czajkowskijono: with tweets like that I suspect you're going to get a lotta email :subject: Just one more for you00:04
akgranerHi all!  :-)01:19
cjohnstonhey akgraner !01:19
akgranercjohnston, hey!01:20
akgranerczajkowski, hey01:21
czajkowskiakgraner: how ya doing '01:22
akgranerczajkowski, can I just tell you M.Finn and I have become very close friends :-)01:22
czajkowskiyou missed Mr. Green M. Finn01:22
czajkowskiHe rocks01:22
czajkowskiakgraner: how are the kids doing ?01:24
akgranerczajkowski, I'll send you the pics of me in what is left of my basement enjoying that smooth taste of butterscotch...01:24
czajkowskiso next time we meet no more jameson01:24
czajkowskiand more Mickey Finns01:24
akgraneras a matter of fact I am sipping on it now :-)01:24
akgranerthe kids are doing great01:24
akgranerI am so proud of them01:24
paultag<3 akgraner01:25
paultagpopey, prod01:25
ubot2paultag: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:25
akgranerpaultag, thanks!01:25
ubot2paultag: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:25
paultagakgraner, much love. Hope all is well. Pass it on to Pete and the kids, too01:25
akgranerczajkowski, just making out my todo list - and ready to get on with things01:26
akgranerpaultag, will do01:26
czajkowskipaultag: for CC you can also poke pleia2 which is more her timezone at this hour01:26
czajkowskiakgraner: *nods*01:26
paultagczajkowski, roger doger01:26
akgranerclean up on the house starts tomorrow - and we looked at floor plans and have talked to a couple of builders01:26
czajkowskiwhere are ye staying at present?01:27
akgranerI just wanted to tell everyone hello and that I missed you all01:27
akgranerczajkowski, with my parents01:27
czajkowskiakgraner: we miss you too01:27
pleia2akgraner: hugs!01:27
paultagpleia2, have a sec?01:28
akgranerI went to my daughters school to talk to them and I had an Ubuntu shirt on  - and one of the admin folks said - Hey we use Ubuntu on our servers for my side job01:29
paultagpleia2, I need someone on the CC to add the LC as a bug supervisor to a project I just registered, should take half a sec :)01:29
akgranerhe was like wow I didn't think there was anyone else around here who knew about Ubuntu - I laughed01:30
pleia2paultag: can you email the CC with the request? I don't know the protocol here01:31
paultagpleia2, it's an ubuntu-locoteams meta-project01:31
paultagpleia2, It's for LC issues, persia is getting back to me :)01:32
pleia2if persia knows more about it, perhaps he should do it :)01:32
paultagthanks pleia2, you rock01:32
akgranerhe asked, "so what do you and pete have to do with Ubuntu?"  I said, "nothing much he does stuff with the kernel and I like to tell people about it."01:32
pleia2akgraner: cool :)01:33
nhandlerThis is why I need a better Ubuntu shirt. The one I have is a great shirt, but the Ubuntu logo is too tiny ;)01:34
akgranernhandler, nods gotta get you some more Ubuntu attire01:35
czajkowskinhandler: TEAM REPORTS :D01:35
czajkowskipaultag: can you set up the LC for this month please :D01:35
nhandlerczajkowski: Yep. I sent out an email yesterday, but I should start poking people01:35
paultagczajkowski, yeah, sure, np01:36
czajkowskipaultag: don't grr me mister01:36
nhandlerIt does help that we don't publish UWN on Sundays anymore (gives me a bit of extra time to poke a few more teams)01:36
nhandlerpaultag: She'll get out her whip if you don't watch it ;)01:36
paultagnhandler, Oh trust me, I know01:36
akgranernhandler, I'll email the news team folks and see if we can't get everything back on track for Monday01:36
* czajkowski shines her halo :)01:36
nhandlerakgraner: Great. I'll try and get another action from the Fridge todo thing done by then01:37
akgranernhandler, awesome01:37
akgranernhandler, also I got an email from Charlie they have copied the code over and are almost ready for us to try our the test site so they are almost ready for fridge.ubuntu.com to be updated01:38
* popey hugs akgraner 01:38
czajkowskiCharlie in IS rocks !01:38
akgranerpopey, thanks!01:38
akgranerczajkowski, yep and he is an Army guy too01:38
nhandlerakgraner: Great. I meant to poke you about that the other day. Did they also look into possibly keeping links from breaking with some url re-writing magic?01:38
akgranernhandler, yep they are working on it01:39
czajkowskiakgraner: is he? cool01:39
akgranerI heard newz was looking into that - need to follow up on that01:39
popeypaultag: got your prod, i see pleia2 dealt with you accordingly01:39
