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gmcquillanIs there any plan to backport changes to beanstalkd from 1.4.6 to 1.4.3 for the lucid repos?00:33
gmcquillan1.4.3 suffers from a fairly significant service vulnerability.00:33
persiagmcquillan, There's little chance that anyone who knows the answer to that is about.00:38
persiaBut, I'll happily show you how to find the answer:00:38
gmcquillanpersia: Ah, great, tahnks.00:38
gmcquillanBeanstalkd's changelog doesn't exist.00:39
persia1) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/beanstalkd/+bugs shows all the bugs we're tracking for beanstalkd00:39
gmcquillanCool. I'll look there.00:39
persiaSince there is nothing listed, there's a good chance that nobody involved in Ubuntu is paying attention to the issues you are talking about.00:39
gmcquillanThat's a distinct possibility.00:40
gmcquillanI'll file a bug.00:40
gmcquillanThank you.00:40
persia2) https://bugs.launchpad.net/lucid-backports/+bugs shows all the stuff currently in review for backporting to lucid (as distinct from cherrypicking bugfixes)00:40
persiaSince beanstalk isn't there, it looks like if there are plans to backport, they aren't advanced enough to be public yet (which probably means they don't exist, as the first step in backporting is usually to file a bug)00:41
ebrodergmcquillan: you said vulnerability right? persia: wouldn't that be more of an issue for MOTU SWAT than backports?00:42
persiaebroder, I'm just pointing at resources to find out about plans to do stuff.  Yes, if there is a security issue, and nobody else does anything about it, MOTU SWAT tries to deal.00:42
gmcquillanWell, I'll file a bug and go from there.00:44
persiagmcquillan, It's worth noting that there's not much history of active Ubuntu interest in beanstalkd, which means that if you want it fixed quickly, you'd do best to be the person fixing it.  Filing a bug (especially a security bug) will get attention, but likely not as much as you can provide directly.00:44
gmcquillanI'd love to help, but I've never made a deb before, and a cursory look makes it seem really time consuming.00:45
gmcquillanI can definitely give it a shot, though.00:45
m4they, is there a preferred way to switch versions of gcc? eg. from 4.4 to 4.5? ive got it installed but the symlinks in /usr/bin still point to gcc-4.4. is there something like 'update-alternatives' for this?00:46
keesm4t: usually you just set CC=gcc-4.4 or whatever and do your build00:46
m4twill that use cpp-4.5, etc. then?00:47
keesm4t: yeah, each gcc is versioned to use it's matching tools00:47
m4tkees thanks00:47
keesm4t: np00:47
m4tfor background on why i'd even bother... ive tried compiling and 2.6.36, but neither will boot00:48
m4tdidnt see this issue with compiled on 10.04 (which i'm running now)00:49
persiagmcquillan, The hardest part for that sort of thing is just preparing the cherrypick patch.  There's heaps of folk who can lead you through the process of getting a patch applied.00:49
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RoAkSoAxkirkland: anything that I might be missing? https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/packageselection-server-n-powernap-improvements01:36
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m4ti have been trying for many hours to figure this out; an identical kernel source tree, with identical .config, and identical kernel-package, compiles+boots from lucid. try the same thing on maverick, it compiles, but hangs during boot05:08
m4ti've tried both gcc 4.4 and 4.505:08
ebroderm4t: what kernel version? you can't generally use an older kernel on a newer release05:08
m4t2.6.35.8, 2.6.36, and all hang in the same spot05:09
ebroderinteresting. well, that exhausts my expertise on kernel hangs05:09
m4tright after the first ehci device is setup. if i do things like cmdline=nousb acpi=off pnpbios=off05:09
m4tit'll just hang in a different place, like after the ps2 keyboard is initialized05:09
