YoBoYgood morning06:34
saifulinstall duel boot not booting in GNU linux, why?06:44
valoriesaiful: this channel is about loco team support06:49
valorieyou might find the support you want in #ubuntu06:49
valorieassuming you are using Ubuntu, and not some other flavor of GNU Linux06:50
dholbachgood morning!07:30
YoBoYmoin dholbach 07:44
dholbachsalut YoBoY07:44
dholbachhey cjohnston - up late? :)07:48
cjohnstonCan't sleep...07:48
* leoquant sings a lullaby for cjohnston07:56
paultagMorning, locoteams18:58
paultagreally afternoon, but don't call me on that18:58
paultagYou don't know what timezone i'm in! Pay no attention to my changelogs!18:59
dscasselpaultag: Morning is the 4 hours after you wake up, regardless of where the sun is. :)19:09
paultagdscassel, I like your style :)19:11
paultagIf anyone wants to review the tool I'm working on, I'll give out 10 paultag points -- redeemable at any time ( except for LDAP help, there are not enough paultag points in the world for that )  -- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams/LoCoLint19:15
paultagI'll be back in a few, futurama is on :)19:15
* mhall119 bzr branch lp:locolint19:26
mhall119first thing I'd ask, is why you include ISO_CODES and where it comes from19:27
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toroswhy is it always so quiet here?19:46
mhall119everyone sick with the ubuflu maybe?19:48
toroswell, that might be a reason19:48
paultagmhall119, what?20:18
paultagmhall119, that's not included20:18
paultagmhall119, those are generated into python -- those are an old ISO standard20:18
paultagmhall119, if those change, I need to change the ISO standard so it's fine20:19
paultagmhall119, and it's not often the USA changes it's ISO code from "US", or Germany's from "DE"20:20
mhall119paultag: I mean in the branch, it's there20:24
paultagmhall119, yes, it's supposed to be20:24
mhall119in loco-directory, we read it from an xml file in /usr/share/something/something20:24
paultagMeh, I hate XML. This is much easier, and ISO codes don't change20:25
paultagIf it were USB IDs, yes. You're right, but not for ISO codes20:25
mhall119btw, we've had issues with people in places like Kurdistan who disagree with ISO codes20:26
mhall119just to warn you20:26
paultagmhall119, it only warns based on that data, it will never take action based on a lint failure -- just let it sit default, so if we need to approve something nonstandard, we can by hand -- this is an aid -- like any lint tool, overrides can exist20:28
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