popey(which is helpful because I need sleep)01:40
paultagyeah, thanks popey01:40
czajkowskipopey: nn01:40
popeyhttp://ucasts.tv/2010/11/05/ucast-0001-a-brief-tour-of-the-desktop/ btw :)01:40
popey(not that any of you lot need it)01:40
nhandlerThose types of videos are still nice to look at. Some are made very well01:42
* cjohnston is off for the night.. walkin around NY all night has made us tired01:50
czajkowskicjohnston: nn01:51
jonoczajkowski, seriously... :P02:23
czajkowskijono: I refrained from mailing!02:23
czajkowskitempting as it were02:23
jonoczajkowski, lol02:37
jonowhat time is there?02:37
jonoyou still in Florida?02:37
czajkowskinope back in limerick02:39
czajkowskiit's 2:40am02:39
czajkowskigot home at 6:30 am yesterday02:39
jonoczajkowski, 2.40am? ahhh yeah the clocks changed02:41
czajkowskiand I have to leave at 4 for airport so no point in sleeping now02:42
paultagczajkowski, http://blog.pault.ag/2010/11/05/loco-lint-feature-file-an-issue-for-the-loco-council-quickly/02:43
paultagczajkowski, it rocks hardcore :)02:43
jonowhere are you going czajkowski?02:43
czajkowskijono: UK!02:44
czajkowskirelocating for 6 months02:44
jonoczajkowski, ahhh yeah, of course!02:45
jonohave fun02:45
czajkowskiwill do02:45
czajkowskijust need to learn to speak slowly so folks understand me02:45
czajkowskikeybuk and popey have issues understanding me02:49
czajkowskijono: have a good UDS ?02:49
jonoczajkowski, I did02:50
jonoawesome time02:50
jononow reviewing the 11.04 strategy02:50
czajkowskijono: can you possibly give this a shout out ? http://www.lczajkowski.com/2010/10/23/the-business-value-of-open-source-software/02:50
czajkowskijono: so curious how will your burn down work this cycle as it was under ubuntu the project like other teams had as well02:50
jonoczajkowski, done03:41
czajkowskijono: thanks03:42
dholbachgood morning!07:30
kim0dholbach: morning07:34
dholbachhey kim007:35
kim0nigelb: are you still not awake :P07:35
kim0czajkowski: hey :)07:36
dpmgood morning all08:08
dholbachhola dpm08:11
dpmheya dholbach :)08:15
dakergood morning09:09
dakerkim0, did you bought the sheep ?09:13
kim0daker: :) we have the butcher handle that09:35
dholbachkim0, what's being celebrated?09:39
kim0dholbach: The willingness of Abraham (Ibrahim) to sacrifice his son Ishmael (Isma'il) as an act of obedience to God09:39
kim0dholbach: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eid_al-Adha09:40
dholbachkim0, so you started the preparations for November 16 already? :)09:40
kim0hehe yeah :)09:41
dholbachdaker, did you start preparations too? :)09:43
dakerdholbach, 2 weeks before is the right time to start preparations09:47
dholbachdaker, good to know - so if I see families celebrating or long queues in front of the butcher over here I'll at least know what it's all about :)09:51
dakerdid you know that "Tangier" is the second hotest city of the next year10:02
dholbachI'm all for UDS Tangier!10:04
popeyUDS ISS!10:05
dakerdholbach, for me it's "Marrakech" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marrakech10:14
dholbachdaker, I've never been there, but everybody I know who visited it is raving about it - you should hear my mom, she can talk about how much she enjoyed Marrakech for hours :-)10:15
dholbachone day... I'll make it there too :)10:15
dakerthat would be an excelllent choice10:16
dholbachI'm all for it10:17
* dpm <-- early early lunch10:55
dholbachdpm, for somebody from Spain :-P10:57
duanedesigngood morning all11:38
PiciHappy Friday.12:13
duanedesignhowdy Pendulum13:00
Pendulumhow're you duanedesign ?13:00
duanedesignPendulum: doing really well13:02
duanedesignPendulum: thanks for asking :) How are you?13:03
Pendulumstill sick13:03
IdleOnepopey: looking forward to seeing more ucasts. :)13:41
popeyif you have any suggestions for content I'd love to hear it..13:41
IdleOnemaybe add a Suggest Ucasts link :)13:42
IdleOnegot a feeling you site is getting a lot of hits at the moment13:44
popeyits certainly had a bit of an uptick13:45
jcastropopey: is keymon in the archive?14:04
popeydont think so14:07
popeyneat isnt it?14:07
* popey adds it to the list of things to make a video about :D14:07
jcastropopey: what do you suppose happened there?14:09
jcastrothe ogv plays fine locally14:09
popeyhow did you convert/upload it?14:10
jcastroI just uploaded the ogv and it converted it14:11
jcastrowhich I suspect is the problem14:11