m4ti'm guessing its somewhere in the toolchain05:10
m4tthe 11.04 2.6.36 image boots fine05:11
m4ti might debbootstrap 10.0405:13
m4t2.6.36 compiled inside a lucid debootstrap chroot boots fine06:36
m4ti wonder what part of the toolchain is causing that06:36
dholbachgood morning!07:30
cjwatsonebroder: gfxpayload lists> yes please, perhaps /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/ would be OK since I think this is only useful for the BIOS port09:42
mdzcjwatson, kees, pitti, any feedback on the brainstorm list?09:49
cjwatsonI haven't got to it yet, sorry09:53
speakmanAnyone know if there's a Xorg release with this patch available: http://lists.x.org/archives/xorg-devel/2010-October/014150.html09:58
\shmicahg: zf 1.11.0reallyfinal rdy to be bped10:29
Ian_Cornewhat are SRUs?10:31
\shIan_Corne: Stable Release Updates10:32
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jelmercjwatson: Hi11:28
jelmercjwatson: I did some more investigation yesterday; it looks like the branching scheme setting in your configuration was changed for some reason11:28
j1mcdholbach: how did things turn out at the UDS session about the packaging-guide?11:31
j1mci'm about to head out to work, but would like to check-in soon about any reactions/feedback, etc.11:32
dholbachj1mc, great - I just put up the notes in the blueprint whiteboard, but hope to get to finish the spec today11:32
dholbachj1mc, as soon as it's on the wiki I'll let you know11:33
j1mcdholbach: thanks :)11:33
dholbachj1mc, first week back from UDS was somewhat ... hectic ... to say the least11:33
dholbachif not today, then Monday morning11:33
dholbachbut I'll definitely keep you in the loop11:33
j1mcdholbach: no worries.  i totally understand.  i'm sure there is always a lot to process coming out of UDS.11:33
dholbachyes :)11:34
dholbachthanks for all your feedback!11:34
j1mcyw :)11:34
jelmercjwatson: setting this in ~/.bazaar/subversion.conf should fix it: branching-scheme = list-QlpoOTFBWSZTWZGF0F4AABPRgAAQABK-bR4AIAAhKgGk0eT0oU0yMTExIMb967Iba8QuvgzkikwSS9mEPH4u5IpwoSEjC6C811:40
jelmercjwatson: I'm not sure what caused that to change.11:41
jelmercjwatson: Either way, I would recommend an upgrade to the newer mappings at some point. :-)11:41
cjwatsonjelmer: hm, odd.  ok, thanks, I will do that.  I decided not to upgrade to the newer mappings because d-i is due to move to git in the very near future anyway11:57
cjwatsonthat looks more promising, it's saying "copying revision 0/128"11:58
cjwatsonyep, perfect.  thanks!11:59
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ScottKbarry: Looks like subversion should be on your python2.7 list if it's not already.12:13
ScottKpitti: I'd appreciate it if you could review/accept the SRU for Bug 607117 today.  It's from a first time contributor and so I'd like to make sure they have a good first experience.12:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 607117 in dnspython (Ubuntu Lucid) "dnspython-1.7* uses /dev/random which might block on lucid" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60711712:18
cjwatsonDaviey: do you have a sample test package for bug 633015 lying around?12:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 633015 in dpkg (Ubuntu Lucid) "debian/source/include-binaries doesn't allow for inclusion of modified binaries" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63301512:25
cjwatsonDaviey: I want to get a further change to dpkg into lucid-cat, and it would be helpful to clear this one out first, so I'm willing to do some verification work12:25
pittiGood morning12:29
pittimdz: sorry, no time for it during plumber's12:29
pittiScottK: lucid? no problem, I'll get to it right away12:30
Riddellpitti: how do I exclude files from being passed to dh_scour?13:01
pittiRiddell: the standard -X debhelper option works13:06
Riddellpitti: how do I get cdbs to pass that on?13:07
pittiRiddell: ah, I guess I need to introduce a DH_SCOUR_FLAGS13:09
pittiRiddell: the more interesting question is why it's necessary in the first place; is there a class of images which we sholdn't compress?13:09
