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icekhey i have ubuntu on my macbook, it only has up to 1280X800 resolution, its too low, driving me crazy, how do i make it higher?02:21
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icekhi, my resolution is 1280 - 800 how do i make it higher?03:46
RAOFicek: This channel is for development, not troubleshooting.  I suggest asking your question in #ubuntu, ubuntuforums.org, or askubuntu.com03:47
RAOFIt's also entirely possible that 1280x800 is the maximum resolution of your display; for example, I have a macbook with a 1280x800 display03:48
iceki have a macbook03:48
icek1280 800 looks smaller in ubuntu than in osx03:48
bcurtiswxmess with DPI, may help, Mac's go with like 72DPI i _think_ we go with 90DPI by default IIRC03:49
icekdoes anyone have a link to some really modern themes?03:49
icekbcurtiswx how do i change it to 72?03:52
bcurtiswxSystem --> Preferences --> Appearance | Fonts Tab | Details Button03:53
bcurtiswxif anything, whether i'm completely off or not, play around with whatever DPI you like the best03:53
icekDPI? dots per inch?03:54
icekwhere do i change DPI?03:55
bcurtiswxThe titlebar of the window you should be in should say "Font Rendering Details"03:55
icekSystem-preferences-appearance preferences?03:56
bcurtiswxclick the "fonts" tab on the top03:57
bcurtiswxton the bottom right above "close" you should see a button that says "Details"03:57
icekhey thats pretty good03:58
icekanyone know a really good osx theme?03:58
bcurtiswxAny questions past this point, you should probably go to #ubuntu , they are the genereal support channel.   have to go to bed myself, another long day tomorrow04:00
bcurtiswxnite all04:00
didrocksmorning rodrigo_08:47
rodrigo_hmm, what's the magic in debian/rules to build a package whose upstream tarball doesn't have autogen.sh nor configure?08:57
seb128hey rodrigo_08:59
rodrigo_hi seb12808:59
seb128what do they use?08:59
rodrigo_it's got a configure.ac, just no configure/autogen.sh08:59
zygaodd, the whole point is to ship configure, well09:00
rodrigo_yeah, seems to be broken09:00
zygarodrigo_, you can generate the appropriate stuff but I'm not dh guru to spell how to do that properly09:00
rodrigo_yeah, running autoconf/automake should do it, but no idea how to do it via dh09:01
didrocksrodrigo_: dh 7?09:01
seb128rodrigo_, use dh-autoreconf09:01
rodrigo_yes, dh 709:01
* zyga needs to learn the dh build targets/sequence eventually09:01
seb128rodrigo_, install dh-autoreconf and man dh-autoreconf09:02
seb128dh --with autoreconf $@09:02
seb128it will run autoreconf09:02
seb128which should give you a configure09:02
rodrigo_seb128, btwe, this is libsocialweb, got it from universe09:04
seb128lut huats09:12
huatshello se09:12
didrockssalut huats09:14
huatso/ didrocks09:15
seb128rodrigo_, I pushed a new g-s-d to natty and the vcs btw09:40
seb128you might want to rebase your work09:40
rodrigo_seb128, oh, I'm still revieweing the patches and pushing them upstream09:41
rodrigo_seb128, a new 2.32.x?09:41
seb128rodrigo_, yes, just packaging changes09:41
seb128I updated the .install to install the datetime polkit service09:41
seb128we didn't do it last cycle because we didn't update gnome-panel09:42
seb128so we were still using the gnome-panel one09:42
seb128I cleaned the touchpad and ltmain patches while I was at it09:42
seb128it's a pretty trivial revision ;-)09:42
seb128rodrigo_, thanks for upstream those patches btw09:43
rodrigo_well, it's much more work to having to rebase them :)09:43
seb128don't tell me ;-)09:43
seb128we slacked on some of those but some were in bugzilla sitting09:43
seb128the annoying one with be the appindicator one09:43
rodrigo_yes, that part has changed a lot09:45
rodrigo_I will rebase it on Monday though, when I do a new release09:45
seb128do you know what upstream plans to do for the keyboard indicator?09:45
seb128I think g-s will not have a notification area to display that icon?09:46
rodrigo_yes, it has one09:46
seb128oh ok09:46
seb128I though they wanted to get ride of it09:46
seb128there is a GNOME wikipage about what to do about notification area icons09:47
rodrigo_well, not sure what the exact plans are, but I see a notification area in gnome-shell09:49
rodrigo_do you know if https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cairo/+bug/271283 has been fixed in OpenOffice?09:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 271283 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu Jaunty) (and 4 other projects) "[ooo-build] OpenOffice.org subpixel font rendering broken with new cairo (affects: 3) (dups: 2) (heat: 55)" [Medium,Fix released]09:53
rodrigo_there's a patch in the g-s-d package for working it around09:53
rodrigo_seems not, from the novell bug09:54
seb128I guess not09:56
seb128I think there was a bug upstream about this patch09:56
rodrigo_ah, it's already fixed upstream, yes10:00
seb128when,where has it been fixed? just curious10:02
rodrigo_hmm, let me check the history10:02
rodrigo_commit 6cf315249ab27d4396b0f5b5edb1e689a5cafc6810:02
rodrigo_Author: Chris Coleman <chrsclmn@gmail.com>10:02
rodrigo_Date:   Sat Oct 16 01:44:12 2010 +010010:02
rodrigo_    xsettings: Export Xft.lcdfilter for OO.o's benefit10:02
rodrigo_    10:02
rodrigo_    Export Xft.lcdfilter legacy setting for the benefit of OpenOffice.org10:02
rodrigo_    which doesn't follow the other fontconfig settings.10:02
rodrigo_    10:02
rodrigo_    https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=63192410:02
ubot2Gnome bug 631924 in xsettings "patch to fix subpixel font rendering with openoffice" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]10:02
seb128ok great10:03
rodrigo_ok, only 7 patches left!10:04
ricotzseb128, hi10:12
seb128hey ricotz10:12
seb128rodrigo_, which ones?10:12
ricotzseb128, is it considered to ship develement releases of gtk+2.0 2.24 parallel to gtk+3.0?10:12
seb128ricotz, yes, we will not drop gtk2 in one cycle10:13
seb128I think gtk2 is going to be around for some years10:13
ricotzseb128, for example because of the changed location of the recent files list10:13
ricotzseb128, yeah i know, i actually meant doing these update concurrent with eachother10:14
