagpedro3005, nay21:39
paultagpedro3005, I like KDE and I wear my kubuntu shirt everywhere21:39
paultagpedro3005, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Paultag?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=paultag.jpg21:39
pedro3005paultag, KDE feels more stable but GNOME has a place in my heart..21:39
paultagpedro3005, It's that I help a lot of people, and it makes it easier if I can give them GNOME instructions21:40
paultagsometimes you can't get a new hacker to use the shell21:40
pedro3005paultag, altruism ftw :)21:41
pedro3005someone give paultag the nobel peace prize :P21:42
Cheri703I have a question about installing with specific partitions as specific mount points22:12
Cheri703if I have data on the partition I'd like to use as /home, if I don't format, will it keep the data alright?22:12
aveilleuxCheri703: Does the data have the correct permissions for use as a /home directory? ie. do the user files have the right permissions?22:13
Cheri703probably? right now it's not in a /home/cheri it's just a /cheri folder, I'm assuming install will create its own /home/cheri folder and I could then paste in my other data22:14
Cheri703I just want to make sure that it will not just clear the partition even if I don't format it22:15
aveilleuxCheri703: Well yes, if you're just mounting it then it'll be left alone.22:16
aveilleuxCheri703: Also if you mount a partition as /home then the user files should be on the root of the partition22:16
Cheri703well, I'm reinstalling completely, so I'm assuming new data will be written in there, but it'll ignore the current data22:16
Cheri703ah, ok, that makes sense22:16
Cheri703well, I'll be back in a while, and hopefully everything works properly :)22:20
JustinBHey everyone. My sister just got a new netbook, and I installed ubuntu on it. But we are encountering a problem - usb drives just won't open. System utilities (and the terminal) detect them, list partition names, but won't mount (get an error message claiming they are already mounted). Here's the kicker - if you plug a second usb stick, that one WILL mount, even get a desktop icon. Any ideas? Google wasn't particularly helpful with23:23

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