Riddellpitti: no but it's very fussy about valid XML so I now have a shed load of SVG files to work out how to make valid13:11
Riddelland some of them I can't work out what the error is13:11
ScottKRiddell: More reason to migrate to dh 7....13:11
ScottKpitti: Thanks.13:11
pittiRiddell: it's not supposed to crash on invalid files, does it?13:11
Riddellpitti: yes13:11
pittiRiddell: oh, would you please file a bug about it with the details (and perhaps an example svg)?13:12
pittiRiddell: it should just not touch the file then13:12
Riddellhum.  launchpad doesn't know about the source package https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-scour13:13
pitti Riddell: it's "scour"13:13
cjwatsonthe source package is scour13:13
cjwatson2010-11-05 13:14:35 INFO      - <postgresql-9.0_9.0.1.orig.tar.bz2: downloading from http://ftp.debian.org/debian/>13:16
cjwatson2010-11-05 13:14:39 INFO      - <postgresql-9.0_9.0.1-1.debian.tar.gz: downloading from http://ftp.debian.org/debian/>13:16
cjwatson2010-11-05 13:14:39 INFO      - <postgresql-9.0_9.0.1-1.dsc: downloading from http://ftp.debian.org/debian/>13:16
* Riddell doh13:16
pitticjwatson: (just reviewing d-i lucid upload) -- it'll rebuild against 2.6.32-26, I guess that's okay?13:16
cjwatsonE: libpq-dev is in main but its source (postgresql-9.0) is not.13:16
cjwatsonpitti: ^- what should be done with this?13:16
cjwatsonum, d-i hardcodes the kernel version13:16
cjwatsonor ABI anyway13:16
pitticjwatson: ah, ok; I'll reject it then?13:16
cjwatsonhang on13:17
pitticjwatson: depends on whether we want to make 9.0 the default version in natty13:17
cjwatsonno, please accept it - it will build against -updates13:17
pittithere are no packaged server-side extensions yet13:17
cjwatsonthe current version in -updates is broken, so I'd like to get that through first13:17
pittiso I'm still a bit hesitant13:17
cjwatsonunless -26 is going to make it to -updates very soon13:17
pitticjwatson: -26 will still say in -proposed for a fair while; it's a huge update13:17
pitticjwatson: alright, thanks for heads-up13:18
pitticjwatson: psql> alternative is to have an ubuntu specific version of 9.0 without the client-side libs13:18
cjwatsonok, then it should still be possible to build d-i against -25, since it looks at all of -security, -updates, and -proposed and picks the newest for the selected ABI13:18
cjwatsonpitti: psql> ok, I have no strong feelings on it, I was just looking at current failures processing new-source13:19
pittiI'd rather avoid having two major versions in main13:19
pitticjwatson: can we ignore this one for a bit?13:19
pittithey are available in my PPA, for people who need it13:19
cjwatsonsure, it's got plenty of company13:19
pittiI'll talk to the server team about it, but not today13:19
cjwatsonnew-source is pretty manual ...13:20
cjwatsonthe Debian FTP team still seems to be doing quite a lot of NEW processing, despite the freeze13:20
azeemwell, there was an announcement that they wouldn't, and some outcry13:21
cjwatsonyeah, though I thought it was meant more as "seriously, we have other priorities right now, stop bugging us"13:21
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pitticjwatson: do you keep a list of the new-source'd packages to mass-source-NEW them?13:28
cjwatsonpitti: yes, and I'm just doing that now13:29
pittiseb128: do you wait for anything in particular in NEW?13:29
cjwatson(actually I forgot to keep the list before feeding to flush-syncs, but I reverse-engineered it)13:29
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cjwatsongar, people keep manually uploading duplicates of Debian NEW packages to Ubuntu so I get errors13:30
cjwatsonjust request the sync instead, it will be done within a working day, you can't possibly be that impatient at this point in the release cycle :-)13:31
pitti(or use PPAs if you are)13:32
jcastrompt: who is in charge of the renaming of package descriptions work? And is there a spec?13:35