seb128yes as time permit, you are welcome to work on that if you want10:14
seb128we are just a small team with lot of work10:14
seb128and 2.23 is not the priority right now10:14
rodrigo_seb128, 02_missing_libs.patch                   71_fix_ldsm_notification_crash.patch10:14
rodrigo_05_disable_corner_tapping.patch         91_update_gvc_source.patch10:14
rodrigo_06_use_application_indicator.patch      series10:14
seb128we will get it in the next weeks10:15
rodrigo_02 is probably going upstream, and still looking at 71 and 9110:15
seb128rodrigo_, ok, 02, 71 and 9110:15
ricotzseb128, ok10:15
seb128should be easy to upstream10:15
seb128rodrigo_, well 91 is basically updating the source copy from gnome-media10:15
seb128there is a bug upstream about that I think10:15
seb128let me check10:15
rodrigo_seb128, yes, which I think is already done10:15
seb128there was an issue there and I pinged bastien and commented on the bug I think10:16
seb128but he didn't reply10:16
seb128he probably missed the ping10:16
rodrigo_I'll check with him now10:18
seb128rodrigo_, I think that was https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=61202410:18
ubot2Gnome bug 612024 in plugins "Memory leak in gnome-setting-daemon" [Major,Resolved: fixed]10:18
seb128rodrigo_, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=605694 has the patch we use10:19
ubot2Gnome bug 605694 in gnome-volume-control "gnome-volume-control-applet never frees/finalizes PA channel maps." [Normal,Resolved: fixed]10:19
rodrigo_oh, it's marked as resolved10:19
seb128well it's part of the patch on comment #3 on the g-s-d bug as well10:19
seb128dunno why it didn't made in?10:20
seb128oh, it did some weeks ago10:20
seb128could be fixed in master then10:20
seb128did you check if that's the case?10:20
seb128dunno why he let is sleep for half a year before commiting10:20
rodrigo_yes, seems it's ok in master10:21
seb128rodrigo_, the 71_fix_ldsm_notification_crash.patch one was from chrisccoulson10:36
seb128just for info10:36
seb128not sure if you want to credit patch authors in commits10:36
seb128(though you commited that one now)10:37
chrisccoulsongrrrrrr, why are garages so useless!10:43
rodrigo_seb128, ah, didn't know, so no chrisccoulson on the git commit :(10:44
seb128chrisccoulson, what did they do to you car?10:44
seb128rodrigo_, right, no worry, you couldn't guess since he didn't upstream the patch not added infos in it10:45
chrisccoulsonseb128 - the engine management light keeps coming on on my car, and all they seem capable of doing is guessing what the fault is or just resetting it so the light comes back on again a few days later10:46
chrisccoulsoni think i'll have to just figure it out myself ;)10:46
seb128what car brand?10:47
chrisccoulsonseb128 - it's a ford10:47
* seb128 notes to not buy one of those ;-)10:47
chrisccoulsonwe did have a french car before, but it was too small ;)10:48
chrisccoulson(although, the engine management light never came on!)10:48
rodrigo_chrisccoulson, go to another garage, usually they're very bad, so it's hard to find one with good workers10:49
chrisccoulsonrodrigo_, yeah, that might be my next step10:50
rodrigo_hey pedro_!!11:04
pedro_hello rodrigo_!11:05
rodrigo_pedro_, already recovered from last week?11:05
pedro_rodrigo_, yeah almost, still feeling a bit of ubuflu though11:06
rodrigo_oh :(11:06
pedro_rodrigo_, how are you? was your trip back ok?11:06
rodrigo_you shouldn't go out at nights with danilo :)11:06
rodrigo_well, a bit long, as always, but ok11:06
pedro_haha , yeah i blame the Serbians :-P11:07
didrockspedro_: of course, that has always been that :)11:08
didrockshey pedro_!11:08
* pedro_ hugs didrocks11:09
pedro_hello didrocks! :-)11:09
* didrocks hugs pedro_ back11:09
seb128hey pedro_11:10
seb128pedro_, got the chilian flu?11:10
seb128I got it once, it's no fun indeed!11:10
pedro_salut seb128!11:10
pedro_i got the French or Serbian one11:11
* seb128 hugs pedro_11:11
* pedro_ hugs seb128 back11:11
rodrigo_this time it was serbian, yes :)11:12
rodrigo_but not sure why, but I never get the ubuflu11:12
rodrigo_I'll shut up though, just in case for next time :)11:13
pittiGood morning12:29
seb128hey pitti12:29
* pitti hugs seb12812:29
pittiTGIF! :)12:29
* seb128 hugs pitti12:29
seb128pitti, how is plumbers going?12:30
pittiseb128: well, after two weeks of confs you start wearing out12:30
seb128pitti, when do you fly back?12:31
pittiseb128: talks yesterday were moderately interesting; today I'm mostly looking forward to the hardware detection BoF12:31
pittiseb128: tomorrow evening12:31
davmor2pitti: surely UDS is more intense than a standard conf12:32
pittiyes, it is, and much more interactive12:32
didrocksGuten Morgen pitti12:34
seb128nessita, hey12:38
seb128nessita, I didn't forget about your sponsoring requests don't worry, I will get to those in a bit12:38
seb128mterry, hey12:39
mterryseb128, hello!12:40
mterryseb128, hey, so what happened with gtk3?12:40
seb128mterry, sorry I forgot to come back to you yesterday and I was away12:40
seb128when you pinged12:40
seb128mterry, I got sidetracked in other post UDS catchup things12:40
seb128mterry, go for it and upload I would say12:41
seb128mterry, https://code.launchpad.net/~bilalakhtar/gtk/gtk3-fix-611011/+merge/40164 would be nice to merge in before upload maybe12:41
seb128mterry, and -v<version> correctly to ship all changelogs entry for gtk3 on upload please12:41
seb128mterry, can you merge https://code.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntu/maverick/libcanberra/ubuntugtk3/+merge/39997 as well if you think it's ready?12:42
mterryseb128, ok.  So I upload and it will go to NEW queue and all that?12:42
seb128we will follow with other uploads once pitti accepts gtk312:42
seb128mterry, yes, but pitti will review it when he has a free slot12:42
seb128I don't think it's any hurry to get it in, but first step is to upload12:42
mterryseb128, I didn't follow about -v<version>12:43
seb128mterry, bzr bd --source -- -v2.22.012:44
seb128or whatever was the previous changelog entry to reach the archive12:44
seb128ie just make sure all the work on 3.0 is in the .changes12:44
seb128not only the current changelog entry12:44
seb128so the natty-changes email list all the work and contributors12:45