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/526326/ is the script I use to do the video conversion, if it helps. I have medibuntu enabled and some extra packages installed (specifically libavcodec-extra-52, libavdevice-extra-52 , libavfilter-extra-1, libavformat-extra-52, libavutil-extra-50 , libpostproc-extra-51, libswscale-extra-0) ..14:13
jcastrooooh, handy, thanks14:20
popeythe mp4 version plays on iphones and ipads too which is nice :)14:22
popeyi dont have a solution for playback on android yet :S14:23
jcastrowhat's best to upload to youtube?14:26
jcastrothe flv or the webm?14:26
popeygood question14:27
popeylast night i uploaded an flv and it cut off at the end14:27
popeyso right now I'm uploading mp4 to see if that makes a difference14:28
popeyglad yours worked, mine (8 mins long) youtube thinks is 21 seconds14:43
jcastrowhat's the etiquette for a video on planet?14:46
jcastrojust a text link?14:46
* popey shrugs14:47
popeyi do the old html5 lark14:47
IdleOnewhy are you not posting that to ucasts?14:48
popeywhy is who not posting what to ucasts?14:49
IdleOnejcastro and his banshee video14:49
popeyi refer you to our conversation of about an hour ago :)14:49
IdleOneokie dokie14:50
IdleOneI'll hush :/14:50
jonomorning all!15:03
Pendulummorning jono15:03
popeyyo yo yo jo no!15:04
JFoand a wicked cup of co co15:05
jonoyo yo yo15:06
* popey turns JFos cap backwards and hangs the fat gold chain of 'spect round his neck15:07
popeyor something15:07
* JFo takes a B-Boy stance15:09
doctormoTime go spend birthday time with the adoring community, chow online peeps.15:35
jcastroI think people think they'll wake up tomorrow and wayland will be working15:52
PiciI keep thinking of the evil corporation from the Alien movies.15:54
jcastroWayland - Unity15:55
jcastroman, this is awesome16:06
jcastro"So if Ubuntu is dropping X where does that leave Kubuntu - as a fork of a fork?"16:06
jcastrothere's not much to say here16:07
popeyReply with one word..16:07
cjohnstonNo.. it leaves kubuntu as a spoon16:08
cjohnstonor a spork16:08
popeymmmmm spork16:12
dholbachok my friends16:13
dholbachI call it a day16:13
dholbachhave a great weekend everyone16:13
* dholbach hugs you all16:13
cjohnstonbye dholbach !16:13
PiciI call today 'friday'16:13
Pendulumhave a good weekend dholbach *hugs*16:13
cjohnstononly two more hours till I can go do tourist stuff again16:13
Pendulumcjohnston: having fun?16:15
cjohnstonsittin around this mornin waiting for Hope's class to be done...16:16
cjohnstonDid you see pictures from yesterday?16:16
dholbachbye :)16:16
jcastro<-- lunch16:51
jcastropopey: are you behind this? http://identi.ca/ubuntutwo20:23
jcastroit's pretty loltastic20:23
jcastrojono: I'm EOWed in 30 minutes, last call!20:28
paultagjcastro, hahaha, that account is great!20:32
jonojcastro, no worries20:38
jonohave fun!20:38
jonoany wordpress gurus here?20:45
AlanBelljono: not sure I am guru level but what is up?21:13
popeyjcastro: no, not I21:25
popeyjcastro: I know who it is tho21:25
popeydear jono in your next severed fifth release, please name your tracks with NN_ at the start for track numbers, love popey21:25
paultagIf you could put binary metadata before the track, then a few second gap before the song that would be good too21:28
paultagget it, I'm making fun of you popey21:28
paultagpopey, ;) <321:28
popey(I only downloaded it because I need a CD I can rip/burn legally) :p21:29
popey(don't tell jono)21:29
popey(it's illegal to rip CDs in the UK :( )21:29
czajkowskiis it..21:30
czajkowskigood to tkno21:30
Pendulumczajkowski: get some sleep21:30
popeysadly yes21:30
paultagczajkowski, I thought England was lighter then Ireland about that stuff21:30
paultagI could have sworn that Ireland had some goofy copyright laws21:30
AlanBellit isn't something that would ever be enforced, but I think popey wants to put a screencast of himself ripping a CD on the internet21:31
AlanBellso self-incrimination would be unwise21:31
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
paultagAlanBell, ahhhha21:31
AlanBellyou are in practice not actually going to get in trouble for putting your CD collection on your iPod21:32
popeynor are you in practice likely to get in trouble for downloading a windows xp cd from the internet and putting it on a pc, but I'm not going to video myself doing that either! :)21:33
popeyor video myself doing 130MPH21:33
jcastropopey: what is jo talking about22:15
jcastro"WebOS > Android, except for apps."22:15
jcastroso, other than being useful, it's great!22:15
paultagjcastro, heh22:18

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