ScottKcjwatson: I think that (gar, people keep manually uploading duplicates of Debian NEW packages ...) is worth a mail to ubuntu-devel.13:37
cjwatsonScottK: I mailed today's two uploaders directly and CCed ubuntu-archive, but I guess so13:40
ScottKIt's one good answer to "why not just use syncpackage".13:40
mptjcastro, no-one, and there's no spec yet13:41
mptjcastro, reporting a bug about it would make me less likely to forget it :-)13:41
jcastrompt: ok so other than we think it's a good idea we don't have anyone committed to fixing it?13:42
mptjcastro, correct13:42
cjwatsonScottK: done, thanks13:49
ScottKYou're welcome.13:49
seb128pitti, not yet I think, mterry has gtk3 on its way though14:00
seb128not sure if he uploaded yet14:00
mterryseb128, nope, fixing some gtk3.0-doc issues I just found14:00
Riddellpitti: can I add DEB_DH_SCOUR_ARGS to cdbs?14:17
Riddellbug 67140714:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 671407 in scour (Ubuntu) "scour files on invalid XML" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67140714:17
geserpitti: Hi, do you know if it's planned to get postgresql-9.0 into natty? And if yes, how to resolve that postgresql-9.0 take over some binary packages like libpq5 from postgresql-8.414:19
ScottKgeser: Look in the scrollback.  he's going to discuss it with the server team next week.14:19
geserScottK: ok14:20
ScottK(this is why it's not in yet)14:20
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cjwatsonlist-merges: http://paste.ubuntu.com/526341/ (output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/526342/)14:44
cjwatsonuseful to anyone else?14:44
cjwatsonit's hideous screen-scraping right now, should probably work on the server side so that it can be done more programmatically14:44
cjwatson(that output is from 'list-merges "Colin Watson"')14:44
cjwatsonmaybe should call it grep-merges, analogous to grep-excuses14:45
ScottKcjwatson: Yes.  Would save me digging through several pages on MoM.14:45
cjwatsonbdrung: ^- do you think the above would be OK for ubuntu-dev-tools?  it's a new dependency on python-beautifulsoup14:45
cjwatsonmight be a good idea to future-proof the scraping first though14:45
cjwatsonperhaps should also list versions or something14:47
sorencjwatson: I'm surprised nothing in there depends on beautifulsoup already.14:47
ScottKcjwatson: If you're leary of the depends, just make it a suggests and have the script produce an appropriate error if it's not present.  Devscripts (as I'm sure you know) does this a lot already and I think it's quite reasonable for a tool like this.14:51
pittiRiddell: DEB_DH_SCOUR_ARGS> sure, please go ahead; otherwise I'll do that on Tuesday14:56
cjwatsonScottK: *nod*14:58
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barryScottK: yes, subversion is definitely on my list (i'm working on that one next actually).  fixed in my ppa, it is still broken upstream afaict, but i have a good patch.  stay tuned15:05
ScottKbarry: Cool.  I uploaded numpy this morning to get it rebuilt with pyhton2.7 support.  It still needs you to figure out what to do about the docs/Main Inclusion.15:06
barryScottK: please remind me: is there a python27 tagged bug on that?15:07
* ScottK looks15:07
ScottKIt's not actually python2.7 it's numpy picking up new depends.15:07
ScottKbarry: Actually it's tagged that way: Bug #66439715:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 664397 in python-numpy (Ubuntu Natty) "python-numpy-doc missing" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66439715:08
barryScottK: cool, that will work15:08
ScottKStolen would be more accurate than missing.  I know where they went, just not sure the best way to move forward ...15:09
* barry nods15:09
pittiRiddell: I don't think it's going to like the typo at the start of debhelper.mk.in15:10
Riddellpitti: it didn't, fixed15:11
pittiRiddell: I guess/hope it'll just FTBFS; I committed a fix t obzr15:11