mterryseb128, ah, neat.  I don't do any cleanup on debian/changelog itself then?12:45
didrockshey mterry12:45
seb128rather than having a entry "upload to natty"12:45
seb128mterry, your call, it's like cleaning git history before merging, some people do some don't12:45
seb128I would just include all the debian and ppa entry in the debuild -S12:45
* mterry high fives didrocks12:46
* mterry sits down and has a chat with gtk312:46
seb128mterry, chrisccoulson: you guys need to run for main upload rights12:46
seb128just telling12:46
kenvandineseb128, me too! :)12:47
mterryseb128, the requirements for office there are even vaguer than MOTU12:47
seb128kenvandine, hey, right, but you are on track so I didn't feel like you needed to be reminded ;-)12:47
seb128mterry, you just need enough people to vouch for you12:47
seb128mterry, which you will get for sure12:47
* mterry starts handing out fivers12:47
* seb128 high fives mterry12:48
seb128mterry, technically you have upload right on the desktop set already12:48
seb128mterry, since you have been added to ubuntu-desktop12:48
mterryoh yeah12:48
mterryI should do more merges then12:49
seb128but still you can't help cleaning the sponsoring queue with that :p12:49
seb128there is lot out of desktop world12:49
mterryI was looking at the queue the other day.  It's only like 75 deep?  Doesn't seem so bad12:49
seb128it was 110 yesterday12:49
seb128and 110 over what it should be apparently ;-)12:49
mterryI just thought from the way everyone talked about it, it was at like a 100012:50
seb128we would be in trouble if that was the case ;-)12:50
seb128mterry, the issue is not really the number but rather the delay12:52
seb128we often have things sitting for weeks or months12:52
seb128which is enough to drive contributors away12:52
seb128and we would prefer to get contributors staying and helping that running away because we ignored them ;-)12:52
mterryseb128, so only uncommitted changes we want for this gtk3 push is --enable-introspection=no for non-shared build and the merge of printing-to-Documents, right?13:04
seb128mterry, yes sir13:04
seb128pitti, "(perl removal) Drop libgnome-perl recommends from gdebi/synaptics/apturl/ubuntu-desktop:"13:05
seb128pitti, did somebody agreed to use the ncurse debconf ui or what?N13:06
pittiseb128: didn't we?13:06
seb128I don't think we did13:06
pittiseb128: anyway, I'd rather do that through seeding13:06
seb128pitti, but https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debconf/+bug/41503813:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 415038 in debconf (Debian) (and 2 other projects) "port GNOME frontend to GtkAssistant (affects: 1) (heat: 13)" [Unknown,New]13:06
seb128pitti, which has a patch waiting for cjwatson to review13:07
seb128pitti, that will drop the libgnome2-perl use13:07
seb128it will still use libgtk2-perl though13:07
seb128not sure if you aimed to drop libgnome2-perl only or the whole gtk-perl stack13:07
mterryseb128, and you want the libcanberra pushed too?  (not clear if merged just meant to bzr or ubuntu + PPA)13:08
pittiwell, *shrug*, it's an awful amount of packages for a tiny feature, but if people think it's more important than evo contacts sync, then let's drop the latter instead13:08
pittiseb128: my original plan was the whole perl stack13:08
seb128mterry, merge to bzr and ppa upload for now I would say13:08
seb128pitti, ok, go for it then13:08
seb128pitti, I was unsure if we agreed on the ncurse backend use13:09
seb128but I guess a normal install shouldn't see any debconf anyway13:09
seb128pitti, I still wanted to point the debconf bug to clean libgnome2-perl in case that's useful to you13:09
pittiseb128: with the recommends dropped, we can seed it back, and it's much easier to toggle on/off13:09
pittiseb128: right, it still will be if we want to bring it back13:09
seb128pitti, spec approved13:16
mterryseb128, one last question, hopefully.  I was planning to create a new ~ubuntu-desktop/libcanberra/ubuntugtk3 branch, but would you prefer to keep it in-trunk based on perception of imminent release?13:26
jcastrohey cyphermox, I filed a bunch of bugs for multimonitor stuff on unity13:29
jcastroif you want to confirm them or whatever13:29
komputeshey popey ucasts.tv looks nice! Whats to become of screencasts.ubuntu.com? And more importantly, what that little thing in the corner that shows the mouse buttons and option keys?13:33
* rodrigo_ -> lunch13:35
popeykomputes: someone else has taken over screencasts.ubuntu.com :)13:51
popeykomputes: and it's called key-mon13:51
seb128mterry, sorry I was out for a bit13:57
seb128mterry, yeah, trunk is fine, it will go in when gtk3 is accepted13:57
komputespopey: awesome. should be in a PPA. perhaps a Screencast Team PPA.14:07
thekorndidrocks: hi, I just found out you pushed a fix for bug 659244. But I somehow can't find the package you mention in -proposed, do you have any idea what's going on there?14:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 659244 in rhythmbox (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "Tracks synced to iphone won't play (affects: 22) (dups: 3) (heat: 138)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65924414:10
seb128thekorn, there is a proposed freeze until next week14:10
didrocksthekorn: it's not approved yet you will get a message once approved and built14:10
seb128thekorn, cf email from a week ago on u-d, freeze for linaro14:10
thekornokidoki, looks like I missed it14:11
seb128thekorn, the uploads also need somebody from ubuntu-sru to review and approved them14:11
didrocks(waow, it's the 3rd time today I have to explain that :))14:11
seb128so it usually takes some day14:11
seb128especially during uds time when nobody is online14:11
komputespopey: whats a good tool to cut and edit ogg files without having to re-encode14:13
popeykomputes: pitivi?14:13
popeyoh, without encoding, pass14:14
popeyI try not to edit :)14:14
komputespopey: because every time i cut, re-encode with pitivi it looks very bad14:14
komputespixels and blur14:14
popeykomputes: the defaults in pitivi are insane14:14
popeynobody would encode and watch a video using the defaults14:14
popeyI should file a bug about it, it makes pitivi look pretty awful14:14
