gantrixxanyone here?05:29
MattQCyep, I would hope so05:30
gantrixxThis is the first time this has ever happened.  When I rebooted, my computer goes into text mode.  If I try to manually start gdm, it says it is already started05:30
MattQCgantrixx hypatia: how are you both?05:30
gantrixxMattQC, I'm frustrated05:30
gantrixxhow are you?05:30
MattQChmm, odd?05:31
MattQCnever had that happen before05:31
gantrixxctrl-alt-F7 just results in blank screen05:31
MattQCI'm okay, seeing I don't have a verbose login problem05:31
MattQCI think that's what they call it, verbose mode, no?05:32
MattQCI'm vacillating now between Fedora 14 and Ubuntu 10.1005:32
gantrixxoh, I think I might know what it is05:32
hypatiagantrixx: can you kill it and then restart it?05:32
hypatiathat's odd05:32
hypatiawhat do you think it is?05:33
gantrixxI was trying to remove mysql-server05:34
gantrixxfor some reason it had some dependency on fglrx05:34
gantrixxand it couldn't uninstall fglrx05:34
gantrixxso maybe it partially removed it05:34
gantrixxthere are some weird things with 10.1005:34
hypatiathat is mega weird05:35
gantrixxwell that was it05:35
MattQCI've always been an Ubuntu type, but wanted to give Fedora a look see with the new release05:36
hypatiahow's that been working, MattQC ?05:37
MattQChypatia: back05:50
MattQChypatia: Thanks. Now chatting from Pidgin, via Windows :(05:51
hypatiaat least it's pidgin!05:51
MattQCOkay, I am going to ditch Fedora I think, and head back to Ubuntu05:51
MattQCYes yes, indeed05:51
hypatiawelcome back, i guess? :)05:51
MattQCI´ve become used to XChat however05:51
MattQCyes yes05:51
MattQCJust easier to configure the installer, and on my ThinkPad too05:51
MattQCchecked power consumption on the other distro via PowerTop, and it´s about the same05:52
MattQCI am going to head to bed shortly however. It´s almost 2am here in Montréal05:52

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