pittioh, seems we had a mid-air collision then15:11
pittiRiddell: ah, thanks15:11
Riddellthis scour thing adds a lot of build times15:13
RiddellI can't even remember what I'm building it's taken that long15:14
Riddellpitti: hmm, the way scour is used by cdbs it gets run once for every binary package on the same files15:24
Riddellno wonder it takes so long15:24
cjwatsonapw: has omap been intentionally dropped from the main linux source package on armel?15:25
pittiRiddell: oh, I see; it probably ought to be called with -p${cdbs_curpkg} or something like that then?15:25
apwcjwatson, yes, we are expecting that to come out of linaro in short order15:25
apw(is that causing you issues?)15:25
Riddellpitti: yes15:26
Riddellpitti: let me check if that helps15:26
pittiRiddell: (I didn't test this at all -- should look at how other dh_* is called)15:26
pittiRiddell: I have a fixed dh_scour, testing ATM15:27
ScottKpitti: It would also be nice to have (not this week) an equivalent solution for DH7 packages.15:27
pittiScottK: solution for what?15:27
cjwatsonapw: just means I need to point debian-installer at something else15:27
cjwatsonScottK: i.e. a sequence file?15:27
ScottKcjwatson: Yes.15:27
pittiScottK: you can do dh --with-scour already15:27
cjwatson--with=scour, right?15:27
pittiScottK: I wrote /usr/share/perl5/Debian/Debhelper/Sequence/scour.pm15:27
ScottKpitti: OK.15:27
pitticjwatson: sorry, yes15:27
pittitpyos are mien15:28
ScottKpitti: You're ahead of me once again.  Thanks.15:28
bdrungcjwatson: what does this tool do?15:28
bdrungfor what is it used?15:28
ScottKRiddell: We should decide if we want --with-kde to imply --with-scour or not.15:28
RiddellScottK: I think we do but only once scour doesn't fail on invalid SVG files15:29
Riddellelse that'll be a lot of files needing fixed15:29
pittigive me 10 more mins to ensure that this works, then I'll throw it nattywards15:29
pittiI confirmed that it works on blue.svg now15:30
pittiIOW, leaves it untouched15:30
pittiok, works; uploaded15:32
pittiRiddell: ^15:32
pittisorry for the hassle15:32
pittifixing those SVGs might still make sense at some point; crunching an 800 kB SVG is going to save a lot of space15:33
* pitti &15:34
cjwatsonbdrung: you run 'grep-merges "Benjamin Drung"' and it tells you all the merges you have on merges.ubuntu.com15:35
cjwatsonanalogous to grep-excuses for Debian testing propagation15:35
bdrungcjwatson: that's a tool that fits into ubuntu-dev-tools15:36
cjwatsonsounds good.  I'll get the server side improved first15:36
bdrungcjwatson: add don't forget to add a manpage15:36
cjwatsonof course15:37
cjwatsonapt-cache show man-db :-)15:37
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seb128does anybody know if there is a legal reason the copyright file needs to have a list of copyright holders?16:22
seb128or another non legal reason out of having the debian policy saying so?16:22
seb128or said different, "is there any reason we couldn't stop doing that"?16:22
DktrKranzseb128: usually, the license text itself (i.e. you are allowed to do stuff if you put the name of the holders)16:25
DktrKranzthis is especially stated in BSD and Expat16:26
seb128is there anything which stop us to autogenerate them from some grepping?16:27
seb128that would be accurate compared to the current ones, 99% of packages don't maintain the list of copyright owner16:27
DktrKranzas long as it's accurate, I don't think so16:27
seb128they got right on first upload and then nobody cares updating them16:27
seb128well the point is that what we have now is nowhere to be accurate16:27
DktrKranzIIRC, cdbs has some kind of check for copyright holders16:28
DktrKranzit will prevent packages from building, but I'm not sure how it works16:29
seb128which nobody seems to use, or at least I've never seen it used16:29
DktrKranzyeah, I've always seen it in cdbs maintainer packages only :)16:29
DktrKranzother than this, we do some check when some packages need new overrides, but that happens for a very low percentage of packages16:30