komputespopey: are you serious? you never edit your screencasts, the recording / voice track etc.14:15
popeythe two that I just uploaded to ucasts.tv had zero editing14:15
popeyand it shows in places :)14:15
popeythat doesn't mean they worked first time! I recorded about 5 times and messed something up or fluffed what I said so I just started again.14:16
komputesI don't know if I could make screencasts that make people wait. I want the ability to make parts of the screencast fast forward, pitivi does not have this.14:16
popeywith a 5 minute video it's faster to start again than it is to edit14:16
popeythe screencast app has a pause button :)14:16
komputespopey: I wish avidemux worked with ogg14:16
popeyI wish I had a pony :)14:16
komputesme too!14:16
mterryI suspect owning a pony is not the double-rainbow it's made out to be14:17
komputeserr... the screencast app has a pause **menu**14:18
komputesthat'll help14:18
popeyand yes, the menu is insane also14:18
popeythe one example where having an indicator menu makes very little sense14:19
komputesmterry: i pitty da fool who don't like pony maintenance14:20
komputespopey: omg, i had such trouble with the indicator menu recently14:20
mterrykomputes, at the least at this stage in our lives (post-7th-grade), we should be wishing for horses or ponies with steel-reinforced backs14:21
komputespopey: I added all the ubuntu image torrents to transmission and the program was notifying 10 seconds me for every torrent that was added.14:21
mterrykomputes, or hell, just go straight for the jetpack14:21
komputesmterry: you lack vision, ponies and only ponies I say14:21
komputesmterry: ok, pony on a hovercraft14:22
* mterry in a jetpack zooms by komputes pulling his hoverboard pony out of water (fool, everyone knows hoverboards don't work on water), doing loop-de-loops into the sunset14:23
komputespopey: Killed transmission, but it kept goin! ahh, child processes! it would have taken an hour to stop being notified if I didn't kill the process.14:23
popeyIt is very clearly friday.14:24
* komputes thinks physics fail14:25
mterrypopey, let us never relegate hoverboard ponies just to Friday14:26
komputesAny chance of getting notification preferences or at least a quick way to turn them off when they get anoying or when you're doing a presentation at a conference and the projector is up and your enraged ex-girlfriend feels like being a spaz ;-)14:27
rodrigo_seb128, are we creating a ~ubuntu-desktop branch for gsettings-desktop-schemas?14:51
seb128mterry, ^14:52
seb128can you review that for rodrigo_ and sponsor if ready?14:52
rodrigo_ok, I ask because I just saw my libcanberra branch merged, thanks mterry btw :)14:52
mterryseb128, sure.  rodrigo_, is there a merge proposal for your branch?  link me to it or your branch14:53
rodrigo_no merge proposal, since there is no ~ubuntu-desktop branch, it's a new package14:53
rodrigo_but I have a branhc14:53
rodrigo_let me find the url14:53
rodrigo_btw, for a package that is in universe, do we want to keep the history of that package when moving it to main?15:03
rodrigo_(librest and libsocialweb)15:03
kklimonda_rodrigo_: do you have a moment?15:04
rodrigo_kklimonda_, if you have a branch for me, yes :-)15:04
mterryrodrigo_, yeah15:04
rodrigo_mterry, ok15:04
rodrigo_kklimonda_, I do, so what's up?15:04
kklimonda_I do actually, can I send you a pm?15:05
rodrigo_kklimonda_, yes15:06
seb128mterry, when you get things uploaded to NEW please let pitti know15:11
mterryseb128, yup.  Fixed a gail-doc oddity, not figuring out the gtk-doc one15:12
seb128btw https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/packageselection-desktop-n-gnome315:12
mterry(bad links and conflicting files with 2.0)15:12
seb128if you think of things that will need a gtk3 please add them15:12
seb128either on the alpha1 workitem list15:12
seb128if that's for the stack15:13
seb128or add bug reports about those15:13
seb128mterry, can I keep dumping tasks on you? ;-)15:20
mterryrodrigo_, gsettings-desktop-schemas looked good to me.  Pushed to lp:~ubuntu-desktop/+junk/gsettings-desktop-schemas for now.  Seemed odd to have a -dev package without a library, but makes sense.  I did fix the debian/copyright to not point to specific tarball, but rather general ftp area though15:21
mterryseb128, sure, if you have another15:21
seb128mterry, you can upload to natty ^15:21
seb128mterry, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=gnome3-cleaning15:21
rodrigo_mterry, right, it has a .h file15:21
rodrigo_mterry, but no lib15:21
seb128mterry, the usb-create and nautilus-share bugs15:21
seb128they should be pretty trivial to fix15:22
seb128if you want to tackle them15:22
hyperairis this regarding libgnome?15:22
seb128they both have like a 1 function call from libgnome15:22
seb128hyperair, yes15:22
hyperairwell, if anyone gets around to it, please ping me with a patch15:23
seb128you read the bug emails?15:23
mterryseb128, sure I can look at them15:23
seb128mterry, thanks15:23
hyperairseb128: i'm the nautilus-share maintainer in debian, so yeah.15:23
seb128ok, so that will do, I guess patches will land on the bug15:24
hyperairseb128: i'm also looking for a new sponsor to get nautilus-share into debian.15:24
hyperairseb128: until bdefreese returns15:24
seb128try Laney?15:24
hyperairLaney: oh you're a DD now?15:24
hyperairor i could poke directhex, hmm15:25
seb128sorry but I don't have a debian unstable uptodate to do bin builds and since debian doesn't accept source uploads15:25
seb128pitti, I'm sending the gnome3 spec your way15:25
seb128pitti, the work items will probably not be stable for a while though15:26
hyperairi'd donate my schroot setup to you, but i imagine it'd be faster to run mk-sbuild yourself =p15:26
seb128I think we will find new libraries that need to be ported or cleaned on the way15:26
mterryseb128, rodrigo_: gsettings-desktop-schemas uploaded to natty NEW (using -v0.0, seb :))15:27
rodrigo_mterry, thanks15:27
seb128mterry, thanks ;-)15:27
seb128pitti, ^ NEW source to review for you when you have free time15:27
rodrigo_hmm, gobject-introspection is broken in natty, or is it too new?15:33
seb128rodrigo_, how broken?15:39
seb128rodrigo_, we have the current version and it should be working15:40
rodrigo_all branches I've tried fail with:15:40
rodrigo_Namespace is empty; likely causes are:15:40
rodrigo_* Not including .h files to be scanned15:40
rodrigo_* Broken --identifier-prefix15:40
seb128what did you try to build?15:40
seb128the gtk stack built fine15:40
mterryseb128, pitti: gtk3 pushed to natty NEW15:53
seb128pitti, ^15:54
pittirodrigo_: (currently reviewing gsettings-desktop-schemas) can you please use an ~ubuntu-desktop branch?15:54
seb128ups, you pinged pitti as well ;-)15:54
rodrigo_pitti, I can't create it15:54
pittirodrigo_: also, any reason to not use 3.0 (quilt)?15:54
seb128pitti, can't use the product before the source is in15:54
pittiseb128: oh, we want to use an lp:ubuntu/<> thing?15:54
seb128pitti, it's in a junk for now until the product is activated15:55
pittifine for me15:55
rodrigo_pitti, no, no reason15:55
pittiseb128: ok15:55
seb128pitti, no, just ~ubuntu-desktop/<source> won't work until the source is in15:55
pittiwe could just use lp:ubuntu/ for that one, and wait for the autoimport; but then we shold just drop the vcs-bzr15:55
seb128or we need to create a product on launchpad for it15:55
pittiseb128: it'll autocreate a product?15:55
seb128you can use source package names15:55
mterryoh that was my fault for not updating the vcs-bzr after i created ubuntu-desktop branch15:55
seb128pitti, I think launchpad let you use namespace from registered product or sources15:56
seb128so it will work when we create a product or when the source is newed15:56
seb128waiting for NEW is the lazy way ;-)15:56
pittirodrigo_: do these packages really contain arch specific files?15:57
pittirodrigo_: I doubt that they do; if not, you should make them arch: all15:57
rodrigo_pitti, no, just schemas and header files15:58
pittirodrigo_: ok, I'll reject then, please reupload with arch:all15:58
pittirodrigo_: but let me finish the review, in case there's something else15:58
mterryrodrigo_,  also, I'm looking at that control file again and gtk.org probably isn't upstream homepage either15:58
mterrymaybe gnome.org15:58
pittirodrigo_: while you are at it, can you please use 3.0 (quilt)?15:59
pittirodrigo_: thanks15:59
mterryI'll create a product on LP, so we can set that from the get-go15:59
pittimterry: don't worry for now15:59
Laneyhyperair: haha, noooo16:00
rodrigo_how do I make it use quilt (3.0), by adding a debian/source/format file with that in, right?16:00
pittiwe could just scratch rodrigo_'s junk branch and use lp:ubuntu/gsettings-desktop-schemas once it gets created16:00
Laneysoon, soon16:00
pittirodrigo_: right16:00
mterryrodrigo_, right16:00
hyperairLaney: =)16:00
rodrigo_oh, is the ubuntu-desktop branch created?16:00
mterrypitti, well, that's if we are using lp:ubuntu/ style packages for this (vs ~ubuntu-desktop branches).  seb128?16:01
pittirodrigo_: also, I'd like to see people use the new machine parseable copyright files, but I won't reject the package for that16:01
rodrigo_pitti, oh, where can I read about those?16:01
pittimterry: we already do for a few (gvfs, scour, etc.)16:01
mterryrodrigo_, search for dep-16:01
seb128I'm fine with use the canonical location16:01
seb128it's a small source16:01
seb128and we should start going this way16:02
pittirodrigo_: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/dep/web/deps/dep5.mdwn?op=file&rev=13516:02
pittirodrigo_: there shold be plenty of examples in existing copyright files already; e. g. udisks16:02
pittirodrigo_: ok, otherwise the package is fine16:02
seb128pitti, gtk3 will be less easy to review but it's basically a gtk2 update16:03
* mterry will be more strict in future pre-pitti-reviews16:03
rodrigo_ok, so need to add the quilt stuff, change arch to all and change the copyright file, right?16:03
seb128pitti, it's coming from debian and didrocks, mterry and me worked on it16:03
seb128so it should be ok16:03
seb128debian = pkg-gnome, it didn't go in there yet16:03
mterryrodrigo_, also extremely minor, but update the homepage16:03
mterryrodrigo_, and drop the vcs-bzr line16:03
pittirodrigo_: right; copyright file won't block NEWing, so if you want to do that async, that's fine16:04
* mterry eats Chinese food16:04
pittirodrigo_: but it should take one minute to rewrite it, and we shouldn't proliferate the old format16:04
rodrigo_mterry, so, do I push to my branch?16:04
pittirodrigo_: it'll be thrown away anyway after the autoimport16:04
mterryrodrigo_, sure, I can grab new stuff.  pull from mine first though, I made a small edit16:04
pittiseb128: oh, so we won't need a newer glib first?16:05
* pitti reviews gtk16:05
pittinot really interesting session right now anyway16:05
rodrigo_mterry, where's yourbranch?16:07
seb128pitti, we have a new glib16:07
seb128pitti, glib doesn't break abi16:07
seb128pitti, ie no new source or soname for it16:07
seb1282.27 is already in natty16:08
pittiI see16:08
pittiseb128: OOI, why does that ship all those .gmo files in the source?16:10
pittiseb128: is that ok for main, or does it have b-deps in universe?16:12
seb128pitti, not sure for the gmo16:12
seb128gtk2 does that as well16:12
seb128pitti, it's ok for main and would be nice to get there16:12
seb128since other things are following16:12
pittiseb128: there's a ton of copyright attributions missing in debian/copyright16:15
seb128pitti, right, which is the case for the gtk2 version as well16:15
pittiand ./tests/testnouiprint.c and ./tests/testcalendar.c are shipped under GPL, not LGPL16:15
seb128I bet all those issues are in gtk2 as well16:16
seb128nobody cares about updating the copyright in existent source16:17
seb128well not a rant for you or to have now but I just find the thing ridiculous16:17
pittiit's a lot of bureaucracy, yes16:17
seb128I understand we care about license, but the copyright infos we care about getting them right at NEW time and let them just get wrong over time16:17
seb128which means at the end we just have remotely correct infos in most sources anyway16:18
pittiseb128: can we make a deal that we open a "copyright review" bug about it, and then I'll let it in?16:18
pittiwe'll need it for Debian anyway16:18
seb128ok, I will copy the copyright from debian when it gets there ;-)16:18
pittisounds fine16:18