cjwatsonI think "99%" is probably wrong.  I'd say considerably more than 1% of packages only ever have one copyright holder. :-)16:31
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DktrKranzmaybe it's more than 1%, but indeed it's not so common16:32
seb128cjwatson, right, make that 60% if you want16:32
DktrKranzunless you call yourself python*, or kernel*16:32
seb128still it seems we spend time getting the first list but don't update them16:32
seb128so either we need it there and accurate and we have an issue16:33
seb128or we don't and we waste time16:33
mr_pouitoh, I think it's very often updated for new major releases16:33
DktrKranzfirst time is mandatory, or you get reject. subsequent uploads, it depends who uploads what16:33
cjwatsonISTR this was discussed at painful length on ... was it debian-policy? ... a few months back16:34
cjwatsonmight be worth finding and reviewing that16:34
DktrKranzI'm pretty sure nobody would sue me if I forgot to mention a couple of holders, but that can't be the rule16:35
seb128well, do you think the current manual outdated list is buggy over what an automatic grep would be?16:35
DktrKranzmost of the times a manual grep/licensecheck is fine, but that won't work for perl packages, I guess (they have license info at the bottom of each file)16:37
DktrKranzand, sometimes, is not so accurate in case there are more holders, on multiple lines16:37
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DktrKranzcjwatson: <4A2F779F.80104@leat.rub.de>16:40
DktrKranzprobably that one?16:40
cjwatsonDktrKranz: I don't think it was that thread as such, it was something this year I believe16:41
DktrKranzmh, I remember something from that lenghty DEP-516:42
DktrKranzI'll have a better look16:42
cjwatsonit wasn't a DEP-5 thread, I don't think16:43
bdrunghow do i get an item removed from the list http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/sync-blacklist.txt ?16:51
cjwatsonfile bug, subscribe ~ubuntu-archive16:52
cjwatsonslangasek: would you mind if I merged ttf-indic-fonts?  it would save having to back out a change in debian-installer17:03
slangasekcjwatson: go right ahead17:03
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geserare removals from Debian imported regularly?17:20
cjwatsongeser: I think the best answer is "irregularly"17:22
cjwatsonI haven't personally done any this cycle yet, though other admins may have17:22
geserok, do they also include packages with Ubuntu delta or do those need seperate removal requests?17:23
cjwatsonit's an option in the script17:24
geseras I'm never sure when I should file a removal bug or just simply wait for the next removal import17:24
cjwatsonif you care about particular packages, please feel free to file bugs17:24
segv`Quick question, trying to figure out the best way to handle this, We're setting up about 50 LTS 10.04 servers and want to create a local repo, but in doing so, we're only going to ever need the 64bit versions of binaries, any of you have a simple solution or recommendation on how to handle this?17:31
segv`figured the dev guys would know a thing or to, I can redirect that to -server if need be.17:31
cjwatsonyou could use debmirror with the --arch=amd64 option17:36
smoserkees, or cjwatson , if either of you are moderator on technical board mailing list could you let my quarantined messages through ?17:39
segv`cjwatson: ah17:39
didrocksbarry: hey, any idea what to do when we get an error in executing dh_python2: E: dh_python2:146: you most probably have to build extension for python2.7. (I've tried to tweak debian/pyversions or XS-Python-Version without any luck and don't have a lot of insight for dh_python)17:43
keessmoser: done17:44
keesnp :)17:45
tumbleweeddidrocks: which package17:45
didrockstumbleweed: compiz-config-python17:47
didrockstumbleweed: was working well (0.9) on maverick, but since I try to build it on natty…17:47
tumbleweeddidrocks: assuming you mean compizconfig-python, it builds fine for me (and uses dh_pysupport, not dh_python2)17:56