pittido you know whether it'll go to experimental soon?16:19
seb128but I think we should really have a discussion about stopping listing the copyright owners16:19
seb128I think it should yes16:19
seb128the remaining point was to update the copyright IIRC16:19
didrocks+1 seb12816:19
seb128which nobody wants to do16:19
pittigrep -hir 'Copyright' .|grep -v  msgstr |sort -u16:20
pittishould go a long way already16:20
seb128is there a legal point or something which makes us list copyright holders?16:20
pittianyway, accepted16:20
pittiseb128: Debian Policy16:20
* pitti heads to lunch16:21
seb128well, is the policy based on legal reasons16:21
seb128not really a discussion for there16:21
pittiI don't know16:21
seb128but I would like to know what stops us to stop wasting time on that16:21
seb128pitti, enjoy lunch!16:21
mterryrodrigo_, ubuntu-desktop/+junk/gsettings-desktop-schemas16:23
seb128tests/testnouiprint.c: GPL (v2 or later) (with incorrect FSF address)16:23
seb128tests/testcalendar.c: GPL (v2 or later) (with incorrect FSF address)16:23
seb128in gtk2 as well16:23
rodrigo_mterry, yeah found out, proposing a branch in a minute16:23
rodrigo_mterry, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/+junk/gsettings-desktop-schemas16:29
* rodrigo_ bbiab16:31
=== alecu is now known as alecu-lunch
mterryseb128, how do I find out what packages are in the 'desktop' umbrella?17:14
=== oubiwann is now known as oubiwann-away
seb128mterry, try to upload? ;-)17:17
mterryseb128, heh17:17
mterrythere must be a nicer way17:17
seb128joke aside there is a query_acl or similar utility17:17
seb128cjwatson or didrocks or chrisccoulson will know about it17:17
=== oubiwann-away is now known as oubiwann
seb128chrisccoulson, didrocks, Laney: ^17:17
seb128mterry, sorry, I got upload rights from day 1 so I never had to deal with that :p17:17
mterryseb128, hehe17:17
didrocksmterry: you will find it at lp:~ubuntu-archive/ubuntu-archive-tools/trunk17:18
didrocksthen ./edit_acl.py --help17:18
didrocksit's clear enough :)17:18
mterrydidrocks, thanks17:18
chrisccoulsonyeah, you just do edit_acl.py -P ubuntu-desktop query -S natty17:19
chrisccoulsonpretty much ;)17:19
seb128chrisccoulson, hey, run for upload main rights next week!17:19
chrisccoulsonwhen's the next meeting?17:19
seb128chrisccoulson, I should have kept you in hostage while I had you handy until you did it ;-)17:19
seb128I need next week17:19
seb128kenvandine said he would run next week17:19
seb128chrisccoulson, kenvandine, mterry: the last of you to apply will maintain packages you wished you would have to deal with :p17:20
seb128(let's see if that way works)17:20
chrisccoulsonopenoffice ;)17:20
* micahg sees neither on teh DMB agenda17:21
seb128chrisccoulson, oh, you are already claiming one? ;-)17:21
mterryhuh, I *can* push to usb-creator.  Thank you edit_acl.py!17:22
seb128mterry, I guess it's in the desktop set17:24
seb128james_w, can you decline https://code.launchpad.net/~dstansby/gnome-system-monitor/bugfix-lp-214148/+merge/26380 in some way?17:27
seb128it's a merge proposal against the upstream import17:28
kenvandineseb128, i need to wait until the following meeting, they ask for a week between notifying them and the meeting time17:30
kenvandineand i still need endorsements17:30
rodrigo_kenvandine, to ask for main upload rights?17:30
seb128kenvandine, ok, makes sense17:31
kenvandinei guess so they can review my application and all17:31
seb128chrisccoulson, mterry: ^17:31
rodrigo_kenvandine, btw, I've been looking at the json-glib thing, and can't really find a way to make it easier, since if you want a hash table, the items would be JsonNode's still, so you'll have to check the type, etc17:32
mterrychrisccoulson, if we band together, seb128 can't stick either of us with bad packages17:32
mterryclassic prisoner's dilemma17:32
kenvandinerodrigo_, yeah... that is what i did on my send17:32
kenvandinecheck the type of data in each node17:32
rodrigo_kenvandine, isn't the _foreach call enough for you?17:32
rodrigo_kenvandine, it doesn't reduce the code, but at least it makes it clearer17:33
kenvandinei don't want the result to be json17:33
rodrigo_so, you want GVariant's? but that would force you to still check the type17:33
seb128mterry, oh, that's how things go around there now, I see ;-)17:34
kenvandinerodrigo_, yeah... no getting out of checking the type17:34
* kenvandine hugs python17:34
kenvandinebut it would still be simpler than the 2 levels in json-glib17:35
dobeyif you don't want to check types, don't write python.17:35
rodrigo_kenvandine, I guess the python bindings could do the conversion, so that you don't have to check the types17:35
kenvandineso JsonNode, which contains bool17:35
kenvandinefor example17:35
kenvandinei would need know it is a JsonNode, and detect the type inside the node17:35
kenvandineso if i had GVarient's i would only need to check once17:36
kenvandinei understand i can't get it as simple as simple-json :)17:36
rodrigo_you are using JsonParser?17:36
kenvandineis there a better way?17:36
kenvandinerodrigo_, did you look at the JsonDict thing in tracker?17:36
rodrigo_no, just thinking what could be better17:36
rodrigo_kenvandine, no, forgot that, looking17:36
kenvandinerodrigo_, ^^17:38
kenvandinenote the comment near the top17:38
kenvandine/ Until i have time to look deeply into json-glib...17:38
kenvandineso he wrote his own implementation instead of figuring out json-glib :)17:38
kenvandinealso note their specific use case is couchdb replication :)17:39
rodrigo_ah, it's in tracker-replicator, that's why I didn't find it in tracker sources17:40
kenvandineyeah, sorry forgot about htat17:42
rodrigo_kenvandine, ok, I think the sanest way would be to have a json_parser_get_dict, returning a hash table or a JsonDict object that contains JsonNode's17:43
rodrigo_would that work?17:43
rodrigo_I don't think it's good to have to convert to GVariant's, since there's no gain really17:43
kenvandineyeah, it would be a big improvement17:43
kenvandineagain, what is there now works... i just think it is too complicated and want to make this easier for the next guy :)17:44
rodrigo_although that only saves one step, instead of root = json_parser_get_root(); json_array/object_foreach(), you would do a dict = json_parser_get_dict()17:45
kenvandinein fact it might be useful to talk to john about his implementation there for tracker-replicator to get suggestions from him17:45
rodrigo_the rest would be the same17:45
mterrypitti, btw, I re-uploaded gsettings-desktop-schemas17:49
mterrypitti, I converted to DEP-5, but the copyright owners were a best-effort sort of thing.  The only documented file was the header17:50
kenvandinerodrigo_, so with Json.Dict he has implemented his own Node types and when using the data he seems to just assume the datatypes17:51
kenvandinelike he knows what is a long, etc17:51
james_wseb128, I only have the same abilities as you with that merge proposal. I think you need someone from https://launchpad.net/~vcs-imports to deal with it17:51
kenvandineso not very re-usable17:51
rodrigo_kenvandine, right17:51
kklimonda_heh, the joys of parsing json in C ;)17:52
kenvandineyeah... kklimonda_ i am trying to get rodrigo_ to make it easier17:52
rodrigo_unfortunately (or fortunately, depends how you look at it), C doesn't have a generic data type17:52
seb128james_w, ok thanks17:53
rodrigo_kenvandine, at least, the dict could have a way to retrieve subchildren, like object1::prop117:53
kenvandinerodrigo_, yeah, that would be nice17:54
kenvandinebut you will see need to do type checking for each value17:54
rodrigo_if not, ebassi won't see it useful, I think17:54
rodrigo_kenvandine, yes17:54
kenvandinebut we can't get away from that17:54
rodrigo_but json fields can have any char, right?17:55
rodrigo_so what to use for :: separator?17:56
kklimonda_rodrigo_: you can't use anything :)17:57
rodrigo_yeah :(17:57
rodrigo_so, the object would just be there to avoid 1 step, so hard to get it upstream :(17:58
kklimonda_what about using varargs? ("object1", "prop1", NULL) ?17:58
rodrigo_that should work from python, right?17:58
kklimonda_it's not going to be very pythonic but it should work17:59
kklimonda_but then whole json-glib isn't really high-level language friendly anyway17:59
* kklimonda_ still can't get over the fact that both JsonArray and JsonObject aren't GObjects :/17:59
rodrigo_kklimonda_, and you want to expose that in the couchdb-glib API!!! :D18:00
rodrigo_kklimonda_, yeah, they should be objects indeed18:00
kklimonda_rodrigo_: yes, but the alternative is even worse.18:00
kklimonda_rodrigo_: Couchdb is too tightly tied to json not to expose it at some point and json-glib is a de facto standard right now ;)18:00
rodrigo_kklimonda_, yeah, I know, just joking18:01
kenvandinewhich is why i am really hoping someone can make it simpler18:01
kklimonda_kenvandine: what is your goal right now?18:02
kenvandinekklimonda_, just to help make it better18:02
kklimonda_oh :)18:02
kenvandinei use it in libgwibber18:02
kenvandineand it was hard to figure out how to use it, and took way too much code to get anything useful18:02
kklimonda_and it way in vala ;)18:02
kklimonda_in C it's even funnier18:02
kenvandineand actually the most difficult thing to figure out was that i had to know what the node type the outter node was18:03
kenvandinelike one json string gwibber returns is a JsonArray18:03
and471mpt, hey18:03
mpthi and471, long time no see18:04
kenvandinewith json-glib i have to know that and iterate over that array for the objects18:04
kenvandinebut all the others are JsonObjects18:04
=== zyga is now known as zyga-food
kklimonda_kenvandine: and you have to check it yourself? i.e. the type of response is not something you may know beforehand?18:05
kenvandineand of course the failure wasn't very obvious... like i was expect an exception that was similar to a type error18:05
and471mpt, I was looking at your Networking mockups and I got inspired to follow nzmm's custom tutorial. what I made can be seen here - http://videobin.org/+2d2/2nm.html18:05
kenvandinekklimonda_, you have to know yourself... afaict18:05
and471(ignore the jerkiness, it is smooth in reality)18:05
mptand471, that's pretty nifty!18:05
kklimonda_kenvandine: that doesn't really sound like a good api on gwibber's side - or rather, it sounds like a very pythonic api :)18:06
and471mpt, actually wait that is an older version...18:06
kenvandinekklimonda_, it wouldn't be so bad if i could catch an type error exception and do something else18:06
kenvandinekklimonda_, why on gwibber's side?18:06
and471mpt, here with this one, the text moves as well http://videobin.org/+2d9/2nt.html18:06
and471mpt, thanks :)18:06
kenvandinethe specific API always returns a json array... if that is what you mean18:06
rodrigo_kenvandine, hmm, you don't know the format of the json you get?18:06
kklimonda_ah, I see18:06
rodrigo_kenvandine, so, it's an array of what?18:07
kenvandinerodrigo_, afaict there wasn't a good way to figure it out programatically18:07
kenvandineof json objects18:07
kenvandineJson.Array containing Json.Object18:07
rodrigo_kenvandine, can you pastebin an example?18:07
kenvandinesomething like that18:07
kenvandineyeah, one sec18:07
kklimonda_rodrigo_: by trying to use GHashTable to describe json you are bound to hit the same problem I did - there is no way to tell what keys' types are18:08
and471mpt, I was going to ask you about that Networking stuff, it look really good, when is it going to be worked on?18:08
rodrigo_kklimonda_, no, writing a JsonDict object18:08
rodrigo_kklimonda_, but yeah, it will return JsonNodes18:08
rodrigo_which has the same problem kenvandine was having18:09
kklimonda_rodrigo_: well, in this case why not just use GHashTable<JsonNode, JsonNode> ?18:09
rodrigo_kklimonda_, I'm writing it in C, for adding it to json-glib18:09
rodrigo_but yeah, from vala, you could something like that18:10
mptand471, kvalo is working on it, I'm sure he'd like help though18:10
kklimonda_rodrigo_: well, it was just a shortcut for g_hash_table_new (<code to has node>, <code to compare nodes>) but it wouldn't make access to child any easier so I guess JsonDict isn't bad idea.18:10
rodrigo_kklimonda_, ah :)18:11
kenvandinerodrigo_, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/526476/18:11
rodrigo_well, as I see it right now, JsonDict isn't a great idea, but I'm writing it so that I can find how to improve it :)18:11