didrockstumbleweed: yeah, you're not building 0.9 I guess17:56
tumbleweedpresumably :)17:57
didrockstumbleweed: the upstream build system totally changed. So I moved to dh_python2 and now, I have this build issue (which was working fine in maverick, just appeared in natty)17:58
didrocksso something changed as we have python2.7 in natty as well, but I don't know enough about dh_python2 and my search on the web was unsuccessful to know what's going on with this error17:59
tumbleweedyeah I see they are now using distutils17:59
tumbleweedmy guess from th eerror is that you aren't building for python2.7, as it says17:59
tumbleweedcan I see your rules?17:59
didrocksapart that I can skip it with --no-guessing-versions17:59
didrockstumbleweed: sure, pushed at lp:~compiz/compizconfig-python/ubuntu18:00
ScottKdidrocks: Are all the build-depends rebuilt for python2.7 already?18:02
tumbleweeddidrocks: I'd drop the pyversions, you have a XS-PV as well. XB-PV can also be dropped.18:02
ScottKI keep running into that problem.18:02
tumbleweeddidrocks: th eproblem is your override_dh_auto_install, you only install 2.618:02
tumbleweedwhy do you need that override?18:02
ScottKAnd we actually prefer X-P-V to XS-P-V now.18:03
tumbleweederr it overrides build too18:03
didrockstumbleweed: you're right, totally forgot about it :)18:03
didrockstumbleweed: well, it's needed because dh_auto_install doesn't do the right thing18:03
didrockstumbleweed: I guess it's confused as the soft as some c code as well18:04
tumbleweeddidrocks: that's suprising, did they screw up thier setup.py that badly?18:04
didrockstumbleweed: well, possibly, but apart from a complicate setup.py, it seems a "normal one"18:04
didrockshence the fact I have to tweak it18:04
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didrockstumbleweed: about pyversion vs XS-PV and XB-PV, is there a doc for dh_python2?18:05
didrocksI stopped with pycentral :)18:05
tumbleweedit has a manpage18:05
tumbleweed(that's about it)18:05
ScottKdidrocks: The current python-policy describes this too.18:06
didrocksyeah, that doesn't explain if we need to drop pyversion and XB-PV :)18:06
tumbleweedre XS-PV, XB-PV you'd have to look at debian-python list archives18:06
didrocksScottK: oh really? I'll take a look :)18:06
ScottKtumbleweed: Also in Policy18:06
didrocksok, works better once built for python 2.7 :)18:07
tumbleweedScottK: the python-policy on www.d.o still says you should have XB-PV etc18:07
didrockstumbleweed: ScottK: thanks!18:07
didrockstumbleweed: I'll check with upstream and look at the code to see why dh_python2 is confused about the setup.py18:08
ScottKtumbleweed: Look in the latest package. Not sure how the one on www.d.o gets updated.18:08
tumbleweedScottK: yeah now that you mentioned it, I seem to remember it being updated in the package18:08
ScottKdidrocks: We need cases where dh_python2 has trouble to extend it, so please don't work around it.18:08
ScottKdidrocks: barry will be glad to fix it for you.18:08
didrocksScottK: yeah, I'll add to my "next week" TODO list18:09
didrocksjust trying to get it updated for now, still not uploaded18:09
tumbleweedScottK: cython hasn't been built for 2.7 yet, and debhelper was using th emakefile rather than setu.py. Memoed didrocks18:18
cHarNe2hi, i have a kernel-bug to report, where can i do that? (my NIC wont work with 2.6.32-24-generic)18:33
cHarNe2second time i have this problem and last time it was a bug18:33
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.ubuntu.com/ IRC is not a good medium to report bugs and this channel is for development coordination.18:33
jussicHarNe2: me saying !bug, calls ubottu and she tells you what she just did18:35
cHarNe2jussi: yeah i realized that 2 secs after i typed it :) ty18:37
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chilicuilj ubuntu-es19:15
jdstrandScottK: hey, so I see boost-mpi-source1.42 patiently waiting to be deNEWd. I read the 'Boost library proposal for Natty' and it seems that it is ok to deNEW (pending review), but I wanted to ask you to be sure19:35