and471mpt, you know what language he is writing it in (at least the settings part)18:11
mptand471, I don't, sorry18:12
and471mpt, ah ok np18:12
mptand471, https://code.launchpad.net/indicator-network18:12
kklimonda_rodrigo_: I'm not sure if ebassi is going to accept yet another way to read Json - there is already JsonReader in 0.12.0 (which I don't like btw ;) )18:13
and471mpt, yeah I saw that the indicator was in C, but I wondered whether the settings were going to be a separate program (like software-sources and update-notifier)18:13
didrocksok, week-end time!18:13
kenvandinewhat is JsonReader18:13
didrocksenjoy everyone, see you later :)18:13
mptand471, the beginnings of the settings window already exists. I don't know how closely it's tied, ask kvalo18:13
kenvandinelater didrocks18:13
and471see ya didrocks18:13
kklimonda_kenvandine: http://people.gnome.org/~ebassi/docs/json-glib/JsonReader.html18:14
and471mpt, one step ahead of you :)18:14
rodrigo_kenvandine, hmm, seems to have a specific structure, so why can't you just get each element in the array and then use json_node_get_string/boolean?18:14
didrockssee you kenvandine, and47118:14
kenvandinerodrigo_, that is what i did18:14
rodrigo_kenvandine, then why you need to check the types?18:15
kenvandinebut it was hard to figure out that it was an array of json18:15
kenvandineto parse it, i have to get the root objects from each18:15
kenvandineso if i just to just parse it... it blew up18:15
kenvandinewithout any useful way to see why18:15
kenvandineit would have been fine if it was some sort of type error18:16
kenvandinebut it wasn't... it like really tried to treat the array as a json object...18:16
kklimonda_It could print a more informative error indeed18:16
kenvandineyeah, or let me catch it and try to iterate over it if it isn't an object18:17
mterryhyperair, regarding nautilus-share, I think we can just replace the gnome_client_request_save call by a call to "gnome-session-save --logout", or if you want to be fancy, a dbus request to org.gnome.SessionManager18:17
rodrigo_it just returns NULL when the type doesn't match18:17
kenvandineit was just hard to find out the problem... :)18:17
mterryhyperair, I can whip up a patch and attach to the bug18:17
hyperairmterry: please do. thanks )18:18
rodrigo_so, this can be parsed with json_array_foreach (json_node_get_array (json_parser_get_root (parser)), callback....)18:18
rodrigo_mterry, GtkApplication will have automatic session support, afaik18:21
rodrigo_mterry, if it's for natty18:21
mterryrodrigo_, this if for triggering for a logout18:21
kklimonda_or even by using json_array_get_elements to get a GList of elements and then iterate over them. But the problem is that json-glib a) doesn't report errors in a nice way (we had this problem with couchdb-glib - _get_string_member on a non-existing member prints a non-helpful critical message) and b) doesn't let you recover from error (but that's more of a C issue - python promotes the try/catch18:22
kklimonda_ workflow and C makes you check everything beforehand)18:22
rodrigo_well, we have GError, json-glib could use that18:23
rodrigo_returning 0 on an integer member that doesn't exist is not a good way to signal errors18:24
kenvandinerodrigo_, that would be good18:25
kenvandineyeah, i did the json_array_foreach18:25
bilalakhtarmterry: Thanks for that upload!18:25
mterrybilalakhtar, np!  thanks for the patch  :)18:25
rodrigo_ok, I think I'll add the GError thing, but that will be another day, now out for some beer :)18:26
rodrigo_later all18:26
bilalakhtarmterry: its my pleasure, you are welcome18:26
kenvandinerodrigo_, great :)18:26
kenvandinerodrigo_, enjoy!18:26
kklimonda_rodrigo_: have fun18:26
mterryhyperair, check out the patch in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus-share/+bug/66474518:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 664745 in nautilus-share (Ubuntu) "nautilus-share should stop using libgnomeui (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,In progress]18:37
mterryhyperair, shall I push it to deb bts or is this good enough?18:40
hyperairmterry: this is good enough. i'm the maintainer over there anyway.18:40
mterryhyperair, cool!18:40
hyperairmterry: i probably can't get it uploaded immediately, though. debian's under freeze, and there's a crasher bug fix i want to get into squeeze.18:41
mterryhyperair, I don't think there's any particular rush.  Think it'll get uploaded before natty?  :)18:43
bilalakhtarhyperair: You are a DD?18:43
hyperairbilalakhtar: no. i need a friendly DD to upload nautilus-share for me18:44
pittiseb128: FYI, I exploded the pygi ports WIs on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/packageselection-desktop-n-gnome3, so that we get a better overview about how far we get; also, "port everything" is too big for one WI :)18:49
seb128pitti, ok, I was not sure if we wanted to list everything18:50
seb128pitti, similar for https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=gnome3-gtk318:50
pittiseb128: we surely won't get to everything, but at least we have a more complete list18:51
pittiseb128: the spec also mentions some package additions/removals, but no work items for that; are they in that other spec? or are the WIs missing?18:52
pittioh, darn18:52
seb128ok, dinner time18:52
seb128pitti, right, it's just we can add one hundred "need to be ported to gtk3" tasks18:53
seb128I was not sure if we wanted to track all the "would be nice"18:53
pittiseb128: the spec also mentions some package additions/removals, but no work items for that; are they in that other spec? or are the WIs missing?18:53
seb128or just the one we will want to get done18:53
seb128pitti, they are in the appselection one18:53
pittiseb128: yeah, don't worry about those18:53
pittiseb128: I primarily added those pygi WIs since these concern "our" software, where we are upstream18:53
pittiseb128: okay18:53
pittifine then18:53
* pitti puts stamp on it18:54
pittioh, gtk 3 in binNEW18:54
seb128pitti, right, mostly the same for the gtk3 url I gave before18:57
seb128I didn't start tracking the upstream world in launchpad18:57
seb128anyway dinner18:57
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