ScottKjdstrand: Yes.  Please.  I didn't ping anyone since there's no rush, but that's one of the blocker for boost1.40 removal.19:35
jdstrandI am looking at it now19:36
slangasekis anyone here able to do SRU verification of bug #658728?  I don't have a Kubuntu install to hand19:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 658728 in bluedevil (Ubuntu Natty) "bluedevil translations not being used" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65872819:40
RoAkSoAxslangasek: do you have a little bit of time to review a couple package's library splits? :)19:48
slangasekRoAkSoAx: hi there - maybe, what's up?19:50
RoAkSoAxslangasek: Remember the split for pacemaker we were talking about few weeks ago?? It has now been split in Debian but I did some improvements: https://launchpad.net/~andreserl/+archive/other/+files/pacemaker_1.0.9.1%2Bhg15626-2ubuntu1.dsc.19:51
RoAkSoAxthe same with cluster-glue since our goal is to get the MIR's accepted :) https://launchpad.net/~andreserl/+archive/other/+files/cluster-glue_1.0.6%2Bhg2461-1ubuntu1.dsc19:52
RoAkSoAxand I'd like a rewview before uploading to universe19:52
RoAkSoAxslangasek: and thank you :)19:52
ScottKslangasek: I got a recruit for the bluedevil SRU.20:02
slangasekScottK: yay, thanks20:04
slangasekScottK: zyga tested and says the translations aren't fixed, but we may have overlooked something20:04
ScottKslangasek: Confirmed not fixed (bluedevil).  shadeslayer is going to mark it in the bug.20:11
shadeslayerslangasek: if your free, can you move libutempter-dev to main in lucid? its in main in maverick20:18
slangasekshadeslayer: er, why would I do that?20:26
slangasekshadeslayer: we reconcile the archive sections of packages before we release, and don't change them afterwards20:26
shadeslayeroh.. so it cant be done?20:26
slangasekwell, tell me what problem you're trying to solve :)20:27
shadeslayerslangasek: im trying to build kde4libs in lucid pbuilder and it complains that it wants libutempter-dev for building, so i can either drop that dep or get it moved to main, id like the latter :D20:28
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slangasekshadeslayer: the kde4libs in lucid didn't build-depend on libutempter-dev20:30
shadeslayerslangasek: im building kde4libs 4.5.3 :)20:30
shadeslayera new release20:30
slangasekshadeslayer: but that wouldn't be accepted into lucid, it wouldn't fit the SRU policy20:30
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slangasekshadeslayer: so that's not a valid reason for us to move packages between archive sections in a released version of Ubuntu20:30
shadeslayerah ok, just wanted to know if its possible :)20:31
slangaseknot possible - sorry :)20:31
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slangasekshadeslayer: btw, do you happen to have a pointer to the kdevelop git tree that needs to be used for SRU verification of bug #656195?20:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 656195 in Release Notes for Ubuntu "kdevelop crashes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65619520:38
shadeslayerslangasek: http://gitorious.org/kdevelop << thats their master20:39
slangasekshadeslayer: thanks!20:39
slangasekpitti: please see my follow-up comment on bug #649917; can we dig this SRU back out of the trash for acceptance? :)20:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 649917 in plymouth (Ubuntu Maverick) "GLIb-WARNING **: getpwid_r(): failed due to unknown user id" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64991720:40
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james_wlp:pkgme now has some code and is growing towards a PoC. https://launchpad.net/~pkgme-devs is available for those that want to join the mailing list to discuss it.21:40
ebrodercjwatson: ping on the grub2 fb stuff when you have a minute22:15
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